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  1. Or just wait till events are created for the area or do roleplay with et to do expeditions into the area. Problem is, what is there for yoy to do in the ruins?
  2. Accepted, please find myself or an elder to work on your trials
  3. ((World guard flag does not work with custom lotc races. I would assume
  4. Shame, dis won't be da end ove Orenites
  5. Dwain looks to the cannons, We should fire dem anyways
  6. Learning and getting help. If you need anything more or help beardling let me know
  7. I'm gonna do this to your shop in urguan
  8. Can we keep it as a relic?
  9. Worldpainter can do under ground terrain but it's reallllllly hard to do it. I'd rather pick up a map that's already made from planet minecraft
  10. Dwain reads, Did know dat Ironfist has thever power to enact these pacts... without advice or discussion ove da senate of hammers
  11. Wonders why all the pass wasn't given up.... shrugs and goes back to his ledgers
  12. Dwain wonders if he will ever be able to slay elven blood for the past grudges that need to be resolved
  13. Dwain signs and brings his coin purse to buy a future shop
  14. Dwain wishes the new clan luck. "If ye Ned stuff just let meh knuw"
  15. Dwain reads the documents "Not bad, could a been worse." Goes back to his training within the citadel