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  1. Winnie Applefoot highspeed rolls out of the Applefoot burrow. A bullet-proof sunhat on her curls. She salutes her fellow compatriots with all the honor she can muster and prepares for the glory of battle.
  2. Dhaen Grandaxe, former Queen of Urguan, sits upon a mossy stone, attempting to read the paper she had acquired the day before by the light of a dim campfire. She reaches the last line and shakes her ginger head in bitter mourning. "Time 'as touch'd all ov' de monarchs dat sign'd de original accord. May Dungrimm guide 'im an' Anbella care fo' t'ose 'e left be'ind" The paper is swiftly disposed of in the flames as Dhaen settles down to sleep beneath the open night sky.
  3. What Is Left Behind Three Years Ago: A cheerful fire danced in the comfortable palace suite of Kal’Darakaan. The evening was lighthearted and Dhaen felt likewise. She brushed out her ginger ringlets in front of a mirror before attending to her small family below. Her footsteps echoed slightly as she walked to her lover, the Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker, and pressed a kiss to his wearied brow as he worked. She then turned to hoist her child up to rest on her hip, a small cheerful baby, Kazagrim, who was but a year old. Dhaen ran a hand throu
  4. Currency and Exchange Act In an additional effort to bolster the Dwarven Economy and lend prominence to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the kingdom has ratified the minting of an official Dwarven Currency, known as the Karzul. Section I: The Value of Currency Upon release, each Karzul shall hold a value equivalent to 5 mina, and will be available in a variety of denominations, for the convenience of the user, according to the following structure. 1 Karzul Coin = 5 mina. 5 Karzul Coin = 25 mina. 10 Karzul Coin = 50 mina.
  5. Official Announcement of Appointment and Coronation of the New Grand King of Urguan “A king he was on carven throne In many-pillared halls of stone With golden roof and silver floor And runes of power upon the door The light of sun and star and moon In shining lamps of crystal hewn Undimmed by cloud or shade of night There shown forever far and bright” The dwarven populace knows perseverance like they know the swing of a pick in a carven mine or the gleam of ore shining through rubble. In our hands we know
  6. Dhaen Grandaxe stares into a mirror and wonders what else she doesn't know.
  7. Dhaen Grandaxe, Queen Regent, leans wearily on the railings of a stone balcony far above the city. She furrows her brow melancholically at the sights of mourning from Grandaxes in the streets at the loss of one of their kin, a lazy trail of smoke dripping from a cigarette held in her frown. The ginger dwarf methodically puts it out and turns away. She did not know the young Grandaxe who was her kin by blood and clan, but she could tell he was beloved by the clan - even if he was braised and slightly sauteed.
  8. QUESTIONS FOR URGUANI ELECTION CANDIDATES? With the advent of the elections, dwed need to think carefully about who they plan to elect. Below is a form to submit questions the candidates will be able to view and respond to either in their campaign speech or through the application system! [OOC: You can either answer the questions in a campaign post or directly in comments below] Format RP Name: Candidate: Question:
  9. THE ELECTIONS OF THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN The people of the mighty nation of Urguan have long worked to ensure the well-being of their kin and country. My husband, Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker, wearies from the burden of leading us, and now we must look to new horizons. It is with a heavy heart that I now announce the Grand Council, as of the 6th of the Grand Harvest, Year 7, has decided to begin the process of finding a king once more in his absence. I, Dhaen Grandaxe, Grand Merchant of the Grand Kingdom, have been elected to run this election as the standing Queen Regent of t
  10. The Worker’s Guild Agreement Long has our kin and allies called for freedom to enter the mines without being in the Worker’s Guild. Today marks the glorious occasion that our merciful Yemekar’s Pick, Dorimnur Goldhand, has helped to write an agreement, opening the mines! Under this agreement shall the following terms be set in stone: The Mines shall be opened for all citizens of Urguan and their allies within the Iron Accord Those within the Iron Accord will send Dorimnur Goldhand a list of citizens and miners they wish to be added.
  11. The Mages Guild Agreement -=x=- Blessed are the dwed who practice magic in our divine kingdom. To promote the proliferation of magic users on our soil, Urguan shall enter a partnership with the Mages Guild, headed by Archmage Kalgrimmor, in exchange for recognition of the Mages Guild as a Royal Guild under the following terms. The Mages Guild will receive space to practice and teach their craft within the kingdom in their location of choice, provided it does not infringe upon kingdom business. The Mages Guild will swear their loyalty to the Grand Kingdom of U
  12. Guild Gathering Act As our kingdom continues to thrive under the divine eye of the Brathmordakin, we dwed find ourselves in a period of weariness. With only the constant work of delving deep into our mountain, creating precious craftsmanship to be sold, and tilling the hearty soil above, our gaze blurs without something to strive for. With the Guild Gathering Act, Royal Guilds will need to put on 1 gathering for the kingdom to attend per stone month to learn about what their fellow dwed are up to and to give guilds a goal to work towards. These gatherings
  13. Dhaen Grandaxe sat quietly in her office deep in the carved halls of the mountain. She mourned the passing of the famed queen and sent a personal letter wishing the future good health of the Haense royal family and her personal consolations from the dwarven people to those in the company of the Queen Mother.
  14. I really appreciate the shelving work that's been happening lately! But honestly....I don't think we've shelved enough yet. When are we shelving humans? CT Monks? What about Lotc?..... When are we shelving Lotc and all roleplay???? ~ A concerned player
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