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  1. Amaesil sat in the open field atop the mountain beside the mountain lake. He watched the clouds roll overhead as thoughts of war and violence consumed his mind. Hours passed before he pulled himself from his trance. He would stand slowly and look out across the woodland canopy to see the large statues of Amaethea. The wind blew his long, red hair backward and ruffled his elven robes. Eventually, he withdrew his journal and a small stick of charcoal. He would scribble something down and read aloud to himself: "The Elf... and the Two Wolves. A tale to guide us through the flames of w
  2. DHASHMA AND THE RANGER A True Tale of the Father Circle The wind sifting between the treetops and blades of grass soothed as much as it unnerved. It casted shadows over peculiar spots of the underbrush. There, in the peripheral, something darted between the trees. The rogue end of a green appendage sunk behind the bark of a towering oak and caressed it’s side like a hand behind a door. There, a young ranger came to a halt. He was found where he usually would be: scouring the outer borders of the woodland realm. The darkened forest encroached on him as so
  3. Amaesil — formally known as Onas Vuln'miruel — watches with a deep frown. His grip tightens on his gauntlets as he leans back against the outer wall of the stables with his arms crossed. In the silence of the evening, Amaesil looks to his left. Across the dense woodland brush he sees the white tips of Amaethon's statue. He would close his eyes for a long moment in silent prayer. His heartrate increases and his breath becomes shallow. Eventually, Amaesil reopens his eyes and stands tall. He would walk a few paces and look down the long, winding pathway toward the statue of the Horse
  4. THE WAY OF THE WARDEN The beast watches from the trees and waits its turn to strike. Day and night — snow and rain. Come, the chance to bite. Days pass by and limbs grow weak— muscles ache and breath becomes meek. Death comes swift with a whine and grunt: For they waited too long; neglected to hunt. The animal who does not hunt dies. They wait in their burrow for food to arrive; someday it might. It longs for the opportunity to eat, but it forgets that a forest of opportunity awaits those who act. So, too, do we. We grow
  5. Onas would finish reading the letter for a second time. He would smile and tap his index finger to a word: Onas. He would fold the paper into a neat square and place it into his robes with a low sigh. "Hmm."
  6. “The clouds were beautiful today.” Nobody responded. Nobody ever responded. The mali sighed, bringing the straw hat down from the crown of his head. He closed the door to the wooden cabin and began to prepare his dinner. Grilled fish and buttered bread. Again. The sun filtered through the windows of the study. The mali opened the loose door with a nudge of his foot; the smell of sawdust and fresh parchment filled his nose. It was perfect. Too perfect. The mali took his seat and inhaled. The meat smelt wonderful. He reached a worn hand across the oak desk and slid his fi
  7. Full Name: Yusef Sebury Age: 25 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): None, at present. Residence: None, at present. ((OOC)) MCName: Zilldude Discord: Zilldude#0478 Timezone: Arizona Time (Its different than any others depending on time of year)
  8. I will literally fight you. Like the owner of dumbass dog, yes. ❤
  9. Purple is my favorite color! Cake is always the way to go. Water IS wet. I own two and they are the best boys. Here they are: https://imgur.com/gallery/8EpMUPx
  10. My most memorable moment on LotC is when I was a Halfling with an old Druid named Milo leading a brave raid on the Elves during the Fringe. Good times. My favorite season has to be whichever one has the Battle of the Bastards episode. So cool.
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