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  1. Ser Jolfrey Elessar, the Marshal of Darrowmere, reads the document, a serious expression can be seen on his face. ”I’ll double Darrowmere’s training efforts.” he sits down on a nearby rock and starts smoking his pipe “After all, Norland’s safety will rely heavily on our duties. Ave Darrowmere”
  2. Clan,Settlement,Nation – Darrowmere Name -Jolfrey Elessar Notes - [OOC] Discord- jolfrey#8028 [OOC] IGN – jolfrey
  3. Jolfrey carefully reads a copy of the letter. ”Caedric is a good man. Regardless of who he is, he has led Norland well. He has my sword, as well as the support of my fellow Damerians. We shall continue to serve him under his rule.”
  4. ”Who is this Friar and what authority does he think he has in Norland?” Jolfrey Elessar exclaims. “Bloody Orenians always demanding we bow down and listen to them. We will worship as we wish here. You won’t lay one finger on us Damerians or anyone in Norland.”
  5. “A message from the HOEs (Holy Orenian Empire)” Jolfrey announces to a group of illiterate Damerians (people from Darrowmere) standing in front of him. He recites the document to the crowd, crumples the piece of paper, and throws it in the fire. “Perhaps the ISA should remove their fortress that stands on the border of Norland before demanding we to listen to them. Bug off.” This statement was met with much agreement and a dozen cheers.
  6. MC name: creeperdefense15 talent: classical music/harpsichord 😎
  7. The League of Assassins ATTENTION: Do you seek revenge? Does someone owe you minas? Are you looking to right a wrong that has been done to you? If so, then consider hiring an assassin from the League of Assassins (LoA). The LoA is a guild of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. Rates start as low as twenty minas and your contract is guaranteed to be fulfilled. No deed is too large or difficult to complete. If you wish to hire an assassin, then fill out this application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST IT IN THE THREAD HERE. ROLEPLAY INFORMATION ONLY: Name: Name of target: Purpose of assassination: Information about the target (what city, how old, what race, etc.): HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION Founded 121 years ago, the League of Assassins has maintained its secrecy and notoriety for quite some time. Several decades ago, the Empire was able to destroy the league, but it has been recently revived and headed by a new Master Assassin. Because of its profound secrecy, not much new information is known and disclosed. However, it is known that the League consists of men and women of all races and kind. However, no one knows where the main place of operations is located. The LoA is not necessarily an evil terrorist organization, as they simply fulfill contracts that carry out justice. They never harm an innocent citizen or bystander to take their minas or possessions. You are only targeted if your name is on a contract. If you wish to join the LoA, simply read what follows. DO NOT METAGAME THIS INFORMATION TASK The goal of every assassin is to complete a contract as swiftly and secretly as possible without stirring up too much commotion. Every move and action must be done with haste, intent and secrecy. RANKS (from highest to lowest) Master Assassin: The leader of the guild, as chosen by the guild members once every year. The Master Assassin oversees operations and assigns contracts to different members. Not much is known about the current Master Assassin. Disciple: Once you have proved yourself to be a worthy assassin, you become a Disciple. Disciples, along with the Master Assassin, organize contracts and train newer members. They are also given extremely important contracts and assume the role of the Master Assassin when he is busy or not present. Assassin: The classic rank and contractor. Members of this rank are given difficult contracts (which undoubtedly ends up with bigger rewards and potential repercussions) and have bigger roles within the guild. Novices report their scouting information to these Assassins. Assistant/Apprentice: After a few successful scouting attempts, you become an Apprentice and undergo extensive training. Then, you receive your first contract. If you successfully complete the contract, you become an Assassin. If not, you are banished from the league. Novice/Recruit: Upon being recruited into the league, assassins begin at the rank of Novice. Being only novices at this point, they usually only survey points of interest or gather information, interrogating suspects and pick-pocketing vital letters and documents; at the most providing this information to a higher ranked member for them to decide on how they would proceed in eliminating any assassination targets. NOTICE We are not a guild that simply trolls people. All actions and assassinations must be done with purpose and must involve some roleplay, we do not just randomly kill people. APPLICATION This application is for you to express your interest in joining and for us to determine whether or not we would take interest in your character. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE MASTER ASSASSIN (ME) VIA A PM ON THE FORUMS. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION IN THE THREAD HERE. Minecraft username: Why do you want to join?: Are you committed to roleplaying as an assassin? (you can’t just kill people right away on the spot): Discord Name: RP Name: Race: Age: Traits:
  8. What if there was a pandemic in the world as well XD
  9. Tenders because they’re crisppyyyyy
  10. cool looking but a bit odd imo – 8/10 I by far have the best profile picture
  11. jolfrey

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    LOTR ambient music works best for this server!
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