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    Peaches was around 6 years old playing around in a street in Sutica when she was kidnapped by a group of thieves. The thieves were surprisingly great people who raised her well. They taught her how to steal the right way and how to use a sword. However, she had an intense love for plants so she didn’t really want that life.Her parents were very supportive of this so they planted a birch tree to remember her. Now everywhere she goes where there is a birch tree bestow a hug upon it. She admired it and would die for it but she decided it was time for a change. So at the age 20 she left and went to Talus Grove or at least she went around it but she never had the guts to talk to anyone there. Upon seeing the Elder Tree she was inspired to go more in debt with her love of plants. With that she went off to a new place to show her love for place and that's why she travels around Arcas looking for a place to life and somewhere she feel in peace.
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