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  1. Wow that narrator has one sexy voice.
  2. This is super helpful! Really gives context to everyone on the server and should help people decide who they want to hang out with.
  3. Trial of Survival Entry Name: Kantaris Nation: Siramenor Combat Experience: Beginner
  4. FIXER957


    Kantaris was born in The Forest Realm of Irrinor. He was born as a commoner, but found himself obsessed with exploration and discovery. Whenever he had the chance, he worked to hone his archery and hunting techniques. He found archery as a form of meditation, preferring using it as a way to become closer to nature than as a means of warfare. Growing up, he spent most of his life in and out of small settlements and camps in The Forest Realm and in The Wildlands. By the time he was about 60 years old, Kantaris felt that he learned all he could about archery and survival from his brethren in Irrinor. Kantaris set out from his home for the first time and ventured to the Talus Grove settlement, home of the Druidic Order. Kantaris was in awe of the scenery that the druids had propagated in their home, and became excited to see more of what nature could offer him outside of his home city’s walls. Kantaris decided to head out on his own in search of knowledge and experience in hunting, gathering, archery, and survival. Between the age of 60-100, Kantaris spent most of his time alone, traveling the Wildlands in search of knowldege and unique experiences similar to what he saw in Talus Grove. He strived to become closer to nature. On his journeys, he aided wildlife and travelers in need. He searched for rare creatures such as Trolls in hopes of learning more about them, and experimented with rare plants such as the psychedelic ShadeLeaf plant. These 40 years on his own were just the beginning though, Kantaris decided that at the age of 100, he would venture back to the main nations of Arcas in search of knowledge and additional training, perhaps from Druids. Perhaps, he would even find a new clan, seed, family, or kingdom to become a part of and grow with.
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