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  1. The mournful ghost of Arún thanks the Fishing Chad.
  2. By the Pond The Haikus of Yong Ping ~ Arún Dharas Ebonheart A Nightingale perched, Enshaded in umbral hues, Humming in delight “The Nightingale” Year 11, SA. In a world of dreams- And in the world of waking. Then at last, we stir “Noumena” Year 20, SA. Darkness Eternal His countenance is mournful- Vulmir was his name “Vulmir” Year 41, SA. Silent was the night Palar fangs, and the embrace Then he was no more “The Creature” Year 41, SA.
  3. Eve of the Evangelist Sinbad al-Bahaar III Sursum Harken to thee, O! wretched soul; Harken to thee, for thou shan’t be absolved. Harken my son, for this place I shalt hallow; Harken my son, writhe to thy marrow. ~ Thus they made ascent, drawn t’ords spire dark; Dogged and forlorn, didst the two embark. Thereupon they harkend, a cry enwreathed with fear, And lo! before them didst nae man appear; ‘Twas a daemon, and its hand beheld death, Vorpal sword didst it carry, slung abreast. There Arvos stoodeth snarling, maw oozing, For the deceased he tested accusing; And upon them, didst a cruel voice resound; Tone unt’ords, and dolorous spite abound: “Woe unto thee, who begirds mine sanctum Cometh-hither! for thou art nae phantom.” And to him Lucien spoke: “Impede naught For this divine journey hast been fate-wrought; Thou shan't query that which is ordained.” And thus, did the Holy Father obtain A staff alight, forged from which is holy; Crest gleaming baleful, coalescing slowly. Bursting forth, pure and smiting didst it strike; That place mute of all light, now shining bright. Thence fell Arvos, his soul rended in two, Upon which they journeyed, vigour gained anew. Figure 1: Bursting forth, pure and smiting didst it strike... Previous
  4. Armiger Sinbad al-Bahaar, upon hearing the news, began packing his things for the journey south.
  5. ✠ Fidem Numquam Mori ✠ An Ode to Faith Have faith in him, for he shan’t lie; For in the sky, will he reply. Have faith, O son; for time is nigh; Fidem numquam mori. Have faith and heel; uphold decree, For in his realm thy fears relieve; Have faith forlorn, you shall receive. Fidem numquam mori. Have faith in God: entrust thine life, For path be true and faith be rife; Have faith and trust to hear his fife. Fidem numquam mori. “Have faith my son; cling near and hide For on thine path, I shall provide; Have faith in me; my love ebbs wide.” Fidem numquam mori. Armiger Sinbad al-Bahaar of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn
  6. An Alurian Missive; the Account of Battle "In Knowledge, Power" Penned by the Seat of Poetry Sinbad al-Bahaar What Sinbad the Poet has learnt through query, is here set forth; for the brave deeds of men young, permit these words to be heard for years to come. Beneath the floating city of Ando Alur, of the year 36 SA, a battle was had for the liberty of its flying citizens. Little was known of the enemy of which they fought: eastward in Karinah’siol, the name denoted was Fishmen, and above the clouds in Ando Alur, they were called Shuul. Yet, to the wider inhabitants of Almaris, nothing was spoken about these creatures bar rumors. Nonetheless, the battle was one of great magnitude; and as it has been learned, a decisive victory for the Alurians. 1. At dawn of the 10th day of grand Harvest, the Lord Sentinel Harald Hansen, drew up his forces before the Alurian Lake. Two canons, an archer tower, and a ballista, laid siege to the unprepared Shuul, destroying their lake fort. Volleys of arrows, set loose by the Sillumar, at the call of Commander Valindra, finished off the Shuul guardsmen held within; concluding the first day of battle - and for a time, a brooding silence fell upon the soldiers. 2. Thereupon, small pockets of air began to rise from beneath the water's surface, followed by a humming resonance as an elite Fishmen vanguard drew forth to meet the Alurians. This Shuul unit constituted a large portion of their forces, and consisted of: twenty five Fishmen warriors, a twenty foot War-Crab, and mounted Fishmen riding atop it. 3. The Alurian cannons took aim at the crab, in a futile attempt to bring it down; with a melee ensuing between both forces. Meanwhile, with the cover of the resulting skirmish, a Dwarf of the name Dorimnur Goldhand, a member of the monster hunting group ‘The Eight’, brandished an explosive item, known simply as ‘The Rose’. Not much can be said of this item besides its destructive capabilities; and with its use, the War-Crab was rendered immobile. 4. Soon after, the Shuul lines broke, resulting in the encirclement of their forces. 5. The accounts thenceforth, remain ambiguous; perhaps due to the chaos of battle. Yet, what can be said with certainty was the complete defeat of the Shuul, culminating with a three-pronged attack by: the Lord Sentinel, Edvard Kervallen, and an atronach belonging to Lady Chiyo, that brought down the giant crab. OOC PICTURES
  7. Eve of the Evangelist Sinbad al-Bahaar Dedicated to High Pontiff Tylos I II Proelium Beyond them layeth kingdom lacuna; Beyond them, the unfaithful and lamented; Beyond them resounded ululations lost; Beyond them, layeth spire Proelium. ~ Day hadst drawn near, for the penumbral air Bellowed its last utterance, t’ords the pair; Yet, lustre didst not pearce those palar pines, And they went onwards, in enshaded strides. Thereupon, the two came t’ords the spire gate And the Holy Father proclaimed in wait: "And lo! before thine, be spire Proelium, And upon its crest dwelleth Odium; Thy dole and enemy it is foretold, For in his demise, thee shall be absolved.” Then the Father beconned Tylos forthward, Sealing his words with demurring accord. And afar, the two saweth a man eld; Lugubrious was the voice they beheld: “Despair taketh ye! O, sinners of faith, For thine lot beeth of that other space; And thou, that has wandered, living soul, Withdraw thyself, yet I’ll lop off thine nole.” Thereupon, Lucien responded thus: “Vex thee not, Oedipus, for it is us, And question nae more, for it hath been willed; Attend thine gate, for those spirits fulfilled.” Then they went forth, to the point of ascent; Where without a star, do the dead lament. Figure1: Day hadst drawn near, for the penumbral air Bellowed its last utterance, t’ords the pair;
  8. The Ando Alur Beach Festival "In Knowledge, Power" To conclude the week... why not a beach festival right? With the wrap-up of the Ando Alurian Beach Festival, I am taking the liberty of sharing some pictures to recap. Regards to Ilyana @doreebear, for hosting this amazing event, and my most solemn apologies to all those not in attendance. Fun Outfits
  9. Eve of the Evangelist Sinbad al-Bahaar Dedicated to High Pontiff Tylos I I Laboribus In shades dark, a spire doeth reside; Mortal ties relinquished, did it abide. Upon its foot, a twisted holt causeth dread: A diaphanous haar, draped on its bed. Astray in this glade Tylos seemed to wade, For his straightforward path had been swayed. Despair seized his soul, as the night drew near; Forlorn he toiled, spirit gripped by fear. Before his eyes, did one present itself In the form of a shade was its visage. "Alas, tis time”, proclaimed Tylos derisive, "O, ghoulish sprite, take pity on thy soul! For once I believed; thine faith being whole.” He answered him thus: “No ghoul do I be For a man I was, now a shade you see. High Pontiff Lucien didst be thy name: Lucien The Good, they did proclaim.” "Avail me holy ghost for thou hast lied!” Tylos made response with mewling strides. "Fret not, for in the skies, thou cries been heard When, from aloft, he dost bring you his word. Regarding thou faith you shan't be denied As for thine guidance, I wouldst provide.” And Tylos to him: “O, Holy Father, But for how shouldst we leave with great ardour, For the path forward doeth be mired And with each passing, I groweth tired.” Parting thine hands, the spirit made clear; A path to the spire, did he make appear. Figure 1: Astray in this glade Tylos seemed to wade... Figure 2: Parting thine hands, the spirit made clear; A path to the spire, did he make appear... OOC Thread Theme
  10. I'll be looking forward to this!
  11. Sinbad beamed as he read this missive found discarded on the street. "I do be making a name for myself", he thought.
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