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  1. Jeremiah Arcel chuckles as his gaze crosses over the poster "HA. All too true there, all too true." He would take a sip of his carrion black and lean back in his chair, putting his feet up on the bar of the tavern. "Cant wait to see the what becomes of this wretch of a nation...a reckoning'll be comin soon to those dusty old farts" He says to himself under his breath before dozing off for a short nap, wrapping himself in his fleece robes.
  2. Hiya I was wondering if there was a good time to try to send you a bird in game? I needed your services 


    1. devvy


      i was at work but you can always send me a forum message 

  3. Ingneus mortus


    Oliver has spent most of his life tucked away in a modest home within the town of Brandybrook. He grew up with his two loving parents, Matilde and Ulrur, along with his four older brothers. As the youngest, the world was his oyster. He always got away with much more than he should have, and was given everything he had asked for from toys to music lessons. As his brothers aged they began to help Ulrur in the fields, eventually taking wives and moving out of their small hovel. Oliver grew older and older and managed to dodge doing the family business by saying things such as, "what will a field
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