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  1. The Lord Chancellor of Urguan sighs as he would read the missive of yet another fanatical group threatening their people, before tossing it on the ever-growing throw-away pile. "Oh no" He'd say briefly before turning back to his previous reading "Anehway"
  2. THE CRIMSON CONTRACT The Crimson Edict and Grand Kingdom of Urguan have been close allies and friends for centuries, with the Edict being stationed within Urguani land for almost the entirety of their history. With the expansion of Urguan’s official borders east, the Crimson Edict now falls once again within the borders of the Grand Kingdom. Whilst having been an official Urguani vassal for decades, the expansion past their hold of Karmesinfels deemed a renewed vassal contract necessary for both parties. After discussion between the Crown and Edict leadership, both parties agree to the terms listed below: SECTION I: TAXATION As required of all vassals of the Grand Kingdom, the Crimson Edict shall be required to pay a yearly tax to the crown. Both the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and The Crimson Edict, hereon referred to as ‘the signatories’, agree to the following terms of taxation: THE Crimson Edict shall pay a yearly tax of 300 minae to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. If agreed upon by the signatories, the tax may be paid in materials equalling 300 minae. THE tax listed above shall not be permitted to change, so long as the contract is valid. SECTION II: AUTONOMY & LAND USAGE While the Crimson Edict has occupied Karmesinfels for decades, the land surrounding their keep has been otherwise untouched until now. With said land now belonging to the Grand Kingdom, and Karmesinfels falling within such land, the signatories agree to the following terms: THE Crimson Edict shall maintain full internal autonomy, including both over their governing body and the land on which Karmesinfels stands. THE Crimson Edict shall be permitted to expand beyond the current boundaries of Karmesinfels. Any expansions onto Urguani land shall be jointly governed by the signatories. THE Crimson Edict shall be appointed as Overseer of the newly acquired region. As Overseer, the Crimson Edict shall be tasked with: Beautifying and expanding upon the infrastructure of the region. Providing militaristic support in protecting the region. Updating the Grand Kingdom of any activities happening within or around the region. As Overseer, the Crimson Edict shall be granted the power to: Veto the placement of any new vassals or holds within the region. Create any desired militaristic outposts required to defend the region. Oversee and/or veto construction projects within the region. THE Signatories recognize that despite overseer status being granted, the Grand Kingdom is the primary governing body of the region, and shall have sole say in any matters not expressly listed within the contract. In regards to a veto listed above being performed by the Crimson Edict, the Council of Urguan may overturn a veto through majority vote. SECTION III: WARTIME EXCEPTION The signatories understand that during times of war, time is of the essence, and official channels may take too long to navigate. To counteract such requirements, both parties agree to the following terms: THE Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall be permitted full authority over the region during times of war. This authority does not include Karmesinfels. Any fortifications constructed during times of war shall be removed after by the Grand Kingdom if requested by the Crimson Edict. This contract does not require renewal and shall not expire, and shall only be altered with mutual approval. signed, Grand King of Urguan, Lord of Clan Frostbeard, Thane of Rhewenholm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen Bibliothecar of the Crimson Edict, Daughter of Naffog Hennington
  3. The Lord Chancellor of Urguan smiles upon the treaty momentarily, before returning to write an important declaration.
  4. THE CORONATION OF THE GRAND KING The title of Grand King is one all dwed aspire to hold in their lifetime, yet is a position only a select few will ever reach. Those who are even nominated are typically seen as dwed of higher status. This election was no different, as the honorable Lord Justicar Ulfric Frostbeard and Clan Lord Alaric Grimgold were nominated, each being backed by quite a few Urguani citizens. Throughout the stone week, both nominees campaigned throughout the Grand Kingdom, spreading their ideas to all who would listen. While both nominees put in extreme amounts of effort, there could only be one winner. With the closing of the votes just a few stone hours ago, and the council approval of the votes being announced only stone minutes ago, a new Grand King has been decided to rule over the Grand Kingdom and all of Urguan’s Folk: With a closing tally of 280-180 votes, Ulfric Frostbeard has been crowned Grand King of Urguan. A Coronation shall be held in 2 stone days time to officially crown Ulfric and allow citizens of Urguan and friends internationally to celebrate his ascension to the throne. More information on the event shall be listed below: SECTION I: THE CORONATION The coronation ceremony shall take place in 2 Stone Days ((Tuesday September 14th @5:30pm EST)) in the throne room of Kal’Darakaan. The ceremony shall consist of Ulfric’s crowning, first words as Grand King, and accepting gifts and well-wishes. The Council of Urguan wishes to invite ALL nations and their citizens to the ceremony, so long as they respect Urguan’s laws and traditions. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Ulfric Frostbeard Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Son of Rhewen
  5. THE CRIMES OF A REBEL: A BOUNTY DECLARED The Halls of Urguan are not wholly unfamiliar to the air of rebellion. For centuries, the Folk of Urguan and its allies have stood strong against forces wishing to sow chaos in the lands of the Brathmordakin and its Grand Kingdom, and its people shall endure for centuries to come. Draakopf Drakgailikin, a known Herald of Azdromoth, has declared a rebellion against the grand nation he continues to declare his love for. Yet as seen previously by rebellious Blackfists, these words are simply an attempt to grab power for himself, just as his Dark Lord commands him to do. The once honorable Clan Lord has fallen from grace, the parasites known as the Azdrazi corrupting him in his entirety. His mind is not what it used to be, and his loyalty to Urguan clearly fractured in insanity to make room for his worship of Azdromoth. Make no mistake, there is no honor in the Black Dragon or his boons. Let us not forget our greatest warrior paragons and their wars against the dragonfolk of the past, how the lizards have terrorized our people time and time again. For any who may have held in their hearts love for Draakopf or respect for who he once was, know that the Doomforged has perished and in his place an Drakgailikin rises, an Abomination of Khorvad’s machinations. Be warned to those who hear his pleas and temptations; this is not a dispute amongst dwarves, the Children of the Brathmordakin are unified in their disdain for the Black Dragon. Any offers of independence or land are nothing but deception woven by a Herald of a Deceptive Drakaar. Urguan has treated you well, offered land where others denied you. Draakopf has openly stated his disdain for your kind, and will not give you anything, and only makes promises for he knows beyond his clan none shall support him, and even within his clan his actions are denounced. It is with a heavy heart that the Grand Kingdom declares a Bounty for Draakopf Drakgailikin of One Thousand Minae. The terms of such shall be described below. SECTION I: CRIMINAL ACTS By order of the High Courts of Urguan, ratified by the Lord Regent of Urguan, it is declared that the Betrayer Draakopf Drakgailikin is officially a criminal fugitive of Urguan and its laws. His crimes are as follows: Atrocity - The worship of the Corrupt Black Dragon and breaking the traditions of the Brathmordakin, attempt to kinslay a Prelate of the honored dwarven clergy. Treason - The crime of attempting the subversion of state authority, in this case through an attempt to make himself Grand King of Urguan without the vote of the people. Sedition - The crime of spreading literature or speech intended to provoke revolution or treason. Draakopf has sent out an open letter calling for rebellion against Urguan. Insubordination - The crime of disrespect or insufficient reverence for the Legitimate authorities of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Attempted Murder - The crime of attempting to unlawfully take the life of another, with or without their permission. When confronted for his other crimes, Draakopf Drakgailikin took openly murderous action against his confronters. Subversion of Justice - The crime of taking deliberate action to undermine the authority of the High Courts in cases of legal matters within Urguan. This crime is committed by Draakopf’s refusal to surrender peacefully to an authority of the courts. SECTION II: BOUNTY TERMS With the combined powers of the Grand Council, High Courts, and Lord Regent of Urguan, the Bounty of Draakopf Drakgailikin is hereby officially posted for all to take on. The terms of the bounty are listed below: The Bounty declared against Draakopf Drakgailikin is for the amount of 1 Thousand Minae. Draakopf Drakgailikin is to be brought in alive to face trial and surrender before the Grand Kingdom. No Minae shall be rewarded if Draakopf is brought in dead. To retrieve payment, return Draakopf to a rikkin of the Grand Kingdom, explicitly the Lord Regent, Grand Marshal, High Prophet, Chief Justiciar, or any Magistrate of the High Courts. signed, Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Son of Rhewen, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Magistrate of the High Courts of Urguan, Rikkin of Clan Irongut, Prelate of Ogradhad, Second Medic of Anbella’s Hand, Master Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance
  6. The Lord Regent sents a public missive back to the King of Haenseti and Ruska "On behalf of Urguan's Folk, I thank you kindly for your support. I look forward to officiating our bond upon the declaration of the next Grand King. May Godan guide you for years to come".
  7. Lord Regent Azkel Frostbeard smiles at the missive, responding to those around him "Glad teh see wise men knuh of deh lies deh Lizard-folk spew. Oi thank deh Vasoyeva for deir help in capturing deh crazed lunatic Draakopf"
  8. The lord regent walks by the missive without a second thought
  9. THE GRAND KING ELECTION OF 40 SA With the recent announcement of the Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe’s descent from the throne, the Council of Urguan acted quickly to begin the election process. Only 2 stone days ago, the Grand Council of Urguan declared Lord Chancellor Azkel Frostbeard Lord Regent once more, and nominated 2 individuals for the position of Grand King: Ulfric Frostbeard and Alaric Grimgold. With the nominations complete and Urguan’s Folk ready to choose their new Grand King, I, Lord Regent Azkel Frostbeard, hereby declare the start of the Election. This election shall run from today until 6 stone days from now ((Mon-Sun)). SECTION I: THE NOMINEES For those unaware of how the election process works, to run for Grand King, one must be nominated by a Council-recognized Clan of Urguan. Listed below are the Clans, and their respective nominations (note, that a nomination does not mean the clan shall vote entirely for the individual): Clan Starbreaker: Ulfric Frostbeard Clan Irongut: Ulfric Frostbeard Clan Frostbeard: Ulfric Frostbeard Clan Irongrinder: Abstained Clan Ireheart: Abstained Clan Doomforged: Draakopf Doomforged (Disqualified) Clan Grimgold: Alaric Grimgold Clan Grandaxe: Ulfric Frostbeard Clan Goldhand: Abstained Clans of Hefrumm: Abstained With said nominations complete, the nominees have gotten to work on their campaigning, outlining their platform for the Dwarven people to understand what said individuals may achieve as Grand King. Below are 5 points outlining the nominee’s campaign promises: Alaric Grimgold: As a citizen of Urguan, it is my intention to push for reform amongst our vassals to find a way to guarantee their members voting rights in our kingdom, and their leaders a lesser say upon Council decisions. As a Dwarf of Urguan, I intend to promote the spread of Dwarven culture. The road from East Fleet to the capital shall be reconverted as the Hohekk’ur’Anart (The Road of Pride/Glory) where triumphal arches and statues shall be erected to honor our achievements. As a soldier of Urguan, I intend to strengthen the power of the Legion and her commanders. Vassal levees shall be better integrated into our Armed Corp, and our commanders will be given advisory positions to the king to allow for faster action on situations. As a worker of Urguan, I will guarantee the pay to our people for their contribution to the kingdom. The work upon the port and rails will not be stopped and shall be finished during my reign, even if I am required to build it with my own two hands. As King, I would serve this nation with the same honor and dignity that has come to be expected of my name. I would lead by example. Ulfric Frostbeard: As Grand King, I would strive to return the dwedmar to it’s roots of militarism. A strong military, one composed of not only mercenaries and those out to earn a buck, but those willing to fight for their nation once more, the sons and daughters of Urguan himself. A nation that relies not on strong allies, but itself. It’s dwedmar Legion, and Urguan’s people. As Grand King, I would take another look at Urguan’s vassals. There are many, many that exceed, many that just meet the mark, many that need encouragement, and many that require Urguan’s assistance in getting back on track. Simply put, they must be seen to once more. As Grand King, I would focus on internal growth, and attempt to grow Kal’Darakaan itself back into the bustling city it once was. I would attempt to bring our folk home, be it through holding weekly events through the Worker’s Guild once more, or merging guilds to provide more opportunities for dwed to engage in the day-to-day of their Kingdom. As Grand King, I would see to it that work continues on major projects. Things such as the port, and infrastructure running through Urguan would see increased attention. No longer will project upon project continue, with each before sitting and gathering dust. And lastly, as Grand King, I would continue efforts to unite the Kingdom, and do away with petty disputes between dwed. We are all sons and daughters of Urguan, it’s about time we see that and put our best efforts into continuing what Kings before have done, as one people, as one nation. SECTION II: VOTING The voting process is one that aims to be used primarily by the active members of Urguan’s Folk. With the passing of the Voting Reforms Act, all outlined requirements on the document shall be used in this election as well. To see such requirements, said Act has been attached: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202462-the-voting-reform-act/ Voting shall last for 6 Stone Days, and who one votes for shall be kept private. Votes will ONLY be counted for qualified nominees. Narvok oz Urguan, Narvok oz da Grand King. ((OOC REQUIREMENTS)) You may only vote on one persona, aka one vote per ooc person. The election shall last from today, Sept. 6, till Sunday, Sept. 12. A vote may be changed up until the end of the election. The votes shall be counted by myself and the nominees, and will be approved by a council vote once finished. The king’s coronation shall be scheduled once the voting is complete. The voting rules on the Voting Rights Act shall be the official voting rules of the election irp. All votes will be approved or thrown out based on that, or an ooc requirement. The winning candidate will be based on a simple majority. If you cannot or do not wish to vote on the forums, msg me on discord at TreatyCole#3623 If using the Guild activity requirement, list which guild. If you are unsure if you are on your clan list, ask your Clan Lord, or myself. If you have no idea what the activity requirement is, check the Voting Reforms Act page, linked above. You only need 1 of the 4 options. Voting Format IGN: RP NAME: AGE: ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  10. THE DISQUALIFICATION OF A NOMINEE As per the recent announcement made by Da Kirkja Dverga, Grand King Nominee Draakopf Doomforged was found guilty of the heretical worship of Azdromoth. As per Article II, Section IV, Subsection 4 of the Articles of Urguan, Draakopf has hereby been Disqualified from the running. Any and all votes made for Draakopf during the election process shall not be counted. Article II, Section IV, Subsection 4: “A nominee must worship the one true Brathmordakin Faith, and have always worshipped the one true Brathmordakin Faith”. The election shall begin Stone Tomorrow, as previously planned. signed, Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  11. "Vortice will beh hearing frum Urguan vereh soon" the Lord Regent would say, moving to discuss with his Grand Marshal
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  13. Redstone Tattoos Origin The first recorded use of redstone tattoos traces back to Nar-Diffen, a self-described small, obscure village with old traditions. Said tattoos were used to signify rank for local priests, as well as their devotion to their religion. This religious practice seen centuries ago has passed down from generation to generation, causing its knowledge to be spread through more individuals each time it changed hands. Now in modern times, its knowledge has escaped the grasp of a single village, instead being common knowledge to most throughout the descendant races. Application Redstone tattoos, compared to their general counterparts, are a grueling and dangerous addition to one’s skin. While the tattooing process and tools are the same as a typical tattoo, the ink itself holds the key difference between the processes. Redstone tattoo ink is created through the combination of redstone, salt, and typical ink. While typical redstone tattoo ink is red (due to the redstone itself) individuals may change the color of the ink through the use of dye. Despite the change in color caused by the addition of dye, the final color will always contain a slight red hue. Due to the use of redstone, anyone given a tattoo with the substance will show side-effects similar to being poisoned for a stone/saint's week. This poisoning is caused by the redstone contaminating one’s blood, and the individual’s body having to purge the material from everywhere but the skin’s surface levels. If one attempts to tattoo an entire limb in one sitting, the poisoning will be extreme enough to cause death. While having a few redstone tattoos may only make one feel slightly uncomfortable, having 2 or more limbs covered in the substance will make one permanently weaker, as the amount of redstone will be constantly poisoning one’s body. Said weakness is comparable to the bodily stress felt by those practicing voidal magics. Appearance Compared to their traditional counterpart, Redstone tattoos are less prone to fading and never blur, as the redstone within the ink is never dispelled from one’s skin. Alongside their intricate detail, redstone tattoos do also faintly glow, matching the color of the ink used to create the design. The glow emitted from the tattoos is only slightly visible whilst in the light, yet when in dark environments, the glow is bright enough to be seen throughout a room. While the glow is not strong enough to be comparable to a lantern or torch, one could easily spot a redstone tattoo within a dark environment. If an individual with a redstone tattoo is experiencing any emotion which causes one’s heart to race, the light of the tattoo will pulsate. Said pulsations will cease once the wearer’s heart ceases to race. This effect would be linked to the electrical pulses sent throughout the nervous system. When one reaches the redstone, it briefly powers the material, causing it to pulsate. Purpose ((OOC)) The purpose of this rewrite is to update a rather old piece of lore to be more player friendly and expand its abilities. While glowing tattoos are pretty much just aesthetic, they do/can have significance in multiple cultures, as per its original use. Now with the lore being 8 years old, I believe its practice should be much more wide-spread than a single culture or requiring LT approval to use it. Redlines Redstone tattoos are not a sufficient light source, and cannot be used as a replacement for a torch and/or lantern. Players must receive OOC consent to tattoo others. If a dye is added to the ink, there will still always be a faint red hue to the end color. The poison-related symptoms experienced for the OOC week include but are not limited to: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, lack of appetite, malaise, skin irritation, & cramping. If an entire limb is tattooed in a single day, the individual receiving the tattoo will die of redstone poisoning. The weakness felt by having an abundance of redstone tattoos is on-par with a practitioner of T1 voidal magic. An 'abundance of redstone tattoos' is quantified by having 2 full limbs covered in tattoos. This practice is common knowledge, meaning anyone who knows how to tattoo is capable of simply creating the redstone ink. The revertion potion from alteration alchemy may remove redstone tattoos. Citations
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