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  1. Fantasy Flora Forenote: Common Flora Dwarf’s Trap A crimson-stalked plant with a luminous bulb at its center that will, when in dim lighting, shine a gold hue, believed to be the ‘Dwarven Trap’ out of common conception that back in days of yore Dwed would mistake it for gold. Physiology The Dwarf’s Trap possesses dark grey leaves with a thick, crimson stalk and a gold luminous bulb within its petals. Small but sharp spikes lace the insides of the petals, and have a numbing effect on that which it pricks. This flower requires blood at 1 week intervals to keep it alive, and has adapted to such through its thorns. When in the light, its petals will close and cover the bulb, though when in the dark the opposite will happen, and it will begin to grow. Can grow up to 1’0 in height. Habitat These grow in dark caves, regardless of the soul quality, though they may grow anywhere, however are limited to growing exclusively in darkness. Capabilities This flower possesses thorns on the insides of its petals, which may leave small marks like that of a needle on one’s skin, unfelt, though capable of producing blood. This is incapable of providing any true advantage or combative benefit, for any damage it does is minor and will not be felt by the inflicted individual. Lamenting Lavender Plants left to lament and weep for an eternity, producing tears for no reason other than a perpetual state of what may seem like misery or, otherwise, pain. Physiology Appearing much like the common lavender, with bright, purple leaves, though what develops on these leaves is not seeds or anything further, rather it is small eyes that decorate the outside of such a beautiful plant, ever open and ever producing a thin, translucent substance (detailed further in Capabilities). These grow from 20-30 inches in height. These need to be able to smell meat of any sort to thrive in their habitat, along with access to water and sunlight, and will wilt if they don’t. Habitat These grow in open fields, traditionally in areas of decay and lavenders of the regular sort, though they may grow anywhere with healthy soil and the presence (even if subtle) of meat. Capabilities The tear-like fluid secreted by a Lamenting Lavender serves as a good ‘drug’ of sorts, for upon consumption, so long as the ingester is willing to let the hallucinations occur, they will undergo a combination of both horrid and good hallucinations, often with the theme of plants turning to meat, meat turning to look like flora and their emotions being reflected in the colours they see, such as a bright blue for sadness, or sorrow, and an obnoxious yellow for happiness, or joy. Wheat of the Wretch Common invader crops that steal resources from other flora and act as a ‘parasite’ among cultures. Appearance This is an invasive species of flora that blends in with crop farms and wheat patches specifically due to its closely-formed appearance, from the moment it starts growing it mimics the appearance of Wheat, though is distinguishable only by the speckles of flesh that accumulate as the crop matures. Habitat Fields and areas already populated with Wheat where it can best survive, for it’s commonly weeded out elsewhere. Thrives in warm, damp conditions. Capabilities Bears little-to-no capabilities, though it may be harvested for the meat at its base once an OOC day, capable of providing a meal-worth for one person (it is flavourless, however). The plant itself is inedible, and will leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth for an OOC day. In turn, any wheat in a 2x2 radius will lose any potential for nutrition. Stitchers’ Soothing A dark-green Flora that grows astonishingly fast, and is known for its ability to produce doll-like figures of those it sees. These flowers are commonly believed to be stitched by a Druid of yore, and then given life by the Druidic Energies upon their death. Appearance A sickly, dark green. It twists upwards from its pointed roots, and an eye-like bulb, resembling a cross-stitch, lays within its petals. Habitat ‘Stitchers’ Soothing’ grows in swamps, where the conditions are wet, dim and the soil is riddled with decaying matter. Capabilities When given silk, wool or an otherwise soft, inorganic material, half of it will be consumed and the other half will be spat out after 5 narrative minutes [or 5 emotes, whichever comes first] to represent any humanoid figure in-front of its bulb. -Takes double of what is required to normally make the figure. -Will make a figure of whoever is closest to it immediately after its ‘feeding’. -Figure will not be taller than 15 inches. Violet Vein A purple vine of no great remark, though its odd hue and bulging roots give it notoriety among the plains. Appearance A collection of purple, pulsing vines that tend to root themselves in cracks and crevices. Habitat Lives in places where weeds and other plant parasites exist, grows in crevices, cracks and the forest floor near the roots of large trees. Capabilities Will, over the course of 2 OOC days, kill off and wither any mundane weeds in a 3x3 radius from where it grows; it only extends out in a 2x2 radius. Should it be stabbed, it will bleed purple ‘blood’, bearing no genus or official use, save for a cheap dye. Gossiping Gutterer A small plant with a light blue glow - this could take the appearance of anything, for ultimately what comprises it is not important - but what inhabits it is. Gossiping Gutterer’s are known as such because they are common, harmless plants, which a harmless soul has inhabited, which gives it the relating glow. Appearance Whichever flower has been taken host of - it will always shrivel to below 1ft in height (and width). Its petals emit a light blue glow. Habitat Most common in places of high vegetation, near which something(s) have died. Capabilities These flowers relentlessly loose unintelligible, not quite human sounds. If placed by one’s bedside - or where they should rest (depending on how often one sleeps by it), it’ll leech off memories, and slowly learn to speak words derived from the person’s mood. Soil Servants Soil Servant’s are simply named due to their nature, the more miniature of those often take root in pots and aid the carrier in retrieving stuff from their own person, whilst the larger Servants can grow up to 5’3 in height, and often serve more as assistants in laboratories and the like. Appearance Yellow, green and orange plant matter compose these things, along with vines to compose their arms. Mini Servants grow up to 1’0 at most, whilst Large Servants grow to 5’3 at most, and 4’6 at least. Habitat Their seeds are bulbous and develop in jungles, often around areas of rich soil. These seeds will germinate and grow the Servant once supplied with raw meat. Capabilities Soil Servants develop long and strong arms. Mini Servants can be used as a flavourful way of producing items by having the Servant grab anything from the owner. (So long as it is not heavier than 10kg). Large Servants may be used to fetch anything lighter than 10kg within a 10x10 block radius. -These are difficult to grow, and develop over the course of an OOC week. It must be consistently fed raw meat to allow it to grow large, and will not grow large in cramped spaces, or devoid of light. -Is not more useful for pickpocketing than normally, and OOC consent is required. -Servants are inherently weaker than any descendant, and may not take something from one’s hands, or bind them. -May not strike anything. -The method for growing and cultivating this plant should be learnt IRP. Plant Fiends Elusive Effigy A small thing, formed from sentient plant matter, 4-6 inches tall that shapes itself to take the shape of whichever race or animal is most commonly near it. It is totally harmless, and incapable of any threat to a descendant, but frequently steals and eats flowers. When one is around, others are likely to be. Appearance Small, with a dull hue. Escaped Effigies are never composed of green plant matter, forcing them to feed off other plants. Habitat It’s common enough that they form and stay in groups whilst hunting for flowers and herbs alike. These form from dead leaves and flora alike. Capabilities Astonishingly delicate, able to be stomped, flicked, pinched and kicked to death in only one hit. They can grow up to 6 inches at most in height. Their strength is comparable to that of an ant. -Though aggressive in nature, not to Descendants. Incapable of causing harm to Descendants, for all share an innate, potent fear of them. Violet Victims Purple Pests are a more colloquial name for these unusual Caterpillars - a product of normal Caterpillars who have made contact with the false blood of Violet Veins, and had an unfortunate reaction. Appearance Strongly resembling caterpillars - but covered with tumours and other forms of blight, often represented in lumps and dull yellow specks. They are a purple hue. Habitat Around dead Violet Veins or around areas of high vegetation. They feed on leaves - most commonly bushes. Capabilities Capable of piercing an initial layer of skin with a bite - though not producing a sufficient wound for blood, rather it’s more akin to a pinch. General Redlines -None of the above are intended for any notable combat advantage. Do not weaponise them. -Druii may commune with the creatures listed in “Plant Fiends” though only feelings and ideas may be exchanged. -Druii may interact with the flora to make them grow and shrink, but not past their height, else they wilt. They may not do this with the Plant Fiends.
  2. I think it's a fine change that provides it with use. It seems to partially divulge from the idea of 'Hunting', but I can see it having niche use. Might be best to specify that they msg the person they're trying to whisper to from afar (if that's how you believe it should happen).
  3. I think it's a nice lore piece that, if treated properly, could certainly be a useful addition. I think the formatting is great, and I appreciate how easy it is to navigate. However, there are some slight issues with it (if I know right) that affect every non-mundane potion. This lore hinges on the idea of hunting, and the items you gain from hunts, but you're using exclusively DIY-event creatures, all of which mentioned here don't need ST-signing, as explicitly stated in the sources. Due to the constant mentioning of required ST signing of DIY event resources, it partially negates the point of not needing an ST in such events. Along with this, I'm uncertain about how effective 'Harpies Message' is in practice, it seems rather abusable in who one chooses to message (for those outside the shout range) and, unless in a scattered hunt, likely has less use than you think. I think this lore piece would be fun, and provides the player base with hunting eccentricities, aside from that which I mentioned above.
  4. give me the Xinyang Persona Slot and ill give you 20 bucks

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      Only if I can spend 10 for Monkey

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  5. Upon further reading: I'm not a fan of the rolling for damage system. It presents itself like D&D, though more often than not, in LOTC, rolling is accuracy not the damage, and I can't see any narrative benefits to killing because you got lucky and rolled a 20. It says roll for accuracy at 10+ blocks or more, and roll for damage at 2 blocks or less, but it says nothing of the in-between. To elaborate on my previous (brief) point, a separate application altogether for Muskets is a bad idea. A Feat maybe, but we don't need anymore totally separate things behind RP. I dont support muskets in LOTC generally speaking, just my criticism other than that they dont fit, and ultimately have more power than a crossbow, which makes it hard to use them interchangeably behind 'aesthetics'.
  6. We don't need more applications. Also No.
  7. I wish Crumena good luck in finding a wife

  8. I like it, previous iteration was a bit too vague. This seems to fix the problems and make it able to be made properly.
  9. Name: Crumena Of Kamees (ign:) Remeron (discord:) Heero#7850 Age: 800+ Gender: caveman Hair color: White Eye Color: Blue City of birth: God knows Favorite Animal: God knows Favorite Flower: God knows Would Marry: Definitely.
  10. It’s been great to have you around, good luck with everything!
  11. Looking to make a Musin that owns a multi-billion dollar corporation, gradually destroying the LOTC market and buying out each company until diversity is dead and the economy has stockpiled to only one person. Me.

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