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  1. Hey, I'm new to this server and have been looking at issues having to do with it's economy. I believe that I have thought of a viable solution to it's problems, it's called an Independently Functioning Economy, and could be a very revolutionary thing if implemented by the server staff. However, if it never gains ground, then it won't matter how good of an idea it is. So, go to the Mina and You Forum post, and read the 97th post. If you agree with me, then tell others about it, upvote the post, and try and get the staff's attention.
  2. Ok so now that I've given my input on how to solve this issue with minas, I'd like to address some of the concerns of other respondees to this post. My response: Ok, so you seem to have put some abstract thought into this situation as well and also have experience in the game and know what the economic issues with the server are through experiencing them on a first hand basis. You're free to respond to what I'm saying here and I in fact encourage that you do! Mainly, i'm going to try and take what you're saying here and tie it into my argument for an independently f
  3. I think that the entire issue with running an economy like this is that you don't have economic entities doling out money but instead have an all powerful entity doling out currency and keeping track of the economy, which is an issue because it means that the people participating in the economy will not be able to fulfill their wants and needs as they see fit. The major issue that is going to happen here is that there will be deflation of the minas if you don't inject minas eventually as the economy will inevitably need to have some sort of sustained growth and consistent influx of resources a
  4. enormeous


    Kaede Wellington is a Heartlander, he grew up in a well managed and wealthy household and was consistently viewed by his peers as being ahead of those around him academically. Being a member of the Wellington family he was expected to continue the family merchant tradition, but as he grew up he proved to have larger artistic aspirations. He was left alone with his father Arnold Wellington since birth, and lived in a large house atop a hill overlooking the city of Helena with the other rich families in the city. His father was very egotistical and expected his son to be something like himself,
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