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  1. Lotc History Question of the Day:


    What were the names of the towers in aegis you walked by going north on the kings road from spawn?

  2. Lotc History Question of the Day:


    What was the mascot animal of the group who created/started the Ascended?

    1. Jaded


      wasn’t it like, a mongoose or smth

      something tells me that it isnt right but I swear to god “mongoose” was smewhere in the name 

    2. Hiebe


      Mongoose is correct

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I remember watching the youtube videos where they made the Mongoose head in Haven back in Aegis.


  3. Dwain reads over the parchment. Maybe first toime in dis kingdom but nae in dwarven istory
  4. Hiebe

    The NAADP

    Dwain notices only one clan missing.
  5. Hiebe

    Durant Rail Co.

    Dwain would ask himself how this unknown dwarf knows the magic of railways.
  6. Hiebe

    [World Lore] Gender

    Im a attack Helicopter
  7. Oooooof dat was quick Stated the runedwarf
  8. Dwain II, great gandson of the union of Dwain the First and Belka, is seen in the halls of urguan. His armor shines, his axe is sharp, and he has a large grudge book across his back, ready for the grudges to be written during the holy war.
  9. In, on top, same ting little uman
  10. Dwaim signs the grudge. No maor horen or whatever der bastards houses are called.
  11. Let da grudges be written. First dey settle on our lands an now dey threaten our kin. Des young umans nae seen a united dwarven foightin force. Let Dungrims alls be filled of death.
  12. So glad we went from banning player for running animal attacks to now allowing them to have some freedom
  13. Dwain reads the note. "I ope der relics are returned. Itd be da onorable ting ta du. If nut, itd be a grudgin."
  14. Potts did the most weak sauce mod abuse ive ever seen. 


    Bring back old school abuse, spawning in millions of mina or turning half the map into lava.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Wrynn


      Oh yeah I know it’s petty haha, but I respect the fact he didn’t destroy everyone’s stuff.

    3. Apostate


      What did he do?

    4. Heero


      Amen. Where’s my Chronos? At least make a big world edit boom smh 🤧

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