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  1. Anne of Sunholdt let out a roaring laugh within one of the parlors of Aster Hall before throwing the Missive towards Joseph de Sarkozy's @sashimichoppedFace. "LOOK AT THIS!" She blurted out between her loud chuckles, head swinging back and feet slamming against the floor in a nearly child-like mannerism. "Next Princess Amadea will be the Corpse Empress!" Her howling laughter continued as she moved across the room to curtsy before a portrait of the late Princess Amadea! "ALL HAIL EMPRESS AMADEA I OF OREN!"
  2. Anne of Sunholdt lay upon a plush sofa within her courtier apartment, flames leaping high within the fireplace at the end of the room, keeping the entire abode a toasty warm. Corners of paintings stuck out from the flames, illustrations of churches and religious monuments which had been tainted by the presence of the Daemon-Pontiff. "GOD bless the Emperor and Empress! Long may they Reign and defend us against dark foe which have slithered their way into the house of GOD. Let them stand strong against the Daemon in Pontifical Garb and his tainted followers!" The Lady Revels continued her speech to a set of paintings which hung above the fireplace before falling silent and watching the flames consume the last of the paintings, a grin forming on her lips....
  3. Anne of Sunholdt laid a bouquet of bright red roses before a bust of her sister, Johana Eleanor, frowning slightly as she looked over the detailed statue. “A true hero! If only you were successful, then that daemon spawn would be gone from the church…..”
  4. Anne of Sunholdt moved through the city of New Providence to scout the soon to be evicted houses, obviously avoiding the lower class streets. Upon reaching on of the many bulletin boards scattered about the city, Anne ripped off the letter pinned to the board before shaking her head side to side in companionship with faint clicks of the tongue. "Not fit at all... Not at all. I pray for her family's future." At that the d'Arkent tossed the missive to the side, the wind picking it up and sending it floating to the edge of the street.
  5. Aster Hall Wine Tasting Vineyards of Upper Petra - [Circa 1842] As new times come with change, as all may know and have seen with the new leaders and government of the empire. With that comes much smaller changes, yet important to the foundations and essentials to the Orenian people themselves. Thus, HIM Empress Anastasya, Lady Revels Anne of Sunholdt, and the Aster Court wish to announce the wine tasting at Aster Hall to find the finest new wine to be supplied to be deemed as the official, primary wine at the palace. However, such wine will be promoted by Their Imperial Majesties as the Orenian wine of this new era. Her Imperial Majesty and attendees shall taste test each wine presented and judge its quality. Those which the Empress deems to be of high quality will be stored within the cellar for future events. However, the family deemed to have the best wine shall also receive a contract with Aster Hall for providing wine for future events. Those who wish to present are asked to bring about 3 cases (32 bottles) of wine. SIGNED, HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Anastasya of Kositz, Empress consort of the Holy Orenian Empire, Duchess Consort of Furnestock HER LADYSHIP, Anne Josephine of Sunholdt, Lady Revels of the Aster Court DATE: Tuesday, January 4th TIME: 4pm EST PLACE: Aster Hall (imperial palace)
  6. Anne Josephine moved silently through the halls of Sunholdt, the girl’s nose and eyes holding shades of red from crying, but now she simply wore a frown. She looked along the walls where paintings of her family hung. Black cloth draped over the pictures of the former Duke. Despite the frustrations which the Lady held due to Peter’s dementia she couldn’t help but mourn for the man. “Aunt Maisie where are you going?” The youthful d’Arkent questioned as her elderly aunt moved for the door. With Maisie now gone, all of the adults, the mentors, in Anne’s life had been ripped away from her. The lady of only 15 now stood abandoned within the walls of her home, her and her brother, just a year her senior, now left to care for a family on their own.
  7. Anne of Sunholdt ordered servants around to remove the final remains of her room from Sunholdt in preparation for the upcoming war, her hand idly waving and pointing a items from her plush couch. As the servants crowded together around one of the heavier pieces of furniture Anne would take a break from her waving to read the recently published pieces on the War. “That stupid Sarkozy boy! Writings of false hope do nothing to help the Empire.” As the d’Arkent continued to rant she’d once again return to waving about orders to her servants. “We fight on land belonging only to GOD against other men of God. We should not fight with pride, nothing about cutting down fellow canonists on the land of GOD should invoke a feeling of pride. This is a solemn war, a war each and every one of us should be saddened by.”
  8. I played a version of this song in Symphonic Band this year.
  9. A brooding d'Arkent lay upon a plush couch within one of the many empty Parlors of the Sunholdt's manor within New Providence. The teen's hair covering alongside many different forms of hairpins would be scattered across the floor at the foot of the couch. "Of Course I am the one who has to deal with this!" Anne shouted into the air as her fingers idly ran through her hair which covered the upper half of her frail frame. "My Brothers, the Duke, are off doing GOD knows what and I'm stuck to take care of everything!" As the d'Arkent continued to complain to herself she'd swing her legs around, slamming them against the side of the couch in frustration. "They are lucky I love them or this family would drown without me." As the Pretentious Lady finally finished her rant she'd continue to lay upon the couch, looking over the paintings of her family within the room with a mix of frustration and love.
  10. "The Carringtons are quite bold with their words. Do you think grandfather will make a statement?" Anne Josephine queried towards her aging great aunt! @zuziee
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