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Found 108 results

  1. [!] A newspaper is put into every Brandybrook halfling’s mailbox The Beetroot News ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~A Scientific Poll on Halfling Singleness~ ~Hassenfort Burrow Overrun with Sweetberries!~ ~Family Drama in MY Drinking Night???~ A Scientific Poll on Halfling Singleness For the sole purpose of scientific inquiry, I have been researching which halflings are single and which halflings are in a relationship. This demographic knowledge will help us better understand our own village of Brandybrook and allow for proper controls in further scientific ventures. Please respond to the following prompt: Name: Age: Are you single?: Please note that this poll is for the purposes of obtaining knowledge. It has absolutely nothing to do with me being lonely and trying to find love. Hassenfort Burrow Overrun with Sweetberries! Sweetberries, the most annoying plant to ever exist. It lures you in with the promise of food, only to poke you in the feet when you get too close! The burrow of the Hassenfort halfling family is now covered in these bushes, making it difficult to travel over the top of it! Honestly, has anybody even seen a Hassenfort halfling in the past few years? I sure haven’t. Of course, I don’t ever leave my burrow. Regardless, one can only hope that the Hassenfort burrow stops being covered in prickly bushes! Family Drama in MY Drinking Night??? ~A very packed tavern indeed!~ The Greenholm and Gardner families had an argument in this most recent Drinking Night. Something about burrow sizes, outfits, and Isalie’s performance as Thain. While I personally don’t think that size matters, I do agree that the Greenholm family burrow is much better than the newly renovated Gardner family burrow. One can only wait and see where this drama will lead to as time marches on. That’s all for now folks! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  2. Brandybrook Gaming Night! (The second!) ~The fantastic new sport of Push-Off-Pumpkin (AKA King Of The Pumpkin)!~ I, Filibert Applefoot, the greatest halfling to have ever lived, am bringing this village yet another wonderful night of FUN, ACTION, EXCITEMENT, and more games then you know what to do with! So come on gather ‘round the village once more this year to have another time of your life! Every year, on The First Seed ((Friday)), us halflings will gather together and be merry ‘till the sun sets and has risen anew! It will be a joyous occasion! Push-Off Pumpkin! A wonderful game where you try and slap your opponents off of a pumpkin! The person who stands on the pumpkin the longest is the winner! There is no official method for keeping score, so whoever brags the hardest afterwards is said to be the winner! Darts! A game of skill, luck, dexterity, and luck! Everybody takes turns throwing a dart at a dartboard until everyone has thrown three, then we count up the points and see who wins! Shogging! The traditional halfling game! Try to knock your opponent off of their log before you are knocked off of yours! Hide & Seek! Can you hide from the watchful eyes of the seekers? The last person to be found is the winner, and must be the new seeker in the next round! Come on down to Brandybrook on The First Seed for a blast of a time! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling smart alec. ~A halfling game of Spleef!~ ~Halflings waiting to throw their dart in an orderly queue!~ ((3 PM EST, this Friday on 7/3/2020. Located in Brandybrook, the main halfling village in Arcas. You can get to Brandybrook by heading to Aegrothond and then taking a right after you’ve gone off of the main road.))
  3. Brandybrook Gaming Night! ~Shogging logs in the ol’ halfling village of Reedsborough!~ I, Filibert Applefoot, wish to start another tradition much like the Drinking Nights! I wish to call this new tradition, the Gaming Night! Mere drinking alone is not enough to keep our village lively! We require much more than that, and thus we ought to have a separate night just for the variety of halfling sports and games to be played! From shogging and darts to push-off pumpkin, these nights will be dedicated to all sorts of fun activities that us wee-folks ought to enjoy more! Every year, on The First Seed ((Friday)), us halflings will gather together in our village and be merry ‘till the sun sets and has risen anew! It will be a joyous occasion! Push-off Pumpkin! A game where you try to shove others off of a large pumpkin! Last one on the pumpkin wins! Darts! A fantastic game of skill and luck, where darts are thrown at a dartboard to score points! Whoever has the most points wins! Shogging! The traditional halfling classic! Try to push your opponent off their log before you are pushed off yourself! A Surprise Activity! Who knows what else will occur on the Gaming Night! Come on down to Brandybrook on The First Seed for a blast of a time! ~Filibert Applefoot ((3 PM EST, this Friday on 6/26/2020. Located in Brandybrook, the main halfling village in Arcas. You can get to Brandybrook by heading to Aegrothond and then taking a right after you’ve gone off of the main road.))
  4. [!] A piece of halfling propaganda is spread across the village and across Sutica The Beetroot News! Better than the rest! Contents: ~WE WIN! YOU LOSE!~ ~Determining the average body odor of Suticans~ ~You won’t believe how big this burrow is!~ WE WIN! YOU LOSE! ~The halflings of Brandybrook face off against dumb Sutican bigguns in a Shogging Tournament!~ Sutica has proven itself to be just as bad at shogging as we thought! The proud champions and shoggers of Brandybrook have dealt them a sound defeat! The foolish Suticans, having challenged us, the creators of shogging, to play against them within our homeland, have nobody but themselves to blame! And blame them we will! Whenever you see a Sutican on the street, remind them of our victory on this day! We will not let them forget it! Determining the average body odor of the Suticans Anyone who has smelt dozens of unwashed bodies congregating in one area will know what it is like to smell the typical Sutican. Bathing is a foreign concept to these primitive peoples. However, more research needs to be done in order to determine exactly what sort of smell permeates Sutican residents. Option A: Suticans smell like rotting pumpkins. Option B: Suticans smell like moldy cheese. Please let me know your thoughts! You won’t believe how big this burrow is! My gosh! Look at how large this burrow is! You can fit an entire family in here and then some! This here is the Greenholm family burrow, one of the newest and largest burrows in all of Brandybrook for one of the newest and largest halfling families. Superior halfling architecture keeps it from crumbling under the weight of the earth above it! Superb halfling furniture decorates its insides! This burrow truly is the pinnacle of halfling greatness! That’s all for now folks! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  5. [!] Upon Brandybrook’s noticeboard there would be a hastily written notice done in all too familiar handwriting – being from one of the only literate halflings in Brandybrook. Any who could not read will need an aid. Happy Birthday Sean Puddlefoot!! Turning 33, as you all must know by now, is very dear to us halflings! Come and celebrate the coming of age of Sean Puddlefoot, a well known halfling in our humble community! Be there, or be square!! And of course in halfling tradition, and the tradtion of the Puddlefoots, be prepared to PARTEH When: (OOC Friday, 6/19/20 so June 19th 2020) Where: Why the Toady Tavern of course! What better a place to celebrate? And, as a special treat! There will be a drinking competition! Whomever wins this particular, VERY SPECIAL competition will win a very special prize!
  6. ~ The Goldworthy Family A newer family, the first known Goldworthy was a halfling named Fonzo. Until recently, those of Goldworthy blood were situated scattered around the Arcasian jungle and wildlands. They now reside among fellow weefolk in Brandybrook, and their extended family (the O’Connells). Despite being isolated for quite some time they still uphold halfling tradition. Name Meaning Their name ‘Goldworthy’ comes from their hair. ‘Gold’ in reference to the colour and ‘worthy’ meaning valuable. The family hold high value in their curly blonde locks and often do not cut it. Goldworthy Appearance Goldworthys have darker skin than most halflings, probably due to far back dwarven lineage. A rather distinctive trait they have is blonde hair of a straw-gold colour. A Goldworthy has brown, hazel or green eyes. Their height ranges between 2’8” and 2’10”, making them a bit shorter than their O’Connell cousins. ~Falco Goldworthy~ Religion They believe equally in the prophet Lord Knox and the Squidlord Arugula. Family Members ALIVE Falco Goldworthy – Son of Folco Goldworthy and Marie O’Connell (UNPLAYED) Primula Goldworthy – Daughter of Folco and Marie (UNPLAYED) Pearl Goldworthy – Daughter of Folco and Marie (Message RIO#5790 on discord if you are interested in playing a Goldworthy!)
  7. [!] A poster would be pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard. B.O.O.S.E: Brandybrook Order Of Security Enforcement [!] The detectives working on their latest case! Since the death of Micah, Anne and Deek, me and Sean have felt that not enough is being done to prevent further damage to our community. Thus, we set up B.O.O.S.E, an organisation dedicated to investigating, solving, and avenging future incidents. Who are we? Taurin Gardner: Captain of the Spicy Shrimp, husband to the thain Isalie Gardner. Sean Puddlefoot: Brother to Gabriel Puddlefoot, tavern keep. What should you come to us for? Should: Murder Big thefts Kidnapping Any violent crime Should NOT: Lost items Small thefts How can I issue an investigation? Write the issue on a note and put it through the postbox on 2 River Run, the other side of Dinkle River. OR Find Taurin and / or Sean in Brandybrook, we’ll always be happy to help! Remember that not every case has enough leads to be solved, but if there is a lead, me and Sean will always investigate it to the fullest extend. [!] The poster ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  8. The night was young. It was a bitter, murky one. A moon largely covered by clouds hung over Arcas. Heavy showers kept animals hidden away, only the damp loving bugs and night dwellers were out on this eve. In the halfling village of Brandybrook, whilst all others slept, a tiny man wearing a red cloak headed to the docks. From there he would sail. In a small wooden rowing boat, with nothing but an aengul-aurum shovel, a flask of water and something wrapped in a woollen blanket, he set off. He would not be at sea too long, however the travel was by no means an easy one, for his vision was impaired by darkness, thick fog and torrential rain. Eventually though, he arrived... In shadow, under the shelter of a weeping willow, a meeting took place by the light of a lantern. It lasted some hours- much had been discussed. The shovel had been left here. So had the cloak off of the weefolk’s back. Now, the mans business was done. He unravelled the item in the blanket and after some refinement, ingested it, swilling it down with what water he had left. From there he wandered with naught left on his person- over hills, through dense forest, across a stream and into an open grain field. He could go no farther. He felt it. In the middle of the crops, he lay himself down. The halfling began to cough, then wretch up. He writhed around in pain, though made little noise besides an occasional soft grunt. A final thrash was made before he became still, wheat gently swaying around his body. The skies kept crying but the gloom came to pass at long last, a most divine golden sunrise washing over him as his eyes flickered shut. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Letter to the Residents of Brandybrook Raised on my grandparents small, remote farm, I was an isolated child. They took me away from my parents when I was born, who were not the best of people. My grandparents certainly did not trust them to raise a kid. My upbringing was good, but this profound feeling of loneliness nagged at me into my early twenties. When I came to Brandybrook, this changed. No longer did I feel all by myself in life. I met my true friends. Eventually becoming Thain I found my place in the world. Among a community of fellow halflings- the best way for a weefolk to live. I hope that I have inspired courage in others and been a good figurehead. I hold the values and best interest of weefolk close to my heart. However, in the last months, with the death of my Sheriff, good friend Deek and my son Pilip going missing among other tragedies, I have reached my breaking point. Not only that, but I am physically weakening. So, as you are reading this, it means I have gone through with taking my own life. I have seen many of my companions pass on and now it is my time. This is my final testament. The Will of Micah O’Connell The Brandybrook governmental system is to be changed. Henceforth there will be no more Deputy, but a Thain, two Elders who will act as advisors and keep the Thain in check, and a subordinate Sheriff. If an Elder is to pass or drop their position, the Thain and living Elder will collectively decide on whom shall take their place. Each Thain will continue to be selected by the previous one. It is also up to the Thain’s discretion who is Sheriff. Isalie Gardner A beloved citizen of Brandybrook, great friend and wife to Taurin Gardner, you have shown me your quality. You possess characteristics of strong importance as a leader, and so I grant you the titles of Thain and New New Protector of Halflings. You will also gain Knox’s Magical Unification Thain Shovel and Thain Hat, passed to me by Rollo Applefoot. Kit-Kat Applefoot In the short time I have known you, I have seen your remarkable character. You are young but spirit is awe-inspiring and warming. You possess powerful ambition. I entrust you to fulfil the role of village Elder. F. Goldworthy My cousin and good pal, since we reunited you have been a light in the dark. Though you are currently unknown, you will soon arrive to where you should be in Brandybrook. Unfortunately I will not be there as you expected. You are the second person I make Elder. I also leave you my cloak. Alfie Greenholm I know you have the willingness and ability to do well at this job, therefore you are now Sheriff. Your role is to maintain law and tradition within Brandybrook. Individual private letters would be sent out along with the public missive, addressed from the late Thain. To My Children Halflings of the Talus Grove Pelegren (Peg-Leg) Applebrook Burt Hassenfort Niffle Gearspell Incadence Chemi A final letter was sent to Pervinca Driftwood, Buck, Taurin Gardner, Camilia Sackville, Gillsy and every other weefolk of Brandybrook. Farewell my family and friends. May we meet again one day. Micah O’Connell Thain of Brandybrook, New Protector of Halflings. [!] The official seal of Brandybrook ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  9. [!] Upon Brandybrook’s noticeboard, and in various letters sent out to friends & family, a message was posted! You have been invited to the wedding of Sheriff Isalie Gardner and Captain Taurin Leafwalker! As most of you know, Taurin and I have been together for many years. We have gone on several adventures together, and within the last year or so we’ve decided to embark on the ultimate adventure. Thats right, we’re finally getting married! What will likely be a small affair of friends and family is open to all, as we’re quite embedded in our communities. When: The next Grand Harvest! (OOC, thats Saturday 05/23/2020 at 2:00pm EST) Where: The Spicy Shrimp! What better place to make our promises than the very vessel of adventure! What: A wedding! Dress your best, or worst! All you need to do is bring yourselves! (A gift would be nice but we’re not picky ) Safe travels to all! The following are decidedly uninvited from the wedding: Rollina Githaic Goldhand Callum the human Isalie Gardner Taurin Leafwalker
  10. Drifting [!] The beach of Brandybrook seemed to have an eerie aspect to it, for no apparently discernible reason...though, upon further inspection, a corpse would be found drifting towards shore.... The halfling woman seems to have been at sea at least for a while...her hat and crown did not accompany her body and simply floated by the Spicy Shrimp. The lass’ once bright and healthy face is sunken and greyish in color, and her expression is affixed in a smug sort of grin. Her armor is quite rusted, with kelp and seaweed wrapping around the girl’s arms, legs, and torso in places. Her wrists are bound together with frayed rope, and a wound from some sort of dagger is visible just below her throat. A series of letters would soon be delivered by someone’s cockatiel to the following persons: Alaric, Bryce & Jade Sunbrook, Chemi, Daerine, Deek & Pervinca Driftwood, Fay, Ilkri F., Isalie Gardner-Leafwalker, Jasper Sunbrook, Micah O’Connell, Domonic Elmoran, Rolando Applefoot, Samuel Gaia, and Taurin Leafwalker Alaric Bryce & Jade Sunbrook Chemi & Rolando Daerine Deek & Pervinca Driftwood Fay Ilkri F. Incadence Isalie Gardner-Leafwalker Jasper Sunbrook Micah O’Connell Domonic Elmoran Samuel Gaia Taurin Leafwalker A sense of dread still lingered by Brandybrook’s shore and the docked ship so long as the corpse drifted there within the tides...
  11. [!] A note would be pinned to the Brandybrook noticeboard. Malin’s Welcome Potluck ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [!] The quaint village of Brandybrook. A potluck is to be held the 10th of Malin’s Welcome, in the home of the weefolk! The gathering will be halflings only (with invitations being extended to a particular few). Each halfling family will be expected to bring a dish of their own to share. Booze will be provided but can also be brought along if one wishes. What: A potluck! Where: Brandybrook, next to Aegrothond! When: The 9th of Malin’s Welcome. (OOC: Thursday 21st May, 5pm EST/10pm GMT) Who: All halflings of Arcas! Cordially invited to join are: Samuel Gaia Chemi Beorn Cottonwood Sea Prince Fëanor Sylvaeri Long live ta halflings! ~Micah O’Connell, Thain of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  12. [!] a message sent to every halfling in every corner of the realm. the message says: “Lo thar! Oi know tha’ our community mostleh worship Knox or Arugula. But as a humble servant o’ tah Lord, Oi feel tha’ Oi can share with ye all aboyt tah Canonism. ye don’t ‘ave ter beh a Canonist ter hear tah message, nor ye don’t ‘ave ter believe en et. aye, Oi will hold a mass in meh burrow at Brandybrook on 12th of May, 2020 at 2pm EST. Ef ye all feel loike ter know aboyt tah Canon faith, beh sure ter attend. Dis will beh a historeh, tha’ our community celebrate togetherness en diversiteh!” yer friend, Jago Brownfolk My Burrow, on Creek Crossing 4
  13. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! T’a Twenty-Second Annual Drinking Night! Lo again! It's time for yet another Drinking Night here in Brandybrook. Unfortunately, tragic events transpired at the previous one, where it was discovered that Dave Ringo Applefoot had been brutally murdered. At this Drinking Night, we will honour and celebrate his life. What: A Drinking Night! Where: In Brandybrook, home of halflings! When: Right after the beginnin’ of t’a next Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 26th of April)) Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  14. [!] Missives are pinned up around various settlements in Arcas. Hide ‘n Seek! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [!] Brandybrook, all festooned with bunting and decorative eggs! T’a weefolk village of Brandybrook will be holding a hide ‘n seek event near the start of this elven week, followed by some shogging and drinks! There will be one seeker at the start, and each hider becomes a seeker once found. To indicate to others they have been found, seekers must hold a wooden shovel whilst searching. The last remaining hider wins, and will receive a small prize! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The rules are as follows: You can only hide in Brandybrook, not any of the neighbouring settlements. You may hide across the Dinkle River. Nay hiding in any places you aren’t supposed to get to. Nay using magic to hide oneself. Nay using skygod magic to cheat. (OOC: No abusing pex such as fly/vanish) You must not run when found (only to go seek, holding a wooden shovel!) (OOC: Tuesday 14th April, 4pm EST/9pm GMT – Brandybrook, next to Aegrothond) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Glory ter t’a wee! ~Micah O’Connell, Thain of Brandybrook [!] The missive ends with the official seal of Brandybrook.
  15. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! T’a Nineteenth Annual Drinking Night!! ~The last annual drinking night~ Lo fellas! Long time, nay see! I’m here again ter write to ya that another Drinking Night be happening! Get your wee bottom down to Brandybrook or else you’ll be a rotten pumpkin! What: A Drinking Night! Where: In Brandybrook, home of the wee! When: Right after the beginnin’ of t’a next Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 12th of April)) Long live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  16. Brandybrook | Halfling Video Showcase ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ This was made some months ago but it’s only being posted now. Big thank you to @_Wonk for putting this video together ❤️ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ People in the video: @NotEvilAtAll @NotASunny @Apollonous @DaeththeDarkElfTraveler and myself
  17. The Crowning of The New Sovereign In the absence of Arthur Sterling, I Nathaniel Goldblight, Admiral of the Depths and advisor to the sovereign will be taking over Talons Grotto in his absence. I promise the people that I will continue the great legacy of this town, needless to say, we will begin to search for Arthur, as I am stepping forwards, Ania Sterling, his wife, will aid me in running the city. I will begin to reconstruct laws and policies, as well as the council. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes to our citizens and allies, but we are doing all we can to maintain the order we had when he was here. I want to make sure that all of the citizens and orphans of Talons Grotto are well taken care of, if anyone has any feedback or would like to schedule a meeting, please send me a letter. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Nathaniel Valorum Goldblight
  18. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! Drinkin’ ‘n Drinkin’ ‘n Brandybrook! ~The vineyards of Dunshire, the land o’ the wee way back ‘n the good ol’ days.~ Greetin’s all! We’ve gone for just a wee li’l bit without a good ol’ Drinking Night to cheer us up! Our leaders may all beh off doin’ Knox knows wha’ ‘n some other land, bu’ tha’ doesn’t mean the rest of us cannae have fun! Let us raise our mugs in celebration of Brandybrook’s glory! What: A Drinkin’ Celebration! Where: ’n Brandybrook, the home o’ the wee! (Next ter Aegrothond) When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 8th of March)) Glory ter t’a wee! Long Live Brandybrook! [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  19. [!] A halfling newspaper is found pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard. It smells like moldy cheese, and at a quick glance you can easily tell how poorly sourced the information contained within it is. T’a Pumpkin Press! ~The quality news that the people of Brandybrook DESERVE!~ Table of Contents: ~Thain Captured by BEES?~ ~Benedict Hassenfort is Dead!~ ~O’Connel Family Expands!~ ~GLORIOUS WEE FOLK SETTLEMENT ACROSS THE DINKLE!~ ~Giant Slime Threatens Halfling Settlers!~ ~Thain Captured by BEES?~ Bees have captured our GLORIOUS LEADER and dragged him off ter Knox knows where! We got ‘im back, thankfully! Personally, I blame those good-fer-nothing Druids for causing this mess! Curse ye Harold! You’ve still yet ter pay back yer gambling pumpkin-debt to my grandfather! Since oi’m the new head of the family, it ought to be MY pumpkins tha’cher nay paying up to me! You remember that time ye were playing cards with him that Malin’s Welcome alllll the way back ‘n Dunshire? My grandpa’ told me that ye owed him a buncha pumpkins over that! Oi’ve yet to see those pumpkins after all these years, so pay up ‘er else I’ll berate ye a second time! ~Benedict Hassnefort is Dead!~ ~Benedict’s Wake!~ Sadly, Benedict Hassnefort has passed on to the greater realms above. He died surrounded by his family & friends. His wake was attended by only a few halflings, but was touching nevertheless. Lord Knox bless ‘is halfling soul! ~O’Connell Family Expands!~ ~The O’Connell family gathered in their burrow~ Our GLORIOUS LEADER has been a real family man as o’ late! More ‘n more O’Connells be poppin’ into existence through the delicate process of uh.... baby-creatin’ ‘er somethin’. Oi don’t think that the O’Connells grow on trees. I’ll ask ‘em about that on a later date. Regardless, t’a O’Connell family be doing well! ~GLORIOUS WEEFOLK SETTLEMENT ACROSS THE DINKLE!~ Our halfling manifest destiny is being realized as we speak! Ever since our wee feet set foot on these lands, it has been our destiny to expand our village to the other side of the Dinkle River! We have finally achieved this goal by building burrows ‘n farms on the lucious lands across the Dinkle! O’ Beautiful for weefolk dream That sees beyond t’a vale. Thy vermillion villages gleam Undimmed by weefolk tears! Brandybrook, o’ Brandybrook Knox shed ‘is grace on thee! And drown us all with alcohol From beach to shining beach! ~Giant Slime Threatens Halfling Settlers!~ Good thin’ I wasn’t there to see this great monstrosity! I was too busy sleepin’! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a Wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The newspaper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  20. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook noticeboard. May he rest ‘n peace! ~A crude drawing of Benedict~ T’is very sad to see such a good halfling go. Benedict Hassenfort, a weefolk loved by all, has passed on to the eternal wheatfields of Lord Knox high above. Let us celebrate his passing to the heavens by being merry in his honor! No good halfling wants to be remembered with sadness ‘n crying from their loved ones! They want to be remembered with a mug o’ booze in one hand, and the hand of a friend in the other! What: A celebration of the good life of Benedict Hassenfort, may Lord Knox bless his soul! Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the wee folks (next ter Aegrothond). When: Just after the beginnin’ of the next Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 23rd of February)) Let us celebrate the good life of Benedict Hassenfort! Lord Knox bless us all! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  21. [!] A message is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard Da Sixteenth Annual Brandybrook Drinkin’ Night! ~Halfling burrows on the other side of the Dinkle River!~ T’is the most wondrous time o’ the year! Party time! Us wee folks o’ Brandybrook have been expanding a lot as of late, with new burrows bein’ constructed on the other side of the river ‘n all that! Let us celebrate this growth with BOOZE! What: A drinking party! Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the halflings! (Next to Aegrothond!) When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginning of the next! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 16th of February)) Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The message ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  22. [!] A some flyers are found flying in the wind! DA BEES’ KNEES! ~Bees in Brandybrook buzzing around!~ Buzz buzz buzz! Bees are here to stay here in Brandybrook! To celebrate the new wondrous honey produced by these bees, we’re gonna hold a festival in their honor! Praise the BEES! What we’ll be doin’ in the Festival: ~Bee Costume Contest!~ ~Honey Eating Competition!~ ~Mead Drinking!~ ~Observe the glorious BEES of Brandybrook do their buisiness!~ ~And more!~ Time: ‘Round the very beginning of the next Elven Year! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 9th of February)) Location: ’N Brandybrook yeh fools! Right next to Aegrothond. BEE there or BEE a rotten egg! -Pervinca Driftwood, halfling of Brandybrook! [!] The flyer ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  23. ~ The O’Connell Family The O’Connell bloodline can be furthest traced back to Pedderee O’Connell, a half-human half-halfling who married Rufus Rorimac Strongfoot. Together they ran a small, remote tavern and started their own family. O’Connell Appearance Most of O’Connell blood are of taller stature. They have curly hair that ranges anywhere from blonde to auburn to brown. They a generally pale, though a certain branch of the family has brown skin. Heterochromia is a common trait. Religion O’Connell’s are devout Knoxists, following the prophet ‘Lord Knox’. There have been instances of Arugula worship, however most are infact fearful of the Squidlord- even believing it to be evil. Family Members ALIVE Micah O’Connell – Son of Mungo and Cara O’Connell Gilly O’Connell – Daughter of Mungo O’Connell and an unnamed halfling woman Madelyn Dahlia O’Connell – Daughter of Micah and Rollina Applefoot Calla O’Connell – Daughter of Micah Rosa O’Connell – Daughter of Micah Mirabella Poppy O’Connell – Daughter of Micah and Rollina Applefoot Brandy O’Connell – Daughter of Micah Pilip O’Connell – Son of Micah (UNPLAYED) Edwine O’Connell – Son of Micah Message RIO#5790 on discord if you are interested in playing an O’Connell!
  24. [!] A newspaper is spread across Brandybrook The Pumpkin Press! ~The quality news that the people of Brandybrook DESERVE!~ Table of Contents: ~Pumpkin Protest against Helena!~ ~Benedict’s Brews to Re-open!~ ~Secret Thain Cloning Machine???~ Pumpkin Protest against Helena! ~Halfling protesters assemble in Helena!~ Our march against Helena for their INJUSTICE and CRUELTY towards the Thain’s daughter was a success! The Orenians have heard our pleas, and those responsible for the attacks on such a poor, defenseless halfling child will hopefully be put to justice! Today is a glorious day for us wee folks! Those darned NAY-GOOD BIGGUNS now know that we’ll protest all their wrongdoings! We won’t let ourselves be treated like this again! NEVER! ~Benedict’s Brews to Re-open!~ The great brewer Benedict is gonna reopen his brewery! For those who do not remember, Benedict used to operate a brewin’ stall by the docks! However, his stall has been closed for quite some time. A celebration will be held to commemorate the grand re-opening of Benedict’s Brews! Be there or be a ‘alf eaten apple! ~Secret Thain Cloning Machine???~ Our GLORIOUS LEADER has managed to create several copies of himself. He sees all. Every corner, every chimney, and every nook and cranny in every burrow can now be supervised by the Thain at once! It is not known how this was done, although some Halfling Conspiracy Theorists have contacted me with their ideas. Halfling Conspiracy Theorist “Bro.... t’is is to’alleh some secre’ ancien’ halflin’ technology thae t’a Thain ‘as discovered! We be’’er submi’ ter t’is Thain les’ weh beh PUNISHED BY T’A DIVINE MIGH’ O’ KNOX! Same Halfling with a Mustache: ”Oi agree! Tha’ is ah totalleh ordinary theory involvin’ nay alcohol a’ all!” Is the Thain in possession of secret cloning technology? I’ll let you decide for yourself! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The newspaper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  25. [!] A wanted poster is scattered all over Brandybrook Name(s) Wanted! After a long and tiresome investigation, me (Taurin Leafwalker), Deek Driftwood and Honour Rackham have finally deduced who stole the ship (with maybe a little help from a genie). So – the ship was found in Sutican waters and me and Deek had a discussion about what we could do. He put me in contact with Honour, who is the harbormaster for Sutica, but she said no one came to her for permission. We searched the ship and found no clues. T’was nice to be back on it though! This means the thieves were most likely located in Sutica or close to it. After a long time with no more leads, I went to the annual drinking night because I was very tired from all the investigation and I like alcohol. But then SHAZAM! A cup thing that had earlier been bouncing around and making music exploded and out came a huge genie thing! He said stuff about him being stuck in there for a long time and the cosmos were collapsing but that doesn’t sound too bad, right? He gave us all one wish, but many who wished had a terrible fate bestowed upon them. (We’ll sort you out Glinda, don’t worry!). I wished to be told who stole the Spicy Shrimp, and he told me this: So – if anyone has any idea who the Head of the Uialben Family is, or who the Preistess of Renalia is, or who the daughter is, or if they are all the same person, please leave a note on this poster. The Spicy Shrimp will be coming home soon, don’t worry. (( I’m thinking Thursday? DM me thoughts.)) Thanks – Taurin Leafwalker.
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