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  1. Hey all short AMA if you are interested. Im Hiebe a current World Dev and started dev-ing as early as 3.0/Anoths. Let me hear those questions from anything you want. Im bored and watching my newborn sleep.
  2. That moment when lotc will be 10 years old in little over 2 years...

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    2. Brevias
    3. Corpean


      In that time frame I’d have completed middle school, high school, college, and my time in the army. That’s a lot of time.

    4. Sporadic


      crazy how much value I got out of a 20 dollar game.

  3. Hiebe

    January Community Newsletter

    We havent given a release date yet...
  4. Hiebe

    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    You litterally gave safe haven tu raiders and bandits.... like whut you tinkin
  5. Hiebe

    Well... At Least They Tried

    Dwain slams his hand in agreement in the tavern
  6. Hiebe

    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    No one wants to tu beh in yer pit ove a citeh. Ye even gave refuge tu da frosties whi are no badder den bandits.
  7. Hiebe

    Grudges Declared!

    I thought you died
  8. Hiebe

    Charter System [Your View]

    Theres a couple things missing. Looks good but not complete
  9. Activity isnt tracked by gms. Tracked by a plugin that hits every region every 15 mins
  10. Que every "active" group making a post for a nation tile.
  11. Hiebe

    [H]== Clan Hammerfist ==[H]

    Dwain reads their history. "Should just be ironguts.... blood is blood."
  12. Hiebe

    Terms of Pardoning of Balrog Khazad Dreng

    Dwain frowns. Toime tu kick sum squatters out
  13. Hiebe

    The Battle of Prince's Folly

    Very nice read.
  14. I'm just one world dev expressing my concerns. Whatever is voted or forced to be done really doesnt affect me.
  15. Cause the monk temple has been a core of lotc lore and its central hub. Not gonna change cause a few vocal players want it removed. Orcs dont have a "nation" so their racial spawn wouldnt exist without cloud temple (which you want removed) races have multiple different nations that could "claim" their the main nation for the races so theres no way to give the perk of new players to say fenn or gladwyn, or even sutica. Travel times for next map are shorter than this map. There will be no belfitz fiasco, no crossroad towns. You all just look at the map and have no clue of the actual block distance everything is. We are keeping the road speed boost so even then the times to nations will be short. If we made straight lines to nations yes the times would be shorter but the map would be ugly and not natural.