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  1. [[OOC]] IGN: CrimeanSupremacy [[ OOC]] Discord: AdventureApollo#2107 Name: Winsor Tawarenion Where are you from?: Celia'nor
  2. "For another 100 saint's years" Sevas chanted, surrounded by some close friends as the clinking of tankards drowned the ol' tavern in glorious noise
  3. Sevas shared an ale with some of his fellow Haeseni men in a tavern, clinking their glasses and cheering at the Southern victory. "To Haesen, to King Heinrik. Krusae Zwy Kongzem!
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    Elias Arbeitmann was born to an Orenian soldier and his wife in 1813 in Providence, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. He had a stable childhood, attending schoolings and faith sermons without much issue. Though at the age of 12, his father was slain while escorting a supply caravan through the western forest. He and his guard comrade were overwhelmed by a gang of roaming bandits and died honorably during their time of duty. (Quite sorry for having a bit of a trope here) Left alone with a child, Elias' mother was forced to take up working to pay for the two's cost of living. Despite being paid little as a seamstress, the family received enough money from the military to continue living. Albeit in worse condition. With the death of his father, Elias felt he had to express his sadness and anger somehow. He chose zealously, enjoying violence against those who forbid the word of the Creator. After a few years, Elias graduated from his schooling as an above-average student. His only bad grading being history, where he would actively refuse to accept Ruskan Orthodoxy and other historical faiths of Oren as the proper state religions. Though now, as a recent young-adult. He hopes to get stuff done with his life, do something fulfilling with it in Providence.
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