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  1. I am looking for parents who want someone to play a child for them! Any race will do, just DM me on discord at CreeperHead108#9522!
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    You cannot tell the story of Ievis Aedoves without Discussing Evindal Aedoves Past. He Is a guard to the small village he lived in And born good at archery. At the age of 55, He fell in love with Elisen Yesdi. They decided to marry and with their combined wealth, bought a house together. They lived happily together and bore their son, Ievis. They were both Followers of the wild path, and so they raised Ievis to believe in it too. At the age of 28, Ievis's father gave him a book. It was written by Ievis's Grandfather. It was a journal of his travels around the world. It was then when Ievis real
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