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  1. Oh no, we have to RP on the RP server now
  2. “I’m sure it’s totally fine and will have no further repercussions!”
  3. [!] A withering, twitching, mumbling being hissed and cowered from the wave of gold.
  4. [!] A wayward kharajyr took note of the peculiar drifting star.
  5. What brought you back? And on that note; Welcome Back!
  6. Once again halflings have proven themselves the most based of Almaris’s peoples
  7. “I love the Palebeast!” An odd fellow called out, solely to play Devil’s advocate.
  8. +1 From a current epiphyte player o7 Great Rewrite
  9. Love the amphibian facts in there, best part
  10. Nim’Bur; an insane mage who thinks he can see the future & other realities- needless to say, he’s basically just bonkers
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