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  1. Let’s replace Telanir with Korvic
  2. Azkel would hang a memorial chandelier
  3. Treaty

    [Your View] Coups

    Coups are always a very tricky thing, since there needs to be some actual backing to it. Someone running into a town and randomly trying to coup the leader is definitely not how something should be handled, but I believe that a system with Region Owners (specifically council members) leading a coup would definitely work as realistically it would usually be another person of power to hold such an event. All coups should be overseen by a GM of course, as theyre 1. always going to be messy oocly, and 2. it is a region change in its entirety.
  4. Stepping into the shoes of a past ET Director, world events are absolutely horrendous. The lore that people so strictly follow is bent and broken which does nothing but outrage the playerbase (Ex: September Prince and his Druidism bonanza). Either it becomes so extreme that the situation I just discussed happens, or the world event is so miniscule and unimportant that it really brings absolutely nothing to the world. World events do sound cool of course, but I think everyone can agree, myself included, the playerbase has always enjoyed events targeted to themselves more. Sutica will want a completely different type of event than Oren, etc. They really bring nothing to the table
  5. Gilian Mauntel wonders what a Bastard house of House Staunton is doing thinking is has authority over the household.
  6. Gilian Mauntel would smile whilst walking through the streets of the empire, clearly enthused by the amount of nervous laughter heard by members of the crumbling empire. Perseus Mauntel, advisor and close friend to Tobias ‘The Conquerer’, would lay peacefully in his grave, as any courlander would
  7. Application: ((MC Name: Treatycole)) ((Discord [Can Share Privately]: You have it)) Name: Gilian Mauntel Age: 30 Place of Birth: Unknown Position Being Applied For: Artisan (Blacksmith) Previous Job Experience (If Applicable): Long family line of Master Blacksmiths, skills taught down from generation to generation
  8. Treaty

    A Grudge Declared

    Azkel Frostbeard would laugh, shaking his head “The Frostbeard historeh is in the shittah, our histereh is full of rebels, barbarians, and kinslayers. They have all the right to discuss teh clan as such, especialleh those from Kaz’Ulrah”
  9. So as you said items are returned, what If there are more items than an inventory full, aka too many items to hold ?
  10. The Silver Snowflake As of 1709, The Silver Snowflake Tavern within The Princedom of Fenn has changed management to the people of Thanicore! With the change in management comes new opportunities, events, and a new menu of drinks available at our bar. Events With the new management comes new events! Bloodline festivals, live entertainment, drink samplings, and many more events shall be coming to The Silver Snowflake very soon. If you wish to rent out the space, please contact the Event Manager, Neia Annungilben. Menu As our menu is ever changing, our exact menu is available only within the tavern. Along with some of the drinks previously available, Thanicore has developed multiple specialty drinks, as well as a line of food products soon to be served! If you wish to outsource our specialty brews to taverns within other nations, please contact our managers for more information. Staff CEO: Morgan Manager: Nilth Event Manager: Neia Bartenders: Olive, Garoll, Hearth, Telos, Dargo, Lark, Blossom, Alethea, Aymer Brewer: Aymer Contact To schedule an event or rent out tavern space, contact Neia Annungilben ((mcname AFKarborist, discord willy6001#4162 )). For questions about the tavern, speak to Morgan or Nilth. ((mcname Puddlemancerpro, discord Morgan#5032 & mcname Potnoodlesnow, discord Snowtard#7181))
  11. Full Name: Nomad Age: 30 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): N/A Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: PotNoodleTreaty Discord: Treatycole#3623 Timezone: EST
  12. treaty has big suck

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      Only for you 😉, North Bosnian

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      lmao he has diamond vip what an airhead

  13. So Vaults when?

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      So when the vaults coming out ET Director??? 

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