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  1. Treaty

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Tf are you talking about Snow Elves are a culture?
  2. Treaty

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 7

    Edrahil would spread the good news of the Fennic people around Aegrothond “Finally, a news source we can trust!” He’d say, handing out some copies
  3. Treaty

    What are your thoughts on LOTCs current state?

    its a minus one from me chief
  4. Treaty

    The Order of The Aheral'Parir

    “Big Yikes” Hed add in after Varan
  5. Treaty


    A random elf cringes in the use of King, believing those of Gladewynn to either be highly influenced by humans, or blind to their insult to Malin himself
  6. Treaty

    Winter is Coming

    “The Blackfists started this with their rebellion, now, they attempt to raid us on the daily. They will never learn” Azkel would add in
  7. Treaty

    Winter is Coming

    Azkel would stroke Hamnil’s Scalped Beard “Huh”
  8. Treaty

    Well... At Least They Tried

    Well… At Least They Tried The False Frostbeards, otherwise known as Blackfists by the Dwarven Populace, attempted a raid on the strong people of Agnarum on the 20 of the Grand Harvest, 1698. Each one of them, believing themselves to be blessed warriors, turned out to worse than the lowest grunts of the Dwarven Legion. Their Barbaric ways are backed up by poor skill and poor strategy- they are bark with no bite. Once the mighty gates of Agnarum lifted, they realized their mistake. Two Ran, including Hamnil, and a beardling sadly brainwashed by their tales of fantasy. Garrond , quoted yelling “Bonzai” as he charged the force, died instantly at the hands of Darek Hammerfist. Hamnil Frostbeard was chased, being shot by Zahrer ‘The Merciful’ Irongrinder in the back of the head, his beard stipped from him on the spot. The Beardling, clearly very poorly trained by the Other Blackfists, ran close to the rest of the Agnarum’s Forces, being shot by Fili Grandaxe soon after, his beard being stripped as well. The forces returned to the body of Garrond, stripping his beard. The Blackfists tried, but as we all know, their heinous barking is nothing close to their puppy bite. The Proud Dwarves known as: Zahrer Irongrinder, Darek Hammerfist, Clan Father Azkel Frostbeard, Fili Grandaxe, Norrik Hammerforge, Kairn Irongrinder, and Arak Irongrinder were the members of the Agnarum Forces who slaughtered the rats. These pests, while persistent, hold no threat at all besides their fowl words they spit at anyone in sight. They are Bandits, they are Barbarians, they are The Banished, They are Not Kin. But then again, at least they tried.
  9. Treaty

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

  10. Treaty

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    Aymer Cringes
  11. Treaty

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    Edrahil would laugh
  12. let me meme everyday


  13. Treaty

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    Just reiterating, the ET does not support this nor would we. Idk why ET is in the title. This just sounds like a Skyrim lore knock off, and it breaks a lot of server lore.
  14. Treaty

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    -1 on this. The Doomforged get their dark skin from Dark Elves, not their eyes. You get nothing from Snow Elven blood that they actually have, youre just trying to use them as an excuse for such.