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  1. Dhaelena

    New 8.0 CT

    I thought Pandaria pretty fast. Absolutely beautiful build 100/10. ~ also reminds me of this:
  2. Dhaen Grandaxe, brief Lord Regent but now Grand Merchant once more, gently waters a pot of purple blooms at the foot of an Anbellic altar. She straightens up and says a quick prayer before retreating upwards to the palace. Before approaching the main bedroom suite, Dhaen gathers a handful of towels and a fresh flask of ale in her arms. Finally, she bustles onward, pushing through the closed door to find her bedridden partner distinctly not in bed and actively writing at a desk. She drops the towels and ale in surprise and bows her head in reverence, for Anbella had answered her prayers. "De King 'as awoken. Narvak oz Jorvin Starbreaker!"
  3. Dhaen Grandaxe sits by the Palace bedside. She squeezes Jorvin's scarred hand, clammy from illness and takes the missive he offered to her. After changing the water by his bedside and making sure he was well and truly sleeping comfortably, the female Grandaxe stands up and cracks her knuckles wearily. There was no doubt in her heart that Jorvin would recover, he had slayed a God after all. She would keep her people together until he returned.
  4. Dhaelena

    ONE DOWN...

    Dhaen Grandaxe examines the missive as the shadows of the tavern's hearth danced on stony walls. Folding up the parchment, she wearily tucks it into her apron pocket before lifting her gaze. "May Dungrimm bless t'ose ov' de Ireheart Clan wit' swift justice fer d'eir kin."
  5. Dhaen Grandaxe sits cross-legged on a bed far above the city plaza of Kal'Evraal. She sifts through her daily mail and sorts them into distinct piles on the blanket. Suddenly she pauses upon one letter - a declaration that Jorvin, the Starbreaker Clan Lord, Godslayer, and Grand-King of Urguan was now apparently also the Chosen One of Frogs. Her weary frown melts away in amusement and she singles the letter out and stands up on the bed, jumping off of it and striding barefoot to a dimly lit office, chuckling the whole way. "Jorv', you better be ready for a' guud read!"
  6. . . .The golden lights of the decorated Throneroom cast shadows upon the crowd of dwarves as a lone bearded figure told a story of horror and suspense . . . . . . Tales of Madness, of Gambling Lives, of Death and Horror filled the room . . . But there was only one winner among them. -=x=- -=x=- An Announcement From Dhaen Grandaxe: After today’s lovely festival, I’d like to announce the winners of our horror story contest in ascending order of placing: Dr. Darinndrabor of Urguan’s Medical Sector, Dorimnur Goldhand, Clanlord of the Goldhand Clan, and Vergil Goldhand, the now newly declared Winner of Urguan’s Horror story event! -=x=- I’d like to thank those who also participated in the contest: Morul Irongut Halfdan Grandaxe Aghuid Ireheart I’d like to thank also all those who attended. These include those of: Clan Starbreaker Clan Ireheart Clan Grandaxe Clan Goldhand Clan Irongut Clan Doomforge Clan Hammerforge People of Hefrumm People of Aegrothond -=x=- [OOC: Thank you all for helping to make such a wonderful event! I’m glad that despite everything that’s going on right now, the Urguan community has been able to have some Halloween fun together.]
  7. Hmm, formatting in this is a little funky. I can’t find where it says that we should ignore all other niches on the server in favor of doing Hamilton rp all day in order to use this magic? Also can we get fully working Iphones as a tier? – I want to do modern rp Otherwise great post!!!!!!!
  8. Lads and Lasses of Urguan and her fellow nations! Join us all in a Harvest Festival! In the wake of our victory against the Red-Skinned Orcs and the bounty of our farms and forges, I wish to announce a harvest festival in only a few stone days. We extend invites especially to our surface-dwelling brothers and sisters who provide agriculture for us, the company of Hefrumm, our loyal allies dwelling in the cold mountains of Arcas, the citizens of Norland, and our recent allies of honorable descent, the people of Haense. Held in the throne room of Urguan, the festival will include: A Scary Story Competition Dwedkis gather round as lads and lasses compete against one another to tell the scariest story in the shadowy hall of the Mountain King! The stories will be judged by the Grandaxe Clan Mother and local Bard, Brynaelda Grandaxe. Candy Hunting Our city of Kal’Evraal is filled with nooks and crannies to explore! An official treat-hunt will take place with chests of goods placed all around the city. Following the story-telling contest, the participants of this activity will be free to wander around looking into any chests they come across. Drinking Per tradition, ale will flow as freely as molten lava does in the Grand Kingdom. All drinks will go free on this celebratory occasion! In addition - listen to toasts from our fine members of leadership such as the Grand Marshall of Urguan, Dimlin Irongut. Costuming It is well known that dwarves are stubborn to change, especially when it comes to their appearance. Despite this, we open our iron gates to anyone interested in coming in costume! We hope to see all your lovely bearded and non-bearded faces there! [OOC: Saturday, 10/31/20, 3 pm est] Urguan is not liable for any deaths, injuries, damaged property, damaged relationships, damaged psychological states
  9. Dhaen Grandaxe stands before a beautiful art collection, each painting more beautiful than the last. She runs her fingers over their gilded frames, never forgetting the immense artistic skill it took to create each masterpiece. -=x=-
  10. Dhaen Grandaxe hears of the rewrite from her spot behind the bar, surrounded by her kin. As she takes an inhale from the last of her cigarette, she grins over at the weary Brynaelda Grandaxe, Clan Mother and Bard Extraordinaire. Dhaen nods to herself happily, honor was restored – things were good. ”Narvak oz Brynaelda!”
  11. The Champions of Brewfest Today, while hectic for the dwarves of Urguan, saw many advancements being made. In the wake of the more tragic elements, I wish to announce the current Champions of the recent Brewfestival, hosted by the tavern and Grandaxe Clan! After a long fight through an arm-wrestling tournament bracket, Falk Irongut honorably bested Dorimnur Goldhand on the table in the final round, making him the current reigning Arm-Wrestling Champion. After the arm-wrestling, the remaining dwed and a few new foreign visitors retired to a center table, partaking in a hardcore drinking competition that only left one still standing – the new Tavern Drinking Champion, Drakken Doomforged! It is with great pleasure that I - Dhaen Grandaxe - update the Tavern Notice Board to reflect such great victories! Thank you to the following dwed for helping to put on Brewfest: Brynaelda Grandaxe Nara Starbreaker Thank you to the following clans (In no particular order) for showing up and participating: The Grandaxe Clan The Starbreaker Clan The Ireheart Clan The Irongut Clan The Goldhand Clan The Doomforged Clan The Hammerforge Clan and of course any friends from the surface that stopped by! ~See y’all next Brewfest!~
  12. Brush yer’ beard an’ don yer’ dirndl! Brewfest In light of the recent efforts against the Inferni Bastards, the Grandaxe Clan and the Ruined Runesmith will be working together to put on a festival for our dwarven brethren! -x- Activities for attendees will include: Arm Wrestling Test your strength against your kin in the name of honor, pride, and a chance to win one bottle of a rare drink of their choice from the Grandaxe drink collection! [Anath “Blackaxe” Grandaxe prepared to crush the hand of a mysterious Ummreh, 1745, colorized] -x- Drinking Competitions We’ve got a selection of Grandaxe ales and the chance to be named the Tavern Drinking Champion. [Dhaen Grandaxe after one to many drinks, 1700s, colorized] -x- Musical Entertainment Listen to the dulcet tones of the Grandaxe Clan Mother, Brynaelda, as she recounts history past. [Grandaxes doing a traditional dwarven jig to some raunchy tavern tunes, 1760 colorized] Come and join the festivities! (OOC: The 17th of October at 3 pm EST) **THE TAVERN IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGED PERSONAL PROPERTY, BROKEN APPENDAGES, LOSS OF LIFE, LOSS OF LOVED ONE’S LIFE, OR BURNED HOMES**
  13. Despite not being in the guild herself, Dhaen Grandaxe believes her dwarven brethren would benefit from participating more in the workers guild and begins to disperse parchment pamphlets for it all around the city.
  14. In her time as a tavernkeep, Dhaen Grandaxe had treasured many memories of customer interactions. Dwarven customs were not conducive to allowing Kha to rest and refuel at their bars. Nonetheless, some persisted. She never forgot the young Kha – Xinan – that had visited her multiple times, bringing with him curiosity and the desire to do right. She had given the child a weapon of her people in self defense and whispered words of wisdom and luck into his furred ear. As Dhaen sat once again in the tavern one quiet night, the fire casting a warm glow through the stony establishment, she thought one last time of the young Kha so long ago. The female dwarf was not oblivious to the knowledge that she would outlive the child, but she smiled to herself in spite of it. At his life’s close, he must have had one hell of a story to tell.
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