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  1. LA MELODIE DE ROSIUS "Un morceau de musique de Philip Hughes de Rosius" From within the tavern of Providence, Philip Hughes de Rosius was playing a rather interesting melody upon the piano; a piece of music made by himself. He called it "La Melodie de Rosius", due to him playing it in an Auvergnian style and due to his pride in his Auvergnian background. Together with this tune, he made copies of chords to spread it in Providence so people may play it anywhere at any time. And with the recent title granted to Duchess Anne Caroline of Auvergne, he also dedicated this piece of music to his fellow Auvergnians and to the Duchy of Auvergne itself.
  2. Evaluation of the 26th Diet Led by the Nationalist Party By: Thucydides Melphestaus 1837 INTRODUCTION: I served as an unaffiliated independent Representative of Providence within the House of Commons who due to actions done by the Nationalist Party was forced more often than not to side with the opposition. Through this recollection and evaluation of the 26th Diet led by the Nationalist Party, I hope to show the overall result and pinpoint events which happened during this Diet to allow the voter to better understand what their votes resulted in this Diet. EVALUATION: Failed Quorums - The Nationalist led House of Commons failed to meet quorum for their meetings twice, with the number of members of the Nationalist Party within the House of Commons, it is confusing to say the least why they were unable to have their members attend these meetings. The Nationalist party interestingly, throughout this Diet was heavily reliant upon the Opposition and independents to attend the meetings in order to reach quorum. Letting Charles Galbraith Go - The Nationalist Party due to either confusion on their part or personal preference towards the former Solicitor-General, allowed Charles Galbraith to dodge getting impeached, delaying their impeachment to the point that Charles Galbraith was able to announce his resignation, thus dodging the impeachment. Lack of Debating - Members of the Nationalist Party time and time again during meetings, seemingly refused to speak up against proposals during designated time of debating, yet then choose to vote against these documents. The only time the Nationalist Party did speak in debates was when they attacked a fellow representative regarding an opinion which did not relate to the document proposed at all. Lack of Proof-reading - Proposals made by the Nationalist Party had crucial flaws in them, upon multiple occasions. The most notable of these proposals being The Marriage Act of 1835, where the proposal would have made it so that commoners within Oren had their rights regarding consent revoked, and if passed would have made it legal to force commoners into marriage. If such a proposal was not spoken against by independents and the Adrianites, commoners would have seen themselves being kidnapped and forced into marriages they did not consent to have. Lack of Work - An overwhelming majority of members of the Nationalist Party within the House of Commons only spoke when told, and the only words they knew were “Aye” and “Nay”. No proposals were made by any member of the Nationalist Party other than two members, each of these members only proposing one law each to the House of Commons. Single Unanimous Proposal - Only one proposal this Diet was passed unanimously, which is disappointing to say the least, especially when it came from a member of the House of Commons who served as an independent, not as a member of the majority party, this representative being myself. CONCLUSION: In conclusion one can only see this 26th Diet as one which failed. Nothing whatsoever was done by the majority of the members of the House of Commons, especially members which were a part of the Nationalist Party. And without the oversight of the opposing party and independents our glorious nation of Oren would have seen herself taking steps backwards, instead of forward into a brighter future.
  3. Looking for family within Oren for new persona slot.... The character I am looking for preferably to be male. Preferably I'd like this character to start off in the age range of 16-19.
  4. The IBI Director Duncan would issue the following to only the members of the MOJ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ministry of Justice Code of Conduct Rules of conduct: Treat agents and members of the public with respect. Do not use your power as an officer of the law, for personal gain. Make sure people feel comfortable coming to you for help. If you and another agent have an argument, keep it civil, and if need be report it to a higher up. Do not use violence on anyone you have detained unless strictly necessary. Do not give out ‘vigilante’ punishments. Respect the chain of command, if someone who is a higher rank than you gives you a command, you must complete it. You are not immune from the law as an agent of the law. An Agent of the Ministry of Justice is: Trustworthy Loyal Helpful Brave Obeys orders at all times Reverent to GOD and COUNTRY, willing to defend both at all times Selfless A BREACH OF ANY OF THESE WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION
  5. Imperial-Nihilism Defining One of the Largest Ideologies Within Oren By: Thucydides Melphestaus INTRODUCTION Through this proposal I hope to introduce a groundwork set of thought for an ideology which has widely grown within that of Oren, seemingly unnoticeably at that too. Along with defining the ideology itself I shall be speaking upon how this form of ideology is incapable of existing on it’s own without that of other ideologies within the current system of government the Holy Orenian Empire has as of now. EXPLANATION Imperial-Nihilism is a term which I invented to combine the certain beliefs of Nihilism and the number of beliefs regarding the Holy Orenian Empire specifically. The pieces of Nihilism which are being taken from base Nihilism is primarily the belief within the philosophy that believes that life as a whole is meaningless, and human values are baseless. Then adapting these beliefs to focus more upon the political nature of Oren, to the belief that nothing which happens within the House of Commons, House of Lords, or any ministry truly matters at all, that it shall not affect the lives of the citizens of the nation in any true crucial way. This form of Nihilism I like to phrase as ‘Political Nihilism’ considering these nihilist beliefs do not always transfer over to personal beliefs, and etc. It however, should still be considered a political ideology rather than a philosophy like Nihilism is originally defined as due to this fact. However due to the nature of the Holy Orenian Empire itself the Orenese version Political Nihilism can be regarded as a sub-ideology of Political Nihilism, being phrased as ‘Imperial-Nihilism’. Imperial-Nihilism still holds its roots within that of Political Nihilism, in the fact that the ideology still holds the beliefs that nothing which happened in politics really matters whatsoever, but is evolved, or more so excludes matters of the state as a whole. Imperial-Nihilism adds to Political Nihilism the sense of duty and protection of one’s state, changing Political Nihilism’ belief upon nothing matters to exclude the nation as a whole. Resulting in Imperial-Nihilism valuing and caring about the nation as a whole, focused upon ensuring the Holy Orenian Empire continues to live on under that of an Emperor/ress with the basic structure of government the nation currently has. In truth the ideology of Imperial-Nihilism is a simple belief, or complex to have and understand. Yet to truly explain such a form of political ideology is one which is almost impossible to fully explain due to the seemingly unmixable mix of beliefs which somehow is that of Imperial-Nihilism. SYMBIOTIC Imperial-Nihilism however, is almost impossible to be self-reliant within a nation to the nature of the beliefs itself. For the holes within the political ideology itself are the Nihilist piece, or segment of itself. This is due to the fact that the Imperial Nihilist does not care to interact with politics, yet still cares enough to want to see the Holy Orenian Empire remain similar to how it has been. As such, Imperial-Nihilism serves as a political ideology which is capable of surviving symbiotically with other political ideologies, if these other political ideologies hope to see that the Holy Orenian Empire keeps with the current structures of government it has. Due to this symbiotic relationship however it makes Imperial-Nihilism incapable of acting as the center belief of a political party, a representative, or a government official, unless the Holy Orenian Empire’s structure of government changes drastically. Making the political ideology no threat to any other ideology which hopes to generally keep the Holy Orenian Empire how it currently is when it comes to the matter of government structure. Yet, at the same time Imperial-Nihilism serves as also its own poison due to it’s traits of not acting with politics in any form, allowing opponents of Imperial-Nihilism to rid a nation or set population of these beliefs without any counterattacks, or even facing any defenses from Imperial-Nihilism. CONCLUSION Imperial-Nihilism is a political ideology which is at its base Nihilism which has evolved to only include politics in it’s Nihilist beliefs, yet then mutated to exclude general structure of government from it’s Nihilist beliefs, making the political ideology a mess of beliefs combined together which somehow is capable of working together to make what we know as Imperial-Nihilism.
  6. ❦ Cozy Cafe Skin Auction ❦ [ SOLD !] This is my first ever skin Auction! I didn't know that I coincidentally named every single outfit after food when Imade these, thus leading to the 'cafe' theme! These skins are for females and are based on the clothing from Haense, Oren and Yong Ping! ALL SIX SKINS ARE MADE BY YOURS TRULY! ♥ ───── ❝ RULES ❞ ───── ➤ All bidding starts at 250 Mina ➤ Minimum Increase of Bids will be 10 - 100 Mina ➤ No editing any of your bids. Only comment if you are bidding. If you are bidding again please make a NEW COMMENT. ➤ No reposting/claiming/reselling ANY of the Skins. ➤ Any edits to the skin MUST BE REQUESTED to me, after the Auction is over and is sold to the winners. ➤ If you have any questions, please DO NOT COMMENT IT. Send the question to my Discord : agape#1755 ! The Auction will end in 3 days. Tuesday, August 24th, 5PM MT (Mountain Time)! ❝ FORMAT COMMENT ❞ DISCORD: IGN: SKIN TITLE: BID: ───── ༻✧༺ ───── ❦ SKIN MENU ❦ [ CLICK TO VIEW UP CLOSE! ] ❀ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok ❁ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok ✾ Sakura Tea At Midnight Kimono ❋ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono ✧ Tangarine Dreams ❇ Pale Marine Gin ❦ Good Luck! ❦
  7. The funeral pyre of King Sven II of Norland. Penned by Rev Vuiller from his experience during the historic moment in Norlandic History. Written on the 1st of the First Seed, in the year of our lord 1829 An painting of Rev Vuiller depicting the young man writing. It where an weathered day in our city of Providence when I packed my bags readying myself for my long travel to an place I'd had never believed I would set my foot on anything other than a diplomatic meeting, but as I had come to know from love, most things are not as first believed by eyesight. Upon entering the ferry carrying me to the docks of Varhelm I sat there with my book drawing the wonderful landscapes of the Kingdom we not long ago thought against on bloody battlefields, and today I where on my way to the funeral pyre of the man who had declared war upon our up most Holy Orenian Empire. Sketch taken from the notes of Rev Vuiller. As I entered the usually busy docks of Varhelm I met a quiet city in morning their late King, the docks not worked within, the people gathered within the scare as a funeral pyre had been made. the pieces left of the body of the late King gathered upon the pyre as friends and foes stood still in respect. Once the whole flock had gathered around the High Keeper would take her stance in front of the pyre placing a pair of candles upon the pyre by the head and feet of the late king, next she’d place a blade upon his chest uttering a prayer in Old Norlandic, after the masked priestess would hold up a decanter as well as an golden goblet, pouring a small portion of the wine to the ground before she’d fill the goblet placing it upon the pyre by the hand of the late King, she’d then turn as she’s begin to speak. "Today we mourn the loss of Sven Edvardsson; King Sven II of Norland. His life was a short one, and it was certainly an impactful one. In his few years as King he did a great many things comparatively, that is. He didn’t quite have the time to do as much as he could have. Sven was the fourth man to rule our people during my lifetime, and the third that I coronated personally. While I cannot say I was a fan of Sven, I will only ever remember him as a good man, if a bit too quick-to-action.” The public gathered would look to one another, as my eyes drifted a bit to the side as an old man in an humble grab would take his stance next to me, though aged and clearly in a more humbled grab I at the instant recognized the man as the former King of Norland Halvar Edvardsson. he’s face saddened as he'd look to the pyre where his son laid, the High Keeper would then once again begin to speak. "Today we usher our fallen King on to the next life, to be with the Father and serve as a solider for his Eternal Mission. But first, we must remember and honor him properly, and so I invite those who are so inclined to step forward, place your offerings upon the pyre, and say whatever words you wish to say in his Honor” A drawing sketched by Rev Vuiller of the former King Halvar Edvardsson of Norland, looking into the fires where his son would lie. The priestess would step towards the side as she motioned her hand towards the pyre, a slight cough leaving her lounge's behind her mask. Many unknown to me walked to the pyre placing upon its offerings to the late King as they would speak their kind words, I myself seemed to be the only Orenian at the funeral pyre therefore I walked to the pyre placing a shield upon it which I carried during the Tenth Nordling war. After looking at the other offerings, none of the faces stood out to me but those of two people, as I knew who they were. These being the former King Halvar Edvardsson, and the late King Sven II’s cousin and now King Vane Freysson. As Vane walked to the pyre he’d place multiple items upon it giving a firm nod of respect to his cousin before he’d turn to speak his thought "Ye were a good King cousin, ye were gone before yer time, but ye are with the Father now, with our Ancestors” he paused, a deep breath leaving his lounge's as he’d look to the ground for a moment before raising his chin “I am glad ye are there to protect us eternal from the Long Dark” he then walk from the pyre, once more taking his stance as he looked to it, in peace. A moment of silence would then pass, as the High Keeper looked to the gathering “Nothing further then?” she’d state, not long after the aging man by my side would raise his hand before he’d move towards the pyre while stating “I've got one..” the High Keeper would give of a solemn nod of recognition as an response. The former King would withdraw a roll of cloth, tied with a lengthy rope around it, withdrawing an aged looking but pristine sword holding an Norlandic ruby within its crossgard. “This served me well in the Inferi war. May it serve you well by the Father’s side. My Greatest regret will forever be my absence in your last moments, My pride and Joy.. My son” The former King would seem broken down, almost unable to stand by the end before he’d make his way back to the crowd, his hands placed behind his back as he’d look to the pyre. The elderly priestess would then once again give a solemn nod as she’d begin to pace her way behind the pyre “Then with the offerings made, we will proceed” she’d lift her staff towards the seven skies as she’d continue to speak “We now lay Sven II properly to rest. May our fallen King find glory in the forever-after, at the side of the Father, our protector and bulwark against the Darkness” she announced, lowering her flamebrand to begin, setting the pyre alight with brazier at its ends. an inferno growing from the pyre as the flames would raise, and thus we had given our farewells to the late King of Norland Sven II Even though bad blood has been spilt between the Kingdom of Norland and our up most Holy Orenian Empire many times before as close to our present day as the tenth Nordling war, it is important that we do not forget that they are still children of Godan, lost from his eternal light. Thus it was an important experience to partake in the funeral of the late Norlandic Monarch. We shall not forget the pain, blood and lost life's of our brothers and sisters, but we shall take these times and memories and use them for a better tomorrow. for a TIME of PEACE. Written by Rev Vuiller from his in person experience at the funeral of King Sven II of Norland.
  8. Posted along the streets of most major cities, a paper with bold writing hangs for all to read. "The Kingdom of Norland has proven on countless occasions they think not with their heads but with their greed and bloodlust. Now that I have your attention, my name is Inui R'ikarth. I wouldn't call myself anyone of grand importance, but I also wouldn't call myself a nobody, if only because of my participation in multiple kingdoms across the land. When I speak of my 'participation', I speak heavily of Norland, the place I started and for a while, the place I loved." "I'm an odd little Ker, No lineage to call my own except a single human man who I grew to consider my brother. Eugeo de Astrea. And its on his behalf that I write all this in the first place, as he and Elysium are suffering further abuse from their dictators in Varhelm. They've asked me to speak out on my story. He is the current lord of Elysium, my first home when I chose to finally leave a life in the woods. I found a family there, and even now I love and visit them. But it was not long that I got to spend with this family that Norland thrust us all into a needless war." "Young and naive at the time, I'll admit I was rather foolish, I probably still am. But I had good heart. Knowing nothing of the world, I was not so eager to believe Norlands lies that Oren was made up of monsters, that we had every right to wipe them out. Hearing that peace communications had gone unheard in Oren, I did a military's greatest nightmare, and ran off to Oren on my own volition hoping to achieve something for the peace effort, even if it wasn't my place." "I'll cut out some filler and spare you some details, but in my time there, I managed to achieve an audience with the Emperor, and to my pleasant surprise, he and his people were all kind and eager to help me find a peaceful path to ending the war. I hadn't yet realized it was my own kingdom at fault. With the Emperor's wishes for peace in hand, I returned to tell the news to the King. The King denied the chance I was giving him, and spoke only of desiring to see his axe in their heads. A perfect chance for peace, denied. I was forbidden by him to return or speak to the Orenians. But on top of being foolish, I was also stubborn. After many weeks of research and fact searching, I came to realize Norland's only goal with this war was to satiate their greed at the cost of not only Oren's people but Norland's as well. Despite Varhelm being so willing to go to war, they did little to nothing to aid their abused front line, my home, Elysium. My family was suffering such loss and pain over a war that never needed to happen in the first place, with no aid from those who brought all this pain over them. So despite being forbidden, I returned to Oren. I did so not to negotiate the end of the war, but to negotiate a way to save Elysium from Norland." "Unfortunately, before such a goal could be achieved, I was found out for going behind Norland's back after my participation in resolving an Orenian raid, and saving hostages was mentioned by name in an article." Copies of the Article are attatched "I was quickly summoned to the Palace to speak with the King's right hand, for what I assumed would be a harsh punishment. Despite that I still went, and to my confusion, what I found was seemingly the opposite. I was told that I was being inducted, not willingly mind you, into a new elite group that served the king, called the Red Hand. They said I was to be their diplomat, having seen my work. For a moment, I thought this was a good thing, that Norland was taking an opportunity to take a better path in the war. I was dreadfully wrong. In that same conversation, I was told my first assignment would be to abandon any efforts in Oren. I had a sick feeling, and realized quickly the only reason I was in the Red Hand, was to be managed. Or at least I thought, but it was so much worse. I asked them what I thought was an obvious question, as a diplomat, a representative of peace, I wouldn't be required to fight right? Wrong. Very wrong. They told me, and I quote," "The only peace left for you to find, is blood upon your blade." "They told me I would be required to fight, and that it would be at the front lines as well. A sense of dread filled me when I recalled, my summons had been written by the King, King Sven. He was man I called my friend, and I confided in him many times my frustrations because of my inability to fight, even after being taught. He knew this, and he's the one who summoned me to speak with his right hand. Knowing I had no skill to fight or defend myself, I was being ordered to the front lines of the war. This was just their way to kill me quietly." "I acted quickly, taking my things and fleeing from Norland all together. At the time, many of my family in Elysium were upset with me for the events of the article previously mentioned. Knowing their anger at me, I told no one except Eugeo that I left, and it broke my heart. I fled to the only other place I knew anything about in this realm, Oren. They gave me a heroes welcome, and worked with me to cover up the fact I had fled, making up the story they had instead arrested me as a spy for my sake. For my efforts, I was granted the position of diplomat for Oren, and for a while enjoyed a peaceful life there. So the war waged on. Despite it, I snuck into Elysium to visit Eugeo what rare times I could, and eventually I was spotted and found out." "Norland was expectedly upset. And many times tried to attack me, even while I was pregnant and unarmed. My visits to Elysium were cut down tremendously due to Varhelms hostility towards me. But eventually, the war was over. Once it was over, I was eager to see my friends again and went to pay them a visit. My family in Elysium was rather angry at me, until I told them the story behind why I left. It was a blessing to reunite with them. As I was speaking with one friend in Varhelm, I wanted to ask him about something. In my time away, I had heard heard rumors that during the war time, Norland has called me a war criminal. I asked him if those rumors had been true or not." "The current Norlandic King, Vane Freysson, who was at the time on the kings council, took note of me and my conversation. Despite once again being peaceful and unnamed, he decided to take it upon himself, with the help of an insane dwarf, to attack me. I tried to reason with them, never once fighting back but they chose to chase me. They ran me well out of Norland's borders but despite that, still knocked me out and dragged me back Norland. There Vane officially banished me as a proper war criminal, by threat of execution should I ever return. They told me I could leave this once without issue. But his associates decided I was better off dead before I could even leave. They found an excuse to kill me through my atronach prosthetics. Some time ago, I unfortunately lost both my legs and one of my arms and now wear magical limbs to function. For the crime of wanting to have limbs to function at a basic level, they decreed I was a void monster, and that I had to die. It was only through the grace of the Elysium Rangers, my family, that I was able to flee from Norland." "And so we come to the present. Elysium now faces tyranny from Norland, partly so because of how they've defended me on multiple accounts. False accusations of breaking the law and not upholding it have been levied towards the Rangers. Elysium has been stripped of military rights and attempts have even been made to arrest them. I tell you this now, Elysium is the only reason Norland is still even standing. Elysium is a shining example of people who are just, kind, and strong. Norland repays that with tyranny, sabotage, and abuse." "I had no intentions on ever making this story public, but after seeing Elysium bleeding and hurting, I decided to do so, here it is. My personal account of the abuse I have faced from Norland, all for wanting peace and for valuing my life. I hope this could shed some light on the reality of what I now call the Bloodthirst Kingdom." P.S. - Guess what Norland? I sneak into Elysium. Banishment wont stop me from seeing my family. -Inui R'ikarth ~Ambassador of Stygian Hollow, Head of Clan R'ikarth, Stygian Hollow Council Member.
  9. Act of the City Assembly 15th of Sun's Smile, 1828 ADUNIAN ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ACT Introduced in the City Assembly Passed in the City Assembly INTRODUCTION In recent times, anti-adunian propaganda has been spread in the name of a new political movement, targeting a whole race of people for nothing more than political attention and personal gain at the expense of said race. Adunians, a race that has grown rather common in Providence, and Oren itself, has been slandered and threatened almost daily now. With such a sharp rise in such a negative and harmful mindset, it is necessary to show that we as a City do not agree with such a sentiment. SECTION I: The Criminalization of Adunian Based Discrimination Within the walls of Providence any acts of discrimination against an Adunian based on their race be treated as a Misdemeanor offense, defined in 201.042 of the Oren Revised Code. Any found to be publicly doing so are to be apprehended by the appropriate authorities and tried under the charge of ‘Adunian based Discrimination’. Within the walls of Providence any acts of inciting discrimination against an Adunian based on their race be treated as a Felony, defined in 201.043 of the Oren Revised Code. If such an incitement were to result in any other laws broken, the original inciter(s) be tried as if they had committed the crime as well as the actual offender of said crime. Crime in this case refers to any action or reaction that would violate the laws provided in the Oren Revised Code. SECTION II: The Legal Definition of Discrimination Within the city of Providence the legal basis for this new charge be defined as follows: On Discrimination: Where an individual disseminates false or biased information or propaganda, or acts based on said information or biased, about a race, with intent to harm the overall reputation of said race, or to incite biased judgement of said race, in a public space or by distribution of printed materials, this shall be discrimination in the first degree, a misdemeanor. On Incitement: Where an individual intentionally and deliberately hinders or interrupts the common peace with the intent and purpose to encourage, motivate, pressure or otherwise convince others into committing an unlawful act, this shall be Incitement of the first degree, a felony. Introduced by Alderman Cillian O’Rourke & Cosponsored by Alderman Joseph Warrick On the 15th of Sun's Smile, 1828 Signed, Lady Mayor, Maria Charlotte de Rosius
  10. SLEEP NO MORE [ Eurypyle (1921), John William Goodard ] ❈ ❈ Above all things, if anyone at all was able to say one thing that symbolized the life of Rhea Alexandria d’Arkent — it was youth. And from that youth, from her days as just a young toddler, it had always been full of energy, never one to keep still. In her older years, she would have more or less forgotten — but life for her few first years was actually stable. Peaceful. Perfect. That was not something she could say now. Like every other child, she enjoyed time with her siblings, her mother and father by her side. That was, of course, until her father was the first one to go. That was the very first lie. Already without her father, she would be stuck for a decade with the illusion that - granted, she was older - she would see him once more. So, at the time, how could she cry? How could a child then understand death? How instant and sudden it was? She did not receive a letter, no note came for her - only so much as a kiss on the forehead. While she waited in vain, there were more things she could occupy her time with. Chess was the first - a hyperfixation until her last days. She’d play so often she’d become - what some would call - a prodigy at her young age. And she loved that game. She would sit at a board for hours, either studying it or beating men twice her own age. And so enveloped in that board and the rest of the world, her books were left untouched, and she would not even be fully literate until her early teens. But the most important things to a developing child are the relationships they make as they grow. Rhea was no exception - touching the hearts of everyone she knew. Any daughter should find themselves under the close care and advice of their mother - a luxury her sisters always had. Tragically enough, when it was Rhea’s turn, her mother had become an entirely different person to her - growing distant ever since the passing of her father. A relationship never salvaged, come Anna’s passing. So, making up for what she didn’t have with her family, she made her own. There was first her uncle, Beryl, the elder Carrington intellectual — who she clicked with right away, coming to him for most things. It could have been his doting personality, or it could have been that they were the same, as Rhea knew that it was him she could go to when it was anything related to her hobbies. There was then her distant cousin, Viktor — the stoic, phlegmatic Ruthern who, for whatever reason, allowed someone as young as her by his side and under his teaching for so long. She always considered herself grateful to have mentors such as Giselle and Victoria. Though they only started off as teachers, it wasn’t long before they both became somewhat of pseudo-mothers to her. She could have been considered slow, pronouncing words wrong, less attentive than her peers. Yet it was them who actually realized her potential. Among those her age, there was Diana, there was Mariya and Heinrika — the very first children she could call her friends. Running around the streets of Providence with them, she’d even confide in Anton, the young d’Amato Orlov in his youth. But among everyone in her life, there was one person different, when it came to Rhea’s relationships. There was Ludovica. That was her family. More than any other child her age, there was none who affected Rhea as she. Providence, for years, would rarely ever see them without each other. Everything they would do, it was together, and it was the young Falcone she came to with everything. Her dearest friend. And in her time with her, and everyone else she held dear, Rhea felt things were perfect - creating a world of her own in a life full of tragedy. She felt herself untouchable — invincible. Then, that glass began to falter. For those who could call themselves blessed enough to have their final talks with her, they would, too, sense the impending dread she had been feeling in the days leading up to her death. She worried about everything, coming to her brother and sister - something she’d rarely done - worried about her own future. She’d run to Beryl, worried about her life. “Everything is moving too fast,” She’d quiver, shivering, though the summer heat scorched down upon her. The one flaw in her, she was not one used to change. Not in the slightest. Her mother had gone, her mentors, and now her dearest friend had herself occupied with another - and not someone she herself was particularly fond of. With feelings of abandonment yet resonating within her once again, she took action, albeit rash — as she’d usually do, cornered in one of her games of chess. She could not feel that again - especially not Ludovica. But, here she was. Surrounded in pain. Hearing of a passing as tragic as Rhea’s, one can only hope it was swift and painless. But, it was the complete opposite. She’d suffered through it all, wondering what she had done. She had tried so hard to prove something of herself, she had ambitions, things she knew she would do in the future. She tried to crawl away, with the hope that she could escape her torture - all in vain now. She could never foresee herself dying now — who could ever? Death comes unexpected, sudden, and Rhea’s was no different. There would be no letters to her family, no notes to her friends. Only a head on the doorsteps of Carrington. She, of all people, did not expect her death to be so… simple. She was in the way, and that was all there was to it. Feeling abandoned to her last moments, a common theme throughout her young life, she bled without a final thought - only one of total shock. The things she could have done, would have done differently. Just like that, her future, the future she’d worried about so much, was stolen from her. And it could have been beautiful. Up until now, was it for nothing? Would Anna have been more attentive had she been smarter? Would Ludovica be so broken had she not have been born at all? After all these years, what had she accomplished? But, that question would be for the impacted to decide. For life was death. Though it happens, this — This was not fair. Rhea Alexandria d’Arkent 1806 — 1827
  11. The Departure of Natalya vas Ruthern A depiction of Natalya vas Ruthern upon the 7th of Snow's Maiden, 1827 It was a calm and kind morning for the Ruthern within her chambers in her grandfather's estate, Black Riverhall. Natalya washed her hair, applied her make-up, jewels and ectera before heading into a ferry off to the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. While her pale complexion bathed under sunlight of the warm morning, the sun slowly rising upon the Empire. The Ruthern would think for a moment before walking and entering into the capital. What is she doing with her life? Is she doing enough? Is she being too blunt? To unladylike? While these thoughts spiraled in her head, she would make her way into the Tavern right in front of the marble gates while entering the bright and lively city. Filled with all types of people, to the common man of some irrelevant family to a member of an illustrious family. To be honest, the Ruthern never really thought that much of Nobility and Commoners, she knew that both things there the same. All people, all human- but she also knew she had a duty to keep up with her fellow peers in nobility, keeping a well image, being strong. But could Natalya stay strong with the up coming things in her life. Now she is seventeen, able to be sent off and married. As well able to pursuit her dreams to become a soldier, a warrior like so many others within her family. While the woman walked into the tavern, she went towards the a couch which was left to the the fire. After taking a seat, she'd pull a book from her pocket and began to read this piece of text. Once she had started to read, the same thoughts only became more stronger and louder. After this, she would place the small book into her pocket and went off to the public gardens within Providence. Then, while at the gardens, Natalya would attempt to simply walk around the gardens, looking at the beautiful flowers which were exhibited. But once more, the thoughts in her head grew only louder and louder- so again, the Ruthern would run off from the gardens and after this- the Ruthern would run out of the city and to the ferry from before to get back to the Black Riverhall estate. Once the Ruthern had gotten back to her home, she would call for a maid to prepare her luggage. While the large Kaedrini maid prepared the luggage, Natalya would pull out a pen and ink, with multiple letters and papers and prepared an outfit before heading off. To John @Fuzzytoes To Edwin de Sarkozy @Guzr To Maude FitzPeter @clonky To Juliya @gohliad To Uncle Viathan and Aunt Mary @TreeSmoothie and @ncarr To Uncle Kelhus and Aunt Diana @Josef_Rippelberg and @PrettyCuteAnna To Uncle Viktor @Kujo To Grandpapej @Imperium To Ana @Eryane To Papej Once the Ruthern had finally finished her writing, she would check if she was prepared for the journey. Once Natalya checked the items and knew she was prepared, she would walk out of her room with the letters to the members of the household being placed on the dinning room table while the ones which where sent abroad, sent off towards the targeted people by couriers. After this was done, the woman would take one last look around the house before heading off into the field filled dandelions.
  12. Minuvas Melphestaus, Imperial High Elven Scholar, has opened the ‘Imperator Scholastica’ making the following published books on political theory available for sale to the public. Each book shall have a limited production, but will be available for private sale and production upon request. These non-illustrated works are the dense writings of important Imperial works written or collected by the author. Hegemon Parts I & II: "This two part book series is the premiere of the collection, forming the political foundation of all future works by the author. Part I addresses the theoretical; the necessary authority of the state, the rights of man, the obligations of nobles, gentry, and the common man to the state. Part II is the application, describing the role of State power, the Magi, and the merit based society to bring about the Hegemon. It is the quintessential book on modern political thought, discussing numerous states across the globe - and the pursuit of Hegemon. " Direct Order Price: 30 minas per book, or 50 for the collection. Sovereign "Sovereign attempts to further elaborate on the works of 'Hegemon', particularly by answering "Who is the Hegemon?" and "How will we know when they arrive" or "What are the signs of Hegemon?". By discussing the qualities of the Hegemon, and the characteristics of the leader of such a nation - readers will not be left surprised at the arrival of such a leader. It allows for the critical examination of what we should expect from the Hegemon and may guide them as advisors and dutiful servants" Direct Order Price: 15 minas Colossus "Colossus is focused on the elements of state power, particularly on the use of military force and the State's monopoly of violence. Many of these thoughts have resonated in the authors public missives to officials on matters of defense and peace-keeping across Almaris; with some suggestions adopted . Colossus is the must read for the Soldier-Statesmen and the Martial-Scholar, as they seek to balance how and where the State's use of force is applied to best serve the nation." Direct Order Price: 18 minas Monolith "Monolith discusses the emergence of the Imperial subculture, and the Empire's need to move from passive to active cultivation of this homogenous culture group. It attempts to answer "What is Imperial Culture?" and "Who is an Imperial?" - while only briefly addressing Heartland, Highland and Farfolk culture groups it makes the argument that there is indeed the Imperial Culture Group - existing beyond the geographic and racial boundaries imposed by other nations." Direct Order Price: 15 minas Xth Nordling War "The overview edition for an Imperial Scholar. Learn about the political entities involved, the outcomes, the political ramifications and an assessment of what is to come next. What battles were decisive? How was the war decided? The author seeks to answer this and more in this feature edition” Price: 25 minas Imperial Analysis by Ebs Telrunya "Famed High Elven Scholar Ebs Telrunya products a data driven analysis of Imperial succession, offering insights and metric based conclusions on when and how Imperial Sovereigns come to rule. This is an excellent scholarly work and resource for Imperial historians ” Direct Order Price: 15 minas COMING SOON! Imperial Titan: The Biography of Sir Franz Nikolai De Sarkozy "Among the Augustine Palace and on the lips of dutiful citizens of the Empire there are few national servants so loudly praised as the former Archchancellor. This biography shall address how Sir Sarkozy rose to prominence and provide first of its kind analysis and perspective on one of the greatest Imperial Minds about contentious issues during his many years of service to the Empire. Sir Franz Nikolai De Sarkozy has graciously agreed to be interviewed for this work and it is a must have for any scholar of Imperial literature." Expected Price: 20 Minas
  13. Butchered Lobsters A depiction of Mother Mercatore, who blesses her children in and out of battle. Shabby, homemade posters would be plastered around Province. They all read as follows: ATTENTION, TO THE CITIZENS OF PROVINCE AND THE DENIZENS OF GREATER ORENIA: LET IT BE KNOWN that on the 18th of the Amber Cold, Year 28 of the second age, a dispatched scouting patrol of TWO (2) ISA gentry, one a Lieutenant and one a member of the Royal Guard, were easily brought down on the roads by a self-trained militia of highwaymen, including an agent of the MRA. These were not privates nor cadets, but some of the ISA's most revered, proficiently trained men. Let it also be known that the aforementioned Lieutenant received adequate punishment for their participation in the suppression of the Mercatorii people. Branded with the Lorraine of GODAN and carved down from his chest to his leg, he was taught an important lesson that will be broadcast among those seedless, barren minds that plague Province and Greater Orenia: The Mercatorii Revolutionary Army is not a group to be trifled with. Your highest officers have and will be continued to be disgraced by us, if not outright slaughtered. We never asked for the end of this ceasefire; Oren, in its pompous desire to maintain its 'legitimacy' as an Empire, seeks the dissolution of "undesirable" peoples and cultures, to be melted down into their identity. The Mercatore will not fall to this parasitism. VIVA LA MERCATORII! ERLOJUAK MESDE EGITEN DIGU, MERCATORE! There is no signature.
  14. Trivia Night at the NGS! The Great Crest of the Northern Geographical Society Est. 1762 ✵ NGS PROVIDENCE ✵ In order to commemorate the opening of the Providence Branch of the Northern Geographical Society, we have elected to host a Trivia Night for our patrons in the Orenian capital on the 17th of Sun’s Smile! We hope that in doing so, we may help to foster awareness for our work and engage the local community in an enjoyable evening at our Providence location to both socialize and learn more about the history and science of the world around them. As such, we will be offering the following awards to the individual and / or teams that answer the most questions correctly at this occasion: 1st Place: The NGS Trivia Cup NGS Trivia Gold Medals (Up to 1 per team member) 100 Minas 2st Place: NGS Trivia Silver Medals (Up to 1 per team member) 50 Minas 3rd Place: NGS Trivia Bronze Medals (Up to 1 per team member) 50 Minas There will be 3 CATEGORIES OF QUESTIONS in the fields of Orenian History, International History, and Natural History that will be posed to contestants during this gathering, consisting of 5 questions each. Should a group of individuals wish to form a team, that team may only consist of 3 INDIVIDUALS and must CHOOSE A NAME to partake under the competition. We look forward to seeing all the interested participants there! OOC: NGS Providence Museum Sunday, June 13th 4:30 PM EST
  15. NGS Providence Museum ✵ An Opening Gala Event & Auction! ✵ The Northern Geographical Society Crest Est. 1762 The Northern Geographical Society is proud to announce, after several years of compiling, researching and intensive constructions, that the NGS Providence Branch, and Providence Museum are ready for opening to the public and permanent viewing. Therefore, all residents of the Empire are invited to the Opening Gala of The Providence Museum, to partake in the rich cultural and fascinating exhibits, rife with valuable information to amaze and delight the visitors of the establishment! Additionally, we’ll be hosting an NGS-run charity auction for the benefit & continual presence of scientific progress and academic strength within the Empire for years to come, with some excellent prizes truly worth noting, so do be sure to review the catalogue below to know what will be won. ✵ The Itinerary ✵ Opening Ceremony: The event will begin with a speech outside the establishment given by the curator of the museum, and any others within the NGS society who wish to take to the stand. After this there’ll be some short announcements before the initial opening of the building itself, allowing the visitors to flock the scene and revel in the already opened exhibits for a while, allowing for free movement about the already constructed levels. There should also be a tour, should anyone wish it. The NGS Charity Auction: The group of attendees will then, after a time of browsing be informed that the NGS Charity Auction will begin momentarily, and be directed to the room where the auction will take place, attendees will then be able to bid on the special prizes, in which case all funds will be directed to the future constructions and exhibits of the Museum, as well as a special prize for the highest bidder. (Please see the auction catalogue below!) ✵ NGS Charity Auction Catalogue: ✵ A Customised Wand or Specially Enchanted Item provided by Wittenbach Wands & Wonders, crafted by Miss Eliza Wittenbach. A Priceless Replica of the Original Armour worn by members of the White Rose, replicated to detail by the NGS reproduction staff, and reference provided by Miss Tanith Vursur. Two* Featured spots in the NGS: Hall of Ancestors exhibit for you to have a notable figure from your family's history displayed for Museum Visitors to admire! *(Note: Both spots are auctioned separately.) A Lunch Rendezvous with a prestigious member of the NGS Society, in which multiple options will be auctioned off, the list goes: Miss Tanith Vursur Dame Celestine Herbert Miss Ash Adelaide Mister James Chapel In which you’ll be free to pick their brains with any questions you may have for them about their exploits and travels, as well as their personal history and life! So do make sure to bid, and support the society’s continued endeavors and work! The Exhibits: The Imperial Exhibit: A display of the culture and history of the Orenian Empire, fitted with custom displays, busts and artefacts dating back to several decades earlier! A sust see for any interested in knowing of a not so distant past! Farewell to Arcas: A temporary exhibit on loan from the sister establishment, NGS Karosgrad, an informative display upon the history of the past realm descendant-kind was to inhabit, Arcas. As well as our reasons for departure and invaluable information upon its geography through means of cartography. Notable Women of Human History: Another excellent exhibit from Karosgrad, this one expanding to topics including notable and incredible women throughout the history of the human race, this exhibit includes multiple finely crafted and historically accurate busts, as well as numerous priceless artefacts correlating with them! The New Helen Antonia Providence Library: The refurbished library of providence, now located upon the third floor of the Providence Museum, stocked with some of the largest quantities of books, scripts and papers the NGS society could compile, knowledge now resides there that is sure to educate and inform. Some are even older copies from the Arcas Grand Library of Dragur that were procured by Mr Edward Napier and Princess Helen Antonia, for who it was named. OOC: NGS Providence Museum Saturday, May 29th 5:00 EST Signed, Beryl Jasper Carrington - Curator
  16. A painting of Lady Elizaveta Ruthern nee Othaman reading a book on the history of Haelunor a year prior to her death, created an unknown court artisan of the Augustine Dear Viathan Othaman, My uncle, my kin, and heir to the County of Valles. I write to you pleading that you do not take my uncle's, your brother's, bait to a duel. Yes one must fight for their honor but true honor is found when one does not fight and strives for a more peaceful and private resolution to the problem. I do understand that you will be tempted to rise your sword, but please do think the well being of Aunt Mary. Her family was placed in the tides of gossip and disgrace because when someone decided to strike back to a claim with no backing. She must be broken, devastated by the recent events within her family. Additionally, would my mother, your sister. Ever approve of such? Approve of her brothers fighting? No, she wouldn't. So again, I plead for you to not rise your sword against Uncle Kelhus. He is simply confused. Show him love as a brother, even if he breaks your heart. Even if he does the most vile things to your name, even if he does the worst things. He is still your kin, nothing can change that. Sincerely, Natalya vas Ruthern A courtier's depiction of the Lady Elizabeth Othaman nee Winter in the beaches of Aeldin, the date is unknown Dear Kelhus Othaman, To my uncle, Kelhus. I beg of you to stop these articles which you try to bring down your brother and bring scandal and drama to your family's name. My mother would be so upset by this! I know this for fact! So I plead to you to try to talk this out privately or deal with such in secrecy so none will know about these claims. Do you think that everyone will simply just not care? I care! You are my uncle and I expect you to be wise, I thought you were wise until you send out these claims and attempt to make this all public. Do you know how much it hurts me to see my own family fight? For some title? Family is family, blood is blood. It is thicker then water and if I was to be honest, I am ashamed I share blood with you. I only wish for you to just stop this. Immediately. Sincerely, your niece, Natalya vas Ruthern
  17. A Call for Ecclestical Trial Issued by the Auditor of the Tribunal. Johan “Horens Giant” Vullier Table of context. THE OFFENDERS CALLED FOR TRIAL. THE EVIDENCE. THE WITNESS LIST. THE JURY THE CRIMES. THE OFFENDERS CALLED FOR TRIAL. The organization known as the Ferrymen. Reasoning : I. During the assassination of his Holiness High Pontiff Jude II, Two members of the Ferrymen organization where found with their blades drawn surrounding the body of Jude II and the body of another member of the clergy. One of these men where quickly struck down by members of the Imperial State Army as well as the Ministry of Justice. Sadly one wearing the armor of the organization was able to escape the city. II. During the battle of Northguard thousands of Imperial witnesses could see the organization known as the Ferrymen fighting on the side of the heathen armies of Norland. This furthering the assumption that they in fact work for the heathen army. THE EVIDENCE During the Tribunal investigation dubbed “The Dove has fallen” we have gathered evidence from multiple sources. Not only witnesses of the crime itself, but other witnesses who saw one of the men behind the murder of High Pontiff Jude II while escaping the city of Providence while being ran after by multiple guards. The Tribunal has also been getting numerous reports of the criminal activities of the organization in question as well as one of them seeming to try and spy on the Imperial Household and staff. Its with these reports and accusations as well as the murder of his Holiness Jude II and their partaking in the ongoing war against the heathens hordes of Norland that the Tribunal had decided that enough evidence is gathered to call for an Trial of the whole organization known as the Ferrymen. THE WITNESS LIST. Due to the nature of the organization called to trial the names of the witnesses shall not be published. This to ensure their and their families safety. We know from experience and sources that the organization known as the Ferrymen do not take into consideration if they have to strike down a man, woman nor child if they gain from it. Thus it would be a crime against Godan if we where to put these witnesses and their loved ones in danger. THE JURY The jury itself shall consist of the members of the Tribunal offices and their Cardinal Judges. it will be under the command and word of the Auditor of the Tribunal and his word shall be final and absolute. In the case of a missing member of the Tribunal, the Auditor can see it to elect someone who steps into the role of that missing role or holds the position abstained. THE CRIMES On the day of first amber cold a horrid and blasphemous crime was committed within the cathedral of the Ex Godfrey. Not only was this crime against Imperial Law, but a crime against our faith, a crime against Him, the one true Creator. During the General Audience held by his Holiness Jude II. our Vicar of God, a General Audience that ended up as his last public Audience before his Holiness was brutally murdered during the time he was taking the confessions of our noble canonist flock. This is a crime that there is no turning back from, a crime against the Canonist flock as a whole and each and every person, nation or organization who calls themselves Canonist or believes in Him. Not only where our beloved High Pontiff Jude II murdered in cold blood, His body has also been stolen after the murder. The bodies of the Vicar of God do not belong in some ditch, nor as a trophy for those who have committed the crime. He belongs with the church, in the halls of those who came before him. where he shall lay at peace until the seven skies shall come from all of us. The fact of his body being stolen will forever be seen as one of the worst cases of theft in the History of our Holy Mother Church, a crime that will not be forgotten nor forgiven. The crimes committed go as follows.. TITLE III. Crimes against ecclesiastical authorities. §1 A person using excessive physical force against the Pontiff incurs excommunication. Members of the clergy may incur greater penalties depending on the severity of the crime. §2 A person who further uses excessive force against a bishop or cardinal are to face a just penalty as decided by an ecclesiastical court. §4 A person joining a group plotting against the church are to face a just penalty as decided by an ecclesiastical court. §9 Those who see it fit to insult or threaten a member of the clergy. These individuals are guilty of the crime of indignity. Let it be known that if the Organization does not show to this trial they will by default be punished with the worst punishment that the Holy Mother Church can grant. That of being declared excommunicate and anathema. SIT PERDUCAT NOS PATRIS LAPIS, AMEN. "May the stone father guide us, Amen" Johan Vuiller “Horens Giant” Head of House Vuiller, Auditor of the Tribunal. Knight-Regent Emeritus. Knight of the Black Sepulchre. Protector of the Church of the Canon and her faithful The Trial shall find place on the 1st of Horens folly within the Imperial City of Providence. [THIS SATURDAY 5.06.2021 TIME: 5:30PM EST]
  18. Third Skin Auction POG! Hi guys its me doreebear again :) ! this will be my third skin auction! I just want to say thank you to all the people who have supported me through my past auctions money is a bit of a problem for me sometimes, but the amount of support and bids I've received has helped me and I want to thank y'all so much for it ;~; I love you all! Some info below! ALL BIDDINGS WILL START OUT AS 3$ USD! the bidding will end tomorrow night at 4pm CST (yeah im in CST suck it.) I will have male AND female skins! theres plenty to go around! cope and paste this for the bids DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID: RULES Ping the person whom you're trying to outbid so they know! I will not be putting my payment info out publicly so please PM ME FOR THAT INFO BECAUSE IT IS PRIVATE! ALSO! please no reposting on PMC! just because you bought the dress does not mean you take credit acting like you made it, I still made it! also do not resell if you want to just pm and I might. if you have any questions my discord is doreebear#3218 I can and Will refuse to sell a skin to a person. If they are a known skin stealer, frankenstien-er, post without credit or even just a toxic and hateful person whom I don't see fit to have my skins. I believe my skins should go to people who respect my work and respect others and myself as a person. Please give people a fighting chance, do not bid on all of my skins at once! you can bid on several just not all of them! also, NO RESELLING MY SKINS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR PUTTING THEM UP FOR AUCTION! good god >:( let the Auction BEGIN! Another winterfell vibe (MALE) Roman Queen (FEMALE) Red Russian (FEMALE) Charming Red (MALE) Vasoyevi Royal (FEMALE) Blue Rider (MALE) Blue Middle Ages (FEMALE) Commander Erwin (MALE) Spring Tea Time (FEMALE) Mother Russia (MALE) Red Renaissance (FEMALE) Battered Brown Armor (MALE)
  19. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The moon was emitting it's light upon the city of Providence, many were loudly cheering for the recent victory in the war, but one particular was simply at home - frail and sick. The once tall and strong Valent was nothing compared to now, the barely functioning body of his was laying in bed. With a cough that came from his lungs, the little life which was left in him died. The man simply felt asleep, his soul leaving for the Seven Skies. Many would question the disease, but few will know that there wasn't such. He simply secluded himself and abstained from publicity, thus his body was slowly weakened until his death. His green eyes had barely seen any light, his body barely ate or drunk, and his mind slowly got lost. As the body was taken to be prepared for funeral, his brother Otis had found dozens of letters in his desk, each made for people which he would never forget, even in the Seven Skies. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  20. 3rd Brigade 31st Reconnaissance Section By Lieutenant Leon Ledicort d’Azor =The 31st Reconnaissance Section Insignia= Overview: The Helena Dragoons of the Imperial 1st Regiment have long since maintained a unit of professionals. The Brigades of the Regiment have maintained multiple main assault and component services in order to sustain an overall unit's strength. For most brigades, these individual services are categorized as billets, a position given to a Lieutenant to command. Though these billets can often operate by themselves, certain forces require additional personnel in order to maintain their ability to accomplish objectives. Organized by Captain Galbraith and Lieutenant d’Azor, The 31st Reconnaissance Section is a new component service of the 3rd Brigade responsible for the duties formerly occupied by Vanguard occupation. This new organization serves as the main Scouting organization for the 3rd Helena Dragoons, and is used by the Intelligence services of the Empire for military operations regarding action behind enemy lines. =Image of a 31st Reconnaissance Section soldier deploying for operations= Unit Objectives: The goals of the Imperial State Armies 31st Reconnaissance Section are that of scouting, intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, and covert operations. The soldiers of the Reconnaissance section are given a certain level of autonomy in their operations because of their unique situation of occupational speciality to which they use to plan, present, and execute operations for the benefit of Orenian Intelligence on a foe. These plans will often be pitched to the High Command of the ISA as well as the Captain of the Brigade before being executed. Each soldier within the 31st Reconnaissance Section is also expected to be able to act semi independently when found behind enemy lines. These expectations are met with the utmost professionalism by each member of the 31st, with forces expected to conceal, coordinate, and achieve their objectives. =31st Soldiers mount up their steeds for a patrol= Uniform: The uniform of the 31st consists of regular 3rd Brigade fatigues and armor. Where the uniform differs from stand Imperial Uniforms is in that of certain color. The Officers of the 31st are allowed to replace their White feather inside of their beret with a dark green and white feather. Enlisted soldiers of the 31st are authorized to wear a green pin casted onto the helmet to signify the branch of service. Finally, the Insignia of the 31st is to be sewn onto the uniform's left sleeve to signify that an individual is serving with the section. Each member of the 31st is to be equipped with a standard issue riding crop, Cavalry Saber, and most importantly, a standard issue Officers telescope. Despite the normal standard of only Officers being issued this piece of equipment, all Enlisted forces within the 31st are to be equipped with it for the purpose of scouting. =31st Soldier leads the charge of his fellow Dragoons= Recruitment: Joining into the ranks of the 31st is a rigorous process. Each aspirant must first graduate from the 2nd Brigades Combat Academy. Once the first qualification is met, an individual must Enlist with the 3rd Brigade Helena Dragoons. From there, an individual is expected to graduate from the Academy of Horse. Once an individual is a full blown 3rd Brigade member, they must partake in a training course hosted by the Lieutenant of the 31st Reconnaissance Section in order to learn the basics of Scouting, Intelligence gathering, sketch making, and Intel analysis. Once completed, an individual is expected to conduct a final trial, a recon operation coordinated by higher ups. The aspirant must create effective sketches of hostile formations, defenses, or foreign landscapes, and write a report detailing the findings to higher ups. Once completed, an individual will be accepted as a full member of the 31st Reconnaissance Section. -= "Tip of the Spear" =- =Motto of the 31st=
  21. The Monument Design Competition Since the founding of the Imperial City of Providence, the Home Office and its patrons have worked tirelessly to improve, to preserve, and to protect our city and Empire as whole. Recently It has been extremely busy with the warfront such as building and maintaining fortifications, we ask that YOU contribute to the beautification of the city in these troubling times by joining the Monument Design Competition! The competitors are challenged to design monuments such as fountains, arches, pillars and the like. These submissions will be judged considering the following factors: Beauty Uniqueness Resource Friendliness Backstory The contest shall conclude on the 20th of Malins Welcome ((Thursday 8pm EST)) and the winners shall receive 50% of the mina earned at the Name Auction!!! ((Friday, 8pm EST)) We wish you the best of luck, may this bring out the creative minds of our ever talented citizens of Providence. Architecture is timeless, afterall. Sign Up Below!
  22. ON FLAMENISM, OWYNISM & LUCIENISM By, Father Raymond Adhemar de Bar, FSSCT ‘Transfiguration of Peter’ “God’s Law is simple: keep my Flame and scatter the Deceiver’s darkness.” - Lections of Ex. Owyn Prophet Owyn, son of Godwin, pray for me. May God’s Will be done. Know, dear reader, that my hands are calloused hands and my mind is not a Virosi’s mind, I am but a mere brother of the Reformative Monastery in Ulmsbottom. My work is not a scholar’s work but one of a poor brother who toils to aid his fellow Man. Therefore expect neither lyrical prose nor masterful poetry. I am moved by holy providence to write upon a topic that is often misinterpreted even by my brother priests and the public at large. It is not uncommon to hear, see and read polemics targeted against those who might call themselves Flamenist, particularly my Owynist and Lucienist brethren. Lily-livered appeasers and cowardly clerics will often decry our strictness and discipline, “Oh what of the pagan! What of the gentile!” they cry, worried that some imagined gentile might be offended by God’s truth. Hear here and now, oh brethren of mine: the pagan cares not if you preach tolerance and falsehoods, but Iblees will gladly devour your soul! Heed my word, then brothers of mine, read and enlighten your hallowed minds, for the Flamen path is not one of brutality and war, but rather one of diligence, discipline and mortification. I will endeavour to educate my brethren in the ways of Owynism and Lucienism, their history, teachings and disciplines, so that we might not see any more lies being spoken of us by our very own. Then, my dear reader, you may ask yourself: ‘you have spoken of Owynism and Lucienism and Flamenism, what then do you mean?’ In truth, there is little difference. Flamenism, at its core is the worshipful reverence and following of the Exalted Owyn’s example. The great prophet’s journey on this word can be summarized thusly: be pure, vanquish darkness, worship God. What does it mean then, to be pure? Quite simply, it is to follow God’s Law as given to Exalted Horen. What does it mean then, to vanquish darkness? Quite simply, it is to persecute sin, be it internal or external. What does it mean then, to worship God? Quite simply, it is to pray, fast and give right reverence to He-Who-Is according to the prescripts of Owyn’s Church. Flamenism is active, never passive. Flamenism prioritizes action over words. That, dear reader, are the trappings of Flamenism, and all who practice it may be rightly called Flamenists. Then, both Owynism and Lucienism can be rightly called Flamenist sects. The very basis of their ideals are rooted in the main three aspects of Flamenism. What then be their differences? I will at first detail their communalities: Right Belief Both sects hold God to be One and accept His Prophets. Lay Preaching Both sects hold to the primacy of the Believer. Sanctity of Marriage Both sects hold to the saintliness of the married state and it’s gendered roles. Martial Reverence Both sects hold to the high ideals of Just War. Human Purity Both sects hold to the belief that Mankind are God’s chosen people, decrying miscegenation. Regular Worship Both sects hold to the convening of regular ablutions and religious liturgies. These are the aspects held in common by both Owynists and Lucienists. In certain cases particular beliefs take on a larger emphasis; for example, in the Westerlands, Owynist clergy, known as the ‘Lectors’ were overwhelmingly laymen, while Savoyard Owynists in the Blackwald held to a more collegial clericalist position. So while all the aforementioned beliefs are the pillars of both Owynism and Lucienism certain aspects may take on greater or lesser emphasis depending on the needs and customs of the believers. Now, Owynism and Lucienism are not synonymous. There are very distinct differences between the two sects, likely owed to the fact of their differing history. Owynists were mostly of Kaedreni extraction, being loyal to the Chivays, while Lucienists, being members of a Holy Order, favoured the pre-eminence of the Pontiff over any lay-ruler. That is why the main difference betwixt these two sects of Owyn are rooted in ecclesial polity and not dogma. Caesaropapism The Owynist belief that God’s anointed ruler is supreme over the High Pontiff. Pontifical Infallibility & Authority The Lucienist principle that the High Pontiff is God’s chief priest and therefore above secular power. These are the two main points of contention. With the rise of the Chivays to imperial purple, and the end of the cursed Darfeyist Pontificate Caesaropapism rose to prominence. Spearheaded by Basil of Sabris and Simon of Khazav, their ‘Reformed Communion’ instanted Caesaropapism into official doctrine, making the reigning Chivays ‘Vicergents’ of the Church. Caesaropapism, however, proved to be a great failure. The Church stagnated and the Chivays proved themselves incapable of governing both secular and religious affairs. After the end of the Chivay regime and the rise of Canonism in 1471, the Lucienist polity had its chance at pre-eminence within the ecclesial regime. However, the Lucienists in Aesterwald quickly came into conflict with the High Pontiff due to his Raevir heritage, rejecting, in part, both his Infallibility and Authority. This was the first nail. The second came with the Second Diet of Metz in 1534, wherein the Church, under Johannian duress, renounced Pontifical Infallibility. This is to say that both divergent views have failed. Time and time again secular rulers have shown themselves incapable of tackling both divine and profane government. Pontiffs who declare themselves to be the Voice of God on Terra often prove themselves to be madmen, like Daniel III of cursed memory. Today, by God’s providence, both Flamenist branches do not concern themselves with petty questions of government. They exalt their fellow Man in God’s light, through the Prophets, keeping to the flaming covenant of Owyn. This unity is nothing short of the Lord’s divine plan. History has shown us to be petty creatures, capable of squabbling even when more unites us than divides us. Therefore let us cry out: DEUS misericordia est! This, dearest reader, has been the short compendium on Flamenism and the brother sects of Owynism and Lucienism. Their pillars tell us more about the nature of Flamenism. Often we are decried as radicals and zealots. Know that we are nothing if not poor sinners, attempting to craft ourselves in the image of our Prophet. Sometimes we are called to just war, yes, sometimes we are called to purge those who offend God, just as Owyn had, but the core of Flamenist doctrine is not to persecute the wicked, but to persecute our own sin, first and foremost. This is the first law of Flamenism: hate sin! Exhortation: Now I speak to my Flamenist brethren. I look out at the world, through the small window in my cell in Ulmsbottom. The tranquility of the Reformative Monastery is a true shield against the tribulations of the outside world. Prisoners find peace here within these walls, making their penance with God, and I, a free man, find solace in my fellow man within here, aiding the dredges of society to find salvation. Yet, word reaches me every often, when the whaling ships pass by this quiet isle, trading not only in materials but also in gossip. I hear of degenerates, harlots, troublesome priests. Most troublesome news, such as a noble-woman practicing coitus publically and worrisome pontifical elections. This is what spurred me to action, this is why I pen this short essay now. What is needed most is a revival of the Flamenist ideals. What does a man gain by preaching tolerance to libertines? What does a man gain by preaching freedom in sin? Truly, humanity, God’s chosen people, need not a carrot, but a stick. Therefore I beseech you brethren, be you cleric or lay, follow in the steps of the Prophet, follow in the steps of his disciples also: Saints Thomas, Peter, Lucien, Adrian, Michael. My second request, brothers and sisters, is a simple request: unity. Now, more than ever, is no time to bicker and argue, much less amongst the clerics. The Church is the rudder of humanity, how is Man to benefit spiritually when many wish to captain the barque of salvation? Likewise, as Flamenist, it is our duty to bring an united front against the ravages of Iblees. The Archdaemon will wish to sow dissent amongst our ranks, just as he did with Exalted Horen when he sent Saul to our forefather’s camp. Beware, brothers! Beware of the Sauls amongst us! Drive them out and stand a united front against the sins of the age. Fire keep you all. Father Raymond Adhemar, FSSCT
  23. The Great Gumball Heist The Musin of the Mouse Hole are proud to announce the first major recycling operation of Almaris. On the 8th of The Deep Cold, in the year 24 of the second Age, the Broken Tap Tavern was seen packed to the brim full of Musin discussing a mischievous operation. Squeaks of info were heard about an operation regarding the Orenian Candy Store. The plan was simple. Recycle the Candy Shop's gumball machine. As the brave Musin began to pack for their journey, the little Musiletts prepared raspberry stew for their final meal before departure. The brave musin gathered their bags and prepped the cart for their journey. As they rolled the cart out of the cave and through the exit of Urguan they had one mission, retrieve the gumball machine. As they arrived to the gate of oren, they had swiftly convinced a man to let them through the citizen doors. Little to be known, this was almost their demise. The man had trapped them in the doors and ran off with a smirk on his face. It seemed as if all hope was lost. It was only till one kind ISA guard let the muslin through the gates that they would be set free. The plan was still ago. While all but two Musin left for the piano store, two Musin headed to the candy shop to loosen the bolts on the gumball machine. If it were not for the brave Musin that played the pianos with their soul, the plan would have been foiled. As the music playing Musin scurried to the candy shop, one man followed. The man saw the Musin attempting to lift the gumball machine and attempted to call for the ISA. One Musin jumped up and stole the mans glasses, forfeiting his ability to find an ISA officer. The Musin quickly places the gumball machine on the cart, and rolled it out of the city as fast as they could. After hauling the cart over the side walls, and a bit if dexterity based activity, the Musin had successfully acquired the gumball machine. Signed,
  24. The Orenian Times Bastion raided by MoJ officials? On the Deep Cold of 1820, three high ranking officers of the MoJ are accused of leading an attack on the bastion. Only a single life was lost in the raid. Orenian Time reporters were on scene for the incident and managed to gather statements from local citizens and leaders. General William Darkwood refused to comment about the embarrassment and lack of coordination of Orenian Forces. Noble Citizen who refused to be named stated, “I want to see the MoJ brought to justice and put on trial for their crimes. The Emperor better stand up for his troops and hang the MoJ responsible.” This noble citizen can be pictured below by Orenian Times Artists: Two ISA soldiers were also interviewed by the Orenian Times and chose to remain anonymous. When asked about the attacks each soldier shared concerns, “We understand the MoJ’s importance in the city, but using mob justice to take action, that’s not Oren.” The second soldier later stated, “We are citizens too, and deserve fair trial. If the MoJ can come to the Bastion without warrants and drag us off to a dark cell until they decide to hang us, why become a soldier.” Food Prices Rising in Providence? Food prices in Providence reach an all time high during the war. Many stores are being bought out as soon as they are stocked an many civilians can not find any food for themselves. Those who live in the poorer districts of Providence have to self ration to a single loaf of bread and a pot of soup each week while the nobles stuff themselves full. The Orenian Times has reached out to the Emperor and Royal House for comment on possible food rationing to help stop the lower class from starving to death but has received no word back. Will the Emperor introduce new farm legislature? Will the Empire increase farm land? Find out in our exclusive with John the VIII coming next week. Artists Depiction of Nobles feasting. BREAKING NEWS: Orenian Empire Wins Again? Heinrik the Second has pulled Haense out of the Iron Accords and has allied with the Holy Orenian Empire! Insiders in the ISA have stated that this treaty increases Oren’s chances of winning the war by 75%. In the underground world of war bets, Oren is predicted to win the war with 3:1 odds. Yet with John VIII’s royal envoys having found success in the lands of Haense, but at what cost. Orenian Times reporters have seen wagons of gear and weapons being flooded into Hanseti lands. It is predicted that over twenty thousand minas of supplies and soldiers will be shipped to Hanseti borders in preparation for Orcish Invasion. These supplies are being pulled away from ISA stockpiles and leaving Providence at risk. Send a letter to your Local Mayor informing him to bring our troops home.
  25. IMPERIAL STATE ARMY His Imperial Majesty’s Fifth Brigade - The Imperial State Engineering, Medical, & Arcane Corps “Integrity & Initiative!” Penned by Captain Dame Viktoriya DeNurem KL PREAMBLE: Out of all, once four, Imperial brigades; Infantry, Recruitment, Cavalry, & the Royal Guard, not one gave a true home nor base to rarer niches like field medics, mages, nor engineers. The origins of the 5th brigade were steeped in a shaky foundation, difficult first assignment, and premature activation to solve a problem that simply wasn’t worth addressing at the time. The largest contributing factor to the gradual demise of the former 5th Brigade mostly came from the lack of clear purpose or overall unifying goal of its members. It’s original conception was meant to expand the intellectual endeavors of the Imperial State Army- which previously relied on external or 3rd party organizations for any sort of technological advancement. Even now, the need to study and develop new weapons, arcane entities, or enhancement remains a vital aspect of a successful military. Now has it been declared that the Fifth should seek a wider range of specialties; these being the arts of Engineering, Medicine, & Arcane [Magic]. For each ensures a safer future for our glorious empire, and the progression of our civil state with every innovation and every discovery made. The 5th Brigade is meant to be the primary source of all military advancements covering a wide range of disciplines and fields. It is an assignment that cultivates and utilizes the more intellectual or studious members of the ISA. Previous designations pitted the 5th brigade as an amalgamation of scouting, building, and siegeworks. However, the new designation has the 5th handling classical innovation, biological innovation, and esoteric innovation. Through each of these focus areas, they will expand the capabilities and understanding of any subject of interest and seek to apply these discoveries to the improvement of ISA lives and operation. As well, the groundbreaking new inventions or discoveries yielded will furthermore go to progress the prosperity and supremacy of the Empire on a world stage. It’s an acceptable decision to place those who might be wasted in administration or field combat within the roster of the 5th, this is most notably exercised with ISA soldiers who possess voidal talents or have been rendered unable to fight but wish to continue to serve. The mind is the biggest asset in the 5th! Finally, the 5th Brigade will now be responsible for studying and harnessing the powers of the void or any other magical discipline deemed worthy of exploration for the ISA. As well, hailing to some of the early roots of the brigade, the 5th will be concerned with the discovery, collection, and study of ancient or arcane artifacts- braving uncharted or ancient abandoned territory in search of what time forgot. Of particular note, the ISA Battle Mage program will be managed by the 5th brigade, effectively employing those who possess unconventional powers in combat. These agents may be formed into their own company or assigned to others to augment whatever mission, operation, or project might require their talents. Overall, this field of expertise is unprecedented by the ISA and much of how it will all work is currently ambiguous and open for development. The important thing to remember is to not fall victim to heresy or the abandonment of Imperial morality in pursuit of these unknown entities. The occult must be understood to be destroyed, but suffer not what seeks to corrupt. Due to the inherent danger of interacting with incomprehensible dangers, the 5th brigade will have resident Commissar implanted with the brigade at all times. Should the brigade lack a Commissar for whatever reason, all research and exploration efforts must be halted until a suitable replacement is determined. TABLE OF CONTENTS: SECTION I: Ranks & Personnel SECTION II: Brigade Corps Specializations SECTION II-A: The Imperial State Engineering Corps SECTION II-B: The Imperial State Medical Corps SECTION II-C: The Imperial State Arcane Corps SECTION III: Culture & Courtesies RANKS & PERSONNEL: The 5th is a brigade much like the 4th, that isn't meant to be very large; instead, a specialized force. It is the concentrated location of ISA soldiers who have talents in writing, studying ‘lore’, instructing peers, exploring strange concepts, and/or inventing new things. CAPTAIN The Right Honorable Dame Viktoriya DeNurem Tsecsar KL apt. 1st of Horen’s Calling, 1802 The Fifth Brigade Captain deals with the 1st regiment’s ability to insert and establish itself into new regions, unexplored territory, or behind enemy lines. Their main responsibilities include exploration, dealing with the dangers of unknown areas, building initial support/defense systems for future expansions or campaigns, creating supply lines in preparation for larger occupation, and understanding as many aspects of the area as possible. Their duties require them to manage projects and guide their lieutenants to efficiently and effectively complete their primary objective. The Fifth Brigade’s first official Captain in its second coming had been John Pruvia, retired 1802. In summary, this billet is tasked with; Providing insight and assisting the Lieutenant Billets with their projects Developing and maintaining positive relationships with smiths, alchemists, tinkerers, and enchanters to assist with research & development The deployment of 5th Brigadier & Infantrymen into unknown lands (i.e., the North-Eastern territories). The creation & moderation of supply lines, expansion plans, & future campaigns into unknown land The creation & maintaining of fortifications used for supportive/defensive measures LIEUTENANT[S] 1st Lieutenant Heath Linnord apt. 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 1808 The Fifth Brigade’s Lieutenants are divided between 3 sects; Alchemical [Or, Medical], Arcane, and Artillery. They all serve different purposes, but serve the same purpose of obtaining and studying new concepts for the Imperial Army. Neither of the three will have command over each other, unless by seniority or grade [i.e., one is the Brigade’s Executive Officer]. The Billets Master of Siege Engineer Corps -- 1st. Lt. Heath Linnord The Master of the Siege Engineer Corps M-SEC is a Lieutenant billet under the 5th brigade that is responsible for the management of the SEC across the 1st regiment. Much of their work deals with the development, maintenance, deployment, employment, and training for all siege engines and non-standard weaponry. Much like the Medical Corps the SEC will be further broken down into specialization categories and will feature requirements for each level. Any soldier of the 1st regiment, regardless of brigade, may become specialized in the SEC program. The M-SEC is chiefly responsible for the overall training and standards of all SEC trained troops, as well as the construction of strategically placed defensive or offensive forward operating bases. These bases should be mostly inconspicuous but effective in luring enemy forces into unfavorable conditions or mitigating ISA losses from being caught in the open. The SEC may colloquially be called the Weapons Research and Development department for the ISA. In summary, the M-SEC is tasked with; Ensuring all willing infantrymen, brigadiers, et cetera are properly trained in the use of siege equipment & non-standard weapons of war. The creation & the further pursuit of the advancement of siege weaponry & other technological works. Swift restoration of siege works & weapons of war upon the battlefield (i.e., cannons) and supplying ammunition of such. Ensuring all Internal Construction Corp / Engineering Corp members are sufficiently trained in the working & creation of combative fortifications & construction work Construction of FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] & related works for any number of circumstances Heading of research into separate fields, pertaining to the fashioning & deployment of architectural and defensive works Blueprint and layout of strategic positions benefiting the Imperial State Army and its allies. Publish siegecraft manuals on the equipment and how to man them. Lieutenant Physician -- Lt. Sofia Teufel The scope of the Lieutenant Physician comes not only in saving the lives of the injured, but also consistently educating the military the importance of medicine and spearheading all medical research to lower fatalities in peace and war time. This billet will assist the Fifth Brigade Captain by providing training for new recruits into the military and keeping the skills of the medical professionals sharpened. It is the duty of the Army Doctor to supply and equip medics with approved medical supplies that would be versatile in a number of situations. In summary, this billet is tasked with: Educating combat medics/surgeons and new recruits with medical knowledge. Head medical research to increase quality of life and decrease mortality rates. Supply medical professionals with medical kits that could be used for most situations. Assign medical professionals to write books on how to treat wounds and how to harvest medicinal herbs. The Lieutenant Physician will work closely with the Curantes Guild to provide medical licenses to the new combat medics. Write up curriculums and manuals on relevant information to provide to combat medics for first aid training classes. Treat injured persons, no matter the life expectancy. Archmage of the Imperial Army -- Captain Dame Viktoriya DeNurem KL The duty of the Archmage is to be at the forefront of creating specialized arcane weapons and equipment to more efficiently complete the ISA’s objective. Along with this, they lead the fore of tinkering and experimenting with otherworldly matter & specimens. Their purpose is to experiment with materials brought before them and test out their capabilities to the fullest of their extent. They develop new tools to keep enemies at bay or produce medicine to save a comrade at death’s door. The Archmage’s great mind will be critical in finding unique methods to preserve the spirit of humanity and the Empire. In summary, this billet is tasked with: Manage projects and assign them to researchers, tinkerers, et Cetera Research & discovery of new herbs/minerals and their possible use Development of medicine and arcane weapons Locating artifacts, studying, and crafting Study of magick and enchantments SERGEANT[S] A Fifth Brigadier Sergeant The 5th Brigade’s Sergeants are mostly concerned with the standards and discipline of the members of the brigade, keeping them in line and out of trouble, while also ensuring the daily requirements of brigade upkeep/maintenance are being accomplished. They may serve as the internal brigade quartermaster, taskmaster, drillmaster as needed. The Ensigns follow the same duty, but Sergeants may lead over seniority. SPECIALIST[S] Though Specialists are largely ignored by Brigades, in the Fifth, they’re often the acolytes of Alchemical studies, Arcane magicks, medicinal works, and artillery creation. Upon promotion from Private, Specialists may join to take part in these and get a true feel for the brigade. BRIGADE SPECIALIZATIONS: The 5th Brigade hosts three Specializations, that three Lieutenants hold the reins to; Alchemical [And/Or, Medical], Arcane, and Artillery. A soldier does not need to be in the Fifth Brigade to take part in one (or more) of the Corps; but joining the Brigade opens up the path to promotion & obtaining Officer billets. The Specialization Corps are as follows . . . The Engineering Corps Heath Linnord, Lieutenant of the Engineering Corps, directing cannon fire The Engineers power the very basis of all operations, providing modern technology, fortifications, and artillery to all troops. Every piece of armor, every ounce of blackpowder and every cannon, have been created by the Engineering Corps. Every trap, every inch of wall, and every fort, the same. When there's nothing to craft, they invent, like how the late Generalimissio Alren DeNurem, and the late Fifth Brigade Lieutenant Ostromir Carrion, had invented the first cannon; this is what powers the Engineering Corps forth. School of the Siege Engineer Corps The School of Siege Engineer Corps is a program of specialized training within the Imperial State Army. However branching from the 5th Brigade of Field Engineers, every enlisted soldier in the 1st Regiment may seek training in the fields of artillery warfare or siege engineering and employ its uses in their respective brigades. The program holds two training courses separate from each other and entails its graduates with an insignia; a proof of qualification in the function of siegecraft or siege engineering. These courses consist of both theoretical study and practical training and are based out of the ISA’s facilities in the North-Eastern territories. The Fifth Brigade shall serve as a college of war--those who seek to be equipped in the art of siegework shall be welcomed to the Fifth and be subjected to the disciplines of the ram and rock. With its respective billet as its infrastructure, the School of Siegeworks specializes in preparing those under his Imperial Majesty’s banner for the trials of the siege. Field Engineering Work The members of each brigade are often seen sporting the most high-tech armor and weapons available. They often display their weapons on their uniform, taking great pride in their weapons, and the skills they possess to use them. When upon the front of a battle, unexplored territory, or, otherwise, unsettled land, the Engineering Corps are the first sent out to chart [alongside the Third], settle, and build fortifications for the Orenian army. Combat engineers are force multipliers and enhance the survival of other troops through the use and practice of camouflage, reconnaissance, communications, and other services. These include the construction of roads, bridges, field fortifications, obstacles, and the construction of forts where they're required. Engineering Billets There are an array of billets & paths to take when in the Fifth Brigade, presenting each soldier with a plethora of options to choose from. All of the following branches from the School of Siege Engineer Corps. Sapper Also named Combat Engineers, these enlisted soldiers form the backbone of the task force and would often be digging trenches, earthworks, constructing palisades, fortifications, bridges, camps as well as offering repairs to their units. Sappers are expected to have a sense of building and meaningful placement. They are issued a standard sapper toolkit, to be expanded upon in more detail in the Siege Manual of the SEC. Senior Engineer The equivalent of the Artillery Officer, this officer directly oversees construction efforts and commands sappers on the field. He is expected to view the battlefield with a tactical aspect in mind and lay the fortifications appropriately. The Senior Engineers, in addition, oversee logistics in camp. Master Engineer [Lieutenant] This commissioned officer debriefs Senior Engineers on battleplans on a wider scale and manages the logistical aspect of the SEC; this includes the supply of ammunition, rations, materials, and kits. In addition, the Master Engineer is in charge of the construction and ideal placement of artillery engines before sieges. The Medical Corps Director of the ISA Medical Corps, Sofia Teufel, alongside other Combat Medics Every graduated soldier in the ISA undergoes basic first aid to preserve the life of their comrades, but not everyone can pull a man from the brink of death like the ISA Medical Corps. These men and women are conditioned to not only hold a sword in one hand to defend their fellow man, but to also be the deciding factor that brings someone back home to their family in one piece. The medical corps duties are to educate the 1st Regiment on basic medical knowledge, supply the ISA with medicine, and treat the injured of the Empire. Medical Billets There are an array of billets & paths to take when in the Fifth Brigade, presenting each soldier with a plethora of options to choose from. The following are up to the Director of the Medical Corps to oversee. Combat Medic A soldier tasked to treat and stabilize his comrades while on the battlefield and with exceptional haste. They are equipped with a number of tools to treat burns, amputating limbs, and suturing wounds. Often being the first responders to danger and are trained to handle stressful situations, these soldiers are crucial when going on expeditions or major assaults. Combat Surgeon A well-knowledged soldier in the medical field is equipped with the necessary tools to remove limbs and arrows with precision, ease, and haste. They are quite experienced treating wounds and diagnosing a comrade’s affliction that would be unclear for most. A combat surgeon is known to do emergency surgeries when a comrade has been safely transported to triage or even on the battlefield. Lieutenant Physician A soldier with much experience treating the wounded and an immense dedication to the medical field. These individuals are tasked with treating a numerous number of patients at once in triage. Their skill is unmatched and are the best doctors the Empire has to offer. They develop new medicines and prescribe patients to preserve their quality of life once they leave the hospital. The Arcane Corps Dame Viktoriya, casting in the midst of battle The Imperial State Arcane Corps; otherwise dubbed the ‘Voidwalkers’, specialize in Arcane magickry and its branches. While brute force can win a battle, Mages can shift the tides of a war, and in it, reality itself. The Mage Corps handles all arcane-based encounters and may supply the Army with enchanted weapons, information on magicks, and support ‘midst hostile confrontations. Thaumaturgic Billets Thrall A novice to spellcasting, that might already be a mage, or a soldier seeking the path of one. They’ve confirmed with the Archmage that they have a guaranteed source of teaching, if not from the Archmage themselves, and plan to contribute to the force. Pursuivant A mage of the Imperial State that has nearly perfected their craft, and aided in some reconnaissance missions alongside the Corps. This is the middlemen rank, and they make up most of the Corp’s men. Myrmidon An experienced mage that’s reached the peak of their spellcasting ability, and might have even gone on to learn a second, or third, magic. The elite of the Arcane Corps, they may have gambeson or plate added to their uniform, as long as they aren’t incapicated by either, and typically head reconnaissance missions. Archmage A mage; typically, a Lieutenant or a Captain, that’s reached beyond their spellcasting ability and taken the mantle of the Arcane Corps. They often oversee teaching if they’ve the ability, and appoint billets to each member. CULTURE AND COURTESIES: The 5th Brigade, in and of itself, is a resilient bunch with a cultured mindset. Though more exclusive than, say, the First or Third Brigades, the Fifth typically hand-selects a small group of Enlisted & officers to serve within their ranks: those of the brightest minds and sharpest thinkers, to further their progress into advancement for the Imperial Army. Uniform The Uniform of the Fifth consists of an Imperial coat, crimson & blue in color, with the Army's typical breastplate beneath it. Each rank keeps to their typical headwear, with minor changes typically seen in color & shape. Each Fifth Brigadier typically dons a pack on their side, as well - with the Brigade’s numerous devices & creations to assist in operations and day-to-day tasks. Place in Orenian Society The Enlisted & Commissioned Officers of the Fifth Brigade are typically regarded as the brains & strategists of His Majesty’s army. Though there are an array of personalities & driving factors each & every member carries, they all serve under one purpose: to stand at the head of the Orenian front of advancement, and achieve progression through 'Integrity & Initiative'. Unlike its sister brigades - the Third, and Fourth, for example - no special value is placed upon Nobility or Aristocracy: compiled of typical people, enlisted & commissioned, to form the front of greatness for the Empire. Vanguard into the Unknown The Fifth shall be a troop on the frontier. Those which delve into the unknown, or find themselves exposed to nature’s cruelty, shall find themselves a home in the fifth’s lodge house and barracks, and in it, a shelter from the cold and hidden terror of the outside, only to burst forth from it at dawn’s break and delve into a brave new land of discovery and expedition. Intended Duty Overlaps The 5th is an important part of the regiment in that it will likely rely on the skills and manpower of the others to get things done. Each brigade takes on vital aspects of the total force and is expected to work in conjunction with the others in the pursuit of the smooth conduct of affairs. The 5th Brigade is intended to have certain overlaps in duty to this end, they are as follows. The Regiment - Defensive/civil construction, special weapons training, medical training, named item equipment production, siegeworks 1st Brigade: Manpower for build/resource projects 2nd Brigade: Assisting in basic training courses 3rd Brigade: Exploration, finding points of interest, uncharted territory 4th Brigade: Special weapons deployment, specialized recovery or dangerous missions 6th Brigade: Hunting the supernatural, reconnaissance missions Signed, Rt. Hon. Dame Viktoriya Vyacheslavovna DeNurem Tsecsar KL, Captain of the Fifth Brigade, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Imperial Order of the Lion, Archmage of the Imperial State Arcane Corps, Archon Alchemist of the Fifth Brigade Heath Linnord, 1st Lieutenant of the Fifth Brigade, Head of Defensive & Offensive Fortifications, Head of the Engineering Corps Sofia Teufel, 2nd Lieutenant of the Fifth Brigade, Lieutenant Physician
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