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  1. Thank you Beamon4

  2. Character Name: Dwain Discord: Hiebe Minecraft Name: Hiebe Race: Dwarf Age: 200 something Timezone: PST
  3. Dwain sends his support and regards from his hidden sanctuary
  4. Hiebe

    Acre vs Oren

    Never doubt the OG oren rally
  5. Make it one giant island. Allow for the ability to expand the map or add additional islands if space gets used up. Islands could be for event lands or new island for player to explore/colonize. Problem is eventually all land gets used and people for some reason feel weird building over old builds etc. Most like a blank slate to design on. Please look into elevation as well. Its pretty boring to have a flat map with mountains everywhere for the only differences. Have highlands, swamps, caverns, trenches. Even in the ocean as well. Glad to see sebs back on the team. Goodluck on 9.0
  6. I would like to thank all the world team members from the bottom up for all their work over the years.
  7. Fellow Oregonian. Still here? o7

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    2. Cloakedsphere


      Hello fellow oregonians. 

    3. BrandNewKitten
    4. Cloakedsphere


      Yes and no. I injured my ear and cant wear my helmet so I cant ride my motorcycle. Tried riding friday but head was pounding. But I do love the warmer weather and not going to work and going home in complete darkness every day. @BrandNewKitten

  8. Theres already been a Urguan I. Pretty sure.... States the middle aged dwarf
  9. Dwain agrees as he is tired of having to intervene in corrupt counting. (That moment when mineman elections have more integrity than the usa)
  10. -1 having to re apply after being a runesmith alreafy icly. Looks good otherwise
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