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Found 55 results

  1. NotEvilAtAll

    The Halfling Snowball Fight!

    [!] A hastily drawn paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard for all the wee li’l halflings to see T’eh Halflin’ Snowball Fight! In order to solve these recent events peacefully, I suggest we all have a li’l snowball fight here ‘n Dunshire so that we can get all out and active without causin’ any harm! T’eh Rules: -Both sides will ‘ave the entire month to build a snow-fortress that will contain a flag, red for Pro-Rollo, and blue for Anti-Rollo. -Participan’s on either side will wear either a red-dyed cap (for Pro-Rollo), or a blue-dyed cap (for Anti-Rollo). -The first team to capture t’eh enemy flag and bring it to their own snow-fort wins! -Snow catapults, trebuche’s, ‘n slingsho’s may be used as long as t’ey are mostly harmless! -Nay buildin’ yer snow-fortress too large ‘er tall! -Only snowballs ‘n eggs can be thrown! -Nay puttin’ ice ‘n yer snowballs! -Nay bigguns allowed on either side! (Although they may watch if they desire) -Nay weapons besides padded sticks! Anybodeh who brings out ah weapon has to sit out fer the rest o’ t’eh game ‘n JAIL! -((The entire thing is to be done in Roleplay if we have under 10 participants, although there might be a bit of PvP stick-hitting and snowball-throwing inbetween volley’s of emotes)) Time: Nex’ Month, so that we ‘ave time ter build fortresses! ((3 PM EST, Saturday the 20th of October)) Where: T’eh empty areas o’ Dunshire Whoever wins will be made leader o’ Dunshire, ‘n whoever loses will get a participa’ion award. May t’eh bes’ halflings win! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with a quickly drawn Dunshire Rabbit
  2. NotEvilAtAll

    The Great Atlas Pumpkin Raid!

    [!] A small group of Pumpkin-wearing halflings are seen running around, spreading Spooktober cheer and handing out pumpkins and the blessings of Lord Knox for all. The Great Atlas Pumpkin Raid! They started off with but a measly 5 halflings wielding shovels and pumpkins. However, as is normal in these Pumpkin Raids, their numbers soon grew as they gained both fame and infamy in their journey across Southern Atlas The first place to be visited by the Pumpkin Raiders was Belvitz. All of the Pumpkin Raiders swarmed into the tavern and preached the glories of their god Lord Knox. The bigguns didn’t take too kindly to this, and drew their blades and nearly killed the lot of ‘em, but thankfully through some talking they managed to save their pumpkin-heads! From Belvitz they marched southwards, having gained a few followers in spite of the chaos. Through wind, rain, sleet, and hail, they marched on southwards, praying to their great Lord Knox all the while. Eventually, after much hardship, the Pumpkin Raiders reached Carolustadt, the capital of the Empire of Man. They gathered up at the drawbridge and prepared their march inwards. They were met by a large mob of Anti-Knoxist humans booing at them and drawing their weapons, preparing to slaughter these heretics. However, nobody could justify any sort of massacre, since the Pumpkin Raiders were peaceful and only wanted to spread their pumpkins and Knoxween cheer to everyone. Sadly, there was a brief Pumpkin Civil-War on the bridge after the Pumpkin Raiders left the city, and most of the new recruits were pushed into the moat and either drowned or retired. The Pumpkin Raiders marched ever further south, finally reaching the small encampment that is Courland. Since one of the Pumpkin Raiders had the keys to the camp, the raiders soon gained access. They shouted their Pumpkin-phrases and handed out cookies and pumpkins to all the Courlanders, yet they didn’t recruit a single new Pumpkin Raider there. It had been a very long journey, yet the remaining Pumpkin Raiders still kept spirits high with a self-portrait painted by an anonymous painter in the middle of their trek southwards. While they had not fulfilled their goals of spreading Knoxism and pumpkins to all the bigguns just yet, they remained dogged in their vision of a glorious Knoxist utopia of free cake, pumpkins, cookies, and melons for all. Suddenly, a tragedy occured. Petrus Fronder, one of the three Elders of Dunshire and a Pumpkin Raider, had been caught by the gates of Haense when the Pumpkin Raiders had been visiting the place! The pumpkin-wearing travelers pounded against the gates and shouted, but it was no use. Soon they were surrounded by the guard force of the City, and it appeared to be the end of the Pumpkin Raiders... However, not all was lost, for out of the blue a random biggun with a pickaxe appeared and freed the poor ol’ Petrus Fronder! With a route away from the armed bigguns and the city shown to them, the Pumpkin Raiders soon escaped the city with their lives! It was a glorious day for Dunshire and the halflings, for they had managed to live! Long Live Dunshire! Long Live Knox! Long Live Pumpkins! Long Live Spooktober! -anonymous writer
  3. NotEvilAtAll

    A Message to Dunshire, circa 1685

    ((produced in collaboration with Mystery_Uialben)) [!] A lengthy note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard, scribbled in a somewhat fancy ink. Important Message! ~The Sherif, Deputy, and Elders gather together in The Drunken Duck to chat~ Dear Weefolk of Dunshire, This is your Sheriff, Rollo Applefoot, sending out a personal letter from my heart to all of you. It seems as though there has been lots of commotion going about the safety of weefolk, and talks about whether the values of being proper, overrule the values of common sense, and staying safe from biggin's invading our land. I am here to tell you that, the problem does not lie in us converting to the values of biggin's, but instead lays in the way we go about treating biggin's in our new land. Which is why I’ve come up with new regulations for... HOW A HALFLING STAYS SAFE IN DUNSHIRE!: -If you see a Biggin' walk into Dunshire with armor, or weapons drawn, immediately walk away. Starting now, all Biggin's whom walk into Dunshire with swords or armor are to immediately have to speak with the Sheriff. Else they face immediate interrogation from the Sheriff and his police golems. -If you are the only halfling in the village, and you see Biggin's walk inside.. LEAVE DUNSHIRE. It is not smart in ANY CITY to simply walk up to a mob group, if you're all alone. -If you wish to be a halfling that keeps the Shire safe, speak with me, Rollo Applefoot directly. The golems and I aren't always around, you can't expect us to solve all your problems. If you want to be more well equipped for biggins walking into the Shire, I will help you. -As part of some halfling's complaints, the druids of Dunshire have started to create a wall around the premise of the lands, so that way it is harder for Biggin's can't easily walk in. This personally does not make Dunshire any safer in my opinion. We have places to hide in Dunshire for a reason, if you're scared of a Biggin killing ya, use them. As your sheriff, and as self-proclaimed Protector of Halflings, I have a duty to keep you all safe. However, we must all work together if we plan on keeping out young'ins, our old'uns, and our regular halflings safe. Take a moment halflings, and realize not, "What can we rid of to make us stronger", but instead "What strengths do we have to make us better?" We are just as powerful as any armored up Biggin', and I have given my life to making sure us halflings have the prestige that WE DESERVE. GLORY TO DUNSHIRE. GLORY TO WEEFOLK. - Signed, Rollo Applefoot, Sheriff of Dunshire [!] The image ends with a picture of the Dunshire Rabbit.
  4. NotEvilAtAll

    The Dunshire Police Golem

    [!] A note is pinned to a somewhat cracked Dunshire Notice Board The Dunshire Police Golem! ~The halflings inspect the new Golem~ What a blessing from Knox! A golem has been found and put to use by the ex-sheriff Angelica Woodstock for the purpose of protecting Dunshire! This Golem ought to keep us all safe from no-good bigguns and bandits! RULES FOR THE GOLEM: -Do not pet the Golem -Do not feed the Golem -Do not insult the Golem -Do not praise the Golem -Do not call the Golem anything other than "Phalanx" -Do not get in the way of the Golem -Do not play pranks on the Golem -Do not do anything to the Golem at all other than watch it for flaws. Please remember to repair any damage that might be caused by the Golem's lack of direction. Dunshire's Police Department will not be held responsible for any injuries, deaths, or damages caused by improper use of the Golem Any issues with the Golem should be reported to the Sheriff's Office or Angelica Woodstock immediately. Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire
  5. NotEvilAtAll

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    ~The Great Applefoot Family~ The Applefoots are one of the newest families of halflings, having been formed by a merger between the Applebrook and Withfoot families when Madeline Applebrook and Harold Withfoot got married (becoming Madeline Applefoot and Harold Applefoot respectively) . The Applefoot family has provided the halflings with great leadership figures from the moment it was created, and it is claimed that the village can never go wrong with an Applefoot in charge, although that claim is still debated. ~The Applefoot Culture and Tradition~ The Applefoots are a simple folk, following all the cultural traditions of the halflings such as not wearing shoes, not using weapons, and not using minas (Mostly). On top of this, Applefoots usually drink to excess whenever possible, and are not ones to back down from a shogging match. From the Applebrook side of the family comes a deep love of orcharding, farming, brewing, and cooking, and from the Withfoot side of the family comes a love of chopping trees, smoking, and eating. With all of these tendencies, the Applefoots are both the ultimate producers of farm goods and the ultimate consumers. Due to this, it is rare to see an Applefoot without food in their hands. ~The Look of the Applefoot~ With a smidge of Dwarven genes coming from Harold Withfoot, the Applefoots stand a bit taller than most other halflings. In weight, however, the Applefoots are slightly less than the average, since the Applebrooks were well known for being slim around the waist. Their eyes are usually blue to blueish green, and their hair is either red or reddish brown. ~Applefoot Religion~ As for Religion, the Applefoots are a varied bunch. Harold Applefoot, the father of the Applefoot family, is a well-known Druid and worshipper of the Aspects, whereas his wife was a devout Knoxist for all her life. Daisy Applefoot worships the Harvest Spirits, whereas her sisters and brother are all Knoxists as well. There is no one religion of the Applefoots, and it's likely it will remain that way for centuries. ~Family Recipes~ Since all the old Applebrook and Withfoot recipes have been passed down to the Applefoot family, the Applefoots have a wide variety of foods and boozes to choose from. Here are a few Applebrook Porter: a booze produced with a secret ingredient that only the Applefoots know. It tastes deep and rich, and is very alcoholic. Withfoot Cider: an all around good cider to drink, produced from only the finest apples and a few other ingredients that are also heavily guarded secrets of the Applefoot family. The Applefoot Haggis: Produced by Madeline Applefoot, this haggis was a true masterpiece and can only be made by some of the top chefs in the world. While its recipe is not a secret, it is said that only an Applefoot can produce the haggis the way it was meant to be made. Pipes & Pipeweed: From the Withfoot side of the family came a vast knowledge of pipes and pipeweed. The majority of the halflings' pipeweed comes from the Applefoots, and the Applefoots also make most of the pipes they are smoked in. ~Family Heirlooms~ The Applefoots have few heirlooms to their name, sadly. The few that they do have are shrouded in mystery, dirt, or both. These Heirlooms await the day that they are discovered once more. Madeline's Cherry-wood Pipe: Said to be the best pipe ever made, this cherry-wood pipe produced the best smoke-rings, smoke-squares, and smoke-ovals ever seen. When Madeline died, her pipe was lost, presumably dropped into somewhere around the village of Dunshire, where it waits to be uncovered to this day. The Arcane Pumpkin: This Pumpkin was plucked straight out of the depths of the darkest, coldest, and perilous place in Axios by the ex-Elder Gerald. When Gerald died, the Pumpkin technically should've passed on to his close friend and associate, Merridolph Applebrook, who technically is a part of the Applefoot family ever since the two were merged. Since Merridolph Applebrook is dead and the Pumpkin was stolen, the Arcane Pumpkin's location is completely unknown. It may never be found again, but if it is, it would change halfling life forever. ~Current and Deceased family members~ Merridolph Applebrook, great uncle - DECEASED Harold Applefoot, grandfather - ALIVE Madeline Applefoot, grandmother - DECEASED Merry Applefoot, son of Madeline - ALIVE ((not played)) Carolina Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - MISSING Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline- ALIVE Unnamed twin of Daisy Applefoot, daughter of Madeline - ALIVE ((not played)) Rollo Applefoot, husband of Daisy- ALIVE Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE Unnamed twin of Almond Applefoot, daughter of Daisy - ALIVE ((not played)) ~How to play an Applefoot~ Just message me or @dkink14 on the forums, and we'll be with you shortly! Alternatively, you can ping our Discords, which are NotEvilAtAll#2321 and dkink14#7136 respectively. Happy travels!
  6. NotEvilAtAll

    The Halfling Voidronauts

    The Halfling Voidronauts They gathered around the entrance to The Drunken Duck, all bleary-eyed in the night, to discuss something of utmost important. Baron Westbuck had found something that needed to be investigated, and it was up to the Dunshire halflings to do so. He had found the infamous Hole to Heck where all the Gnomes, Munchkins, and Spooks came out of. It was decided that they ought to head on in, for the future of Dunshire was at stake now that the Hole to Heck was revealed. They stumbled into the tunnels underneath Dunshire, walking single-file. Soon, they found the entrance to the Ol' Gnome Mine, where they'd find the passageway to the Hole to Heck. Armed with state-of-the-art shovels and hearts full of courage, they marched on into the darkness, not knowing exactly what would greet them. Through the winding tunnels and passages they stumbled, tripping over other's bare-feet, and already wishing to head back. However, they could not just stop there. They had a mission to do, and they were going to do it. Eventually, the Ol' Gnome Mine opened up into a massive carvern larger than any the wee-folks have seen before. The only light came from their torches, for everything else was coated in pitch black. Yet in spite of this all, they stumbled onwards Inside of this massive cavern was yet another opening. Its sides were laden with ores and gems, and mushrooms grew along the few footholds down. Water dripped down the steep steps in a series of petite waterfalls, flowing to who knows where. A strange breeze followed by a strange odor came out of the opening as well, coming from Knox knows where. They went in. They climbed down the steep steps, and wove their way around the spiral staircase down to the bottom. The scent became almost unbearable, and the water was almost up to their ankles. All the water was flowing into a strange pitch-black hole at the very end of it all, crudely blocked off with a trapdoor. It was decided that somebody had to go into the hole, for if it was left alone the curiosity would eat them alive. What if Lord Knox lived down there? What if there was candy? Or was it truly just a bottomless pit of death, gnomes, and munchkins after all? There was only one way to find out... Garret Ludowood volunteered. With some extra shovels, a few spare potatoes, and many blessings, Garret Ludowood edged closer to the Hole of Heck. Closer and closer and closer and closer he went. Petrus Fronder gave him advice, Baron Westbuck told him he would be a hero, and he told himself he was going where no halfling had gone before. He went closer and closer and closer to the hole, until... He jumped in... The halflings all crowded next to the hole, trying to peer inside. They saw nothing They tried to listen for him. They heard nothing. They shouted for him to come back out of the hole, yet there was no reply. They suggested going in after him, but nobody volunteered. Daisy Applefoot played a sad tune on her trumpet, while the rest of the halflings saluted Garret Ludowood's great sacrifice for Dunshire. They sat there and waited ever longer, waiting for the Great Explorer to come back. He had achieve his wish of going where no halfling had ever gone, and it was the halflings' duty to respect his last wishes. Let every halfling remember the name of Garret Ludowood, the great Voidronaut. LONG LIVE DUNSHIRE!
  7. NotEvilAtAll

    Declaration of Spooktober!

    [!] A sheet of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Spooktober is here! In honor of the magnificent Lord Knox and all he has given to us, we are to have this entire Elven Month dedicated to him! From the littlest of children to the tallest of men, everyone can enjoy a good bit of Spooktober fun! Here is how we are going to prepare: Preparation plans: -Replace all the lights with Jack o' Lanterns -Decorate everything with Black, Purple, and Orange -Wear masks, costumes, pumpkins, anything spooky that you can think of! -Add cobwebs across the village, since spiders are spooky -Add spooky buildings and constructions wherever possible -Praise Lord Knox daily! On top of this all, we are going to hold spooky festivals and events at the end of every Elven Week! If you have any ideas for events, decorations, or anything else, please attach them to the end of this paper! ~The halflings of Dunshire gather in the tavern to discuss Spooktober and drink booze~ [!] At the end of the Paper, there is a format to add suggestions, combined with extra papers and crayons to write with in all kinda of fancy colors! Event/Decoration/Other idea: Why we should do this idea?: Who is going to put this plan into action?: Anything else to add?:
  8. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Costume Party!

    [!] Another sheet of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Costume Party! ~The halflings of Dunshire meet some so called "Spirits" of Knox~ Costumes are an important part of every proper Spooktober or Knoxween celebration! Since many of us have already made costumes in preparation for these times, now is the perfect time to have a Costume Party! All are welcome to join, be they from inside Dunshire, outside Dunshire, or anywhere inbetween! Event Details: What: A costume party; make your own costume and show it off to others! Where: In Dunshire of course! The home of the halfling race! When: The end of this current Elven Week, followed by a bit more time! ((3 PM EST October 7th, this upcoming Sunday)) What to bring: Your own costume, food, booze, fireworks, anything you think might be good for a party! Activity list: Best-Costume award, Darts, Drinking, Hide-and-seek. See you all there, in the meantime, keep up the good work Spook-ifying Dunshire! ❤️ -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire
  9. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Cook-Off Festival!

    [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Noticeboard of Dunshire or found flying about in the wind Dunshire Cook-off Festival! ~The ovens of Dunshire, producing all the food you could ever desire~ Come one, come all! The Dunshire Cook-off will begin soon, and all are invited into Dunshire to come and bake with us! The best baker will receive a mighty good prize of RP items, hay, cake, and other things! So what are you waiting for? If you know how to cook, there is no reason not to go! All halflings are welcome, and bigguns too! Where: In Dunshire! When: Closer to the end of the Elven Year! ((Saturday, the 29th of September at 3 PM EST)) What: A cook-off, bring your own supplies if you can! We'll provide the ovens! What is the prize?: Booze! Hoes! Cake! Iron! Whatever we can think of really! Oi'll see ye there! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with the image of the Dunshire Rabbit
  10. ((produced in agreement with @Hobbits . Also, music can be found below)) [!] A scrap of parchment is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard. Dunshire's Fifth Election Results! ~The tunnels that secretly connect all the burrows underneath Dunshire, freshly constructed and ready for the use of any no-good hobbit~ The results are in! The results are in! We have our winners folks, a landslide victory no less! Let us see the results! For Sheriff: Rollo Applefoot: 4 votes Lirro Dockingrod: 2 votes For Deputy: Daisy Applefoot: 5 votes Lirro Dockingrod: 1 vote. Let us welcome Daisy Applefoot and Rollo Applefoot as the new Deputy and Sheriff respectively! May they help us through any tough times that arise, and may they make Dunshire great again! XOXOXOXOXOX -Angelica Woodstock, Elder of Dunshire.
  11. ((produced in collaboration with @Hobbits )) [!] Fliers are found all across the Cloud Temple region and pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Fifth Election! ~A drawing of Angelica Woodstock's burrow~* Sorry for the delay! Oi was so held back by my pipe-smoking and drinking that I forgot ter keep running the election! So without further ado, let us vote on who ye all want to be Sheriff and Deputy! Remember to vote wisely, for these new leaders must be able to keep our village together and prosperous! Running for Sheriff: Rollo Applefoot, Lirro Dockingrock. Running for Deputy: Lirro Dockingrock, Daisy Applefoot. Voting Format: Name: Race: Who are ye voting for Deputy?: Who are ye voting for Sheriff?: Anything else to add? May the best half-man win! XOXOXOXOX -Angelica Woodstock. [!] The flier ends with the Dunshire Rabbit ((*image by smeagolllum in deviantart))
  12. NotEvilAtAll

    Ideas for t'eh next festival!

    [!] A note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard. It appears to be hastily written, although the text on it is still legible. Ideas for t'eh next festival! ~The halflings discuss recent events in Dunshire~ Lo t'ere everyone! As you may have heard, we've just had a very successful festival this past year! Although it was cut short due to a raid, many bigguns and halflings alike showed up to party, and fun was had by all! With this in mind, I'd like us to begin planning ANOTHER festival! One even grander than the last! Any ideas from anyone are welcome, just leave a note pinned to the Noticeboard! Here's a sample form ye can use: Name: Idea: Who is going to be doing this?: Do you think that this will be enjoyable for the next festival?: Long Life Dunshire's Democracy! -Daisy Applefoot
  13. ((produced in agreement with @Hobbits )) [!] Fliers are found flying through the wind and nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Fifth Election Signup! ~Dunshire as seen by the wee halfling folks~ Election time! Election time! Everyone's favorite time! Come now down to the Tavern and sign up to run in this wonderful election! Sign up to protect Dunshire as the Sheriff, or sign up to help the Sheriff as the Deputy! Sheriff: The duty of the Sheriff is to keep Dunshire safe from no-good bigguns and enforce the laws of halfling properness. Deputy: The duty of the Deputy is to assist the Sheriff in all they do, and to make sure that the Sheriff doesn't get snooty and power-hungry! Sign-up Format: Name: Race: What are ye running for?: Why should we vote for you?: What do you promise to do if you are elected?: Anything else to add?: Long Live Dunshire! -Angelica Woodstock
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Drawings from the Harvest Festival

    (( )) [!] Some papers are nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard and other places in Atlas Drawings from the Harvest Festival! ~The beginnings of the Festival~ ~Shogging and Darts by Dunshire Lake~ ~Rallying for the next ctivity, the Scavenger Hunt!~ For a whole day and a half, much fun was had partying in Dunshire. It was a large Festival, for many halflings were there as well as many bigguns from Belvitz and beyond. The Harvest Festival began with some basic Darts and Shogging, and then led onto a large village-scale Scavenger Hunt for 3 golden carrots, with the finders of the golden carrots being rewarded by Angelica Woodstock. ~The aftermath of the raid~ Sadly, the fun did not last forever, for a group of raiders showed up to ruin the whole thing! Luckily, I was able to get away and spread the message of this Festival to you. May the Dunshire Harvest Festival never be forgotten! Long Live Dunshire! -Daisy Applefoot
  15. The old thread where people would post images of Dunshire has been archived after it died out a while ago. Since then, I've been taking many screenshots in order to make Forum Posts, tell tales of events, and just generally taking screenshots for the fun of it. I will post some of the screenshots I have gathered here so that you all may enjoy them. If anyone else has screenshots they'd like to share here, they are more than welcome to post them! The Newest Halflings of Dunshire The Acquiring of Burrows The Visitor Group Picture by the Lake A Discussion with Kha The Greeting The Awakening of Ley The Chatter Creative Dating Old Dunshire Forest The Gathering The Friend Brave Adventurers Murderer's Demise Angelica The Mailman Green March Quest to Save a Hobbit Fun with Llamas and Gnomes Mutual Aid Needs More Water Shelter from the Rain The Drunken Duck A Meeting of Great Minds The Proposal Dunshire, Before it was Anything Noteworthy Fimble Jack Fernswood, the Walled Village Halfling Pride The First Thing Ever Made in Dunshire was a Bridge (it was later demolished) Old Dunshire, the Dunshire that was Dunshire before Dunshire was Dunshire The Halfling PvP Spuad, circa Axios-Atlas temporary transition island Harold Applefoot Leads the Charge Temporary Vacation Spot Mapleshire's Pumpkin Boat Pumpkin Defense The Outside of the Mapleshire Pumpkin That's all folks! I could do more, but that would take more effort.
  16. NotEvilAtAll

    ~!KnOX'S HARVEsT hAS COmE!~

    [!] Gasps and yelps are heard from Dunshire's Knoxist Shrine. It appears something spectacular has happened. Something magical, something terrible, something extraordinary. Something beyond definition itself... KNOX'S HARVEST HAS COME ~THE GREAT LORD KNOX REVEALS HIMSELF!~ Words begin to fall out of the PROPHET's mouth, rolling out of her tongue like a waterfall. The noises that come out seem alien and foreign, yet oddly soothing. "I aM T'EH PRoPHE' O' KNOX 'N T'eH HARVeS' SpIRI'S" "HE HAs COmE TO US AN' DeECLARED T'IS 'IMSElF." "NOW I MuS' GO AROUND SpREADIN' T'EH WORdS O' T'IS PANtHEON" "It Is HiS wIsH" The voice bounces up and down in pitch, tempo, and volume. With each Crest and Trough, your head is filled with more and more thoughts of Pumpkins, Wheat, Harvest Festivities, and Bowing Down Before the GREAT LORD KNOX HIMSELF and praying. Daisy Applefoot crashed down to the ground, panting. She feels dizzy, tired, yet filled with a strange sense of purpose "Hrm. Wha' ah day..." She'd get up from the ground, and walk off to her burrow.
  17. Larry Shortoak

    The Shortoak Family

    The Shortoak Family ~*~ The Shortoak Family had a rather odd beginning. One quite fit for the life of a Halfling as it involves a bet between two very cheeky friends. Larry and Andwise were best of friends even from their first meeting back in the village of Goodborough, luckily for the pair they both knew how to rustle each other’s jimmy’s and knew when each could be beaten, especially when they put wagers on the line. As we go back to the story of the Shortoak beginnings, one must first know the initial bet and what was at stake. Andwise bet his most famous trusty shogging shovel that was cared for and had a magical ability to be quicker than any other, or so they said. And Larry had nothing of importance, not at the time anyway but he liked to gamble so he put a wager of betting his last name to something Andwise found amusing at the time, shortoak. Obviously, the pair needed a competition, something where a winner would clearly be decided, so they opted to drink until one fell off their chair onto the floor. It started off with human ale, then to vodka, then to Larry’s famous Shortoak stout only to be followed with both hobbits falling to the floor at the same time, Larry making contact first. Thus, Larry and his family became the Shortoak’s. They tend to abide by three simple to follow rules: 1 - Listen to your Elders, they make the rules for a reason. 2 - Never steal from another Halfling, there is a storage burrow for a reason. 3 - If you take from another Halfling, leave something in return. :: Culture and Tradition :: Shortoak’s tend to have a large appetite, often eating multiple meals throughout the day. Larry believes that if more bigguns valued food and song above power and gold, it would be a merrier and peaceful realm. Another culture trait they have, not unique to the Shortoak’s is their ability to talk their way out of many situations, due to their often mischievous actions. However, often this is used due to getting themselves out of situations they had previously caused issues starting. Though their traditions stick similar to their fellow neighbours some of the Shortoak family enjoy artistic ways of life such as poetry, songs and drawings. :: Appearance :: The Shortoak’s often have the same colour eyes, yet it is still not uncommon to find one with different colours due to it being common for other halflings. Their complexion is often one of a light tan due to their time spent in the sun. Their hair colour can vary from a bright red to a dark brown with it being rare to see a ginger colour. The Shortoak’s are some of the shorter of their kin. Apart from their short visage, the family hold no real unique appearance. :: Religion :: The Shortoak’s way of life do not hold any sort of religion in high regards other than some following Druidism and/or the old Harvest gods during the harvest months, though it is noted that the family are fully aware of the existence of Aenguls and Daemons in the realm, even appreciating the efforts done by some to their kin. :: Notable Family Recipe :: The most notable recipe from the Shortoak’s is a Mutton Mince Pie. To make this meal, first one needs to gather the ingredients prior to cooking, never bought, but farmed by the cook and prepared shortly after collecting. A hint of nutmeg and salt adds to the taste, creating their unique take on the pie. They also have a brew known as Shortoak stout first created by Larry, no one knows the exact ingredients other than him but he has let slip it is made with the same main products as all other stouts. :: History of the Shortoaks :: Larry Shortoak - Male (1487 - Present) Finlay Shortoak - Male (1495 - 1570) Annabelle Shortoak - Female (1500 - 1592) Drogo Shortoak - Male (1528 - 1530) Holly Shortoak - Female (1550 - Unknown) ~*~
  18. NotEvilAtAll

    The Dunshire Markets! [Great prices!]

    [!] A beautifully constructed flier goes whizzing past you, whipping around in the wind. It seems it has fallen off of one of the many noticeboards these fliers have been pinned on, or discarded as rubbish by a passer-by handed one. The Dunshire Markets! ~A view of the Dunshire Market as seen by the songbirds~ A wonderful market experience awaits you here in Dunshire, the land of the wee, for the old Animal Pens have been turned into a gorgeous market, complete with flowers, a dock, and other vegetation. When you enter these markets, please take note of all the well-trimmed and watered flowers planted for your sniffing pleasures, and the light sources kept glowing for your convenience. Beyond just looking pretty, these markets also contain some of the best prices in all of Atlas! Our fertile lands churn out loads of produce, and we'd like our markets to reflect that. If you ever find a shop selling goods cheaper than what is here, please do tell us and we'll drop our prices immediately! Now, onto the wares! ~Harold's Herbs and Oddities~ ~The aforementioned stall~ Harold Applefoot, a notable Druid and proud father of the Applefoot Family, runs one of the stalls at the Dunshire Market. He sells things you might expect to come from a Druid, such as pipes, drugs, and mushrooms! ~Halflings Grass: "A supple chewy root. Smelling oddly pleasant, almost calming." Price: 3 minas ~Wooden Pipe: "A simple made wooden pipe with a decently long oak stem to get a nice and dry smoke. The oval shaped hickory bowl contains an engraving of the Dunshire rabbit." Price: 10 minas ~Wooden Pipe: "An exquisite made smoking pipe with a fairly long oaken stem to get a nice and dry smoke. The hickory bowl of the pipe has been carved in the shape of a pumpkin with a depiction of the Dunshire rabbit engraved on the bottom." Price: 20 minas ~Pipeweed: "Dried and Brittle leaves from a pipeweed plant. Emanating a faint sweet odor when smoked." Price: 3 minas ~Bag o' Bonemeal: ((It is just a bone block renamed.)) Price: 2 minas ~Brown Mushroom, Price: 4 minas ~Red Mushroom, Price: 4 minas ~Halfling grade throwing rocks: "One of the most deadly weapons in the halfling's arsenal, equipped with modernized aerodynamic technologies for extra stability and less recoil on the thrower's end. Stories say these bad boys are able to down even the biggest of orcs with a well placed headshot." Price: 10 minas ~Pocket Sand: "Fine granular objects kept safely inside of your pockets for self-defense. When confronted you can draw the sand from your pockets to temporarily blind or distract your opponent for a quick escape. SHSHSHAAAA!" Price: 30 minas ~Larry's Cider~ ~The aforementioned stall~ Larry Hills is one of the village's best brewers, and thus he has set up a stall for you to buy his drinks and get mighty drunk! While the booze in the tavern may be free, the booze from Larry's Cider will leave you drunk for centuries! ~Farmville Cider: "Made on the farm, this cider is good after a hard day's work!" Price: 3 minas ~Fair View Cider: "Crafted by a skilled halfling within the art of brewing, this cider tastes of freshly picked apples." Price: 4 minas ~Fronder's Fancy Fare~ ~The aforementioned stall~ Petrus Fronder is the sort of halfling who enjoys farming more than anything, and thus his stall sells all sorts of produce from the farms and animal pens. As the proud head of the Frondor Residence, Petrus Fronder is able to get help from almost every other halfling in Dunshire, be they related or not. As such, his shop sells some of the cheapest and highest quality food in all of Atlas! ~Leather, Price: 3 minas ~White Wool, Price: 2 minas ~Beetroot, Price: 0.3 minas ~Beetroot Soup, Price: 2 minas ~Carrot, Price: 0.4 minas ~Baked Potato, Price: 0.5 minas ~Bread, Price: 0.3 minas (This is some of the cheapest bread you can get!) ~Monk Bread, Price: 0.3 (Also some of the cheapest bread you can find!) ~Beef Jerky: "Dried beef made from the fines' mea's in the Vale" Price: 0.9 minas ~Chicken Fried Pork: "Succulen' pork procured from the jucies' pigs in the Vale. Covered in bread crumbs and eggs and fried until a golden brown" Price: 0.8 minas ~Leg o' Lamb: "Tender mea' straigh' from the lamb's limbs. Marina'ed in toma'o juices and apple chunks fer ah refreshing, swee' flavour." Price: 1 mina Afterwords ~Dunshire, artist's interpretation~ Why not come to Dunshire's markets? You get to help out a splendid community of peaceful shire-folks, get great deals yourself, and enjoy the good weather and vegetation of the region! Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions are to be mailed to the Sheriff & Sheriff Deputy Office, Festival Road 3, Dunshire.
  19. Event Planners, MC Names: jumperhand3 (me), and perhaps Revolutionaries or Natalac. All the halflings could pitch in. Event Type: Minor famine/crop failure, long term event instead of a one off thing. Your Timezone: American Central Time, but for the rest of the halflings EST works just fine Affected Groups: The halflings of Dunshire Event Location: Dunshire Summation: When Dunshire was settled, seeds from the previous halfling village of Mapleshire were used to plant the fields. These crops were used to the warm climate of Mapleshire, and didn't ever have to deal with cold, snow, or any of those extremes at all! However, after having settled Dunshire, a problem would begin to arise in those Dunshire fields, SNOW! Unlike Mapleshire and all of the halfling villages previously, Dunshire's climate snows every winter, damaging the precious roots of the crops with it's relative cold. The crops would get more and more stressed out by the difference in climate, and soon the halfling food supply would dwindle. With no other options, the halflings of Dunshire would be forced to ration what they have left, or adapt to the new climate by using different types of crops in order to save their village! Concept Images/Screenshots What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders?: ET builders could be used to add snow in places around the village during wintertime to add to the immersion, but other than that this event would consist of roleplaying the lower amounts of food available, and many meetings among the halflings as to what should be done. ET actors would not be needed, unless it's revealed that some grain monster is actually what's causing the crop failures or something like that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, what do you think? I want everyone's input on this idea! Is this unnecessary and un-fun? Or will it be a fun little bit of change in Dunshire's atmosphere and roleplay?
  20. [!] Daisy Applefoot sits down in the Applefoot Family Burrow, and writes a message to her lost love "O' Hearth James Underson, how I love the look of your chin when it dribbles with fish you baked us. The only thing I admire more than that is sweet life itself, and only by the narrow'st of margins. Please do come back to me, for I have grown lonely 'n yer absence. My heart is not as bright without you by my side, and ever more I find myself yearning your return to me. Please come back, we made such a lovely couple, and we'd be all the more lovely together once again Also, I baked you cookies! ❤️ -Daisy Applefoot" (( @Hearth ))
  21. [!] Daisy Applefoot and Rosyra Belladonna holler out for all of Dunshire to hear (mostly just Daisy Applefoot yelling, but you get the picture) "AH MUNCHIN! SHE'S AH MUNCHKIN" They'd holler out "SHE BORE AH DAGGER CLEARLY SEEN, YE' WAS ABLE TER HIDE 'T UP USIN' MUNCHKIN MAGIC 'ER SOME OTHAH TRICKERIES!" The wee-folks holler once more "ANGELICA WOODSTOCK BE AH MUNCHKIN!" was their final cry For it was true, Daisy Applefoot did indeed see the halfling Elder bear a dagger in her hands not once, but twice during a conversation with her. When Daisy brought this up to her, she denied it, claiming it was just her iron shears, but Daisy knew better. She dove in towards Angelica and tried to search her for the dagger she knew she had. Yet she came up with nothing even with her most thorough searching. "DUNSHIRE FER GOOD WEE-FOLKS, NAY FER BAD MUNCHKINS!" Hollers the duo, their cries disturbing the slumber of the residents. "MUNCHKINS SHOULD CONVER' TER AH GOOD 'ALFLIN' RELIGION!" "OUR GOOD KNOXIS' GAL NAY BEH KNOXIS', SHE KNOWS FOUL MAGICS!" "TRICKS'ERS GE' WHICKS'ERS!" Yells some hobbit, clearly making up the word "Whickster" "DUNSHIRE NEEDS TER CLEAR OU' T'EH MUNCHKINS!" ... This goes on for some time, until the cries die down, and the disturbed residents of Dunshire can sleep once more.
  22. NotEvilAtAll

    The rise of the Halfling Harvest Cult

    The rise of the Halfling Harvest Cult A very peculiar halfling entered Dunshire that day, her face covered in paint and dirt, her eyes baggy, and her speech delirious and strange. She stumbled towards her halfling brethren, and began to spin her tales of Harvest Spirits, Lord Knox, and a spiritual journey through fields of corn and wheat. She spoke of mystical things, of magical things, of things being explained by the Harvest Spirits. She spoke of halfling history, and halfling culture. She spoke of the harvest, and of the rain. She told them that Lord Knox was but one of many so called "Harvest Spirits", and that that's why the pumpkins of Dunshire grew so large while other crops lagged behind. She told them that because of this, everyone was already a Harvest Spirit Worshipper, and that it was just up to them to realize that. One by one, she preached to the hobbit-folks. Leaving behind confusion and questioning, realizations and doubts. One by one, the wee-folk started to take sides in favor of or against these new religious ideas. Soon, all of Dunshire would be divided
  23. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Peace-Warriors (Guild)

    [!] A paper could be found nailed to most Noticeboards, including the Dunshire Noticeboard The Peace-Warriors of Dunshire! ~Dunshire, the home of the Peace-Warriors~ Since the War of Peace has been declared, I've noticed that we have no military to fight it! So, let us form a basic militia of peace that will keep all of Altas safe from harm! The Peace-Warrior's Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the great people of Altas, who be so fair and varied in look and style. I pledge to protect all children, all men, all women, and others who are threatened by war, and I pledge to never become the threat of war that I have pledged to protect others against!" "I promise that I will never bear a lethal weapon against another while campaigning for Atlas-wide peace, and I promise that I will never harm others even with non-lethal weapons unless there is no other option." "And lastly, I pledge that I will always uphold the good morals of peace, prosperity, and comfort for all that I wish to bring to the rest of Atlas" The Tools of Peace: -Shovels, for they represent the humble peasant who is threatened by wars on Atlas. -Eggs and Snowballs, for they represent the projectiles of childish play instead of projectiles of war and destruction. -Cake, for it represents comfort and prosperity that does not come with war. -Pumpkins, for they grow plentiful and plump, and are not associated with war in any way. -The heart, for all good comes from it. ~An example of a Peace-Warrior, although most Peace-Warriors wouldn't use a shield, of course~ Our Mission: Unlike other groups who attack and destroy others, the Peace-Warriors will only bring goodness to the world, and thus all they do will be completely peaceful. We shall protest against war with our Tools of Peace in hand, and we shall bring about a better tomorrow! How do I join this benevolent group?: Please fill out the following format and send it to Dunshire for us wee folks to look over! RP: Name: Race(can be any): Why do you wish to join the Peace-Warriors?: Please recite The Peace Warrior's Pledge here: OOC: Discord(helpful but not needed): Username:
  24. With all of the Assassin drama and 2 man banditing in Dunshire, I've been unable to get the normal peaceful RP that I play a halfling for. Without that roleplay, I really have no reason to be playing LOTC right now, seeing as I play LOTC solely for said quiet and silly halfling RP. I'm finding myself in need of a break again, this time a much longer one. So goodbye everyone! I had fun being in Dunshire, I had fun playing Daisy and Madeline Applefoot, but for now, don't expect to see me in Dunshire anymore, or on LOTC anymore. I hereby request to be banned on my username jumperhand3, and to have my forum account suspended so I don't just return to LOTC immediately like the addictive drug it is. I'll leave all my LOTC discords and try to enjoy the real world for a time (Maybe try to read some books, etc.). I wish all you Dunshire halflings the best of luck in running Dunshire without me. Now that you guys have a villain and a decent population of good roleplayers, you should be fine. Anyways, here are my final words to you guys Note to the Halflings: Keep up being awesome! You've always been my favorite community on LOTC, and thus I send you all my wishes and all my hope. Now that you guys are friendly with the Orcs, hopefully you can put yourselves out of this mess before everyone else gets pessimistic and grumpy and quits like I'm doing right now. Note to the Orcs: You guys have always been my second favorite community on LOTC. I've tried joining you guys once before (Although I got bored and went back to my halfling), but from what I've seen you guys are OOCly very nice and always have the least-toxic banditing and villainy RP there is. For that, I respect you guys. You may have a few issues here and there, but for the most part, you guys are great! Keep up the amazing work dudes, hopefully you can make the Orcs great again. Note to @_SuitAndTie_: How the heck are you able to play on LOTC so much without getting burned out? You should make a guide on how to do that, because clearly I am not capable of such things. I also send you my best wishes, since you are an old friend of mine, and I have many fond memories roleplaying with you. Keep on being awesome, and doing all the good things. Your events have always been my favorite, and you really deserve a spot in the LOTC hall of fame! Note to @Reznc 2.0 @Reznc (Which one is it?): You are also an old friend of mine, and I still recall fondly the time our characters discussed halfling philosophy while on the walls of the Westlands. You made for a good Sheriff too, even if you wore boots and used a sword! I'm not sure if you even still play LOTC, but if you do, I send you my regards as well. Note to Micbox: I've managed to loose that one song you sent me to use for the Irish Wake we were planning to hold for Gerald, can you send it to me again? Also, I'm sure you'd love to know that the ol' Goblet of Infinite Booze that killed your character was used as the premise for yet another eventline in Dunshire run by Dalek. You were also a great player in my eyes, and you did a fine job running the Pendlemere festivals and participating in the Mellsburrian festivals as well. For that, you'll always have a place in my heart Note to @Dalek348: Maybe try running for the Event Team? You'd make a fine addition to that team, and I'd love to see you do a bajillion events with the Ents you've made in Old Dunshire Forest. You have the best screenshots and the best storytelling abilities, and thanks to you I now have Aegis, Asulon, and Anthos as singleplayer worlds on my computer. Just like you, I also love the more ancient halfling building style. It's a real shame that Dunshire was constructed by everyone else before you were able to do it all, since I would've loved seeing Dunshire look like the Old Dunshire you had in the Whispering Crossroads.... Anyways, I send you my best wishes, and all of my hopes and dreams Note to @dkink14: Why haven't you tried to shove bees up anyone's nose yet? That would be comedy gold! We really ought to do the old plan we had in Pendlemere (The one where we'd put beehives everywhere so the druids would have a neverending supply of bees to shove up noses). I hope you have fun playing on LOTC still! Note to lilsmolbean: I don't think you play on LOTC anymore, but if you do, then I'm here to tell you that your old character in Pendlemere was literally the cutest thing ever. Note to @Kaiser: Maybe you should fulfill your dreams of having halfling pirates one day. The closest we ever got to that was in the transition island from Axios to Atlas, where we briefly pretended that we were a pirate ship. I don't know if the GMs will teleport around boats anymore, but if they do, then I suppose we could easily have a halfling piracy crew... Note to @Hobbits: You are hands down the best sheriff I've ever seen. While you may not do all that many sheriff duties, you are great at roleplaying and have run some fun events in the past. Keep up the great work, and may Dunshire never grow silent while you still inhabit it!