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  1. I technically lost but @VerminHunter thought I won so I got the top prize anyways.
  2. [!] A note is pinned to the Bywater notice tree! Events 'n Bywater! ~Malin's Welcome~ ~Ploughing the fields~ Planting o' the wheat fields o'er with new grains! This is vital for our village economy, for obvious reasons! ((8 PM EST, Thursday the 2nd of February, 2023)) ~The First Seed~ ~A totem to the Frog Spirit~ Weeding the seedlings o' the fields so as to make for a better harvest! What good is a field if all it grows is weeds, after all? It is to take care of the weeds before they grow to large. ((7 PM EST, Friday the 3rd of February, 2023)) ~The Grand Harvest~ ~A feast in the Applefoot Burrow~ Harvesting the fields! This will coincide with threshing, milling, and other vital tasks to ensure for good quality grains and flours! ((3 PM EST, Saturday the 4th of February, 2023)) ~Sun's Smile~ ~Adventurers dealing with a rather peculiar situation~ We must secure the safety of our village as well this year. I expect new enemies to rear their ugly heads. These enemies of Bywater will surely be put to justice by the loyal Adventurers of the Adventuring Guild. Of that, I have nay doubt! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 5th of February, 2023 This will be a HalflingQuest eventline, expect action and excitement! Link to HalflingQuest rules in the spoiler below:)) Knox bless Bywater! Glory to the Wee! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Bywater.
  3. [!] A notice is spread through the wind! Shogging Night! ~The shogging logs of Bywater in their traditional setup~ An ol' traditional game dating back as far as any halfling can remember, Shogging is our national sport and something us weefolks ought to take more pride in! Let us convene next Pumpkin Day to train & practice our beloved sport and keep the tradition alive! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater ((7 PM EST, Tomorrow on Wednesday the 1st of February, 2/1/2023. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris : ))
  4. [!] A notice is spread through the wind. A copy slams into your face comically, forcing you to read it. A NEED FOR HEROES ~The peaceful lands we must protect!~ The forces of Darkness, of Evil, of Despair, of Hatred, and of Improperness have escaped justice once again! They now aim to conquer time itself, hurling the world and all of its peoples into eternal darkness! This MUST be stopped at all costs! The Quest Office of Bywater hereby declares this to be a TIER SSS quest (of utmost importance!) with a grand reward in hay, leather, meat, and iron for any adventurers willing to defeat the Time Bandits (now known to be worshipers of the Squid Lord!). Knox speed and may righteous fury be with you! Knox shall protect us, and you are to be HIS shovels! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Bywater ((3 PM EST, tomorrow on Sunday the 29th of January, 2023. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris. Directions to Bywater: ))
  5. [!] A note is pinned to the Bywater notice tree Preparing The Year's Harvest! A new year has come, and with it, a new set of duties for us to carry out if we are to remain faithful to Knox, our patron, and keep our stock of food fresh and topped off! My hope for this year is to bring in a record harvest using all of our new equipment and more experienced workforce. May the grains never stop flowing! Next Pumpkin Day, we shall plough the fields. After that, we are to plant seeds upon them, harrow them with rakes, weed them, fertilize them, take care of them, and harvest them at year's end! There is much to be done! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater, home of the halflings ((Event tomorrow at 8 PM EST on Thursday the 26th of January, 2023, located within Bywater, the home of the halflings. Directions: ))
  6. [!] You find a notice on the Bywater notice tree Drinkin’ Time! Let us convene in the tavern once again to drink our fill! It has been a long while since we have done so, and our weary hearts deserve the treat! Drinks are on the house as always! -Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater. ((today at 8 pm est, located within Bywater, the home of the halflings))
  7. [!] You find a letter in your aviary Bakery is Open! ~The new bakery~ The Bywater Bakery is now open for business! As celebration of this new opening, next Pumpkin Day we're all gonna go bake some bread, pies, and other baked goods in the bakery 'till we drop from exhaustion (well, nay literally o' course, but figuratively drop from exhaustion). You can take home whatever you bake! ((I'll give out free renames)). ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Hayhollow-Bywater. ((Event 4 PM EST, tomorrow on the Sunday the 22nd of January, 2023. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris. Directions to Bywater: ))
  8. [!] A notice is pinned to the Bywater notice tree! Making New Clothing ~A barefoot, PROPER halfling hard at work on a loom!~ New clothes, better clothes, that's what we ought to create! I'm tired of us halflings runnin' round in rags and old hand me downs! Let's make some new outfits for ourselves from the best cloth and threads in the village so that we may feel beautiful and refreshed once again! ~The cloth-making area of Bywater where many looms and a spinning wheel reside.~ ((Event 4 PM EST, Tomorrow on Saturday the 21st of January, 2023. Located in Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris. Directions to Bywater: ))
  9. [!] You find a note pinned to the Quest board of Bywater Clear 'em Out! ~Bywater adventurers gathered in the ol' sewers~ I believe I've found the Arugulean Cultists' lair deep within the mountains. If we gather some adventurers to clear out these foul spooks and evil-worshippers, we may have another prolonged peace in Bywater! Any adventurers answering the call to defeat this evil will be rewarded well! ~Mayor Mimosa Applefoot. ((7 PM EST, Friday the 2oth of January, 2023))
  10. Bywater Settlement Guide Name of Settlement: Bywater Peak Hours: 4 PM EST - 10 PM EST Population: Bywater is populated almost entirely by halflings apart from a few non-halfling residents called "Honorary Halflings" who live in the far sections of the village. Brief Description: Bywater is the main settlement of halflings on Almaris. In Bywater all halflings, gnomes, and other weefolks live a (mostly) peaceful life, tucked away from the ravages of war and conflict in their quaint mountain village. Through their hard work farming, fishing, and baking, Bywater's residents make an honest living without needing to use coins, swords, or other cultural taboos. Important Residents: Mimosa Applefoot, the Mayor (jumperhand3, @NotEvilAtAll) King Cyris, the Thain (KingOfHearths, @Hearth) Nob Leekshrew, the Sheriff (Rushork, @rushork) Directions: Take the tunnel to Bywater from the Cloud Temple warp hub to arrive at Bywater!
  11. [!] You find a halfling newspaper in your aviary mailbox! T'a Hay Herald: Volume 11 ~Even Taylor reads it!~ Contents: ~Nob Trial!~ ~Flowers On Fire!~ ~Farming As Usual~ ~Frogs Are Back!~ ~Nob Trial!~ Recently, a big ol' trial of the Sheriff, Nob Leekshrew, occurred within Bywater! Although he was acquitted on the charges of Time-Crimes, he was ordered to change his stew recipe in accordance with proper Health & Safety, and the stew itself t'was jailed for contempt of court when it failed to answer the prosecution's and defense team's questions (What is it hiding???). ~Flowers On Fire!~ ~The flowers BURN!~ During the Talent Show ran by Doder, some gigantic flowers appeared from the rose patch & rose realm behind the bar! Sadly, the oversized roses were destroyed before we could talk to them, look at them more, or see if they really were a threat at all! Perhaps the Flower Spirits are angry at us now.... ~Farming As Usual~ ~The plough stuck on a gully in the field ((pretend there is a plough in the middle there))~ As the next planting season approaches, I organized a small team o' workers to plough up the ol' wheat field and prepare it for future planting. It went all fine and dandy (minus when the plough got stuck in the fields o' course), and thus we are fully prepared for planting when the First Seed comes up next Pumpkin Day! ~Frogs Are Back!~ ~The Frog Spirit which blessed Breasal also blesses the frogs themselves!~ The frogs of Frogtopia, official vassal of the weefolk, have returned to Bywater. Breasal, official Froggekemp, undeniably blessed by the Frog Spirit, was the proud ol' halfling who brought them back! Good job, Breasal! This has been the eleventh edition of the Hay Herald. Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater, signing off! ~Mimosa Applefoot.
  12. [!] A note is pinned to the Bywater notice tree! Help Needed! ~Hard at work in Bywater!~ As the next season comes about, we're in need of some hard workers to plough up the public wheatfield for future planting! Head o'er to the tavern two Pumpkin Days from now to receive further instructions! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater. ((5 PM EST, Monday the 9th of January, 2023, located in Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris))
  13. [!] You find a flier pinned to your burrow's front door. IN PRAISE O' KNOX ~Our Guardian Spirit~ He who has blessed us, Lord Knox himself, must nay be neglected in these troubling times! We must continue to devote ourselves to Him, our spiritual Guardian and Advisor in these times (and indeed in all times), for without Him we are not whole. Let us gather together to answer the following questions: ~Our Lord, Creation, and the Nature of Time~ ~Opposing Cultists & Their Evil Deeds~ ~What Knox Asks from US, and What He Can Provide~ We are to gather in the Knoxist Church next Pumpkin Day. Lord Knox bless us all, and may Billy Bob's taters stay in our pockets! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater. ((Event TOMORROW on Thursday the 5th of January, 2023, 6 PM EST. Located within Bywater, the home of halflings and gnomes on Almaris. Directions: ))
  14. [!] You find a notice pinned to the village tree of Bywater Jam-Making! ~Wonderful sweetberry jam!~ Just the other day I was eating some bread and noticed a distinct lack of jam here in our village. Despite our vast fields of grain, our many windmills producing flour, and our silo for efficient storage of foodstuffs over the winter, we haven't any jam to put on all this bread we make! This ought to be fixed IMMEDIATELY! As such, as Mayor I am authorizing and encouraging the production of Jam this coming Pumpkin Day. Gather in the tavern to receive the proper equipment 'fore the sun rises. It will be a long and hard day's work, but it should pay off in plenty of sweet jam by nightfall! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater ((Event TOMORROW, Tuesday the 4th of January, 2022, at 5 PM EST. Located within Bywater, homeland of all halflings and gnomes. Directions: ))
  15. [!] A notice is pinned to the Bywater notice tree! Sheriff, or TRAITOR? ~Nob and the others during the Time Rift incident!~ After an interview with the green-armored Dwarf whose actions caused the Time Rift to occur, it has been revealed that none other than NOB LEEKSHREW gave him some soup to eat before he went into Wee-Tech's machine! This caused him to have some erm, internal problems he wished to fix by consuming grass, thus causing the Time Rift and all its associated problems! Furthermore, Nob Leekshrew claims to have powers over time with his time-bending stews. This casts further doubt as to if Nob truly is on our side. Perhaps these time powers could have been ABUSED to bring about the current situation! Thus, I call Nob Leekshrew to stand trial for conspiracy against Bywater and all halfling/gnomish kind so that the truth (and nothing but the truth) may come out for all to hear! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater.
  16. [!] A new board appears besides the entrance-path of Bywater. It seems as though the halfling adventurers are back in business! [!] Within the Village Hall, an old counter sees a new sign hanging above it, just barely visible with the faint light of the crackling fireplace nearby. Adventure awaits you....
  17. [!] You find a letter in your aviary Time-Rift Warning! ~The altered flowers~ Shocking news has surfaced in Bywater today. A time traveler has emerged from the Wee-Tech time machine, hailing from a slightly different yesterday than the yesterday we all know and love. The flowers of Bywater now have slightly different hues, and some birds that used to be present are now missing. This is irrefutable evidence that we now live in a SEPARATE TIMELINE from that which the traveler emerged from. This is because, when heading into the past with a green-armored biggun (the leader of the Forest Dwarves in Heffrum, apparently), said biggun ATE THE PAST-GRASS AND THUS CAUSED THE TIMELINES TO SPLIT INTO PRE- AND POST- GRASS-EATING TIMELINES. This is an unprecedented threat to health and safety across Almaris. There are now separate versions of ourselves on each of the timelines, and it will be no easy task to bring to two back together without killing one or both copies. For this reason, Wee-Tech and the halfling leadership is URGENTLY calling for brave Knoxist adventurers to come back to Bywater and help us fix the issue! The Pumpkin Knights have already assembled & The Sheriff has mobilized his stew-making abilities, yet this will not be enough to mend the Time Rift without outside assitance! ~The Pumpkin Knights are called to action!~ Furthermore, Bywater halflings and gnomes are advised to keep an eye out for EVIL, TIME-BANDIT NEFARIOUS IMPROPER-MUNCHKIN ARUGULEAN ACTIVITY! Shoes have been found dumped into the lakes of Bywater, and the mud-bandit who killed the Thain's fox and the village's cattle is suspected to be involved in the Time Rift too. This is not a coincidence. Nefarious actors are at work here and must be brought to justice if the Time Rift is ever to be fixed. Keep an eye out, and stay safe! P.S: Bigguns, we are very sorry for splitting the timeline, but Wee-Tech will continue to operate for political reasons. Do not be too concerned over your alternate-reality self, as you cannot interact with them without Wee-Tech's guidance anyways. The Time Rift will be fixed shortly, I have no doubt about that whatsoever. P.S.S: Dear Green-Armored leader of Heffrum, why did you eat the grass in the past? Were you misled by some nefarious actors to break Wee-Tech's no-touch policy? Please tell us, for we must know. We're wish to interview you for more information if you are ever available. STAY SAFE! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater
  18. [!] A letter is pinned to the entrance of the newest burrow in Bywater ~The burrow by which this letter is pinned~ Dear Humbert and Pigling, Per your request, I've constructed you both a burrow underneath the potato patch. I hope it will suit you! Although it is not fully finished, for I've left the bedroom construction up to you, this burrow should be more than adequate for a humble life here in Bywater. P.S: I left some supplies in the pantry, do take a look! Regards, Mayor of Bywater, Mimosa Applefoot.
  19. [!] You find a flier in your aviary mailbox KNOX Shall Guide Us! The United Knoxist Church of Bywater is now open for mass, private prayers, weddings, and other such religious activities! Within this church we shall worship the perfection of creation, the Great Farmer Billy Bob who grew us from the fields, and Lord Knox, our patron spirit! All are welcome to attend, be they worshippers of the true faith, shamanic or druidic teachings, or pagan religions from abroad, for all are welcome within the Knoxist church. May Knox bless Bywater and all weefolks (Gnomish and halfling alike) and reward the faithful with His blessings. May the potatoes from the creator Billy Bob never stop flowing! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local Knoxist religious leader. ((Knoxist mass event at 5 PM EST, Monday the 26th of December, 2022. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings: ))
  20. [!] A letter is pinned to the Hayhollow notice tree Cloth! ~Hayhollow by night~ After a talk with Taylor, I've noticed we nay have any cloth 'er clothes making facilities set up 'n running here in the village! Of course, that can nay do! Thus, I'm gathering together a few o' us halflings to prepare the first few rolls of cloth from our new home! Hopefully then we'll be able to patch whatever holes arise in our shirts and trousers! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Hayhollow. ((4 PM EST, TOMORROW on December 20th, 2022))
  21. [!] Darn, these halfling tavern advertisements just won't end! Why must they fill your aviary every year? T'a 2nd Drinking Night! ~An ol' gathering of people for cooking in Hayhollow~ The Tippen's Tavern opens its doors for ye weary travelers and weefolks alike once more! Free drinks will be provided as usual, and special brews will be brewed just for the occassion. May we drink to our hearts content! Knox bless the tavern, Knox bless the shire, Knox bless Hayhollow! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Hayhollow-Bywater. ((6:30 PM EST Tomorrow on Sunday the 18th of December, 2022. Located within Hayhollow-Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris: ))
  22. [!] Another one of these halfling tabloid 'newspapers' finds its way into your aviary mailbox once again. You really ought to send a formal complaint. T'a Hay Herald: Volume 10 ~Who even reads these?~ Contents: ~GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!~ ~The Tippens Tavern Opens!~ ~Is that beans & toast I smell?~ ~GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE~ ~The state of the big-folk economy~ The entire biggun economy has COMPLETELY COLLAPSED! The auctioneering guild & associated gnomish and elven merchants have all gone bankrupt, leaving behind thousands of unemployed mine & factory workers who can no longer use their services to sell goods. Homelessness and poverty have skyrocketed worldwide, and many are at risk of famine in arid regions. Thankfully, the shire is completely unaffected thanks to the ingenious economic system of "Bernardist Thought" that originated way back in Dunshire, where all halflings contribute what they can and take what they need from the collective. This has kept things running more or less smoothly in Hayhollow, apart from temporary shortages in rare earth metals such as gold and magic-stone. It will be some time until supply lines are able to recover. While new trade routes for gold and magic-stone are expected to open up with the Dwarves in coming years, our shire is left on its own economically more than ever as even barter is hard to operate when so many potential trade partners languish in poverty. ~The Tippens Root Tavern Opens!~ ~The well stocked shelves of the Hayhollow tavern~ In better news, the Tippens Root Tavern has opened, offering FREE DRINKS on annual Drinking Nights to all of its customers. On normal business days, of course, travelers must barter for their drinks. This tavern will dramatically grow the Hayhollow economy and offer employment for many! I for one am very excited to see this tavern grow with us in these coming years. ~Is that beans & toast I smell?~ ~The Gnomish Oven 2000 roars away!~ In a unique display of our ancient halfling culture, a Bake-off was recently held here in Hayhollow-Bywater, with several halflings and big-folks alike in attendance! All contestants' meals were submitted to none other than the Thain King Cyris himself! As the greatest halfling family to have ever existed, of course, the winners of both categories (sweet and savory) were both Applefoots: me and my daughter Rosebud! This has been the tenth edition of the Hay Herald! Mimosa Applefoot, signing off!
  23. [!] You find a letter floating through the wind. It hits you in the face comically, forcing you to read it! Drinking Night! ~It's quite cozy in here~ My daughter, Rosebud Applefoot, has constructed a WONDERFUL tavern for us here in Hayhollow-Bywater! With a warm hearth, smoking lounge, and splendid bar-counter, this tavern is sure to amuse and guaranteed to fill your mug with beer 'till the cows come home! Thus, I announce a day of FREE DRINKS in the Tippen's Tavern, named after the Tippens Root gifted to us from a kind biggun in the tavern's first ever opening hours. Let us drink until we reach the bottoms of our mugs and them some! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Hayhollow-Bywater. ((5 PM EST, TOMORROW on Sunday the 11th of December, 12/11/2022 ))
  24. [!] Another note is pinned to the notice tree of Hayhollow. Cooking wi' Mimosa! Lo dere! I'm Mimosa Applefoot, t'a best halfling chef in all of Almaris, and welcome to my kitchen! I'm looking for only the best and bravest chefs in all of Hayhollow to compete in a cook-off of the century! May the best chef, WIN! Categories: -Fish & Meat -Salad -Baked Goods Only the best will win the GRAND APPLEFOOT PIE, the final reward! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Hayhollow-Bywater. ((8 pm est, TOMORROW on Friday the 9th of December, 12/9/2022. Located within Hayhollow, the home of the gnomes and halflings))
  25. ~Halfling farm RP amenities, the threshing floor!~ The halfling roleplay niche & style was made organically in starting in 2011. It is currently 2022, and it's very obvious that never once did anybody make a full culture write-up for halflings with specific traditions and practices. This is why "proper" halflings are determined mostly by what they DON'T do rather than what they DO do (no minas, no locks, no shoes, no swords, etc.), and due to many changes over the years, a lot of these cultural taboos aren't even followed anymore (Hayhollow has minas shops and many burrows have locked chests)! While great strides have been made in recent years to create and record halfling cultural elements (such as the halfling religion, which went from a total meme into an actual fleshed out set of beliefs thanks to @TakeMeT0TheFae), much remains to be done and many interesting bits of halfling culture have either been lost to time over leadership & village transitions or were never expanded upon in the first place. Furthermore, the old halfling roleplay niche of "Small, quaint, chill community that doesn't do wars and raids" isn't very unique anymore, what with LOTC as a whole going through dry spells with barely any warfare or significant player conflict. Back in 2018 there would always be massive influxes of new halflings whenever huge wars started up & players made halflings to ride out the storm. This simply isn't the case anymore. This is why I hope to finish the project I started in the summer of 2021 and redefine halflings as something BETTER! We don't have a huge population, but there are events & roleplay niches that work best in smaller settings, and I believe that is what we ought to focus on. My current idea is to focus halflings around farming RP much more than usual and run several farm-focused events every week (planting, harvesting, threshing & milling grain, work with animals, etc.) and lean into the productive & work-RP side of halflings. On top of more cultural lore posts, this should (hopefully) make halflings far more interesting! I'd like to see your thoughts on the matter! This feedback thread is geared towards both halflings and non-halflings alike.
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