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  1. The Prince stands atop the Tower of Courage and looks out across Fi'andria as the red rain falls. His cloak is drawn close and his brows are knitted together. Fear was uncommon to him in these days, but something dark had occurred — something that he could not yet comprehend. As he watched on in dismay, he felt his heart grow heavy and hard... ... where were his Templars?
  2. To the former denizens of the Ebonwood — The news of your realm's disbandment was sudden. I write this short missive to achieve one purpose: to explain. The Ebonwood was in great danger. Minuvas Melphestaus' self-anointment to "Speaker of Malin" soured the moods of elves across Almaris. In an attempt to silence him, assassins of Elvendom were sent to butcher my close friend. The rage I felt for this kinslaying was only surpassed by one other thing: duty. The Ebonwood cannot defend itself. When Oren rallied its banners, only two of us stood against the dwarves. At the conclusion of the Orenian Civil War, the woodlands would have garnered wrath and ire from both Oren and the other elven nations. Soon, the Ebonwood would be at war without an army willing to defend it or councilors willing to lead it. And so, I disbanded it. You may think it cruel or unjustified, but the alternative was utter annihilation. I pray you all see that some day. For now, take pride in what once was; find peace in the lands beyond the Ebonwood. Aspects guide you all. Amaesil Vuln'miruel, Prince of Celia'nor and Estelaurir of Elvenkind Priest of Amaethon, Templar of Courage and the Oak Druid
  3. THE DISBANDEMENT OF EBONWOOD I, Amaesil Vuln’miruel, by the authority of Regent Veronna Heial'mal Valmi’uhier of the Ebonwood, hereby declare that the Ebonwood and all Her territories and holdings are disbanded. The elves of Her realm are pardoned from their oaths and loyalties to the Ethereal Council and the Princep. Furthermore, all titles and claims given or asserted by all members of the Ebonwood are hereby revoked and dismantled in perpetuity. The land will be left vacant for any who wish to claim it and, so, inherit its doom. To the elves who remain — return to your homelands. Defend your livelihoods elsewhere and walk amongst your kin once again. Aspects guide you all. Veronna Heial'mal Valmi'uhier, The Last Regent of Ebonwood Amaesil Vuln’miruel, Former Prince of Ebonwood and Estelaurir of Elvenkind Priest of Amaethon, Templar of Courage and the Oak Druid
  4. The issue is not if the player has changed their ways. They were welcomed back to a community where their former victims still are active: a community the victims thought was safe to remain in after his ban. That is unfair to those who were affected. This Admin Team decision is akin to firing someone at a job for harassment only to hire them back two years later despite their victim still working there. It creates an unsafe and unfriendly environment. Period.
  5. CALL TO THE COURAGEOUS To those of strong will and character — There is no greater power than that of your own. Courage, bravery and persistence is what gives us the strength to enact the Will of Good; to root out Evil by the stem and purge it from our world. The Blessed TEMPLARS OF THE WHITE FLAME are here to do just that. Be you someone of renowned character, justice despite desire and bravery unparalleled, you will soon be gifted recognition in the eyes of MALCHEDIAEL, THE AENGUL OF COURAGE. Travel westward to the glistening Temple of Radiance where your skills and might will be measured against the vigor of our Order. Should you succeed, you will be granted the radiant powers of the Aengul and brought forth on the path to Righteousness and Clarity. Come, Wayward Champions of Courage. The time to bask in His brilliant Light is upon us all.
  6. A small frown forms on Amaesil's lips. "Aspects guide you, llir."
  7. This "sit down and shut up" mentality is abysmal. I am glad you are no longer on the Admin Team.
  8. What a weak, childish response. If you erect any more strawmen, you're gonna have to get some farm land.
  9. Twenty days ago, a petition was submitted to the Admin Team. The petition was in regards to the unbanning of a player formerly removed for harassment. This unanimous decision by the Admin Team allowed this player to return to the community where many of his former victims still play, and thereby made an unsafe environment for them. Despite this, the Admin Team claimed the following: The petition has 38 players supporting it — a handful of which are staff members — and it has been flagrantly ignored for the past twenty days. I know this because the document is locked and requires permission from me to view it. To this date, no requests have been made by @SquakHawk (the staff member I sent it to) and the Admin Team to view it. Admin Team — you have stated repeatedly lately about your commitment to safety on this server. The absolute least you could do is not ignore your players when they raise genuine concerns. Thank you.
  10. Wait, you guys are roleplaying?

  11. The elven prince walked the streets of Providence in a daze. His heart was heavy with the loss, but it was not a feeling a long-lived being was unused to. As he passed beneath the overbrush, he wiped away a falling tear. "Rest well, oem'ii. You will forever remain in my heart as the young girl who sought to understand the world outside your own walls. Ame nae evareh, Anastasia."
  12. Amaesil frowns. "What... is a Krugmenistan?"
  13. Amaesil smiles. "As I said. It comes naturally to the foxfolk."
  14. "What will they do? They refused to fight us in their own walls; do they intend to fight us in ours?" Amaesil shakes his head and folds the parchment in two. Such falsehoods would hold no sway over the elves of Celia'nor.
  15. A sad smile comes to the elf's lips. "Aspects guide you, old friend."
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