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  1. [!] A notice is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard, its writing scribbled on coarse paper. A Day o' Work ~The new tailoring area in Honeyhill!~ For much too long have we partied and tussled with the rats who wish to oust us from our homeland. It is time that we get back to work and do what needs to be done 'round the village! Afterwards, we can all share a drink in the tavern, o' course. This next Pumpkin Day ought to be a good one! -Filibert Applefoot ((Event at 8 PM EST, TOMORROW on Friday the 21st of January, 2022. Located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  2. [!] A note is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Beware the Hill-rats! The rats that got out of the dungeon earlier seem to have set up camp in the hills! Be careful when traveling around the village! Keep an eye out for any rats moving about! P.S: A more proper scouting mission will be sent out the next Pumpkin Day -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill. ((3 PM EST, tomorrow the 17th of January, 2022. In Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  3. [!] A Missive can be seen tacked to the notice board of the weefolk village Honeyhill. [!] A younger Callum, perched atop the Spicy Shrimp in the weefolk's previous home- Bramblebury. Thoughts on the Spicy Shrimp, and a Bitter Denouncement Not long ago a missive has been published by esteemed Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm, sharing his less-than-positive feelings towards the weefolk's vessel the Spicy Shrimp. Although I hold the Mr. Greenholm in high regards, I can yet bear no ill to be spoken of the ship- as what memories I am capable of recalling surrounding her are fond in nature. The weefolk of Honeyhill, I belive, have truly saved my life many a time- providing a stable life and a community which loves and supports one another, as well as true friends who are there to guide me when my troubled mind finds me lost and confused. And present throughout all the time I have spent with these lovely people the Shrimp has been by our side, too- whether it be when she carried us from the barren ruins of Brandybrook to safety, or allowed us to sail away from the sickness which had plagued Bramblebury. The return of our beloved ship feels like a reunion with a sorely missed friend, her aged wooden floors serving as an anchor which grounds my often weak memory. Though the ownership of the Spicy Shrimp has been discussed with Thain Iris, I still feel that I ought to air my opinions nonetheless, as the Greenholm patriarch does so freely at every opportunity. With this being said, Alfie Greenholm's words in his missive have hurt me greatly, and I come to realize that there is something I ought to have done a time ago. I announce my resignation as a Bounder of the NWA. When I first agreed to join the organization I did so out of a desire to protect my family and friends, or perhaps out of a lack of backbone... However, over time- after scandal and scandal again surrounding the NWA I come to fear that the alliance only serves the purpose of enlarging the Head Bounder's ego, and I do not see much good coming from it. As always I wish Mr. Alfie Greenholm all the best, and I do not make this decision out of ill-will. I simply cannot be part of an organization I do not share the ideals of. Sincerely, C. Fiddleberry, Honeyhill Elder and Head Librarian
  4. [!] A missive is posted on the Honeyhill Noticeboard Allotment Plots! Six new allotment gardens have been prepared 'n the village! They will be handed out to burrow owners without gardens of their own yet, with priority given to large families that are in need of more vegetables. ~The allotment gardens!~ Request an Allotment plot with t'a folliwing form: Name: Reason for needin' an allotment: Do you swear to tend to your garden properly?: Bes' o' luck to all you farmers! Honeyhill shall forever prosper! -Filibert Applefoot, elder of Honeyhill.
  5. [!] This missive has been nailed to the Honeyhill Notice Board. The Spicy Shrimp is an OUTRAGE! I can honestly say, that few missed the loss of the infamous biggun boat that once belonged to Mr Taurin Gardner and was moored off the shores of Brandybrook. But for some inane, insane and irrational reason the Thain; Mrs Iris Peregrin has DECIDED to park the absurdly large and improper boat right off the shores of Honeyhill by the river. I can’t quite grasp why she was compelled to do so, or if indeed a lackey of hers made the decision to bring that abomination of a vessel back to the view of the wee-folk but I must vent my outrage at its return. I ask humbly, that it be sailed off away from our sight and docked with the rest of the Biggun ships near Karosgrad to save my sanity. Either that or that it be sunk to the bottom of the river where it belongs! Instead, we should get a pumpkin vessel that better suits our people, not some monstrosity of a biggun vessel; a warship mind you. I implore you, the people of Honeyhill to listen to my words and recognise the danger of this warship and that it is by its very nature as a biggun ship markedly IMPROPER! Yours, Mr Alfie Greenholm, head-bounder of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance and patriarch of the Greenholm family.
  6. [!] A letter was posted to all inhabitants of Honeyhill. A red and gold insignia is stamped at the top. "Dear Burrow-owner of Honeyhill, As newly elected Fire-Chief it is my duty to ensure your safety in your burrow. This letter is to inform you that I will be making a visit to your burrow to locate and take note of any possible fire-hazards, and to teach you precautions and fire-safety during my visit. In addition, applications for the Honeyhill Fire department is open. Benefits of volunteering include a uniform, a button pin, free training and the privilege of protecting Honeyhill. See you soon, Fire-Chief Eldon Trill." (APPLICATIONS FOR THE FIRE DEPT CAN BE FOUND HERE, MESSAGE rushork#7231 ON DISCORD FOR MORE INFO!)
  7. ~* A Halfling's Afterlife *~ Like many other belief systems, Halflings believe that there are two possible places that one may end up depending on the course of their life; one for those who have lived ‘good’ lives and a place for those who have lived ‘bad’ lives. However, unlike many other beliefs one does not gain access to one or the other through strict adherence to a set of rules. Instead, the actions Halflings take during their lifetimes and how they treat those around them is what determines their final destination. The Golden Wheatfields The Golden Wheatfields is where any decent Halfling will strive to end up and most do make their way there after their life has concluded. One must only strive to treat those around them with respect, help their community, and be a good person in order to find themselves here in the never ending sea of grain. Even if one stumbles every now and then through their life, as everyone does, it is merely the intent to do good that counts and this is something that is rarely missing from the wee-folk. This world is everything a Halfling could hope for, a large hill sits in the middle of it which has countless burrows for all the Halflings who have made their way there throughout the ages. Song and dance are always close at hand as the endless feasts keep the residents' bellies full and hearts happy. The ale never stops running, laughter never stops coming, and music is always filling the air with it’s soft melodies as the decent wee-folk from everywhere are able to live without fear of being raided or going hungry. It truly is heavenly. Around this hill golden wheat is planted as far as the eye can see, almost seeming as if it never ends. Many choose to spend their days tending to the crops, finding the utmost joy in tending to the land even in death. Many families live in burrows together, up to 20 generations sometimes living in the same burrow which can grow as big as an entire village. Yet nothing is ever too far away to walk, as time does not matter. The only worry is who will tell the next story as Halfling history is told and discovered all around this most splendid of places. Arugula’s Tide This place is the golden wheatfields mirror in every way; food and drink being unheard of, crying and wailing replacing that of laughter, no crops to tend to, no friends to catch up with. In fact, this realm consists of nothing but dark murky water in which the poor souls who wind up here float, a giant whirlpool which continuously sucks them in and drowns them over-and-over again, storm clouds delivering a constant downpour of rain which ensures no one here can ever feel the warmth of dryness again, and lightning which is always quickly followed by thunder to assure even if one was able to fall asleep they will not be granted that relief for long. You see, Halflings prefer to have their feet planted solidly on land, to feel the earth between their toes. So, when the place of punishment for the wee-folk was thought up it only made sense to never allow them that pleasure or security ever again. Instead, those cursed to spend eternity in Arugula’s Tide simply float in an endless ocean, constantly being sucked into a giant whirlpool in the center where they drown, before bobbing back up on the outskirts only to repeat the process so many times they lose count. To make matters worse, sometimes Arugula themself will show up, devouring some poor soul and sending terror throughout their realm before disappearing into it’s murky depths once more. Though many people do not find themselves here, parents often tell stories of this place to their children to make sure they behave. Though it is rare, some unfortunate souls have been sent here through the ages, cursed to forever float in a sea of darkness.
  8. A call for the Bounders The year 654, Shire Reckoning [!]The following notice would be nailed to the Honeyhill noticeboard. To the Bounders of Honeyhill, I Head-Bounder Alfie Greenholm have returned to the village a year ago and I firmly believe it is high-time to revive the order of the bounders and aid the Sheriff of Honeyhill in keeping the village safe! If you wish to aid in this endeavour, meet at the Great Gourd Inn on the 7th of the Grand's Harvest this year (654 SR) where the current state of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance shall be discussed! - A.G [!]An additional note would be added to the notice. Those who possess an interest in joining the NWA, will be allowed to do so at the meeting provided they meet the requirements, otherwise you may seek me out in your own time - A.G OOC Note: This event shall occur at 7PM GMT/2PM EST, this Saturday. 08/01/22 For more information on the NWA, seek the post below.
  9. ~* A Story of Destruction *~ Age of Expansion The creation of Knox allowed Billy Bob to enter another age of relaxation, turning his attention once again to his private affairs and hobbies. As time went on he was able to take a more relaxed position in the world, travelling out less and less as the years went on. This laidback behavior was what allowed the problem to spread so rapidly without being noticed. Knox had been created to defend the Halflings; however, Knox was so good at his job that it in turn gave the wee-folk an unfair advantage in the world and allowed them to spread rapidly. Halfling settlements eventually popped up all over as their population increased exponentially in a way that had never been seen before and has never been seen since. Knox viciously defended these villages, eventually earning a reputation as a serial killer that many bigguns still associate with him to this day as he struck down bigguns with his scythe over and over again. However, while the world outside these communities may have seen him as an evil creature bringing death wherever he went, the wee-folk of the world came to know him more and more as the protector of their people and way of life as he killed in defense of them. The Halflings thrived during this age, multiple cultures and societies sprouting up all over. However, in creating a guardian of the wee-folk Billy Bob had in turn created an unfair advantage. Allowing the wee to spread unchecked was problematic, and many of the societies that were forming were not what he had in mind for them when he grew them all those years ago. As rich and diverse as these cultures were, many Halflings were going against their nature in order to form them and were not living the life they were meant to. A Discovery It was on one of Billy Bob’s trips that he first started to notice this, coming across a city of Halflings who had grown into a nation that could rival it’s human counterparts. Mina were being used, weapons of all kinds were being taken up, shoes were being worn, and worse of all they had shunned their traditional burrows in place for walled cities and biggun buildings. Nothing about this place was what he had expected and it shocked him, realizing that gifting them Knox had allowed this to happen. Returning home he spent weeks mulling over what to do, not wanting to simply take Knox away from them as it would cause the Halflings to be massacred in mass by the other races. Instead, he opted to create a counterpart. A Creation Once again Billy Bob found himself entering his personal gardens to grow something new for the first time in centuries. Heading to the stream behind his cottage where he grew various water based plants he bent down and labored extensively to create something to one again fix the balance he had disrupted. Using the roots of lily-pads he created 10 tentacles that stretched off into oblivion, from the river rocks he created a giant beak, and from the mud itself he created a head to which attach it all. In doing so Billy Bob gave Arugula life, a giant squid with the power to destroy entire Halfling villages, settlements, and even cities and drag them into the ocean’s depths. Which is exactly what it went on to do. Age of Destruction For the next few years the Halfling population diminished as Arugula would show up at Halfling settlements that had lost their way and dragged them into the ocean depths to never be seen again. Knox did his best to defend these places but as designed Arugula would show up and drag their homes away so quickly the deity would not have time to get there and defend them. It seemed to the wee-folk at first that they were doomed; however, after a few years and the majority of the settlements that had gone against their original design had been wiped out these constant attacks by the squid came less and less as the remaining wee-folk returned to their life as simple farmers. Eventually they all but stopped for the most part, the stories fading into legends told to children to get them to behave and not stray from properness. Thus ends this story of destruction, Knox still watching over the wee-folks while Arugula always lingers in the depths right out of sight, waiting to drag any Halflings who have strayed from their path into the murky depths below. ((Like my previous post this is just some more expanded religious lore for Halflings))
  10. ~* A Story of Creation *~ The First Age Golden wheat fields, growing as far as the eye could see were all that made up the world in the beginning. Billy Bob, the first man, tended to these fields and as time went on he was able to use his knowledge to start growing more and more. It was not long before cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, and every other vegetable one can imagine could be found in tidy little rows stretching into the horizon. Each one given so much attention and love that having one perish before it’s time was unheard of. Days stretched into weeks, and weeks into years as he worked, back-breaking labor giving rise to more and more flora and soon the earth was covered in the diverse landscape we know today. Trees of all sorts thrived, flowers turned the land into a majestic painting, and herbs grew all over that Billy Bob used to create wonderful dishes for himself. The Second Age These centuries were peaceful, with the deity travelling around and admiring his creations, but never wavering in his dedication to caring for them. It was not long after that he grew content with his work with the plants of the world and he decided to turn his attention elsewhere. The world, while beautiful, was quiet. This is when he tried his hand at growing more sentient life, in his gardens he started to grow the fauna of the world. Billy Bob filled the waterways with marine life, planting them on lily pads to float away into the oceans and rivers until old enough to break free on their own. For the air he grew birds from dandelion seeds to fill the earth with song, blowing them into the air and giving them life with his own breath. And for the land, emerging from flowers in every corner of the earth came creatures that would roam it’s forests, deserts, tundras, and everything in between. This too went on for years, as the farmer travelled to and fro creating the creatures that still inhabit the lands, seas, and skys to this day. The Third Age In creating the animals Billy Bob thus created a self-sustaining cycle, creatures feasting upon the plants and going on to seed other areas, animals dying which would then go on to fertilize the plants that would feed the other animals. For the first time since his creation the creator was able to take some time off, thus came the first true age of relaxation. He used this time to work on more personal pursuits: learning to create furniture, to smith tools and weapons, how to use the herbs he had grown to create magical alchemical potions, how to use the animals he created to help him with his chores, and lastly how to use both of his creations to cook up the best dishes that the world had ever, and will ever see. It was not long before he was creating grand feasts for himself which he would eat on a long dining table he had built himself. Yet, there was still one thing missing. The Fourth Age While the earth was now teeming with life and full of sound, Billy Bob found himself wishing to share his creations with someone who could appreciate them the same way he could and so he turned his attention to the last of his great tasks. The creation of intelligent life. Strolling out into his personal gardens he began his work. ~*~ “From sage oi crea’e yeh ‘umans, wise an’ s’rong yeh s’all covah teh eart’ in yer multitudes. Howeveh, yer conques’ shall cause yeh ter ‘ave shor’ lives as yeh perish in yeh ques’ fer expansion. From Orchids oi crea’e yeh elves, long lastin’ an’ forevah beautiful. Yeh s’all live fer years an’ covah teh world in ar’, bu’ yeh children will beh few an’ far between. From vines oi crea’e yeh dwarves, hardeh an’ clevah yeh s’all t’rive w’erevah yeh are plan’ed. ‘owevah, yer greed s’all cause yeh ter s’rangle yerselves as yeh move abou’ searchin’ fer teh worlds treasures. From teh cac’us oi crea’e yeh orcs, may yeh grow in teh toughes’ condi’ions an’ spi’ in teh face of deat’. ‘owevah, because of teh pain yeh s’all cause othahs yeh will always beh fightin’ t’em off. An’ las’leh, from teh whea’ i’self oi grow yeh Halflin’s. Small bu’ pure of hear’ yeh s’all tend ter teh land an’ i’ s’all love yeh, bu’ yeh will always beh used by t’ose more powahful fer t’eir own pursui’s.” ~*~ From these plants sprouted the descendants, who then spread themselves to all four corners of the land. No longer lonely, Billy Bob now had friends to share his majestic feasts with and he was happy. Each race going on to create homes, nations, and societies for themselves and each falling into the curses he had bestowed upon them. Billy Bob continued to watch over his garden, the world thriving with the life he had created. The Creation of a Savior However, it was not long before he noticed a problem amongst the smallest of them. While he had known the Halflings would be used by others, keeping towns and cities well fed with the produce of their fields, he did not expect the violence that they would experience as well. While on one of his travels he passed through a small Halfling shire he found the residents there being picked on by a group composed of elves, humans, dwarves, and orcs. Angered that they would take advantage of the wee-folk in such a manner, Billy Bob gave life to one of the scarecrows in the Halfling’s fields. In doing so he created Knox himself, a deity unto itself who would serve as the Halfling’s protector and guide from now into the future. Thus is the creation of the world, Billy Bob to this day nourishing it’s residents with regular gifts of taters to keep us going in times of duress. Each race filling the niche they had been created for and all the while Knox watches over the smallest among them. ((This is simply to serve as expanded Halfling religious lore for the community to interact and play with))
  11. The Trill Family The Trills are an unorthodox lineage of Halflings, and can be found in the furthest reaches of the world. Dating back only one generation and 100 odd years, they do not have a rich and long culture as other families may do. A Trill is a fun loving somewhat-adventurous Halfling, and they're coming to Honeyhill! Trill Tendencies A Trill differs from Halfling to Halfling, but generally have inherited a natural proficiency for tasks around the forge from Eldon Trill Sr and Gimron Silvervein's tight friendship. A Trill is easy spooked, Knox-O-Ween is the scariest time to be a Trill... as they usually hate being sneaked up on. The Trill's in Honeyhill have started to make a reputation as blacksmiths and because of this they have been quickly recognized. Some first generation Trills take after their father, being adventurers and flirtatious vagabonds, whilst others have found comfort in settling down. Trill Appearance Since first generation Trills spread over different relationships, the descendants of Eldon Trill Sr can be quite different. Generally they all have a shade of light brown curly hair, green eyes and fair skin- but do not count on this to identify a Trill. Similarly, the other physical genetics like height will be different among all Trill's- but they are usually a medium height for a Halfling. Past and Present Trill's Eldon Trill Sr (Played) - Presumed Dead Eldon Trill Jr (Played) - Alive Rosaline 'Rose' Trill (Played) - Alive Elyse Trill (Played) - Alive https://www.familyecho.com/?p=IK9S5&c=6bnc855r8a&f=586570045266598812 Contact If you wish to join the Trill Family, contact rushork#7231 on discord.
  12. The Trill Forge The Trill Forge in Honeyhill has become recently quite active after the new arrival of Eldon Trill Jr. The halfling can often been found blacksmithing away throughout all times of the day and has stuck the following flyer on the noticeboard: Friends of Honeyhill! I have spent the last weeks regaining my knowledge of blacksmithing from what my Uncle taught me as a child, and think I finally have the hang of it again. If you have any bits and bobs you need smithed, put a letter in my postbox at 8 Lakeside Lane or come find me and I will see what I can do. Till then, Eldon Trill Jr The halfling has been seen to have made a reinforced shovel, which he brought to the investigation of the barn today- it seems to be decently well made... although there is definitely room for improvement.
  13. [!] You find a note pinned to the gates of Karosgrad and the Honeyhill Noticeboard Need A Detective? ~Mimosa has got you covered~ EXPERT in the following fields: ~Spy detection~ ~Fortune telling~ ~Herbal healing~ ~Spirit-whispering~ ~Secret-uncovering~ CASE HISTORY: Case 1: The Suspicious Top-hat spies: SOLVED! Caught in the act when they mistook the grand detective, Mimosa Applefoot, for a friendly informant! Case 2: YOUR problem could be here, solved in just a moment with Mimosa's incredible powers! Just sent a letter to 7 Overlook Way! Warning: Not liable for botched cases. Listed powers may be exaggerated. Employ at your own risk ~Mimosa Applefoot, the extraordinary!
  14. (a depiction of the stables during the warmer months) ~*The Stables of Honeyhill*~ While the rest of Honeyhill was preparing for the festive season - lanterns were being hung along the burrows carved into the hillsides, trees being decorated from top to bottom, the halflings of the village dawning their Knoxmas clothes - the stables stood devoid of any holiday cheer. ~*~ On the other side of the village, a man can be seen making his way down the dirt road carrying a large sack completely filled with various ornaments and baubles. He maneuvered his way through the various snowballs being flung his way by children spreading their own version of Knoxmas cheer; managing to lose only several of his trinkets along the way. As the man finally made it to the hallowed stables he'd empty the bag onto the floor. With the decorations out the bag, he quickly began breathing festive life into the previously lackluster structure. Red and green lanterns were beginning to be fastened to the walls of the stables. Decorations would pop up seemingly instantly throughout the dwelling, becoming more festive by the minute. One by one, each corner was covered in candles, pine, or a snowglobe from time to time. The holiday season was fully underway, and he had to catch up. As the sun started setting on the hills of Honeyhill, the villager went outside to admire his work. What he saw was a quickly thrown together mess of lights and decorations that did not look particularly pleasing to the eye, but nonetheless it filled him with all sorts of Knoxmas cheer. He gave the place a nod of approval, seeming quite impressed with his shoddy decorating before deciding it was too cold to stay outside any longer and made his way back inside to warm himself up with a cup of tea.
  15. [!] An Almanac is spread all o'er the lands of Honeyhill! Some random halfling lad shoves one in your face, forcing you to read it! Farmer's Almanac This year has been a good one so far. Much has been done, and the village, while nay as prosperous as it has been in the past, continues onwards. This yearly Almanac shall contain more knowledge about our uncertain future, full of wisdoms, predictions, and some recipes to get you through your day! ~Contents~ ~Recent Occurances 'n Honeyhill~ ~A Glimpse into the Future~ ~Wisdoms from the Wishing Well~ ~Recipes~ ~A Poem~ ~Occurances~ The fields, once fallow, have been planted anew with new seeds! Future events are popping out of the village like flies from warm butter, promising to bring us many more pins on our calendars! Wreath making and Knoxmas Tree decorating will fill our future selves with a sense of festive joy! New faces are moving into the village on the regular, and although nay all of them stick around, many remain to build their own wee burrows and partake in village activites. One such thing, of course, was the penitent walk of the biggun prince, during which we were able to trade off our old rotten farm produce for many interesting trinkets and gadgets from the bigguns in Haense! Who knew that rotting food could be so useful? ~A Glimpse into the Future~ Once allowed to grow, this year's harvest should be ripe and bountiful thanks to the time the fields spent fallow. The spring thaw will inundate the fields with a lot of water, requiring hard work to stop the seedlings from drowning. After spring, summer will bring many births in the barn shed, leading to a surplus of wool and beneficial trade with the local biggun folks of said surplus. Fall will come fast and hard, quickly turning into winter after all of the fields are harvested and processed into edible foods. And upon next winter, dear readers, you will read here in the Almanac and learn more of what is to come! ~Wisdoms from the Wishing Well~ Rabbits Feet The foot of a rabbit is very lucky. If you carry one around in your pockets, you will never come across unfortunate events. Take care that it does not go foul, however, as a rotten rabbits foot will DOUBLE your misfortune! To Give, or to Take Giving is always good, but if you always give, and never take, you will have nothing. Taking is not seen as such a good act, yet if you take nothing, you will have nothing, and you can give nothing in return. What is the answer to this dilemma? The answer is this: You are to take when you need and give when you can. This way, all shall have all that they need to prosper as best they can. Pumpkin Pride If you are envious of another farmer's wealth & good harvest, plant pumpkins. Pumpkins may seem humble, yet he who plants the most pumpkins is always the greatest of farmers. Thus, even if you are not as prosperous as your neighbors, you will not be seen as such, and all will revere you as the greatest farmer in the village. When to Pick Berries It is best to pick berries before they are fully ripe. A ripe berry, when picked, will go sour quickly and need to be turned into jam. An unripe berry, however, will ripen with time and not go bad in your pockets before you can snack on it. ~Recipes~ Berry Jam Find some berries (any berries will do), and plop them into a cooking pot. Add a little bit of water, and squish the berries so that they release their innards. With a fire going on the cooking stove, slowly simmer the berries until they form a continuous mush. This mush can then be bottled and stored in a dry pantry for months on end! Simple Cracker Cheese is a well known delicacy in Honeyhill, but did you know that you can make crackers to go with them with nothing but flour and water? Simply add some flour into a mixing bowl, add water until it forms a proper dough, roll it out flat & thin on your kitchen table with a rolling pin, break the dough up into suitably small pieces, and then bake the crackers over a kitchen stove until they brown up a bit on the edges! The resulting crackers can be dipped into cheese for easy snacking! ~Poem~ Winter t'is nay the best season. I say this for no particular reason! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill
  16. Wreath Making Halflings of Honeyhill, This Sun's Smile you'll have the opportunity to get yourself a handcrafted Knoxmas wreath, though, with a twist; there shall be trails of decorations around the village and no being pernickety, you'll have to take what you can get! At the end, you'll bring your findings to me, the High Pumplar Jeannette, who will assemble the wreath for you. Merry Knoxmas! OOC: Sunday 12th December, 2pm EST/7pm GMT
  17. ~A flier is found flying about through the winds! Its crinkled folds slam right into your face, forcing you to read it!~ Winter Fair! ~An artist's depiction of Honeyhill in the cold months o' the year!~ Now be the time for celebrations! Our harvest is finished, our wheat milled and turned into flour and then bread, and our bellies full of good ale and good food! Now that the busy times are past us, we can look forwards to the simple pleasantries of life! Us halflings do know how to run a good party! Activities: ~Ice Skating!~ ~Booze Drinking Competition!~ ~Sledding!~ ~And More!~ Be there or be a chilly Pumpkin (which is not that bad, in all honestly. Still, it's best to attend this)! The event t'will be taking place on The Grand Harvest o' this year, 649 Shire Reckoning! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill ((7 PM EST, Saturday on December 4th, 2021. Directions to Honeyhill can be found below: ))
  18. Honeyhill Settlement Guide Name of Settlement: Honeyhill Peak Times: Honeyhill typically peaks EST evenings Population: Honeyhill's resident population is entirely halfling, with larger folks visiting from time to time! Brief Description: ~The village of Honeyhill as seen from its docks~ Always full of life and cheer, Honeyhill is the main village of halflings on Almaris. Surrounded on one side by wheat fields cut into the hills and by a large river on the other, Honeyhill is one of the most important farming villages in all of Haense. Directions: Located just off of Karosgrad, Honeyhill can be walked to by following the road out from the fields and windmill next to said city.
  19. [!] A notice is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard!! Da Village Time! ~Halflings milling about the village o' Honeyhill!~ T'is toime, my friends, t'is VILLAGE TIME! Time to farm, fish, garden, and do all sorts of other things, and drink long and hard 'n the tavern afterwards! Tha' fields won't work themselves! -Filibert Applefoot! ((Event at 6:30 PM EST, TODAY! Think of it like the old Slice of Life Hours I used to run, but without as much focus. Ask @func_Soap for more details))
  20. [!] A flier would hang on the noticeboard in the Halfling village. The NWA The year 637, Halfling Reckoning With the recent attacks on some residents of the village, I Alfie Greenholm have stepped up and decided to form a Halfling Militia to defend our people against the rascals that seek to disrupt our peaceful way of life. Therefore; I ask you, to join the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance today, and aid in protecting our fair village. Current Roster: Head Bounder Mr Alfie Greenholm Bounder Mr Ham Tilldbroom Bounder Mr Filibert Applefoot Bounder Mr Bungo Barrelberry Bounder Mr Acron Flint Bounder Mr Archie Greenholm Bounder Mr Wilburt Woodstock Bounder Mrs Eve Veterfoot Bounder Mr August Greenholm Bounder Mr Grigory Grubb Information on the NWA Head Bounder The Head Bounder is the leader of the NWA, and has duties of organising, raising and leading the militia. Bounder A bounder is an ordinary member of the NWA, and has duties of patrolling the borders of the village and ensuring outsiders behave themselves. In times of hostile invasion they will be called upon by the Head-Bounder to protect the village. Requirements to join You must be a wee-folk You must be of sound body and mind You must be at least thirty three years of age Signed, Head Bounder Alfie Greenholm [!] Alfie Greenholms signature would be at the bottom of the page, signed in green ink. Additionally, there was space below on the paper for those who wished to join, to write their names and sign up. The seal of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance was also below. ((OOC Note: Feel free to post below that your character has written down their name on the paper))
  21. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard! EVIL WOLVES ATTACK VILLAGE! Attention all Honeyhill residents! The wolves are back at it again! One of these wretched wolves snuck into our barn and killed many of our sheep! Keep an' eye out for 'em and make sure they dunnae enter our barn and steal our precious livestock away from us! Me an' Onelia Peregrin managed to subdue the wolf responsible for the most recent attack, yet who knows what more is to come! Stay vigilant! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill ((Event tomorrow at 3 PM EST, located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings, right next to Karosgrad in Haense! ))
  22. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard, or found flying about the city of Karosgrad TO BATTLE!* *for the purposes of training and exercise ~A painting of halflings o' yore defending themselves. Of course, this training will nae use such deadly & improper weapons, thankfully~ Calling all halfling bounders! Calling all weefolks! Calling all bigguns who wish to partake! T'is time for the greatest training t'ar ever was! There will be lots of archery & slingin' practice, duels with training weapons, and more! Come on down ter Honeyhill an' da lands between us and the city, and we'll have ourselves a mighty good time (hopefully learnin' somefin' too)! ~Horse Archery & Sling Training!~ The main event of the training will be a big ol' mock battle between two sides, with all da figh'ers using ponies to evade the enemy! Make sure ter wear protective clothing unless you want to be poked with a lot trainin' arrows and bruised wif' slingshot stones! ~Individual Sling & Training Stick Duels!~ After the big fight, those who remain may train against one another with trainin' arrows and wooden sticks! ~Target Shooting!~ Some stationary targets will be set up all o'er the hillside for fellows to try their aim with! Ponies & other necessary materials will be provided, but bringing your own t'is encouraged! Any halflings nay a part of the bounders already may join the organization during the event, if they so wish! -Filibert Applefoot, elder of Honeyhill ((noon to 2 PM EST, Sunday the 21st of November, 2021))
  23. [!] A flier is sent around Karosgrad These your kids? ~These here be some Barclay kids I think. At least that's what they say they be~ These kids were caught breaking Honeyhill's curfew laws and locked up for resisting arrest! Come and take 'em off our hands 'cause Knox knows we don't have enough food to feed them for this long. Hopefully they've learned their lesson from this! -Honeyhill Sheriff Department
  24. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Harvest Season! ~Ploughing the fields of Honeyhill~ Good day to all! T'is time to harvest our fields once more! May our fields provide plenty for us to eat over the winter! All who be interested in aiding me in this harvest should report to the tavern with a scythe and a will to work! It will be difficult to harvest all of the fields, but the drinking and booze afterwards will make it worth the effort! A bonfire will be lit before the harvest as a good omen to the harvest spirits and Lord Knox himself. May we all eat plenty in these coming months! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling farmer & stablemaster. ((6 PM EST, tomorrow on November 6th 2021))
  25. [!] A letter is sent to those in Rozania, and to a certain dwarf. Dear friends, It's Dante! How you doing? I think that we can all agree that Rosania is suffering at the moment. Constant raids from Savoy, (and others), are wearing us down. No one wants to live in a city that gets attacked repeatedly. Because of that, I'm taking a break from Rosania. I fortunately was not at the last raid, but apparently Brawly and his entire family were executed. They're somehow getting in; We need to ensure that there are no holes or paths up the walls. I'm so sorry that I'm never at the raids, I was attending a halfling Halloween celebration. (There was a zombie pumpkin; what's up with that?) This is also because a lot has been happening to me. Tirith, my boyfriend, died in Elvenesse, my arm was taken off by a Kelpie, and I lost my eye to some sort of demon thing in Haense. and I lost my eye to Elvenesse. If I continue at this rate, I'll soon have no limbs left. Or friends. This section is to Creagorn, if that's your name. Can't remember if it is. I saw your fight with Drakopf, and I don't know where he's gone. I'll tell you if I find him, but I'll also tell him that you're looking for him, since I don't actually know why you were fighting. Please don't kill me. I'm heading into the wilderness. There's some sort of weird tower in a really hot volcano area next to Haense that I want to check out, as well as a strange totem in the snowy areas. I'm going off the books! I'll be back. Dante Lo
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