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  1. https://youtu.be/-OswuZgK5Zc Laurelie Henrietta Vuiller - de Pelear A girl born in Vuillermoz to partner Ravn and Sir Duncan Vuiller both of whom were in their late 40s, early 50s. Youngest of four children, the couple’s only daughter. She grew up during the War of the Wigs or as her family knew it, the Sheeps War. Started by her father after trying to protect two of his three boys. The first time she ever left her family’s home was strapped to her father’s chest during his guard shift. Many fights were had while she was with him, but no one touched her;rumor had it he even armed her with a small dagger to hold in case anyone ever got too close. She was told at a very early age to never leave the land she was born on unless she had someone with her, or she would be taken captive by demons and other monsters. She would make her way to Providence on day trips with her family at least once or twice a month.. However, she wished for more time in the city. At the age of seven, she would meet her closest friend and confidant Johanne Vuiller, the heir at the time to the family name. Now with Johanne, she would head into the city more often, stay out of the public eye. Avoiding most people whenever possible as she didn’t want to cause any issues for her family as they climbed the ranks in noble standing. While the war her father started raged on outside her family’s walls, she was oblivious to the losses on both sides and often prayed for their salvation, her father came home at the end of every battle. So that was good enough for her. At the age of twelve, she would find a lifelong companion, found in a broken flower pot. A mix of a Bull Terrier and Corgi mix who would go on by the name of Buckles. This is when Johanne with Laurelie as partners would go on to found Jowls and Buckles Pet Emporium. J & B Pet Emporium for short. However, it never got off the ground. At the age of thirteen, she was sitting in the town square of Providence, Johanne having left to get their mutual friend so they could all have tea. Only in her absence, to have a man put a knife to Laurelie’s neck and have her walk swiftly with him down to the warehouses. There, he would interrogate her about her family so he could ransom her, thankfully her lack of presence was noticed and Laurelie was quickly found. She, however, was left with a scar that covered most of her right shoulder which she got during her getaway. The man was dealt with, being killed on the spot. She was later used as a medical lesson for Johanne on how to stitch someone up. At the age of fourteen, she found the body of her father as it just started to rain. His body was still warm, yet he was lifeless, his throat ripped open. She would later find out that the brother she was closest to, Drasus, saw her crying over their father’s body yet ran away, rather than try to comfort her. In her father’s will she was given the sword he used in battle while she was strapped to his chest as a baby. Only a few days later, the war ended, she would talk with her mother, being gifted a dagger and a hair comb. Being told that big things come from small beginnings. To never forget; to stay humble. She would take those words to heart. Not even a Saint’s day later, the Brother’s war happened. This resulted in her home being raided by “the self-proclaimed King’s” men. This attack on their home resulted in many lives lost once aid came. Laurelie was trapped on the roof, only able to watch as the men laughed while they beat her Aunt Rosemary nearly to death. Having to listen to her Great Aunt Primrose try to bargain for Johanne’s life while trying to offer up Rosemary and Laurelie for collateral. Primrose’s words fell on deaf ears. Nearing the end of the fight, Laurelie and Johanne scaled down the wall with three infants, going into the Vuiller crypts where they both ended up praying and crying out to the dead, and God to save them. Laurelie was afraid to leave the fort that those still loyal to the last Orenian Emperor called home. The only time she left willingly was to go to the last Emperor’s wedding taking place at the Vuillermoz church. Even then, she was fearful as a dragon flew overhead, yet she tried to join in on the joy that everyone else had. At the age of fifteen, just before her life changed again she met a boy, the first person her age, his name was Julius. They only talked a few times but it was still nice to have a friend around her age. Even if it was for only a year. As their days in the fort grew closer to the end, they set off for their new home, only for it to be attacked. Their Emperor was taken captive on a day meant for peace, later being beheaded after a failed rescue mission. Laurelie was forced to be on the battlefield as a combat medic. The harsh reality of war, finally hitting her. With the help of her Aunt Rosemary, she was able to drag Julius off to safety, tending to his wounds. This would be the last time Laurelie ever saw him. Balian was founded around the time she turned sixteen, 12. B.A Laurelie H.Vuiller 12. B.A.The day of her 16th name day The first full day the city was built ,she would meet two more people who would play a big role in her life: A sixteen year old by the name of Thomas and a seventeen year old by the name of Constantine. She in all truth had taken a liking to Constantine, however the way her cousin Johanne looked at him she couldn’t help but feel guilty of her own feelings, burying them deep down inside. Meanwhile, Thomas had taken a liking to Laurelie. Laying claim to her hand, everyone within the city of Atrus thought them to be courting. No matter how many times she told them they were just friends. At least until her Uncle Rev gave his blessing. Thomas had given her a necklace, however this wasn’t just any necklace. It was one that was made by Constantice causing her feelings to become even more confusing. She loved Thomas as a friend. This is something she would wear until the day she died. Only taking it off to clean it. With options running low she felt she had to settle. At least Thomas cared for her, he also asked her any chance he could to court her. Her only condition is that Thomas had to ask her uncle. If he however couldn’t get a hold of him or get his blessing by the time they turned twenty five, they would get married without his blessing. Thomas agreed. When she was around the age of twenty one they got the blessing of her Uncle, however once Thomas got the blessing, she never saw or heard from him again. The first Symposia Pragma was to be held. Johanne convinced her to go as she had not heard from Thomas in four years. Laurelie agreed, and at the age of twenty five was given the title of the first and only Desert Rose. Yet it was never mentioned in the papers published about that day. It was there she would dance most the night away with Cesar I de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia. Once he left, she went to sit down. Speaking with Constantine, for the first time in their friendship, they were not interrupted by the children of Balian. The children often fought for his attention, as he took on a big brother role for all, if not most of them. Even if the conversation was short lived, Laurelie was still fighting with her feelings for him. Even though there was a failed courtship agreement with him and Johanne. He and her Uncle Rev never saw eye to eye on things. He offered her to drink, but due to never indulging herself, she declined. In her old age, she would regret it but move on as there isn’t anything you can do to change the past. The day came where the men had to follow the girls into the desert, called the Queen Bee’s chase. The men had to catch their ‘Queen to be’ as a hunting game, and come back with a meal. Laurelie had gotten lost only to find herself lost with Constantine. “Why are you in the season? I thought you belonged to Thomas.” “I haven’t heard from him in nearly four years, and even then. We never courted.” Constantine gave her a pained smile. They spoke a little more only for him to share that he planned to court Diane, another one of her cousins from the other side of her family. He even hunted for their food when they returned. Only for him to present the boar to Diane as soon as they walked in the gates. A letter was waiting for her, “Dear Laurelie, I’m sorry our first meeting was cut short. I’d love to get to know you more, and take a tour of the city.” signed Cesar the Viceroy. Johanne went on to marry Drako the head of house Darkwood, she would go on to see all the women younger than her get ready for their wedding. Meanwhile, she was once more stuck in limbo with a man she loved waiting for her Uncle's approval for courtship. She, however, didn't get married until the age of thirty one. Not only that, but she ended up being disowned by her uncle from the Vuiller name, having not “waited” long enough to later get his approval for marriage. Her wedding day was a disaster. The dress she planned on wearing didn’t fit right, the Priest didn’t show up on time. None of her friends or family showed up. Everyone she felt was only there for Cesar. Laurelie H.Vuiller and Buckles. Year 1884 one year after her wedding. Things however did get slightly better for her. She was gifted with a beautiful healthy baby boy. Cesar for the first two years was absent from their lives as he went on a journey. Only for their city to fall to ruin. She moved her family back to Balian for a time. She gave birth to her twins Sofia and Alejandro the day Balian hit twenty years standing strong. Cesar would always like to argue they were born in Hyspia, however they were born in the Balian clinic. Cesar for the children’s early life would be fussing over where to go, only to go to the great land of Hanseti-Ruska, asking for aid from King Karl III. Laurelie was very hesitant as they took the false king’s side so many years ago, trying to kill her at the age of fourteen. Their youngest child Veronica, was born in the Haense clinic. Laurelie, now nearing her forties. She got them set up with a nice house in the city while Cesar was off working on their soon to be forever home. The few times she was allowed to visit, she helped design the bull fighting pit. Trying to get more in touch with her husband’s heritage, as she still slowly learned the Hypian language. At the age of four, Alejandro lost his arm playing with a crocodile. If you asked Laurelie after the age of sixty what happened to him she would tell you he died that day, not going into further detail. One day in court Laurelie and Sofia overheard a man “the Hyspian’s are our friends,” he shared with his sons. This man was Felix Weiss. From then on a friendship was born. With Audo going on to marry Veronica once they were old enough, and having five children. She found herself in Balian with Veronica. Veronica was the only one of her children to meet her Great Uncle Rev before he died later that Saint’s day. Followed by her mother having a heart attack at that news. As Laurelie neared her mid fifties, the Inferi Siege took place, rushing to the city to make sure her children were safe. In the crypts of Hanseti-Ruska, she along with a few other women helped Princess-Royal Analiesa give birth to a sickly gray baby girl. As Felix Weiss came down into the crypts, a blood soaked knight in shining armor led them to safety as she carried the Princess-Royal. King Karl and his men were successful in the fight. However, Laurelie didn’t know if Cesar was alive or not until she returned home with their children, seeing him smoking in their room. She didn’t know whether to kiss him or strangle him. Once the twins were twelve, she allowed Sofia’s closest friend Amity to become a ward after her mother vanished. She later on came to deeply regret this as from then on Amity had Francisco wrapped around her pinky, she never got to speak with him again one on one after that. They later married, having six children. Five only making it past childhood. As the children grew older, Alejandro kept causing issues for the family. The straw that broke the camel’s back for his siblings is when he cheated on his fiance, which caused Cesar to have a heart attack after having already been attacked earlier in the Saints week. Cesar and Laurelie de Pelear S.A. 101 - Year 1898 At the ages of 47 Alejandro would later go onto murder Cesar, feigning ignorance as to what happened to his father. Laurelie would later discover her husband's body in the Church of Blessed Francisco headless, flayed, drained of blood, and with two of her grandchildren standing down the aisle. All of this having occurred just a few months before Veronica was meant to marry Audo in that same building. They only found out what Alejandro did after he went on to marry his husband. From then on, Laurelie didn’t care what happened to him. As far as she knew, she only had one son, and two daughters. Francisco took over fully as Viceroy of Hyspia, with Laurelie going on to take the tile of, “Her Royal Highness, Vicereine-Mother of Hyspia” From the day of her husband’s death Laurelie started to wear dark colors to signify she was always in mourning of him. Granted, he grew colder to her as everyone got older, but she still loved him. The mourning would then extend to her eldest grandchild, Esperanza, who she was the closest to. Sofia would go on to marry King Georg I of Hanseit-Ruska, having two lovely daughters. It was only for their wedding Laurelie put on light colors, coming out of mourning silks for a day before going back to her dark mourning silks. For those who knew Laurelie she was a kind woman who loved to paint and sew. Yet she held onto a family secret she took to the grave. Laurelie lived to be 88 years old before dying in her sleep at Weiss family keep, Staalgrav. She had gone in hopes of spending time with her grandchildren as a surprise the following day. She would be found by Veronica, who came to wake her up that morning. She leaves behind, Three children, Seventeen-Nineteen grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. At the age of 78, 484 E.S. The will of Laurelie de Pelear Letters attached to the will ~~OOC THOUGHTS!~~
  2. A History of the House of Galbraith Penned By Ser Richard of Rivia and Ser Robin of Rippelberg The Legendary Founder Galbert the Boarkiller Pictured Above Since its founding by the legendary Galbert the Boarkiller members of House Galbraith have weaved themselves into the annals of history each with their own particular desire for renown, inheriting the cunning of the House founder himself. Galbert, a man of relatively average build, was able to earn his sobriquet through his triumph over the beastly wild boar by which he outwitted using skill and aforementioned cunning to defeat his foe. Evidence proving the existence of Galbert was only unearthed during the late Rivian era of Galbraith where the scholarly arts flourished in the regional Capital. Detailed historiography on the period is vague and difficult to interpret, however, as the Acre rebellion brought a swift end to the Rivian golden era soon after. Hence why the knowledge of the period between Galbert’s founding of the house and its later revival in the Petrine era of Oren is mostly unknown. The Petrine era of Oren saw a revival of House Galbraith, the migration from Kaedrin to the Capital, Helena, greatly improved the political power of the House as it operated in the epicentre of the realm. This era of House Galbraith is known as the Edwardian era as a result of the patriarch of the House at the time, Ser Edward Galbraith. The Edwardian era produced many diligent Galbraith politicians who had great soft power within the government of the time. Despite this, many contemporary historians regard this era as a neutered version of the Rivian potential. While certainly the House had soft power and influence it only had limited military connections and lacked a standing army and thus was unable to truly project its power. The Edwardian era is often compared to the current nature of the Lucian branch in Balian, where likewise many contemporary Rivian historians regard it as a neutered form of the House. Previous to the dispersion of the mainline House Galbraith, the debate over hard versus soft power was oft discussed and disputed by the hardline Rivian and Lucian factions of the House. The latter advocating for more focus on soft power whilst the former hard power. Contemporary Rivian historians tend to reach a consensus in agreement with the former although the degree to which hard power triumphs over soft is still debated to this day. “Ita feri ut se mori sentiat” -Viscount Philip Rupert Galbraith ‘Father of the Rivian People’ The Edwardian era came to an end with the Georgian split where Ser George Galbraith, an aspiring politician who to many outshined his ailing brother Edward, assumed leadership of the House. Ousting and denouncing Edward for his failings. Historians view the Georgian era of Galbraith as a continued upwards progression essential in eventually leading to the line of Robert achieving primacy. Ser George was gifted politically through his own diligence he achieved the position of Vice Chancellor of Oren. In this position he possessed immense power, the envy of many. Most of all the D’Azors, an ambitious family similar in many ways to Galbraith yet villainous and impure. After only a year in office Ser George perished, the young Galbraith fell victim to an arson of the House of Commons. Not long after this event Ledicourt D’Azor ascended to the position that Ser George once held. Contemporary Rivian historians do not consider this to be a coincidence. Leaving no heirs, the line of Willem Galbraith ascended to primacy. With his marriage to Elizabeth Winter he birthed one son, Robert Archibald Galbraith. Viscount Robert Galbraith and Viscount Nikolai Othaman in Haenseti Court Rivian Historians view the leadership of Robert Galbraith as a mixed one. His leadership led to the establishment of the Rivian Fatherland and through his marriages to a De Selm and later Princess Anne of Oren, Robert managed to socially elevate the House to a Viscounty. Restoring nobility to the House. Robert’s reign is however considered mixed in its results for House Galbraith as contemporary historians attribute most of the legwork to his son the father of the Rivian people, Lord Philip Rupert Galbraith. Despite founding the Rivian Watch little was developed until the reign of Viscount Philip and Duke Charles ‘the young boar’. Robert met his end to his grandson Viscount Nikolai Othaman who coldly betrayed the elderly Viscount of Rivia, an action which should only have been expected by nature of his Haenseti blood. For his crimes Nikolai was confined to the dungeons of Kaer Coch for the remainder of his miserable existence, at the mercy of the vengeful, now Viscount, Philip. It is not known to historians what took place deep in the rock of Rivia yet it can be certain that Viscount Philip executed his retribution. “Ignem odium nanis habeo” -Lord Commander Montgomery ‘Piss’ Potte ‘Gold Barber’ The reign of Philip showed the greatest elevation in station for the House of Galbraith. Under him the Rivian Watch flourished and reached an estimated size of 1500 men solely loyal to the Viscount himself. With this newfound power the Viscount first established strong ties to the monarchy through royal marriages and secondly eliminated the regional muttley Houses who contested his power, namely the Darkwoods. A move which was only further utilised by the bane of the Helvetii Duke Charles Antonius of Rivia. Viscount Philip was a master of balancing his soft and hard power, splitting his time between the courts of Providence and the courtyard of Kaer Coch. Philip played an instrumental role in both the Aster revolution and later the Brothers’ War. In the former the Viscount used his subterfuge skills to sneak into the Palace of Philip II, whilst disputed amongst scholars it is theorised that he was able to kill the Emperor thus allowing Philip III to assume power with haste. In the Brothers’ War the Viscount played a similar role, providing invaluable information to the Royalist cause which earned him the Vice-Chancellor position where he served for decades mostly operating in the shadows as his illness grew worse. It is rumoured that the Viscount was poisoned by the scornful Imperialists and thus grew ill to the point of having to feign retirement. The Rivian Watch in Preparation for a Purge of the Helvetii Duke Charles Antonius of Rivia earned many names throughout his reign. His enemies knew him as Duke Charles ‘the Bastard’ and his allies ‘the Young Boar’ but to the Rivians he was ‘Helveticus Maximus’. Rivian historians have poured over primary evidence to locate any crumb of disputed heritage and found no legitimate sources which would be of any use. Thus it can be concluded that the epithet ‘the Bastard’ is only of propagandistic fabrication and subsequently should be ignored by any well meaning historian. Under the reign of the young boar Rivia began its golden age where culture thrived amongst its solid redbrick fortifications. The Rivian Watch reached its peak of 2500 men, many of whom were from the fierce levy of House Potte known for their fighting ability and brutality. Thus the Duke projected his power as he duly was required. The muttley House of Helvets of Cathalon was the next target in the sights of the Rivians. The family was ailing as certain members began to be infested with Adunian blood, as a result the stoic Duke Charles soon rallied his men. Duke Charles’ claim to the Duchy was as good as any if not stronger for he did not possess the infection of Adunic heritage like many that claimed to be true Helvetii. Historians debate the means by which the Duke Charles went about his purge yet they do not contest the results. The seat of Kaer Blanche was left empty and bloodstained its inhabitants all but bones in the dungeons of fortress of Kaer Coch, meeting a similar fate to the Darkwood heathens under Philip, the once proud Helvetii soon crumbled under the steel boot of the Rivian Watch. It was only the folly of Duke Charles himself which brought about the end to his life. His ambitious attempt to kill the Baron of Acre soon failed as Acremen poured into the Rivian breach and ended the Duke’s life all but too early for the young boar. Scholars to this day debate the nature of what occurred during that fateful altercation yet seemingly we shall never know. “Marmoream se relinquere, quam latericiam accepisset.” - The Last Words of Duke Charles ‘Helveticus Maximus’ Following the death of the Duke the Rivian fortress was brought down, demolished by Barclays. Likely killing Viscount Nikolai in the rubble of riches and bones that was soon lost to time. The level of wealth that was possessed by Viscount Philip and Duke Charles is unknown yet tales of cursed vaults upheld by golden totems adorned with the histories of Galbraith attract many a treasure hunter and petty thief alike. It is yet to be seen what is next in the chapters of history for the House Galbraith however it can be certain that it shall be most eventful for the years to come, for the blood of Charles lives on in his sons Vibius and Edward.
  3. [!] You find a strange letter in your aviary mailbox OREN IS BACK! Due to recent events, it is clear to us that the seat of Horen is in the wrong hands, thusly the Kingdom of Bywater is to act upon its hereditary claim to the title of Holy Orenian Empire, the Weefolk due to their longer lifespans are far closer descendants to the father of all mankind therefore we shall rule in his name. From this day onward we are hereby the Holy Orenian Empire, let any that challenge our claim do so infront of GOD in the field of battle. Ave Orenia, Ave Knox, Ave Bywater! ~Emperor Cyris the First, Legitimate Ruler of the Imperial-Halfling Empire
  4. THE PROMISED OF MONTEROSA An Announcement of Betrothal 15th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 47 BA To the nobles and citizens of Balian, It is the great pleasure of His Royal Majesty, King Alexander I, to formally announce the betrothal of his firstborn child, Prince Hadrian Casimir, and his future bride, Princess Andromeda of Ba’as. This promised betrothal is the result of countless years conducting diplomacy with the distant principality following their sending of ‘The Saffar Letter’, an arrangement that ultimately seeks to join our two cultures together above all else. This future union is made all the better by the Princess’ conduct within the kingdom and city of Atrus, endearing herself to both the Crown Prince and the people these past years since her arrival. It is the wish of the young intended pair, however, to allow themselves time to bond and grow closer prior to their union. Thus, the Crown has given them permission to spend the next five years traveling the lands of Almaris and allowing Princess Andromeda the chance to learn about this continent that still remains foreign to her. It is their hope likewise to garner a more enlightened view of the world that might aid them in future, especially when it comes time for them to ascend to the throne as King and Queen-consort. Herein, let it be known that 52 BA shall mark the year of the Crown Prince’s nuptials, with a series of events preceding and succeeding the wedding ceremony itself. May Saint Lothar guide our Prince and his future bride. REJOICE, FOR HERE LIES OUR FUTURE! AVE BALIAN! HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Prince Hadrian Casimir, Prince of Monterosa & Duke of Abretta HER HIGHNESS, Princess Andromeda Ester of Ba’as
  5. A series of pages are posted upon the taverns of Oren's capital of Vienne. A dwarf, clad in blue face paint and warm looking robes walked the land of the newer Harvest Confederacy, though rarely if ever spoke, and made strides to ensure that every tavern and meeting hall in the land was gifted a copy of the song. While the dwarf was younger, maybe a few years over 300, the papers he sported were signed by an Ajax 'Belka's Quill' Frostbeard, an ancient dwarf from the days of the Kaz'Ulrah revolution, and a known songwriter of the second age. anyone who would ask about the younger dwarf , would be told he is Bojakk, son of Ajax, and the courier of his songs and writings. He was tasked with delivering the many copies of the song to all the people's of the nation that was once called Oren. The reason for doing all this was rarely if ever given, and murmurs and rumors were circulating through town. Was it an appeasement to the Man-folk that the old dwarf sought? was it a random act of kindness? Was it an appreciation for the depth of culture and history of Oren? Bojakk never replied to the inquiry, and not long after finishing delivering the texts to the various large houses and inns of the and, he vanished back south to the mountains ,and to the holds of Urguan. [Credit to Asutto for the Artwork] Oren's Land
  6. THE PITIFUL DISPUTE The Shotus Of Fools Written by Yves Michael of Aeldin Penned on the 28th of Malin’s Welcome, In the year of 1883 The Queen of Wonderland (1803) To my cousins and relatives to the North and South. I not only plead but demand you both stop this dispute. The Lady of the South should know to keep her mouth shut. She brings shame to our name and drags it through the dirt for exposing any showcase of hate or bitterness to another member, especially a former matriarch of the family. You not only bring shame to expose any showcase of weakness, but you also cause trouble and division within the Rosius Dynasty. I would have expected the Baroness of the South to act with more dignity and common sense before thinking to write anything of the sort Then to the Lady of the North, I scold you as well. Not for defending your own mother, the late Baroness Hera de Rosius. But for also bringing this dispute and scandal into the light of the public even more than our Cousin. Our dynasty was kept together and strong this long. For not who was more in the right, but knowing that working together will bring glory and honor. Valent, Otis, and Philip. Worked together to keep our dynasty strong and mighty, working hard not only to get their own recognition by being a holy knight or a political savvy statesman, but to allow their descendants to thrive under their fruits of labor. I know my words are harsh. But this action, this minor action to some. Is shameful and plainly idiotic. The anger which flowed through my veins when I saw these two articles, public articles, given by my poor elderly butler who was exposed to my ill behavior after seeing my reaction. I might as well have had a heart attack, as this just made my mind go into a state of fury, my brows furrowing as I scream and throw the articles into the flames in a fit of rage and anger. I only felt shame and sorrow after my outbursts of despair and wrath. As not only had I felt betrayed by seeing this but also injury for this showcase of weakness from both parties. Injured or not. I say this, stop this dispute immediately. Make amends publicly and never speak of this matter again or face the consequences of your actions. Do you wish for our family to be like the Rutherns? They literally were torn apart because of these types of actions. Do you wish for our family to be like the families divided in the War of Two Emperors? Cousin against Cousin, Mother against Daughter, and Father against Son? You two sicken me with these foolish games, actions which could have easily been thought over. But you let your own personal judgment dictate your actions, which historically never worked for any leader. Look at the entirety of Johannesburg. Destroyed because a mad Johannian Emperor would rather not let his brittle throne and deteriorating capital be taken over then to live and allow his legacy be remembered as just a failure, instead he is known as a mad, sinnful, and selfish Emperor. You both give me two choices, either hope you two amend for your mistakes and we all simply pass over this hiccup or I denounce you both and never speak with either branch of the family again. I am more convinced to do the second option but I am a merciful and kind relative who would rather see my family be more united than torn and broken. I hope the two of you sway me to pick the first option as I had only recently come to Alamaris and to settle within the Johannian Princes and Lords of the Horenic Dynasty within Sedan and do not wish to completely shut off my own blood from any forum of communication. DIEU AVEC NOUS, The Lord de Rosius Yves Michael of Aeldin
  7. Lost Elisanna Antoinette Keen 1860-1881 Elisanna was not a people person. Her parents ended things when she was a young child, dividing her family. As Elisanna got older, she came to the conclusion that she was never destined to be a Lady of House Keen. She then left on her own. She bought a boat ticket to an unknown location and never came back. Months into her journey, Elisanna's boat capsized in the middle of the sea, and she perished along with it. Her close companion lived and sent messages to her family before hitting the shore.
  8. The Rivian Roll Preamble The Heraldry and subsequent family in which their arms represent, which are detailed in this Roll do not possess any landed peerage and are simply gentle or even common in standing, with the exception of House Galbraith of course. This particular Roll of Arms details the collected arms and heraldry of the families currently residing within or nearby the Viscounty of Rivia. While it is of course not fully representative of every family within the Viscounty it details the more prominent and notable of the residential families. The House Of Galbraith The Lords of Rivia The House de Rochefort The Lords of Rochefort and Allies to the Lords of Rivia The House Of Potte Gentlemen and Bannermen to The Lords of Rivia The House Of Bracciano Common Men and Bannermen to The Lords of Rivia The House Of Gendik Common Men and Bannermen to The Lords of Rivia The House de Lusignan Common Men and Bannermen to The Lords of Rivia The Right Honourable, Philip Rupert Galbraith, Viscount of Rivia The Honourable, Charles Antonius Galbraith, Baron of Rivia Her Imperial Highness, Victoria Emma Augusta, Countess of Carolustadt, Baroness-dowager of Rivia
  9. THE GREYCLOAKS GreyCloak Ranger passing through the lands of Providence PREAMBLE In the 63rd year of the second age in the town of Arichsdorf, Frederick Di Napoli would ride into town. With the recent troubles within Almaris and the ever-growing presence of war within the continent, he would choose to establish the first guildhall of the GreyCloaks in the town. His mentor and teacher had been Hider GreyCloak, a ranger from Norland who had taught him everything about being a man of the wilderness. Now with Frederick as the newfound Captain on the spearhead of the next ranger movements in the continent, the hope is to found and spread the word of the GreyCloaks to have uniformed guilds throughout Almaris, protecting the smaller settlements and frontiers of the continent, keeping balance and peace in the world. The GreyCloak are not strictly professional soldiers. They stand in no lines or guard no gates. Nor are they mere foragers, content to eat berries and drink spring water. For the ranger, all of life is a battle. Their fight does not begin at the bark of a general, or end with the war-horn’s howl. It began when Man first felt the bite of the cold in his chest, and the sting of heat scorching their brow. When they found themselves alone and lost in a dark world- but saw for the first time the stars charting a path to the light of victory. RANKS A veteran ranger with his Cloak and longsword The extravagance of a military guild’s long ladder of ranks seems rather out of place in the ranger’s world. Every ranger is expected to have the same base set of skills as any other. Naturally, some men take to certain tasks better than others, and if a mission calls for a particular man’s expertise, the Leader will designate them to lead it. But which skills will be most essential depends on the task at hand. The best man for one assignment may be the worst man for another. Thus, the rangers free themselves from the shackles of titular bureaucracy and can award commands based on merit and the demands of their current objectives. WILDERS Wilders are members of the guild, who haven’t officially started their training, they are either often people who Rangers assess if they are beneficial to the cause. They are often picked or selected from the applications sent to the guild. Wilders are often informally tested to not only prove their loyalty to their work but to also assess their moral obligations. APPRENTICE New recruits to the guild are known as Apprentices, signifying their status as travellers on a sacred quest. Every Apprentice undergoes rigorous mental and physical training beside a class of fellows. Together, they learn to live off the land, to track men and beasts by the prints they leave behind, to read the sky, and to master the ranger’s weapon of choice- the longbow and recurve bow. Upon the successful acceptance into the guild, Apprentices are then awarded a long Cloak, which they wear and maintain for the rest of their life. RANGER They are given the same responsibilities and privileges carried by all fully initiated members, who came before them. They shall uphold the duties of the guild and cause; the rangers are loyal to the cause of the guild and shall cherish the training that they will continue to strive to gain. These Rangers are provided with assignments that they shall either work alone or with a gathering of the guild, provided by their leader. A group of rangers working on an assignment in Ebonwoods CAPTAIN The Captain is the executive head of the Greycloaks. Their main responsibilities consist of overseeing Apprentice training, delegating rangers to apprentices, planning and directing response to assignments, and maintaining discipline across the guild. The Leader’s word is final but this veto power is rarely if ever exercised. Serving Captain: Frederick Di Napoli (Ze_claus) RECRUITMENT To join the Greycloak Rangers, either seek out the Ranger Captain found in Arichsdorf or fill out the application: (Please reply with this format below!) Minecraft Username: Full Roleplay Name | Alias: Discord: Timezone (Optional): Reason you would like to join:
  10. 𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒓'𝒔 𝒔𝒌𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒖𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒆𝒍 Hola! It’s been a while but I am back with yet another skin auction! I know it's been a year since my previous one, but I'm back with another one. All the bids will be in USD, because I am need funding. I am moving into a new apartment so all this money will be going to that! All bids will be starting at 11$ USD copy and paste this for the bidding format. DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID Rules ☼ Make sure the person you're trying to outbid is aware! ☼ ALSO! No reposting on PMC, please! Just because you bought the clothing doesn't mean you get to claim credit for making it; I still did! ☼ please contact me via PM. My discord is doreebear#3218 if you have any questions. ☼ I have the right to refuse to sell a skin to anyone. If they are a notorious skin thief, splice-er, post without attribution, or simply a toxic and terrible person, I will refuse to give them my skins. My skins, I feel, should go to individuals who value my work, others, and myself as a person. ☼ Unless I give you permission, you may not resell or put my skins up for sale/auction somewhere else. Auction will close On Friday the 13th at 4pm CST MALE Gray Gothic Blue-Pilled All for One and One for All Always Pay Their Debts You Know Nothing The Mad Prince Prospero FEMALE Adventures and Furs I would always rather be happy than dignified. You Poor Wretched Souls Nordic Goddess I and my Annabel Lee She's From the North
  11. Among the creative and intelligent minds of the Odinson Clan comes forth a tailor shop specialized to your needs. Offering to craft anyone any outfit they so desire, the Odinson's guarantee you satisfaction or you get your money back. A small 100 mina per outfit and you can be as sharply dressed as a nobleman without the hassle of politics! Stop by the Odinson Clan house and place a letter in our mailbox indicating you would like a spot in line for one of our expertly made outfits. Ranging from dresses to cloaks to armour, we've got it all! And, while you're stopping by, consider inquiring about joining the clan and earning yourself a place within the ranks of the Clan of Intellect. Sincerely, The Odinson Clan (OOC: Please message me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 if you're interested in an outfit! my rate is 100 mina for a large outfit, 70 for a more minor outfit, and 150 for a full skin! Continually, whats earned will go into the improvement of Elysium, so do consider it! Prices are subject to change if you can't afford it <3)
  12. wowsirs's third skin auction! (i can't think of a better name) i closed commissions, and here's what i made instead! folks, i'm back at it again with my monthly drop of overpriced skins. yay! i closed comms for like two weeks and immediately regretted it, because now i have nineteen skins available for YOU lovely people to purchase! i know this is happening right after sarah's auction post, however i'm going to simply ignore that fact, and pretend that you people still have money. since these skins are of various amounts of pixels and detail, the starting bid will be included in the skin's name. enjoy! ((as usual, credits to the lovely shaydelicious <3)) bids must increase by $1 (or 25 mina) and you must be able to pay for the bid when the auction closes (paypal or ingame) (ex. a 225 mina bid is equivalent to a $9 bid. you would need to bid $10 to outbid this) if a bid switches to or starts with irl currency, it cannot switch back to mina. don't edit your bid, just make a new comment if you are out-bid and tag the previous bidder no non-bid comments auction closes: saturday, february 12, 5pm EST bidding format skin: bid: discord: ACCESSORIES golden sparklies - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd the 'romanesque' - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd sheer kokoshnik* - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd cozy capelet - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd ALEX SKINS armenian dream - starts at 175 mina / 7 usd plum tudor - starts at 175 mina / 7 usd victorian greenhouse - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd ruskan elegance - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd lavender honey - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd extra cozy - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd shoulders aplenty - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd flushed florals - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd brighten up, buttercup* - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd scruffy combinations - starts at 100 mina / 4 usd STEVE SKINS (+ ARMOR) use protection - starts at 200 mina / 8 usd fuzzy shoulders - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd not a vampire™ - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd grellow cloak - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd fuzzy shoulders 2, electric boogaloo - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd references are available for every skin, just slide me a dm! (@cap'n#4985) * - these skins have sheer elements which may not display right on the black base. dm me for screenshots without it!
  13. Blindness In Hate A View From Fear And Sorrow I am foolish, surely. I know this by simply writing this after the recent Imperial Court when two Haense men were put to death. At this court, a man had exclaimed, give mercy, two more asked the same. Then I wished to speak of my own thoughts. I said, “Your Imperial Majesty, I disagree.” This is when I was silenced. After this, the people within the court had started to cheer for the death of the Haense-men. I was given cold stares by objecting. I was upset. Why was my own voice silenced above others? When the rest of the courtiers and citizens left. I spoke with a woman. I said how distressed I was. To think we will cheer for death? Even when these men have killed our own brutally? Do they deserve this fate? Of course traitors of the Empire and to God must be punished. But to cheer for the death of an entire people? Cheers of “Death to Haensers.” I remembered, I was asked by my dear friend “Would you really speak even if a noose was wrapped along your neck?” I responded. Yes. Because I value my voice. If I was given a voice by God, why not use it? So here I am. The Halls Of Providence (1800) Why do I write this then? I want to show, no, express my sadness. Of course, cheer for our victories. But that doesn’t mean the ones we kill don’t have families, children, and loved ones. Alas, traitors must be killed, alas, heathens must be killed. We are at war and we must kill to win. War is depressing and bloody. Violent. But will we become so blind in hate? So blind in hate to even fear of death for speaking out? To fear within our own home, our own soil and grass. I am not afraid, I am open to criticism. But I will not be silenced. But will you all be open to the same? For me to give critique? Is it not the foundation of our Empire! That all of us will have voices. That all of us are children of God and united under the Orenian flag. I will not stay silenced and I will speak my mind. I will speak my heart, my soul. I will share my view from this fearful and sorrowful island which I stand on, covered by a sea of hate. I pray for victory of the Empire, I sacrifice for our Empress and Emperor when in battle, I pray for the souls corrupted by heathen kings and princes, But I will not fight or pray for hate. Sincerely, Héloïse
  14. THE TRUE CRIMES OF PHILLIP Oren is dying. The views of the founder dies with it. Kings and lords treat the low born, the peasants and even the backbone of their own army as mere damn fodder. I have visited and seen Providence, and many other cities. I see how the poor are clearly not our enemy, but it is their masters. They are treated like mindless fodder, destined to die on some battlefield. I personally have met many people of Oren, kind fellows, hate having not blighted their minds. However, highborn fools spit at my mere existence, their narrow minds hating those who do not fit into their world, while the common people viewed me as an equal. It is clear the rich and wealthy care not for their people. Phillip damns his people to constant death. Phillip damns his empire. People are torn from their families, to die because of a petty feud because the lords could not give up one rich man. When I visited Providence, it was the first time I saw a homeless man. He showed a deep goodness, being helpful even to those better off than him. He did not deserve his condition. So many lives, ignored, forgotten. Phillip has abandoned his people. Written by Glod Grimgold, Urguan citizen, based on his constant visits to Providence, and the countless interactions experienced.
  15. 7th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1857 So it came, another weary night for the old Duke of Cathalon. He had spent the eve pacing his halls, ever drained from the ordeals of recent years. Once he had all the piss and vinegar of youth, but father time had seen to that. His hand grazed over a dusty windowsill, recoiling as he took notice of the wrinkles that adorned the appendage. “All that you see before you is yours, dear. From the River Reden to the Petra, all that falls beneath the statue of the horse is yours.” He heard his mother say, recalling the touch of her hand on his brow and the golden tresses that would wreath him in an embrace. It was a simpler, boring time. It almost moved the Duke to a smile, were it not for the dagger that punctured his mind for daring to recall. Her death was but the first that he could not put right, the thought unsettling him as he gave a final look out over the hills dissolving into dusk. Beside him now paced a phantom of his younger days, moving through the vaunted Cheval Hall. He sparred with the pottery as a boy, practicing his spins, twirls, and pirouettes as he had been taught. Below he saw himself drinking with friends, belligerent in his candor as he socked a bard in the mouth. He also saw his sister come and go, the presence of his elder sibling he greatly missed as she departed at last with an easel and wrapped portraits. Arriving at the door of his bedroom, he took a glance back to it all now. Where once had been visions of himself, he saw his children scurrying about the halls. In one corner his sons Helton Rhodes and Owyn Leopold quarreled, fighting over whose turn it was to shoot the arbalest. Another he saw his daughters Henrietta Therese and Francesca Ada fuss with their dresses and braiding each other’s hair. At the windowsill he saw Guinevere Amadea throw down a rope of bedsheets to escape for the night while Saturnina Cyrille fidgeted with her hands, contemplating tattling on her younger sister. Then there was Daphne Priscilla, no more than four at the time, cradling the newborn Laurentina Marigold wrapped in swaddling clothes. The Duke lingered there for a time, finding some small contentment before the beat of his heart struck like a hammer, pressing him on. Within his room was darkness as he was greeted by a pale specter of a woman whose back was turned to him, Raven-haired, he knew it to be his wife Leopoldine Vivien and so the Duke moved to embrace his beloved. He imagined the warmth of her touch, shutting his eyes as tears sprung forth and dripped through the vision of his wife. Still, however, she did not turn to him. “You know this is not real…” she murmured to him, “I know.” He murmured back, collecting himself after a few breaths. When the Duke opened his eyes the specter now faced him recalling every gruesome detail of the dead woman. She was devoid of eyes, peering at him with empty sockets that bleed over her porcelain skin, her neck ripped and torn open as if by some savage beast. Thus did the Duke’s torment begin and every image of his dead loved ones appeared within the room. The twisted form of his mother Blanche, broken by the fall she had taken. The contorted neck of his daughter Daphne who had likewise fallen from a height, unable to breath in her last moments. Then there was his eldest daughter Henrietta who had perished most recently. He had only seen after she had been prepared for the funeral pyre, but nevertheless the eerie stillness of her form was enough to unnerve him. So many were gone now, what a truly terrible thing it was for a father to outlive a child. Beyond the dead, however, the Duke saw a light come through in the windows of his bedroom. The landscape that had so recently fallen into the night was now engulfed in flame. In the shadows cast over the land, he saw the fates that were still to come, small horrors in and of themselves. The Duke shut the curtains and turned to the dead. “I’ve had enough for the night.” He spoke aloud and they did vanish, leaving him alone in the dark. Shutting his eyes, the Duke made ready for bed, retracing his way around the room from memory. Outside he heard the whinny of a horse and the clip-clop of its hooves, no doubt one from his own stables, paying it no mind he crawled into bed. Thomas Andrew then laid down and died. R.I.P. 1793-1857
  16. The Second Ferry Agreement, 1856 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1856 I. The Ferrymen will receive 3,000 minas in payment. II. The Ferrymen will be given land in the Holy Orenian Empire at the conclusion of the war. III. The Ferrymen Quartermasters will be granted command authorization for raids, skirmishes, battles, etc, given pay equivalent to the General of the ISA, and be allowed a place in the Imperial Crown’s council of war. IV. The Ferrymen will agree to provide mercenaries and to assist the Holy Orenian Empire in the next Imperial offensive or defensive operation. AD DEI GLORIAM, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Philip III, Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Adria, and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Anastasia I, Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess of Ves, Duchess of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Adria, and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. His Imperial Excellency, Duke of Azor, Lord Joseph d’Azor His Excellency, Lord Ivan var Ruthern Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Lord of Shipwreck Keep, Occupier of New Providence, 40 Star General, The Greater Lobster Fisherman, Premortem Saint of Epic Ballads, Protector of the Farfolk
  17. [!] In Almaris, a crudely constructed snowman would sit in the middle of the town squares everywhere, with a letter attached to it. Salutamu! I am Yaşamın! and I am in search of my father! well, I am pretty sure my actual father is dead! but please help me find this man, he is my new papa! I met him when I snuck out of my family's house, in search of my really Pappa who went to go get cigarettes, it's alright, like I said he's probably dead. but I need to find this one, so please help me! I drew a description of him and his name. His name is Lucian, and he has a funny accent that makes me giggle, mr. pappa if you see this, please leave a letter on one of my mr. snowmanses From: Yaşamın [!] a dried splotch stained the paper, as if a child had eaten some snow from her snowmen, and coughed onto the missive by accident. A small Illatian would be seen waddling around Oren, having returned to her snowman, only to see another write a response on her sign, seizing the paper before turning around to shout. "HEY! WHERE'S MY PAPPA?! WHO WROTE THIS?!"
  18. The Denouncement Of The Aggression Between Asterland And Greenland 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1853 “The Brothers” by Helen of Susa (1772) To the Countess of Greenland and the Prince of Asterland I hope this public notice finds the both of you in good health. I am quite concerned and frightened by the conflict between the two child nations within Oren. I hope both rulers will be able to peacefully with grace, negotiate terms for peace. Where both sides will admit their faults and then forgive and forget. As in the end, we are all Orenian and try to seek to find comradeship with our fellow Orenians united under our divine monarchs, their Imperial Majesties, Philip III and Anastasya of Kostiz. So I plead for Katerina de Sarkozy and Nikolai Othaman to stop this fighting at once and come to negotiate terms for peace. Where mentioned once more, both rulers will put aside their pen and ink or, their blades to seek peace. The negotiations, if accepted by both sides! The negations will be mediated by yours truly, Héloïse Thérèsa Halcourt de Artois. Alone will we negotiate in a room within my family's house within the capital, where the forces of Greenland and Asterland will await for the negotiation results outside of the manner. GOD WITH US, Héloïse Thérèsa Halcourt de Artois
  19. THE CITY STATE OF OREN AND ITS SURROUNDING MANORS Saint James Bleeds THE BATTLE OF NEW PROVIDENCE BRIDGE Twenty-thousand Tripartite. Seven-thousand dead. Forty-thousand Imperials. Twenty-Thousand dead. Those twenty thousand Tripartite surmounted the steps to New Providence, chins lifted to the skies and with grips of resolve to their weaponry. At the very front stood three - the commanders of the Tripartite. Captain Banjo, Diome Indoren and the Butcher of the East, Brick. Those three shared glances, for this is where their dawn had begun all those years ago - forty some. It was nearing the Saint’s year anniversary of the first bloodshed Orenia had received on Almaris. When they fought with five-thousand against sixteen-thousand, where all sixteen-thousand were slain and tasted their foremost major defeat. But a few of the old guard stood with them, yet the grumbles and chants of war still echoed from the side of the Tripartite. Against such unfavourable odds again, would they triumph once more? Any who witnessed the slaughter on the steps of Providence would answer with a resounding yes. Outnumbered two-to-one, facing a force of forty thousand Orenians, the Tripartite force valiantly charged the front gates of the city, where they exchanged numerous volleys of arrows with its defenders. After being forced to abandon their positions atop the walls by relentless arrow fire, the Orenian force consolidated and sallied out to meet the Tripartite army in battle. The first two of their charges were unsuccessful, being swiftly outmaneuvered and beaten back behind the walls of Providence. It was in the midst of these failed attempts that Diomé Indoren personally led multiple infantry charges against the enemy, ultimately leaving eight-thousand Imperials slain. To the dismay of the Tripartite commanders the third push of the Orenians found success, effectively splitting the already outnumbered force in two and crushing much of the Tripartite cavalry. Rather than capitalize on this, the Imperials saw fit to blindly chase a band of no more than four-thousand Tripartite soldiers all the way to the Urguani borderlands. These Orenians found themselves deftly evaded by the Tripartite men who managed to join the main force at (Providence Bridge) once again. Here, Auguste van Aert rallied his men and drove them against the scattered Imperials who remained, cutting down four-thousand before routing them toward Providence. As the other half of the Orenian army made their way back to the field of battle along the road from Southbridge they were harassed relentlessly by the cavalry of the Ferrymen. Seeing their weakened state the Butcher of the East led a lance charge into the Imperial cavalry, knocking most from atop their steeds and trampling them underfoot. Knowing their situation to be hopeless, the remainder of the Imperial army finally began their retreat. The Tripartite army, emboldened by their victory, gave chase as they ran for the safety of the walls of the capital. Hope was there for the assailants, seeing as the Orenians had turned charges and fought with some crumbs of honour. Yet, minutes turned into more – the Imperial State Army and those who took up arms with them had retreated into their fortifications a final time. At the climax of the battlefield, the last standing knight – Sir Mohammad Hassan – fought with Islamic fervor against Captain Banjo; he was last seen praying to Allah as a longsword impaled his midriff. (SIR MOHAMMAD HASSAN 4 LYFE)
  20. [!] Lo and Canticle, for scattered by the wind 'cross the hills of Almaris fell a missive; and whether it was lodged within crevasses of piled wood or stone, or caught in the vortexes of rubbish that blew within the alleyways of Providence or Karosgrad, or 'gainst the barnacle-ridden planks biding sailors from a watery grave along the strait that split the continent twixt, did it bear this foreboding message: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, The lion sleeps tonight. In the jungle the quiet jungle, The lion sleeps tonight. Near the village, the peaceful village, The lion sleeps tonight. Near the village, the quiet village, The lion sleeps tonight. Hush, my darling, don't fear, my darling, The lion sleeps tonight. I'll hush my darling, don't fear it, darling, The lion sleeps tonight.
  21. The Duke’s Affirmation of Faith Seeking Penance 1st of Horen’s Calling, 1850 Issued and penned by the Duke of Cathalon from Cheval Hall. To whom it may concern, It is not for us, the laity, to decide upon matters of the clergy, ardent worshippers such as we seek the guidance of the Holy Synod and the Holy Mother Church led by the Vicar of GOD, His Holiness to bring us to moral righteousness and salvation in the Seven Skies. Duke Thomas Andrew Helvets, and the whole of the House of Helvets do affirm our fealty in faith to His Holiness, High Pontiff Everard VI. The tumultuousness of the past year of 1849 is behind us all, so let all come forward in this new year to be of one Empire, one faith, one High Pontiff. Lessons of the War of Two Emperor’s are remembered well within the household of Helvets, and bloody schism shall only lay humanity low as we sit at the precipice of invasion by the dwarves. Thus we denounce the actions of schismatics who would tear the tapestry of our faith apart and anoint themselves as its leaders. It is our fervent wish that their Imperial Majesties be reconciled with His Holiness, and that remedy be found so that the unity of our faith remains whole and the brotherhood of Canonism defended. We are their Imperial Majesties vassals always and the true Vicar of GOD, His Holiness High Pontiff Everard VI, leads the faithful. I, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, seek penance from our Holy Mother Church so that excommunication and interdiction may be lifted from the souls of our Empire. We appeal to His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Albarosa, @KaiserJacobII, the Archbishop of our local diocese to hear our plea and dispense such penance. Signed, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon
  22. A young Li-Ren’s depicting of the Savoyard Court [!]A random poster of people screaming about cannons and stomping on each other is drawn[!] Below would be some sloppy words, the person not quite educated in the language. “They scream loud, CANNON CANNON CANNON MICHAEL!! Who is cannon they speak of? Does someone own cannon? Is cannon big? Where does one get cannon? The church sell cannon?” People died for cannon merchant. Said cannon wasn’t right, legitimate Michael was rightful cannon merchant Lots of shouting in cannon shop Cannon merchant got away, Was told that shortman worked with cannons Dwarves with cannons? Did shortman also Have cannon merchants? A stamped seal lays on bottom of the poster, with a large ? above it.
  23. A Letter Regarding Your Beds To the Vullier household, from a friendly dwarf. Now, while I am no expert on sleep, I do know a few things on a good nights rest. Not too long ago during the War, before your weak Emperor was embarrasingly coup'd, I raided your house, with ease I must say, and I came upon many of your rooms with beds. Now, one of the rooms stood out in particular, which I assume was your sons rooms. An issue I had with their beds, was how stiff they were, me and my partner layed in them, and soon found how uncomfortable they were, and as a warrior, one of many Wig-Wearer slayers, need to rest my back after slaying many an Orenian fool. So, I write you this letter, as a warning. A good nights rest, can lead to many positive things, and a stiff bed, one that of your sons, will only lead to their death on the battlefield. Another benefit of a soft bed is one more grim, but not uncommon for Orenians, it gives a soothing sense, after a long battle lost, watching many friends fall in battle to dwarven battlaxes can be tiring, and a soft bed sooths the blow. So next time I wish to visit, as I will, I hope to see you have a soft bed, and one that does not stain, for when blood will be spilt, I wish not to ruin your mattress. Sincerely, A Friendly Dwarf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1o3koTLWM
  24. Looking for family within Oren for new persona slot.... The character I am looking for preferably to be male. Preferably I'd like this character to start off in the age range of 16-19.
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