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  1. Fluffycop is slaving away rn u just dont know
  2. anyone know any good proofreading websites that are free for essays?

    1. Borin


      just ask some lotc nerd who does too much writing to proofread

    2. Periphonics


      grammarly isnt bad! i mean it uses ai now which booo but overall it does its job fairly well
      also if u wanna use cool synonyms powerthesaurus is a great tool

  3. Me when tech team has to do technical stuff to make technical things work Congratulations on the first house
  4. dm me what main yt channel cinematics / videos u guys wanna see 

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    2. Xarkly


      Short lotc lore or history videos (i.e. wars)

    3. satinkira


      1 hour ago, Xarkly said:

      Short lotc lore or history videos (i.e. wars)


      fitmc style

    4. subatomic


      @Xarkly @satinkira These are all excellent ideas, and I've always wanted to do FitMC video-style history stuff, but I just, for some reason, never did them. I'm starting to practice voice acting myself with some new TikTok's that I'm making to see how that goes, and if it sounds fine, then I'll move on to the FitMC-styled videos.

      @UnwillinglyI understand your viewpoint on the constant advertisement for the more significant nations; however, it is designed for random viewers on YouTube to discover and explore our more established player bases. I'm not saying the smaller ones don't matter, and I'll look into creating some videos for them, but we were just focused on the prominent nations at the time.

  5. 0 upvotes 2 seconds ago u fell off
  6. josh3738 might have aura
  7. It's almost time.

  8. It's almost time.

  9. It's almost time.

  10. why no AI? unless someone would recreate those in game screenshots to match that cartoony like art style, then I don't rlly see the problem
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