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  1. Dwain agrees as he is tired of having to intervene in corrupt counting. (That moment when mineman elections have more integrity than the usa)
  2. -1 having to re apply after being a runesmith alreafy icly. Looks good otherwise
  3. Lets just play the old world blues mod for hoi4
  4. I hope to not expose them to this server. I do plan to play Hytale with them if it ever comes out. Also install a internet monitor program as well. /seen Hiebe Lifes gotten pretty busy so its leaning heavily atm. Might just do work for transitions and not so much week or day to day world team ****
  5. 1. Hiebe Irongut, mage paragon king long time played (about 6 years). Best memories. 2. Ive had one or two humans and never got into it. Had an orc i wish i delved more into. It was back in 3.0 so pretty active community and interesting. 3. I would say top moments had to have been the release days of 2.0, 3.0 and the og wars of 2.0 Tnt mine traps vaq skills plugin had a really fun pvp mmo system. Lots of min max skills but it was fun using axes to destroy people. Release days were fun spending the whole.night awake getting my.first iron set and getting shops going to make mina. 4. EVERY PEDO MOMENT. Ive seen so many exposed pedos here in lotc it blows my mind. The internet is crazy and wild west like. Also when i was stupid enough and got myself banned in 3.0 for stashing diamonds, pretty cringy for myself.
  6. Ask me anything. 10 years today, idk why I'm still here but I am.
  7. Dwain is seen using a rusty shovel to decapitate snakes. "Hrm.... snakes.... I 'ate snakes"
  8. Dwain hides in his deep.dark room in the back of Dunhiem.
  9. BEARDS IN BELTS,! Cries the Holm Heir.
  10. The Urguan Iron Banker hears of the 10% mark to mina transaction fee. "Oooof, an dey say muh .1 mina fee was expensive..."
  11. These were grandfathered internal ferries so players had comparable travel times to Capitals from hubs. We are not offering fast travels to Athera at this time, please check back in later.
  12. Norland AND the Helves were grandfathered ferries for their nation roads. Norland's due to their massively longer travel time compared to other nations and helves for them being on a island. We didn't want repeats of last map's ugly super long bridges in the middle of the oceans/lakes so we grandfathered in no cost ferries that save a couple hundred block traveling to make it the same as other nations who are 3 mins away from their hub.
  13. Settlers of Almaris - Seafarers Expansion Hello there fellow LoTC players, the World/Tech Team is proud to inform you about the introduction of the Ferry Plugin on Almaris. This plugin will allow nations and independent settlements to purchase Fast Travel Routes between each other. Process: For a nation or independent charter to purchase a Fast Travel Route, they will need to make a /wreq asking for a designer or a World Team Manager to help them out with this. The handler will calculate the cost of the fast travel route (0.5 mina per block as the crow flies rounding to the nearest 50 minas) and make sure both PROs agree. The ticket handler will charge the price of the fast travel route and will set up the Fast Travel. Rules: For the time being Fast Travel Points will be made only between nation capitals & other nations’ capitals or independent settlements. For example: Urguan Capital & Norland Capital can build a fast travel route between them. Urguan Capital & Marsumar can build a fast travel route between them. Urguan Capital & Urguan Vassal settlement cannot build a fast travel route between them at this time. There is no current limit on the number of fast travels a nation can purchase. For the time being, fast travel can only be set up on lore-approved vehicles like ships or carriages. This one is a bit obvious but for a nation to set up a fast travel route, there must be a roleplay agreement made between the PROs of both parties. This means Urguan can’t set up a fast travel route with Sutica if Sutica’s PRO doesn’t agree to it. The Nations can split the cost to purchase a fast travel or the fees at whatever percentage they want, depending on the agreement Nations are free to manage these fast travel routes as they see fit. If they wish to place a small tax for players to use the fast travel or leave it free it is up to them, all taxes paid using a fast travel go into the Nation treasury. Each fast travel will cost Nations 25 minas a week in upkeep. Treasuries will be charged for their costs. Thank you @Nickrocky213 for making this possible, @BasketWeaver for forcing him to do it, and @soul for making this post. Important Note: This system is subject to change with time & feedback. Fast Travel between settlements within a Nation will be addressed after the initial trial period of the plugin. Art Credit: Penemann
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