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  1. 🙏 Ly, lets have some fun with Everett, oki?
  2. A vaelyan scholar would stumble upon the ruins of the Asimulei Clinic, shaking his head just slightly at the sight. “A shame, yet another clinic gone. “Would be the words of such scholar, before slowly moving off back to the university.
  3. Sadly there won’t be a way of us stop griefing of other players’ builds. World edit will be the only thing available.
  4. Delsos lightly hums as he reads over the missive, swaying slightly as he went to place it down on his desk inside of the University of Vaelya. His eyebrows raising slightly at the thought of the pettiness to betray ones own sister. Though shrugged it off with the muttering of ”Petty much..?” his fingers gently tapping against the top of the desk he rested the missive on.
  5. Delsos glanced over the flyer and lightly nodded his head, though binning the flyer nearby as he thought it would not benefit his medicinal career.
  6. Best of wishes, get well soon. <3
  7. So like, someone give her creative wizard.
  8. An unknown figure offered a light grin at hearing the news. Gently nodding his head before walking away.
  9. So like- I am a world manager now?

  10. Ministry Of War Introduction Welcome to the Ministry of War announcement thread. In this post you will learn about our plans for the ministry and also of updates and open positions within the Military. Without further ado let's begin. Plans Recruit soldiers Create a military presence in the Queen Isles Establish chain of command within Military Positions As of this moment the Ministry of War is looking for Soldiers willing to work their way up the chain of command be as active as possible to one, enforce Talon’s Grotto laws, and two, Increase activity levels. If you would like to join the Military there will be perks such as free housing in the barracks and also 30 mina for each 30 minutes of Patrol. Contact role_play#0001 to join.
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