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  1. Hiebe Irongut welcomes Fili into the darkness of grumpy grandpa
  2. Fight salt with salt
  3. Dwain is working on the the kingdoms ledger when he hears of the ultimatum. He wonders who would be stupid enough to go against kingdom alliances and waits to hear who it was that tried to kill the Nordland prince. Wouldn't be much of a shame since they did give up our old king to the human emperor few years ago to be killed. Dwain remembers King Algoda
  4. Self imposed and only people who didn't like it were newbies who barely even stayed on the server more then a month. Guess keeping things special isn't allowed ( but keeping guild lock magic is ok.....) It's whatever now we still like to enforce it in roleplay, hunting down rouge dwarves mages is fun.
  5. Zemos you can't sell the kingdoms resources for yourself. Also please have the grand exchange back, allow players to make money, put it in spawn if you need to just don't allow player shops there. If you need assistance on prices for items let me know, I want to help with this broken economy.
  6. I keep the dwarven city houses clear of people who are inactive past 14 days, I've never had to give notice.
  7. I think the point is to make people walk between cities instead of taking the fast travel for mina.... I support mina costs for fast travel
  8. I remember you as ignot at galahar
  9. Sounds like something the LMs did with dwarf and Irongut blood lore. Something that was accepted was dwarves were resistance to magic (like a 15% debuff) and only Ironguts could use vidal magic. LMs declared war and voided the age old lore
  10. Would play but stuck at work
  11. Fighting over a rank and words? If it's any truth put a proper grudge and honor duel over it. Settle it the right way. Says dwain to those who might hear outside his popular shop.
  12. Pretty sure they changed the shop access couple updates ago. Need a dev to confirm
  13. Wonders why he wasn't consulted since he is in charge of land, vassals, and land management.
  14. Dwain wonders about a shop. Or even a nice house
  15. Yay