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  1. As the current regent of the Dwarves, I give the plus one of the entire playerbase +1
  2. IGN: TreatycoleRp name: Azkel FrostbeardAge: 600activity req: I run this electionCandidate: Grand Emperor Rhewen Frostbeard
  3. THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN ELECTION With the recent announcement of Grand King Norli Starbreaker’s descension from the throne, the Council of Urguan acted quickly to begin the election process. Only a stone day ago, the Council passed a new Voting Reforms Act, declared Lord Chancellor Azkel Frostbeard Regent, and nominated 3 dwed to campaign for the title of Grand King: Alaric Grimgold, Dorimnur Goldhand, & Levian’Tol Grandaxe. With the nominations complete and Urguan’s Folk ready to choose their new Grand King, I, Lord Regent Azkel Frostbeard, hereby declare t
  4. "Do.... do they have small enough handcuffs?" A local blacksmith would remark
  5. DECLARATION OF REGENCY With Grand King Norli Starbreaker descending from his position, a new election has been declared to fill the vacancy on the Obsidian Throne. Yet due to the lengthy process of said election, a Lord Regent has been declared to preside over the process with an impartial view, all while managing the Grand Kingdom until the election is finalized. As written in the Articles of Urguan, the Lord Chancellor is automatically declared Regent unless the Council chooses otherwise. With no objections from the Council at the recent meeting, Lord Chancellor A
  6. THE VOTING REFORMS ACT With the disastrous election process seen during the election of Grand King Norli Starbreaker, a new round of voting reforms was called for by both Clans and individuals alike. In the new Voting Reforms Act, the previously seen problems of the old voting format shall be fixed and reworked, ensuring that only actively participating members of Urguan can vote for the Grand King who will represent them. SECTION I: THE DWARVEN CENSUS With concerns of random Dwed who show up, vote, then vanish as seen in the previous elections, a Dwarven Census has bee
  7. Niv said it best, orcs have become an Avenue for pvp raiders and their actual culture of honor is rarely played. Stop just being pvp bandits and work on internal culture and honor, that’s the main gist.
  8. Azkel Frostbeard would cringe at the man’s words, having students of his own at the moment “ time teh hunt eh rogue golemanceh yet again”
  9. Azkel Would smile from his office in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, looking forward to future friendships with the new nation.
  10. Will start the mina at 100
  11. Azkel Frostbeard would take the missive from Norli's hand, letting out a verbal chuckle for those around them to hear "eht is eh sad day when teh folks of Oren fail to recognoize deir own faults yeht again. Whoi anehone is surprised afteh centuries of dis behavior beats meh, as oi had eh feelin' sometin loike dis wos comin. Weh were so close teh having everlastin peace, as weh have settled evereh otheh intehnational problem undeh yer reign. Weh have even befriended teh High Elves afteh all of our past bickerings. Bu', teh cycle weh all know continues. And last toime oi checked, ehts been aboo
  12. Azkel Frostbeard would pick up his mortar and pestle, preparing his war paint for the future "Eht is toime teh avenge moi kin".
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