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  1. "Ooh chocolates!" says the five-year old Wolfgang von Bachmeier. He tries reading the campaign letter but the vocabulary is too difficult for him to understand. He takes the letter and pins it on a nearby lamppost, since he didn't know what to do with it. He then picks up the rose and places it in the chest pocket of his coat, much like a boutonniere, and munches on the chocolates as he makes his way to Emerentia's house where he was to practice piano.
  2. Thank you for everything basket, your contributions to the server's well-being are innumerable. o7
  3. Conversion of Leumont Issued in the Twelfth Year of the Second Age ________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Jarldom of Leumont, formerly known as the County of Darrowmere, which is the successor of Lorraine has long-held ties to the Canonist Church even recently electing to host a Diocese within our good land. However, the times have changed and I have been led to the light of the All Father and to the defense of my kin against the corrupted and the Dark. This does not mean my dear people are not free
  4. "Ah what a pity for Oren" remarked Jolfrey as he heard the news. He paused, recollecting his memories, "I remember when I first met her. She owned the best bakeshop as well."
  5. IGN: jolfrey Category: Music Creation / Singing Artwork: (sorry it's so short, these things can take a while to make!)
  6. great work i especially loved the original music you included, good job!
  7. "Alli, no!" Jolfrey is flooded with grief as Alli takes her last breath. He urgently tries to check her pulse for any sign of living, holding back his tears. After five minutes of silently sobbing, Jolfrey tries to regain his composure, realizing he should not weep and rather rejoice that she led a full life. "You will never be forgotten, Alli Ambrose Freysson. Your name will be remembered by generations to come. Your honor will be preserved and revered." "I love you, Dear Alli. Thank you"
  8. Jolfrey takes a look at a copy of the document “May our alliance be marked by prosperity” he says, polishing his tin sword “A fitting name for the treaty as well.”
  9. Jolfrey steps into the Eye of Man for a short visit. The bustling walls and courtyard surprise him as he remembers when this fortress was seemingly abandoned during the war. "They've finally put this ol' fort to business." He feels uneasy about having such a large Orenian presence only a few hundred meters away from his home Darrowmere.
  10. “Good news I suppose?” says Jolfrey as he polishes his sword, stained with Orenian blood.
  11. Ser Jolfrey Elessar, the Marshal of Darrowmere, reads the document, a serious expression can be seen on his face. ”I’ll double Darrowmere’s training efforts.” he sits down on a nearby rock and starts smoking his pipe “After all, Norland’s safety will rely heavily on our duties. Ave Darrowmere”
  12. ”Who is this Friar and what authority does he think he has in Norland?” Jolfrey Elessar exclaims. “Bloody Orenians always demanding we bow down and listen to them. We will worship as we wish here. You won’t lay one finger on us Damerians or anyone in Norland.”
  13. “A message from the HOEs (Holy Orenian Empire)” Jolfrey announces to a group of illiterate Damerians (people from Darrowmere) standing in front of him. He recites the document to the crowd, crumples the piece of paper, and throws it in the fire. “Perhaps the ISA should remove their fortress that stands on the border of Norland before demanding we to listen to them. Bug off.” This statement was met with much agreement and a dozen cheers.
  14. MC name: creeperdefense15 talent: classical music/harpsichord
  15. The League of Assassins ATTENTION: Do you seek revenge? Does someone owe you minas? Are you looking to right a wrong that has been done to you? If so, then consider hiring an assassin from the League of Assassins (LoA). The LoA is a guild of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. Rates start as low as twenty minas and your contract is guaranteed to be fulfilled. No deed is too large or difficult to complete. If you wish to hire an assassin, then fill out this application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORU
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