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Found 194 results

  1. [!] A halfling newspaper is found in your mailbox! The Bramblebury Gazette (Vol I, 1797) ~Knowledge is the key to happiness~ Contents: ~The Bramblebury Gazette: My Mission~ ~The Election of 1797: RESULTS~ ~The Proudfoot Protest: A Response~ ~Turnip School of Learning Opens!~ ~The Bramblebury Gazette: My Mission~ ~Winemaking, a favorite hobby of mine~ When a new newspaper begins to make the rounds, readers will always wonder what drove the editor On the offhand chance that you are unaware of who I am, dear reader, allow me to introduce myself. I am Greta Goodbarrel, former Elder of Brandybrook and author of our constitution. Though I spent the first forty-three years of my life in the secluded halfling village of Norbury, I found it to be far too Orenian for my tastes, and in 1782 I moved to Haelun’or. For three years I studied among the mali’thill at the Eternal Library, perfecting my writing and learning the importance of democracy and open debate. Despite my appreciation for elven culture, I soon grew weary of the coldness of their streets. I began to long for the comforts of burrows and the simplicity of halfling life, and so in 1785 I dropped everything and once again moved, this time to Brandybrook. It was there I noticed some level of discontent with the undemocratic system of Thainship, and I took it upon myself to correct these problems and restore democracy, something that the halflings have not experienced since Dunshire. Though there were missteps at first, I was able to win support from many people, including our gracious Thain, who approved and signed our new constitution in 1796. Having outlined my reasons for doing so in a letter earlier this year, I believe I need not reiterate why I initially retired from political life. Regardless, in some senses I have changed my mind. Though I do not currently intend to run for public office in the future, I have come to realize that perhaps the main benefit of being a citizen rather than an Elder, Thain, Mayor, or Sheriff is that I am able to write exactly what I believe without worrying what people will think of it. Though in the past I have complained about my words falling upon unwilling ears, I am simply incapable of being silent on certain matters. Knowledge, after all, is the lifeblood of any democracy, and I wish not to abandon the village I helped create. On the contrary, I hope that writing this paper will encourage civil, open dialogue between those of opposing viewpoints, and that it will also keep the people more well informed by providing a new alternative to the possibly defunct tabloid that was Beetroot News. ~The Election of 1797: RESULTS~ ~The Sheriff Debates~ It brings me great excitement to report that Bramblebury has completed its very first election! The race for Mayor was mostly for procedure, seeing as no candidates challenged the lovely Iris Peregrin following my concession of the election. As such, regardless of the number of votes she received (which, based on the statistics our gracious Thain Isalie Gardner provided, would be thirteen votes unless there were abstentions), Iris has won the office of Mayor. Now, I wouldn’t be running a proper paper if I did not give at least some opinion on Iris’ victory, however I have nothing but praise to give to our new Mayor. You will never find a more friendly and kind halfling than Iris Peregrin, and though she may not have the experience I would have, her benign influence has been made clear by her status as an icon of our community, and her involvement in the construction of Bloomerville (though illegal), reveals her to be a strong and independent leader. Though her campaign was largely built on a return to simplicity (something that I could not offer), she remains a strong believer in the democratic process, and I say with much confidence that next eight years will be bright for the office of Mayor. ~The Sheriff Election Results~ The election of the Sheriff, however, was far closer, a fact known to us through Isalie’s reports of the counting. For, despite Theodore Mowood’s immense preparation, voters were likely unimpressed with his performance at the debate, and I am sure his past record of using biggun weapons and being blind in his support of absolute power for the Thain marred his campaign. Or, perhaps, it was simply a matter that his unique feature of being a pumpkin man paled in comparison to the signature elegance of Alfie Greenholm or the characteristic ferocity of Meemaw Applebottom. The noble Alfie Greenholm, the candidate who had my vote, received five votes in total. Like his other supporters, I admired his clear vision for the office of Sheriff, which included a publicized plan and a well put together debate speech (the best of the three, in my opinion.) Alfie, unlike the others, had also the experience of having been Sheriff of Brandybrook in the past, though this may have hurt his campaign in the eyes of those who believed somebody new should take office. Even still, Alfie’s popularity cannot be doubted, and it is to be hoped that he does not again disappear from the village. The feisty Meemaw Applebottom, most likely the oldest person ever to be made Sheriff, also received five votes, which resulted in the Thain being forced to carry out her tie-breaking duty as prescribed by the constitution. Though it is not the choice I would have made, Meemaw received Isalie’s vote and has thus been made Sheriff of Bramblebury. Though, as stated in the debates, she has yet to appoint a deputy, it is clear that Bramblebury has elected a Sheriff unlike any before. Though some may argue that her proposals for punishments are too unusual, none of them are cruel, and I believe her affably cantankerous demeanor will make for a strong law-woman. Unfortunately, there has already been some concern about the validity of the election. Though I shall keep the source of these complaints anonymous, I shall record what they said and will reiterate my response: This anonymous critic expressed concern over the fact that the responsibility of counting votes was vested solely in the Thain, and suggested that representatives of both sides be present for the counting. They also found it inappropriate that the Thain could vote at all, even in the case of a tie, and suggested instead that it be left up to chance or that a second vote is held. Both of these ideas are, in my opinion, poor alternatives. Though it was not the case in this election; should only two candidates have run and been tied, a second vote would have been rather pointless, and it would only result in the continued cycle of the same results. As to the former of the options; I say this; the fate of the village should never be left up to chance. Though the Thain is expected to be politically neutral, she must make what decisions she considers to be best for the village. Regardless, I reminded them that it would be unfair for the rules of the election to be changed while it is in progress. As such, I ask that anybody who does take issue with the rules of elections bring these grievances to our Thain or Mayor, who may then propose amendments to the constitution. ~The Proudfoot Protest: A Response~ ~Malfoy Proudfoot; former Sheriff and leader of the protests.~ Given the host of complaints I had overheard after the constitution was signed, I was not all too shocked that somebody would attempt to have it repealed. (Though I was originally shocked by how many people seemed to be against it!) Mere days after I announced that I was conceding the election (whether this has any correlation remains to be seen), one Malfoy Proudfoot, former Sheriff of Brandybrook, nailed a declaration to the village notice board asking people to join in a protest against “biggun-like” customs. While it would be easy for me to dismiss this, and perhaps expected that I would be dismissive of it given that I wrote the constitution they protest against, I appreciate this opportunity for open debate, and am pleased that people are willing to speak their minds. For, despite being what is seemingly a protest against it, Mr. Proudfoot’s actions are very much in the spirit of Goodbarrelian Democracy. For that reason, I shall entertain the idea: Malfoy’s letter opens with little more than meaningless words of complaint, though I appreciate his alliteration. He then goes on to accuse the village of having embraced “biggun custom” and declares the beginning of a revolution against it. Perhaps my largest issue with this letter is that, apart from being similar to “biggun laws” (and I am of the opinion that all law systems should be similar, since all laws should be built on common sense), that no specific aspect of the constitution is cited as an issue. Indeed, it is to be imagined that the few people who have signed on to this movement are united not by their own views but by a common hatred for mine. This is not to say that they are entirely wrong however, as there are most certainly similarities to biggun constitutions. (After all, I studied political theory in Haelun’or, and it was there that I learned the importance of free government.) The notion that this is destructive to halfling tradition, however, is one that I deeply disagree with. For indeed, halflings have had democracy for hundreds of years. Many positions from Sheriff to Mayor to Elder were elected prior to the illegal coup of Rollo Applefoot in Dunshire. That being said, it is important to understand being a Goodbarrelian Democrat is about supporting elections and equality among halflings, not about worshipping the intricacies of our constitution. While all of those are in place for a reason, there is certainly some room for debate, and I invite Mr. Proudfoot, or anybody else who disagrees with the constitution, to be more open about what specifically they want changed. Any letter this newspaper receives will be responded to! ~Turnip School of Learning Opens!~ ~Turnip Ratfoot delivers a lecture on orc savages~ If knowledge is the key to happiness, then a school must be the happiest place in the world! And that can certainly be said for Turnip School of Learning, established in 1796 by our lovely healer Demeter Pebblebrook, as a place for halflings of all ages to be educated without having to leave our cozy village! Rather fittingly, the very first class here was taught by none other than Turnip Ratfoot; a lecture about the barbaric ways of orcs. Though I did not attend due to my distaste for those creatures, I have heard many positive remarks about the class, and intend on teaching Common and Elvish at the school soon. Long live the halflings! Greta Goodbarrel, Citizen of Bramblebury
  2. Isalie Gardner, after watching her people debate and speak and go back and forth, walks up to the polling station. Each halfling had cast their ballot, all of them collected in an apple box. After the last ballot was dropped in, Isalie grabbed the box and scurried off to her burrow. There, she counted out all of the votes. And recounted them. After tossing out Monkeys vote with a chuckle, she was left with a dilemma. The wee folk were truly divided. It was a tie. Now, with accordance with their new Constitution, it was all down to her. She mulled over this decision over a glass of Gretas wine with her family. She had finally be able to gather all of the remaining Gardners to have a meal. Here, with her children and her love, there was no political tension. There was family. She smiled, and she knew her decision. Now, to tell her people. On a crisp First Seeds day, Isalie walks back to the square. No one was gathered - she had brought the apple box to stand on to declare the victors. So, she decided to just post it on the noticeboard! [!] On the Bramblebury noticeboard, there is a declaration from the Thain! "People of Bramblebury! Gentle wee-folk! Friends and family! It is with great joy that I announce your Mayor and Sheriff! Your Mayor, obviously is Iris Peregrin! Your Sheriff, is Meemaw Applebottom! Rejoice! Knox bless us, everyone! -Your Thain, Isalie Gardner"
  3. Bramblebury Mayoral and Sheriff Elections, 1797 The time has come for the halflings to cast their votes for our Mayor and Sheriff! Please follow the instructions below: THE CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR: Iris Peregrin THE CANDIDATES FOR SHERIFF: Theodore Mowood Alfie Greenholm Meemaw Applebottom [!] A polling station can be found at the entrance to the Drunken Pumpkin The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote Iris Peregrin for Mayor? Yea () Nay () Vote for Sheriff: Theodore Mowood () Alfie Greenholm () Meemaw Applebottom () Rules of the Election: You may vote only once for each position If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress)) ((No voting as multiple personas) If you are under the age of thirty-three, you may not vote If you are a biggun, you may not vote If you are banished, you may not vote If you live outside the village of Bramblebury, you may not vote Voting will close in 2 pumpkin days ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post)) May the best halfling win!
  4. A burrow I made. It's pretty cool I suppose. Another burrow I made I forgot to add in the chimney so I'll do that real quick.
  5. [!] A relatively short letter is tacked to the Bramblebury notice board An Address to the People of Bramblebury On Conceding the Mayoral Election My dear friends and fellow halflings; My reasons for writing to you are numerous, but chief among them is my desire to make the following declaration: I wish to concede the election of the Mayor to Iris Peregrin. Despite any past remarks I may have made about her lack of experience, I am fully confident in her leadership, and expect her to prove a far greater stateswoman than I could ever have hoped to be. Her kindness, amicability, and good nature far exceed my own virtues, but more importantly she has earned your support; the support of the people. While I cannot deny the role I played in returning democracy to the halflings, I must give the true credit for achieving our free government to our people. Your collected opinions are far more important than mine. I write as if I have lost the election already because I have come to realize that it would be neither right nor worth it to stand between Iris and the office of mayor. I must admit that I am only too aware of the reasons for which you would choose Iris over myself. Though in reviewing my actions as activist, Elder, and framer of our constitution, I am unaware of any intentional misdeeds, I know that it is very likely that I have made a number of mistakes. While I have faith in our new constitution, I recognize also that many do not, and as such I would not blame our Thain, Mayor, or Sheriff for moving to amend the constitution I created. I hope only that our people can emerge stronger from this transition of power, and that if not; that history will be merciful in its telling of my actions. In keeping with these sentiments, I do not intend to run for any future public office. Though I would gladly be an advisor those who remain in power, I have grown far too weary of politics to continue offering publicly my unsolicited opinions, and am well aware of the fact that much of what I say falls upon ears that are unwilling to listen. This is a decision that I have come to after much contemplation, and I do not make it out of fear of defeat; I could certainly have stood to lose an election; nor do I make it out of idleness; for it is clear to me that the people do not trust me to correct any errors which I have made, and would prefer to defer that duty to others. With my intention of retirement from political life established, I shall now give parting words to a number of you: To my dear friend, our Thain Isalie Gardner; I salute you for yielding your power to the people. On their behalf, I express also concern about the longevity of your position. For, despite the democratic principles enshrined in our constitution, many find the nature of Thainship to be dictatorial, and are frustrated at their inability to remove a such a powerful leader. I know not what you can do other than give an open ear to them, and to work tirelessly alongside Iris to serve their needs and interests. To Iris, I hope that you can accomplish what I can not; that you can continue to unite our people rather than divide them, and that you continue to act in a manner that is inspirational to all halflings. To the voters, I advise this: do not allow yourself to be swept up in the rhetoric of demagogues who seek to use fear, whether it be of properness or improperness, to gain your support. The village can only stand if it remains united, and only through cooperation and compromise can we hope to achieve a truly free and open government. It is here, my friends, that I bid farewell as a leader of our people. After nearly twelve years of my life dedicated to serving you, the time has come to entrust the duties of public office to others. I look foward to living in the free society we have created not as an Elder or Mayor but as a citizen, and to participating in our government as an equal to others. Though I leave political life with some reluctance, I return to private life with great exuberence. For indeed, there much still for me to do in other fields; whether it be winemaking, archiving, teaching, poetry, or history. I know for sure that my wife and children will be overjoyed to find me finally out my office, and I look forward to long hours of rest and relaxation, safe in this village which we have built for ourselves; Bramblebury, the greatest village in Almaris. Greta Goodbarrel -Citizen of Bramblebury
  6. Howdy folks! Here's a few things you can do to take part in the halfling gift economy I'll be starting up real soon! 1: /cdonation your mailbox, and /cmodify @(user) in order to add anyone else you want to be able to access the donation chest as an admin so they can take stuff out. 2: Obtain some renamed and unsigned paper that can be used as notes. You can also use signs or books if you wish. Just DM me on discord NotEvilAtAll#2321 and I'll see what I can do for you. 3: Give a halfling some gifts in their burrow's mailbox, relevant to what they'd want. 4: Leave a note in your preferred format so that the gift recipient knows you sent it to them. Re-editing an item that's already been edited takes no edit tokens, so you're free to have custom notes for every gift. 5: Sometime in the future, the character you gave a gift to is expected to return the favor with a gift of their own! This should create a nice back and forth of gift giving that'll keep folks logging online everyday to see if they've gotten anything new! How to get items to hand to others as gifts: -Breed animals in the barn, slaughtering as many as you breed to produce meat and hides! -Run around the roads with shears harvesting any cotton nodes (dead coral) you see! -Farm the fields of Bramblebury with a hoe! -Get items from resource nodes in Elvenesse nearby or at the West warp hub! -Use edit tokens, book writing, head-buying, whatever else you can think of! Whatever you think will make for a good gift! That's all, folks!
  7. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard ~*Drunken Pumpkin Grand Opening!*~ ~A lovely sight! A tavern full o' drinking halflings, singing songs and being merry!~ Wee folks, we have arrived here 'n our new village of Bramblebury! It's time we celebrate this with a wonderful Grand Opening of the village tavern, the Drunken Pumpkin! -BOOZE- -SONGS AN' DANCIN'- -PIPEWEED SMOKIN'- -AN' MUCH MORE!- Be there next Pumpkin Day (On t'a Amber Cold) or else you're a rotten egg! -Filibert Applefoot, bartender. ((5 PM EST, Monday the 30th of November, 11/30/2020))
  8. [!] A new home for the halflings is constructed on the temporary homeland of the descendents... OUR NEW HOME ~Basedborough as seen by the birds~ Us wee folks have been through a lot recently. Our old home of Brandybrook was destroyed by a giant pumpkin and our own explosives, and the earthquakes that took out Arcas brought the end to Bloomerville that served as our village afterwards. However, hope is never lost for us wee folks! We have rebuilt anew, and will continue to do so ev'ry time we face hardship 'till the end of time! Knox bless us all! -Filibert Applefoot
  9. The Goodbarrel Family (and the Greenfoots) History Greta Goodbarrel, the first of the Goodbarrels to return to Brandybrook, is descended from two very different but very large and illustrious halfling families: the Goodbarrels and the Greenfoots. The Greenfoots trace their lineage over the past century to Greta’s maternal great grandfather, Alberic Greenfoot, who founded the isolated village of Norbury deep within the well guarded lands of the Holy Orenian Empire upon his arrival in Arcas in 1705. Largely isolated from the rest of their kin, the Greenfoots have dwelt almost exclusively in Norbury, with Greta being one of the few of their line to leave that village. The Goodbarrels are a family much older than the Greenfoots, and though they trace their lineage back to Dunshire in Atlas, it is very likely that there were even older generations of Goodbarrels in Axios. Frequent migrants and travelers, the Goodbarrels were only intermittently present in Brandybrook prior to Greta’s arrival, and have been largely dispersed throughout Arcas. Nevertheless, they have had much more contact with their kin than the Greenfoots have. Carmella, the mother of Thain Micah O’Connell of Brandybrook, was a Goodbarrel. Culture and Traditions The Greenfoots, hailing from Norbury, follow a very distinct and unusual variation of halfling traditions. Though the village of Norbury was founded by Alberic Greenfoot with the intention of acting as a safe haven for propers in the face of an increasingly improper halfling society, it soon fell under the sway of its Orenian protectors. The result was a halfling culture that, despite following all the regular halfling traditions such as using shovels and shunning mina, also came to adopt the patriarchal customs and refined speech of humans, interacting with and frequently befriending them while viewing all other bigguns with immense suspicion. Nevertheless, the Greenfoots have proven to be particularly creative thinkers; those who can read have made excellent authors and poets, and even those who cannot read have shown great talent in carving, painting, and music. The Greenfoots are also renowned for their impeccable manners and enchanting charisma. The Goodbarrels, being well travelled, are far more diverse in their traditions. Though most Goodbarrels adhere to halfling “properness”, a notable improper few have been known to use swords and trade in mina. Goodbarrels often interact with and befriend elves and tend to mistrust humans, but are overall more friendly to bigguns than most halflings are. Though Goodbarrels have had many professions ranging from burglary, to caravanning, to druidism, to scholarship; their most famous talent and tradition is winemaking; at least one Goodbarrel of each generation has had a vineyard at some point in their life. Whether it be from books or in streetsmarts, the Goodbarrels have been noted to be remarkably intelligent, and have also proven to have a natural talent for stealth. Though they tend to be fairly introverted, Goodbarrels are known for their witty humor. Shared between both the Goodbarrels and the Greenfoots is a dislike for dwarves; a people considered by them to be brutish, violent, and greedy. Both families also have a great fear and hatred of orcs, whom they consider to be monsters, as well as a dismissive attitude toward beast folk such as Kha and Wonks, whom they view as house pets rather than people. Religion The Greenfoots, having been so heavily influenced by the Orenians, follow a bizarre faith best described as Knoxo-Canonism, which equivocates Knox with the God of the Canonist faith. They are strict in their adherence to this religion; which resulted in the remarkably Orenian social attitudes that caused Greta to leave Norbury in search of adventure and freedom. The Goodbarrels, being more well travelled and diverse in their traditions, do not all follow the same religion. Though the vast majority of them worship Knox, many have also followed the Aspects or Arugula. Appearance The Greenfoots are of average height for a halfling, ranging between 2’9” and 2’11”. Greenfoots are notable for having curly red hair and round faces and tend to be plump and studier than other halflings. Eye colors range from blue to green to brown and heterochromia is fairly common. The most distinct feature of a Greenfoot is having rosy cheeks; it is said that Greenfoots blush frequently in response to flattery or embarrassment. The Goodbarrels tend to be taller and more fair-skinned than other halflings, ranging from about 2’10” to 3’0” in height. Though a few have had varying shades of red and blonde hair, most have been brown haired. Goodbarrels also tend to be lighter, quieter, and faster than other halflings. The most distinct feature of a Goodbarrel is having large bright blue eyes. Family Members Living Greta Goodbarrel, Matriarch - Johnnythewizard Kerraline “Kerra” Goodbarrel (neé Erawick), Wife of Greta - SunnyBee_ Elizabeth “Eliza” Goodbarrel, Daughter of Greta - FakeNotic York Goodbarrel, Adopted Son of Greta - Huskei Rorimac "Rory" Goodbarrel, Adopted Son of Greta - Vaelan Sabrina Goodbarrel, First Cousin of Greta - froeggy Family Tree: https://familyecho.com/?p=START&c=110bhwxy131&f=462496709853665536 [Any living character on the family tree that does not have an image or a placeholder is available to be turned into a persona. If you wish to play one of these characters or join the family with your own; message me on discord at Johnnythewizard#4799]
  10. [!] A poster from an unknown source was pinned to the Bloomerville noticeboard, one of the things that had miraculously remained through the wipespread fires and overrall destruction of Arcas. A New High Pumplar! Lord Knox himself has officially declared Jeannette Applebottom to be t'a new High Pumplar of Bloomerville, 'n what home is next to come! T'a first to hold this position since Daisy Applefoot (may she rest in wheat) 'n Bucca Willowswamp. It is validated that as Knox handed his new prophet The Staff of The High Pumplar, LIGHTNING struck beside them, as once happened many years ago when Knox himself was made into the figure he is today by halfling ancestors. T'a timing of this strike is a clear SIGN to t'a weefolk. May halflings continue to prosper onwards! LONG LIVE T'A WEE! LONG LIVE T'A HIGH PUMPLAR! LONG LIVE T'A THAIN!
  11. Hello this is a thread where I'll put all my build stuff from now on. I hope other folks put things here too so I don't get lonely! Here's a build I made 'cause some lad in Halfling VC requested it: The terrain before I do any work on it. Outline Building the walls and ceiling. I did a hybrid superman ceiling design for this one. Haha waterfall go FSHHHHHH. Don't worry the vanilla tree gets replaced by something of my own creation later. Now the sides of it look less ugly. Just some stone and leaves to make it look less wonky and all that. I threw in some stones on the other side of the river 'cuz why not. Green concrete powder as a transition between the grass and the dirt/stone. I made a little custom tree as well. Second custom tree. I don't like this one as much as the first one. I'll do larger trees in the future because I'm probably better at those. The third and final custom tree. I changed the roots a bit later so it looks less huge, but you can see the wacky big ol' roots in this screenshot in all their glory. Finished build: I'd like to thank the super epic halfling 8.0 build team for showing me the cattail design I used here. It's very nice. I'll post more builds here when I make them. Notes to self: -Do more terraform builds. I'm weirdly good at them. -Maybe have some streams feed into the waterfall instead of it coming out of a spring? -Rip off Dalek348's builds and have a patch of flowers surrounded by stones like the ones I've built here. -Build bigger trees instead of smaller trees because I suck at small trees.
  12. Mowood Family The Mowoods are one of the newest halfling families to begin their journey to become a large dynasty, filled with rich history and bright futures. Cultures and traditions The Mowoods are a blank slate for traditions and cultures. Though they follow most general halfling traditions such as not wearing shoes, they are also eager to have their own. One of which has been brimming is their use of house magery. Something both Theodore and Bassett Mowood have been learning and possibly wish to pass onto their children and all future generations to come. Another tradition of such is their pure disgust for orcs. This is due to past events which have occurred by the hands of the ruthless green beasts. The two main stories to be told is Theodore's encounter when he envisioned an attack on his life by them which ultimately came true when a group of orcs ravaged him. And the other being that of lies and deceit. When Ul’ga, a person Bassett would call a friend. Made promises she didn’t keep. Lying to him on multiple occasions and then disappearing on him at a time when he felt most separated from everyone. However despite this there is no specific hatred towards Goblins, who some Mowoods find to be quite a refreshing change from the big, dumb, green Ologs and Orcs. Religion The Mowoods also have a taste for a religion. Mostly sticking with their avid beliefs in Knox who both Bass and Theo have spoken to on multiple occasions. (OOC: despite him not being the true one). To cement their trust in their god. Some Mowoods choose to pray to Knox to aid them in their training in house magery. Sometimes burning small trinkets and others simply praying. However as well as their strict religion to Knox, some members of the family also choose to be a loyal servant to the religion of the Aspects. Along with druidism as a whole. Stemming from the very first Mowood druid: Theodore Mowood. Appearance Although Bassett and Theodore were unable to conceive a child due to the barrier of gender. There is a running theme in appearance due to one of their children being Bear Mowood, who was niece to Theodore prior to being adopted. That being brown hair and blue/green eyes. However there is usually a mixture due to all of their adopted children having different eye colours, hair colours and form. Heirlooms and recipes Knoxs’ Lantern - A golden lantern with stained white glass. Inside is a mystic purple flame. It has the ability to sometimes aid the holder with their questions. This specific heirloom was given to Bass & Theo on their wedding day by Knox Mowood Mushroom Soup - A rare meal which is often made for Sunday lunch. The Mowood mushroom stew is a silky soup with soft cut mushrooms. This is also often given to family members who are sick with a cold. Family members Theodore Mowood - Alive Bassett Mowood - Alive Sorrel Mowood - Alive Griffin Mowood - Alive Agnes Mowood - Alive Bear Mowood - Alive If you wish to join our happy little family please make sure to message either me or Tame on discord at Ollie#8553 or TameFX#1905
  13. If anyone were to enter the Thains cabin, they would notice that the living area has turned into more of an office than a sitting area. There are books and papers and quite a few tea cups strew about. Isalie seems to be preparing for something! But what? If one were to ask the Thain what she were doing, she would give them a smile and explain she was just preparing. Though she was smiling, it was clear to see the sorrow in her eyes. She seems to be preparing for the worst. Emerging from the cabin after a few days, the Thain wanders over to Bloomerville and tacks a few posters up! They would read as follows: Fellow Halflings! In this time of crisis, I have had a lot of time to think. And I realized I'm not very good at planning. So, I wanted to invite the halflings of this continent to a meeting to discuss the future. Elves have forecast that this continent does not have much time left. While I wish to be optimistic, I also wish to be realistic. I am growing old. I do not plan to leave you anytime soon, but should I perish, I want to make sure you're all prepared. Meet with me in an Elven on the Snow's Maiden to discuss the future. We will discuss: Our place in the new world Leadership Government nonsense And any other concerns necessary! I will be leading this discussion, but anyone is free to speak their minds. Should you wish to speak, simply raise your hand and wait for my signal! (OOC: Wednesday 11/10/20 at 6:30)
  14. 'Not the End of the World' Festival! Mondy Applefoot 'ere! Yesterday, I finally decided to stop cowering away in my stony shelter in Fort Hope, baking cakes like I'll never get to eat 'un again. When I left, to my surprise, I discovered the other weefolk had built a whole new village called Bloomerville right outside! Seeing t'a life in Bloomerville, I was filled with optimism. Although my much loved once home of Brandybrook, founded by MY FATHER, t'a great Rollo Applefoot, has been destroyed, inferi are swarming Arcas, AS WELL as the moon exploded, I have HOPE that this may not be t'a end of t'a world! So to celebrate this revelation, I have planned a festival! Dunk Tank Witches Brew (a food related game!) A performance from bards, Monkey & Meadow Apple bobbin' Fireworks Lots'a booze! 'N MORE! Every’un is invited to join in t'a revelry, so long as they have nay intentions of causin’ trouble! Bloomerville, Fort Hope (OOC: Friday, 13th November, 4:15pm EST/9pm GMT. Fort Hope is located directly opposite the entrance to Sutica. Keep running over the hill, past the big torch, and go inside the fort walls!) ~Almond Joy 'Mondy' Applefoot
  15. [!] A pamphlet is copied and handed out to every door in Bloomerville and Fort Hope An Open Letter to the Halfling People My dear friends and neighbors; Long have I remained silent in the face of the great hardships and conflicts that have come upon our people. Even now, as I write this letter, I look upon my past words with regret. I recognize that, despite the time that has passed, the speech I gave at my wedding in 1787 gave many within the village a poor first impression of me. I readily admit that the decision to bring politics to a wedding was overly opportunistic, and, with my second marriage coming within the next month, I knew that it would be wise to express my opinions here rather than succumb to the temptation of addressing a crowd, lest I repeat past mistakes. When I spoke in 1787, I did so with the intention of calling the halfling people to action. My views had been radicalized by unreliable sources, and I had believed that there was no chance of reform without immense pressure from the masses. In my many discussions with our Thain Isalie Gardner, however, it has become clear to me that I was deeply mistaken in calling her a tyrant. With that in mind, I now begin my intended message in earnest; this is not a call to arms, nor is it a call to political action. I am not writing to the people on behalf of the Thain, nor do I write to the Thain on behalf of the people. With my words I intend to address everyone with a plea and a promise: I know these have been trying times. I will not waste ink on tales of our sorrow, for I am quite sure you have all had your fill of it. But all the same, we must recognize the enormous challenges that the halfling people must overcome. Moreover, we must realize that it cannot be achieved without setting aside our petty squabbles and coming together. Having stood on both sides of the line at differing points in my life, I am well aware of both the importance of our tradtions to propers as well as the desire for freedom in the hearts of impropers. We cannot allow those labels to divide us howver. We must unite. I know these words may be weakened by the fact that I am the one writing them. I am only too aware of my own defects. I am obnoxious and vain; I am disliked because I talk too much and try to exert intelluctual and moral authority, even though I know, deep down, that my wisdom is far from infinite. I do not claim to be above any of the people I criticize. I do not wish harm upon anyone, I ask only that they consider my words. I wish not to divide our people any futher, nor to usurp the Thain, nor to silence her opposition. Though I write from within the government, my message is purely my own; for I seek only understanding between all of us. I write first, then, to my dear friend Isalie Gardner, beginning with a sincere apology. I was gravely mistaken in calling you a tyrant during my 1787 speech. I understand, now, that you accepted the role of thain not because you believed everybody else to be beneath you, but because nobody else proved up to the task. You have performed admirably, and have displayed a deep love for your people as well as a willingness to listen. You have been like a mother to the halflings, and we are grateful for your warm care. However, speaking from experience both as a child and now as a mother, there is such a thing as being too involved. We mothers wish to protect and guide our children, and it is our duty to do so, but we cannot allow our desire for their safety to blind us to their free will. I write delicately because I do not mean to be offensive in my criticism, but I fear also that you may be offended regardless. You have not always been particularly appreciative of criticism and many fear you. You are a strong lady of stature and authority and, to those who do not know you as well as I do, it makes you intimidating. It must be admitted that you often seek to be directly involved in every little matter of our people. Though I recognize this as a sign of your immense care for us, it feels overbearing to many; like a parent who forbids their child from leaving the house. Your authority is, of course, enshrined in halfling law and custom, and while it was indeed wrong to go against you to build Bloomerville, you must recognize and respect both their reasons for doing so as well as the great effort that was put into it. While I recognize that you did not intend for this land to become our home, it has been for nearly four years now. I recognize and respect your notion that "the village" is an idea rather than a place; and furthermore I recall your intentions to move our people for their safety from the assassins, but we must recognize that not everyone is being targeted. Though illegal, there were legitimate reasons for building a more permanet settlement in Fort Hope. Before I describe these reasons in more detail, however, I wish to draw attention to the growing division of our people into two groups. While it would be disingenuous to directly call one group "proper" and the other "improper", it must also be recognized that tradition is more highly regarded by the "Bloomers" while Isalie and her supporters place greater value in freedom and safety. My greatest fear is that these groups will continue to drift apart, and ruin any chance of returning to a community in the fashion of Brandybrook or Dunshire, where all halflings are united. To those like myself, who have stood adamantly beside Isalie, I say this; while our Thain is indeed a wonderful person, we cannot blind ourselves to her mistakes as a leader. We must recognize that the "Bloomers" are concerned about our "properness." It is my understanding that "proper" is a word that has largely lost its meaning, and in many ways we tend toward being improper, mostly in regards to our use of bladed weapons. Our disregard for the concept of "properness" as well as our notion thsat it is outdated is viewed by the "Bloomers" as a rejection of values that define us as halflings, which our ancestors worked very hard to establish. They feel that, by rejecting their traditions, we dishonor our ancestors and rake the achievements of our forefathers through the mud. They question what the difference is between an improper halfling and a biggun. To the "Bloomers", I say this; having studied "properness" in greater detail, it must be understood that many self-proclaimed "impropers" do not understand what it really means to be "proper"; it is a term that was muddled by the corruption of Rollo Applefoot's coup and the dictatorship that followed; a term that slowly lost meaning as his successors were overcome by unprecedented challenges such as inferi, murderers, demonic pumpkins, and assassins. These ordeals have put our lives at risk and have thrown many of us into despair; we have thought little about simple pleasures and luxuries such as taverns and burrows because we have been concerned primarily with our own defense, which is also largely the reason for our movement toward biggun-style arms. With that in mind, I ask that the "Bloomers" reconsider any hostility they may harbor toward the Thain, she has done everything witihin her power to keep us all safe, and while I recognize and commend your efforts to restore traditional halfling life, going against her orders without so much as an apology conveys a message of great disrespect. In summary, my message to the halflings is this: we all have reasons to congratulate ourselves, just as we all have reasons to be ashamed. We are each as worthy of credit for doing the right thing as we are at fault for doing the wrong thing. We must recognize this not only in ourselves as individuals but in every member of our community. If the halfling race is to prosper; we must set aside our differences and hold on to the fundamental truth that we are all halflings. For indeed, all halflings are born free and equal and with certain rights; life, liberty, and perhaps most crucially the pursuit of happiness, which cannot be infringed. I give all of you the same assurances that Isalie gave me; that, once we do finally settle into a new permanent village, a new government shall be established in which she has pledged to share her power with officials elected by the people. No such government can exist, however, without cooperation and compromise; we must not devolve into the petty politics of bigguns. The power of self-government comes also with a host of responsibilities. It is only a matter of time before we depart this wretched and doomed continent and sail alongisde the Sea Prince to a new world. When we get there, any notions of a divided halfling people must be set aside. We must be ever steadfast in our own unity; rejecting war, embracing neutrality, and avoiding the disease of partisanship. Our people are facing a great test, and only by standing united can pass it. Twilight has fallen upon Arcas, but a new dawn shall soon arrive, and ere the sun rises it will smile upon our people if and only if we are willing to smile at each other and to remember that, proper or not, we are all halflings. I wish long life and prosperity to halflings everywhere; that we are and ever shall be a people fair and free. I could have no greater honor than that which I have been given, for I am and shall remain among the people's most humble and obedient of servants. Knox save the Thain! Greta Goodbarrel -Elder of Brandybrook
  16. [!] A flyer is nailed to every door in Bloomerville and Fort Hope The WEDDING of GRETA GOODBARREL and KERRALINE ERAWICK After years of being girlfriends; of loving and caring for one another, of living together, and of facing the challenges of these dark times side by side; Greta Goodbarrel and Kerraline Erawick are most pleased to announce the binding of their love in marriage. All are invited to join us in Fort Hope on this most joyous occasion for an evening of music, dancing, food, and drink. Safe travels to all guests from abroad! [OOC: Fort Hope; Sunday, November 8th, 2020; 2 PM EST]
  17. In which I build stuff on my singleplayer creative world every day in order to become the best halfling builder ever. today I do another request from @TakeMeT0TheFae and make a burrow with both dark oak and birch. I tried a new style of ceiling today, of my own creation sorta. I also got more experience with burrow layouts. Pretty cool burrow outline here. Using dark oak as the frame material because usually the darker blocks are best for that. Adding in the floor. Throwing in the walls by spamming 2 blocks above every frame log that isn't already built up as a support pillar. Really bad experiment with color mixing. This looks too weeb-ish for a halfling burrow. It looks like something an anime eyed elf would build instead of a good ol' farming halfling. New ceiling design? I call it the "Superman" ceiling because it stuck in my head and I can't rename it now without it sounding weird. I replaced the rest of the white terracotta with bone blocks so it doesn't look like an anime build. I also threw in a chimney for the fireplace. Covering the burrow with dirt Doing a bit of extra terraforming. I remove one of the skylights wayyy in the back of the burrow because it was too close to another skylight, but that's not shown in this screenshot. Mud room at the entrance, and a tea room off to the side for guests. Kitchen + Dining room. I love the carpet and the Smoker + Andesite tiling near the fireplace. Pantry Hallway to the bedrooms. The bedrooms! The first bedroom (Poppy's). The second bedroom (Larry's). Master bedroom (with walk-in closet). notes to self: -I love the new ceiling stuff I've been doing. It looks nice. -Bone blocks are good as a wall material, almost as good as sandstone and mushroom blocks. -Throw a melon into the next burrow instead of a pumpkin.
  18. In which I build something halfling-like on my singleplayer superflat world every day until I’m 80 years old or the forums shut down, whichever comes first. Today I did a request from @TakeMeT0TheFae to build something halflings can store items in that isn’t a burrow or windmill. I made a storage mushroom with a tavern on top. It is very nice. This is completely new for me. I’m not just trying new colors here, I’m trying out a whole new sphere of building. Apologies for not doing a DHB yesterday. I was busy. Stem looking pretty darned good so far, but I needed to make the top all circular, and I’ve never tried to make something circular of this size before. I went with a free-form approach, as can be seen here. I sorta just placed blocks until it looked mostly rounded. Nothing much, but it’s a good start. The top part will be made from red concrete once I get to it. Trying to simulate the funky mushroom undersides. This looks alright, but I’m sure it’d look better if I made the mushroom larger. Another screenshot of trying to make this funky mushroom stuff work out well. I changed around the perimeter of the mushroom so it doesn’t look weird from underneath. Somehow I managed it. I did a little bit more work on the stem as well so it looks natural. View from underneath. There’s a staircase going up and down along the stem. Pictured here is the unfinished interior of the upper mushroom. The finished exterior. Not doing a door because I like the open feel to this. The staircase in the stem of the mushroom. At the bottom of the staircase, you find two doors. The right door leads to a working room of sorts. This is where you can make things for the village. The left door leads to the storage. Not an incredible amount of storage for a build that’s supposed to be THE halfling storage building, but it’s enough for a small community. Going back up the staircase, you’ll find the tavern part of this build. The chandelier is a bit ugly, but it has its own charm to it in a weird sense. There’s a mushroom growing out of the staircase because why not. The counter is strange but I think it still works plenty fine for what it needs to do. notes to self: -mushrooms are cool. a village without mushroom stuff in it is a sad village, unless it has a good melon tree or something. -I should do more circular builds like this so I can get used to building larger rounded objects. -Think of a better chandelier design next time you make one.
  19. In which I build a halfling build on my singleplayer creative superflat world every day until the sun goes out. today I took on the @SunnyBee challenge of making a burrow with no wood or stone variants. The frame was fairly easy, and I was only held back by a lack of slabs. I had to get kinda creative for some of the interior decoration though. Also I merged the burrow with a cottage because why not. I think having a combo burrow/cottage will look better when I’m able to use wood and stone though, so I’ll try this again later. I don’t have access to slabs of any kind so rip any hopes of having a good ceiling. Very mushroom-y with the frame here. Not sure if I like it or not, but it’s cool nontheless. Here you can see the cottage. The walls are just plain ol’ sand. I added some grass to the roof later. Finished exterior. There’s two entrances kinda, but I think it might have been better with only one. I also tried maing big flowers with wool. I could’ve done them a lot better if I had access to slabs/stairs of any kind and could use terracotta instead of wool. Snow layers make for great seating arrangements. Don’t have access to any storage blocks so I just crammed a bunch of random stuff here. The halfling that lives here must keep all their items lying around in this room in the big ol’ piles. Dead coral fireplace. You can argue that using scaffolding is cheating because it involves sticks, but sticks can be crafted from bamboo so it’s not really all that much of a wood variant IMO. The pumpkin couch is the best part of this entire build hands down. Can’t use minecraft beds, so I just did a wool bed. Notes to self: -more mushroom blocks for future burrows??? -get better at making large flowers as well as mushrooms. Probably a guide on youtube somewhere. -snow layers are very good for sitting on. Your bum might get a bit cold in doing so, but it’s a worthy sacrifice. -I really love the pumpkin couch. I should build pumpkin couches in future burrows even when I have access to wood.
  20. In which I build a halfling related thing on my singleplayer creative superflat world every day until my internal organs give out or something. @Hobbs_Burrows asked me on discord to try doing a build like the cottages I did for DHB #6 but with spruce and stripped oak logs. I went with spruce and sandstone instead because I’m going through a sandstone phase.] If anybody has any other ideas for stuff they’d like me to try building, just reply to this thread with what you want! I don’t have that much time tomorrow, so I can’t guarantee it’ll get done right away, but I’ll try my best. Frame. Notice how there’s an actual floor this time, and that the cottage is larger. This isn’t for super poor halflings anymore! Frame but C U R V Y. Adding in the hay bales. It took me a while to get it right with the more oval-like shape of this cottage. I eventually figured it out though. I added in spruce slabs all around the top of the cottage because otherwise the hay sticks out like a sore thumb. Grassy boi. A bit of dirt, bonemeal, and other things later, this is what I’ve got. I added a small mushroom growing on the roof, just to make it feel ALIVE. I’m also really proud of how the entrance turned out. It looks fantastic. Finished exterior. Note the addition of small stones in the roof. Back view. View from the ground level. The trapdoor in the wall is important. This halfling here was having a meal of a baked potato at the time this place was built. It’s probably cold by now. Bedside storage and book stash. Hidden behind the trapdoor in the wall is a shrine to the mushroom gods. May the Shroomlord bless us all. Note to self: -hide more secret stuff in future builds because they add that extra touch. -trapdoors can be used to make for SUPER EPIC entrances. -use item frames as plates more often. -maybe try mixing partially dirt covered cottages with fully covered burrow rooms? That’d make for an interesting build.
  21. [!] A flier is sent out to all halflings of Fort Hope BACK TER PROPERNESS ~Iris and Filibert building a burrow!~ We have fallen far as a race e’er since Brandybrook blew up. Our Elders wield swords and fight monsters, we live in biggun dwellings far too large for us, and we’ve almost forgotten what it was like to be a proper halfling of the shire! However, there is still hope! If we tear down the ol’ biggun homes and make proper burrows once more, perhaps our refuge in Fort Hope won’t kill off our halfling spirits! Me an’ Iris have begun work on some burrows. So far, t’ere are five of them. They are not fully finished, but a few months down t’a road, t’ey will be. We have room for more if we knock down a handful more biggun houses. If you wish to live in a burrow once more, please contact us, and we’ll build you a good ol’ hole in the ground! ~The new shire begins to take shape!~ Knox bless us all! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling burrow enthusiast.
  22. In which I build a halfling related thing on my singleplayer creative world every day until I’m pretty good at it. today I did MESSY MEDEIVAL STUFF! Ok, not really. It’s fairly different from what I normally build though. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. More block mixing, different block palettes, all that stuff yadda yadda. Also trying my hand at more above-ground building so if there’s ever a need for that in a village I’d be better at it. Heavily inspired by the builds of Stettin outside of Carolustadt in Atlas. Those cottages looked very nice, and this build here is basically my attempt at turning it into something halfling-like. A basic circle-ish shape of cobblestone, built up three high, with some irregular elements thrown in for flavor. I then line it with spruce slabs. I covered it with hay bales by spamming blocks everywhere until it looked nice. It was already a fine cottage before, but I had to halfling-ify it. I threw in a bit of grass on the top and sides so it would fit in better with rolling hills of burrows next to it. Also twisty chimney because why not. Working on the second cottage. I did the hay first and then the spruce lining for this one. I don’t think it makes that big of a difference. The two of them side by side. They have little windows framed slightly with spruce. Interior of first cottage. Unlit campfires make for good food racks. Not a sleeping arrangement suitable for the wealthiest of halflings, but good enough for a cottage! Interior of the second cottage. I borrowed a lot from the first interior because I’m lazy. A few new things, however. I like the look of the mushroom in the flower pot. notes to self: -cottages are kinda poggers, especially now that cobblestone texture isn’t so ugly with most people use the 1.14+ texture pack. -maybe try building multi-room cottages like this? It would be interesting to see if I could turn this build style into something fit for non-poor halflings. -andesite looks pretty good too. I should use it more often. Might be an interesting kitchen floor block for burrows, who knows.
  23. Yeah so I’m still doing this thing where I build a halfling build on my creative singleplayer world every day. Woooooo! today I do dumb stuff with hallways and it looks super ugly. I also try new color combinations and it looks a bit less ugly than the hallway stuff but still a bit weird. Disgusting 2 wide hallway that's super long too. It doesn’t look all that bad I suppose, but I think it would have been better as a 1 block or 3 block wide hallway. Other than that, this is a fairly typical burrow frame. The room on the right is a bit large, but I have grand ol’ ideas for that place which I’ll flesh out later. Doing a floor checkerboard in this burrow too, this time with oak and spruce instead of dark oak and spruce. It looks alright. Smooth Sandstone + Sand walls. I wanted to see how it looks with spruce log frame and checkerboard floors. The combination is pretty decent, I think. I cleaned up the roof of the large room on the right a little bit after this screenshot was taken, don’t worry. Do notice the bit of grass sticking up there. That was there to remind me to do something with that little spot inbetween rooms. I’ll put some plants there and have a few windows in the burrow so ya can look at it. Tiny interior gardens are always fantastic in halfling burrows, and I try to make them wherever I can. Exterior. Plain and simple. I’ll do a bit more terraforming to it later. I didn't furnish anything yet because I had to work on a college assignment and I couldn't find the motivation to continue with this afterwards. I’ll furnish this tomorrow. Notes to self: -don’t do 2 block wide hallways unless they’re kinda short -try using more harsh angles between rooms. I like those. They look very nice.
  24. This was written by ImCookiie before they left LOTC. This was going to be the template that we would start to develop, but then stuff happen ooc and irp and it just didnt make sense for me at the time to start making a bunch of changes. Maybe that was wrong of me, idk. But, I thought I would show you the players this. This is my plan for the next map. To have a council that everyone can participate in, no matter how big or small the role is. This isnt set in stone and is subject to debate or correction. I wanna hear your thoughts and concerns and ideas. PREFACE: An update to the current Halfling council could provide more activities and responsibilities for deserving players of the community— whilst working towards more activity and a steady retention of newcomers. This would also differentiate responsibilities and lessen the burden of upkeep to a singular or small group of people. Nowhere near complete. Suggestions are welcome. The Halfling Council THE THANE’S OFFICE — THE THAIN As is tradition, an esteemed member of the council is elected to become the Thain and furthermore hold executive and political power over the halfling populace of (village name). — THE MAYOR Right-hand to the Thain, helps with anything that is needed Also could keep finances of the village in-check — THE SHERIFF Keeper of culture and law — THE ELDERS Advisors to the council cos of age and experience THE COMMON OFFICE (order subject to change for final edit) — THE STEWARD Housing stuff + shops and stalls — THE LIBRARY Someone to keep track of books and museum — THE MILITARY Unlike their descendant counterparts, the wee-folk of (village name) are oft seen in practice, mounted on steeds of smaller stature and slower speed (donkeys basically, thought it’d be funny) — THE ARCHITECT Someone who helps build + organize future and current builds (more so a role to offer those who are willing to help) — THE HIGH PUMPLAR A player interested in creating and propagating lore and culture to the halfling community (eg. knox) — THE PARTY PLANNER A player who wants to run events, in accordance with permission from the council THE PUBLIC OFFICE — THE PARRIARCH Patriarch of renown families who aid and participate heavily in discussion of topics and verdicts (major changes, trials, etc) — THE VIGIL Members of the populace deemed righteous by the council to undergo private investigations (to accommodate for stuff like b.o.o.s.e)
  25. In which I build a halfling build on my singleplayer creative world everyday until i’m pretty good at it or something. today I’ve gone completely insane. I’ve deviated entirely from my old tried-and-true method of building burrows and done some fancy new stuff. I loaded up my save of Ceru and found a cool halfling burrow to replicate the style of. Pictured below are some images of the burrow I’m trying to imitate: As you can see, this burrow is VERY different from the sorts of burrows I typically build. A lot of my initial inspiration to build burrows came from burrows that look like this (the first burrow I ever made borrowed its spruce + dark oak checkerboard pattern), and I wanted to pay homage to it and its style now that I’m more skilled. Some things I tried out in this build include: -checkerboard pattern with wood -stairs in walls and ceilings -staircases and multiple levels -funkier ceiling designs, often varying from room to room. -using a long hallway instead of a big entrance room and a small hallway branching off of it. It’s a lot harder to do outlines with this sort of burrow. I sort of just went with whatever I thought looked cool. The majority of the dark oak logs I placed for the outline were replaced with other blocks as I build up the frame of the burrow more. Not sure if I like the checkerboard pattern, but that’s how these sorts of burrows are. Also, I’m really unorganized, so I built some furniture before I even started on the ceiling. The burrow I’m trying to imitate has a lot of skylights. Thus, I added in a lot of skylights. I think I shouldn’t have added in so many of these, as they hurt my ability to do what I wanted later on in the construction. Notice how the back hasn’t been covered with grass yet. I did that for a reason. This is my first failed attempt to build the second level of the burrow. It didn’t go so well. Turns out that making weird snaking pathways above a burrow doesn’t work well, so I just stuck to the ground a lot more. Annnnd it’s complete! Finishing touches to the exterior. Side view The first room is a mudroom. This is because mudrooms exist to be the first room you enter in a building. Funny how that works. You can also see the main hallway in this screenshot, with the floor sloping downwards gradually. To the left is a small library and a work room. I didn’t know what to put in the work room, so I just put in some crafting benches and a blast furnace and called it good. To the right is the dining room. This window is rather large, but I think it still works. If you take another right after entering the dining room, you enter a lounge area. Nothing much here besides a big ol’ sofa and a cup of joe on a small table. If you instead take a left at the dining room, you come across the kitchen. The path to the left of the screen on this image links back up to the main hallway. To the left of the area riiiight in-between the dining room and kitchen, there’s a small bathroom. You may have noticed that there’s a door at the end of the hallway in the first screenshot. The door leads to a staircase. This staircase design looks weird, but it’s functions very well mechanically. You can go down a ladder in the staircase room to enter a wine cellar. There’s also a melon here, because melons find their way into every nook and cranny of a well made burrow. If you instead go up the staircase, you find another door. This leads to the bedroom. A bedroom for 3 people. No master bedroom in this burrow, sorry. Everybody is equal here. Exiting through the bedroom. Maybe having the bedroom so close to an entrance is a bad idea. Maybe a simple window with shutters on it would’ve been better. notes to self: -checkerboards are stupid. don’t ever build a burrow like this again. -don’t put entrances right next to bedrooms unless there’s another door inbetween ‘em. -don’t spam skylights everywhere if you’re going to do funky stuff with height. -stairs don’t look very good for ceilings unless it’s a high ceiling. -think of a cooler chimney design ‘cause the one i’ve been using is a bit too retro.
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