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  1. I thought I might include some of the pictures we released of the rebuild, too!
  2. Good morning! This is a short teaser trailer for the rebuild that we in Elvenesse have been hard at work on for the past few months. We are nearing the completion of the project, and I thought it would be fun to do a small teaser trailer to show off the skyline. The only shot of the rebuild is the final one. We are also hard at work on some lore videos and a story trailer. It has been incredible working with everyone on this project and I am so glad that you all finally get to see the final stages of something so great. Stay tuned and enjoy!
  3. Amaesil Vuln'miruel would nod toward the ranger that had brought him this news. He traces a crack along the table with his index finger in thought. A mutter escapes his lips. "Honorable beyond measure."
  4. MUSIC [Trust me on this one.] (Created by Zilldude) 4th of the Deep Cold, 39 SA The day had been clear. No clouds had floated through the western skies. Then, as the sun began to set, onyx storm clouds formed above the Summer Sea. Soon a torrent of rain crashed into the southern woodlands. The great city of Amathea flooded. The streets turned into rivers and the seawall groaned as massive swells crashed into it. Despite this commotion, one sound rang out in the night above all the rest: the sound of a woman’s screams. Then, the screams were replaced by high-pitched wailing — the wailing of an infant. The rain near-instantly faded away, and the storm clouds scattered into the southwestern sky. The stars began to shine down on the woodland once more, and Prince Amaesil Vuln’miruel stepped out into the waterlogged clearing. He held a small bundle of red cloth that writhed around in his arms. Tears stained his cheeks as he looked skyward. He soon found his target — a cluster of thirteen stars. “Yulnayl Vuln’miruel is your name,” the elf-prince said, looking down at the newborn baby girl in his arms. The child hiccuped. “You are named in honor of the Amber Druid Zolvan, and you are the daughter of Amaesil Vuln’miruel and Visenya Sylvaeri. Our little princess. My Little Fox.” He soon returned his gaze to the constellation. “Yulnayl, the Fox Princess, is what I name you henceforth. Serve my daughter well. Give her light when nobody else can.” (Created by FandomFoxx) Amaesil then turned around and returned to his partner, Visenya Sylvaeri. He placed the infant in her arms and sat at her bedside. The candles of the clinic withered. A great gift had been delivered to the Mali. A new Fox had arrived. (Created by myrkvidrs) Amaesil For the Next Year (Created by Amayonnaise)
  5. Prince Amaesil frowns. He looks toward the eastern horizon with his Haelun'or-style telescope. "... What?"
  6. Prince Amaesil reads the missive. A small smile forms and he nods his head. From his perch within the Warden Keep, he can see the small village quite easily. "I recall a time when the smallfolk prospered in our woodlands, but those days have come to a close. I have the greatest respect for House Amador and the Halflings. I wish them the best in this new venture. Iheiuhii narne narneyem'ehya."
  7. Prince Amaesil reads the missive with a frown. As he completes it, he folds the parchment and sets it at the edge of the table. "Let this be the rallying cry. I pray my kin of the Silver State — those that are ne monsters — find the path of righteousness."
  8. ... She killed him. Prince Amaesil Vuln'miruel lowers the paper slowly. His brown eyes turn misty and distant. His hand begins to tighten slowly into a fist. The paper crumples to mulch. Tears begin to roll down his cheeks, but his face remains stern. Wrath fills the young elf's features. "... Haelun." With that, Amaesil rushes for the Grove.
  9. "Good riddance," Prince Amaesil Vuln'miruel says. His eyes betray him, though. He wished to be the one to bring death to the Accursed Beast. So many had called him foolish for following his heart and standing by his conviction. Yet the Hound, despite its words, still faced him. His fist tightened. "Damn you, Hound."
  10. Discord: Zilldude#0478 IGN: Zilldude Style: Half Sketch
  11. Prince Amaesil Vuln'miruel looks out to the west from atop the citadel. He holds the parchment in his hands before speaking long-winded wisdom: "Neat."
  12. THE ESTEL ELVES ~ A Short Player's Guide ~ INTRODUCTION So you want to play an Estel? That is fantastic news! This guide is a short, easy-breezy guide to styling yourself and your roleplay around the simple concepts of the Estel elves. First, though, who are the Estel? The Estel — or the trusted — are elves who reject the bindings of a subrace. They are “trusted” due to their loyalty and dutiful service to the High Prince of the Elves. They wear fine clothes, worship the natural world and stand as a beacon to all others of elfdom. How do you play one? PERSONALITY and PERCEPTION The Estel are a lordly, ethereal people. They seek to represent the goodness of the world through their actions and take every opportunity to serve their nation and kin justly. Rather than explain in detail through text, I have elected to share some videos that help to explain how the Estel represent themselves in roleplay. WISDOM and SINCERITY The Estel aim to be a wise people instead of a purely intelligent one. They seek to synthesize information and brandish their foresight as their wit and charm. Despite this, they also aim to be sincere and kind to all races. They see value in everyone and are loving people. In this clip, we see a heartfelt conversation between Elrond and Bilbo. Despite the kind words, the elflord still enjoys the sincere and foolish moment he shares with the hobbit. Likewise, the Estel strive to be seen as keepers of wisdom and enjoyers of goodness. In this clip, too, we see a dinner scene within Elrond’s home of Rivendell. He jests with Gandalf, recounts the history of the weapons found by the party and is stupefied by the silliness of the dwarves without becoming enraged. Likewise, the Estel are known to be kindhearted and foolish themselves, but not as much as other races. Their playfulness is subtle. TRADITION and REGALITY The Estel hold grace and tradition above all else. They aim to present themselves as strong, ancient people capable of great acts of heroism and inspiration. They give gifts and trust in the will and strength of all who give them a reason to. In this clip, we see the elves of Lothlorien giving advice, inspiration and gifts to the Fellowship of the Ring. Likewise, the Estel aim to provide insight and power to others who travel to their lands with good intentions. POWER and DECISIVENESS Despite all else, the Estel are a strong people. They are subject to envy, fear and ruthlessness so long as it is served alongside justice, though. They act quickly and spare little time for voting or group-think. Each Estel strives to be a leader and to protect their kin no matter the cost. In this clip, we see Thranduil and his company of elves interrogating an orc prisoner who raided their lands. There is fear that drives Thranduil to act, but it is a strong front that he provides to his enemies. Likewise, the Estel are not peaceful by any means. They will act ruthlessly if they are threatened, but they are no brutes. In this clip, we see the soldiers of Lothlorien coming to support the men of Rohan in their defense of Helm’s Deep. Their arrival inspires and surprises the Men present. Likewise, the Estel aim to be life-long friends to those in need and to provide their services and soldiers when needed. They are trusted for a reason. ATTIRE and FASHION The Estel aim to represent themselves in beautiful clothing and armor. They wear extravagant robes, dresses, sashes and anything else that make them stand out in a crowd of gambeson-wearing humans. Below are some skin references of my own character as well as FREE-TO-USE skins that I believe may fit the culture well. MALE FASHION FEMALE FASHION FREE-TO-USE SKINS NOW WHAT DO I DO? Basic personality? Check. Skin? Check. Now what are you supposed to do? The next step is to come roleplay with us! The Estel are primarily housed in Elvenesse at the west hub. Its your time to travel to us and start shaping the future of the city and the Estel culture. This guide includes building blocks to starting out, but you roleplaying the character is what is going to make it the most fun. There is more to learn about traditions, religion and culture, but those will be discovered through roleplay. This culture is not meant to be overbearing or dominant in any way. It is a crash-course into some of the great elven roleplay we are cultivating in the southern woodlands. If you enjoy it, come on down and meet us. You can also read THE ESTEL | Elves of a New Dawn if you want to learn more about the general idea of the Estel. You can also reach out to me on discord to be added to the Elvenesse discord chat: Zilldude#0478. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Good luck out there, players.
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