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  1. Missed all of the dwarven gods....
  2. Dwain reads and slowly nods his head. 'Fer a beardlin 'e knows well'
  3. A passing dwarf reads. 'Ah a proper law!'
  4. Why not just appeal the old warning points? Then youre below the 10 point threshold and gg?
  5. This could be a possiblity but remember how valior was, I will bring this up in world chat. Thank you If you were to ask the recent additions to the designers of the world dev team they would tell you the focus on lore, landmarks, and depth. Thisnlays the ground work for our future world development
  6. Considering this map will prob be the longest map ever for lotc.... ok. We dont just change maps willy nilly.
  7. Thats the whole point.
  8. Lotc History Question of the Day:


    What were the names of the towers in aegis you walked by going north on the kings road from spawn?

    1. Hobbs_Burrows


      aemon and daemon

  9. Lotc History Question of the Day:


    What was the mascot animal of the group who created/started the Ascended?

    1. Unwillingly


      wasn’t it like, a mongoose or smth

      something tells me that it isnt right but I swear to god “mongoose” was smewhere in the name 

    2. Hiebe


      Mongoose is correct

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I remember watching the youtube videos where they made the Mongoose head in Haven back in Aegis.


  10. Hiebe

    [World Lore] Gender

    Im a attack Helicopter
  11. Oooooof dat was quick Stated the runedwarf
  12. Dwain II, great gandson of the union of Dwain the First and Belka, is seen in the halls of urguan. His armor shines, his axe is sharp, and he has a large grudge book across his back, ready for the grudges to be written during the holy war.
  13. So glad we went from banning player for running animal attacks to now allowing them to have some freedom
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