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  1. HIEBE, been way to long bro good to see you still here.


    1. Hiebe


      Hey bro, good to see you around again, welcome back to the dwarf strife time

    2. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      lol I heard, I miss you bro xD I seen zezimus the other day. Told him you two were still my fave dwarfs xD Also heard you got married, if so Congrats!

  2. The Outlawing of Aerial, 1627

    Guud ting sets freedom of religion in urguan. Says the dwarf Smith dwain
  3. Three days temp ban, if you didnt mean too or accidentally just leave a sign next time. And also you cant lock shop slabs, or slabs/carpets in general. Wait it out.
  4. Theres your proof. 3 day temp ban, dont over think it.
  5. Loosen These Bizarro Theft Restrictions

    K I'll go make bedrock boxes around my shop chests !
  6. Loosen These Bizarro Theft Restrictions

    I run a successful merchant company and i cant be online to protect it all day. It goes both ways
  7. [Lore] Regarding the Techlock, continued.

    Remove magic tech,
  8. [Complete][Selling] Cool Sword! [cool]

    2000 says the dwarf
  9. [Complete][Selling] Cool Sword! [cool]

    600 says a nearby dwarf.
  10. [BUYING] Diamond Axes & Pickaxes

    Grand Iron Forge sells the tools in Alderburg and Kal Omith. 100 to 110 mina each -Dwain Irongut