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  1. would you prefer subway surfers or minecraft parkour with AI read reddit posts for retainment tools

    1. milksoda


      double it give it to the next person.

  2. Emaelia Drakon furrows her brows, thinning her lips. "Well... Lets hope they simply apologize. I don't want to see two families in Norland turned against each other... The treaty with Pinemaw and all that."
  3. i don't think the problem is real, but the only way to make people want to use anything but plate-- because plate is the best of the best-- would be a movement change imo. (i know it's not a topic to be discussed just the only way i could see it being changed if thats what you want to do) it just doesn't make sense to use anything but plate if i only place myself at a disadvantage using anything else.
  4. Emaelia Drakon raises both brows in a mild surprise at the missive handed to her. "Perhaps... Ariane had done more damage than we had previously thought. It's a shame all of this was only brought to light after she has been killed." She passes the missive onto her kin to inspect. . . "I wonder if these are just empty words or the start of legitimate reform."
  5. Emaelia Drakon, eventually finding herself a copy of such a declaration furrows her brows "Wait, they're still a thing?-- What do you mean things don't simply cease to exist when I ignore them." Her tone saturated with irony, then herself, moving to prepare the construction of The Wayshrine Of Peace.
  6. hi amuletic :)

    1. Amuletic


      I can't believe I had to go to my computer to view this message cats.

  7. know what, tag ur it (no tag backs)

  8. are you not going to tap back?

  9. tag ur it

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      nuh uh no tag backs.

  10. tag ur it

  11. Emaelia Drakon scans across the missive before handing it off to her Archon, Aroiia Drakon (@Sygnus_) "Who is this Aelyra? I have not heard of her." A light scoff follows this. "Her words speak truth, but there is naught but inaction. This, this... paper-" Her tone grows bitter, turning to address the room of Drakon, huddling around to hear the missive read aloud after she finished her ramblings "-It's not but a failed attempt to retain some authority, some power! She claims herself a princess. What makes a princess, her blood or who follows her? I say both. How can one be Princess of the 'fenn only penning missives?"
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