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  1. Dwain nudges Balek @Hobolympic
  2. Hiebe

    Holm Made Me Do It

    Aiding an enemy of what could have been a friendly city state.... we ave no quarrel wit ulrah, many ove Holms residents are citizens ove ulrah as well, I personally, as a steward ove holm, ave arranged a clear banishment ove Charles frum our citeh, wit Consul Dizzys approval ove course. When shall the funeral ove Dreek happen?? I wish tu pay my respects not harbor resentment and contempt. Dwain "Trader" Irongut speaks to the Starbreaker
  3. Hiebe

    Holm Made Me Do It

    Dwain frowns "Whut slander an loies. Dreek was a citizen over Holm an a friend ove moine. Charles is a crazed dwarf an everyune knues it. Dis be but petty bullshoite cause we exiled 'im frum da citeh." Dwain can be seen going to the book of grudges
  4. Hiebe

    Citizenship Papers

  5. Dwain nods as he hears of the changes, Guud changes su far....
  6. Hiebe

    Undead at the Gates

    Dwain, steward of holm, hears of the aid the Silverblades gave to Holm and pens a bill for thr Senate to vote on granting the silverblades friendship status within the lands of Holm.
  7. Give him a chance why not.
  8. Hiebe

    Abusing Hunting

    Mob grinders used to be a bannable offense.... wonder what happened there
  9. Hiebe

    Rumors of a Gathering

    Dwain brings word to Consul of Holm. "Ah dis would be guud trainin fer our troops!"
  10. Hiebe

    A New Look at Nation Rules

    Temp nation rules please. Tired of waiting for a plugin that was promised to be released at the start of the map
  11. Hiebe

    Any Aegis Players Around

  12. Ah yes I too miss mog auto cannons
  13. Bring back death spires
  14. Hiebe

    Auction for Holmian Forge

    Winner. Please confirm your purchase with steward dwain
  15. Hiebe

    Auction for Holmian Forge

    *Bidding extended for 1 more Stone Hour* (Ending at 5pm PST)