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  1. Kharajyr Celebration of Life and Death Ilhuiquixtiliztli iuik Yoliliztli iuan Miquetl I-li-hu-i-ku-i-xi-ti-li-tzi-tli // i-u-i-ku // Yo-li-li-tzi-tli // i-u-i-a-nu // Mi-ku-e-tle [Rough reed parchments are nailed to notice boards across the Kingdom of Urguan and its allies, first written in Kharajyr glyphs, then translated into common and Dwarven. The missive is decorated in a vibrant orange and turquoise knotted border and written in bold black ink; the crest of the Mitzuul Grove is painted in the lower corned.] ‘As all inhabitants of t
  2. The Grove is a BEAUTIFUL place to visit/hang out. 12/10 would recommend
  3. With the resignation of Head Clinician and Anbella’s Hand, Mica Grandaxe, the medics of Anbella’s Grace, the Royal Clinic of the Kingdom of Urguan, have elected secondary clinician Valyndris Grimgold as her successor-- as ratified by a vote of the assembly of the clinic’s medics and notarized by fellow secondary clinicians, Falk Irongut, Mica Grandaxe, and Urist Ireheart. Valyndris Grimgold pursues this post in continued service to the Kingdom of Urguan and her allies, indicative of her compassion and unwavering dedication to all Dwed, and is the reasoning for her ascension to Head Clinician a
  4. IGN: LadyBeerus RP Name: Gullveig Grimgold Candidate: Norli Starbreaker
  5. LadyBeerus


    Valyndris was a willful, troublesome child, who was less often concerned with her parent’s wishes, especially those of her father, Alvis Morvayn, a blacksmith of lesser renown. Though he was convinced that her strengths were in acting and theater and saw to their development, she wished more than anything to learn her family’s craft of smithing. Yet, with three older sons and the two boys from other clans, who would one day match with his daughters, under his tutelage, Alvis had no time to teach Valyndris, despite her begging. His youngest could only watch from doorways and windows, enticed by
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