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  1. (he's disappointed)
    An Assessment of the Pinochet Regime in Chile

  2. we need to talk about the collective sense of humor on lotc.
  3. "Yup, that's where I live." A distinctly pale elf says, being extremely culturally and religiously distant from all advertised on the paper.
  4. we need a 'how to not be a sexual predator guide' on lotc if that's what you mean.
  5. Chi stiffils a laugh- "Haelun'or, license to ****."
  6. y'all couldn't survive a 2010 COD lobby at midnight if you're complaining about war toxicity

    1. Venomous_Pup


      MW2 Moment

  7. "I like Amaesil suddenly." A Mali'fenn mutters from within his study in his house. "And good riddance, one less topic to talk with the Archonic council about. Less mali' blood that needs to be shed to keep the realm stable." "I HATE THE IMPERIAL MALI' I HATE THE IMPERIAL MALI'" A Kharajyr in the distances shouts like a schizo.
  8. oh? CT games are back? does this mean fun is legal again? ik this is something we do every year but we miss them :(
  9. pushed to 5k... i'll join you soon.

  10. upvoting all of your posts.

    1. un-w



    2. Adelemphii
  11. @ColonelKuehl1 Ayred Drakon; A natural taken councilor in diplomatic affairs of the 'fenn advises Netseth: "Llir- this is frankly outrages, diplomatic vigor-" He scoffs. "If they try to sign with you, they will have to sign with us and the Fenn would never such approve a treaty. Need I remind you our opinions on them. They are living in the past; I don't need to explain that. They are Mali' masquerading as Valah, they have continuously pissed off the rest of the Empire. I urge you llir to not associate yourselves with this evil out of Oren. I know not of your religious affairs, I dare not dabble with it, but I must ask you, would your ancestors wish for such a group to be worshiping them?"
  12. "What bars" Ayred Drakon states simply, having no context.
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