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    Ithronel Faven was born to a musician father and a skilled swordsmith mother in Renelia. Her parents naturally had a great desire for her to master swordsmanship as well as the arts, resulting in some pressure. Despite the high expectations of her family, Ithronel greatly enjoyed studying music, literature, and history in particular. However, what fascinated her most, and what her parents cautioned her against, was the pursuit of magical knowledge. Her mother seemed to be fine with it, but her father actively discouraged her from studying magic; it was later discovered that he also refused to follow the Kervira faith, and he was sent to the Onyx Sanctum when Ithronel was at the age of 39. Since then, she has not heard from her father, and he is presumed to have been executed for heresy. The suspected death of her father awakened in her a cold spite for the state and doubt in the power of her ancestors. However, these are sentiments she would never reveal to anyone, resulting in her coming across as quite guarded and at times nervous. She seems to be especially flighty whenever the Ashen Clergy is mentioned. Ithronel and her mother remain in Renelia, where Ithronel performs and composes music. While she would never betray her mother, she does occasionally ponder the possibility of running away and becoming a Druid, becoming a travelling musician, or perhaps reforming the Onyx Sanctum from within. But for now, she strives to contribute to music as best as she can and hopes to immortalize herself through her art. Her music often contains darker underlying themes or expresses her opinions. The themes she chooses to communicate are sometimes controversial, and her music is very much a reflection of her personality: filled with passion and at times spite, but reserved so as to avoid drawing attention. She hopes to one day move out of Renelia to Asimu’lei or Tor Eldar, but her hesitation and loyalty to her mother hold her back from pursuing her desires.
  2. hi there! i’ve been having the same problem with my application actually >.< if anyone figures out what’s going on i would love to know!
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