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  1. Well the spirit of the rule seems to prevent playing an unnaturally buff and/or powerful character so if you want to be smaller than the minimum high restrictions I doubt anyone has any practical reason to prevent that, imo
  2. Nice work, elf section is more or less okay
  3. This has been the High Princes and Annilirs channel and we will catch you on the next one
  4. the horse is basically my perpetual mood
  5. Amaethea - The Elkwood Glade Amaethea, a name roughly translating to “elkwood”, is the largest city of the Elven people on the continent of Almaris. Nestled deep within the mighty Orocarne mountains, and well hidden redwood pines of the forest of Dorthonion, its glades are rich with wild game, and its river and shores abundant with aquatic life, making for overall prosperous living. The Elves here devote their lives to maintaining a personal harmony with the wilderness around them, living simple, naturalistic lives while observing the rich tapestry of rites revolving around their wil
  6. A day later and the poster has been ripped down and replaced by a wampum scroll written in elvish script. "The teaching of arcane sorcery to any citizen of elvenesse is strictly illegal, and leaving the borders of our realm to learn this forbidden magic is not an acceptable loophole to circumvent this law. Desist or suffer the full brunt of the law of Elvenesse and wrath of the Wild Gods."
  7. While it is okay for your character to have prejudices, a well developed character is defined by what they like, not by what they hate. ergo, if your character’s only personality traits are “hates gays, women and minorities”, then you’re playing a self-insert to act out your prejudices with a thin veil of RP to justify it. If your character is a well developed product of his culture, with goals, ambitions, desires that dont solely revolve around hating people, then its okay for a byproduct of his personality to include prejudice against certain peoples and groups.
  8. Among the smoldering wreckage of the village of Siramenor, a Green Priest stands on a charred stump, facing a crowd of mali’ame. They are bruised and broken, weary and bloodied. The night’s fighting has been hard on them, and their home has been rendered into ash. The priest himself is wrapped in silk bandage, stained with blood. His left eye is swollen shut, his lip split. He looks no better than any of the wounded warriors he addresses. He speaks quietly, his voice croaking, but as his speech goes on- he grows more iron willed, impassioned, defiant, and determined. Our humble vill
  9. If you enjoy historical fiction, then anything by James Clavell is exceptional. My top three favourite books by him are as follows: Shogun Tai-Pan King Rat
  10. May I point out that the Monkeys have now officially outlasted both the Kha and the Snow Elves
  11. Laetranis smiled as he read over this segment of the ethnography. “Lady Tanith certainly is a master of prose, she explains the balance better than even I could. Perhaps I will use her moving words in my future sermons.” ((This is excellently written, thank you for taking the time to explore our culture and give us a spotlight!))
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