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  1. ATTENTION MEN! Today is the start of you taking back what you have built! You! Who spent 30 years of your life slinking as a muzzy mule for the ample wheat that shushes the bellies of NOT your own family! You! Who lost your eye and thirty of your friends for the ISA, only to find you are last in line for the Emperor's deflated bosom, and not even a vinegary droplet awaits your parched throat at the suckle of his calloused teet! And you! Who writes the night away by the grace of a camper's lamp before brushing one-thousand times each side the po
  2. You walk into the Immigration office of Helena where you are met with a posh young man, seated behind his desk. He looks at you with a friendly smile as you catch his attention. “Hello! Welcome to Providence! Care to write you name down so you can stay up to date with all the ongoing within the city?” He passes you a ledger filled to the brim with names. “Just sign your name there and you’re good to go!” - OOC - Providence Discord (Direct Link) HOW TO JOIN 1. Click either the image or the link below 2. Go to #Role-Request 3. Request
  3. Dear Oren Manufacturing Facilities, I have damaged my Lumarium Occulos Thricoard. I am In need of a replacement device to direct three beams of Lunar light to be focused into the correct frequency of solar light. Ensure that the Focusing Occulosis glass Lens is focusing downwards and that the glass is made with Aquamarine mineral dust. The deflection Arrays are to be made from silver and to sit at a 90 degree angle. Please try to oil the Pins, Knobs and Swivels to prevent rusting. The device should be able to fit into one's pocket, please don't bring some obtuse
  4. [!] Flyers were put up around Oren, Haense and Sutica and some of the trees right outside of it! It’d read: Tricks and Mirages Palace is now looking to hire people for their next venture! Currently, we are talking of expansion into settlements or other nations and need more workers to do so. But, we currently reside within Sutica, Oren and Haense. Job Descriptions: Crafter: A crafter makes the approved ideas for the pranks, no rename tokens required. Payment is 200 mina per week. Herbalist: People who simply go out and gather herbs to bring back for use,
  5. COMING SOON. ❄ THE WHITE KNIGHT ❄ 1709. Based within the Republic of Ves - a young girl Nora - celebrates the Joma holiday Tuvmas. Filled with sparkling adventure and joyous promises the youthful girl finds herself on a journey when her beloved doll; The Snow Princess; vanishes. With this evoked challenge the young heroine finds herself in this fantastical realm of lands of both snow and candy to find her beloved Princess with the aid of The White Knight. ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Nora [TAKEN] : Must be a young girl around the age of 8-14. Richard [NEED] : Must be a young boy around the age of
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImutnoiBixY Death of the Silver Owl It was a beautiful evening in the city, the beautiful but frail woman named Sabrina Kovachev would walk around the new house bought by her husband, George Kovachev. She’d walk on the hardwood floor as she walked upon her beautiful daughter. The young director and playwright looked up to her mother with a smile, Sabrina then would kneel to her darling sunshine, telling her in her calm and motherly words, that after her evening prayers in the beautiful cathedral they would go shopping. The mother promised h
  7. ORENIAN POLITICAL PARTIES A comprehensive guide covering Orenian Poltical Parties throughout the modern period of the Empire. Above is a political compass showcasing party ideologies through a diagram. The common life of a Citizen of Oren revolves around Politics, with that being said, members of the empire should be well educated in the current political climate to better influence their voting outcomes. CURRENT PARTIES The Everardines [Link] : The Everardines, a Conservative party originating in the wheat producing commonwealth of Kaedrin, founded by John E
  8. EVERARDINE POLICY: PUBLIC SERVICES 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph- 1787 WRITTEN BY; ZIRID, THEODORE, OF THE EVERARDINE PARTY. Zirid Theodore’s speech to a Helenite crowd: “The Josephites… Their name rings in my head each morning I wake to use the smallroom and each night I lay my head… Every time they speak, I feel my Orenian soul quivering to its core, for they treat our policies like clowns in a circus! Why they continue setting foot in our political scene still perplexes me, but of course, I shan’t state my worries without proper reasoning. Hence is why
  9. - Steepled’s Skin Auction - Hi everyone! This is my first skin auction I’ll be doing, please feel free to look around! Rules: - You may not edit a bid comment, every time you bid you must add a new comment with the new bidding amount. I will not count edited bid comments. - Bids start at 1000 minas, and bid increments are of 500 minas. - The auction will end in two days time, September 25th, 10:00 pm EST. - You can bid on any amount of skins you like. But you must pay if you win. - Payment co
  10. AN EVERARDINE’S OPINION ON THE HAESENI SECESSION 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1787 By Lemuel de Langford, esq. The subject of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s secession, expulsion or extrication from its benefactor state, the Holy Orenian Empire is evidently a matter of great controversy; that which appertains as far as to the terminology of the issue itself. Secret to none, the political friction between the Kingdom of Haense and the Empire trascends the facet of the ‘senior-vassal’ relation which has been all but common throughout our Empire’s feudal predecesso
  11. Before all this just wanna say big thanks to Peachcool for supporting me and helping!! The Imperial Circle of Novellen (A wizard taking a nap, circa 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1786) INDEX ARTICLE I; Arcane Unification ARTICLE II; Masters of the Arcane & Apprentices ARTICLE III; Fashion & Conduct ARTICLE IV; Defense Against Dark Forces and Pursuit of Knowledge ARTICLE I As word spread about the passing of the late Emperor, Peter III, so too did the ever looming threat of the Inferi. With Oren going th
  12. APOSTOLIC UNIVERSITY OF ST. PONTIFF SIXTUS IV authorized with the blessing of His Holiness, JAMES II PREAMBLE The apostolic University of Saint High Pontiff Sixtus IV stems from great tradition and education of past ecclesiastical colleges. It is officially recognized by canon law of the Church of the Canon. The University is licensed by our Holy Mother Church to grant ecclesiastical degrees to graduates in:
  13. Moore Music, Custom Pianos and organs. To view all information, click the link. Click Link below for photos PREVIOUS WORK Discord gamegage#4169
  14. You may have noticed a tortoise around Helena. This tortoise is named Davito, and he is a gift from the gods. Let's start at the beginning, when Davito first hatched right outside Cloud Temple. Davito was an “ordinary” hatchling, (A Hermann’s Tortoise, Western Variety.) Upon hatching, he let off an incredible source of power that attracted the gods. “Huh.” The gods said. “Was this that one thing that other god was joking about?” Said one. “Pretty sure.” Said another. “What should we do?” Inquired a blond haired god. “Lighting powers?” P
  15. Order of the Knights of Saint Owyn, Defenders of the People of the Kingdom of Mardon, the Principality of Pruvia, and the Blood of Ioannes. “By the Blood of our Fathers, for the Future of our Sons” The Order of Knights of Saint Owyn, known in shorthand as the Ioannian Order are a secular Order dedicated to the preservation of Traditional Orenian values and the defense of the Horenic Kingdom of Mardon and her people, be it from both foreign and domestic threats under the guidance and leadership of the Prince of Mardon. They act as both a peacetime police force,
  16. The Tagma of Nicea History of the Tagma The Tagma is a recently formed levy by Despot Constantine Palaiologos. In times of war the Tagma of Nicea has one job; to protect Metz the capital of Lorraine. The location of Nicea makes the protection of Metz almost natural, as it's very close to the capital. The levy is lightly equiped compared to other Orenian levies which makes the soldiers to move faster than any other unit. Ranks Officers: Strategos (Marshal) - the head of the Tagma(army) appointed by the Despot, tasked with managing th
  17. Life on the seas is a harsh one. From storms, pirates, and sea monsters the ways to die at sea are many. Cooking smoke was billowing from the deck of the tiny Akheron class steamship leaving a trail high in the sky. A cacophony of nautical ambiance filled the air, the sounds of the ship combined with the noise of the crew. Seagulls circled above the ship, their cries a constant reminder shore is close by. The cook shouting to those on deck while the paddle wheels of the vessel splashed in the water. On deck were a dozen figures walking about shrouded by wool blankets to cover t
  18. Dear Builders of Axios, I am in need of builders who are able to fit the interior of a building, alongside a possible extension. It is imperative that the builders supply their own materials for the construction. It should not take too long and the sum of payment will be decided upon prior to the construction, then finally, payed after the work is completed. The purpose of this building will be revealed to the builder(s) before the construction. If you are interested then please, fill this form below: Name: Race: ((Skype Name:)) Any Prev
  19. The Honor Guard of Summerhall History Several Honour Guard’s rush to relieve Orenian forces near the Dunamis Fort, dated 1548 The origins of the Honour Guard stem from the events preceding the Duke’s War, when Lord Marshal Augustus d'Amaury’s nascent noble house was granted a considerate holding in the former fiefdom of Adria. The hardened bannermen of the Lord’s personal retinue remained staunch servants to the strong leader, and continued to serve him in the newly formed county of Amaury as the first of his prestigious entourage. Garrisoned alon
  20. Lord Yuri Vladov, in the ruins of Brelus Yuri Vladov GENDER: Male RACE: Human CULTURE: Raevir AGE: Thirty Four NICKNAMES: None TITLES: Knight of Oren, Nauzican BORN: Barrow Wyk, Adria FAITH: Cannonism Health: Alive Height: 5’9” Weight: 145 BODY TYPE: Lean DESCRIPTION: Yuri since childbirth has always been compared to his mother by his family, having the same eyes as her and a fair look in his appearance. Only resemblance that Yuri could have of his father is his curly hair that shows out when his
  21. The Visigian Vanguard “To Defend Until Death” - Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian, and Lord Vicar of the Church Purpose of Visigian Vanguard Standing quietly along the border of the Holy Orenian Empire, Visiga is part of Oren's first defense against any southern incursion. The holy lands, inhabited by the Pontifical state itself, seeking to cohesively form a line of fortitude against aggressors, has decided to assemble. Under the authority of Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian and Lord Vicar of the church, the Visigian Vangua
  22. {❄} The Brotherhood of the Gryphon{❄} "For the North" The Brotherhood of the Gryphon are battle hardened men of the Northern plains of Carnatia. Sworn to House Kovachev, they follow them devotedly, as well as protect its holdings and peoples. They follow the traits of the family, and are extremely loyal, offering down their lives to preserve the North and the brotherhood. The Tazky (Infantry) [[Skin: https://gyazo.com/44c317082dff2e97c92b6caeb114e4ea ]] The Sipka (Archers) Holdings The main hold of
  23. "The Victorian Order" "Touto Nika!" (This banner wins) -Ser Demetrios Palaiologos II, 1542 The Victorian Order is the personal guard force of House Palaiologos, and the Castle of Nikae. They are small, selected force of well trained men, capable of warfare in any terrain. Their purpose is to protect the lands of House Palaiologos, and when required, assist Courland's security in any ways they can. Those who join the order get weapons, armor, food, tools and any other supplies they deem necesssary to have, and a room in the barracks. Once the Guards prove themsel
  24. The Order of the Vincere "Brotherhood through blood and bravery" The Order of the Vincere is a private military guild founded by the Evenhearts. They are noble protectors of Courland. The guild was created in the early 1500s and rightfully founded by Wykem Evenheart in 1552. They since have resided in Courland north of Krakens Watch. The Vincere swear to protect the brothers and sisters that choose to serve in their ranks. The Vincere Code Of Honor Code Of Conduct The
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