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  1. Across the known world, on a small and buzzing island, the earth began to tremble. In a matter of weeks, oaks the height of fortresses sprouted from the ground. Walls made of twisting roots and vines wove between the magnificent trees. Huts of clay and leaves were constructed by tiny, wooden hands. Fairies both seen and unseen zipped around as they surveyed the construction, excited chatter filling the space. Then finally, on the last day, an ancient sapling was guided into growth by the hands of elders - An old soul reborn to watch over the Grove. -=- [!] Scattered across the Wilds, within every known Druidic Circle, and across the nations of Amathine and the Isle of Nevaehlen, is the following missive. THE WATCHER’S GROVE The Druidic Order A Home For All Servants of the Aspects -=- To our Brothers and Sisters, Throughout ages, The Druidic Order has dutifully served the Aspects and has become their guiding hands. As we have discussed years ago during the Grand Moot, we have, throughout the decades, become splintered off from one another. This has weakened our foundation and has caused some of us to grow stagnant. While many of us have found victory in the forests, there is no reason for a spear to grow dull. The time has come for us to join once more, beneath one tree. For as we learned during our respective trials, whether we are experienced protectors or green wanderers, it is our responsibility to serve as best we can. The saplings we have planted have grown into strong oaks that will protect us from any threat that dares obstruct our destinies, or stop our stories. As long as we are together, never again shall we know the dismay of defeat, nor shall we ever look down upon our brothers and sisters. The time has come to unite beneath the Watcher’s Grove.
  2. The Fox gently cradled her beloved daughter's face in her hands as she wept, her sweet Magnolia stuttering as she relayed the news of their elder brother's loss. The shock and pain of it rocked the Elder Druid, hot tears stinging her cheeks as she pulled Arle into a tight and warm embrace. "Do not fret, my sweet girl. Haelun has him now. Although he was taken from us too soon, we shall always honor his memory." Sonna looked out to the setting sun as her fingers gently combed through her daughter's hair, closing her eyes as the memories of the last Son of Awaiti washed over her. "You died a warrior, mal'onn." She murmured to the horizon. "Morea and Moccus shall be proud."
  3. The woman gazed upward in astonishment as the creature emerged, its scaly skin and yellowed teeth captivating her attention. Gore dripped from its numerous tendrils, while a claw extended to gently stroke her porcelain cheek. She trembled, uncertain whether her reaction stemmed from wonder or horror. “Do you love me?” The woman's voice broke the silence, her moonlit hair cascading down her figure. The creature's mouth contorted into a twisted grin, its voice resonating with more than just one tone. “Of course I do.” As the creature leaned in for a kiss, a crow cawed from somewhere nearby, and a different voice filled the woman's mind. “Liar.” -=- =-= In shadows deep where moonlight fades, There lurks a love of twisted shades. The Lady gazed at the inhabitants of the Manor, their hushed whispers failing to capture her interest. With a sigh, she leaned back against the banister of the rafters, idly swinging her feet. Abruptly, a looming shadow startled her, prompting her to open her eyes once more. “You’re in my spot.” A voice as smooth as honey flowed into her ears, and she couldn't suppress the smile that blossomed across her features. “And?” Her chest tightened as the man returned her grin. Their love devours, it knows no bounds, In flesh and blood, its truth resounds. Veiled in white, her heels crushed the flowers beneath her steps as the Lady clung tightly to her father's arm. Onlookers cooed, but her gaze remained fixed on what stood before her, unable to tear her eyes away. She smiled at the man, and he returned the smile. An all-consuming symphony, Where love and hunger intertwine with glee. Aquamarine fire spilled forth from her veins, enveloping the two in the storm's cacophony of cawing. Within the eye of the tempest, she stood, her feathers and horns emerging from cracked skin. She was hideous, she was monstrous. He didn't balk, didn’t hesitate. The man walked into the fire and enveloped the Lady within his arms. Though whispered tales may cast them dread, In love's embrace, they're ever led. The Lady stood on the edge, peering down into the pool of gore below. There, her lover began to disappear beneath the surface of the ichor, slipping away from her forever. “You are a fool.” The voice filled her mind with anger, urging her away from the edge. “Ungrateful brat. After all I gave you, after all you could’ve been.” Ignoring the Crow's caw, she jumped, her hands outstretched toward the man's as he reached for her. No power can save me from this madness. No ambition can be greater than my obsession. It hurt, it burned—the sundering of flesh and the consuming of her body. The Lady's cries were drowned by the blood, silenced by the echoes of all who had been devoured before her. It seemed to last for years, it really lasted for hours, until finally, there was nothing left but her very essence. Nothing remained of them but their souls. Forever and always? Forever and always. In the darkness, their hearts merged, two flames forever dancing to the tune of devotion. For in the depths of darkest desire, They find a love that will never tire. -=- =-= Not long after Vasati Thelin died, crows carried letters and items throughout the realm: To Azra Thelin To Margosha To Marion To Ruben Thelin =-=
  4. [!] A neatly bound thesis is found within the library of the Brotherhood of Virtue, a sigil stamped into the leather cover. To Build A Home I’ve known since I was a young girl, recently recovered from the kidnapping and mutilation done by my mother, that I wished to walk the Sunlit Path; to follow after my father and the brothers who helped raise me. At such an age, I knew little of what being a Brother of Virtue entailed, and less of what it meant to be a Knight of the Sunlit Lord. Even as I began my trials as an initiate, and past my connection, I struggled to find what it truly meant to be a paladin - what separates us from the brave soldiers of this world other than the gifts given to us? I thought that I had the answer, though confusion caused me to doubt as I looked at the contradicting teachings of our two Keepers at the time. I could not tell who was more right. I journeyed to our most holy site to pray for an answer, hoping our Lord might grant me clarity of mind. What I received was most unexpected, but in the light of that blazing dawn, I found what I was looking for. “What makes a good paladin?” I asked, but instead found that question turned back upon me. I answered as follows: “A good paladin is righteous and courageous, capable of being both ruthless and merciful when needed. A good paladin is clever and strong, ready to either lead a charge or strike from the shadows. However, what ultimately makes us good is our willingness and readiness to die - To sacrifice everything, even our lives for the cause.” I was met with an apology, and a gentle correction. “You, learn young. Hearing tales of heroes who live and die saving the kingdom. That we should learn to love like them, and do better like them. To be like them. But it is not dying which made them heroes. Nor is it dying that we should focus upon. But that act of selflessness, and love, is one among many. To die is to end your service, that love. These traits, that state of being, are not traits inherent to all. Perhaps to some. But think of it like this. I have seen men who are born, grow up, and die in one home. It is a good home, and maybe they expand upon it. A garden, a hall, a new well. They have things prepared for them, and one of their greatest needs met. But there are men who spawn from nothing, too. The temptations of darkness and power so easily gained beckon them, yet they refuse. They, despite all odds, despite every setback, continue to push forward to build their home stone by stone. It may fall once, twice, three times - but they never surrender until their work is done or they die trying. Tell me. Which makes for the better man? The better story? They both have homes, in some way. But who earned it? Who would you say is a good man, despite them both achieving the same thing? What makes them memorable?” I pondered the question for a few minutes, but in truth, the answer came quickly. “I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other, nor do I believe one is more deserving. While one certainly had to work harder to have what the other was given, I don’t think that makes him better than him. I think what makes them memorable is what they do with such a home - If they fill it with love and compassion. Both men are capable of good the same, regardless of being afforded fortune or no.” I was met with the following response. “Then no paladin is truly greater than one another. Become that person you wish to be. A heroine, an angel, a lifesaver, even one of the most devout. Build the stones of your home, and fill it with love and compassion.” I’ve pondered these words for decades, carrying out my duties and building my home as decreed. Stone by stone I have laid, but I would be a liar if I said there were not times when I doubted those words of wisdom. As a Wyrmstalker, I am filled with my Lord’s wrath: his rage and merciless towards the darkspawn of this realm. How could love and compassion make me a good paladin, when the lightning in my veins dictates otherwise? It wasn’t until our greatest ally’s true form was revealed, that his words finally started to sink in and make sense. He had to struggle to build his home, temptation constantly knocking at his door, and yet, he did not give in. He is the kind I am most sworn to kill, and yet also a beacon and messenger of our Lord. We represent the two men of his analogy, in comparison to his struggle, my home came easy. And yet, I stand by my original answer. It matters not what he is made of, where he came from or how he has struggled. It matters what he has done in his life, what he has done with his home. To be a good paladin to become the person you wish to be; To build your home stone by stone, and to fill it with love and compassion. Signed, Isabel Amaranta Falcone van Wick The Attached
  5. Within the trees of that very isle, lounging with the sprites as they buzzed about, a foxlike grin began to curl. "How bold." A voice snickered, throwing the missive to her wolves. "And foolish."
  6. Speak your truth! Thank you for being so brave
  7. [!] Scattered across the Wilds, within every known Druidic Circle, and across the capital city of Amathine and the Sanctum of Illivira, is the following missive. THE GRAND MOOT The Druidic Order A Call To All Servants of the Aspects -=- To our Brothers and Sisters, For too long have we been scattered amongst the Wilds; for too long do we wander alone, no longer leaning on our kin for aid nor freely sharing information amongst each other. The threat to the Balance has only grown in our time apart, and we suffer the consequences. No longer shall we be lone wolves, but attack as a pack. The time has come for us to step outside our tight-knit circles; the time has come to join under one Order once more. The time has come for a Grand Moot. The leaders of our circles and beacons of wisdom know the way. Turn to them for the time and location of our meeting, and come be amongst your kin once more. The Mother Circle, The Father Circle, The Sun Circle, The Glade of Hileia, The Harvest Grove, the circleless. We shall await your return.
  8. In sinew’s embrace, her limbs entwine, Globular eyes gaze into the depths of her soul’s design. Organs cling, a visceral ballet upon her skin, Gore-laden walls exhale in rhythm, a heartbeat’s din. No escape from the tightening coil, Viscera encroaching, a consuming turmoil. Swallowed whole by the relentless tide, Its stench and blood in her lungs abide. Darkness, a humanoid silhouette in the gloom, A hollow tune, a voice that ushers cold doom. Imprisoned by shadows, her essence entwines, In the poetic dance of macabre confines. It is only a matter of time. Into the chasm of flesh, she descends, An endless plummet, where all-consuming silence attends. No sound, no substance, absolute and stark, In the abyss, she’s lost within the dark. A void of nothingness, profound and deep, Where echoes of existence in silence sleep. No end, no beginning, just an infinite fall, Through the caverns of emptiness, she enthralls. “I wrote you poems about the ocean, And you left me to drown in them.” - Mahin Ismail Eyes agape, she springs into wakefulness, Chest rising in painful rasps, a symphony of distress. Sweat adorns her skin, a glistening sheath, Silk and hair cling to limbs, like whispers beneath. Deadweights lie beside, paralysis disguised, As if thrashing against fate is denied. She turns, seeking familiar warmth, but in vain, No comforting hands, no solace for her pain. The darkness, a suffocating shroud, Walls in flux, an unsettling crowd. Lungs deprived of air, a desperate plea, She must escape this impending decree. In the void, no solace, no embrace, She teeters on the edge of life’s fragile grace. The moment lingers, a dance with the unknown, In the shadow's grasp, she’s left alone. A surge of cold through limbs, a tremor’s embrace, She stirs from the void, leaving that desolate space. Steps of a wraith, ethereal and light, Through the door, closing silently in the hush of night. Away from the emptiness, into the unknown she treads, Leaving behind the room of shadows and dread. Her journey unfolds like a spectral ballet, Moving from the coastal village to the capital’s glistening array. Through veils of mist and whispers of night, Her presence a ghost in the shroud of moon's light. Towards the radiant city, its majesty untold, Her purpose veiled, her destination's stronghold. -=+=- To the shores she arrived, a journey’s toll, Collapsed upon the sands, the bile took its toll. Heart spilled onto pearlescent grains, Before the statues, where dominion reigns. The Mother and Father, in green and horned might, Yet, in her gaze, fear and a frown took flight. She reached, fingers longing for divine touch, Yet, they retreated, always a bit too much. No matter how she ran, towards them with might, They stepped back, elusive in the shifting light. Eyes yearning, hands grasping in the empty air, In their distant presence, an unanswered prayer. Up the rugged ledge, soft skin meets stone's embrace, Rocks tearing, a painful dance in this solitary space. At the precipice, she stands, a silhouette in twilight's glow, Gazing into the abyss, where darkness ebbs and flows. A moment poised on the edge, a dance with fate, Her silhouette etched against the canvas of the weight. Downward eyes peer into the void's consuming black, A heartbeat away from a plunge into the track. Wind whispers secrets, caressing her tousled hair, As she lingers, suspended between earth and air. On the ledge, a story unfolds, a tale untold, In the quiet symphony of a world untold. Breeze, a wild dancer, through her tresses did thread, Skin torn by its caress, where the tempest led. Impact bruised bones, water freezing her blood, Sinking down, down, into the dark, where shadows stood. A comfort embraced her in the watery abyss, Contrast to the terror, the pit's haunting kiss. A pearl within the sea, she found her reprieve, A tranquil haven where the waves weave. In the depths, where silence reigns supreme, She lingered, held by the ocean's dream. Lungs aching, yearning for the breath of air, Salt's sting, a reminder of the surface's glare. Nearly seafoam, a spectral ballet, Drifting amidst the forever turbulent play. In the vast expanse, she became one with the sea, A whispered tale in the ever-rolling symphony.
  9. THE 1ST ROYAL COURT OF AMATHINE On the 2nd of the Deep Cold, Year 153 of the Second Age [Sigil by JJosey] On this day, the Crown of Amathine called its 1st Royal Court upon the land of Aevos to discuss many pressing topics. The agenda is as follows: I. The Oathing of the Princess-Heir of Amathine II. The Dangers at Sea III. The Attack of Necromantic Cultists IV. The Order of the Crimson Stag V. A Vision of Horrors I. The Crown of Elvendom is pleased to announce that they have officially designated their Princess-Heir: Vallei Sylvaeri. The decision was made after extensive deliberation, over an extended period of time. The Crown kindly asks that you all extend your warmest welcome to her, as she has taken her oath and now stands as a voice of the Crown. II. The Crown is sure many of you have noticed the imposing sight of the grand vessel with its billowing cerulean sails, currently moored not too far from our picturesque shores. A few elven days ago, a delegation visited the vessel and had an audience with the ship's captain. During the meeting, it became evident that the crew of the vessel is in dire need of assistance. They face a formidable adversary that haunts the waters, preventing many from sailing without the certainty of return. Supposedly, the crew is afflicted by a curse that not only hinders them from confronting this sea creature but also jeopardizes their own well-being. Recognizing the importance of the waters to our people, we, too, are a seafaring nation. In a matter of a few elven weeks, the High Princess, along with a select group, will set sail alongside the ship's crew to eliminate this curse and, supposedly, vanquish the menacing entity that lurks beneath. We have not underestimated the potential dangers that lie ahead; We are preparing to confront a formidable foe, and while we cannot definitively equate it to the cataclysmic force that consumed our previous home, it is certainly a perilous threat. What we do know is that the journey is fraught with uncertainty, and the challenges we'll face are far from trivial. If any among you feel compelled to join our expedition, please contact High Princess, Idril Sylvaeri. III. It has come to the Crown’s attention that our nation is under the attack of cultists - Necromancers to be exact. They have kidnapped and tortured citizens of the Capital, as well as made appearances in the Vassals of Helious and Illivira. They attack in groups, and prey on those who are alone or in small gatherings. They have also taken to donning the armor of Amathine Guards. From this day forward, until this matter is fully resolved, the High Princess hereby orders all Amathine Guards to cease wearing their current armor. The Crown will be providing a new set of armor in the coming elven weeks. However, should it be deemed necessary to wear armor during this period, guards must remove their helmets when approaching or being approached by citizens. These orders are to be emphasized and enforced. Princess Ember of Helious, Seawatcher Medli Oranor and Forestwatcher Eagus Roitarion of Illivira have the authority to demand their helm's removal, by direct order of The Crown. The Crown warns you all of the danger, and urges you to be cautious. Remain in public, well-lit spaces when not at home, and don't go out alone at night. If anyone else has any more information, or wishes to aid in this ongoing investigation, please seek out Princess Vallei Sylvaeri. IV. The Order of the Crimson Stag is an order of hunters, marksmen, trackers, and druii dedicated to the protection of our forest, to help hunt any enemy, and preserve balance. The Order is currently looking for new members to help grow. Their first task is to start training and establish a group of rangers to help in our issues of sea creatures, and darkspawn in our woods. If you, or any of your kin are interested, and believe in their mission, please feel free to contact Grandmaster Taliyun’orrir Sirame. V. Around a decade and a half ago, Haus, a Watcher of the Veil, was given a vision warning him that it was nearly 'time'. He saw figures in red robes with golden trim worshiping a four-directional star, led by one figure in black robes. Several years after that, Whitespire was flooded and Veldev was frozen in, abruptly and with no warning save the appearance of angels in the sky, and a chorus of trumpets. This was not GOD, as canondom was quick to suggest, but a Horror - the same one in both cases. This Horror, some years after, dragged Haus to speak with it. It claimed it was summoned, that it would not rest until all on this side of the Veil was destroyed. As it stands, the current goal Haus has is to find these summoners. He believes that if we can silence them, the Horror will likely turn away, in search of something easier to consume. There exists both a Greater Horror, and a Lesser Horror which is located within the Kingswoods of Numendil. The Lesser Horror is much more malevolent, as opposed to the apathetic indifference of the Greater One. Haus states that what we can do to help is search the Material - find these summoners. If you do, or have any further inquiries, please contact Haus. However, be warned, for we have little knowledge of what magic they work with. This summarizes all that was discussed during the Royal Court. If there exists any further questions or thoughts, please contact the Crown. SIGNED, Uell ito Maruthiran, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Idril Sylvaeri, The V High Princess of Elvendom, High Princess of Amathine, The Heart of The Sea, Warden of the Wild, The Crowned HER LADYSHIP, Vallei Runya-Arassë Norväyn Sylvaeri, Princess-Heir of Amathine, Elentári, The Sea Star
  10. THE SACRAMENT OF NATURE The Ancient Rituals The Prayers of the Wild Gods Since the Dawn of the Wood Elves, led by Irrin Sirame's guidance, the Wild Faith has remained the foundational religion embraced by these people. The worship of the Wild Gods is the cornerstone upon which elnarnsae'ame was established, and to this day, the same ancient rituals persist, and the same prayers are recited. This enduring liturgy has withstood the test of centuries, enduring fractures and migrations, and it continues to hold a cherished place in the hearts of the mali'ame of today. -=- The Glade of Hileia’s Ancient Archives Scribed by Sonna Vulnrith, Keeper of the Glade and Fox Druid Ritualistic Offering -=- In every location inhabited by Elves who adhere to the Wild Faith, you will find sacred shrines dedicated to the Mother, Father, and Mani. These shrines serve as designated sites where the devout must make their offerings. The gifts presented to the Gods are cast into a sacred fire, where they are consumed by flames, symbolically offered to the Aspects and Mani. Traditional Aspectist doctrine prescribes that offerings should be made to the Aspects and Mani primarily on three distinct occasions. * When enjoying the bounty of Nature, to give thanks * When seeking a boon during a time of need * When called for, in Rituals Devotees of Elnarnsae'ame have the liberty to present any gift to the Wild Gods, provided it carries suitable meaning and symbolism. The more valuable a gift, whether in material wealth or sentimental significance, the greater the likelihood that a follower's prayer will resonate with the Aspects and their benevolent emissaries. -=- The potential offerings are indeed limitless, but within the Wild Faith, certain ritual offering archetypes exist, each bearing particular connotations, themes, and implications. Adhering to these archetypes ensures that the intended symbolism is consistently conveyed to the Aspects and Mani. Animal Byproducts: * Horns/Antlers * Teeth * Hearts * Bones Gifts of animal byproducts typically convey undertones of strength, bloodshed, and mortality. These offerings are most appropriate in rituals when one seeks favors related to matters of conflict or acts of killing, whether it be a humble hunting endeavor or success in warfare. Earthen Byproducts: * Flowers * Herbs * Wooden Charms Gifts that originate from the earth often symbolize growth, revitalization, and the essence of life. These offerings are most fitting in rituals when one seeks blessings associated with health and sustainability. Such occasions might involve making offerings to ward off drought or disease, or to secure the well-being of a newborn child. Personal Belongings: * Journals * Heirlooms * Items of Sentimental Value * Blood Making an offering with a value determined by your personal attachment to it is a prevalent theme in Aspectist traditions. These offerings often include items with sentimental significance, such as a gift from your family, something you personally crafted, like a sword or a vase, or anything similar. These "personal" offerings are typically presented when seeking the Aspects' guidance in matters concerning one's own self, as opposed to the world at large. In certain instances, particularly involving offerings of blood, they are used to solemnize promises and commitments between individuals. In addition to the aforementioned offering archetypes, there are a few flowers in the Tiva language, each bearing meanings that render them universal offerings suitable for all rituals dedicated to the Aspects and Mani: * Vervain means Cerridwen, used to honor the Mother and given as offerings * Snapdragon means Cernunnos, used to honor the Father and given as offerings * Orange Bud, a flower used that is believed to bring blessings from the Aspects and Mani The Ancient Rituals -=- -=- Among the countless rituals dedicated to the Aspects and each Mani, three stand out as particularly elaborate, and they are reserved for three of the most significant moments in an elf's life: the birth of a new child, the union of two souls in marriage, and the farewell of an elf from this realm. Celebration of New Life -=- When a Wood Elven woman discovers that she is expecting a child, it marks one of life's most joyous occasions. Priests of the Wild Faith frequently accompany a woman on her journey through pregnancy, offering guidance through prayers for strength and ensuring the safety of both the mother and her child. Somewhere between the midpoint of her pregnancy and the onset of childbirth, a celebration is organized to applaud the expectant mother and present offerings to Bolomormaa, seeking future and ongoing protection. Vows of Matrimony -=- A trained Priest of the Wild Faith is essential for a couple to formalize their union, which takes place in a location considered sacred to the Aspects. Such places include shrines, Druidic Groves, or areas teeming with abundant Nature. Deliverance of the Last Rites -=- When a follower of the Wild Faith passes away, their kin offer a prayer to the great Aspects above and invoke the patron Mani of their clan. This act guides the departed soul to either journey into the faerie realm or be reborn in a new, pure form. Regardless, the physical body is returned to the embrace of nature, achieved through one of three distinct rites: the Rite of Earth, Fire, and Water. The Prayers of the Wild Gods -=- -=- Numerous prayers and rituals exist for invoking the blessings of each Aspect and Mani. Presented below are the prayers for the Aspects, along with details on when and how to recite them. Additionally, a prayer for each Mani, accompanied by their most common offerings, is included. To The Aspects -=- Essence of War -=- As elven warriors prepare to enter the battlefield, they partake in a ritual involving the consumption of Cernunnos' essence, a vial of boar's blood, and speak the following words. Common: “O’ Lord of Death, strengthen my arm: In our time of need, I beg you to come to your people’s aid. Fill my heart with the honor of those past as I face this newest trial, As we remember you in all our earthly troubles. Benevolent mother, wipe fear from my heart: Never abandoning your children, always tender. Preserve me that I may see my children and yours live, I place my trust in you to hold my life from the end.” Elven: “O’ Laurir’Orkina, kae’leh wy’anuh ceruereh: Ito kaean’leh enet’adiln, kae nae’leh lye medinera adontere. Nae kae’leh taliyna lentere il’Sirame bilokereh, ay’kinal karin’ento, Wyl kaean nae peritherae, ito kaean’leh lluman. Haelun’Lle, lluman kae’leh hiylun myumiera’onn: Partuva nae’leh y’Malii suliera, partuva llean. Kae’leh hiylun evara, iyal kae’leh nae’leh Malii’ehya yallran oerneh suliere, karinto, Kae ay’nae halere, kae’leh hiylun taynan’ehya tennae kae’leh eth myumiera. -=- Heart of the Hunt -=- In gratitude for a successful hunt, a prayer of thanks may be spoken after an offering has been prepared and presented to the Aspects. Common: “O’ father of the hunt, Blessed be to this bounty, whose hide will clothe our young, Whose flesh will fill our stomachs. As we take from your realm, we give back, So our souls may be one with the great balance” Elven: “O’ Maln’Orran, Aheral ito iyl fihn, tuvehn kaen’leh Maliian evareh, Taliiynan’ehya kaean’leh hilyunan fihereh karin’ento. Kaean nae’leh tuvan, kaean illerae’yem, Kaeanleh’ehya hiylunan ito tal’Meracahe orern lenterih karin’ento.” -=- New Beginning -=- During the season of rebirth in Spring, a prayer is spoken after offering a braid of one's hair to the Aspects, symbolizing a new beginning. Common: “O’ compassionate mother, I offer you a piece of my essence, So that you may imbue me with your sacred breath, And reform my soul anew, Free of the burdens on my shoulders.” Elven: “O’ Haelun’Lle, Kae’leh tal’hiylun nae illere, Iyal il’nae’leh aheral iheiuhii kae illereh, Kaeleh’ehya hiylun fiyem bilokera, Tilrunen’onn myumin y’kae’leh.” -=- Essence of Healing -=- Healers seeking Cerridwen's grace when tending to a patient often perform a sacred ritual that involves consuming Cerridwen's essence of sacred Attunement springwater. During this ritual, they may speak the following prayer. Common: “O’ earth Mother, benevolent to the weak and weary, Who spreads the gifts of life and good health over the emerald wilds. You who gifted me my own life, and their life, Pray for my soul and bless my hands with your healing light. O' compassionate Mother, look down upon me, I ask that you help your dutiful servant, So they may continue to serve you and spread your goodness across the land. Elven: “O’ Haelun’Taynan, orlle ay’adiln divcerun’ehya, Lae heya elillern’tayna lentera hiyluan’ehya y’ameantaynei. Nae heya kae’leh taynan illerale, Kae’leh wynan’anuh il’sulwaleh, nae’leh ehya orahernan illera. O’ Haelun’lle, y’kae anoh’suliera, Kae ay’nae’leh tilrunhaleral mediera adontere, Iyul kae orern nae tilruereh, nae’leh ehya lle’saere karin’ento.” -=- Prayer of Fortitude -=- When seeking strength of soul and mind, and after offering a part of yourself, whether it be a braid of hair or a drop of blood, as a token of devotion, a prayer may be spoken. Common: “Let nothing shake my soul, Let nothing strike fear in my heart, For when the world falls apart, I remember this: The Aspects never fade. Your faith in them gives you the world. Whoever has the light of the lord and lady lacks nothing; The Mother and Father alone bring great treasures.” Elven: “Oerne kae’leh ethereh, Oerne kae’leh hiylun’ito khel myumiereh, Ay’heya tuvan ullrere, kae iyl perithere: Eletaliynan orchulne ullrer. Nae’eh ay’eletaliynan mayilere nae tuvan illere. Heya elsul’elemaln elehaelun’ehya ay’divtuvan oradilne; Elehaelun Elemaln’ehya sioln maorakal myumiereyae.” -=- A Mother’s Gift -=- To beseech good health for a newborn child, a prayer may be spoken after offering a lock of the child’s hair or baby teeth. Common: “O gentle mother, And benevolent lady of life, Grant this my joyous bequest; Send out your grace on (he/she), Fill them with life unending, And start them on the path of goodness, That they may spread life and happiness, To all that lay their eyes upon them.” Elven: “O Leyuan Haelun, Lari’Taynaan ehya, Kae iyl adonten illera; Nae’leh ahernan y’(lae/hae) myumiera, (Lae/Hae) il’taynaan ordiveth ahera, y’Elnarnsaenlle’ehya annilera, Iyal (lae/hae) taynan orwyn’ehya oerneh maeluere, Iyl’ehya y’heya suliera y’(lae/hae) oerneh illere.” To The Mani -=- Amaethon -=- Prayers to Amaethon, the Prince of Cervidae, can be spoken when elk, deer, or caribou have been hunted to show respect and gratitude for the animals, and to seek his qualities of gentleness and compassion. Bolomormaa -=- Prayers to Bolomormaa, the Princess of Bears, should be spoken by those seeking her protective strength and will, particularly mothers and women. Ohowaki -=- Prayers to Ohowaki, Princess of Owls, should be spoken by scholars seeking her wisdom and wealth of knowledge. Morea -=- Prayers to Morea, the Prince of Wolves, should be spoken by those seeking a good relationship with wolves and hounds, as well as those who seek the qualities of ferocity and bravery associated with these noble creatures. Moccus -=- Prayers to Moccus, the Prince of Boars, should be spoken by those seeking the traits of stalwartness and conviction, as well as by those who have hunted the wild boars of the realm. Nemglan -=- Prayers to Nemglan, the Princess of Eagles, should be spoken when interacting with hawks, eagles, falcons, and other raptors, while seeking safe travels, or when seeking the qualities of freedom and independence associated with these majestic birds. Hamasta -=- Prayers to Hamasta, the Prince of Dolphins, should be spoken by sailors seeking safe travels across the sea, fishermen seeking bountiful harvest, healers seeking Hamasta’s skill, or by those who wish for mercifulness. Sonnos -=- Prayers to Sonnos, Prince of Foxes, should be spoken by politicians or those seeking his cleverness, cunning, or strategic thinking. Kwakwani -=- Prayers to Kwakwani, the Prince of Ravens, should be spoken by artists, singers, and poets who seek inspiration and guidance in their creative endeavors. Felixii -=- Prayers to Felixii, the Princess of Wildcats, should be spoken by those seeking her secrets, or her traits of silence and watchfulness. Merecahe -=- Prayers to Merecahe, the Prince of Beavers, should be spoken by blacksmiths, craftsmen, and artisans seeking his skill and determination to work. Siss’siru -=- Prayers to Siss’siru, the Prince of Serpents, should be spoken by wayward souls seeking guidance and redemption. Kar’nath -=- Prayers to Kar’nath, Prince of Vultures, should be spoken by scavengers seeking their bounty, or by those wishing safe passage for their deceased loved ones into the afterlife. Machana -=- Prayers to Machana, the Princess of Steeds, should be spoken by strong riders and wayward souls seeking swiftness and loyalty. Kholibrii -=- Prayers to Kholibrii, the Princess of Hummingbirds, should be spoken when seeking her traits of joy, hope, and vibrancy. Norra -=- Prayers to Norra, Princess of Panthers, should be spoken by hunters seeking her skill at remaining hidden and silent while stalking her prey. Mahae -=- Prayers to Mahae, the Great Lion Spirit, should be spoken by warriors seeking courage and pride before going into battle. Vesper -=- Prayers to Vesper, Prince of Bats, should be spoken when seeking retribution against those who have wronged you. Sha’maiden -=- Prayers to Sha’maiden, Princess of Elephants, should be spoken by leaders seeking her might and grace in guidance. Luna’illi -=- Prayers to Luna’illi, Prince of Moths, should be spoken by those seeking peaceful sleep and enlightening dreams.
  11. Isabel looked over the missive at the low table, her eyes widening with every sentence. She nudged the Knight at her side, handing it to him with her mouth agape. "Oh my GOD?!" @Dyl
  12. THE WILD GODS The Aspects of Nature The Mani of Beasts Irrespective of their clan, nation, or specific Creed of worship, all followers of elnarnsae'ame, unite in their reverence for the same Pantheon of Gods. These deities are bound by a singular theme—the embodiment of the wild spirit and the essence of nature, which inherently reflects the spirit of the elves themselves. As a whole, they are collectively referred to as the Wild Gods, a divine representation of the enduring connection between the forest dwellers and the natural world they hold in such high regard. -=- The Glade of Hileia’s Ancient Archives Scribed by Sonna Vulnrith, Keeper of the Glade and Fox Druid The Aspects of Nature -=- The Aspects are regarded as eternal and hold various interpretations within different sects of elnarnsae'ame. Some consider them the highest Gods of Nature, while others perceive them as the very essence of Nature itself—the unspoken, intangible primal energy that courses through all living things. The most prevalent representation of the Aspects takes the form of a symbolic duality, seen as two complementary halves of a single entity responsible for the creation of all life and their earthly emissaries, the Mani. Cerridwen The Mother Aspect of Life -=- -=- Also known as the Green Lady or Cerridwen, the Mother represents the matriarchal aspect of the divine Balance. She is often depicted as a woman adorned with leaves and vines, her ethereal form shimmering in the diverse manifestations of nature. Cerridwen embodies the Aspect of birth, growth, life, and the nurturing essence of the world. According to the beliefs of the wood elves, all lush flora and fauna owe their existence and flourishing to Cerridwen's tender care. They thrive under her nurturing touch until the time comes for Cernunnos to claim them. The Green Lady is invoked in prayers, particularly when seeking bountiful harvests and when tending to the wounds of others. Her divine influence is sought to ensure the prosperity and vitality of the natural world. Cernunnos The Father Aspect of the Hunt -=- -=- Also known as the Horned Lord or Cernunnos, the Father represents the patriarchal aspect of the natural balance. He is commonly depicted as a robust figure with the majestic horns of a stag adorning his head and a longbow firmly in his grasp. Cernunnos embodies the Aspect of the hunt, the realm of predators, and the natural instincts of survival. Within the beliefs of wood elves, all animals are believed to share a profound connection with Cernunnos. Prayers are often directed to the Horned Lord to invoke luck and success in hunting, whether the quarry be non-sentient creatures or those with sentience. While Cernunnos symbolizes predators, this Aspect is not viewed as sinister. In the natural order, all living things must consume to survive, and this is simply regarded as an integral part of the enduring cycle of Nature. The Mani of Beasts -=- The Mani, revered as the animal gods of the plains, mesas, and forests spanning the natural world, hold a distinct place in the Wild Faith. Within this sacred order, each species of beast is presided over by its own immortal Prince, serving as the ruler and guardian of its kind. The Mani were created with the purpose of maintaining harmony and balance among the diverse creatures of the land, while also acting as dutiful servants to the Aspects. Over time, the wood elven tribes adopted a deep reverence for the Mani, with some of these animal deities even receiving names from the elves themselves. These named Mani became the focus of widespread prayers and devotion, while others remained less known or unrecognized. The Mani play a vital role in the spiritual connection between forest dwellers and the natural world, embodying the diversity and vitality of the creatures that inhabit it. -=- Amaethon The Stag Justice and Compassion -=- Amaethon, the Prince of all Cervidae, stands as the silent guardian of the grassy plains and woodlands. His dominion is vast and abundant, and his subjects, the great horned beasts of the world, provide a bountiful source of sustenance for the descendant races. Yet, it is of paramount importance never to take his benevolence for granted, as the mighty stags and their kin can swiftly turn the tables on any descendant predator. Amaethon embodies several aspects in the pantheon of gods. He represents Regality, symbolized by his role as the Stag, the ruler of the herd who exudes dignity within his realm. He personifies Compassion, as he must tend to the health and well-being of his herd to ensure their survival through the harsh winter months. Amaethon represents Justice, for those who wrong the herd must face their sovereign and make amends. Lastly, he embodies Fatherhood, serving as a guiding example for the young bucks within the herd, preparing them to lead their own in the future. -=- Bolomormaa The Bear Protection and Guardianship -=- The Princess of Bears, Bolomormaa, possesses both formidable ferocity and genuine tenderness within her nature. Above all else, she is a spirit characterized by her profound value for protection and guardianship. Bolomormaa does not harbor a predisposition for warfare or aggression; rather, her fierceness is reserved for those who pose a threat to her cubs or tribe. Unsurprisingly, she holds a revered status as the patron of mothers and motherhood, as few things are as inherently natural as the nurturing and safeguarding of one's offspring. Bolomormaa's blessings are fervently sought by expectant mothers and those already in the role of motherhood, invoking her gentleness and protective qualities. For mothers whose children have grown older or individuals who assume protective roles within their communities, they may pray to her for strength and fortitude. Like a caring mother, the Sovereign of Bears is always attentive and receptive, even if her responses may not always be readily apparent. Her presence embodies the essence of motherhood and the deep, instinctual drive to nurture and safeguard the young and vulnerable. -=- Ohowaki The Owl Wisdom and Knowledge -=- To encounter the Princess of Owls is to experience tranquility, for her prey remains oblivious to her silent approach. Her swiftness, elegance, and mastery as the nocturnal hunter have given rise to stories that intermingle both death and solace. This Mani embodies not only the qualities of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Patience but also the essence of the night itself. Many individuals seek out Ohowaki to glean from her a treasure trove of stories and tales. Legend says she assumes the guise of an ordinary messenger owl when visiting scholars or librarians. For those who display a genuine thirst for knowledge, who are dedicated teachers, or who keep vigil during the night hours, there exists the possibility of encountering an owl perched nearby, quietly observing their work. The Sovereign, with her association with wisdom and patience, serves as a silent guardian and a repository of knowledge hidden within the dark realm of the night. -=- Morea and Moccus The Wolf and The Boar Ferocity and Loyalty, Strength and Fortitude -=- The Savage Wolf, Morea, and the Stalwart Boar, Moccus, stand as distinct Mani, yet they are often spoken of together, regarded as dual patrons of war. Morea embodies wisdom and cunning, resembling the stalker in the night. He leads his extensive pack with ruthless calculation, discerning the vulnerabilities of his adversaries and striking with the swiftness of lightning. In contrast, Moccus exudes an indomitable and steadfast nature. His hordes charge directly at their foes, unyielding and relentless, trampling over all who dare to oppose them. Together, Morea and Moccus represent the two facets of warfare—strategic ferocity and unyielding strength. They are revered by those who prepare for battle, offering guidance and protection in times of conflict. Beyond their roles in war, Morea and Moccus embody a deeper sense of loyalty-to the tribe and to the clan. Like boars that may lock tusks in disputes and wolves that occasionally quarrel within the pack, communities may experience internal conflicts, but they always prioritize the survival and well-being of their collective unit over personal disputes. The values exemplified by the Princes of Wolves and Boars serve as a foundation for clan values, reinforcing the importance of unity, mutual support, and unwavering loyalty among the tribe members. -=- Nemglan The Eagle Freedom and Independence -=- Nemglan, known as the Lady of the Sky and Chieftainess of the Birds of Prey, holds a unique position among the Mani. It is believed that Nemglan is a Mani capable of perpetual flight, never requiring a moment of rest or landing. Nemglan is revered as the deity of Eagles, Hawks, Kestrels, and Falcons. Within elven culture, she embodies the principle of free will, serving as a patron of the innate freedom that is as intrinsic to elfkind as the boundless expanse of the sky is to a bird. Her presence symbolizes the untethered spirit and the unrestricted potential that can be found in the pursuit of individual and collective freedom. Thunder is regarded as a significant omen associated with Nemglan. It is believed that the powerful flapping of her majestic wings is the cause of this natural phenomenon, and thunderstorms are seen as expressions of her divine wrath. Hence, she is often referred to by worshipers as the Thunderbird. Nemglan also holds the role of being the patron of journeys and travelers. Those embarking on long-distance voyages and expeditions frequently invoke her blessings for a safe and secure arrival at their destination. Conversely, individuals who have fallen out of favor with the Thunderbird may find themselves plagued by storms and misfortune during their travels, emphasizing the importance of maintaining her goodwill and protection throughout their journeys. -=- Hamasta The Dolphin Healing and Mercy -=- Among the old wood elven communities that thrived near rivers and coastlines, the worship of aquatic Mani naturally took root. Among these, Hamatsa, the Prince of Dolphins, emerged as one of the most prominent. Hamatsa was believed to possess the extraordinary ability to guide vast schools of fish into the nets of thankful fishermen. As a result, he earned the esteemed title of patron for Sea-Dwellers, Fishermen, and Sailors. Hamatsa is recognized as one of the more amiable Mani, often traveling in groups with his fellow dolphins across the waters. He is known to come to the aid of travelers who have lost their way, offering his guidance and protection to ensure their safe journey. His benevolence and affinity for assisting those on the water have made him a beloved figure among those who rely on the sea for their livelihoods and travels. Water has long been associated with the element of gentleness and healing, and as Hamatsa is a deity of the water realm, particularly revered as the Prince of Dolphins, he naturally embodies these qualities.As a result, Hamatsa is recognized as the patron of elven healers, herbalists, and doctors across the land. His connection to water's soothing and restorative properties aligns with the values held dear by those dedicated to the arts of healing and medicine. Those who undertake the noble task of tending to the well-being of others find inspiration and guidance in Hamatsa's gentle and compassionate nature, as they seek to bring solace and restoration to those in need. -=- Sonnos The Fox Cleverness and Cunning -=- Sonnos, the master strategist among the Mani, personifies the essence of cunning. Those who seek to cultivate cleverness, agile thinking, and strategic acumen often turn to him in prayer and reverence. His influence extends to those who aspire to sharpen their wits and navigate the complexities of life with shrewdness and intelligence. The Prince of Foxes, in contrast to the trickster nature of the Prince of Ravens, holds the esteemed role of patron for calculated thinking and strategic wisdom. He embodies cunning and is often revered by a diverse range of individuals, including trackers, politicians, and merchants—those who stand to gain from his gift of quick thinking and insightful strategy. In the woodlands where many elves make their homes, foxes are common inhabitants. As such, the sight of a fox's tail vanishing into the underbrush is often considered an auspicious sign. Many believe that following the path of a departing fox leads to hidden treasures, symbolizing the connection between Sonnos and the pursuit of valuable knowledge and strategic advantage. -=- Kwakwani The Raven Trickery and Artistry -=- Kwakwani stands as one of the most enigmatic among the Mani, a Prince whose persona has often taken on the role of a benevolent trickster with a heart of gold when interacting with the descendant peoples. He has garnered a devoted following among wood elves, particularly as a patron of nomads, artists, and spiritual seekers. The Prince of Ravens is a source of inspiration and insight for those who immerse themselves in the world of artistry and self-expression, offering them a unique connection to the spiritual realm. -=- Felixi The Wildcat Secrets and Mischief -=- The Princess of Wildcats, known for its enigmatic nature, is believed to possess a unique connection to secrets and hidden knowledge. Many individuals turn to Felixii in their quest for Truth, desiring her wisdom to keep secrets safe and to gain a comprehensive understanding of complex issues.To be granted an audience with her is to embrace the virtue of patience, for she imparts her knowledge in her own time and according to her own rhythms. Felixii's influence encourages individuals to consider all sides of a matter and to approach life's complexities with a sense of reverence and contemplation. It is said that when Felixii deems a secret to be exceptionally valuable or worthy, the individual who whispers their offering may catch a fleeting glimpse of one such cat lurking in the shadows or concealed within the brush. This mysterious apparition is often regarded as an omen, signifying the significance of the secret and the Wildcat's acknowledgment of its importance. Once seen, the Wildcat swiftly vanishes from sight, leaving the individual with a profound sense of the secret's significance and the knowledge that it has been recognized by a creature so closely aligned with the mysteries of the wild. -=- Merecahe The Beaver Creation and Labor -=- Merecahe, in contrast to the great hunters and mightier Mani, does not seek to boast or bask in glory. He found contentment in the knowledge that he had a vital role to fulfill. His labor was of the utmost importance, and he approached it with dedication and humility. His significant task involves damming powerful rivers and forging the lands upon which various species would come to settle. It is under his watchful care that creatures, from predators to prey, and from mighty beasts to tiny insects, find a shared home upon the lands he painstakingly creates. He understands that his purpose in the world is not to seek acknowledgment or praise, but to fulfill his vital duty in ensuring the balance and harmony of the natural world. Given his role in shaping the physical landscape and creating environments for various species to thrive, the Prince of Beavers serves as a patron for those who engage in acts of creation. Craftsmen, skilled artisans, blacksmiths, builders, and all who contribute to the act of crafting and constructing find themselves symbolically represented by this hardworking and industrious Mani. His influence inspires individuals to take pride in their craft, just as he took pride in his role as the guardian of the natural world, emphasizing the importance of dedication and diligence in the act of creation. -=- Siss’siru The Serpent Redemption and Sin -=- Contrary to common perceptions in other cultures where snakes are often associated with sneakiness or deceit, the Serpent holds a distinct symbolism among the followers of the Aspects. In their tradition, the Serpent represents qualities such as cunning, power, and immense fortitude. Siss’siru, the Prince of Serpents, is often depicted as a patron figure for those who have committed wrongdoing, sinned, or strayed from the path of the Aspects. However, it is crucial to understand that Siss’siru does not condone these actions. Siss’siru wields the toxins within his fangs as a means to punish the wicked and those who break their oaths. Simultaneously, he serves as a guide for those who seek a path of redemption. The Serpent Mani becomes a symbol of hope and transformation for individuals who wish to atone for their past actions. They pray to Siss’siru, seeking his guidance and assistance in navigating the challenging journey towards redemption, emphasizing the profound belief in the possibility of personal growth and renewal. -=- Kar’nath The Vulture Death and Survival -=- Kar’nath, known as the Lord of Scavengers and the Prince of Vultures, has garnered a reputation in folktales as a figure associated with evil. However, in reality, Kar’nath is a neutral Mani, driven primarily by self-preservation and the survival of his own species. He cares little for the moral judgments of others and is simply focused on the well-being of himself and his kind. Thus, the Prince of Vultures has become a patron for survivalists and scavengers. Kar’nath's role in the natural world involves scavenging, which may include feasting on the remains of the sick and weak or consuming corpses to sustain himself. While this behavior may seem unpleasant or unsettling to some, it is an essential aspect of the ecosystem, as scavengers like the Prince of Vultures help maintain the balance by cleaning up the remains of deceased creatures and preventing the spread of disease. In this sense, Kar’nath plays a vital role in the circle of life and death within the natural order. -=- Machana The Steed Gentleness and Passiveness -=- Machana, a Mani with a distinctive role in the world of Descendants, wields significant influence through her kin, who serve as elven mounts. In contrast to many other Mani, Machana possesses a more passive and peaceful nature, typically avoiding engagement in conflicts. However, she is not to be underestimated, for her gentle disposition conceals a powerful sense of justice. Machana, like her fellow Mani, diligently watches over her domain within the natural world. All herds of wild horses fall under her guardianship, and she guides them to the lushest pastures and most suitable environments for their well-being. Yet, her influence extends beyond the wild herds, touching the lives of both humans and elves. Those who seek to tame a wild horse often find themselves blessed by the Princess of Steeds with a steadfast and loyal steed, provided they approach the task with the appropriate offerings and a deep respect for the natural order. This divine connection between Machana and those who seek to form a bond with her kin underscores the importance of reverence and humility in the presence of the Mani and the wild creatures they protect. -=- Kholibrii The Hummingbird Vibrancy and Hope -=- Kholibrii, when spotted, stands out with her immense beauty, vibrant colors, and graceful movements that accentuate her every action. Compared to many other Mani, The Princess of Hummingbirds is one of the more frequently seen, although she typically does not engage directly with the descendants. If encountered, she peacefully carries on with her duties, radiating an aura of joy and positivity. One of Kholibrii's most prominent ideals is hope. Her very presence brings forth a sense of optimism and a positive outlook. She spreads hope throughout the natural world by ushering in spring each year, infusing it with color, vibrancy, and facilitating the pollination of flowers and blossoms with the assistance of her tribe of hummingbirds. As the harbinger of spring, she embodies nature's greatest hope during the long winter months, inspiring faith in the renewal of life and encouraging those around her to maintain a positive perspective on the future. Kholibrii does not dwell on past mistakes, worries, or fears; instead, she presses forward with unwavering faith in her ability to persevere and achieve a brighter outcome. She serves as the patron of various creative professions, including dancers, painters, singers, florists, and tiva-weavers. The Princess holds in high regard individuals marked with talent, whose artistic creations are inspired by her own beauty and vibrancy, infusing the world with creativity and hope. -=- Norra The Panther Silence and Elusiveness -=- Norra, the Princess of Panthers, stands as a Mani surrounded by mystery. Her essence is defined by the attributes of a skilled huntress, marked by her keen primal skills. She moves with an elusive and silent grace, blending seamlessly into the cover of night as she stalks her prey. As a result of her mastery of stealth and hunting prowess, Norra has become a patron of the most skilled hunters. Those who possess the ability to remain undetected as they pursue their quarry are particularly favored by her. Her influence extends to those who navigate the wild with skill and finesse, embodying the qualities of a true huntress. -=- Mahae The Lion Courage and Pride -=- Commonly recognized as the Great Lion Spirit, Mahae embodies the virtues of courage and pride. Lions are known for their regal and proud nature, and their Prince, holds his head high in keeping with their spirit. Those who follow Mahae exemplify the qualities of lions, fighting with the unwavering courage of these majestic creatures and never allowing fear or shame to shake their iron resolve. As the Prince of the Pride, Mahae serves as a patron for individuals who exude confidence and bravery. He inspires those who choose to walk the path of unwavering determination, urging them to face challenges with a resolute spirit and unwavering pride, just as lions do in the wild. -=- Vesper The Bat Retribution and Dread -=- Vesper, known as the Scourge of the Skies, made his presence known in recent times, descending upon the land and declaring his dominion to the druids who witnessed his arrival. The Prince of Bats is wholly devoted to the pursuit of vengeance, instilling dread and fear in the hearts of his enemies. Vesper's very essence revolves around the concept of retribution. Individuals who are consumed by the desire for revenge and seek to settle scores find themselves under the patronage of Vesper. He represents the relentless pursuit of one's own retribution, serving as a source of strength and inspiration for those who crave justice or wish to repay wrongs committed against them. The Prince of Bats embodies the unyielding and unwavering spirit of vengeance, offering his support to those who share in his pursuit. -=- Sha’maiden The Elephant Leadership and Might -=- Sha'maiden, the great Princess of Elephantidae, embodies the principles of leadership and might. Throughout history, she has been celebrated as a spiritual guide, a messenger, an ambassador of the Fae, and a benevolent soul. Sha'maiden is a kind and gentle giant, known for her steadfast guidance of her people. Leaders, in particular, find a patron in the Princess of Elephantidae. Her towering presence serves as a symbol of authority and strength, and her very steps are said to shape valleys and sunder mountains. Those who hold positions of leadership look to her as an inspiration, drawing from her wisdom and benevolence as they guide their communities and strive to make a positive impact on the world. Sha'maiden stands as a beacon of leadership and a source of guidance for those who seek to lead with compassion and strength. -=- Luna’illi The Moth Dreams and Tranquility -=- Luna'illi, the Prince of Moths, is among the more gentle and tranquil Mani, personifying the quiet serenity of the night and the soothing release of the mind as it prepares for slumber. Individuals who struggle with restlessness and sleep-related issues often turn to Luna'illi in the hopes that he will bless them with a peaceful night's rest. Luna'illi is a symbol of peaceful sleep and the calming influence of the night, offering solace to those in need of rest and reprieve from their sleep-related troubles. As a guardian of those who sleep, Luna'illi ensures that those who slumber are granted dreams and visions of the night, offering them guidance and enlightenment for when they awaken in the morning. His influence extends beyond the physical realm into the realm of dreams, providing a guiding light to those who seek insight and inspiration during their waking hours. Luna'illi's benevolence is reflected not only in the pollination of the natural world but also in the guidance and comfort he offers to those who rely on the gentle embrace of dreams. The Moth Prince teaches those who seek his wisdom to embrace the night and the freedom it offers. He encourages them to take advantage of the quietude and to find inner peace in the tranquil lull that the night provides, away from the bustling noise of the day. Luna'illi has become a symbol for those who dwell in the quiet hours of darkness, staying vigilant and awake at the call of duty, becoming nightbound guardians while the rest of the world slumbers. His presence is a source of inspiration for those who find strength and purpose in the stillness and serenity of the night.
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