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  1. Vecho0


    Orimon was born not knowing his parents. Apparently he was found on trail to The Holy Orenian Empire. Orimon does not know where or who gave birth to him and only knows what his master told him. Orimon was found and adopted by Charles Might, a human writer and magic enthusiast, he lived on the country side. Orimon was raised around humans and found a passion for writing at a young age. Charles tried to teach Orimon rune magic but came out to no prevail, Orimon was to young and Charles didn't fully understand elvish aging. When Orimon turned 50, he learnt a little bit of rune crafting and found that you can create golems with runes. Orimon was not able to create a golem and started to try to write spells on himself to try and make him succeed faster since Charles was dying of old age, this method didn't work and made him permanently have ink inscribed in his skin. Charles died of old age 50 years after knowing Orimon and died at the age of 110. After Charles died Orimon grieved and left Charle's family out of grief. For the past 10 years Orimon now travles to record and find writing inspirations. On his travels he came across an Orc who in a last ditch effort to hold onto his life made Orimon forget all he knew about runecrafting, This resulted in Orimon to especially hate Orc's. To this day he looks for a master to teach him any sort of magic so he can start learning runecrafting and get closer to golemancy. Till this day Orimon has forgotten all magic that he has known and strives to gain knowledge on magic and improve his writing
  2. Vecho0


    Charles was born from a single mother. Charles stayed with his mother until 4. His mother was assassinated by his father who left when he was born. Charles was taken in and taught blacksmithing from 4-16, his master taught him and showed basic living needs and showed Charles the way of god. At 16 his master got psychologically controlled by a dark high elf got forced impale himself. The dark elf took everything from his shop and left Charles wounded.
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