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  1. absolute ***** of a human being, happy to see this
  2. Siora Ilkala reads this carefully, bedridden. Her fingers curl around the paper, holding it gingerly as she was reminded of her childhood, which took place so so far away. She rests the parchment on her chest and coughs, her eyes fluttering shut, drifting back to sleep.
  3. i would very much like a little cabin alone in the woods, but i dont want to pay for the land

    1. Peralien


      Squatters Rights

  4. Somewhere off in a desert-town, a young woman brushes up on her reading and takes a gander of the newest releases in poetry. She lets herself fall enchanted with the words of this...Mirabella Violet? “A beautifool mystery indeeds...” she whispers to herself as she finishes browsing the girl’s collection.
  5. Once you're my son, you're always part of the family. Even in death you can't escape My questions: What do you like to do other than lotc? Have you ever dabbled in other rpgs? And is there a certain characteristic you notice amongst all your characters?
  6. Vera Ambrose watches as the paper starts to burn in the fire. She pets her bunny on the head, which is only a stuff animal, but she treats it as if it were alive. “Nobody haves the balls, Auntie Atee. Theys just sittin arounds and beings crabby. My mama was around for that, too.” She then goes inside the house.
  7. Vera Ambrose doesn’t know what is going on, but nonetheless steals all the carrots from the snack table and pockets them for later. “For dah bunnies!” She proclaimed to herself mostly.
  8. 4th of Snow's Maiden Year 4 SA -=+=- Lady Alli Ambrose Freysson laid in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. The green had consumed her skin, reaching all the way from under her eyes to her fingertips. She was sick, but not sure with what. Maybe this was just what happened after 95 years. She thought back to when she was a little girl in Haense, growing up to become a part of the Brotherhood. Her best friend and her shared a bunk bed, would go out drinking, just generally having a good time as teenagers. During an attack on Haense, Alli saw her friend get struck by an arrow and die on the floor. People trampled her body trying to escape the heavy fire. Alli’s hands flew to her mouth to cover a scream as she herself was dragged inside to be used as collateral damage later. (Alli "Amadeo" preparing for battle in Haense) Alli decided to leave Haense after that. She followed the road for as far as she could until her feet were calloused and her head was dizzy. She fell asleep on the road, right outside of the druids, only to be picked up and escorted to Ruswick by some passing criminals. There, she met the first love of her life, who taught her how to bandit and survive on her own. She was absolutely entranced with him and the life of living in an underground close-knit community. She remembered the turtles they used to grow, the nights playing chess at the casino. The blood and notes that were left behind when he was brutally murdered by vengeful enemies. (Teenage Alli - by TSAL) Again, she ran. Another man who claimed to be her first-love’s comrade-in-arms took her to a completely new community, one where the setting was cold, but the people were warm. This was Lorraine. After two years and the leader’s disappearance, Alli’s husband, the man who had saved her, came into power. They moved to Rubern to protect themselves from the Great AIS vs ISA war, raising their two children with the help of her sister-in-law, Emilliene. Or, what most people called her, Yule. (Alli and her family in Rubern) When Alli heard news of her husband’s death - killed in a marketplace in by Orenians - she packed up yet again and moved back to Lorraine. She was the only one left, her children Avian and Willow looking to her for guidance as they grew older. Luckily, Yule was there to assist yet again, bringing her own husband as well. It wasn’t long until Alli met and befriended Ser Jolfrey, who helped her move the cattle from the stronghold to the new farm. He helped her introduce new people to Darrowmere, the renamed and completely changed Lorraine. This was around the time that Avian left to continue his academics. Willow followed not long after with his adopted son. He was eventually killed in Haense, leaving a suicide note behind for his family. (Adult Alli - by Arron) The King of Norland, who had changed ruling while Alli was gone, employed the Grand Architect to rebuild what was lost. After years of strain and construction, the walls of the fort were raised and protective of the small town inside. Alli remembers gazing over the groups of people who settled below her balcony. By this time, Yule had passed and her husband had vanished, leaving her only biological child to fend for herself. Her name was Athri. Alli was now in her 40’s and antsy to find purpose to her life. She went off to the halflings, walking through Brandybrook with a smile as the citizens loaded into boats and sold fresh bread at their shops. She wandered through the dwarven territory, amazed by the architecture lining the walls, the depths of the cavern and the communication between leadership and commonfolk. It all reminded her of what used to be Ruswick, now just a flooded cavern. While Alli was travelling, she realized that her stomach had started swelling. She contacted the man who she assumed had to be the father, and he promptly moved into Darrowmere to help raise the child. Unfortunately, he soon fell ill and passed, leaving her behind to parent alone yet again. Around this time, with Alexios swaddled and held tightly to her chest, Alli adopted the Maddox-clan (Cain, Asher, and Avern) and Estelle, who was just a young girl when she became a part of the family. Years after, with Cain Maddox and Estelle Ambrose settled down with their own individual families, Avern killed by his estranged sister, and Jolfrey and Asher taking care of the family, Alli once again met a man who had caught her interest. This one was...fun, to say the least. Unlike the others had been. He was relaxed and concerned for her and her family. He cracked jokes and cruised in a wheelchair. He was loved by everyone for exactly how crazy he was. At the ripe age of 90, Alli fell pregnant once again to twins; Vera and Vane. (Alli and Olaf's wedding) The world was thrown into chaos by Great Evils, forcing Norland to escape on their boats just like everyone else. On the new land everyone had settled upon, Alli grew more depressed. She walked the trails of Leumont with a hunched back and weary expression. She smiled at her children with empty eyes and half of a heart. She was...empty. A shell of what she once was. Her husband treated her well and made sure to take care of her, but something felt off to her. She was convinced he was like the rest of them, the rest of the blood-thirsty men in her life who went off to destroy and pillage and die. Ser Jolfrey was called into the room, left alone to grieve when Alli let go of her last breath. Her eyes fluttering closed, a small smile playing along her chapped lips, Lady Alli Ruse Ambrose Freysson finally stopped running and decided to rest. The following are letters that Alli requested Jolfrey to write before she die. -=+=-
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