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  1. Application Minecraft name/s: Hiebe, Aeducan, littleyoshy (brothers account but I use it for his professions since he is on ship deployment) Age: 23 Timezone: PST +8 Skype/Discord: hiebe.joe Hiebe#8581 What is your availability: 2-3 hours a day depending on life's current events. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: I don't have many problems with the server. Its improved a lot since 2014-2015 problems. The admin staff is quite active within the community and there are always new things being added tot he server like the hooka plugin and playermade antags. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: Professionalism is a key part in being a GM. Taking the job seriously and putting differences aside will help greatly. I feel that GMs must also be understanding to new players and assist them as much as they can as the new blood with refresh the server. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: The GMs should be having a same general plan on how to moderate the server with many different ideas on how to improve. Having a open discussion is good but not open hostilities between each other. Work as a team and handle large tasks together. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Kilgrim: Been on the server together since 2012, we have both seen our ups and downs with the server leaving and coming back but both having a good sesnse of the server. We work together in multiple projects for the server before. Harold: Harold and I have worked on ideas and projects as well for the server. He has liked to bounce ideas off me and get some potential ideas. He has been one to push for me to put a GM app in. Lefty_Bojenles: Current dwarven king and Ive been his Schensal/Taxman for a few months now. I work hard to keep things fair for all the current dwarven players with their housing and regions within the dwarf regions. 501warhead: A current admin who Ive worked for on a numerous projects. Ive always keep my word and discretion with these talks and projects Ive done. I get his request done on time. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I know quite a bit of them. Mostly rockstar, josh, and kipples since we all have had been dwarves together for a long time. They can tell you more about how grumpy I get with people and how I like to talk **** but Im always one fo the most helpful dwarf players out there for newbies and that Im not scared to speak my mind. What are your finest and worst traits?: Professionalism, consistency, bluntness. Im not scared to speak my mind and tell someone their stupid or dumb for what they do. I work in real life with the criminals of the world as a CO and I know how to treat them with respect and check them on their stupidity. I will be blunt and respectful at first but there is a certain words that people need to hear for them to get it through their thick skulls. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: Ive been on the server since May of 2011, I join the FM team later that year and was a apart of that for a year or so. I was later banned for account sharing and stashing so I left the moderation teams from that point (2013). I since havent join any of the teams but I have been part of various leadership teams, map development teams, and city designing. Ive kept a leadership role with the dwarves for a long time and dont think Ill be going anywhere. Ive been waiting to be a GM since 2012 but I havent been given the chance to do so or have screwed myself in the past. At this time I think I have mended all past problems Ive caused and proved I can be trusted with the next step. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Moderation, Map development, player resolution. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Epicbeast is the one I would say would do a good job. But thats because I know him more then any of the other applicants. I think zemos would be good as well. Link me a good song:
  2. Accepted. Get on your trials.
  3. What if we force someone out of rulership? They get three days to pillage the vaults? This is bs rules due to one or two people abusing. I shouldn't have to warn two week tax evaders I'm evicting them
  4. Accepted thread updated
  5. Sitting in the back give a sword to courland
  6. Not very nice I love the video Im glad someone took their own time to come and record the dwarf city we all put a lot of work into. If you would like to show off some more dwarf builds let me know and Ill be there to help show off some hidden features and secrets, Again thanks for your hard work and effort to show off the server.
  7. The time system got screwed up between a couple maps Only dwarf alive from aegis is kilgrim. All the others are golem, dead, or paragons
  8. I really wouldnt mind seeing settlement plots on the next map and have them in areas, or restrict them like they tried on this map to one settlement per tile.
  9. Dwain grumbles at the actions and words of these traitorous dwarves. "Guess it's fine to steal and screw yer fellow dwarf. What's wrong with that? Cause everyone else is doing it. Dishonorable fecks "
  10. Yea cause Im here to do the Admin dirty work ;)
  12. Dwain see it lacks a location
  13. Member thay time dwarves destroyed the oren empire? Not once but twice? I member Dwain says in the dwarf tavern drinking mead
  14. Dwain remembers oaths and alliances were made to Aesterwald when they were invaded by human empire. He remembers the homeless orcs that were taken in and then we're war declares by am empire. He remembers also of the dukes war and the petty wars of asulon. "Sum wars we should stay out ove but we canne forget our oaths"
  15. Dwain is at his forges and he gets a crinkle in his noes, his feet start to sweat and he is a cold chill down his spine. "I sense Oreners tryin tu return" He takes of his blacksmith apron and heads over to see the king to discuss his feelings when he sees the notices of the human declaration against courland. "Well toime and toime again I'll ave tu stomp out da dammed rats"