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  1. ciryl gane

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      god i ******* love ciryl 

  2. Nicely done - should expand the lexicon into a proper conlang.
  3. Wrapped in umbral hues, a silken-clad man offered a prayer for his late friend.
  4. Hit the nail on the head my man. Not exactly sure where we are going with this... but time will tell.
  5. S y c o r a x The Language of Kal”dránünshaél Stone-worked tablets of some unknown lexicon, begin to appear across the coastal shores of Almaris. Cut into the stone was a scrawl of exotic runes in the likeness of an alphabet. Below was something akin to a poem. Iunlo téan aeaüle’in la’eielimie’’kúeln aesháüs. Iunlo láesleyukúnlolm éoülulo’quroméisl üyo ül üimluiaüyenye Tám’slnlnlenlo cüs yelelo’’niulinlai’émla qürak’aeláioieémyeiu. Ol iulakluimüyu sieinüleim in üyeúunlnkiulo shaléasyeüoém lanyoinkiokla. Credits TojoTime @TojoTime - Concept, Linguistic System, Lexicon, Art ImStuckInHell @ImStuckInHell - Concept, Lexicon, Proofread Z3m0s @z3m0s - Tech Consultant MNT_Plovdiv @MNT_Plovdiv - Linguistic Consultant, Proofread, Numerical System Armored_Ghost @Armored_Ghost - Proofread Grammatical Outline Akin to Elvish or the common tongue, Sycorax is a language of lexical stress, following similar phonemic rules. Sycorax makes use of no gendered nouns, adjectives, or verbs. Sycorax is structured in SVO (Subject-Verb-Object) Adjectives Adjectives and adverbs always bind before nouns and verbs through the use of a quotation mark (“). Further, articles and conjunctions attach themselves at the end or start of the previous word with a singular quotation (‘), regardless of it being a noun, verb, or adjective. If an article is followed by another, they should not be conjoined. Similarly, the conjoining order for an article or conjunction is freeform, and the placement of the quotation is irrelevant. OOC: In-game use of a quotation mark disrupts dialogue; therefore, use two subsequent singular quotations. Nouns Plurality in Sycorax has dual forms; denoted by - “aes-” (dual), “ae-” (plural) and is written before the affected noun. Plural nouns use the plural form “ae-”. OOC: Similar to some Baltic languages, eg. Singular: draugas (a friend), Dual: draugu (two friends), Plural: draugai (friends). Diminutives and augmentatives do not appear in the Sycorax lexis. OOC: Omitting the creation of diminutives and augmentatives for the purpose of natural development. Similar to plurality, Possession is marked before the noun and makes use of “sha-” in denotation. In the case of a conjoined adjective or article, possession is denoted after the adjective. Prepositions appear in Sycorax; however, postpositions do not. Verbs Sycorax is a tenseless language and must be denoted by verbs and adverbs. Prefixes and Suffixes Adjectives can be rewritten as an adverb (-ly) using the suffix “-gül”. Verbs Prefix Example Common siu Again or back, restructure, Re- le Reverses the verb, disappear Dis- kém Too much Over- nám Reverses the verb, unbend Un- ia Badly or wrongly, mislead Mis- súa More Out- lm Make or cause Be- ám Together Co- ye Opposite of De- sie Earlier, before Fore- ie Between Inter- im Before Pre- üim Under/below Sub- sye Across, over, transform Trans- úa Not enough Under- Suffix Example lia Characterise, simbolise táe Differentiate, liquidate üe Classify, simplify la Shorten, fasten Nouns Prefix Example Common én Against anti- tle Self auto- lio Two bi- üie Joint co- lu Against counter- kéu The converse of dis- slo Former ex- üin Extreme hyper- lyo The converse of in- io Inside in- üyo Between inter- lúe Thousand kilo- léu Bad mal- tén Million mega- lin Wrong mis- syo Small mini- tlo One mono- yu New neo- kln Separate out- kán Many poly- sln False pseudo- lya Again re- úe Half semi- kye Below sub- téo More than, above super- üla Over and above sur- nia Distant tele- nlu Three tri- lo Beyond ultra- nye Below, too little under- lim Deputy vice- Suffix Example sle Astronomer, geographer ülo Thatcherism, Zionism, Canonism kle Friendship, citizenship lám Baggage, plumage Suffix Example le Ability, similarity, responsibility nle Darkness, preparedness láo Urgency, efficiency nlo Emptied, buried Adjectives Prefix Example kiu Central, political, national yo Different, dependent, excellent éo Attractive, effective, imaginative, repetitive iu Continuous, dangerous, famous niu Beautiful, peaceful, careful üyu Endless, homeless, careless, thoughtless úo Drinkable, countable, avoidable, Suffix Prefix kyo Unfortunate, uncomfortable á Immature, impatient tám Non-political, Non-neutral tyo Disloyal, dissimilar, dishonest Honorifics Honorifics in Sycorax are not gender-specific. Honorifics bind upon proper nouns in address and is a suffix. An honorific forms as a suffix through use of a singular quotation (‘), and is denoted increasing honour as follows: Éln ~ Éusúo ~ Slaénán Punctuation Punctuation in Sycorax is comparatively simple to that of the common tongue, where a stop (.) is that is used to denote a pause in text. Personal Pronouns Personal pronouns can be either subjects or objects in Sycorax. Subject pronouns are in the nominative case, whereas object pronouns are in the objective case. Pronouns are gendered. OOC: Objective and nominative pronouns follow the same format as English, eg. Second singular objective “You”, second singular nominative “You”. Non-personal Pronouns OOC: Similar to personal pronouns, non-personal pronouns follow the same rules as English Query This That Some No Every Adjective Gáen Il Isé Cüs In Lain Person Gáe Il Isé Cüsol Inol Lainol Thing Gáesh Il Isé Cüsen Inen Lainen Place loüia Vün Isó Cüsún Inloüia Lainloüia Time Gol Haü Isn Cüsaiel Iánen Vaénül Way Om Cüs Reason Ġi OOC: English translation. Query This That Some No Every Adjective Which This That Some No Every Person Who This That Someone No one Everyone Thing What This That Something Nothing Everything Place Where Here There Somewhere Nowhere Everywhere Time When Now Then Sometime Never Always Way How Thus Somehow Reason Why Articles and Conjunctions Sycorax makes use of definite and indefinite articles. OOC: Akin to some romance languages, an indefinite article can be pluralised if there is no plural noun. Common Sycorax A La An Laün The Qürak This Quündi That Quromé And in But éo For üyu Nor nyu Or tám So kie Yet sle Though Quroméisl Numbers The Sycorax numeral system is expressed similarly to the Common system, and is broken into groups of ones, tens, and hundreds. Despite this, in place of numbers, an alphabetic-numeric system is used. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ひ ふ み よ い む な や こ Tens: と Hundreds: び Thousands: せ For example, 14 will be とよ and 56 will be いとむ OOC: Japanese has been used due to the abundance of characters in comparison to English. Counting in Sycorax is comparatively rudimentary, and is spoken in separate groups of one to ten, tethered by a hyphen. Numbers above twenty can be expressed with a natural number in front. EG: Ten - Four = 14, One - Ten - Four = 104 Counting Zero - iln One - ol Two - üen Three - álin Four - nolé Five - yael Six -ján Seven - kisé Eight - náén Nine - heüs OOC For further development, the phonetic breakdown of Sycorax is as follows: Consonants Vowels Nasals ü t k n s l i y á l ú é m n o a e u PM TojoTime#7557 for additions and rewrites. Disclaimer: This is a work in progress - we are aware of duplicated words and prefixes/suffixes. Further updates will be posted regularly. Common-Sycorax Dictionary (Verbs have been pasted as a separate comment.)
  6. If you write magic lore you could look like Brandon Sanderson

  7. "That burger was delicious," a veiled youth hummed.
  8. Some urbane youth chuckled mirthlessly, an idle hand thumbing the ornate gildings of his coat lining as he spoke: "I hear olog dung proves an effective cure."
  9. I can sell you a decrepit goblin?
  10. A Night of Merriment A cabal is birth'd ~ To the weary souls, Beyond is thy dole; Where, Clung to mountains high: A manor does lie; And, Cut deep into earth, A cabal is birth’d. So, Wilt thou enquire? For I require Thy Presence- ‘tis dire. The honour of your presence is requested, and at the behest of Arun Dharas Ebonheart, this invitation is proffered. Co-authored by: @TojoTime @ImStuckInHell
  11. Cloaked in winter's haar, a creature uncanny origin cackled odiously, "Oh- investigate to thy last breath."
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