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  1. Our roleplay was limited but you had a major impact on me as a new player to LOTC. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you again.
  2. "Guess they didnt like their invite for tea " the 11 year old elf from Elvenese / Elysium muses
  3. Amura looks at her titan eye ring... "Me no like this" she begins to cry knowing Aech cant visit
  4. Amura reads the signatures... "Steve Ireheart???" She questions the valah sounding name
  5. Skyler would read this and look at the images. "Yep we all look like that. Glad the high elves won't be coming to visit, if only they will stop inviting me for tea now" She comments going about her day
  6. Chen Alesia, the 11 year old would read this and out loud say : "They can go **** themselves... " the child gets yelled at for cruising and goes to her time out area where she repeats it again but quietly.
  7. Skyler reads this making sure it's still legal for her to smoke cactus green. She is pleased at everything written and lights up some green as she re-reads it all.
  8. Amura smiles. Never having visted the land of Orcs she prepares to visit with Haelune in the upcoming days. In the meanwhile she brushed up on Orc culture the best she can. "I wonder if I can meet the under tyrant that Bonk fellow wrote about in the book I was given" she muses.
  9. Amura, the child elf that frequents Honeyhill reads this and smiles. She plans to attend.
  10. Imagine a faith so fragile that the mere remark of a false pontiff requests legal persecution - Skyler from Fenn comments as she hears of this.
  11. Amuras supports taking all her brothers money for cupcakes.
  12. Amura lies in her bed this night - having lost her first real duel - it was a fair fight. A fair loss she thinks. Then she starts to tear up a bit.. "I tried my best and it wasn't good enough. And why was everyone shouting at the start to end it? And why am i tolds its okay to lose but i still feel really really sad inside? Sad not ok to feel, no one wants to feel sad!" the 11 year old hugs her pillow. She tried to keep her emotions hidden from her parents, but now wishes she didnt. She wishes she cried in front of them when she got home. She wants a never ending hug so she can talk bout how scared she felt. Amura isn't mad at Dyr, they are friends now.. She isnt even mad she lost. She is sad that she failed and no one really prepared her for what failure feels like. She doesn't understand this is normal, and ok. She always wants to be perfect, to strive to not cause issues...but today she feels like she disappointed everyone who trained her. "I let down tons of people, i know it. " she tells one of her shark plushies With her parents asleep, not wanting to bother them, she cries herself to sleep just wanting a nice hug when she wakes up.
  13. Besides a few restarts I am pleased on how it really had little effects on the main sever, as i was still rping during the war.
  14. [Amura has placed fliers now in other cities. She awaits customers. ]
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