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  1. Rafael got smacked in the face by the missive, the only thing he could make out was cookies.
  2. [!] A horn blows throughout Hefrumm The Seers of Hefrumm are called to convene together, for the first time in many decades, to discuss and debate our varying beliefs and theological viewpoints in our united worship of the Brathmordakin. In such a time of change and transition, it is important for Da Seers Eron Hefruth to remain critical and open in its continuous pursuit of truth, for the sake of the Hefrummo. All Hefrummo and friends are welcome to come witness this gathering, of which the main topics of debate will be the origins of various magics. This meeting shall be held in the middle day of Kaldithrun, of this year. ᛁᚨᚾᚲᚨᚱ ᚦᚱᚢᛞᛟᛚ, ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚨᚲᚺᛟᚱᚨᛚ ᚢᛟᛉ. Yankar thrudol, Brathmordakin akhoral voz. OOC Time: 2pm est, 8 pm gmt Date: Thursday 22nd, February 2024 Kierd Garedynson, Green Priest
  3. “The Moon never sets on the Maehr, their wolves never stop howling.” Before the establishment of the Ularah Tong, the caverns were not properly explored or secured. This duty now falls unto us, so hereby the Ul’Udax summons the Ularah Tong to prevapre for an expedition into Nor’Velyth’s caverns. Formation Practice: In the middle of Snow’s Maiden, the Ularah Tong will go over practice of formations and commands, to ensure swift action. Equipment will also be distributed, and a briefing will be held. (Wednesday, 21st, 3pm est) Expedition: On the Grand Harvest, the Ularah Tong will descend into the caves to perform reconnaissance, slay any hazardous beasts, and tame those that may be useful to Nor’Velyth. (Saturday, 24th, 1pm est) The expedition remains open to all Maehr who wish to join, but the Ularah Tong will assume command during the mission. Contact Sorrgarr Oussana (OneEmeraldGod) by bird to join the Ularah Tong.
  4. ISSUED BY: THE DUKE OF BRABANT ON: Godfrey’s Triumph, 1964 I.T All realms and states have always needed an efficient and working government upon which they can function. And as such, no government can be greater than the sum of people upon which it is composed. Thus, The Duchy of Brabant calls upon all those qualified to come and lend their talents and skill, to advise the Duke and establish a fair government, or to use their competencies to promote culture within the Duchy. And in doing so, we the Fair Cabinet, look for members to fill these positions: The Fair Cabinet Chamberlain: An individual is needed in order to organise and hosts events within the Duchy. Primarily responsible of planning feasts, balls, tournaments, etc. Almoner: The Duke is in need of a tax collector and financial advisor, to ensure economic prosperity within the Duchy. Commander: As it is with any realm, the people need a stalwart defender. This person is tasked with the defence of the Duchy and its citizens. The Courts Court Alchemist: The court Alchemist is an incredibly vital job in any realm, as the alchemist both provides potions that improve the quality of life of the people through medicine, and ensure adequate protection through combative potions Huntmaster: The Sylvan Duchy is located within the bountiful forests of the Aetherwood, thus the Huntmaster’s role is not only to plan safe hunts, but to ensure the population of the local wildlife is in harmony with nature. Court Jeweller: With the Duchy’s territory expanding into the mountains, many gems and stones of value have been unearthed, thus a court jeweller is necessary to refine this rough stones into works of art. Other If you possess a skill that does not fall into the job descriptions above, there is still a place for you within our Duchy. Skilled hands shall never be idle, be it from stonemasonry to diplomacy, any and all skilled people are welcome. Contact If you are interested in working for the Duke and the people of the Sylvan Duchy, send a bird to the Duke (Ser Sterling Whitewood | _RoyalCrafter_) (Or on Discord: HyperAlphaKing). Interested individuals may present themselves to the Duke at the 2nd Ducal Court, in the middle days of this Sun’s Smile, in the Duchy of Brabant (Sunday 3pm EST). Signed, His Grace, Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood, Duke of Brabant, Marquis of Lotusgrad, Reeve of Blackwell, Lilenburg and Swan’s Keep, Lord of the Peaks, Protector of the Weefolk.
  5. Rafael Arsenico would prepare his finest pyjamas for the sleep over, before accidentally spilling orange juice on them. Second best will do for now.
  6. The Duke of Brabant would sign up his bannermen for the Grand Prix. Team Name:The Silver Swords Team Members [2 - 3]: @_RoyalCrafter_@Smol@SupaSaMM First Choice Team Status/Symbol: Affectionate Second Choice Team Status/Symbol: Casting
  7. “The Moon never sets on the Maehr, their wolves never stop howling.” On the 6th of the First Seed, 167 S.A, The Ul’Udax rallied 40 members of Ularah Tong to engage in combat training with the Urguani Legion. The training took place between the dark forest border and the Urguani mountain ridge, for a neutral terrain. In total, the 40 Tong members were met by 30 Legionnaires. The Ularah Tong agreed with the Urguani to mainly skirmish with swords and armour. There were a total of 7 engagements. Engagement One: The 40 Ularah charged the 30 Legionnaires, despite the untrained nature of the Ularah, the speed of the Maehr caught the dwarves off guard, resulting in a victory for the Ularah Tong. Engagement Two: The Legionnaires quickly adapted to the manoeuvres of the Maehr, but the additional numbers of the Tong proved to be the decisive factor in this battle, resulting in another victory for the Ularah Ularah Tong. Engagement Three: The Ul’Udax suspected that further engagements would not engage the Maehr on the path of Z’ress, since the number’s advantage made up for the lack of skill of the Ularah Tong. To set the Maehr properly on the path of Z’ress, the Ul’Udax sent 10 Maehr away to rest, making the following bouts an even 30 versus 30. The Dwarven battle experience made itself readily apparent, resulting in a swift loss for the Ularah Tong. Engagement Four: 10 Maehr were rotated out for this battle, the dwarves were set up by a short tree which granted them cover, as the Ularah charged, some dwarves came from the flank, resulting in the charge breaking, and another loss for the Ularah Tong. [!] Movements of Engagement Four Engagement Five: 10 Maehr were once more rotated out. To counter the dwarven flank, a third of our forces was sent out to to flank to the left, as the rest charged the front. However, the dwarves charged also, leaving the flank to battle on their own, resulting in the loss of the flank due to the difference in skill level. With the flank crushed, the main body was wiped. [!] Movements of Engagement Five Engagement Six: Another 10 Maehr were rotated out, the same tactics were used as in the previous engagement. This time the flank did not fall first, but the main body did, resulting in the flank being chased by the main body of the dwarven forces. While the flank did manage to outrun the main forces, The Ularah Tong conceded this bout as a loss. Engagement Seven: In the final engagement, the Ul’Udax swapped out his own contingent, in order to better observe the field of battle from a high view on the Urguani cliffs. The Ularah Tong, stayed close defensively to the bottom of the mountain, not showing signs of their previous charging tactics. This resulted in the dwarves charging on their own, the Maehr forces spread out into a v shape to be able to strike the dwarven charge from all sides, resulting in the victory for the Ularah Tong. [!] Movements of Engagement Seven The Ularah Tong shows initial promise, having won a few battles despite this contingent being made of primarily recruits. However, the Ul’Udax does note a lack of adaptability and individual skill. New training regiments will be implemented, and thanks to the Legion of Dungrimm will be given for this beneficial training.
  8. ISSUED BY: THE DUKE OF BRABANT ON: 6th of Sigismund’s End, 1962 I.T The problem of darkspawn occurrences and attacks within Brabant and the world of Aevos has given the world and the citizens of our great Duchy much concern regarding darkspawn and how to deal with them. Often, zeal against darkspawn is very much critical to protect our citizenry and it is with such zeal that we must come at true and evil darkspawn that pervade our world. However, that zeal can cause blindness towards our actions while in pursuit of a holy goal and creates a fear of the unknown, especially towards those who look very different from what people have come to see and know. No such greater example of this exists for those innocents who have been unfortunately cursed due to the sinful actions of their parents. Their curse has transformed their bodies, giving them horns and tails which often can lead to them being thought of as demons or some type of darkspawn. The child should not be punished for the sins of the parent, and it is our duty as Canonists to ensure these people are protected and integrated into greater society, for it is a lack of support that results in people falling into paths of darkness. Furthermore, this aligns with the church's position regarding cursed descendants. But make no mistake, any descendant who willfully chooses to align with the Ruinous Powers shall be met with the purifying pyres of Owyn. WITH THIS MISSIVE, WE HEREBY REITERATE: All canonist citizens are granted dignity and protection as per our laws The Church reserves the right to test individuals deemed suspicious. Section 2, Subsection 2, Article 5 of the Scroll of Law will be thoroughly enforced. [!] Official Seal of the Chief Justice of Brabant is stamped. Signed, His Grace, Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood, Duke of Brabant, Marquis of Lotusgrad, Baron of Blackwell, Lilenburg and Swan’s Keep, Lord of the Peaks, Protector of the Weefolk. His Eminence, Mattia of Tyria, Ecclesiastical Auditor The Reverend Pastor, Father Anton Parish priest of Lotusgrad Mr. Stefan Starling, Chief Justice of the Duchy of Brabant
  9. “The Moon never sets on the Maehr, their wolves never stop howling.” By the code of the Tong, the two Maehr, Gwen and Cassius, have sworn their oaths upon the moon and ancestors to follow the Code of the Tong, to protect the lives and ways of the Maehr and to follow the path of Z’ress. The Ul’Udax of the Ularah Tong hereby issues the following trials to prove their worthiness in the eyes of our Ancestors. TRIAL OFHAU’NER THE HUNTER Patron Ancestor of Hunters, Farmers, Beast Tamers, and Tenacity To honour Hau’ner, Gwen is hereby tasked with taming the flaming equine beast, know as a Solar Stallion. TRIAL OF WYTALL THE WARSAGE Patron Ancestor of The Cunning, Intelligence, and Guidance To honour Wytall, Cassius is hereby tasked with beating another Maly in the game of Chess.
  10. “The Moon never sets on the Maehr, their wolves never stop howling.” The Ularah Tong, or Wolf Guild, is a martial and cultural guild created in the city of Nor’Velyth by members of the ancient dark elven clans. Following a gap of power created by the lack of military presence, traditionally the Silan’siol, the Tong aims to restore a martial presence within the Moonlit Realm by creating an order with strong discipline and respect for the old ways of the Maehr. PATH OF Z'RESS: The Path of Z’ress is the belief that strength is the domain of the Maehr while weakness is the domain of lesser elves and races, with strength being defined as skills and competency, not necessarily raw might or brute force. And weakness, as being a lack of character or faith. The Tong mandates everyone to walk the path of Z’ress and trains its members in martial and beast-taming skills. Those of weak will and character will be expelled from the guild. PATRONS: KHEL THE ZEALOT Patron Ancestor of the Zealot, Warriors, Wrath, and Fury HAU’NER THE HUNTER Patron Ancestor of Hunters, Farmers, Beast Tamers, and Tenacity WYTALL THE WARSAGE Patron Ancestor of The Cunning, Intelligence, and Guidance [!] Click this to read more about the patrons. TRIALS The Patron Trial To ensure that the Maehr remain true to their roots, the Ularah Tong requires its new members to make a pledge or oath to one of the three Patrons of the Guild and complete a trial relevant to their patron. Upon completing all of this, they receive the mark of their patron. For those ker who cannot identify by the three main ancestral patrons, special exceptions may be made if they wish to follow another ancestor. Maehr who do not venerate the ancestors are not allowed to join. Wolf Bite Trial To be a regular member of the Tong, one must survive the full-strength bite of a direwolf. If they do so, the affected areas will be tattooed around to remind of the bite, once the wounds heal over. This initial trial is performed to weed out the weak-willed. Head Hunting Trial A member of the Ularah Tong is given a mission to retrieve the head of an enemy of the maehr by themselves. This trial serves to illustrate their competency and skills as a wolf rider. Code of Conduct: Loyalty: Members of the Ularah Tong shall always prioritize the interests and of Maehr kind as a whole, ensuring the Maehr are protected. Betrayal of the organization or its secrets is a grave offence. Wolves: If a member of the Tong acts unduly towards their direwolf, such as improper care or abuse, they are to be expelled. Discretion: Members of the Ularah Tong shall keep the details of their missions on a need-to-know basis. Ancestors: The Ancestors must be given utmost respect, any who fail to do so are punished. Fellowship: Ularah Tong members shall treat each other with respect and loyalty. Hierarchy: The Ularah Tong operates with a structured hierarchy. Members are expected to follow the orders of their superiors and contribute to the organization's goals without question. Path of Z’ress: Those who are complacent and do not progress on the path of Z’ress have no place within the Tong. [!] A member of the Ularah Tong, and their direwolf Ul’Udax - Wolf Lord The head of the martial group is the Ul’Udax, they hold the highest authority in all functions of the guild, and more importantly, they best follow and understand the path of Z’ress, and use this understanding to maintain order and strength of the members of the Ularah Tong. Ul’utral - Wolf Warden Elite wolf riders, second only to the Ul’udax are bestowed the rank of Wolf Warden. They are capable of patrolling the umbral forests in their squads and have a great bond with their wolf mounts, akin to that of siblings. The Ul’utral are given cloaks and furs of dire wolves to proudly wear. This symbolises both their connection to their companion, as well as their ferociousness. Udax’ye - Wolfling Once the recruit has survived the first trial, they may begin to train their wolf, starting from a cub to build a strong bond. Together, the two will walk the path of Z’ress together. Warriors of the Ularah Tong are given shawls made of spider silk, to differentiate them from the recruits. These shawls are secured by leather bands, studded with Kingstone. Lokae’yr - Walker Conscripts or brand-new recruits are called Walkers since they are not given a dire wolf mount immediately upon joining the guild. Instead, they have to learn the proper code of conduct of the Tong and survive the first trial to become a true member. The Walkers do not gain anything beyond the right to mark themselves with their Patron’s mark. Contact the Ul'Udax, Sorrgarr Oussana, (IGN: OneEmeraldGod) by bird to join. Join to protect the Maehr today. (OOC: Or ping me in the nor discord or dm me, preferably send a bird as well.)
  11. qalashi know how to party

  12. Its a good maauning in the Duchy of DUBant

    1. Ramon


      millions of batavians in brabant rejoice

  13. The Duke of Brabant exited the office of the king with a smile on his face, accompanied by his beautiful daughter Arowyn. They travelled to mass in Balian, "Let's pray for the prosperity of our realms."
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