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  1. Hiebe

    Ale Day

    Dwain tries to read the print. "Da fawk is dis shoite"
  2. Couldnt we just call these fake goldhands what they really are? Bunch if nasty Anvilaxes... Dwain the smith states
  3. Taxes should be fair, based on the size ove da ouse or business. Says the old tax collector
  4. Hiebe

    DNN #16

    Anudder fake news outlet. Cries the scarred dwarf
  5. CT Mine refilled with new conditions. Dwarves and orcs have moved their mines to the new system. 50% of blocks within the mine have to be gone and 1 week cooldown. If you have any questions you can PM me. 

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Have the diamond rates been lowered so that you don’t get half as many diamonds as iron?

      That was my only real complaint with the system. It made diamonds too plentiful.

    2. Hiebe


      Diamonds are removed till further notice.

  6. Looking over old posts from 2012, Ive seen too many come and go for one player. Fuuuuuuck

    1. z3m0s


      Mid lotc life crisis?

  7. Hiebe

    Regarding 8.0

    **** https://images.app.goo.gl/trVVCfAyCtsNA8fF7
  8. We dont have a functioning server and people want to have a custom coded profession plugin.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. argonian


      wtf why do they code the plugin BEFORE asking us what we want? this is like nexus all over again 

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      @argonian I guess we better start givin’ ‘em suggestions right now before work begins and the sunken cost fallacy applies to whatever they’ve made.

    4. CrazyBigSpiders


      Better yet, it's being made by a dev with no exposure to the lotc community 🙂 And without the notes from the previous iteration of devs.

  9. Hiebe


    2 week cooldown currently, might be changed but overall 70% of the blocks within have to be mined out before it will trigger refill.
  10. Hiebe


    There will be more mines added. This is just a trial run. There is a cooldown of refill. Ill add the specs of the mine when i get home so you have a better idea of how it should work
  11. Hiebe


    Trial system that can be tweaked to be used correctly for maybe future maps. Currently uses the pit plugin so there is a limited cooldown and will eventually cost mina to refill.
  12. Hiebe


    Greetings LOTCers Today we are exploring a new system of mines for the player base. There is currently one new mine set up at spawn to test it out. It utilizes Korvics pit plugin. The test mine is a 50x50x50 region with a percentage of stone, iron, gold, redstone, coal, lapiz, and diamond. These percentage chances will be toyed with and changed as needed. These are slated to replace the current mine world to free up resources for the server. Future Ideas Include -Specialized mines -Mine expansions -Gold sink -Adventure mines Please enjoy and send feedback to myself and the World Dev team. Special thanks to Krovic for helping me set these up
  13. Missed all of the dwarven gods....
  14. Dwain reads and slowly nods his head. 'Fer a beardlin 'e knows well'
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