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  1. The Revision of The Drumm Hall Treaty Orenian Representatives: Mr. Ambassador Urrigon Drumm HIH The Duke of Helena Ironmonger Representatives: Mr. Porphyre Nicephore Mr. Urthun Drumm Urguan Representatives: Mr. Ambassador Uldraek Goldhand Ms. Dhaen Grandaxe 4th of Malin’s Welcome, 1770 The meeting formed regarding the cease and desist notice for the Urguani stalls of Mika Goldhand and Levian’Tol Grandaxe, by which the Honorable Company of Ironmongers filed a suit of law and caused conflict with Urguani merchants in the City of Helena. I. The meeting settled on allowing Urguan traders to resume their independence outside of the Ironmonger guild while maintaining the set floor price of Iron tax given by the honorary guild company of Ironmongers. II. In addition, the stalls of Mika Goldhand and Levian’Tol Grandaxe will receive a public apology and two stone weeks without tax payment by the Honorable Company of Ironmongers III. Finally, Uldraek Goldhand will be assuming the role of Urguani Ambassador to the Holy Orenian Empire, and Urrigon Drumm as Orenian Ambassador to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Any attempt to break these new terms will result in a call for a meeting once again. His Excellency, Mr. Urrigon Drumm, Ambassador to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan His Excellency, Mr. Uldraek Goldhand, Ambassador to the Holy Orenian Empire
  2. Dhaelena


    A good lad and one of my favorite dwarves. Have fun in college!
  3. [!] A creme-colored parchment would be pinned up on the stone walls of Kal’Evraal. The short announcement would be written in a cheerful script, contrasting to the dark news of the time. Urguan Drinking Nights Under the combined efforts of the Ruined Runesmith and the Brewing Guild of Urguan, I’d like to begin a system of drinking nights for dwarves to come together and drink as kin. These drinking nights will involve activities such as drinking games and current political discussions. All in Urguan, including allies of Urguan, are welcome to join. They will be hosted in the tavern in Kal’Evraal once per stone week. May Anbella unite us through drink! ~Signed, Dhaen Grandaxe~ ((OOC: Every Sunday at 5 pm est))
  4. OOC ((MC Name: )) Dhaelena ((Discord: )) Dhaelena#3818 ((Timezone: )) PST IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Dhaen Grandaxe Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To further the medical knowledge of my community through the sector, Hermeticus. In particular, I’d like to study alchemy. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Currently, I have knowledge of herbology and the medical arts. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Most times should work, provided I am contacted ahead of time (Discord)
  5. You’re both accepted! Welcome to the Brewing Guild ~ Check your discord for a link to the guild discord
  6. The Success of The Medical Clinic On the 10th of Amber Cold,1767, a terrorist explosion took place in the throne room of Kal’Evraal. While the explosion maimed many of our kin - the work of Maggie Cottonwood, Darinndrabor, and numerous helpers were able to successfully save the life of every single dwarf there. In the following list, we will formally thank and acknowledge those who have helped to accomplish this feat. Maggie Cottonwood Darinndrabor Blackroot Falk Irongut Kazrin Starbreaker In the following list, we will acknowledge those who have been injured in the attack. May the Brathmordakin guide their recovery process. Utak Ireheart Beorn Cottonwood Axel Ireheart Uldraek Goldhand Arngrimm Irongrinder Thulin II Zigilbeard Silus Iullius Hieden Grandaxe
  7. The Grand Festival of Urguan On the 5th of Snow’s Maiden, 1767, Urguan overcame the Peace Nation of Krugmar in honorable combat. To memorialize the occasion, a feast will be held in the throneroom of Urguan. It will be combined with the upcoming Grand Opening of the Medical Institute of Urguan festival, as it was planned without prior knowledge of Urguan’s victorious win against the orcs of Krugmar. Together, Kal’Evraal will host a festival which involves the following: A Feast in Honor of Urguan’s Victory A feast will be held in the throneroom of Urguan. It will be staffed by tavernkeeps of the Ruined Runesmith and members of the Brewing Guild. The Grand Tournament Any dwarf who wishes to test their strength should show up at the start of the festival to take part in the Grand Tournament. This tournament will decide which dwarf among us will take home the honorable title of “Grand Champion of Urguan” and 5,000 minas. Blessing of the Medical Institute Vergil Goldhand, a priest in the Urguan Clergy, will bless the new Medical Institute of Urguan. This will mark the full opening of the Institute in Kal’Evraal. ((OOC: May 9th, The Throne Room, 3 pm est))
  8. The Grand Opening of the Medical Institute of Urguan With the current rise of dwed who practice the medical arts, it is high time that Urguan has an open, working institute to support the hard work our knowledgeable brethren do for us. Because of this, I’d like to announce that the Medical Institute is now open for both healing, research, and recruitment. The talented Doctor Maggie Cottonwood and I will be partnering to help re-establish our esteemed institute. In addition, we have recruited the hard-working Darinndrabor to our ranks to help include the legion’s sector of combat medics. Through our combined efforts and the good graces of Anbella, may Urguan once again be blessed with a Medical Institute! We will be hosting classes for those interested. In addition, our clinic will not simply include dwed, but also allies to the dwed who are interested in pursuing the medical arts, provided they pass the necessary courses. Join our Order of Physicians! Train to become a respected and renowned physician under the tutelage of the Head Physician, Dr. Maggie Cottonwood! Trainings to be a physician will take place primarily in the Medical Institute of Urguan. Titles of this order are as follows: Head Physician: Maggie Cottonwood (SirLancefart#0269) Physician Physician’s Assistant Join the Legion Medics! The Urguan Legion Medical Division needs BRAVE souls who are willing to save the LIVES of their KIN! Get RESPECT and REWARDS for your ACTIONS on the field! Honor DUNGRIMM and ANBELLA in the field and in the clinic! Talk to Head Combat Medic Darinndrabor for more exciting BENEFITS! Titles of this order are as follows: Head Combat Medic: Darinndrabor (datweirdMhmmmguy#3170) Legion Medic Medic Trainee APPLICATION PROCESS For those interested, please provide: RP name: IGN: Discord: RP Race: Order of Physicians or Legion Medic: RP Medical background (Optional): A feast will take place to commemorate this grand occasion and celebrate the medics of Urguan. This feast shall occur in one stone week from now. In particular, we would like to invite the dwarves of Hefrumm in honor of Maggie Cottonwood and the Legion of Urguan in honor of Darinndrabor. For the first time in Kal’Evraal, the Brewing Guild will help to serve the feast with their very own brews! At the end of the feast, there will be a vote to see which drink is worthy to be served in the Ruined Runesmith! ((OOC: May 9th, 3 pm est, Urguan’s Throne Room)) The time to help is now! Join the Medical Institute of Urguan today! Signed and Approved by: Chieftess of Hefrumm, Chieftess of the Cottonwood Clan, Head Physician of the Physician’s Order Head Combat Medic of the Legion Clan Mother of the Grandaxe Clan, Iron Baron of the Ruined Runesmith, Leader of the Brewing Guild, Steward of Urguan, Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Institute of Urguan
  9. Accepted! Welcome to the Brewing Guild ~ Check your discord for a link to the guild discord
  10. You’re all accepted! Welcome to the Brewing Guild ~ Check your discord for a link to the guild discord
  11. Accepted! Welcome to the Brewing Guild ~ Check your discord for a link to the Guild discord Accepted! Welcome to the Brewing Guild ~ Check your discord for a link to the guild discord
  12. Dhaen Grandaxe tiredly reads of the order by the warm light of the tavern’s hearth. “W’en a’ say de clergeh need’d a’ change-up, a’ did’nae mean fer som’ dwed tu make an even worse version o’ ‘et. Yemekar ‘elp de’ ‘eretics w’o t’ink dey can’ talk fo’ de Gods.”
  13. The Brewing Guild Those who have been to Urguan’s multiple taverns know the drinks of the dwed well. After continued successful maintenance of the bar by me and Nabrick Grandaxe, I’d like to announce the formation of the Brewer’s Guild. We recognize the talent of our current dwarven brewers and would like to offer an opportunity for new dwarves and allies to learn about brewing and tavern keep culture. Activities of the Brewing Guild include: Brewing Classes within the Grand Brewery Designing and Creating Brews Tavernkeeping Classes within the Grand Brewery Barkeeping Distribution of drinks at festivals Competition in Ale Contests Selling of drinks in stalls and shops For those who have already mastered the art of brewing, we have included: Leading Classes within the Grand Brewery Helping to judge drinking competitions Under Belka’s guiding gaze may we help to promote the enjoyment of drinking among our kin! If you wish to apply for this guild, please include your: MC Name: RP Name: Discord: RP Race: Reason for joining: Favorite Drink:
  14. Dhaen Grandaxe squats down in the middle of a forest and picks up a rock. She looks underneath it and sighs dramatically as she finds nothing. The female dwarf tosses the rock aside and continues her search for the most powerful vassal to ever exist.
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