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  1. Markus Mudd read the missive and smiled deviously..
  2. Or you could just make the potion in the glass arrow
  3. Why do you bully 14 year old kids on the internet and call them names on friend discord servers; Is it because you know you wont get banned? Is it because you feel power doing it? Is it because you hate me? I hope I get an answer back..
  4. The Brawm Mercenary read the missive about Krugmar and the Jindles. He then started to write a note to his brother with pristine handwriting and sent it off. He watched as the bird flew away in his keep and let out a loud sigh before saying to himself, "My brother was dropped as a child and hit his head. This is unbelievable! I told him NOT to join this damn Jindle bandit group and he still does! This is such a letdown to our family. Vaughn would be ashamed, and so would our predecessors." Said the Mudd. He then walked back inside, sighing even louder.
  5. Markus Mudd read the missive by the ruthless Skavik people and wondered if pirates are also a thing.
  6. awwwww hellllll nah man what da **** man

  7. [OOC]] IGN: subprofits [[ OOC]] Discord: atomic#3333 Name: Markus Mudd Where are you from?: From the North inside my house Optional Alias: n/a
  8. This is the craziest drama on the Lord of the Craft network.......
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