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  1. Don't need too, I can /i **** if I need it ;)
  2. Wonder how the team will handle one place having all the roleplay under one nation.
  3. You can never please everyone. Nitpick all you want I'm sure you all will enjoy what the map is, less mountain's, more biomes, better design.
  4. It's called logging off
  5. Dwain Irongut sends word to his clansmen he will support this fantastic news organization however he needs.
  6. Remove magic tech,
  7. 2000 says the dwarf
  8. 3000 says the dwarf Smith
  9. 600 says a nearby dwarf.
  10. Grand Iron Forge sells the tools in Alderburg and Kal Omith. 100 to 110 mina each -Dwain Irongut
  11. Dwain hears of the new clan and nods his head. "Guud tu see clans coming back, nay problem wit dat, A DRINK TU DEM AYE!"
  12. Dwain frowns. Grand Kings children will nay be able to have public office. Dam half bloods. He shrugs
  13. Not a bad idea tbh.
  14. Looking for a very indepth skin. Itll need shading and lots of work but Im offering 10k in game minas. Request: Lightforge Armor/Irongut Clan armor Heavy dwarven plate armor with super light colors. Colors of light blue, silver, light gold. Would like a version with a helm and without. References:
  15. Dwain nods and agrees. Aye all the so called great clans have dissolved to inactiveness. Even me own clan. We must establish ways get new clans and powers to come bout