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  1. Hiebe

    Citizenship Papers

  2. The Consulary Republic of Holm The Consulary Republic of Holm Notice to all citizens, nobles, and residents of The Consulary Republic of Holm, with great sadness I have news of our leader. Dimlin of Clan Irongut, First of his Name, has abdicated from the throne of Despot. We honor and respect Dimlin and his leadership. We remember that he survived assassination attempts and political intrigue. He has and will continue to be a strong and capable military leader. We shall also respect his request for some time away from politics. The Nobles of Holm shall convene and those of the Irongut bloodline will announce their candidacy for the throne. After a brief wait, they shall vote. Treasurer Dwain Irongut shall be Lord Regent till a candidate is picked and crowned. (Meeting tbh within the next day) Narvak oz Dimlin Narvak oz Holm The Despot's throne hall.
  3. Hiebe

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    Do you have a map ? Where too?
  4. Hiebe

    A plea to forgive

    Dwain speaks to his clansmen. Aye, der can be peace and reconciliation when raiders stop attacking each udder. Attackin ideals and motives. Attackin dead an gone dwed. Blast our grudging, both sides are at fault. Enjoy da great collapse ove da dwed. Brought on by stagnation an civil war.
  5. Another one bites the dust. States Dwain the dwarf
  6. Hiebe

    The problem with the Empire

    I've been here too long to know better.
  7. Hiebe

    The problem with the Empire

    Been a cycle since Asulon, will continue till lotc is only humans, completing Mogs dream of owning this server. If he couldnt buy it, he can sure drive it “in roleplay” how he sees it/wants it.
  8. Mob rule doesnt work and your premise of “roleplay before rule play” was what Aegis was an that was cancer. LOTC is a platform set up with rules just like any other platform of roleplay, DnD/Warhammer etc.
  9. Hiebe


    A ring you say? How interesting....
  10. Hiebe


    Plans for 7.0 Central road with equal distance travel times to all nation plots, nation capitals should/will be the first thing a player will see from spawn. Travel times vary but let's just say it's way better than 6.0
  11. Hiebe


    Well good thing this will all change next map hue hue
  12. Hiebe

    Interest check - LoTC History Podcast

    Oh the things I could say...
  13. Books and admin signed items
  14. Hiebe

    High Judge Addresses the People

    Dwain frowns Too many attempts on my clansmens life. Toime tu smash heads.