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Found 65 results

  1. NotEvilAtAll

    A Festival of the Applefoot Halflings!

    A Festival of the Applefoots! ~Dunshire as seen by the songbirds~ When Dunshire was a much younger village, and the halfling race less established there, Madeline and Harold Applefoot brought life into the village by planning a massive party. This party, called the Party of the Applefoots, started the annual parties and festivals that Dunshire has been known for, and drew in lost halflings from all across Atlas. In honor of this original Party, I say it is time for us to hold another one, hosted by the Applefoot family just as the original! ~Content~ ~Shogging, Drinking, and Darts! ((3.00-3.40 PM)) ~A massive Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest! ((3.40-4:30 PM)) ~Feasting in the Applefoot burrow after the Truffle Hunt is done! ((4:30-5:00 PM)) ~Time and other matters~ ~Time: Close to the end of the old Elven Year and the beginning of the next, but after one cycle of that has already passed ((3-5 PM EST, December 16th, next Sunday)) ~Location: Dunshire village, of course! ~Who is invited: Everyone is! Shogging, Drinking, and Darts Same as normal! There are many different boozes to choose from in Dunshire, all of which are well stocked! There’s a dartboard in both the Drunken Duck Inn and one closer to the Shogging logs, and the Shogging logs can be found in Dunshire Lake! Rules for the dartboard: 1-3 Miss 4-8 10 points 9-13 20 points 14-17 30 points 18-19 40 points 20 50 POINTS! 3 throws per player, and the player with the most points in the end wins! Rules for Shogging: -The goal of the game is to knock your opponent off of their log with a shovel -You must wear a pumpkin on your head while playing -You are not allowed to hop between the logs -Best out of three wins! A massive Truffle Hunt in Dunshire Forest! Dunshire Forest (The forest that surrounds Dunshire) contains many truffles ripe for the picking! Bring your own dogs/hogs to hunt for them if you wish! ((This, but in Dunshire and not Belvitz: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174539-event-idea-truffle-hunt/?tab=comments#comment-1643958 )) Feasting in the Applefoot Burrow after the Truffle Hunt is done! After all of this is said and done, we’ll gather together to feast in one of Dunshire’s most cozy burrows! Hopefully we’ll consume all of the remaining food and drink and have a splendid time! Long Live Dunshire! Lord Knox bless us all! -Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline Applefoot and High Pumplar of Dunshire
  2. NotEvilAtAll

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    ~The Great Applefoot Family~ The Applefoots are one of the newest families of halflings, having been formed by a merger between the Applebrook and Withfoot families when Madeline Applebrook and Harold Withfoot got married (becoming Madeline Applefoot and Harold Applefoot respectively) . The Applefoot family has provided the halflings with great leadership figures from the moment it was created, and it is claimed that the village can never go wrong with an Applefoot in charge, although that claim is still debated. ~The Applefoot Culture and Tradition~ The Applefoots are a simple folk, following all the cultural traditions of the halflings such as not wearing shoes, not using weapons, and not using minas (Mostly). On top of this, Applefoots usually drink to excess whenever possible, and are not ones to back down from a shogging match. From the Applebrook side of the family comes a deep love of orcharding, farming, brewing, and cooking, and from the Withfoot side of the family comes a love of chopping trees, smoking, and eating. With all of these tendencies, the Applefoots are both the ultimate producers of farm goods and the ultimate consumers. Due to this, it is rare to see an Applefoot without food in their hands. ~The Look of the Applefoot~ With a smidge of Dwarven genes coming from Harold Withfoot, the Applefoots stand a bit taller than most other halflings. In weight, however, the Applefoots are slightly less than the average, since the Applebrooks were well known for being slim around the waist. Their eyes are usually blue to blueish green, and their hair is either red or reddish brown. ~Applefoot Religion~ As for Religion, the Applefoots are a varied bunch. Harold Applefoot, the father of the Applefoot family, is a well-known Druid and worshipper of the Aspects, whereas his wife was a devout Knoxist for all her life. Daisy Applefoot worships the Harvest Spirits, whereas her sisters and brother are all Knoxists as well. There is no one religion of the Applefoots, and it's likely it will remain that way for centuries. ~Family Recipes~ Since all the old Applebrook and Withfoot recipes have been passed down to the Applefoot family, the Applefoots have a wide variety of foods and boozes to choose from. Here are a few Applebrook Porter: a booze produced with a secret ingredient that only the Applefoots know. It tastes deep and rich, and is very alcoholic. Withfoot Cider: an all around good cider to drink, produced from only the finest apples and a few other ingredients that are also heavily guarded secrets of the Applefoot family. The Applefoot Haggis: Produced by Madeline Applefoot, this haggis was a true masterpiece and can only be made by some of the top chefs in the world. While its recipe is not a secret, it is said that only an Applefoot can produce the haggis the way it was meant to be made. Pipes & Pipeweed: From the Withfoot side of the family came a vast knowledge of pipes and pipeweed. The majority of the halflings' pipeweed comes from the Applefoots, and the Applefoots also make most of the pipes they are smoked in. ~Family Heirlooms~ The Applefoots have few heirlooms to their name, sadly. The few that they do have are shrouded in mystery, dirt, or both. These Heirlooms await the day that they are discovered once more. Madeline's Cherry-wood Pipe: Said to be the best pipe ever made, this cherry-wood pipe produced the best smoke-rings, smoke-squares, and smoke-ovals ever seen. When Madeline died, her pipe was lost, presumably dropped into somewhere around the village of Dunshire, where it waits to be uncovered to this day. The Arcane Pumpkin: This Pumpkin was plucked straight out of the depths of the darkest, coldest, and perilous place in Axios by the ex-Elder Gerald. When Gerald died, the Pumpkin technically should've passed on to his close friend and associate, Merridolph Applebrook, who technically is a part of the Applefoot family ever since the two were merged. Since Merridolph Applebrook is dead and the Pumpkin was stolen, the Arcane Pumpkin's location is completely unknown. It may never be found again, but if it is, it would change halfling life forever. ~Current and Deceased family members~ Merridolph Applebrook, great uncle - DECEASED Harold Applefoot, grandfather - ALIVE Madeline Applefoot, grandmother - DECEASED Merry Applefoot, son of Madeline - DECEASED Carolina Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - MISSING Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline- ALIVE Unnamed twin of Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - ALIVE ((not played)) Rollo Applefoot, husband of Daisy- ALIVE Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE Unnamed twin of Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE ((not played)) Unnamed, son of Daisy – ALIVE ((reserved)) ~How to play an Applefoot~ Just message me or @dkink14 on the forums, and we'll be with you shortly! Alternatively, you can ping our Discords, which are NotEvilAtAll#2321 and dkink14#7136 respectively. Happy travels!
  3. Dunshire Drinking Night, #15 ~Water and Cloud~ What?: A lovely ol’ time to drink in Dunshire with the local halflings When?: Close to the end of this current Elven Week, and close to the beginning o’ the next ((3 PM EST, this upcoming Sunday)) Where?: In the Drunken Duck Tavern, where all the wee-folks go to drink ~*~ We are going to be drinking ourselves silly! Not only shall we be consuming many drinks, we shall be competing in who can drink them the fastest! The fastest drinker will win a custom-made medal to commemorate their victory. -Daisy Applefoot, High Pumplar of Dunshire ((image provided by Dalek348 and used with his consent))
  4. NotEvilAtAll

    The Dunshire Inn!

    [!] An advertisement is found nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard and other places The Dunshire Inn! ~The exterior of the Inn~ To deal with recent housing issues, Petrus Frondor and his Better Burrow Bureau (BBB) have made an Inn for new halflings and friendly bigguns to inhabit! The Inn is well stocked with food and drink, a dart board, a fireplace/meeting room, and two lovely rooms perfect for anyone! In order to get a room at the Dunshire Inn, just contact Petrus Frondor ((White_Moose)) or Daisy Applefoot ((jumperhand3)) ~The interior of the Inn, complete with fireplace and dartboard~
  5. [!] A note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard... Dunshire’s Sixth Election! ~The halflings gather around the entrance of The Drunken Duck~ In honor of the new governmental system o’ Dunshire, and in memory of Pal, I believe it is time for us to have our sixth election here in Dunshire! This election will be for the three positions of Elder, the position of Sheriff, and eventually the position of Thain if the newly elected leaders deem Rollo Applefoot unfit to rule! This new election ought to clear up all of the old Eldership, who often don’t visit Dunshire as much as they ought to, and could pave the way towards a brighter future for Dunshire! Vote wisely, wee-folks o’ Dunshire! If you wish to run in the upcoming election, please sign up to do so using the format below. On top of just signing up through the format, each candidate will be expected to give a short speech to the halfling people (You can’t have elections without an informed populace!). Good luck! Election Sign-up: Name: Race: Residency: What are you running for? (Sheriff, Elder): Campaign Platform: ((Link to Speech (when complete): Long Live Dunshire’s Democracy! Glory to the Wee! -Daisy Applefoot, High Pumplar of Dunshire. [!] The paper ends with the Dunshire Rabbit, official seal of Dunshire [!] Another scrap of paper is hastily attached to the main paper ”Due ter lack of applicants, t’eh election has been downsized to being only over the one Elder slot not currently filled. Long Live Dunshire’s Democracy!” -Daisy Applefoot
  6. White_Moose

    The Better Burrow Bureau

    ~*~ As you look out your window you would see a small, aging man hobbling about, stack of papers in hand. A small sailor shanty can be heard about Dunshire as Petrus Frondor makes his way to each burrow. As he approaches the doors of each burrow the shanty grows louder and louder followed by a raspy and rhythmic knock. Petrus pauses his song to say, “Letter fer ye!” and slips a note under the door way before continuing the song and heading to the next burrow. ~*~ ~*~ Halflings of Dunshire! G’morn, G’day, and G’evenin’ to whoever is reading this mass-produced letter. While reading some history books and some journals from my father, I came across a small organization, a club if you will, of halflings that would better your burrows. So, I write this letter to inform you of the re-emerging of said club, “Better Burrow Bureau”. “But why bring this club back?” you may ask yourselves. Welp, as I wonder around Dunshire on Elderly duties, I notice small holes forming around certain burrows. Upon further inspection, these burrow-owners have dug new rooms much too large and without enough support to allow the earth, and Dunshire, to nicely sit on top. This is a large problem as this could cause multiple ordeals to happen such as Landslides, Sinkholes, and Cave-ins. With gnomes and munchkins running about No Booze Forest, these areas are easy targets for them to ruin. And we don’ want our beautiful town destroyed now, do we? This club, aptly named “Better Burrow Bureau”, is for the well-versed burrow-makers and burrow-designers that the halflings will entrust with making burrows better again. Founded in late Asulon by Bili Hollowmead and again in Vailor by Fumble Willowbottom, we will follow in the footsteps of these late and great halflings to get the halflings of the Vale new and improved homes as demand sees fit. Members of the “Better Burrow Bureau” will have the opportunity to show their talents in burrow-making/designing as well as teach new and old the art to these cozy hill houses. Not only will you be building burrows, but you could be building farmland or meeting halls or windmills, the list goes on and on with possibilities. Of course, before you build the burrow, you must ask an Elder as we might have plans for a patch of land or a burrow could be under the land already. As with all burrow giving deeds, ask an Elder for that as well. There are rules that must be followed, after all, you can’t just give a wee child their own burrow after all. And some Elders, like myself, give villagers tasks before they can get their own burrow. If interested in joining the BBB, please fill out the next page and put it under my door or in my mailbox. Yers truly, Elder of Dunshire, Ex-Elder of Shortwood and Gimblewood, Ex-Sheriff of Gimblewood and Willow Hollow, and lover of all things Proper Petrus Frondor ~*~ ~*~ A piece of paper is attached to the letter with only simple words and markings and loads of blank space: Better Burrow Bureau Application Name: Race: Age: Are you a Burrow-Maker/ Designer/ Educator/ Student: ((MC Name)): ((How long have you been a Halfling?)): ((For Burrow-makers and designers and educators)) ((Pictures of burrows you’ve made or decorated?)): ((Pictures of other builds that might help in burrow makering or designering?)): ((Have you read either Larry’s, Faldo’s, or Petyr’s burrow guides? If not, give them a read from the links in the spoiler.)): ((For Students)) ((Why are you interested in learning burrow making or designing?)): ~*~
  7. [!] A fragment of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard The Fourteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! ~The Lumberseed Smithy, Dunshire’s newest burrow~ Since last Dunshire Drinking Night was such a success, I think it be time for us halflings to have another one! Without further ado, let’s get on with the contents. Contents: ~Time and other matters ~Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! ~Melon Carving! Time and other matters Time: Near t’eh end of this Elven Week and the beginning of the next! ((3 PM EST this upcoming Sunday, the 18th of November)) Location: The village of Dunshire, where all the wee halfling folks live! Required Equipment: Please bring yer own shovel, hoe, axe, or other tool to carve out your melon! Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! ~A very well stocked booze selection indeed!~ Thanks to Harold Applefoot’s brewing, the tavern is fully stocked with booze once more! This includes both booze new and old, all of which will be given out for free during the Drinking Night! Here’s a few of the boozes we have in stock: ~Applebrook Porter ~Brandybuck Brandy ~Withfoot Hard Cider ~Forest Ale ~Pumpkin Ale ~Farmville Cider ~Spiked Eggnog (NEW!) ~Bunny Beer (NEW!) Melon Carving! With the new addition of the Hollowmead Acres, us halflings have more melons than we can eat! In order to fix this issue and have fun doing so, we’ll be carving out melons just like how pumpkins are carved on Knoxween! This has been your Dunshire Drinking Night Awareness Poster. Long Live Dunshire’s Democracy! Glory to the wee! -Daisy Applefoot, High Pumplar of Dunshire
  8. NotEvilAtAll

    Hollowmead Acres

    [!] A very lovely scent enters your nose and you enter Dunshire Upon following the scent, it leads you to a field of wheat, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, beets, and other crops swarming with bees and butterflies, all surrounded by a thick forest of trees and a humble little fence separating the field from the rest of Dunshire. The path is made of gravel and mud, worn into the field after months of travel, and soon brings you to the center of the field. The only sound besides the wind and the humming of bees is a stream which meanders through the field, helping nourish the crops and bedazzle the onlooker. Following the stream downhill leads you to a small lake whose banks grow thick with crops. The path ends at the lake, leaving no access to the other side of the lake apart from slogging through rows upon rows of wheat. The bees hum softer here, and hardly anything makes a peek apart from the wind, for the waters of the lake are calm and the field rarely visited. As if to capitalize on the near total silence of the area, a small shack stands on the tamer side of the lake, welcoming you in with the sharp scent of alcohol. Content with your discovery, you move on to see other parts of Atlas, the soft humming of the bees still in your recent memory.
  9. [!] A very lovely looking note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard. It gives you a weird sense of nostalgia. The Thirteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! ~The newly finished windmill, the tallest building in all of Dunshire~ For too long have us wee folks gone without a good party, I reckon! For too long has Dunshire fallen into a slow slumber while there is still booze to be drank, food to be ate, and pipeweed to be smoked! I say we bring back the Dunshire Drinking Nights of yore, but this time we do it with more booze, more food, more darts and shogging and singing and dancing! Contents: ~Time and other matters ~Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! ~Book-fair! ~Shogging on the Shog-Logs! Time and other matters Time: Near the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ of the next! ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 11th of November (this upcoming Sunday* Location: Dunshire! Where else would a “Dunshire Drinking Night” take place? Why the sudden revival of the Drinking Nights?: T’eh person who was running 'em sorta died and nobody tried to continue the tradition until now. Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! Our booze selections are not quite as grand as they once were, yet we still have a few surprises up our sleves! Here’s a few of the boozes in Dunshire: ~Applebrook Porter ~Withfoot Cider ~Brandybuck Brandy ~Spiked Eggnog (NEW!) ~Bunny Booze (NEW!) Book-Fair! ~The Library on Melon-Street now has a large selection of high quality poetry!~ You may have heard that Dunshire has lots of carrots and potatoes in it, but did you know that Dunshire also has a library with enough poetry to choke a horse? It’s true! Since we have so many good books in Dunshire, and are always wishing to acquire more books, during this Dunshire Drinking Night there will be a book-fair where all may come to trade books with one another! Shogging on the Shog-Logs! ~Ahhh... Dunshire Lake. A region of Dunshire which has changed quite a bit over the years~ For the finale of the Thirteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night, we will do a very traditional halfling game called “Shogging”, where two players on opposite logs try to hit the other off with a shovel! It’s a jolly ol’ sport, and all are bound to love it! ~Dunshire is not responsible for any injuries or loss of life to occur on the Shog-Logs~ This has been your Dunshire Drinking Night awareness poster, done by none other than the Deputy of Dunshire herself, Daisy Applefoot! Long Live Dunshire!
  10. NotEvilAtAll

    Sweet-or-Spookin' in Dunshire!

    [!] A notice is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard among other places Sweet-or-Spookin’! ~The interior of the new Applefoot burrow, home to Daisy and Rollo Applefoot~ Attention all halflings, bigguns, ‘n tree-creatures! I am a wee bit dissapointed ‘n how Spooktober ended ‘n Dunshire (Nay enough pumpkin ale oi say!), so ‘n order ter make up for that I say we give this all one last hurrah! What are weh doin’?: Sweet-or-Spookin’! You have bigguns ‘n other halflings walk up ter yer burrows ‘n ye either give them sweets or a nasty scare! Where be t’is?: In Dunshire of course! Where else would it be? Am I invited?: Yes! Everyone is invited (Unless ye be a dwarf wearing blue-green socks, we don’ trust those fellers) What time?: Same time as all the Drinkin’ Nights were historically done! ((11/4/2018, 3 PM EST this upcoming Sunday)) See ye all ‘n Dunshire! Make sure ter pack up on swee’s ‘n tricks as well if ye plan on participating! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with the Dunshire Rabbit, official seal of the wee-folks of Dunshire
  11. NotEvilAtAll

    Bloody Snow, Broken Shovels

    [!] An excerpt from the Daisy Applefoot’s diary is torn out and nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dear Diary... I woke up from some sort of coma just a few days ago, not remembering much of what had happened. The last thing I remembered was the ol’ Dunshire Snowball Fight and the fun we had there. To help me recollect my memories and to put together an account of these events for posterity, I shall write here. It had all started out fine and dandy, with the Pro-Rollo snowball fighters (Supporting the Thain) on one side of the Clearing and the Anti-Rollo snowballers (Supporting the Elderson the other. A handful of bigguns had gathered to watch the ordeal as well, adding to the hype about what was to come. Shouts were exchanged between the snow-forts, and everyone appeared to be ready. The rules were simple and easy to understand. Each side would use snow, eggs, sticks, and sheer willpower to get to the others’ fort and steal their flag. Whoever captured the enemy flag would be named leader of Dunshire. Nighttime fell on the clearing, and torches were brought out to provide light for the upcoming fight. Both sides readied their shovels, donned their protective helmets, recounted their supply of snow, and mentally prepared themselves for the battle. The battle begun with the mighty “WHOOOM!” of the Snow-ballista being fired upon the Elders’ fort as the Thain charged out to meet the Thain and his allies. Sadly, the Thain was beaten back when he realized he had not brought any snowballs with him. I retreated as well after taking a few hits. After another charge from the Thain, another shot of the Snow-ballista, and some improper halfling distracting the third Thain snowball warrior, the Pro-Thain forces regroup for one final charge on the base of the Elders. The Elders and their allies soon came out of their fort to greet us, and a vicious melee ensued. With our padded sticks and leather helmets, we fought each other for control of the entrance to Fort-Elder. The fighting got progressively worse as time went on, and soon some blood was being shed on both sides (T’was but mere flesh wounds, thankfully). The Thain made a sudden break for the Elders’ flag, and from here onwards my memory blanks out. From what I gathered after I regained consciousness, I had been smacked hard in the head by the same improper halfling who had distracted one of the Thain supporters earlier in the battle. The battle must’ve been called off or something, because I have yet to hear of anyone winning. I suppose if a snowball fight will not be able to conclude this conflict, something else will. -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire 15th of Malin’s Welcome, 1687
  12. NotEvilAtAll

    The Halfling Snowball Fight!

    [!] A hastily drawn paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard for all the wee li’l halflings to see T’eh Halflin’ Snowball Fight! In order to solve these recent events peacefully, I suggest we all have a li’l snowball fight here ‘n Dunshire so that we can get all out and active without causin’ any harm! T’eh Rules: -Both sides will ‘ave the entire month to build a snow-fortress that will contain a flag, red for Pro-Rollo, and blue for Anti-Rollo. -Participan’s on either side will wear either a red-dyed cap (for Pro-Rollo), or a blue-dyed cap (for Anti-Rollo). -The first team to capture t’eh enemy flag and bring it to their own snow-fort wins! -Snow catapults, trebuche’s, ‘n slingsho’s may be used as long as t’ey are mostly harmless! -Nay buildin’ yer snow-fortress too large ‘er tall! -Only snowballs ‘n eggs can be thrown! -Nay puttin’ ice ‘n yer snowballs! -Nay bigguns allowed on either side! (Although they may watch if they desire) -Nay weapons besides padded sticks! Anybodeh who brings out ah weapon has to sit out fer the rest o’ t’eh game ‘n JAIL! -((The entire thing is to be done in Roleplay if we have under 10 participants, although there might be a bit of PvP stick-hitting and snowball-throwing inbetween volley’s of emotes)) Time: Nex’ Month, so that we ‘ave time ter build fortresses! ((3 PM EST, Saturday the 20th of October)) Where: T’eh empty areas o’ Dunshire Whoever wins will be made leader o’ Dunshire, ‘n whoever loses will get a participa’ion award. May t’eh bes’ halflings win! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with a quickly drawn Dunshire Rabbit
  13. NotEvilAtAll

    The Great Atlas Pumpkin Raid!

    [!] A small group of Pumpkin-wearing halflings are seen running around, spreading Spooktober cheer and handing out pumpkins and the blessings of Lord Knox for all. The Great Atlas Pumpkin Raid! They started off with but a measly 5 halflings wielding shovels and pumpkins. However, as is normal in these Pumpkin Raids, their numbers soon grew as they gained both fame and infamy in their journey across Southern Atlas The first place to be visited by the Pumpkin Raiders was Belvitz. All of the Pumpkin Raiders swarmed into the tavern and preached the glories of their god Lord Knox. The bigguns didn’t take too kindly to this, and drew their blades and nearly killed the lot of ‘em, but thankfully through some talking they managed to save their pumpkin-heads! From Belvitz they marched southwards, having gained a few followers in spite of the chaos. Through wind, rain, sleet, and hail, they marched on southwards, praying to their great Lord Knox all the while. Eventually, after much hardship, the Pumpkin Raiders reached Carolustadt, the capital of the Empire of Man. They gathered up at the drawbridge and prepared their march inwards. They were met by a large mob of Anti-Knoxist humans booing at them and drawing their weapons, preparing to slaughter these heretics. However, nobody could justify any sort of massacre, since the Pumpkin Raiders were peaceful and only wanted to spread their pumpkins and Knoxween cheer to everyone. Sadly, there was a brief Pumpkin Civil-War on the bridge after the Pumpkin Raiders left the city, and most of the new recruits were pushed into the moat and either drowned or retired. The Pumpkin Raiders marched ever further south, finally reaching the small encampment that is Courland. Since one of the Pumpkin Raiders had the keys to the camp, the raiders soon gained access. They shouted their Pumpkin-phrases and handed out cookies and pumpkins to all the Courlanders, yet they didn’t recruit a single new Pumpkin Raider there. It had been a very long journey, yet the remaining Pumpkin Raiders still kept spirits high with a self-portrait painted by an anonymous painter in the middle of their trek southwards. While they had not fulfilled their goals of spreading Knoxism and pumpkins to all the bigguns just yet, they remained dogged in their vision of a glorious Knoxist utopia of free cake, pumpkins, cookies, and melons for all. Suddenly, a tragedy occured. Petrus Fronder, one of the three Elders of Dunshire and a Pumpkin Raider, had been caught by the gates of Haense when the Pumpkin Raiders had been visiting the place! The pumpkin-wearing travelers pounded against the gates and shouted, but it was no use. Soon they were surrounded by the guard force of the City, and it appeared to be the end of the Pumpkin Raiders... However, not all was lost, for out of the blue a random biggun with a pickaxe appeared and freed the poor ol’ Petrus Fronder! With a route away from the armed bigguns and the city shown to them, the Pumpkin Raiders soon escaped the city with their lives! It was a glorious day for Dunshire and the halflings, for they had managed to live! Long Live Dunshire! Long Live Knox! Long Live Pumpkins! Long Live Spooktober! -anonymous writer
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    A Message to Dunshire, circa 1685

    ((produced in collaboration with Mystery_Uialben)) [!] A lengthy note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard, scribbled in a somewhat fancy ink. Important Message! ~The Sherif, Deputy, and Elders gather together in The Drunken Duck to chat~ Dear Weefolk of Dunshire, This is your Sheriff, Rollo Applefoot, sending out a personal letter from my heart to all of you. It seems as though there has been lots of commotion going about the safety of weefolk, and talks about whether the values of being proper, overrule the values of common sense, and staying safe from biggin's invading our land. I am here to tell you that, the problem does not lie in us converting to the values of biggin's, but instead lays in the way we go about treating biggin's in our new land. Which is why I’ve come up with new regulations for... HOW A HALFLING STAYS SAFE IN DUNSHIRE!: -If you see a Biggin' walk into Dunshire with armor, or weapons drawn, immediately walk away. Starting now, all Biggin's whom walk into Dunshire with swords or armor are to immediately have to speak with the Sheriff. Else they face immediate interrogation from the Sheriff and his police golems. -If you are the only halfling in the village, and you see Biggin's walk inside.. LEAVE DUNSHIRE. It is not smart in ANY CITY to simply walk up to a mob group, if you're all alone. -If you wish to be a halfling that keeps the Shire safe, speak with me, Rollo Applefoot directly. The golems and I aren't always around, you can't expect us to solve all your problems. If you want to be more well equipped for biggins walking into the Shire, I will help you. -As part of some halfling's complaints, the druids of Dunshire have started to create a wall around the premise of the lands, so that way it is harder for Biggin's can't easily walk in. This personally does not make Dunshire any safer in my opinion. We have places to hide in Dunshire for a reason, if you're scared of a Biggin killing ya, use them. As your sheriff, and as self-proclaimed Protector of Halflings, I have a duty to keep you all safe. However, we must all work together if we plan on keeping out young'ins, our old'uns, and our regular halflings safe. Take a moment halflings, and realize not, "What can we rid of to make us stronger", but instead "What strengths do we have to make us better?" We are just as powerful as any armored up Biggin', and I have given my life to making sure us halflings have the prestige that WE DESERVE. GLORY TO DUNSHIRE. GLORY TO WEEFOLK. - Signed, Rollo Applefoot, Sheriff of Dunshire [!] The image ends with a picture of the Dunshire Rabbit.
  15. NotEvilAtAll

    The Dunshire Police Golem

    [!] A note is pinned to a somewhat cracked Dunshire Notice Board The Dunshire Police Golem! ~The halflings inspect the new Golem~ What a blessing from Knox! A golem has been found and put to use by the ex-sheriff Angelica Woodstock for the purpose of protecting Dunshire! This Golem ought to keep us all safe from no-good bigguns and bandits! RULES FOR THE GOLEM: -Do not pet the Golem -Do not feed the Golem -Do not insult the Golem -Do not praise the Golem -Do not call the Golem anything other than "Phalanx" -Do not get in the way of the Golem -Do not play pranks on the Golem -Do not do anything to the Golem at all other than watch it for flaws. Please remember to repair any damage that might be caused by the Golem's lack of direction. Dunshire's Police Department will not be held responsible for any injuries, deaths, or damages caused by improper use of the Golem Any issues with the Golem should be reported to the Sheriff's Office or Angelica Woodstock immediately. Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire
  16. NotEvilAtAll

    The Halfling Voidronauts

    The Halfling Voidronauts They gathered around the entrance to The Drunken Duck, all bleary-eyed in the night, to discuss something of utmost important. Baron Westbuck had found something that needed to be investigated, and it was up to the Dunshire halflings to do so. He had found the infamous Hole to Heck where all the Gnomes, Munchkins, and Spooks came out of. It was decided that they ought to head on in, for the future of Dunshire was at stake now that the Hole to Heck was revealed. They stumbled into the tunnels underneath Dunshire, walking single-file. Soon, they found the entrance to the Ol' Gnome Mine, where they'd find the passageway to the Hole to Heck. Armed with state-of-the-art shovels and hearts full of courage, they marched on into the darkness, not knowing exactly what would greet them. Through the winding tunnels and passages they stumbled, tripping over other's bare-feet, and already wishing to head back. However, they could not just stop there. They had a mission to do, and they were going to do it. Eventually, the Ol' Gnome Mine opened up into a massive carvern larger than any the wee-folks have seen before. The only light came from their torches, for everything else was coated in pitch black. Yet in spite of this all, they stumbled onwards Inside of this massive cavern was yet another opening. Its sides were laden with ores and gems, and mushrooms grew along the few footholds down. Water dripped down the steep steps in a series of petite waterfalls, flowing to who knows where. A strange breeze followed by a strange odor came out of the opening as well, coming from Knox knows where. They went in. They climbed down the steep steps, and wove their way around the spiral staircase down to the bottom. The scent became almost unbearable, and the water was almost up to their ankles. All the water was flowing into a strange pitch-black hole at the very end of it all, crudely blocked off with a trapdoor. It was decided that somebody had to go into the hole, for if it was left alone the curiosity would eat them alive. What if Lord Knox lived down there? What if there was candy? Or was it truly just a bottomless pit of death, gnomes, and munchkins after all? There was only one way to find out... Garret Ludowood volunteered. With some extra shovels, a few spare potatoes, and many blessings, Garret Ludowood edged closer to the Hole of Heck. Closer and closer and closer and closer he went. Petrus Fronder gave him advice, Baron Westbuck told him he would be a hero, and he told himself he was going where no halfling had gone before. He went closer and closer and closer to the hole, until... He jumped in... The halflings all crowded next to the hole, trying to peer inside. They saw nothing They tried to listen for him. They heard nothing. They shouted for him to come back out of the hole, yet there was no reply. They suggested going in after him, but nobody volunteered. Daisy Applefoot played a sad tune on her trumpet, while the rest of the halflings saluted Garret Ludowood's great sacrifice for Dunshire. They sat there and waited ever longer, waiting for the Great Explorer to come back. He had achieve his wish of going where no halfling had ever gone, and it was the halflings' duty to respect his last wishes. Let every halfling remember the name of Garret Ludowood, the great Voidronaut. LONG LIVE DUNSHIRE!
  17. NotEvilAtAll

    Declaration of Spooktober!

    [!] A sheet of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Spooktober is here! In honor of the magnificent Lord Knox and all he has given to us, we are to have this entire Elven Month dedicated to him! From the littlest of children to the tallest of men, everyone can enjoy a good bit of Spooktober fun! Here is how we are going to prepare: Preparation plans: -Replace all the lights with Jack o' Lanterns -Decorate everything with Black, Purple, and Orange -Wear masks, costumes, pumpkins, anything spooky that you can think of! -Add cobwebs across the village, since spiders are spooky -Add spooky buildings and constructions wherever possible -Praise Lord Knox daily! On top of this all, we are going to hold spooky festivals and events at the end of every Elven Week! If you have any ideas for events, decorations, or anything else, please attach them to the end of this paper! ~The halflings of Dunshire gather in the tavern to discuss Spooktober and drink booze~ [!] At the end of the Paper, there is a format to add suggestions, combined with extra papers and crayons to write with in all kinda of fancy colors! Event/Decoration/Other idea: Why we should do this idea?: Who is going to put this plan into action?: Anything else to add?:
  18. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Costume Party!

    [!] Another sheet of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Costume Party! ~The halflings of Dunshire meet some so called "Spirits" of Knox~ Costumes are an important part of every proper Spooktober or Knoxween celebration! Since many of us have already made costumes in preparation for these times, now is the perfect time to have a Costume Party! All are welcome to join, be they from inside Dunshire, outside Dunshire, or anywhere inbetween! Event Details: What: A costume party; make your own costume and show it off to others! Where: In Dunshire of course! The home of the halfling race! When: The end of this current Elven Week, followed by a bit more time! ((3 PM EST October 7th, this upcoming Sunday)) What to bring: Your own costume, food, booze, fireworks, anything you think might be good for a party! Activity list: Best-Costume award, Darts, Drinking, Hide-and-seek. See you all there, in the meantime, keep up the good work Spook-ifying Dunshire! ❤️ -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire
  19. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Cook-Off Festival!

    [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Noticeboard of Dunshire or found flying about in the wind Dunshire Cook-off Festival! ~The ovens of Dunshire, producing all the food you could ever desire~ Come one, come all! The Dunshire Cook-off will begin soon, and all are invited into Dunshire to come and bake with us! The best baker will receive a mighty good prize of RP items, hay, cake, and other things! So what are you waiting for? If you know how to cook, there is no reason not to go! All halflings are welcome, and bigguns too! Where: In Dunshire! When: Closer to the end of the Elven Year! ((Saturday, the 29th of September at 3 PM EST)) What: A cook-off, bring your own supplies if you can! We'll provide the ovens! What is the prize?: Booze! Hoes! Cake! Iron! Whatever we can think of really! Oi'll see ye there! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with the image of the Dunshire Rabbit
  20. ((produced in agreement with @Hobbits . Also, music can be found below)) [!] A scrap of parchment is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard. Dunshire's Fifth Election Results! ~The tunnels that secretly connect all the burrows underneath Dunshire, freshly constructed and ready for the use of any no-good hobbit~ The results are in! The results are in! We have our winners folks, a landslide victory no less! Let us see the results! For Sheriff: Rollo Applefoot: 4 votes Lirro Dockingrod: 2 votes For Deputy: Daisy Applefoot: 5 votes Lirro Dockingrod: 1 vote. Let us welcome Daisy Applefoot and Rollo Applefoot as the new Deputy and Sheriff respectively! May they help us through any tough times that arise, and may they make Dunshire great again! XOXOXOXOXOX -Angelica Woodstock, Elder of Dunshire.
  21. ((produced in collaboration with @Hobbits )) [!] Fliers are found all across the Cloud Temple region and pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Fifth Election! ~A drawing of Angelica Woodstock's burrow~* Sorry for the delay! Oi was so held back by my pipe-smoking and drinking that I forgot ter keep running the election! So without further ado, let us vote on who ye all want to be Sheriff and Deputy! Remember to vote wisely, for these new leaders must be able to keep our village together and prosperous! Running for Sheriff: Rollo Applefoot, Lirro Dockingrock. Running for Deputy: Lirro Dockingrock, Daisy Applefoot. Voting Format: Name: Race: Who are ye voting for Deputy?: Who are ye voting for Sheriff?: Anything else to add? May the best half-man win! XOXOXOXOX -Angelica Woodstock. [!] The flier ends with the Dunshire Rabbit ((*image by smeagolllum in deviantart))
  22. NotEvilAtAll

    Ideas for t'eh next festival!

    [!] A note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard. It appears to be hastily written, although the text on it is still legible. Ideas for t'eh next festival! ~The halflings discuss recent events in Dunshire~ Lo t'ere everyone! As you may have heard, we've just had a very successful festival this past year! Although it was cut short due to a raid, many bigguns and halflings alike showed up to party, and fun was had by all! With this in mind, I'd like us to begin planning ANOTHER festival! One even grander than the last! Any ideas from anyone are welcome, just leave a note pinned to the Noticeboard! Here's a sample form ye can use: Name: Idea: Who is going to be doing this?: Do you think that this will be enjoyable for the next festival?: Long Life Dunshire's Democracy! -Daisy Applefoot
  23. ((produced in agreement with @Hobbits )) [!] Fliers are found flying through the wind and nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Fifth Election Signup! ~Dunshire as seen by the wee halfling folks~ Election time! Election time! Everyone's favorite time! Come now down to the Tavern and sign up to run in this wonderful election! Sign up to protect Dunshire as the Sheriff, or sign up to help the Sheriff as the Deputy! Sheriff: The duty of the Sheriff is to keep Dunshire safe from no-good bigguns and enforce the laws of halfling properness. Deputy: The duty of the Deputy is to assist the Sheriff in all they do, and to make sure that the Sheriff doesn't get snooty and power-hungry! Sign-up Format: Name: Race: What are ye running for?: Why should we vote for you?: What do you promise to do if you are elected?: Anything else to add?: Long Live Dunshire! -Angelica Woodstock
  24. NotEvilAtAll

    Drawings from the Harvest Festival

    (( )) [!] Some papers are nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard and other places in Atlas Drawings from the Harvest Festival! ~The beginnings of the Festival~ ~Shogging and Darts by Dunshire Lake~ ~Rallying for the next ctivity, the Scavenger Hunt!~ For a whole day and a half, much fun was had partying in Dunshire. It was a large Festival, for many halflings were there as well as many bigguns from Belvitz and beyond. The Harvest Festival began with some basic Darts and Shogging, and then led onto a large village-scale Scavenger Hunt for 3 golden carrots, with the finders of the golden carrots being rewarded by Angelica Woodstock. ~The aftermath of the raid~ Sadly, the fun did not last forever, for a group of raiders showed up to ruin the whole thing! Luckily, I was able to get away and spread the message of this Festival to you. May the Dunshire Harvest Festival never be forgotten! Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot