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      you already know the mission

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      Do u have a pc yet

  2. Lucien Ashford de Rouen nodded his head at the missive. "Well done, Adelric." - "Shine bright like the Savoyard sun."
  3. Ser Lucien Ashford de Rouen watched Conquest, the boom-steel blade King Frederick once wielded in battle. The wear and tear of the weapon was immense due to the civil war. He then looked over to his father, Edmond of Blackwald and handed him the missive. "Read over it father, I'm going to show the missive to the Novellen children." Said Lucien as he exited the fort, a copy of the missive in his hand.
  4. **** i forgot to log on for the warclaim

  5. Ser Lucien Ashford de Rouen flexes his huge muscles as he read the missive. He seemed to be lost, in exile.. no where to be found. His room dirty, his knees sweaty, palms are heavy with notes; come out from where he was hiding, and fight for his nation, said the notes. The Savoyard then went to send the mighty Frederick II a bird via other sources to discuss about classified information. The Ashford seemed to be bored though. He'd be singing hymns in his keep about the old days, the days where he was able too bully children in the square of Petra, make fun of them and demoralize them. He then pondered in his thoughts, thinking of the times that he met the von Draco that was mentioned in the missive. He wondered how she was alive after all of these years. Sometimes, idiocy goes a long way.
  6. Sir Lucien Ashford de Rouen reads the missive within Barrows Crossing. He emits a sigh through his lips before speaking. "I should've beat these damn kids more often so they could actually fight."
  7. Sir Lucien Ashford de Rouen sits idle in Barrows Crossing. The 'feds' are on his ass. He still reads the notes till this day, dotting down notes on how to become as charismatic as Marius.
  8. Ser Lucien Ashford de Rouen is proud that his former squire has taken on such a philosophical mind.
  9. Ser Lucien Ashford de Rouen would read over the missive. He then smiled the sun's smile and looked over towards the two Novellen; handing them the paper for them to read over. @[email protected]_
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