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  1. Full Name: Yusef Sebury Age: 25 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): None, at present. Residence: None, at present. ((OOC)) MCName: Zilldude Discord: Zilldude#0478 Timezone: Arizona Time (Its different than any others depending on time of year)
  2. Azoth hears the mumbling in the streets of the capital and abroad. Anger, annoyance, belittlement... Azoth cannot help but crack a small grin. "Cutting words of fear, nothing more," he refers to his family that night while having a lovely meal in their manor. "Folks who simmer in the dark alleys and sewers of society attack when backed into the corner by the light of truth. Vexalia did her job well and these folks of Fenn are nothing but gnats angry that they've been seen. Remember, oem'ii," he then says to Celia, his daughter. "Remember that those who attack without logic are afraid. Treat them as such."
  3. Azoth smiles softly as he reads the missive. "Hubris. I could not have used a better word to describe it."
  4. I will literally fight you. Like the owner of dumbass dog, yes. ❤
  5. Purple is my favorite color! Cake is always the way to go. Water IS wet. I own two and they are the best boys. Here they are: https://imgur.com/gallery/8EpMUPx
  6. My most memorable moment on LotC is when I was a Halfling with an old Druid named Milo leading a brave raid on the Elves during the Fringe. Good times. My favorite season has to be whichever one has the Battle of the Bastards episode. So cool.
  7. How long have you secretly been in love with me? Also, say hi to your cousin for me.
  8. THE IMPERIAL TREASURY A decree is given in both the capital of the Empire of Man and Kingdom of Gladewynn. Folks from around the nations gather as well dressed fellows deliver the good news onto the masses. Soon after simple summaries are handed out. The treaty is as written here today.
  9. ET are too good, man. Our first endorsement! You know its a good bop if we get these.
  10. Agreed. They need to just axe that ‘Player’ guy, too. Doesn’t represent me at all.
  11. Hi, folks! Just wanted to post this here for you all. Also, NSFW warning. Some colorful language. Have fun!
  12. ((MCName)): Zilldude ((Discord)): Zilldude#0478 Name: Azoth Elnora Hawksong Age: 286 Race: Elf Experience & Skills: During the days of the Old Dominion, I served as the Lord Treasurer and ensured that economic, cultural, and infrastructural growth was upheld and consistent. I was also the Old Dominion’s representative to the Global Assembly, drafting a multitude of bills with member nations. I currently head financial advisory for the CCP Party of the Empire of Man. Reason applying: I wish to utilize my skills for the betterment of the Empire of Man. My loyalty and services lie with whatever nation I subscribe to and I wish to offer my expertise in Law, Economics, Culture, and Politics in a position such as this. In addition, my background in the Old Dominion and GA has given me allies and connections throughout the realm to speak and do business with on behalf of the Empire.
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