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  1. When battlezone posts are posted each type of scenario should have its individual rule set and the base rules for the war zone as well. Clarification will be worked on.
  2. *Dwain tries to read the partchment* Dey must not get much education in Nordland. Musta fergot bout dem hidin in der forts at une point as well. *He shrugs*
  3. Your lower crown authority vote failed due to not bribing or threatening enough council members.
  4. I would add only resources/ unnamed items can be taken from chests, unless the person who is looting knows specifically they are looking for and only get that one item.
  5. Dwain Irongut is seem going corpse to corpse looking for the few dwed that did fall. He finds one here and there, he opens the massive book he carries and adds them to the list of grudges. Their deaths to be made right only with the destruction of Nordland
  6. Dwain is in his forge and a wind blows into the door. He frowns and goes to the nearby chest looking for his long old hat. He finds what he is looking for, the hat is shiny yet tinged rusty due to its age. It resembles a wizards hat and the last time it was worn was back with the return of Mirtok
  7. Grand Iron Forge has stock of axes but constantly sells out. Check back every few days
  9. Mythic Mobs plugin (or a custom mob plugin) would bes fantastic for ET and mods to create hostile areas for players to explore that will have custom hostile mobs patrolling the areas. ATM the only mobs spawns are from ET events and naturally occurring ones.
  10. *Posters are up in various cities near the mines and taverns* Buying all of your diamonds for twice the rate of the Temple Monks. Go to the Grand Iron Forge in Kal Omith for 20 minas per diamond will be bought. There is no limit set for the amount of diamonds to be bought.
  11. Khazuk, Khazuk, Khazuk. Chants dwain as he works in the nearby smithy
  12. Talk about conflict of interests
  13. Dwain reads about the so called travel to the moon. Heresy, Der nae way tu da halls expect through death an da auction ove dead. He shakes his head at the way the dwarves are being lead
  14. Question Why not rule out the apps you already have before requesting more?
  15. Dwain nods as he scribbles in his tax ledger. Guud job, glad tu ave da king back