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  1. [GM] Shop stealing and reselling - abuse?

    I call it Abuse, or a shitty person.
  2. Reenable overworld mining

    Having strip mines in the map lags it out and its a pain to manage. No tunnels please
  3. Clan Decision

    Dam memers ruin our fun. Welcome to the clan man, let the haters hate.
  4. Mobs Suck

    Mythic mobs
  5. remove freebuild protection (on pvp forts)

    This, just make it a super raid with gm approval. Prove it's a PvP fort of your enemy and can deal with it as such Tbh I would like to wait till the region plugin is done
  6. *Letters are posted to all major settlements in the lands of Atlas* "Citizens and friends of Atlas. The Free City State of Khronhiem wishes to invite you all to safe travels on our new road built but Balek Irongut and the Irongut Clan. This road will cut your travels times from the Whispering Crossroads to Santegia and Norland by hours or even a day! (2 mins cut travel time) This road will be regularly patrolled but the Iron Brigade of Khronhiem to insure safe passage for all travelers. May YEMEKAR guide you and may your gods bless your path." -Consul Dwain Irongut of Khronhiem (This road is in free build and cuts off travels time to norland and santegia by more then 2 minutes. Enjoy) https://imgur.com/a/7dTvj
  7. The Iron Brigade of Holm

    Application RP: Name of resident: Dwain Irongut Race and Ethnicity: Dwinic Dwarf Combat Experience (circle one): Weathered OOC: IGN: Hiebe Discord: hiebe.joe ~Hours on server spent a day: 2-3 ~Availability on weekdays: Some.
  8. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    I'd rather see staff with balls to deal with shitz rasther then turning a blind eye to abuse. You loose your good people when you allow the lazy asses to slide by, not dealing with the big problems and telling players and vocal players no means no and deal with it. LOT falls on the players and their expectations that glare some sorta godsend and can't ever fuckup. Try dealing with multiple nation leaders in the middle of a raids where the life of one is at stake and your choice okn what goes could detirmine the next world war on lotc
  9. [Denied]Kardel's GM App

    I support, watch out for those carpets though.
  10. A new King

    Dwain hears of the news in the Irongut hold. At least ders no relics to steal.
  11. On Dwarven Monarchy

    Let's have fights for the crown, likes the orks
  12. Beardmancy

    Please no
  13. Allow Players To Open Shops At CT

    For the love of avalier no
  14. Who wants to be King?!

    Bogdun Goldhand Votes Dwain Irongut

    Urguan was just as bad as Ulrah. Dwarves have clamored for change and strong leadership, but what they get is old greybeards controlling the kingdoms with a shadow government. Dwarves shall find their way with or without a kingdom or king. The real strength is the clans and the clansmen who defend their lands with pride and vigor. Dwain Irongut says after he reads the parchment his clansmen made and from the Goldhand. His words are only heard to those on Holmos.