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  1. Treaty

    The Remembrance Guild

    “I shall add them to the list right away, thank you for informing me of their contribution” Azkel would write back.
  2. Treaty

    The Remembrance Guild

    "Welcome Back Old Friend" Azkel Would Say, Accepting the Application
  3. Treaty

    The Remembrance Guild

    -={The Remembrance Guild}=- The Keepers of Lore, The Conveyors of Knowledge, The Preservers of Memories These are all names used to describe the Remembrance Guild of Holm. Founded under the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The Remembrance Guild have continuously been the keepers of knowledge for the Dwedmar, and all those who wish to expand what they know. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and only the wisest will prove superiority over all others, in the closing days of what we call the world. It is thus that the most important task of the guild, is not only to preserve and study what is already written, but to convey knowledge and truth for the greater of all. The Remembrancers of Holm venture far and wide in this world, revealing ancient lore and discovering lost ways. All is written down and preserved, so the nation may prosper from the knowledge in the future. As the old saying goes: "It is only through history one can learn from their mistakes". The duties of the Remembrance Guild are many, although the most note-worthy are: To preserve all lore and knowledge in the possession of the Dwedmar To venture out and uncover new lore & knowledge To write down all lore & history for future generations To convey knowledge to fellow Dwedmar, and educate new Dwedmar who join the guild, so that they may know of our ways. The Remembrance Guild is still under reformations, and more duties and responsibilities may arise in the feature. Each week members shall attempt to deposit a book to a library where the High Remembrancer shall review and seek fit a reward for how good the published work is. Then the book shall be added to the Library. -={Roster of the Remembrance Guild}=- The High Remembrancer The Overseer, He whose life is dedicated to the prosperity of the Remembrance Guild, and the education of Dwedmar. Azkel ‘The Scholar’ Frostbeard The Elder Remembrancers The Learned, Those who know of the old and present, the ones Gifted by Ogradhad himself, they guide Darek Hammerfist The Remembrancers Those who’ve proven themselves, knowledgeable and able to guide Scribes in their paths, though this is but the first step. The Scribes Those who dedicate their lives to the art of writing, those who save fading knowledge, so others may learn, and those who strive to one day become Learned. Honored Members Those who in life have accomplished extraordinary feats in the Guild or in the service of Ograhad, those of which in death will be remembered for it. Kirrekith Grandaxe Grungron Irongut Kardel Irongut Kilgrim Irongut Bazian Grandaxe Wulfric Grandaxe Dominic Irongut Dun Irongut Drynn Ireheart Fimlin Grandaxe -={Recruitment}=- All who seek to uncover lost knowledge, convey truth to the people of Holm, or write down knowledge that will last for the ages to come, should most certainly find the courage to apply for The Remembrance Guild. If you are yet unsure, and that the Remembrance Guild has piqued your interest, do not hesitate to speak with the High Remembrancer, or any guild member for more information. In order to join, all applicants must fill out a form and bring it to the High Remembrancer. You will find said form below: Name: ((MC Name)): Age: Published Works: Allegiance: What amount of time can you dedicate to the Remembrance Guild? ((How active are you, on a scale from 1-10? Please state timezone as well)):
  4. Treaty

    Auction for Holmian Forge

    Azkel would put a piece of paper saying $5001 onto the auction
  5. Treaty

    Declaration of war on Renatus

    "I, Bjorn Mauntel, Lord Treasurer of Courland, hereby declare war on New Oren, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Renatus."
  6. Saying you wish to have people work for items , I can name numerous times where you have tried to get me to abuse ET pex and make you items . -1
  7. Treaty

    [Denied][I] Cornivore's Game Moderator Application

    Give it to em +1
  8. Treaty

    Declaration of Allegiance

    Declaration of Allegiance I, Bjorn Mauntel, Protector & Steward of White Peak, do hereby declare my allegiance and loyalty to King Tobias Staunton, House Staunton, and the Kingdom of Courland, as the Mauntel Family has done for decades. In Nomine Unitatis ~Bjorn Mauntel, Protector of White Peak, Steward of White Peak
  9. Treaty

    The Final Call

    "AVE Courland!" Bjorn Mauntel would say "Welcome back old friends"
  10. Treaty

    The Boys Are Back In Town

  11. From what I’ve seen, countessem is an extremely hard worker, and a very friendly person . I believe , while she is on the newer side , she will make an excellent addition to the GM Team. +1
  12. Treaty

    [Pending]Violino's Event Team Actor application

    Xarkly, you know what to do. +1
  13. Treaty

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    Slap him with a GM Tag
  14. Treaty

    The Mages Guild

    ((MC Name: )) ACOGArborist (Main is Treatycole)  ((RP)) Name: Saevyl Known Arcane Arts: N/A Position Desired (Student or Instructor): Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): Afternoon EST