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  1. Victory for Savinia
  2. Voting is back for all of you!!! There are six voting sites. You can view them on the forums homepage or by typing /vote in-game! On your first day voting you'll get 5 minas a vote. (30 a day) After that if you vote on consecutive days you'll earn DOUBLE! (60 a day). You can make up to 420 minas a week! You do not need to be online to vote. If you vote while offline you will get the minas when you log in. - Dev and Economy Teams Shoutout to Tofuus and Kowaman for setting it up!
  3. free my n word eddywilson or feel the wrath of my fedora. this is your only warning




  4. T R A S H


    S          G 
    H      G M

    1. Tea-Sipping Elf

      Tea-Sipping Elf

      T  R  A  S  H

      R             P

      A             O

      S             S

      H  P  O  S  T

    2. 6xdestroyer


      Not even aligned response smh

    3. Tea-Sipping Elf
  5. Application * is Required Skype: hiebe.joe *Selected Tile: windhelm *Leader(s) Name: Glorik Frostbane Race: Nord Leader(s) Details: on phone will complete later *Faction: (Name and History) On phone Faction Flag: On phone
  6. Dis sounds loik a great toime. *Dwain gets his mug all cleared out and brings up a keg of Irongut Ale*
  7. Leaders Please add me on Skype and we will get a war chat going. Please have 2 additional leaders from you side to be added by yourself. Hiebe.joe
  8. Lotc is a weird place.
  9. Oh look karmas back being dumb again. #4thtimesthecharm??
  10. Yea cause all the largest PvP groups would have to do is bribe a region owner and coup with their numbers and PvP skills. Without set rules those who abuse or split hairs on rules will reign and gms will fight. Set rules help all
  11. Feedback noted
  12. Certain building blocks are blacklisted from LC for the reason to give the stonemason profession a purpose. We want LC to be used but also for the professions to be used as well, if you can get LC and have access to all the blocks there is really no reason to be a stone mason and run a shop that sells building blocks.
  13. I would like to see you be a contributor a bit longer till you become a GM again, with your history and all. Support.
  14. Feedback noted. As I said before war team is currently adjusting the rules that need to be fixed so that coups are balanced.
  15. With all rules they are subject to change. With this being the first big coup with the current rules there will be bumps to rough out and finalize. War team will be evaluating the current rules and make changes if needed.