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  1. A former Citizen of the Empire chuckles loudly at the thought of an elf being in the government before snorting a line of quartz off the back of a dwarf.
  2. The little girl was completely correct, her older cousin having missed the event because he mixed up the date.
  3. 1. Full Name of the Candidate: Natalie Julia Beaumont 2. Age of the Candidate: 29 3. Street Address of the Candidate: Komenos 2 4. Position the Candidate is Running For: Alderman
  4. Skin: Blue Riding Bid: 140 Discord: Desired#2831 Skin: Yellow Promenade Bid: 120 Skin: Flowers and Bows Bid: 170
  5. Natalie Julia lets out a loud huff as the sound of a knock echos through her house. The woman would mumble a string of vulgar words to herself as she moved towards her door, a rag in one of her hands. Upon accepting the missive from a young mail boy she quickly read over it while moving back through her home. Upon returning to her original spot she’d lower herself to the ground, resting at eye level with a bust of HIH Princess Amadea. She’d return to polishing the bust while idly speaking to herself. “I only hope the Emperor lives long enough for this idiot to be a rotting corpse.”
  6. Yellow Promenade Bid - 100 Discord - Desired#2831 Blue Riding Bid - 100 Old Fashioned Bid - 110
  7. Natalie Julia lounges in an oversized chair while reading over the missive. “Gotta make a living somehow!” She’d comment with a loud chuckle before tossing the paper to the side.
  8. Natalie Julia runs through the streets of Providence towards the store, quickly buying the outfit before returning to bed.
  9. The way I thought this ended at 8 cst
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