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  1. I think with lairs being avaliable now to these niche rp groups get them land and space. If they become super active they can upgrade to settlement and get their perks. Lairs require no activity check just that its being used.
  2. Dwain gasps deep in the depths of the mining tunnels. He felt a chill run down his spine. How could someone know he pulled the puppeteer strings so far away. Dwains ability was unknown to most and some gossip about it but.... no ones ever been able to tell. "How could Charles know....." Then Dwain woke up from his nightmare. His simple bed within Irongutia, covered in sweat. "Dam noightmares"
  3. I want my own boomer rank plz.
  4. What a shitshow

  5. Bye bud. Another old timer bites the dust.
  6. Dwain hears of the new coalition. Fun toimes
  7. Well now we know whos arm to take now!
  8. Time for another split of the dwarves over internal greed. The runesmith thinks as he walked through the city.
  9. Hammers strike the forges deep in Irongutia. The clansmen work with speed but not dropping quality. The reports of the dead have raised a great vigor of the clan. Having a deep hatred of all undead, since the time of Herons betrayal, they ready themselves to arm the legion and send their warriors.
  10. A dwarf reads. "Let the **** posting begin"
  11. Every time you grant the players a step they take a mile. Example, thanium. A material used to cool and for golem. Players walked around the redlines and make a nuke. Dont add guns
  12. Hiebe

    Ale Day

    Dwain tries to read the print. "Da fawk is dis shoite"
  13. Couldnt we just call these fake goldhands what they really are? Bunch if nasty Anvilaxes... Dwain the smith states
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