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  1. "May Urguan prosper under his guiding hand" Azkel would smile, rejoicing from the appointment of his dear friend
  2. "Now THIS is Ogradhad's Blessin" Azkel would say with a smile
  3. Name: Amos Mauntel Age: 32 Race: Human Prior Relevant Experience: Blacksmithing, Forestry, Hunting, Bow and Sword Combat skills, Tailoring.
  4. IGN: Treatycole RP NAME: Azkel Frostbeard CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  5. Azkel Frostbeard wonders why Utak is talking for Durorn
  6. Fix the forums this small post space is atrocious 

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      Your feedback has been noted.

  7. Aymer Annungiblen would pick up his pen to respond, It has long since I heard from you Aesilnoth, yet I am glad you are alive. After my wife's death and the complete lack of respect shown to her in death, I left Fenn for good, living out my life in the wilderness where Sulien and I worked most frequently. You, however, have nothing to apologize about. These individuals commanded outside of your watch, and even then, you do not fully share blood with them, you share blood with myself as well. You hold inside you the blood of the aggressors and the defenders, yet you chose to stick w
  8. Would respond one last time, You have not shown your face in Urguan in years, so regardless of your claim to the Clan decades ago, you have not been in Urguan for decades since. Also, you have changed your clan mutliple times, including making your own Ironside Clan. If you wish to properly be recognized as a Frostbeard once more, find me in Urguan and talk to me there. Otherwise, continue your rambling, yet you will not be seen officially as a Frostbeard.
  9. Would respond yet again, To quote directly from the disownment: All individuals claiming the name Frostbeard during the period of Kaz’Ulrah, under the leadership of Kerwyr Frostbeard and his line, or who are not a part of the current Clan in Urguan are hereby disowned from the Frostbeard Clan and its lineage. You have never even shown your face in Urguan, after your multiple Clan changes. Therefore, you are not apart of the clan.
  10. Azkel would respond, I care not for your past actions, as the disownment is to be enacted against all Frostbeards not under the current clan. You are not. Fili is not a Frostbeard, and therefore he had no right to pardon you. You can continue to call yourself whatever you want, but in the eyes of the Clan you are Blackfist until you do as the declaration lists. Azkel would further add on, Also, did you or did you not change your clan 3 times since the last time you claimed to be Frostbeard? Just food for thought.
  11. Azkel Frostbeard would read the name, shaking his head. He would quickly pick up a quill and write: As per the disownment declaration I penned not long ago, this individual is to be declared Blackfist and is not to be seen as a Frostbeard.
  12. Azkel, an individual who was neither an Arcadian or an Ulrah Blackfist, is absolutely horrified by Grudgebeard's willingness to allow kinslaying
  13. Azkel Frostbeard would shake his head, unable to not cringe at his words. He would then immediately pen a response to his words, writing "Everything you write has no standing today. The Frostbeard Clan members of today were never apart of Kaz'Ulrah, and have continuously fought their use of the name since Ulrah's creation. We call them Blackfists because all of Verthaik's line was disowned prior to Ulrah as his father was disowned by Rhewen on the realm of Vailor. I do not blame the common dwed following orders, they were brainwashed by the false teachings of leadership to hate Urguan for its
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