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    Aaryd grew up in a poor home, the son of a blacksmith and a village woman living in Avalain. Growing up in Avalain Aaryd was mostly only taught to read and write common by his father. As a child he had few friends, save a good friend named Mak. Being the son of a blacksmith meant he was one of the poorer children around, and that he had quite a few chores to do, as well as assisting his father with the forge. Often as a child his father would have to make trips to bigger cities for materials or to drop off orders, he would love joining his father, especially trips to cities such as Sutica, where he would stand at the docks and admire the large navy ships in port. When he came of age (sixteen) he took to the sea as a deckhand on a merchant escort ship, where he eventually climbed the ranks till he became the ship’s first mate at the age of twenty-one. A year later the death of the captain at the hands of brigands led to him becoming the captain. With the merchant ship sunk, and only half his crew, using the skills and knowledge he had gained he decided to take the wheel, to limp away from the fight and lick his wounds. After this incident he continued his life as captain of the ship, which he renamed the “Shearwater”. During the next twelve years as captain he and his crew survived several run-ins with brigands and pirates. At the age of thirty-six he decided that it was time to pass on the ship to his first mate, a close call in the last encounter had brought him the thoughts of his mother and father, and the thought of raising his own family, his own life without the constant worry if his life would end. So he returned to Avalain, and with a pouch full of coin, his sword on his hip, he set off, into the land to stake his claim somewhere new. wandering for a year, camping along the road, his journey, still on-going.
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