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  4. [!] Around the various settlements and towns alike are found posters, written in charcoal and pinned up just under 6’0 in height. Could this have been the work of a halfling? Dear Wanderers and Travelers alike, You are all formally invited to the Annual Honeyhill Drinking Night, an evening of celebration, truth, darts and more! All descendants are welcome, you will be well-hosted by the weefolk; supplied with food and booze aplenty. Bards are especially welcome to come, for they may catch a glimpse of Pib Mala, the song spirit. Attend, if you can. Such opportunities do not come without cause. Honeyhill is located besides Haense, past the farms. This will take place three moons from now, in the evening.
  5. To You Who Are Lost [!] About the land of Almaris are scattered papers, penned with a thick, settled ink. It is found, scripture of what is yet to be. The rain is settled, the scabs upon our streets gone, the ill of mind with it. It’s with compassion that I extend to you, O men of GOD and beings alike, a chance anew, so we might abade these final moments, if only for a little longer. The tapestry is begun once more, the silk with which it is spun is thick and lavish, fresh from the hands of those who have suffered, so let there be no more. Salvation is what I offer you, the learned of Almaris. The first of the signs, a drenching madness, has fallen upon us, what is to cleanse us now? I seek to, with you, the wise, stave off tragedy for as long as Fate will allow. Read these words and write to me, you of hope and piety. We will weave anew. I may be found in Celia’nor, or by ‘bird’ should such suit you. -A Relict
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  7. I like the blind people rewrite, a lot of passion and effort has clearly gone into it. Minor critique that it might be wise to clarify how Ritual of Identity interacts with missing limbs, for seers with missing limbs and guises whose limbs are removed.
  8. A wandering Hou-zi comes upon this notice, whose lyre has idled through the years. "Many moons since one of these has happened."
  9. First theorised in transmutation circles, alchemists long searched for a way to give more permanence to their creations. It was on an otherwise regular, half-lit night that this was first discovered by an unknown priest of the canonist church. Unfortunately for many others, both he and the church went up in flames the same night. Since then many have sought to recover exactly what he did, or how he did it. As of late, a suitably impractical process has been discovered for a number of rituals. Over many moons, and more errors than trials, recent alchemists have found a way to utilise potions for both the creation and the destruction of a ritual, so as to inhibit its otherwise wreckless potential. Such is the Dispersing Solution and the Settling Solution. The Shape of Alchemy When regarding alchemy, a potion’s process and the materials involved largely in it, one must not only consider which matters are mixed, but the way in which they mix. The rituals of alchemy - certainly the most basic ones, the likes of which are listed below - concern largely with shape. A ritual circle needn’t be perfect, but a broken or incomplete ritual circle serves no use to anyone wishing for anything efficient, and anyone unsteady of hand can’t be certain of results. [T2] Dispersing Solution A rather mundane potion alone, appearing as a slimy, blue-ish purple mixture. Invented for the purpose of enacting alchemical ritual circles. [T2] Settling Solution A solution employed by alchemists to dispel and clean up a ritual. It looks identical to the Dispersing Solution. Rituals Explained These rituals in particular are alchemic - rather mundane means of otherwise irregular affects. Once a ritual circle is created (as there is for most rituals), regardless of whether the chalk is removed, or the carvings patched over, a white outline (akin to a semi-permanent stain), will run across the perimeter of the ritual. This lasts so long as the ritual does. Any voidal magic cast within a ritual circle will destroy it. So too will it be destroyed if any significant ground (1 block or more) is removed or disrupted. If a ritual circle is prepared in stressful conditions (combat, or anything otherwise applicable), once the ritual is put into effect the ritual performer should roll 1d20, upon an 18 or higher, it will fail and the circle (if composed of chalk), will be destroyed. If a ritual circle is obviously in an unbecoming state (partially destroyed, tempered with and other similar sorts), it will fail. Rituals within the Restricted Rituals category may only be used by those who have learnt of its procedure by an individual who has learnt, used and taught it. The materials concerned for making a ritual (such as, for example, Resolve Temperature), are treated as a potion. It must be labelled appropriately, such as “Resolve Temperature Solution” (or just Resolve Temperature), and they count toward made potions. Despite this, it has no effect by itself. Rituals Alchemic Rituals are, in essence, gradual processes by which various effects are carried out, whether it be the formation of a far more complex potion, or the instilling of elements in their surroundings. When enacting alchemic rituals, the base serves as what must be spread across the radius of where it’s to be enacted (any excess liquid outside of the range will be left over). 1 measure fills 3x3. The other ingredients must be put in the base, and once the Dispersing Solution is added, the circle will be created. Ritual recipes, by themselves, are entirely mundane - the equivalent of mixing random, normal drinks together. It’s with the Dispersing Solution that they take effect in the spread out radius. The only unique properties any of the mixtures have is that they are contained by chalk. The area in which it’s to be spread must be carved out and distinguished from the outer space, as such rituals are scarcely performed with ease. [T2] Resolve Temperature Resolve Temperature, the most basic, though fragile, of rituals. Used by alchemists and explorers alike to keep states habitable. [T2] Instil Drought Instil Drought is a small ritual which may range from 3x3 to 5x5 in radius. Any water is forbidden from entering the circle so long as it is enacted. [T3] Preservation Circle The Preservation Circle exists to keep things in the same state, safely used for expiring meat - or much more grimly used for the purposes of persisting genus. Restricted Rituals [T3] Turn Symbols A ritual that exists for only a moment, requiring cooperation from another (or impressive multitasking skills) to be efficiently enacted. Turn Symbols transmutes one thing to another, with time and effort. [T3] Spurn Fire A brief, hazardous ritual first used to bring warmth to communities. Now, with the world’s development, its use has become a lot more volatile. [T3] Obscuring Circle The Obscuring Circle is a ritual of persisting invisibility, which might be mistaken for magic, were it not for its apparent flaws. [T3] Vigour Circle Often utilised by competing warriors for fighting spectacles, or alchemists for making light of brittle bones. The Vigour Circle both uses and puts pressure on the adrenaline of an individual. [T3] Inscribing Unction A smooth gold oil made to give rituals more lasting effects, first used by a canonist priest to better conduct heretic burnings.
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