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  1. Purge the Xeno scum!!! https://youtu.be/x0WQOGVLLGw?si=i5Iahgf3YRz7TeIt
  2. "Humanity? The High Keeper literally got the Draugr to leave last time by a battle of words. And for that matter, Norland is not a valah city. It's a city with valah and mali alike." Ariane shook her head. "Let them write their slander. It'll be sorted out."
  3. The fennic warrior shivered. For her, the deity is one she knows all too well. This has gone far enough. It was no longer petty drama for her anymore... But to defile her deity and to pervert his powers. This is a sin. A sin that ought to be corrected. "More altars to smash, more blood to spill. This is a sin, and one I intend to correct." Then, a sadistic smile came upon her lips. "I've smashed one altar. Want to see me do it again?"
  4. The fennic warrior read the news from her warm Norlandic home, a small smile coming to her lips at the mention of her name, as she sipped a cup of hot cocoa. "It was a hard-fought war, but everyone did their part. I do wish he mentioned the part where I parried that fireball though... And may the soul of that wise druid rest easy amongst the Eternal Forest." "Jiusae tr'fenn, Wyrvun. Vhalu eiyau Orohe. Nay chiraeu tr'dramar yir."
  5. "Traitors to their own values. To bring Valindra in out of all people.... And to reject Isvinity. This will not stand." A white-haired drakon says, before beginning to draft plans for diplomacy.
  6. Honestly we should do 2-emote bows, we can complain about it but let's be honest - magic users have much more OP emotes that they can do once they get connected within or under 2 emotes, which most magic users are able to do IRP outside of combat before combat begins. This is honestly the bare minimum we can do in terms of magi/mundane balance.
  7. It has been many months since the young Mali'Fenn left her home. Many things should've gone right, and they have. Her mother now lives safely within the walls of Celia. She had made many friends - and was united with her family. But not all are as they seem. Through her isolation in the past, on the mountaintops north of Haense, with none but the comforting warmth and presence of her mother, the knowledge of the realms she had once-forgotten, both good and bad, have came back to her. There have been many things that have gone right for her... But many other things that had grew into new worries upon her young mind. Darkspawn. The attacks upon the Northern Realms - seen for so long as bulwarks of peace in the face of war, and two of which she had happily made her homes in. And, of course, something that did not have to bother her as much as before - the fraility of Valar and the other races. She will see many generations of her friends and their familys perish - if not by old age, then in battle or through deceit. And in spite of her jovial demeanor - that was something that weighed heavily on her heart. And so, on this starry night, atop the mountains where she grew up, once more, she began to sing. "Away... Away..." "Kindling spirits... Far away..." "Away... Away..." "Far away... And away..." "Snow glows bright, on this starry night, My footprints, lost in snow, most white." "Much silence, upon this snowy dome, none other, than my good old home. I will stay, and I will roam, But you'll be gone, long reduced to foam." "So it is... So it is... The hand... Gives and takes. Nothing stays... Nothing lasts. Fading into... Endless nights." "Sorrow so it is, that I shall feel, wholeheartedly upon, our mortal coil. Flowers, prim and pure, but they too, will fade, like your hearts and souls, so I am afraid." "But I will remain, battered, frail and old, Lone tree standing, in this lone dark cold, No end in my sight, eyes coated in rime. Lost I am, to the curse of time..."
  8. A certain Li-Ren would read through it, pursing her lips, before putting the poster back and clearing her throat. "And ni, Kiku, ni need bath. When wo find ni, will be unforgettable experience for ni. Ni will never smell bad again."
  9. Team Name: Leviathans Team Members (Persona/IGN): Ariane (Nimbus_Strike), Scatha Drakon (KumokoTheHobo), Elerina (Muckelpu) Substitutes: none for now
  10. A mali'aheral in Cormath would look to the poster with a soft sigh. "Forced relocation isn't peace by a long run. This is why I don't like going to most Valar nations... Except one, of course. So many ghosts and unneeded bloodshed...." And with that, she'd hop back into the ocean. Back to spear-fishing as usual.
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