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  1. Wish i could do more for such a great builder of the world team. +1
  2. Dwain remembers Anvilaxes raiding Holm and their "king" falsifying their heritage to Thoak Goldhand. "Yemekars sees all and will judge them. Finalleh da dwed of Urguan will see who des anvilaxes realleh areh"
  3. I meant the dark days of pedos being outsted, vaq pulling a power trip and kicking availer out, the removal of mog and the fallout, **** like that.
  4. Dwain reads and agrees. He writes “In the past, multiple kings and lords have shielded the Kha and their people in times of strife. Dwarves should always respect the Kha race and protect them when they can. The taking of their pelts is a grave injustice. As it is not as bad as a taking of a beard, their holy fur and or hair is of religious and personal self worth.”
  5. Types are evolving, I was thinking about some changes today so we shall see.
  6. its not gambling i swear
  7. 8.0 Economy Teaser Hello LotC’ers and welcome to a short teaser of the economy system planned for 8.0 The main part of the economy system is tied to tiles and what I like to call Tile Improvements. What is a Tile Improvement? Think mines, nodes, resources, ability to farm and raise animals. Each tile in the world will be regioned and given a specific primary and possibly secondary type. Primary types include plains, forests, and mountains. Secondary would be desert, underground, and coastal. These are just examples and more will be added as needed. Tile Improvements would be limited to certain types of tiles. You will also be limited to 1 type of each type of Tile Improvement per tile. Example, you cannot have 2 mines on a tile. Tile Improvements will eventually be able to be upgrade, more nodes to harvest etc, however that will be added later in 8.0 Tile Improvements include: Ranches Farms Mines Lumber Camp Clay Quarry Ground Quarry Sand Quarry Terracotta Quarry Prismarine Quarry Nether Quarry ‘More to be added in the future’ At the start of the map the Capital Tiles of all races will have 4 Tile Improvements allowed in their capital tile. This would be ranches, farms, a capital mine, and lumber camp. Capital tiles will be allowed to have up to 5 Tile Improvements. Other tiles will be limited to having 3 improvements. A Tile Improvement will cost a lump sum of mina to create and the World Team will then create their Tile Improvement using Nodes! Yes that's right, nodes are back. Each World Improvement will have a certain number of nodes that will be hand placed in the area selected by the tile owner after being purchased. Nodes will have a PER PLAYER cooldown. This means no more worry about one guy camping all the cooldowns of the nodes. Each player will be able to harvest the nodes. Tile Improvement Info (subject to change) Node Cooldown: 1-2 hour Why so long? The idea is for players to go harvest their resources and make their way back into town to craft and roleplay with those items. We would rather like to see players interacting and roleplaying than sitting in a mineshaft waiting every 10 mins for the iron node to regen. Ranches: improvement limited to plains and forest tiles. Passive mob spawning disabled globally, enabled on tiles with the improvement. Farms: improvement limited to plains tiles. This will be a custom flag with Vortex. You CAN farm anywhere but on a Farm Tile Improvement your crops will grow faster and easier. Lumber Camp: improvement limited to forest and mountain tiles. Lumber nodes will be set up in a tile that has that improvement. 64 wood nodes and 64 leaf nodes per tile. Mine: improvement limited to mountain tiles. Capital Mines 64 – Various Stone 32 - Iron Ore 32 - Coal 16 - Quartz 16 - Redstone 16 - Lapiz 8 - Lead 8 - Gold 8 - Copper 6 - Silver 4 - Emerald 4 - Obsidian 4 - Tin 4 - Nickel Tile Mines 32 – Various Stone 16 - Iron 16 - Coal 8 - Redstone 8 - Lapiz 8 - Quartz 4 - Lead 4 - Gold 4 - Copper 3 - Silver 2 - Emerald 2 - Obsidian 2 - Tin 2 - Nickel Clay Quarry: improvement limited to plains and forest tiles. 32 clay Ground Quarry: improvement limited to plains and mountain tiles. 32 gravel 32 dirt Sand Pit: improvement limited to coastal and desert tiles. 16 sand 16 red sand Prismarine: improvement limited to coastal tiles. 32 Prismarine (will drop shards) Terracotta: limited to desert and mountain tiles. 32 terracotta Nether: limited to underground all tiles 16 netherrack 16 soul sand 16 glowstone Following will be Rare Nodes. Bone, Slime, Snow, Carbarum, Platinum, Phosphorus Mina Mina is a big focus of the economy team and the technical team. We have decided to remove voting to earn mina and move it to a mob drop. You can also gain mina from completing dungeons. Mina through contests and community will still be around although their amounts will be subject to be changed. We are looking into a physical currency system and a way for nations to make their own currencies as well. We have gold sinks and ways to spend your money. These include Tile Improvements, Tile Improvement Upgrades, Settlements, and Nation Expansions. More will be added as the Technical Team creates them. Voting will now give players casket keys which they can then use to trade with the Oddity Trader to open caskets relating to a certain profession. Professions We are working hand in hand with the Technical Team to adjust nodes, mina, and professions to make the economy something to enjoy but not pull your hair out. Professions have a HUGE impact on the economy and we are glad to see it will not be restrictive but will be focused on adding to your ability to harvest and make items better. Everything stated here will be adjusted as needed to fit the professions system and the ability for players to enjoy the economy. Special thanks to Nick, Llir, Grool, Zemos, Edelos, Esterlen, Safety Admin Noobman, Zindran, and Xarkly for their input and assistance.
  8. The longbeard grumbles another grumble. "Maybeh dis une moight be different. We sall see eh?"
  9. Dwain hears of the passing of another legendary Irongut. Gu tu dall great alls. Say ello tu Iebeh, Me fadder. Yer legacy shall live on fur sureh. He goes back to his work. Thinking of the memories of the elder
  10. You havent read anything or know anything about the new professions or economy system planned for next map. Get some more info from the dicord server. The biggest changed is NO RESTRICTIONS JUST BUFFS. Also it looks as if you can do any professions and not locked to a couple.
  11. Hiebe Irongut rolls in his grave
  12. who hurt you? Anyways, its a good rewrite. No rune alters. It can be expanded on with additional rune types, a well needed addition. Not controlled through ooc circle jerks, ffs we can have this release with 8.0 dwarf lore and issue one rune of learning per clan to calm charles. Good job noobli,
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