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  1. Preface Any who break the following laws and avoid due punishment or fail to present themselves for duties agreed are exiled, blacklisted, and all of their rights shall be forfeit; they shall be considered enemies of the state. Illicit acts not expressly mentioned are to be reported to the Ivae’fenn All hereunder laws are to be enforced by the Ivae’fenn and Vigilants respectively. Repeated offenders are subsequent to incremental increases of punishment up to execution. The Prince/Princess may at any time make amendments, additions, or changes to hereby stated laws. The Prince/Princess reserves the right to override hereby stated laws. Punishment Levels - 0: Verbal warnings. 1: Fines, hard labor, repossession, temporary and areal banishment. Requires the approval of a Warden, Sentinel, Valkyr. 2: Lashings, imprisonment, extended banishment. Requires the approval of a Warden, Sentinel, Valkyr, or Councilor. Notices are to be left to all members of the Ivae’fenn. 3: Eviction, indefinite banishment, exile. Requires the consultation of a Sentinel, Valkyr, or Councilor bearing significant rank. Notices are to be left to all members of the Ivae’fenn. 4: Execution Requires the consultation of a Sentinel, Valkyr, or a Councilor bearing significant rank. Notices are to be left to all members of the Ivae’fenn. V: Vigilant Domain Punishments denoted with a V are crimes against Wyrvun and therefore are handled by the Vigilants of Wyrvun, with assistance from the Ivae’fenn. Repeated offenses grant a maximum punishment level increased by 1, in the case of every crime. Section 1, General Conduct - Section 1.2, Infraction Disturbing the peace: Level 0-1 The crime of disorderly conduct, willingly creating a public disturbance. Section 1.3, Misdemeanor Vandalism of property: Level 1-2. Defacement of property, alteration without express permission be it with the exception of publicly distributed objects, ex flyers. Breaking and entering: Level 1-2 Entering a building through any amount of force ex, breaking windows and lock picking doors. Trespassing: Level 1-2 The lack of knowingly entering another's property without express permission. Minor shoplifting or theft: Level 1-2 The action of stealing or shoplifting possessions valued at or under 40 mina. Defamation: Level 1-2 Defamation is defined as statements of such that are reasonably susceptible of defamatory connotations, targeted towards an individual, organization or bloodline, intent on damaging their name, reputation, social status or otherwise. Statements twisted to fit a narrative, and biased presentation of events are included under this. Section 1.4, Felony All who commit a felony are subject to arrest on sight, their rights denoted to them are forfeit and may be tortured, or other means of information extraction forced upon them in specific cases. Formation of a criminal organization: Level 3-4 A group or organization associated with 3 or more persons with a history of disturbing the peace, vandalism, or any actions with criminal intent. Shoplifting & Theft: Level 2-3 Any instant of stealing possessions over 40 mina Extortion: Level 2-3 Any person who communicates threats onto another with the intention of obtaining value, for themselves, other interested parties. Alternatively, forcing an individual's hands into actions. Kidnapping: Level 3-4 Any person who unlawfully seizes, abducts and, holds ransom any person within the lands of the Fenn. Inter-racial relationships: Level 2-4 Entering into a relationship where a child of anything other than pure mali’ blood (ex, half valah, half bortu) can be produced. Manslaughter: Level 3-4 The unlawful killing of an individual, without malice Murder -- Arrest on sight: Level 3-4 The unlawful killing of an individual with malice or premeditation. Assault: Level 2-3 Unlawful force or violent intention to do bodily harm to any individual within Fenn’s borders. Attempted murder: Level 3-4 Any person who attempts to kill another individual with malice or forethought. Assault on military or government officials: Level 3-4 Any attempt to use unlawful force to dissuade military or government officials from performing their duties. Arson & Major destruction of property: Level 3-4 An attempt to willfully and maliciously set fires, intent on destruction, or mass defamation, destruction, or alteration of property. Impersonation of royalty, military, or government officials: Level 3-4 Willingly, falsely represents themselves as a member of such denoted organizations as the Ivae’fenn, the Tundraks, or any government position recognized by the Tundraks. Impersonation of a Vigilant of Wyrvun: Level V, Level 3-4 Any individual who willingly, falsely represents themselves as a member of the Vigilants of Wyrvun. Slavery: Level 4 (Mandatory execution after forced labor.) The state, condition, or practice of trafficking live persons, or claiming ownership of an individual. Enslaved persons are to be liberated. Section 1.5, entrance and the military areas. Entry into Fenn One may not cover one’s face, or enter with ‘tools of destruction’ Tools of destruction are devices specifically oriented to the destruction of the landscape, or such devices that would bring specific destruction to the surrounding landscape if used. Enemies of Wyrvun, such as those denoted by the Vigilants of Wyrvun, are not allowed within the lands of Fenn. Citizens or organizations or nations, enemies of Fenn, are not to be granted entry and are to be detained. Military areas Entry into military areas without the express permission of an Ivae’fenn Warden, Sentinel, or Valkyr is trespassing. This includes the walls and citadel, as well as areas belonging to the Tundraks specifically. Section 2, Military Conduct Section 2.1, Ivae’fenn Conduct Desertion: Level 3-4 Punishment Willingly, knowingly, and in the right mind departing from your post without deception. Abuse of power: Level 1-3 To abuse your rank to knowingly belittle or arrest a citizen upon false charges Insubordination: Level 1-3 To knowingly, willingly, and in the right mind disobey the orders, direct or otherwise of a superior officer of the Ivae’fenn. Repeated offences are subject to level 4 punishment Fraudulent Enlistment: Level 1-4 Any person who enlists into the Ivae’fenn by knowingly, falsely representing their desires, or deliberately concealing their qualifications and or history. Section 3, Religious Conduct All laws subject under section 3, vigilants of Wyrvun hold authority over the command of Ivae’fenn personnel, guardian rank and under in the apprehension of individuals in violation of here-stated rules and are to be treated, when in joint-operation with the respect and obedience akin to that of a warden. Arch-vigilants akin to sentinel. If no vigilant is available, the punishment shall be dealt with on a case-to-case basis up to level 3. Blasphemy: Level V The act of offensive speech, sacrilegiously about Wyrvun, sacred objects, places, and people. To speak profanely of Wyrvun or his realm or the duties assigned to his stewards. Defacement: V The action of spoiling the surface, the appearance of status, wayshrines, art pieces, artifacts, or general paraphernalia used, attributed or reasonably held in association with Wyrvun. Denouncement: V To publicly declare Wyrvun being wrong, evil, or thereby disrespecting him or his stewards. Disregarding the contract taken up by the Mali’fenn, and other races and individuals who hold respect for Wyrvun. Foreign Religion: V (0-2) Private practice of other religions in Fenn is legal. Openly declaring other religions, or preaching other religions inside of Fennic lands is a crime. Practicing foreign deific magic: V Connecting, or drawing power from any deity with the exception of Wyrvun is considered a crime inside of the lands of Fenn. This includes all magics classified as defic magics, and broadly termed ‘dark magics’. Deific magic is defined as an ability that draws its roots and power source in a deity. Dark magic is classified as magic that requires the exploitation, destruction, deception, or general wronging of another individual for its practice. Voidal connection & Casting: V (0-1) Connecting, casting or interacting in any such way with the void is inherently destructive to the land. Warrants a telling off, if one refuses to disconnect they are liable to arrest until a vigilant can properly render punishment. Acceptions to this law are commonly granted by vigilants in times of greater danger than the void. Ex, if there is reasonable suspicion that a being or entity will cause more damage to the land, the people upon, etc, then connect to the void will then casting is allowed in self-defense. Section 4, Rights, Definitions & Clarifications Section 4.1, General Rights All beings within the walls of Fenn are free, and equal in all aspects. Rights however are forfeit when a crime is committed. A right against unfair detainment, shall not be subject to arbitrary arrest. Right to seek asylum within the walls of Fenn Asylum must be made with a reasonable proposal and proof of persecution. Right to seek citizenship. Section 4.2, Citizen Expectations, Rights & Definition A citizen is defined as an individual who occupies, owns, is the registered leaser or taxpayer on a registered home and valid address within the lands of Fenn. It includes members of recognized bloodlines, and individuals granted citizenship through service, such as duty in the Ivae’fenn. Citizenship may be revoked at any time by a council member, or Valkyr. A citizen shall not be subject to unfair, or inhumane treatment if in violation of law. Citizens have the right to challenge and refuse the challenge of duels with other citizens to settle disagreements. Such duels are not to be taken to death. Should a combattant die or be mortally wounded a Warden or Sentinel shall discern if such was accidental and act accordingly. A citizen is granted the right of assumed innocence. A citizen has the right to appeal to the Prince, Princess, or current leader of Fenn in case of a punishment equal to level 4. A citizen is granted the right to a trial. A citizen has the right to nationality; they are recognized as a citizen, and a subject of Wyrvun and the Prince/Princess. Citizens are not subject to unreasonable searches and seizures of property. Citizens are not subject to extradition. Extradition will be allowed in specific cases where the prince or a council member of a significant rank approves such. Citizens are expected to serve Fenn in their duties. This can include: Enlisting in the Ivae’fenn Registering taxes Volunteer work Labor work for the state without pay. Section 4.3, ‘Enemies of the State’ An enemy of the state is defined a group, or nation specifically declared by the Prince/Princess. An enemy of the state is to be arrested on sight and has no rights granted to them with some acceptions. There must be reasonable notice to assume an individual is an enemy of Fenn in such a case. Enemies of the state may seek asylum inside of Fenn without unnecessary suspicion. See section 4.1 Enemy combatants are to be considered akin to violaters of level 3 laws. Prisoners of war are not to be charged with murder, manslaughter, etc, for actions taken reasonably upon the battlefield. POWs may be found guilty of crimes such as murder after a military trial by the standards of the Ivae’fenn. Those considered ranking officials, be it politically, militarily, or otherwise are to be brought before a Sentinel, Valkyr, or Prince/Princess for determining punishment. Citizens and subjects of enemies of the state are to be denied entry, but not harmed. Act in accordance with the Cyanic creed. if an individual takes hostile action or refuses to leave, they are considered a combatant. Vigilants of Wyrvun are not required to assist in the arrest of enemies of the state. Section 4.4 ‘Enemies of Wyrvun’ Enemies of Wyrvun are classified by the Archvigilants of Wyrvun. Ivae’fenn personnel are expected to apprehend enemies of Wyrvun until a Vigilant of Wyrvun’s presence is made clear. The rights of all enemies of Wyrvun are forfeit. This is pinned upon the authority of, Vytrek Tundrak, Prince of the Fennic Remnant, Prince of the Snow Elves. Ayred Drakon, High Chancellor of the Fennic Remnant, Vigilant of Charity
  2. "Damn time." Ayred Drakon says, a small smile forming across his face "I wonder if they even care that half the world doesn't recognize them as a legitimate state now. The mental state of their leader certainly seems to indicate there is some stress. . . I'll have to pay Haense a visit some time."
  3. Chi, the singular Tigrasi in the picture, has no idea what is happening, but is just happy to be here.
  4. whats up homie

  5. Ayred hums in approval "Even in times of war, there are obvious wrongs and faults that everyone must agree on."
  6. Wyrvun

    Rowing The Boat

    Ayred murmurs the response he never got to say: "A tyrant is made by the use of their power, not having it." . . . "He uses large words to compensate for his lack of support too seem more legitimate. Knowledge is nothing without wisdom."
  7. Yeah, that's why you'd bring 30. But you can't.
  8. "Nice. Damn nice." Ayred Drakon says, "I'm framing this one."
  9. Ayred snickers "It's strange that they claim they live in Oren for protection yet... Wyrvun that's such a nonsensical statement. Living in Oren for protection." He promptly bursts out into laughter
  10. Ayred nods a few times in approval of Vytrek's writings "Not all 'aheral are bad. This one is somewhat agreeable from what I've seen, and heard of her. I can stand by these." "A large step for mali' I wonder what path this'll lead us down."
  11. "Based" Says a certain Mali'fenn from his home, rocking his young daughter in his arms.
  12. A loss for LoTC, a gain for society as a whole.
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