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  1. Men, women, and children in all corners of humanity say their nightly prayer that the Rightful Emperor, Edward Clement of Aldersberg, will return to them!
  2. I do believe that LOTC still has a lot of issues with misogyny and that it could be part of this, but I believe a large part of the problem lies in many players' dislike toward other players who don't conform to their expectations at both an OOC or RP level. Using the example of Alasdair and Galina, you note that people seemed to be more welcoming to the young and adventuring Al, while most seemed to ignore or take little interest in Galina. This isn't necessarily just because the character is a woman, but rather that players have an expectation that the young boy should be more adventurous while the girl should be better protected and less adventurous, as such, they encourage one and discourage the other. I'd personally argue that this is a form of misogyny, but when you look at other examples it becomes clear that it's larger than that. Imagine instead of Alasdair and Galina, you have two characters, Bob, a more "traditionally masculine" boy, and Robert, a more "effeminate" boy. I'd argue that you'd see a similar outcome, with Bob being more accepted by the overall LOTC player base, while Robert would likely experience a similar disinterest to Galina because he is not conforming to the expectations of how a male character should behave. This extends to OOC interactions as well, where people will likely shun you if you aren't conforming to their idea of what you should do, say, and think. Gender Identity, Race, Sexual Orientation, etc all play a role in this and it's not something you can simply call "Misogynistic" or "Homophobic" because it is ALL of it at the same time. I could say so much more about my personal experience on the topic, but I think this post is already getting long enough and I have one more thing I want to touch on. THIS ISSUE IS A LOT WORSE IN SOME PLACES THAN OTHERS!! Since 2021, when the push for equal inheritance happened in human nations(<3 @Ivoreyy Rosemoor Bill), most human communities have put a lot of effort into making sure people of all identities feel safe and welcomed within their nation. Overall this has had an amazing impact on the server and you will find a lot more welcoming nations than you did a few years ago, but there are still places lagging behind. Some smaller communities still allow, or even support, differing levels of OOC and RP discrimination and that's where you will feel the effect of all of this a lot heavier. It's pretty easy to figure out which communities aren't putting energy into making sure people feel safe, so I'm not going to call anyone out, I'll allow everyone to analyze that themselves. Note: This final comment IS NOT meant to be targeted at any specific nation/community and shouldn't be correlated with any specific communities mentioned in @esotericas's post or mine
  3. Everyone's talking about how corruption and pvpers are hurting the server when the true enemy is all the people running around on their characters with vitiligo, heterochromia, and white stripes in their hair because they think a character without a unique appearance can't be unique. On a serious note, @Orlanth's comment is probably the most honest response yet. The vast majority of people are going to give commentary based on what they feel provides the best outcome for THEIR stories and not the overall story of LOTC. It takes a low of maturity to separate yourself from your character and look at what decisions are best for the server as a whole vs. what is best for you, and honestly, most of the players aren't mature enough to do that. In saying this, I also realize that everything I'm about to say should also be taken with a grain of salt. While I understand people's issues with PvP, Conflict, Raids, etc, I personally think it's something the server has to have to create interesting servers. There are always going to be people yelling from the rooftops about how horrible [INSERT PVP GROUP OF THE WEEK] is because they view these groups as a threat to the Roleplay they wish to create, which is honestly fair, we are all on this server for personal enjoyment, but those PvPers or Conflict-Centered players are also on LOTC for personal enjoyment. I try to avoid getting bandited or kidnapped as much as the next person because I simply don't have the time to spend in a conflict situation like that, but I can tell you that almost every time I've been bandited or kidnapped it has ended up being an enjoyable experience because I go into it with an open mind. If you are entering these encounters with a win/lose mindset then you aren't going to get anything out of them, then you aren't going to enjoy it but if you look for ways to make it fun I can almost guarantee you it will be fun because the other side of the conflict also wants to have fun. Last December I was kidnapped after only having returned to the server for like 2 days and it was honestly one of the most enjoyable moments I've had on LOTC. Having recently returned I didn't feel some inappropriate connection to my character and was really just there for a good time. I emoted my [Elderly] character's joints popping and her doing stuff like offering the kidnappers pieces of chicken from her pockets, it was honestly so funny and I ended up getting my freedom bought by a group of players who wanted a picnic in return which was also very entertaining. I'm not saying this just to run my mouth, I'm saying this to show that if you don't have a stick up your butt, then CONFLICT IS FUN. I could talk about moderation corruption and all that jazz too, but @WestCarolinaand some others here sum that up pretty well so I'm not going to waste my time on that.
  4. To His Holiness Sixtus V and the Faithful MEN of the Curia, I pen this public letter to His Holiness and the faithful men of the Curia in hopes of receiving enlightenment upon an issue I have recently discovered. While such a query may frequently be conducted via private communications, I felt such a topic was in need of a public letter. In the 18th of Sigismund's End 1849, His Holiness, Everard VI wrote a public missive announcing a shift in the church’s stance on women serving as ordained Clergy. This announcement was made in the years following an initiative led by HRH, The Princess Imperial, Elizabeth Anne with the goal of allowing women equal inheritance. Since then there have been countless women who had stood as peers in their own right across all Canonist nations. Despite the strides made in the realm of peerage, the church has notably lagged behind. Since the year 1896, a mere four women have been recorded in the Census of the Ecclesiastical Registrar, a minuscule number in comparison to their male counterparts. Furthermore, the current curia is composed of 6 men, but not one woman. I wish to know why such an unbalance exists within the Church and why little has been done to address the issue. If women have equal ability to spread the word of God and may hold positions equal to their male counterparts, then why does such a imbalance still exist? While one could argue that the imbalance exists due to a disinterest amongst the women of God’s flock, I’d propose the question, if that were to be true, would it not be the duty of the Clergy to properly educate and encourage faith amongst the women of their flocks? I wouldn’t dare question the judgment of His Holiness or any faithful Canonist. Nor do I wish to cause a disturbance akin to that which Dona Nicolette Amador recent writings caused, though I do believe the current issue needs to be addressed and pray that His Holiness may be guided toward a solution which best represents the will of God. SIGNED, Her Ladyship, Serena Viviana of Arkent
  5. Eirene went about her daily activities as much as possible, given the circumstances her parents and tutors wished to provide the young princess with an abundance of activities to distract her mind. Despite any attempts by the adults around her, all tasks and studies sent her way were completed in silence with a blank stare and all-black attire. No matter how much anyone tried, they couldn't hide pain from her.
  6. I believe @LatzMomo's suggestion with a few alterations is the best fix rather than what is being suggested in this amendment. I would suggest adding an additional ability to the Corcitura's roster. I won't give a full description and redlines since this isn't my suggestion post, but I'll provide a brief outline of what I believe would be best. Should a Corc have fear or concern of being discovered via the use of salt, they may redirect their recovery ability to instead protect minor wounds from the effects of salt over the course of 3 emotes and will remain effective for 3 OOC hours, during this time any salt introduced to major wounds would react with salt as it normally would. In order to use the ability, a Corc must have fed within the last year(1 OOC week), and the usage of the ability would cause the croc to enter the early stages of withdrawal, forcing them to feed again before they may use the ability again. Furthermore, due to the strain the ability places on the Corc's body, they would be unable to transform or experience the passive effects of their recovery ability. I'd argue that involvement with any darkspawn group comes with the inherent risk of being unable to fully integrate into regular society, so making it so salt only works in major wounds is honestly an overcorrection for the issue. If someone doesn't want to experience ostracization on their character, then perhaps the CA isn't for them. My suggestion which builds upon LatzMomo's original idea creates an expectation that both sides in an interaction be operating in good faith. If a Corc player RPs being protected from the use of salt on lesser wounds, there is an expectation that they have performed the required emotes the activate the ability and have properly RPed feeding in the last week, just as it's expected that anyone investigating a corc isn't metagaming a player's CA or causes a major wound to test the salt without proper cause. If either side is not operating in good faith they would receive proper punishment for breaking the rules. To me, this feels like the best solution as it's allowing the Corcs a way to remain protected from routine salt tests, but also forces them to put themselves at risk at a later date as they will have to feed sooner to avoid withdrawal.
  7. Amethyst isn’t accessible on the resource islands, but it’s also a future tile specific resource, so I don’t think it should be available on the resource island.
  8. Penned by Her Excellency, Serena d’Arkent After many years of turmoil and conflict, the Canonist Princes of Aevos have banded together in the hopes of returning the Canonist Realms to a time of peace and Prosperity. In celebration of recent steps toward peace, the Kingdom of Balian initiated communications with the leaders of each league member’s respective courts with the goal of hosting a series of grand revelries to celebrate the League’s goal of peace. The Revelries of St. Daniel, named in honor of St. Daniel of Al’Khazar, the Patron Saint of Peace, shall consist of a day of revelry within each respective nation, beginning within the Kingdom of Balian and ending within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska with a day of relaxation between the events of the Kingdom of Aaun and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. FESTIVAL SCHEDULE LA COSTA FESTEJO | THE COASTAL FESTIVAL All citizens of the Canonist Realms are invited to the Kingdom of Balian to enjoy a day of southern excitement. The day shall begin with a speech to celebrate the opening of the Revelries of St. Daniel, followed by a Triathlon, consisting of boating, running, and parkour. Following the boat race, a Joust shall be hosted within the royal fairgrounds while the local tavern and merchants sell food and drinks within the nearby tents for those not inclined to watch the battles. Saturday, July 1st, 4PM EST DE JOSTYR ET BRAIDIF RELIASSE | A JOUST AND HORSE RELAY The Petran folk will first host a jousting tourney where all of the most competent horsemen will be welcome to display their skill with a lance and the bond with their steeds. The stalls surrounding the jousting track will be open for purveyors to sell their wares, and the stands will be open for those to observe and perhaps place bets on the champion match of the tourney. To follow this show of wit and honor, those who wish to participate will be welcome to line up for the ‘Petra Mach’ astride their fastest mounts, watchers-on being encouraged to bet on their favorite contestants and the order in which the racers place. Maps of the route will be provided. Sunday, July 2nd, 2PM EST PAX INCENDIUM | A FIRE OF PEACE A doll, representative of times of war, is to be paraded around the streets of Whitespire and decorated by the children of the Aaunic people and their allies. Following the doll’s parade the citizens of Aaun and the allied nations present are invited to join together at the Whitespire’s fairgrounds where the doll is to be burned signifying the war's end. Whilst the doll is being burned, local and foreign merchants are invited to sell their wares whilst a feast of game hunted in the months prior is served. Monday, July 3rd, 3PM EST VE NIKIRALA HINTERSEER | THE WINTER FESTIVAL Allies and citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are beckoned to join the Haeseni people in a festival of revelry comprised of drinking contests, carnival booths and games, ice sledding, ice fishing, and other winter-centric activities that are culturally integral to the Northern Dual-Kingdom. Wednesday, July 5st, 5:30 PM EST
  9. Eirene Daria cheers as her eldest sibling retells the scenes from the epic battle in the crownlands during playtime!
  10. Issued by the Andromedan Court On the 13th of Sigismund's End, 62 BA The Andromedan court is elated to announce the Tenth Anniversary of Their Majesties, King Adrian I and Queen Andromeda Ester of Ba’as. In celebration of this joyous occasion, the Andromedan Court shall host a feast within the Palatio Arancione so the Kingdom’s citizenry and allies may celebrate this monumental event alongside The Royal Household. The guests of the night will first be greeted by Their Majesties who shall offer a speech to begin the night of revelries. Following Their Majesties' speech, the Court Poet, Grimhildr Falkenrath-Chen, will grace the guests with a poem written for the occasion while the kitchen staff begins serving native Balianese dishes to the guests. As the night comes to a close, Their Majesties invite any couples in attendance to share their favorite stories of their relationships. SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE EXTENDED TO THE FOLLOWING: HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Aleksander II, King of Haeseti and Ruska and his noble pedigree @Mio HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, James Leopold, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun and his noble pedigree @LithiumSedai HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Odin, King of Norland and his noble pedigree @ichigomaster98 HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Idril Sylvaeri, High Princess of Amathine @JJosey REX, Kybal’Akaal, Rex of Krugmar @Evonpire SOHAER, Luthien Maery’onn @BlueBudgie PRIMARCH, Netseth Loa’chil @ColonelKuehl1 MATRIARCH, Miven Caerme’onn, Mariarch of the Vale of Nevaehlen @WestCarolina The Clan Leaders of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Andromeda Ester of Ba’as, Queen-consort of Balian, Countess of Monteres, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HER EXCELLENCY, Lady Serena Viviana d’Arkent, Palatiodora of the Andromedan Court
  11. A young Eirene Daria let out a loud giggle as yet another future friend entered the world!
  12. Serena d'Arkent plans to send a letter to the new Grand Princess and her Gouvernante via the Mayflower Postal Service on behalf of the Andromedan Court!
  13. Whichever forum mod deleted my cope image ur evil that was like 8 rep😭
  14. If you combat log fast enough (like me) then the goons can’t kill you !!!
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