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  1. Fuq therapy dude

    1. TheFlowerBandit


      fuq therapy i have eurobeat.

  2. PLAYER NAME : DylanDeNewb CURRENT POSITION : N/A SUGGESTED POSITION : F REASON FOR CHANGE : Sad AF duh. @TheFlowerBandit https://youtu.be/1RJ1q-cmwZ4
  3. hullo I think u r nice man, yes. until you start asking for plugins
  4. @CommissarVoop You betrayed the club ;-;
  5. @VaelKnightfall On the plugin side of magic.. I’m not really *too* keen on it being a thing, mainly being because of the effect it has on server performance, that being that with the amount of particles which could be going at a given time. But also with having plugins doing magic mechanically, it makes less availability to be able to intercept the magic attack being thrown, without going into a complex system to offer those in a certain rage the ability to combat it. Whereas with theoretical/rp aspect of magic, you can easily incorporate the ability to defend/combat a
  6. So.. Yeah, Ask me anything, I’ve been on the staff team almost a year so I can probably answer questions about that too. Current Teams: Tech – Junior Technician World – World Management
  7. Hullo! Races will be getting racial buffs with Vortex next map (Sorry CA’s, no buffs for you)
  8. yus, good choice. Did great work helping the WT, and I’m sure he will as a moderation admin.
  9. Whom’s Appreciation for you. » La Musique « Family estate [!] A small note would arrive at the feet of one who were meant to see, dropped from the break of a snowy dove, pristine white in colour. Should you pick up the note, whom would be greeted with the sight of neat cursive handwriting, a start of a beckoning. Content: ”Dear Lani, I love you, so, so much. You are the light in my life throughout the darkness in which shrouds over it. The one who guides me to the light at the end of the tunnel, my guardian angel.
  10. A letter to Lani » La Musique « Friends gathered for a group picnic saints day before [!] Resting upon the red and white checker blanket would be a small piece of a parchment paper, inscribed unto such would be delicate handwriting, of which whom might recognize to be belonging to Delsos Valarieth. Beside the parchment paper would be a small basket, though upon further inspection revealed to let off a light, but distinguishable noise. Opening the basket, whom would be greeted with two, floppy but adorable ears poking up from the seal. Whom would
  11. Don’t think I saw it mentioned in the list of videos being created, but perhaps a video on how to acquire land (Settlement) would be beneficial, since its no longer as open as it were before.
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