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  1. In the heart of an ancient Grove, Traskaath carved and worked on branches of Ikurnamon. Spears, swords, pikes and many more were to come..
  2. MC name: DankuzMemuz Persona: Traskaath D'hrolo Persona ID: 44979
  3. "May you sleep under the starlit sky for many years to come, O' King of Kings. Your daughter will do just fine, I do think. May we meet again. In this Kingdom you have built or on the roads." Traskaath would utter as he sat by the firepit of Númendil. Muttering a silent prayer to both Cernunnos and Cerridwen.
  4. Traskaath, who had met the young Tribesman would smile and nod as the lad would walk off to speak to a local ruler about erecting a standing stone. "The Aspects keep and guide you on your journey, Artorius of the Cinged. I hope to meet you again standing proudly with your people at your side." The 'ame would then draw a circle over his heart and continue about his own business.
  5. A Mali'ame that passed through on occasion would read the missive, smiling proudly. Most pleased that this Woodland got the protection it needs and deserves.
  6. "Round yellows, they mean." Murmured Traskaath as he passed through, reading the notice board.
  7. Evon.... Pire...? Evonpire!
  8. A Mali'ame read over the missive as he was on his many travels. Narrowing his eyes at it, an idea would come to his mind and would promptly stride back home...
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