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  1. Treaty


    Azkel Frostbeard would close his book, shaking his head upon hearing the news “The human’s attempt at grasping more power has now expanded further than just that of man. It seems as though their greed has now grown beyond that of the Dwed. As per the cycle has always been, once the Orenians attempt to go beyond man, their empire crumbles. The only thing we can do now, is wait.”
  2. Treaty

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    So as you said items are returned, what If there are more items than an inventory full, aka too many items to hold ?
  3. Treaty

    [Fuerte] Charter Application

    Alexios would Sign
  4. Treaty

    Horns of Cernunnos

    Edrahil would laugh
  5. The Silver Snowflake As of 1709, The Silver Snowflake Tavern within The Princedom of Fenn has changed management to the people of Thanicore! With the change in management comes new opportunities, events, and a new menu of drinks available at our bar. Events With the new management comes new events! Bloodline festivals, live entertainment, drink samplings, and many more events shall be coming to The Silver Snowflake very soon. If you wish to rent out the space, please contact the Event Manager, Neia Annungilben. Menu As our menu is ever changing, our exact menu is available only within the tavern. Along with some of the drinks previously available, Thanicore has developed multiple specialty drinks, as well as a line of food products soon to be served! If you wish to outsource our specialty brews to taverns within other nations, please contact our managers for more information. Staff CEO: Morgan Manager: Nilth Event Manager: Neia Bartenders: Olive, Garoll, Hearth, Telos, Dargo, Lark, Blossom, Alethea, Aymer Brewer: Aymer Contact To schedule an event or rent out tavern space, contact Neia Annungilben ((mcname AFKarborist, discord willy6001#4162 )). For questions about the tavern, speak to Morgan or Nilth. ((mcname Puddlemancerpro, discord Morgan#5032 & mcname Potnoodlesnow, discord Snowtard#7181))
  6. Treaty

    The Cai'tar Smithy

    The Cai’tar Smithy Located directly next to the front gate in Sutica Our Mission - Quality craftsmanship within the items one uses is something many should expect, not hope to receive. The Cai’tar smithy aims to provide the people of Arcas with quality custom craftsmanship at low prices. Whether one is in need of a fine sword, an engagement ring, or even a set of armor, the Cai’tar smithy welcomes everyone into its small corner. Our Craft - The Cai’tar smithy understands the importance of a unique, fitting piece to its owner, therefore all pieces produced are custom made and ordered. If you wish to purchase a piece, find Master Smith Nomad ((PotNoodleTreaty/Treatycoco)) at the smithy, or send him a bird. Payment is to be received once the piece is finished. Crafts & Prices The Cai’tar Smithy is able to satisfy all smithy needs, ranging from a fine weapon used in battle, to a beautiful ring to crown a lady’s finger. All pieces are treated with equal care, and will be made to the best of our ability. Here at The Cai’tar Smithy, we try to keep prices as low as possible to give everyone the possibility of receiving their dream piece. Due to this, we do not have set prices for items, we decide pricing based off of size, materials, complexion, and quantity. Regardless of the size of the order, or the complexion of the piece, The Cai’tar Smithy will charge as little as we deem necessary. To ensure the piece is everything you hoped it would be, a sketch and description of the item will be sent to you before completion ((Will send you a screenshot of the item’s description and name prior to signing, can change anything you don't like)). We at The Cai’tar Smithy welcome you all with open arms, either in business, or in friendship. Signed, Nomad, Master Smith of Cai’tar
  7. Treaty

    Sutican Watch Recruitment

    Full Name: Nomad Age: 30 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): N/A Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: PotNoodleTreaty Discord: Treatycole#3623 Timezone: EST
  8. treaty has big suck

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      Only for you 😉, North Bosnian

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      lmao he has diamond vip what an airhead

  9. So Vaults when?

    1. MrSnowball


      So vaults when?

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      So when the vaults coming out ET Director??? 

  10. Treaty


  11. Treaty


    Aymer would look at the paper, attempting to hold back a laugh with no success “Do they really believe we would put any effort into infiltrating their ‘Ministry of Magic’? We don't even use magics!” He’d proclaim to those around him. “Seems as though their scheming has truly made them paranoid...”
  12. Treaty

    A tribute to the fallen commander

    Aymer would be seen slumped over the tavern bar, a full drink still in his hand. The loss of his wife has clearly effected him, but no one dares approach
  13. Treaty

    Fennic Tax Act of 1706

    Fennic Tax Act Of 1706 After deliberations, it has been decided amongst the Grand Council and bloodline leaders that taxes will be implemented to all homes, guild halls, bloodline manors, and stalls. Listed below are the following guidelines all citizens and property owners must follow: -Taxes will be collected once every elven week ((Usually on Sundays)) in the tax office off of the square (Follow signs to it). - Purchase Tax Slips within the tax office, and put the correct slip into your assigned slot. -Missing an Elven Week of taxes will result in a warning. The following week you must pay for both weeks of tax, or face immediate eviction. -There are no exemptions to tax -You may purchase and turn in as many tax slips as you wish into your assigned slot. Only the needed amount of tax slips will be removed from your slot each Elven Week. Listed below are the taxes, and the corresponding slips: -House Tax: 1 House Tax Slip (40 Mina) -Guild Hall Tax: 1 Guild Hall Tax Slip (150 Mina) -Bloodline Manor Tax: 1 Bloodline Tax Slip (200 Mina) -Market Stall Tax: 1 Stall Tax Slip (60 Mina) ~ Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II ~ Grand Chancellor Aelthos Tundrak III, Crown Prince of Fenn ~ Grand Steward Aymer Annungilben
  14. Treaty

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    I demand my Forum Rank be made “The Last ET Director”
  15. Treaty

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    No one is perfect, therefore mistakes are going to be made no matter what. Unless we’re all made into robots