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  1. [!] A note, hung upon the new noticeboard of the thus unnamed halfling village, from the pen of Sorrel R' Peregrin Hello, to my fellow wee-folk. You may of heard, as of recent, little, from our resident baker Mondy Applefoot. Until recently, she may have been presumed missing in the rush to evacuate Bramblebury. However, I write to tell you that the worst has come to pass. Mondy Applefoot did not escape from Bramblebury, being found dead in her beloved bakery, a burnt cake still remaining in the cold oven. If it is to some relief, I can say with certainty there is little sign of foul play. Having been trained in medicine and having observed several autopsies prior, I can confidently say that Mondy had died of disease, likely sudden in onset, though I cannot determine what form. Her body has been transported to our new home lands and stored carefully some ways north, where the frost clings to the ground year round, and unless her remaining family wishes to claim the body and take over care of it, shall be the first of us entombed into our new graveyard, once it is built This has been a difficult announcement to make, as until now, we believed there to be no casulties of the plagues upon Brandybrook. Truth be told, I have spent many a day unable to tell the news of this to anyone to face, so I ask your forgiveness alerting you in this manner. Among this time of rejoicement, with our settling into our new home and the voices of children once more filling the village, comes the time to once more mourn; mourn the homes and the lives no longer with us. Though they be not here, we will never forget their impact upon us, and as such, I ask us all to remember Mondy as she lived -- a wonderfully bright and kind woman, whom we will dearly miss. -- Sorrel R' Peregrin.
  2. [!] A flier would hang on the noticeboard in the Halfling village. The NWA The year 637, Halfling Reckoning With the recent attacks on some residents of the village, I Alfie Greenholm have stepped up and decided to form a Halfling Militia to defend our people against the rascals that seek to disrupt our peaceful way of life. Therefore; I ask you, to join the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance today, and aid in protecting our fair village. Current Roster: Head Bounder Mr Alfie Greenholm Bounder Mr Callum Fiddleberry Bounder Mr Ham Tilldbroom Bounder Mr Filibert Applefoot Bounder Mr Bungo Barrelberry Bounder Mr Acron Flint Bounder Mr Archie Greenholm Information on the NWA Head Bounder The Head Bounder is the leader of the NWA, and has duties of organising, raising and leading the militia. Bounder A bounder is an ordinary member of the NWA, and has duties of patrolling the borders of the village and ensuring outsiders behave themselves. In times of hostile invasion they will be called upon by the Head-Bounder to protect the village. Requirements to join You must be a wee-folk You must be of sound body and mind You must be at least thirty three years of age Signed, Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm [!] Alfie Greenholms signature would be at the bottom of the page, signed in green ink. Additionally, there was space below on the paper for those who wished to join, to write their names and sign up. The seal of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance was also below. ((OOC Note: Feel free to post below that your character has written down their name on the paper))
  3. The moon and stars reflected off the still water of the lake by the shoreside halfling village outside Karosgrad, rolling hills of twisting chimneys atop cozy burrows lazily puffing smoke into the night sky. Inside one particular burrow upon the hill, a blond halfling sat in his armchair before his fireplace, smoking pipe in hand as he gazed into the warm amber flames, his feline companion curled comfortably atop his lap and purring steadily. The wee lad was at peace, and he let his eyes fall to a close as he smiled- but then, something disturbed the silence: there was a knock at the door. Callum lifted his head, letting out a puff of his pipe before slowly rising- Lion mewing quietly in protest as he hopped off of the warm lap, before swiftly stealing the halfling’s spot on the armchair after Callum had walked away. The wee poet grasped the round door knob of the burrow’s door, inhaling the fresh summer breeze swept in from the outdoors as he peeked his head outside to see who’d knocked on the door. At first glance- there was nothing there, and the halfling let out an exasperated sigh upon realizing the village children were likely just pranking him again, until… He looked down at the sound of a baby’s cry, and what Callum found made his eyes bulge wide rather comically. At his feet were two twin infants, swaddled in soft blankets of baby blue. They looked to be about two or three months, and the wisps of fine hair on their heads was a remarkably similar blonde colour to his… Resting upon the blanket was a note, and when Callum knelt to pick it up the note read: They’re yours. The halfling lad scooped up the twin babies, holding them in his arms as he looked around, as if the person who had dropped them off would be hiding behind a tree, waiting to jump out and say; “Tricked ya!” but nobody came. He looked back down at the babies, and with a soft smile on his face, waddled back into his burrow- preparing to welcome the two new additions to the family...
  4. [!] A flier is found floating about the winds near the north of Almaris Tha Gaming Festival! ~Settling into the new territory after ol' Bramblebury withered away~ New lands and new harvests have come to us wee folks. Let us celebrate these new beginnings with a good ol' feast! Now that our village is set up with the right facilities, we ought to have a grand ol' party and invite all of the neighbors! I have decided that I shall plan just that! Activities: ~Shogging!~ Knock your opponent off of their log before ye fall off of yar own! ~Spleef!~ A game as old as time 'tself! Knock away the ground underneath others and don't fall into the water yourself! ~Push-Off Pumpkin!~ A game of my invention dating back to Arcas. A free-for all battle to control a giant floating pumpkin! Last one still standing wins! ~Darts~ Throw darts at a dartboard to score points! ~Drinks and Snacks~ Free bread and booze will be provided to all who attend the festival! Come right over to the new village 'n Haense (just next to the farms outside o' Karosgrad) and play games with us! May the best fella win! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling of the new shire. ((Event will take place at 3 PM EST tomorrow, 9/11/2021. Here are directions to the village: ))
  5. A Sweet Death The plagued village of Bramblebury sat in ghostly silence. Occasionally, life returned to it as halflings came desperately to retrieve their belongings, braving the rancid smell of death and infestation of critters. However, one halfling woman had not gotten to leave. In the chaos of everything, she had been left behind. Almond Joy 'Mondy' Applefoot. The baker's body rest against the circle door of The Cookie Crumb Bakery. Her large, deep blue eyes were wide open in her sleeping state. They plead 'help me', but her plea was unseen. A trickle of crimson blood ran from Mondy's mouth, vivid against her drained white skin. More blood splattered the bakery floor. The most grotesque part, perhaps, was the medley of creepy crawlies covering her. Maggots, roaches, worms. Swarming her. Sat in the burnt out oven of the bakery was a presumable sweet bun, charcoaled to oblivion. OOC:
  6. In the forest of Bramblebury rest a shrine. It lay in idle silence, that was, till the High Pumplar arrived. Now, a strange hum elicited from the structure. It became a hiss, as if a tea kettle sparked off. Steam rose from behind trees in the area, and a crimson smog. Pulling themselves out from beyond the covering was a figure, clad in an dishevelled suit, with a marred and malformed carved pumpkin atop his torso. The wind that walked alongside him seemed to speak in whispers. "Wot en Arugula's name 'appened ter you?" Asked the stunned High Pumplar. "What do you mean, what happened to me? I am still the one and same, as I've always been." Lord Knox did not look the same, but more grotesque and emaciated than ever before. His darkened irises were as if red flames trailed beside him. His pumpkin head blackened. Quivering, the High Pumplar backed away a few steps, but Lord Knox went forth and tapped her on the shoulder. Just like that, his body contorted in the mists to reveal a steadier form, regal and eccentric in appearance. Much more lavish in attention when he spoke. "Greetings, Miss Jeannette! Once again I appear to have come across you." Jeannette, the High Pumplar, was far from impressed, "Oi know ye 'ad somet'en ter do with the animals, 'n the fields," She seethed, "You tell the other weefolk what you've done, 'n why." "Hehehe..." With a sickening CRACK Knox's mouth contorted into a cheshire grin. The man went to twist in toe and slowly trail on offwards, "If that is your wish, we must make a performance of this movement here soon, of the upcoming ambition..." [!] Shortly after these events took place, a poster was pinned to the Bramblebury noticeboard. ▼
  7. First, it was the animals. Many a cow, sheep and chicken of the Custard Clan discovered were ailing, or already deceased. The two living and miraculously healthy were moved to the Mantitaris' Grove. A little over a month had passed since the incident, though regrettably the halfling's troubles were not over. Bramblebury's corn fields were dead and lifeless. The wheat was brown rather than golden yellow. Most of the potatoes, carrots and beetroots had stopped growing and any that breached the loam’s surface had oddities that made them unappetising; or potentially, inedible. Another peculiarity was that a powder-like substance, burnt orange in colour, could be found tilled in amongst the soil. Once again it had happened in the darkest hours of the day. How so rapidly? As it seemed no amount of water could remedy the trouble. Hours upon hours of gruelling labour, reduced to wither and rot.
  8. Another quiet night in Bramblebury passed. When the village settled to bed the eve of the 10th Sun's Smile, all seemed as normal. But in the morning, something had changed. The smell of sickness was laden on the wind. A fetid odor that is unmistakable. It was unmissable, too, rolling down the silent hills of the village, polluting the air in the halfling’s homes through their windows and chimneys. The source… OOC: Event to examine the cause in 30 minutes (We start from the morning waking up) 7:25pm EST/00:25am BST
  9. Silence filled the halls of Goodbarrel Burrow. The afternoon sun shone through the window, casting light on the thousands of pages of writings sitting on Greta Goodbarrel’s desk. As it had often been over the past few years, the burrow was empty save for Greta and a couple of Sorvians. Once home to five halflings, the burrow was now home to only two. Not since her early days in Brandybrook had Greta lived in such an empty burrow. As she entered her dining room, her eyes fell upon the various paintings on the walls. There was a portrait of her daughter Eliza when she was a baby. It was rare now that Eliza, all grown up and off on her own, would visit the burrow. Everyone has left, Greta thought, haven’t they? As her eyes moved across the other portraits, that same thought crossed her mind. There was a portrait of Inkers, and of herself and Isalie Gardner speaking before a crowd of halflings. She had grown accustomed to seeing these faces every day, but had not spoken to them in decades. At ninety-two years, Greta was not really an elderly halfling, but she had certainly begun to feel like one. Greta was entirely alone when she took a seat at her dining room table. Her wife Kerra had left on a shopping errand and her Sorvian Tolerance was still in the study reading. An opened bottle of Greta’s favorite fortified red wine was already resting on the table, and she hardly gave a second thought before picking up the bottle and taking a long swig from it, as was her custom. Not even a minute passed before the woman felt a sharp pain in her chest. She recognized it instantly. She knew what moment had arrived; a moment she had been imagining nearly all her life, a moment she had been long prepared for, though she had rarely imagined it would look like this. Greta did not call for help, she didn’t even stand up. What was coming was inevitable, there was no choice now but to let it be. She began to imagine what people would be saying about her next week, or next year, or a hundred years from now; though it was not a question unique to this moment. All her life, Greta had been fixated on building herself a legacy, on writing things worthy of being read and achieving things worthy of being written about. She had resolved long ago not to become the simple housewife her mother had intended her to be and, to that end at least, she had succeeded. For as much as she resented her failures, reporting on them had left her finally satisfied. For nearly a decade now, Greta had felt her life was more or less complete. But now the notion that Greta’s life was over was not just a feeling. As she began to lose consciousness, she started to imagine what she may soon see. Greta did not believe in any particular god, but she had never ruled out the possibility of an afterlife. In fact, as she collapsed on the table before her she could almost swear she had caught a glimpse of it. She could see her father, looking up from his book to offer her a warm smile. She could see Jol, waving to her with a mug of coffee in her other hand. She could see people she had hardly known like Kit-Kat and Fred Puddlefoot, and great halflings who had died long before her such as Rollo and her cousin Micah. Yet, as Greta got ever closer to the other side, her mind wandered back to the living world, to Kerra, to her daughters Elsie and Eliza, and to her friend Winter. She wondered if she would ever see them again. But Greta did not have long to ponder that question. Soon the pain gave way to nothing; no more senses, no more thoughts, and no more feelings. Nearly an hour passed before Tolerance went into the dining room to check on their maker, realized what had happened, and rushed off to find Kerra, to tell her and anyone else that should know that Greta Goodbarrel was dead. As was her fashion in life, Greta had left behind quite a hefty pamphlet, which; after a brief introduction, was helpfully divided into sections addressed to various people she had known: The Last Will and Letters of Greta Goodbarrel To any it may concern, If this pamphlet has been published, I have died. Whether by the hand of another, by unexpected tragedy, or fault of my own, my life has ended. As chance very likely has it, however, my departure from this world was abrupt, and I was not given what time I needed to give each of my loved ones a personal send off, nor to sort out my wishes for burial or my bequests. It is for this purpose that I write these final letters: To my dear daughter, Eliza; To my dear wife, Kerraline; To my dear daughter, Elsie; To my dearest friend, Winter; To the Warden and Isalie; To Anne; To Valorin, Inkers, Maenor, and Aiera; To all others who have crossed my path in Bramblebury, Haelun’or, and Norland; If you feel that I have neglected to send you a letter, my apologies. If you believe you were at all important to me, then you likely were, for I do not show affection lightly. As of writing this, I have no idea how long I will have lived, but I am confident that it will have been far too short a time to live among such wonderful people. If I have ever offended you, I can offer only my general apologies. I, as much as any other person, was far from infallible, and throughout my life have committed many errors. Nevertheless, it is my hope that history will be kind to me, for I have devoted a great deal of my life to changing its course for the better. Though I will spare you all a political sermon, seeing as most of you are likely tired of such things, I will close by offering a final wish to any in the world who may listen: that a day soon comes when all peoples of the world live in peace, freedom, and equality. With Regards to my Body and Belongings I leave everything; including my books, my jewelry, my sword, my Sorvians, and my burrow; to my wife Kerra with the expectation that she will pass them on to Eliza when the time is right. Though my wife is under no obligation to continue caring for our vineyard or brewing wine in my place, I do hope that each and every bottle of Goodbarrel Wine soon finds its way to a thirsty person. As for my body, I ask that, if possible, it be put out to sea in the fashion of Polo Gardner and other halflings of old. After all, my life was nothing if not a series of adventures. It is only fitting that it should end with one. I bid all who are reading this one last farewell, may you all live long and happy lives.
  10. Halflings are actively seeking to recruit new players! We have 2 villages on Almaris at the moment, Knoxville in Haense and Bramblebury in Elvenesse. Both of them are pretty decent and have cool stuff going on in them! Link to Knoxville discord: https://discord.gg/q2g2PYbv8e How to get to Knoxville: Knoxville usually has roleplay from around 2 PM EST to as late as midnight EST. It has some nice neighbors out in Attenlund and decent farming RP. Link to Bramblebury discord (also used for general halfling discussion not related to any village): https://discord.gg/uXsA9wq How to get to Bramblebury: ((not sure if this road path is accurate)) Bramblebury runs events on the Spicy Shrimp (the big ship moored in the village) and has a bakery ran by @Rioling Link to halfling roleplay guide (slightly oudated): Link to halfling burrow building guide: Halfling Skinning: Let me know if there's anything else you want or need if you're making a halfling persona!
  11. Ayo, I finished up a build today! I started this a month ago, and I think it's turned out pretty good! In this build, I tried to recreate some of the older block palettes and styles of Willow Hollow and Reedsborough burrow building (the ones using lots of spruce and dark oak, to be exact). Of course, like all of my builds, I end up changing it a lot to fit my style and thus the burrow looks absolutely like a burrow made by me and not anyone else. Still, it's a different aesthetic than what I'm used to so it was fun to build. Creating the layout for this burrow. I built the dining table before I even did the floors or walls, such was its importance in the build. Finishing up the kitchen and dining room furnishings! The fully furnished burrow! Now with a complete ceiling so you don't get wet when it rains! Covering the burrow in dirt, crude first cover to be smoothed out later. Giving the burrow a bit more natural form. I really love how this turned out. The slight height change across the hill really sells it as a natural formation. I wanted to build a cottage on top of this burrow, so I did. This is the most compact cottage I have ever built. In this tiny space I managed to cram a table for one, fireplace, chest, and bed. There's also a window and a good looking chimney coming out the top. All you'll ever need in life (although a crafting table and furnace might also be useful). With everything else finished, here's the final look of the entrance. Yes, those leaves on the path actually block it and you have to step over them. Sometimes practicality has to be sacrificed for the aesthetic and the overgrown look I'm going for. Side view so you can get a better look at the cottage and trees. I just did the quick and easy Willow Hollow/Reedsborough style of making trees. They're just vanilla fancy oak trees with some blocks and mushrooms added around the trunk as well as a bit of leaf modification. Looks pretty good given the amount of effort I had to put in for it. The backside of the burrow. I love the look of these big ol' burrow chimneys. Nice and stout, a contrast to the spindly li'l thing that acts as the cottage's chimney. Entrance room. I love how this looks. Right as you enter, you're looking down into the dining room and fireplace all in a straight line. Feels very comfy to be going down into the earth rather than up into it. Of course, it's not just a dining room here in this burrow! There's also a kitchen, with a second fireplace just for cooking to boot! You can also see the entrance to the pantry in this screenshot. The kitchen itself. It seems that someone has been baking cake. There's also a window to the outside world. This is the dining room. It's going to have a wine cellar underneath it as well, but I haven't built that yet. I'll get to that soon. Anyways, this dining table seats 12 people, and another table behind the camerahalfling in this screenshot seats 2 extra people for a total of 14 maximum guest capacity. You can practically fit the whole village in here, and it's not even that large! The pantry. Nothing too special here, just a regular ol' pantry connected to the dining room for when you need more food for guests! On the other side of the entrance room (away from the kitchen and dining room) is this parlor room. There are barrels for alcohol and a plant in the middle. A small transition room between the parlor and bedrooms. It has a secondary purpose as a miniature library. There's also a pumpkin in it for some reason. Children/guest bedroom. Not much to see here, just a room with two beds in it. The master bedroom, with a larger bed, closet, extra storage, and some fancy paintings. That's all for this burrow! Hope y'all thought it was cool! I sure did spend a fair bit of time building all this!
  12. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard Attention! I've come down with t'a plague! As such, I am nay longer fit to serve my Sheriff duties. I give temporary Sheriff status to my wife, Delphi, until a new Sheriff Election can be held! -Filibert Applefoot, ex-Sheriff of Knoxville
  13. Can't believe I managed to win one of these
  14. Thanks to @writtenShipper, @Frogger16, and @salamanderfantasy for the help!
  15. [!] An Almanac is spread around the halfling village of Knoxville. It is also possible to obtain a copy in Bramblebury. FARMER'S ALMANAC In this year within Knoxville, much has happened and has yet to happen. This here yearly Almanac shall contain predictions, assorted wisdoms, and past happenings that are of note! ~Contents~ ~Recent village occurances~ ~A Glimpse into the Future~ ~Heed these Wisdoms!~ ~Recipes~ ~A Poem~ ~Occurances~ Much has happened in Knoxville as of late. Most notable be the marriage of Delphi and Filibert, may their union bring us greatness in the future! More recently, the fields have been sown, left unattended for a while, and then weeded. While the crops be ready for harvest, it is wise to wait and see if the crops shall grow stronger with the weeds gone first. Thus, the fields were not harvested. New burrows are available in Knoxville, and new halflings have been moving in frequently. ~A Glimpse into the Future!~ This year's harvest (that has yet to happen) shall be bountiful, yet not bountiful enough to relax for the winter. The winter forage and hay baling shall be enough to feed most of the animals, yet a few pigs will need to be culled so that their preferred food does not run short. Spring will come later than usual, delaying the planting season. There will be many new faces in Knoxville, and by summer there will not be enough burrows to house everyone. The heavenly omens will be good, yet next year's omens are looking far more sour. Perhaps it is a good time to stockpile what you can before the harvest gets worse as the skies and spirits shed less of their being onto these lands for fertilizer. The blessings of the Pumpkin Lord can only last so long. ~Heed these Wisdoms!~ On Plants and Dreams If your burrow (or whatever else you be living in) does not have grass or moss covering it, there will be nothing to sort out the bad dreams from the good dreams coming to you from the heavens as you slumber. If there is not vegetation between you and the sky, you will not sleep soundly! Nightmares come for those who sleep under naught but wood or tile, and good dreams come to those who sleep with grass, herbs, crops, or trees above their heads. Be wary, however! If you sleep too far into the earth (as the dwarves do), the plants will not protect you from nightmares as easily as if you were in a cozy, grass-covered burrow! Shovel Omens It is a good omen to have a shovel on hand when it is needed. It is a bad omen when there is a large group of halflings with no shovels in sight. While you need not carry a shovel with you all of the time, it is best for at least one person in every group to have a shovel at the ready. Good things come to those who are prepared. Weeding Fields Do not harvest a field on the same day you have weeded it. It is best to let a crop after straining it by rummaging around it for weeds. Even if it is late in the harvesting season, letting crops rest after weeding will let the crops grow larger within the new space the weeds used to inhabit. Do not weed a field before summer is halfway through. Any weeds cut down before midsummer will grow back threefold by harvest time. It is not wise to clear the fields of tiny weed seedlings. Let the weeds grow first and become recognizable; only then may you cut them down and put them to use or waste as necessary. ~Recipes~ Stuffed Potatoes To make stuffed potatoes, cut open a potato and scoop out all of its contents save for a little. Throw in cheese, chopped onions, beans, meats, and other leftovers you wish to use. The potato can now be baked just as you would bake a potato normally (Ovens are preferable to open fires when it comes to baking a potato). Best served with a heavy sauce. Stock To make a good vegetable stock, throw animal bones and leftover choppings of vegetables and meats into your cooking pot. Cover with water and stir regularly until the water and vegetables boil down into a mushy mess. Strain the contents of the pot through a cloth to extract the stock. This stock can then be used in soups and stews to add extra flavor. This recipe is great with the stalks and crusty bits of vegetables, so long as none of it is rotten. ~A Poem~ Plough the fields late summer and sow the seeds come fall Les' your winter wheat nay grow very tall! -Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff of Knoxville
  16. OOC: Hello there! This is an event designed to simulate a single day of halfling life as best as possible. Everybody starts at the beginning of the hour, having just woken up. Their characters then go about their day as they would IRP, eventually falling back to sleep at the end of the hour, which ends the event. Working, eating, talking, and other things your character typically does in a day can and should be roleplayed. There will be a single roleplay prompt happening during the hour to promote interaction, but attending it isn’t mandatory. Feel free to do as you wish. The intention isn’t to attract a large quantity of halflings into one location at a time, but rather to create as much immersion as possible. SoL Event Checklist (Optional): -Wake up ( ) -Eat something ( ) -Do some task ( ) -Interact with someone ( ) -Eat another thing ( ) -Go to sleep ( ) RP: [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard! "Bahh! T'a fields o' Knoxville are full of weeds now! We better cut them up with sickles or else they'll overwhelm the fields!" -Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff of Knoxville ((Scheduled for 4 PM EST today, 7/17/2021, located in Knoxville, in Haense within Attenlund. You can find Knoxville using the below map: ))
  17. [!] You find a letter in your mailbox! The paper is crinkly and thick, no doubt pressed by hand from reed fibers. There's a few specks of lavender spread about the paper. YER INVITED! ~A good omen from the heavens!~ T'is time for the first ever wedding of Knoxville (and hopefully not the last!). I, FIlibert Applefoot, will wed Delphi Wanderfoot, a lovely halfling lass who I love very much! There will be cake! There will be games and all sorts of fun! You best be there, or else you'll be missing out on a whole lot! Wedding Activities: ~Reciting Vows~ ~Shogging & Snowball Fight~ ~The ol' game of Spleef (A classic from way back 'n Brandybrook)~ ~A Final Farewell Feast, Full o' Fantastical Foods!~ Special Invitations: ~The Amador bigguns who live nearby~ ~The members of the Attenlund Development Society~ ~All Knoxville halflings~ ~All Bramlebury halflings who wish to travel up to Knoxville~ ~Other friendly bigguns, such as those related to Bella~ ~Any else who wish to attend and nay cause trouble~ Be t'ere or be a rotten pumpkin! -Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff of Knoxville. ((Event will take place TOMORROW, the 12th of July, 2021, at 8 PM EST. For directions to Knoxville, use the below map: ))
  18. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard! The parchment is a bit crinkled.... Sheriff Election Results! ~Bigguns visiting Knoxville!~ T'is time for the results of the Sheriff Election to be made public! Here they are! For I, Filibert Applefoot, there be all 3 cast votes, 100% of all votes cast! For Cuthburt Weedfoot, there be zero votes, 0% of all votes cast! Thus, I am proud to announce that I, Filibert Applefoot, shall be the new Sheriff of Knoxville! -Filibert Applefoot, sheriff of Knoxville
  19. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard! WILDERNESS EXPLORATION! ~The lovely ol' woods of Knoxville!~ While the Smokey Mountain Park may have been planted by our own wee hands, a long while has passed since we had total control over happenings within it. These days, nature takes its own course within the woods. I say we crack open the foliage and take a better look at what's been going on in there! I'm sure there's something cool we've missed! -Filibert Applefoot, halfling and resident of Knoxville ((Event to take place at 8 PM EST, tomorrow the 6th of July, 2021. If you can't find Knoxville, you can locate it using the below map: ))
  20. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard Small Shogging Event! ~Shogging in Knoxville!~ Oi lads! Since I missed the ol' Shogging Tournament we did after the Flower Dance, I think we ought to hold another one! No need to sign up, just show up and be ready for some good ol' fun! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling of Knoxville ((Event at 5 PM EST, tomorrow the 2nd of July, 2021. Event will take place in Knoxville, which can be found using the below map: Content warning for Acrophobia, Aquaphobia, and Claustrophobia))
  21. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard Sheriff Elections! ~The Grand Knoxville Harvest!~ Since it has been a while after the nominations for Sheriff, I say it's time we run the election proper! Just put the candidate you wanna vote for on a li'l slip and put it into the ballot box by the Sheriff Office! Here be the form ye needa use: Name: Are ye a village resident?: Who do you vote for?: Filibert Applefoot [ ] Cuthburt Weedfoot [ ] Apples 'er Pumpkins?: May da bes' candidate win! -Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff candidate and notable halfling.
  22. [!] You come across a scrap of parchment floating through the wind. Knoxville Flower Dance! ~Mighty flowers blooming across Knoxville!~ Now that t'a Harvest be over, spring has once more sprung upon our wee village! Let us celebrate this fine occasion with song and dance! The great flowers that have bloomed all over will appreciate the company! The main event of the Flower Dance will, of course, be the Flower Dance itself! Wear your best clothes as we dance to the music of the wind, sky, sun, and earth! Here be the full list of events: ~Flower Judging! Best flower brought before the judge wins a prize!~ ~The Flower Dance, held in the central field (which will be full o' spring flowers by then!)~ ~Bird Watching!~ ~Some Shogging if folks still be left around to do so!~ BIGGUNS ARE INVITED! Be t'ere, or be a wilted flower! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling of Knoxville ((Event will take place 8 PM EST, Tomorrow on Tuesday the 29th of June, 2021. Knoxville can be found using the map below: ))
  23. Toobular

    Pixel Art :D

    A N'oice Sunn'eh day! "A n'oice sunn'eh day, perfect fe'r f'ormin! Per'aps a n'oice supper after!"
  24. Epic Petition: Don't really know what to put here... but if your like me and want halfling persona's active again spread the word. (Also reply with whatever to support this petition or whatever)
  25. [!] You find a scrap of paper floating around in the wind. Some words are scribbled onto it, as well as a simple drawing. HARVEST TIME IS HERE ~The lovely ol' pumpkins of Knoxville!~ Ah yes, the wonders of autumn. The birds are singing, the air is full of wondrous smells, the crops are fully grown and ready for harvest! It is time to dig up potatoes! It is time to cut down the winter wheat! It is time to pick pumpkins and carve them into fancy ornaments! Let us clear away the fields so we may plant them anew! It's HARVEST TIME, fellas! It's time for us halfling folks to prosper and be merry! Thus, on with the list of activities (A proper harvest ought to be organized like a festival, after all!): -Pumpkin pickin', pumpkin carvin' -Cutting down rows upon rows of wheat! -Competition to see who can dig up the biggest potato! -Drinking and shogging! -The first animal slaughter of Knoxville, to commemorate the new herd of cattle in our wee village! Be there or be a smelly pumpkin! Our village is in Attenlund within Haense, down the long and winding road to the big lake from the big city! Shouldn't be too hard to find! -Filibert Applefoot, local Knoxville halfling, candidate for Sheriff. [!] Another crude bit of paper is nailed onto the first BIGGUNS ARE INVITED! ((Event will take place at 7 PM EST, Tomorrow Thursday the 24th of June, 2021. Knoxville can be found using the below map: ))
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