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  1. A descendant of both Ashwood and R'ikarth notes to visit in the near future..
  2. Illivirans stay winning. omw to make a sea elf
  3. It took much thought for a Prisgoth to pinpoint whom Buzzard wrote about - yet upon mention of thee Awaiti, his struggles were no more. Despite having no involvement with Creeds, nor planning to, he reminded himself to keep a close eye onto the titled Heralds; hungry for drama, as one is.
  4. Tav

    The Cursed

    While I do agree that it's unfortunate for Paladinism and Templarism to be barred from Cursed Children, the roleplay story it limits reaches the same amount of the story you can play. I'm honestly surprised that Templarism was accessible to them for so long, but there's a lot of iffy parts in demon lore that I've seen getting fixed up so that's good. Cursed Children, most the time, are created from Naztherak wanting to screw people over. You're created into ugly, infernal being with a permanent mark on your soul, which causes you to be blocked from the magics mentioned above; This adds to the misfortunes of a Cursed Child, which is the whole point of their existence. To be descendants treated so poorly by something they didn't choose. As for the story, said Cursed Child could possibly spend the rest of their life hunting down the Naztherak that cursed them, or endlessly kill Darkspawn for validation from Paladins and Templars which they probably will never get. I personally really like characters that hold ideals/jobs of a certain magic without having the magic itself, feels more realistic. Also Cursed Children are OOC-consented, so I hope there's not much of a loss in the community for this change? I'd like to think so. I think Cursed Children turned via ritual possibly having a way to uncurse themselves would be really cool, like a corcitura being healed by paladins, because I too am someone who's very indecisive and regrets decisions that I thought were so smart at the time. Obviously this would need harsh setbacks though ! :p
  5. your cat was like oh nononono we're not getting a dog, don't even THINK about it girl! 🤣

    1. TreeSmoothie


      she = onika ate = burgers

  6. "-..Oh. Nevermind. Maybe it was that bad." spoke Bog, having just flipped a page, his prior read being the first withdrawal post.
  7. ".. Strange," spoke Bog, merely scanning through that missive. Then, he turned to his buddy, their expression peaked with interest - pupils dilated. "I recall a story now, back on Almaris. The wicked Miven Caerme'onn herself, neglecting all issues that made themselves apparent; Azdromoth was one of them, ti? History repeats itself, it seems." That friend spoke nothing in retort, because it was a mere feline, only focused on the week-old bacon Bog snacked on.
  8. A good clarification edit. Would be better to refer to the Feat Lore instead of the Ritual Spell as a whole, but since it's already covered below Lord's Blessing, it should mimic what is there originally in the actual page. Also, idk what everyone else is talking about saying this is changing Cursed Children .. they've only been barred from Paladinism and Paladinism only, lol. I recommend probably changing the title to Naz Clarification as opposed to Naz Amendment, since that's what probably led people to assume you changed the actual lore.
  9. she = onika ate = burgers 

  10. Caught within the rectangular pupil of an observant man, a moment of discontentment hung in his mind. Peculiar seemed fitting for this scenario; did Laelia sincerely find such weight upon her name dismissible, or was the public eye sent in the midst of a facade?
  11. Tav

    Maira's Curse

    With the new headline finally settled before an old man's desk, his upper lip swerved in mere distaste for such doings. He out of all people knew the calamitous beckoning cursed onto his kin - but to harm a child? How ridiculous, he concluded.
  12. Excuse me ma’am, not to be disrespectful or rude but could you please take post down. That is my sister who was killed by a metra train. And it this post is very disrespectful. Idk who you are or if you even know her but I need you to take this down please.

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      baby this is keke palmer

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