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  1. Aaren Godric finds out how good he looks in armour..
  2. "Erm... Awkwaaaard..." hummed Aaren Godric - being a haenseni man, though residing in Veletz as of late. For extra measures, he packs some bags. He does not wish for the smoke.
  3. "What is bro yapping about?" muttered Veronica, an old hyspian - who seemed to be in the wrong side of town..
  4. Tav

    Maiheiuh Clan

  5. TWO HOURS??!?!? i'm already hyper ******* ventilating
  6. nah i respect itΒ 

  7. Aaren stands by Peter, also wondering where the Stroheim's name was.
  8. From the cluddered room where she slept, did the sound of an excited, short-lived applause emit - an old Alva Karina proud of her niece; a walking reminder of her dear, late twin sister.
  9. Aaren, the man who starts his day with a hot cocoa, notes the recipe down - this simply being the best thing he'll ever know. Ever.
  10. Honourary


    1. Tav


      stfu erperΒ 

  11. Aaren Colborn, supporter of woman's rights and wrongs, gives a nod to the Queen-Mother's bravery. "What word do the kids use for this...? ... Slay?"
  12. Soon came the sigh of a man, Aaren finishing his read on the public letter. "My God, this is why I've always seen 'Letta as the more mature of the two - her problems aren't splayed across the papers for the whole word to see. Better decisions as well; she wishes to be an honourable knight, not a voidal-weaver." "-You get what I'm saying?" Steel-blue eyes glanced to a meek, smile-faced Sorvian - it making sure to quickly nod at his words.
  13. think it's kinda cool hyspia is getting it's own tile but it's just gonna go back under haense in 3 months tbh

    1. Hunnic


      your mom is gonna go under haense...

    2. Tav


      dude what the heck !!Β 

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