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  1. This is really great to have, thanks!
  2. Discord: jolfrey#8028 Skin: Blue Flower Governor (Governor Swann - Curse of the Black Pearl) Bid: 110
  3. 1. is cereal basically a soup? yes or no 2. yeehaw 3. does wolfgang have drip? 4. when are you changing ur mc username 5. you better fight in the next wc 6. fav disney movie? 7. return to monke or advance to future hooman?
  4. The blurred vision caused by Wolfgang's teary eyes make it difficult for him to read the little letter Emerentia left for him. "I'll miss you" he says as a tear falls down his cheek, blotting the paper and smearing the ink. Emerentia was now the second parent-figure he lost in his life, with the first being his own father Pyotr von Bachmeier. Nonetheless, Wolfgang knew to stay strong, to stay determined and focused on the path that was his musical career. That was the only way he could honor the lives of his loved ones.
  5. That was quite the bombshell nick
  6. 8 year old Wolfgang von Bachmeier also sips his tea while in the roof garden. "Bring me some more cookies!" he said, thinking that Natalie was writing things down for a grocery shopping list.
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  8. Jarl Jolfrey sits on a stool, listening to the fireplace crackling and the crickets chirping while he polishes his bronze luristan sword - a relic from AIS War, "Well, just like old times". He places the polished sword in his scabbard and takes a step outside, feeling the crisp night air of Norland around him, "War, war never changes."
  9. "Ooh chocolates!" says the five-year old Wolfgang von Bachmeier. He tries reading the campaign letter but the vocabulary is too difficult for him to understand. He takes the letter and pins it on a nearby lamppost, since he didn't know what to do with it. He then picks up the rose and places it in the chest pocket of his coat, much like a boutonniere, and munches on the chocolates as he makes his way to Emerentia's house where he was to practice piano.
  10. Thank you for everything basket, your contributions to the server's well-being are innumerable. o7
  11. Conversion of Leumont Issued in the Twelfth Year of the Second Age ________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Jarldom of Leumont, formerly known as the County of Darrowmere, which is the successor of Lorraine has long-held ties to the Canonist Church even recently electing to host a Diocese within our good land. However, the times have changed and I have been led to the light of the All Father and to the defense of my kin against the corrupted and the Dark. This does not mean my dear people are not free to worship, in private, any deities they so choose it simply means that I, Jolfrey, Patriarch of House d’Amaury, solemnly declare my total separation from the corrupted Canonist Church and swear my utter loyalty to the All Father and his guidance. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Jolfrey d’Amaury, Jarl of Leumont, Patriarch of House d’Amaury
  12. "Ah what a pity for Oren" remarked Jolfrey as he heard the news. He paused, recollecting his memories, "I remember when I first met her. She owned the best bakeshop as well."
  13. IGN: jolfrey Category: Music Creation / Singing Artwork: (sorry it's so short, these things can take a while to make!)
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