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  1. There has NEVER been a redo of a warclaim Through staff abuse, hackers, anything. Live and learn
  2. Inb4 darkjames shows up about touching dark dwarf lore. Dark dwarves are a product of dark elf and dwarf screwing. You can make your own clan as others have before. Goodluck
  3. Hiebe

    A Grudge Declared

    Dwain chuckles. Aye dat nae tuuk long. Dis is whut ye git when you forgive and forget our grudges.
  4. Show the grudge then stark. I nae see it in the book ove grudges. Dwain grumbles some more about sheep screwing dwarves
  5. Dwain grumbles. A grudge written is a grudge forever. Nothing will wipe out it except blood.
  6. I love you Glad I could spend many years and dYs with you here.
  7. That moment when you attempt psychological warfare on a mine man server
  8. Username: Hiebe Persona that you received the paper notification on: Dwain Irongut never got a paper but your previous statements to me you said you couldnt find vault/enderchest. I have screens of the stuff I had
  9. Splitting rules is such a criminal thing to do. You're acting straight up like a thug and inmate. Dont be a shitty person, treat people nicely, follow the basic rules lotc have and you'll never get banned. Be a POS and cause problems and you'll get banned. LOTC I believe also reserves the right to ban anyone they want for no reason.
  10. Dwain is seen reading the old tomes of Irongutia and older tomes of Urguan. Whut a toime it wuld 'ave been tu see Kal Urguan an seen King Simpa war the Ironborns. Wonder whut fadder wuld say bout it.
  11. Hiebe

    A Warning

    Dwain Grumblebeard scorns the khorvad worshipper. Grudges need reckoning...

  13. Surfacers politics. Meh States the runesm... I mean dwarf
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