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  1. Ever wonder how the Flintstones are doing?

  2. This amendment doesn't change the current learning times, and it's good that people don't need to spend ages learning an RP magic. It's in the rules that you don't tier up and progress in a magic without lessons.
  3. The sun arose that day, to show the meek woman’s face. Calliope. The air was still as she set to work on her newest project. A Beckoning. Ingredients had gathered, all was prepared and ready. The string of a harp, plucked by human hands. This would surely make the voice. The mountain air, trapped in a jar by an elf; To carry her message far. The eye, too, of an alchemical thing. This would compose the sights she crafted. And craft she did, her busy hands working around that vast hall, ‘til all was prepared. So there she stood, in that dim room; in her hands lay an eye, across the floor there spread a harp string, and upon her belt there rested the jar. “A dream of wanting.” That Hag uttered, who strode through the room, and cast out from her a light to fill it. “To my design will it be made. Vibrant." Her fist closed and brought the eye to mush, its remnants squeezed unto the floor beneath her. “Let my message sing to He, let him know my wish.” A foot stomped forth, to squeeze from that harp string a dull sound, yet here it seemed truly to sing - an angelic choir rang through the room. “And bring it far to He. Carry it across the lands.” Light continued to spread across her form, and make up a false landscape around her. The jar dropped from her belt and shattered; mountain winds gushed through that room. Light spiraled through the sky, and the light went vacant. The ritual was done, and someone, somewhere in those vast lands, received a dream most peculiar.
  4. [!] Missives are pinned around Almaris, carefully written. SEEKING GOOD DEALS? WANTING WORK DONE? “Dear people of Almaris, I am Miratalar, a young adult and a saleswoman, seeking experience and familiarity in the world. I can negotiate trades, handle funeral rites, or run any errands requested of me. Write to my aviary box and we may meet - I will seek to help you, so long as it offers experience of any shape, with minimal compensation asked. There is only one requirement - I ask that you bear no weapons should we meet, for my own peace of mind. I look forward to meeting you. - Mira.”
  5. Olandyr

    6 Months Q&A

    Is there anything you particularly want to do in your time on the server?
  6. Hope Freja takes the time to reflect on what they're doing and why they're here.

  7. Really excited for 2024's Azdrazi rewrite!

    1. ClassyBells


      The 2025 one will be even better.

    2. Spoopy_Duck


      Personally the 2035 one shows a lot of promise

    3. _Hexe_


      wanna bet on the chances of the inclusion of cock and ball removal

  8. I hope time soup takes the chance to rehabilitate in halfling prison

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