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  1. Stars with you. A poem for Astercalia To accompany you Under the starry night observing the stars change Along the sky at night T0 observe the color changes in the sky From dawn until dusk Watching every star fall and Making wishes among them I wish that you and I could stay here And lay on the plush grass by the river For the rest of our lives. If only you and I Had no responsibilities to be Somewhere else in a few hours. Oh my dear, When can we come together here beneath the stars. We can make wishes for them, you and I. I wish only you and I were left in the world, And that everything else could fade away. You and I Under the stars. Laying on the soft grass. Laughing about our past, about our future together. If we can make it. My love, under the stars is where You and i can be the one Until you and i can be united. Written by; Lady Katerina Angelika de Sarkozic
  2. My initial love A poem for Astercalia I witnessed my parents' Ardent love as a child. And I believed I understood What true love was. They had a shared love. Wish I had had the same result But my, how I was mistaken. Only affection my parents expressed True lovers might hold it. When I was a child, my father would constantly make joy Of my mother's cooking or her thinning, graying hair. When she heard his jokes, my mother Would always get so upset. But now I realize it was out of love. I used to read books about love and how enchanted it was. It seemed magical for a very long time. But perhaps I haven't yet met my soulmate. Perhaps I haven't yet found the person who will be my initial love. Written by; Lady Katerina Angelika de Sarkozic
  3. Lovers from foreign lands A poem for Astercalia We both. Ought not to desire one another. Our nations are at war. However, we were not For one another, our hearts ache. The distance between us is tremendous. But you see, my love, I've always loved you. Whenever I get your letters. My heartbeat flutters. All I want is for us to unite. The possibility of becoming what our hearts desire. Is it foolish of us to wait to be together? Our families and our nations are at war. We risk death. If the wrong person learns. But even then, my love, we would remain close in the afterlife. Will you wait for me, my love? Will you wait for the day when we can truly be lovers? On that day, we are no longer required to hide behind a pen and paper. Keep yourself hidden and safe until then, my love. For I am yours forever. Written by; Lady Katerina Angelika de Sarkozic
  4. ROSE A poem for Astercalia Along the path, a rose is just sitting Eagerly awaiting selection by the ideal companion. That rose sits for days and days and months and months With the person it hopes To spend its final days with. Searching for the ideal companion. The ideal companion to call their own. They are hoping that person will elicit emotions from them that they Never anticipated feeling. Someone who was worth all the suffering. Yet at that precise moment, the rose was chosen. It is aware that they have found the right person. Someone who would be able to treat them with greater respect than the person Who came before them on the path Someone who is capable of admiring that rose before its final bloom. Someone who is aware that the rose was their flower. The ideal companion and the rose are both in their final bloom. Before they met, they each led different lives. However, the end. One and the same. The ideal companion: the rose. Lived a life they never imagined being able to. Written by; Lady Katerina Angelika de Sarkozic
  5. Dawn of Love. In honor of John Aurelian Novellen-Huntshill 1844-1867 It all started on that cold winter day in New Providence when I first arrived. You, John Aurelian, were staring up at the Tuvmas tree. Your cold gray eyes locked onto my dark blue eyes as I entered the city. And we knew we were meant to be together from that point forward. On the bridge to the palace, our friendship began. You inquired as to why I wore a rose in my hair, and I simply replied, "I am the Sarkozy rose," to which you laughed it off. Then, right before Tuvmas ended, you and I climbed the Tuvmas tree. You knew I was afraid of heights, John Aurelian, but that didn't stop you from encouraging me. Within THE VISCOUNTY OF GREENLAND, we had our own treehouse and a small club after a few years. Oh, how simple those days were. If only we had known what was in store for us. You, on the other hand, John Aurelian, left. When we ended things, you said you didn't want anything to do with me, my heart broke... Oh, if we could just go back to our childhood and tell ourselves that everything would be fine. Years went by and you went to Haense and did things and I stayed back in Oren and lived my life. Becoming the court poet of Oren. One day you returned and we spoke about everything. And the spark we once had relit and we acted like children again. John Aurelian, you and I were lovers from the start. You finally asked me to marry you after what felt like years of me waiting. Those six months felt like a blink of the eye. Then one day.. One sad day I see your body being carried into the streets of New Providence. My uncle Edwin and King Frederick I was with your body. I was with child with our three little triplets. What a mess you've made of things, John Aurelian, but I wouldn't change a thing. In New Providence, we put your body to rest. Everyone showed up to show their support, but I felt completely alone. It was as if the best part of myself had vanished. But John Aurelian, I'm certain that I'll see you again. Until that time comes. I'll never forget our dawn of love. Written by; Lady Katerina Angelika de Sarkozic
  6. Authored by Calahan Antonious O’Rourke and Alexander Wynsehn Published in 1877, Erin Hall, Halstaig The title of Count of Halstaig originates from the Sixth Empire under Peter II when he ennobled Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth as the first Count of Halstaig. However, Braehn’s title did not surpass his death as the infamous Coup of Adelburg restructured Orenian nobility and restricted Braehn from continuing to hold his title and all associated lands. The title was thus placed in absence. It was not until two centuries later that the title resurfaced. In 1781, Peter III bestowed the title of Count of Halstaig upon Oisin Seamus O’Rourke, a highly-regarded Adunian politician and commodore from Kaedrin. Upon assuming the comital title, he was given the formal name, John I by Imperial Administration, a tradition which all future title holders underwent upon assuming peerage. Braehn I of House Elendil (1629-1639) Braehn Eldenil An'Hiraeth @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth Being entitled as the first Count of Halstaig by Peter II during the reign of the Sixth Empire, Braehn was responsible for the construction of much of the Imperial-Adunic culture still seen in the modern era. He placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of education as he was notorious for supporting the construction of several academic institutions in his first rendition of Halstaig on Axios. Brahen’s reign as Count did not last long as a decade after his ennoblement, the Coup of Aldersburg was launched which saw the subsequent removal of several Imperial Noble Titles - Braehn’s title included. John I of House O’Rourke (1781-1788) Oisin Seamus O’Rourke @Areon Oisin grew up in Brolwic, Aeldin. Upon news of his father's death in 1756, he and the rest of his family sailed back to Arcas. As the new Patriarch of House O’Rourke, he was to take care of his family, settling them down in The Commonwealth of Kaedrin. Once purchasing a house he began a printing press to further take care of the family, thus creating the O’Rourke Company. Whilst achieving noble status for the family, arguably his most notable achievement was founding the Imperial State Navy. Alongside George de Sarkozy, he constructed a base for the navy within Kaedrin, beginning a large-scale recruitment drive. After being denied the ability to blockade Sutican Ports and trade routes in the Sutican War due to the ocean froze over, he lived out his final years peacefully. His title passed onto his brother Patrick… Patrick I of House O’Rourke (1788-1791) Padraig Pious O’Rourke @Mandalore1 Padraig grew up in Aeldin alongside his family. He too sailed back to Arcas in 1756 when news of his father's death spread. As a famed politician of the Empire, after the Imperial Diet reform in 1764, he dived headfirst into his career, by joining the Josephite party. Having lived in Kaedrin for a decade and building his social standing, he decided to run for Lord Mayor of Owynsburg. After the hardships of a supposedly rigged election, he finally found himself in charge of the city. Reopening the mines, ceasing taxation, and reforming mayoral elections. With great success as the mayor, he was invited to be the Minister of Labor within Ves, allowing him to affect Vessian vassals on a large scale. The years of his life came to a near end after being promoted by the Archchancellor to the role of Secretary of the Interior. He left his title to his daughter Anastasia… Anastasia I of House O’Rourke (1791-1828) Anastasia Cassia O’Rourke @Asutto Also known as Azariah of Halstaig, the Countess was born in Owynsburg, Kaedrin. Her backstory being that of a vagrant and bandit, set straight by the Imperial State Army. Being forced to conscript after being captured, she spent her time reuniting with her family and studying the blade. She chose to then follow in her family's footsteps by running for Alderman of Helena. Later on she became a city clerk of Helena and continued to climb the ranks of the I.S.A despite having passed her required years of service. After Padraig’s untimely death, she took on the title of Countess as the eldest of her sonless father. Reaching the near peak of her military career during the Inferi War, she became a guardian of Orenian and Adunian people alike. After joining the legions of descendants in fleeing Arcas, she established a small town within the Daeperician Archipelago before continuing to Almaris to construct the famous Erin Hall with the aid of her grandfather. She went on to participate in many wars and events in Orenian history and achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the ISA to then retire. In 1828 she died in an assassination attempt, to which her body was never found. She bore the title(s): Dame, Anastasia Cassia of Halstaig, Countess of Halstaig, Magistrate of Providence, and Knight Commander of the Order of the Lion. Iduna I of House O’Rourke (1828-1849) Iduna Anne O’Rourke @Itz_Cookie The White Rose was born within the confines of Halstaig’s white marbled walls, where she was ordered to remain. Though that did not stop her, the future Countess, a free spirit in her younger days, spent her days wandering the realm. After a mortifying bandit encounter at a young age, she was placed under the care of a bodyguard, increasing the time she spent at Halstaig significantly. Taking an interest in the arts would later influence her career as an adult. After an arguably scandalous marriage, she began a new generation of O’Rourke’s with a Haenseti as her spouse. Whilst achievements were minor in her time, she procured the future of the family and spent her time working as the Mistress of the Arts and Culture in the Augustine Palace. An unfortunate death besieged her as she and the head maid of Halstaig attempted to leave on the sea for a brief trip to Aeldin. The ship sank at the cause of a corrupt pirate, and Iduna’s legacy was left to her eldest daughter Theodosia… Theodosia I of House O’Rourke (1849-1876) Theodosia Illaena O’Rourke @RaindropsKeepFalling Theodosia ‘The Black’ was a momentous figure in modern Oren, both the Empire and Kingdom. Her upbringing was relatively simplistic, surrounded by the tenets of Halstaig and her family. Influenced by a great lack of parental guidance, she brought herself to mature at a young age to then take on the Comital Title sooner than expected. Not more than a month after she had to face her first decision as Countess in the Aster Revolution… After pledging fealty to Philip Amadeus alongside an escort of O’Rourke bannermen, many reforms were to then come. The first reformation of many to influence the County was that of free companies, and after rigorous application, the Westguard was formed under her supervision. Meanwhile, her cousin and the Arentania Construction Corporation were hard at work designing and constructing the Fortress of the West, the new design of Erin Hall. Upon the perch of Erin Hall, the first and only Lady Vicar of Arentania was elected into this position, leaving her to reside over the noble families within the western region of the Empire. One of the Countess’ final reforms she had left in her legacy was the original draft of the Peerage Reforms, responsible for fixing the bloated population of peers. Theo had found the end of the road much too soon, just like those before her. Most were unsure of the origin of her death, although letters of her last will and testament were left behind to her children. Theodosia had left Calahan O’Rourke as her Regent in absence whilst her daughter Sadie Cristonia O’Rourke waits to take the title… Sadie I of House O’Rourke (1876-present) Sadie Cristonia O’Rourke @Moenah A flaxen-haired child of Rourke, Not known to say much, the road before her is not straight. To be raised by her family, there is not much else known…
  7. VICTOIRE Written by Héloïse Thérèse de Rochefort nee Halocurt d’Artois Penned on the 17th of Snow’s Maiden, In the year of 1877 The Little Lady (1876) My bright little star Hair kissed by the embers of old Shining so brightly in my heart Laughing and smiling The frightful cold is no match As your heart is golden and pure My bright little star Soul kind and pious Many will tempt to tear you down But you shall withstand their venomous glares Victoire, thy brightest star Hair kissed by the sun above May you grow wise and beautiful May you strive and love The bitterness of winter is no challenge As thy golden heart is embraced by flames Follow the lord, follow the light My beautiful little star Stay kind and pious Let none ever dim your flames WITH LOVE, The Lady Rochefort Heloise of Artois
  8. The Poems Of 1875 Lady Luciano (.1870) Poems written and composed by Heloise Therese de Rochefort nee d’Artois. 1875 The Lady Of The Lake Lies with lairs The lady of the lake Conspiring with sprites For her own delight She is swift and smooth With her deck of tales Be careful with her Keep your tongue sharp Be careful with her Keep your heart close As the lady of the lake Reveals no truth Dust Trust and dust Go hand and hand Dust is an annoyance Trust lacks Who can ever trust Whenever it is like dust Their timid Play Is no match for I As it is truth Truth in its fullest Trust and dust Go hand and hand Unhappy Unhappiness Such a bitter plague I look to the streets Seeing happiness Passion shown Loyalty expressed From my high tower I only feel doubt My light fades As his brightens I am simply Unhappy WITH LOVE, The Lady Rochefort Heloise of Artois
  9. The Order of the Red Eagle acts as the main Knightly Order to the Kingdom of Oren and the Crownlands. Consisting of every Knight sanctioned by the King, the Order of the Red Eagle seeks to uphold the etiquette and prestige of the Knights within the realm as it honors tradition and strength above all else. It is required, by decree of his Royal Majesty, that all Knights seeking recognition within Orenia are to enlist within the Order of the Red Eagle. Despite mandatory service, however, the Order does not act as a levy force where other traditional knightly orders would. Rather, the Order serves as an overarching organization to produce accurate and updated Knightly census as well as to provide martial assistance to the fiefdoms and vassals of the Kingdom on a much more personally tailored level. As such, it has no uniform and enables Knights within the organization to enlist within other Knightly Circles or take up political positions within Royal territory. It is important to note that enlistment with other Knightly Circles is not mandatory, but is oftentimes discouraged should the Knight wish to rise above the degree of Knight Errant. As previously mentioned The Order has no required uniform, however Knights may wear a standardized set of platemail and the tabard of the order as provided by the Orders quartermaster. It is commonplace that knights wear their own personal suit of armor and tabard when engaging in knightly duties, and not wear the uniforms of any other garrison or organization. Squires are expected to wear whatever clothing is requested of them by the knight they serve, typically simple tunics staying in line with the color scheme of the knight's house. The Order does not forbid military service, so long as it is within the Kingdom of Oren. In fact, members of the Order, squires of age included, are encouraged to join the Petran Legion as at least a reservist. "I swear to be true to the King and the realm, stalwart and outspoken against any evils that threaten harm. I swear to work tirelessly to the betterment of the Kingdom and the Orenian people that comprise it. I swear also not to associate with traitors nor enemies of the state, and to always defend the honor of those I serve. This I swear upon my life by the Holy Scrolls. Ave Orenia." Knightly honors are not just rewards for great deeds but are also a titular recognition of one's outstanding discipline and character. All Knights are expected to adhere to the Code of Chivalry at all costs in every facet of their lives, both on and off the battlefield. Above all else a Knight must always remain loyal to those they serve and to the institution and camaraderie of the Order. To set aside personal desires of compelling obligations for that to which an Oath is pledged. A Knight must possess the aptitude for dignity in the face of adversity, to present oneself and by extension represent those they serve as well as the Order in the proper form. A Knight must strive to always do the right thing, to hold oneself accountable and to always act in good faith even when none are around to witness it. They must also abstain from dishonesty to the best of their ability. A Knight must be willing to extend goodwill and mercy to all, even an enemy. To never compromise the tenets of the Order nor one's principles. To accept any and all challenges or duels leveled against them by worthy foes. A Knight must always act courageously and seek to redirect harm away from the innocent. To overcome obstacles of fear, pain, or even death in the completion of their quest or lawful order. A Knight must always remain humble, to offer aid to those in need, and to seek to undo the suffering of others. They must also maintain an open mind and a free ear to challenging ideas. The tradition of errantry as a way of proving one’s abilities as a Knight is an aspect of chivalry that has been lost to history in many ways. Though informally conducted by various knights out of passion for the denizens of the Kingdom, the art of chivalric questing has gone neglected for many years. With the reintroduction of the Order of the Red Eagle it has been deemed necessary for knights to embark upon a period of errantry where the Knight Errant shall take upon quests in the service of the Kingdom in order to earn one’s Knightly epithet and place in the Order besides the King as a Knight Royal. A Knight Errant, in general, should not refuse any quest given to them during this time. It is customary for Knights to be awarded a Knightly Epithet based on what trait, value, or virtue they most exemplify by their time as a Knight Errant. These epithets are determined in conjunction with the completion of the Knightly Quest that they have taken on. Epithets are given to the Knight for life and no other living Knight may possess the same Epithet as another. An epithet may only be changed if the King deems a new characteristic worthy of the Knight that outshines the original epithet. A Knight stripped of their Knighthood immediately relinquishes their epithet to be bestowed upon someone actually worthy of the title. Once a Knight is recognized for their distinction and leal service to the Crown they may be given a serjeanty to govern over alongside their Spurs of Knighthood. The king alone decides whether a Knight is worthy of being given a Serjeanty. A serjeanty will often consist of a small estate with some farmland. Should the Knight be assigned to assist a lord, their serjeanty will be within or just outside of that lord's lands. Should the Knight be assigned duties within the Kings Court the serjeanty will be immediately outside of the city of Vienne. A knight must carry out the functions of their duty in order to maintain their serjeanty, otherwise they shall be honorably stripped of the privilege. The Knight Paramount alone shall be issued the honor of holding the Grand Serjeanty of Erneburgh in the Order’s name. A serjeanty is exempt from taxation by the crown, however a Knight is not exempt from taxes being levied on any other properties they may own nor is the serjeanty hereditary. Knights of the Order of the Red Eagle are expected to act respectfully and within the guidelines of the Order. However, from time to time, some Knights will choose to ignore such regulations put in place to keep them in the grace of GOD and his Kingdom. Misconduct is a bad omen to one’s peers and becomes a disastrous precedent when left unchecked. Hence, the implementation of Blackmarking. Knights of the Order of the Red Eagle who have been blackmarked have been found committing a grievance beyond repair in the eyes of the King and Knight Paramount, the latter of whom suggests the punishment. Blackmarked Knights are stripped of their regalia and forced to undertake a Quest of Restitution in the grace of the Kingdom. Such actions may only be undertaken ONCE in a lifetime, and the quest itself is decided upon by the King himself. Knights of the Order of the Red Eagle who have been blackmarked and completed their quest of restitution, only to be blackmarked once more, are to be forever stripped of their Knighthood, condemned, and banished from Royal service. Their name will be made public, and his presence in vassal states, while a stain on their good reputation, is only barely tolerable. If said grievances are terrible enough, the former Knight may be banished from the Kingdom entirely, or even executed at the King's discretion. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to don the title of Sir. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to display one’s own sigil. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to be armed amongst the King’s Court. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to govern lands in the name of the King. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege to levy taxes upon their fiefdom. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege of providing counsel to the the King. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege of the right to trial by combat. ☩ A Knight of the Kingdom shall receive the privilege of being buried within the Arend Crypts. Often children of gentry and nobility, the squire ( or page if under the age of 14) serves as the right-hand of a Knight in order to learn the Knightly ways, typically starting their journey at the age of 14. Following their service as a Squire, which conclude after a minimum of 7 years and not before the age of 21, they will assume the rank of Knight Errant. Their time will primarily be spent learning about history, literature and the Code of Chivalry, but they will also learn the fundamentals of armed and unarmed combat. Older squires may even be given important tasks, typically of a scholarly nature, on behalf of their local liege or Knight Royal, ranging from delivering messages to keeping accurate documents or minutes of an important meeting. Should one not hail from noble lineage the acquisition of Knighthood remains plausible. It is the will of his Royal Majesty that the finest of Humanity are to be Knighted and serve the Kingdom, for oftentimes men of low birth showcase more prowess and devotion to mankind than that of gentry or lords. As such, should one be found worthy of Errantry, his Royal Majesty shall issue an Royal Writ, officiating the knighthood of a lowborn individual. While this Royal Writ does not automatically qualify an individual for peerage such as a Viscount or Duke, it does mean that any offspring of the Knight are of worthy blood and do not need to seek out such a writ should they follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. Knights Errant are those who have just gained the rank of Knight, tasked with having to prove themselves honorable in Quests or Battle as a means to earn the coveted Spurs of Knighthood, which would promote them to the Second Degree of Knighthood. Knights Errant are oftentimes inexperienced in combat, and thus their primary focus is to gain experience through action rather than study as a Squire would. Additionally, Knights Errant do not actively serve a lord, even when directly related, as they are preoccupied with achieving personal glory rather than hereditary tasks. Knights Errant are not only allowed, but are expected, to take on Squires that they themselves find, or are given to them by a higher ranking Knight. Knights Royal are those who have proven their chivalrous nature beyond a reasonable doubt, ready to serve the Kingdom in a more direct manner. Beyond their own Serjeanty, Knights Royal are often assigned to a swathe of land within the Kingdom, tasked with protecting it alongside the occupying Lord. This may take the form of leading the Lords levy, enforcing laws and punishing those who break them, and even slaying monsters and beasts that roam the land. Knights Royal are also expected to act as guards within the Royal Court, ensuring no harm comes to any in attendance, though most importantly the King. Finally, Knights Royal may be tasked to any navigational duty, such as Quartermaster, that the Knight Paramount sees fit. The Knights Commander are the upper echelon of all knights of the order. Hand picked by the Knight Paramount, or even the King, for showing extreme bravery, competence and devotion to the protection of the kingdom. They are in charge of anything and everything, their word being final within the order except when held up to that of the Knight Paramount or the King himself. The Knight Paramount is the head of the Order of the Red Eagle. They are tasked with ensuring all Knights under them are operating in a manner becoming of the order and the King. They assign Knights Royal to their cuties, ensure that Squires are receiving adequate training, and are the sole decision as to who is set to become a Knight Royal. Knight Paramount •Sir Aleksander Basrid Knights Commander •N/A Knights Royal •Sir Gustaf de Vilain •Sir Lucien Ashford de Savoie •Sir Edmond de Rouen •Sir Ezekiel Moores •Sir Louis Staunton •Dame Primrose Gendik Knights Errant •N/A Squires •Kendrick Nightingale •Otto von Manstein •George Obedia •Wolfgang de Vilain Kevin Iomharach GOD WITH US, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick I, King of Oren, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Sunholdt, Furnestock, Petra, Oltremont, South Arentania, and Lorraine, Count of Mardon, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders and Farfolk, etcetera ((Contact Sykotic#1867 to join or for more information.))
  10. PICKING UP THE MARGRAVIAL SCEPTRE Penned and signed by Maciej Jazloviecki, in the Margraviate of Grodno on 19th of Grand Harvest 1875 Less than a decade ago, me, family and friends loyal to my name for generations, lived in our beloved Savoy. My father, our pride and leader, passed away unexpectedly. At that time already, the merciful God gave me the sceptre of power as Lord Regent of Lvinsk. I never hid my anger that while I was wasting the years of my youth, the rightful ruler, my elder brother Stanislaw was having fun somewhere away. It took him a year to return home, for a year our father's corpse had already decomposed, and it was only after that time that he dared to return. Disgraceful was the past of my brother, who wanted to call himself a "restorer". I faithfully followed his path, as it was destined for me by birthright. Once we have settled on our new land, given to us by our beloved King Frederick, I was chosen by Stanislaw to begin my term in the office as the venerable Komes. Less than a decade of slowly getting used to the new realities, and Stanislaw now lies dead. In the absence of any descendant from his blood I raise the sceptre and the Margrave's coronet in his stead. Knowing what was the life of my late brother, I additionally disinherit and exclude from the line of succession possible bastards of Stanislaw I Jazloviecki. I appoint my friend and faithful ally, Masashi Iekami, to take the place as my Komes. Let it be known that I am not my brother, nor my father - I will fear no evil and raise my sword against anyone who wishes to harm my family or the holy Canonist Church. Today marks the beginning of a new era for my House and the March. I will keep every one of my promises now and in the future, so help me God. REJOICE MOTHER LECHIA Signed, The Most Honourable, Maciej Jazloviecki, Margrave of Grodno, Hetman of the Eagle's Watch, Defender of Lechians
  11. THE GREYCLOAKS GreyCloak Ranger passing through the lands of Providence PREAMBLE In the 63rd year of the second age in the town of Arichsdorf, Frederick Di Napoli would ride into town. With the recent troubles within Almaris and the ever-growing presence of war within the continent, he would choose to establish the first guildhall of the GreyCloaks in the town. His mentor and teacher had been Hider GreyCloak, a ranger from Norland who had taught him everything about being a man of the wilderness. Now with Frederick as the newfound Captain on the spearhead of the next ranger movements in the continent, the hope is to found and spread the word of the GreyCloaks to have uniformed guilds throughout Almaris, protecting the smaller settlements and frontiers of the continent, keeping balance and peace in the world. The GreyCloak are not strictly professional soldiers. They stand in no lines or guard no gates. Nor are they mere foragers, content to eat berries and drink spring water. For the ranger, all of life is a battle. Their fight does not begin at the bark of a general, or end with the war-horn’s howl. It began when Man first felt the bite of the cold in his chest, and the sting of heat scorching their brow. When they found themselves alone and lost in a dark world- but saw for the first time the stars charting a path to the light of victory. RANKS A veteran ranger with his Cloak and longsword The extravagance of a military guild’s long ladder of ranks seems rather out of place in the ranger’s world. Every ranger is expected to have the same base set of skills as any other. Naturally, some men take to certain tasks better than others, and if a mission calls for a particular man’s expertise, the Leader will designate them to lead it. But which skills will be most essential depends on the task at hand. The best man for one assignment may be the worst man for another. Thus, the rangers free themselves from the shackles of titular bureaucracy and can award commands based on merit and the demands of their current objectives. WILDERS Wilders are members of the guild, who haven’t officially started their training, they are either often people who Rangers assess if they are beneficial to the cause. They are often picked or selected from the applications sent to the guild. Wilders are often informally tested to not only prove their loyalty to their work but to also assess their moral obligations. APPRENTICE New recruits to the guild are known as Apprentices, signifying their status as travellers on a sacred quest. Every Apprentice undergoes rigorous mental and physical training beside a class of fellows. Together, they learn to live off the land, to track men and beasts by the prints they leave behind, to read the sky, and to master the ranger’s weapon of choice- the longbow and recurve bow. Upon the successful acceptance into the guild, Apprentices are then awarded a long Cloak, which they wear and maintain for the rest of their life. RANGER They are given the same responsibilities and privileges carried by all fully initiated members, who came before them. They shall uphold the duties of the guild and cause; the rangers are loyal to the cause of the guild and shall cherish the training that they will continue to strive to gain. These Rangers are provided with assignments that they shall either work alone or with a gathering of the guild, provided by their leader. A group of rangers working on an assignment in Ebonwoods CAPTAIN The Captain is the executive head of the Greycloaks. Their main responsibilities consist of overseeing Apprentice training, delegating rangers to apprentices, planning and directing response to assignments, and maintaining discipline across the guild. The Leader’s word is final but this veto power is rarely if ever exercised. Serving Captain: Frederick Di Napoli (Ze_claus) RECRUITMENT To join the Greycloak Rangers, either seek out the Ranger Captain found in Arichsdorf or fill out the application: (Please reply with this format below!) Minecraft Username: Full Roleplay Name | Alias: Discord: Timezone (Optional): Reason you would like to join:
  12. THE RIVIAN REGENCY Rivia in Spring, (circa 1856), by an unknown artist. Having been sickly bedridden for half a decade, the Viscount of Rivia, Philip Rupert Galbraith, regrets to announce a state of regency over all Rivian domains. While the Viscount left a rightful heir in his grandson, Charles Antonius, his youthful age and inexperience have made it tedious for him to reign. It has thus been decided that his mother, the esteemed Countess of Carolustadt, shall act as his regent until he comes of age. While the Countess of Carolustadt acts as the Regent of Rivia, the Lord Commander of the Rivian Houseguard, Montgomery Potte has been tasked with presidening over the education of the young heir. Signed, The Right Honourable, Philip Rupert Galbraith, Viscount of Rivia, Baron of Rivia Her Imperial Highness, Victoria Emma Augusta, Countess of Carolustadt, Baroness-dowager of Rivia, Prefect-Castellen of Vienne
  13. 𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒓'𝒔 𝒔𝒌𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒖𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒆𝒍 Hola! It’s been a while but I am back with yet another skin auction! I know it's been a year since my previous one, but I'm back with another one. All the bids will be in USD, because I am need funding. I am moving into a new apartment so all this money will be going to that! All bids will be starting at 11$ USD copy and paste this for the bidding format. DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID Rules ☼ Make sure the person you're trying to outbid is aware! ☼ ALSO! No reposting on PMC, please! Just because you bought the clothing doesn't mean you get to claim credit for making it; I still did! ☼ please contact me via PM. My discord is doreebear#3218 if you have any questions. ☼ I have the right to refuse to sell a skin to anyone. If they are a notorious skin thief, splice-er, post without attribution, or simply a toxic and terrible person, I will refuse to give them my skins. My skins, I feel, should go to individuals who value my work, others, and myself as a person. ☼ Unless I give you permission, you may not resell or put my skins up for sale/auction somewhere else. Auction will close On Friday the 13th at 4pm CST MALE Gray Gothic Blue-Pilled All for One and One for All Always Pay Their Debts You Know Nothing The Mad Prince Prospero FEMALE Adventures and Furs I would always rather be happy than dignified. You Poor Wretched Souls Nordic Goddess I and my Annabel Lee She's From the North
  14. [!] A message is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard and left on the streets of Providence A Re-Invitation \ ~A halfling smiles at you as you pass by with a powdered wig. It seems you are no longer unwelcome in the halfling lands.~ We have shown the bandit justice! No more shall they threaten us! Since the south-bigguns no longer have a bandit of theirs at large in the village, there's nay problem to letting them back in to enjoy parties and feasts! As such, the Orenians are now officially RE-INVITED to Honeyhill and may come and go as they see fit! The old reparations are waived and need not be paid. ~Filibert Applefoot
  15. To the People of Oren, Do you who follow the false king not realize what he intends to do, perhaps many of you do and are malicious enough to go through with this pact with this hellspawn. But to destroy the legacy of this Empire is completely unacceptable, for what reason but the failures of the recent wars do we have to blame on our problems... Instead of recovering and rebuilding after such enormous loss of life and land. Not soon after the peace deal signed by Philip III, and his mysterious death, the Prince came to the capital and wished to uproot and dismantle everything his ancestors built. The Empire may have its flaws, but our ability to stand together and fight against those who wish to destroy our way of life, we may have suffered defeat in the recent war. But what I ask, would dismantling the Empire change anything I suspect not, this is only a ploy to divide us even further, to the point where unity amongst Orenians will fade away, nothing will be the same after this Prince gets his way. Praise be to those who stood and resisted against these horrid affairs. And let it be known just as our Carrington cousins declared for Peter IV, so does Sunholdt. Long has the family d’Arkent fought against those who would destroy the stability brought by the Imperial Throne and throw us back in the anarchy. I pray for those Orenians that know not what they do. To survive in this world, the Empire is the only way. Long Live Emperor Peter IV Long Live the Empire Signed, HIS GRACE, DUKE of SUNHOLDT, BARON of SELM Peter Augustus d’Arkent HER GRACE, DUCHESS of SUNHOLDT, BARONESS of SELM Bianca Mariya d'Arkent nee Sarkozy HEIR TO SUNHOLDT, Lord Peter Benedict d’Arkent
  16. A Critique of the Petty King Over the last few months I have seen a lot of things, predominantly people declaring themselves for either Fredrick Charles or Emperor Peter IV, amongst this there has not been any true critiques of one side or another, so I am setting out to write this to change this fact as The Baron Darkwood, to further solidify my family’s stance and to diminish the decision of the dissenter of my family. Firstly, let us discuss the way in which Fredrick came into power. Without any true heirship to the throne, being third in the line to the throne, he marched on the city with a rally of Blackvale and Arichsdorf men and forcibly took the throne as soon as the news broke that the Emperor and Empress had passed away. While the rightful Emperor Peter IV was on a trip out of the city, the throne was taken and Fredrick decided to begin to make unsavoury changes. This is not how one takes the throne, our nation follows a hereditary monarchy and by the standards of such, he was not by law allowed to take the throne, as its lawful inheritor was the Emperor Peter IV. Clearly this was the first of many fumbles for The Petty King as he forced his way into an illegitimate, self-ordained reign. Next, let us discuss the matters of the immediate changes that The Pretender had attempted to make with his false claim to the throne. Upon taking ‘power’ he split what was already an Empire that was admittedly struggling into two Kingdoms. The first of which is the Kingdom of Oren, the South of the Empire, and the Second, The Grandmarch of Westfall. The latter of them had a disappearance of many of their people including the leaders of the false Grandmarchy. I would question the logic behind splitting an Empire that is in need of close care as it will only end with two nations with less resources, less people and a higher chance at failure. To follow up on this, I will discuss the matter of neutrality. Neutrality is something that occurs in all wars, internal or external, not everyone wants to involve themselves in a war. Yong Ping, Fenn and some other nations and city states all decided to declare for neutrality in the Tripartite war, which involved many nations of Almaris. I would assume that with the ongoing civil war The Pretender King would allow people to declare neutrality, only I was then informed during the early hours of the war that he said those who wouldn’t side with him would be vanquished. Such a bold and aggressive move was not anticipated at all. It provided me more reason to speed up my missive stating my house's stance on the war. While unconfirmed, the neutrality of Ebonwood likely spurred the attack on Minuvas that has been reported as an attack by the followers of The Pretender. I believe it utterly disgusting that he would even consider making such a move, forcing those who do not seek war to join. Finally, we shall discuss the people The Pretender surrounds himself with using fine examples such as the Raid on Vuillermoz. Upon muscling their way into the Vuiller keep, the followers of The Pretender threatened various children and beat a mother half to death while she defended her children from these monsters of men. A leader who would opt to surround themself with men who would threaten children and beat their mothers, is not an honourable leader, no citizen of Oren, Kingdom or Empire should condone such actions, and those who do are awful, no better than those who enacted the brutal and cowardly assault. It is clear a leader should not allow such things to occur and those with any conscience would work to remove them, as the Emperor’s soldiers do. In conclusion, I believe I have given you a variety of reasons as to why The Pretender Fredrick and his people are not well-natured folk, and those who rally for them are not true or good people by any means at all. My claims can be disputed but, I believe they are far stronger than the claims against mine. Signed, Baron Drako Darkwood
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  18. A young Lady Laurelie Vuiller went out to walk her dog. Finally a day of peace, out with Buckles. Walking the roads with a smile. The small mixed and stout dog ran around her feet. She returned the estate. Buckles went to join the other dogs in the back. Home was meant to be safe. As she walked to the keep people were coming in and out. The girl of fifteen raised a brow as she entered. Civil War was all that was being talked about. The smile she once had was no more. The girl was used to death, after all, she was the one who found her father’s dead body. She grew up in war, helping her family wherever she could. She would often care for her ailing mother, who had just started to get better. Lady Katerina had entered their home, while the rest of her family went out to gather their things. Her cousin, Johanne, was going to bring the dogs along for a short while, to keep them safe. Soon, little Laureli was alone, with Lady Katerina, the doors barricaded. Men could be heard dismounting their horses, and fear quickly struck the poor girl. She saw them in the windows, trying to find their way in, Laurelie quickly ducked behind the extra things they had to use to block all the doors and windows. Lady Kate near the door. "HAIL." A man said knocking on the gate that blocked the doors "The Crown wishes to speak" The sounds of another man gripping his gauntlet around the iron bars "We're only here to talk" "I am the kindest of my party" said the last man "You would be wise to speak to me instead of them, da?" The young Vuiller spoke "Get down" "What crown do you support" the questioned asked to everyone who entered the keep "It depends on which Crown you recognise" he answered "Stop talking and get down please" Lady Laurelie pleaded in a short whisper "what is your answer?" he spoke soon after "Stay close" Lady Kate spoke in the same hushed tones as they made their way to the roof. The dagger Laurelie’s mother gave to her clutched close to her chest. After some time had passed, Lady Kate went home. Her cousin, who was more like a sister, Lady Johanne Vuiller, had sent her a bird to come home, but she was already home. Their very tall friend Suika who was one year senior was now in the keep, as was her aunt Rosemary, and a musin had joined them. Down in the basement they talked about heading up the stairs so that Suika could read one of her favorite stories out loud. As they started to make their way up, shattering glass could be heard. Frightened, having not gotten the chance to tell the others what happened prior to that day, they ran back up the stairs to the roof. Letters were sent calling for help, one of the many cannons moved to the door. They had loaded it, ready to fire. “Stay back! We are women and children!” WACK! The musin’s head was caved in by a war hammer. Laurelie looked on in horror as Suika used her body as a shield for Laurelie. As the men came closer, weapons were already out. How? How did they get on the roof? “Well, well…Look what we have here boys?” the man said with a smirk. “THE VUILLERS ARE TRAITORS!” The young Vuiller knew that voice, it was one of the voices from before. Wait, Traitors? How they were traitors, they did nothing wrong. They had said nothing. If they were traitors there could have been a more peaceful way of doing things right? He boomed loudly. “No steps further, or off with your heads.” Heads, who’s heads. Her body grew cold. Our heads… She thought to herself. Johanne, scared at the men that approached threw a fire bomb at them. Tossing them back, just as the one in front of Laurelie and Suika was about to put his blade into Suika’s throat. The three men were sent flying, one nearly rolled off the roof, yet it wasn’t enough. Rosemary was hit with a crossbow, she ran over to Johanne “Don’t hurt the children!” Despite this, the letters sent proved fruitful, and people were on the way! However, up on the rooftop of the keep, Rosemary Vuiller turned, reaching for Johanne “Please, please not the children. I beg of you with every ounce of my being. Please don't kill my children.” Rosemary reached out for Laurelie to take her hand. Calling her daughter she knew what this meant and played along. Moving to grab her hand, holding onto Suika “SPARE THE CHILDREN!” the man ordered “TAKE ALL OF THEM PRISONER!” Rosemary was soon pulled away, beaten bloody for Johanne’s actions, to be made an example of. She was just trying to keep herself safe. Why were they doing this? We were scared, and frightened. One second it was death and then the next it was prisoner. “Close your eyes Llir, don’t watch this” she whispered to by Suika, still using herself as a shield, close to the cannon, they could do nothing. Voices, she heard voices. Were they saved? The men on the roof of Vuillermoz keep didn’t look happy. The men moved to climb down the walls. Grand aunt Primerose was there. Did she let the others onto the roof? Primrose and Johanne started to tend to Rosemary. Laurlie looked over the walls, a battle could be heard yet she couldn’t see anything. Sukia pulled her to the side “Let me out, my friends are here” After trying to set up another cannon she agreed. Moving down the hallways of the keep, Sukia saw her friend and jumped out of one of the broken windows. Laurelie, started to make her way back up, taking a wrong turn in all the confusion, she ended up a floor too low. Her brother’s window was broken. Careful of the glass, she went inside. One girl, two boys. Sleeping in their cribs, tear stained faces. After checking them, she ran back up to the roof and told her aunt and cousin who she found. As the fight went on, Rosemary went to go find her mother, as Laurlie picked up the musin’s body. They went back to her brother's room. With Johanne with the boys, she tucked the musin’s body into her coat. Laurelie, using her own cloak tied the little girl to her chest. The group passed the boys back and forth as they climbed out a broken window and onto the ground. Looking around, they soon ran to the crypts, careful to make sure no one saw. Laurlie cried over her father’s body. Begging for him to come back, begging Godan to let him come back and to keep them safe. As Johanne prayed to Godan, and Saint Harald. Hours passed. Before a call was heard. “JOHANNE?!?” Once it looked clear enough. Lauralie ran to the house, their home. Her home, covered in blood and dead bodies. She started to pray for those who lost their lives trying to keep her family safe. She moved to her room, the bottom of her dress caked in dirt and blood she started to pack up her very few possessions. Lady Laurelie Henrietta Vuiller didn’t pick a side. Lady Laurelie Henrietta Vuiller had yet to pick a side. Lady Laurelie Henrietta Vuiller had picked a side! “For the Eagles' foresight, we reign victorious.”
  19. The Half a Day Peace Lady Johanne Altsromeria Vuiller had been born into war. In all of her mere thirteen years of her life, it was all she has ever known. When the news came of the war ending, she hardly knew what to think. The girl was certainly brimming with excitement. She found the first family member she could, her Uncle Thomas Komnemos to share excitedly share the good news. "The war ended!" She'd whisper all too loudly behind him, before pausing, seemingly realizing something then. "What do I do now?" That was the question, wasn't it? What does she do now? As he turned to her, he explained in no uncertain words that she play, make merry and be a child. And so she did. She ran directly for her Grandmother Primroses house in search for her cousin Aldrych Gendik, the two soon making off for the nearby park to run about like loons, excitedly discuss future plans and have the best time of their life. Later that night, with hope held tight within her heart, she fell asleep with a dream of a better future. When she first awoke, she was none the wiser to the problems started within the Empire. She found her way into the capital, discussing with anyone who would listen about her plans for an upcoming dog show she'd been planning with her cousin Laurelie for what felt like eons. She'd make posters and hang them everywhere. She'd bathe and dress the dogs into their utmost best. And she'd get them the best homes available! With note, though, the square began to fill. More then she's seen all together at once, as armored groups piled in. Her words lowered into a whisper, asking her Uncle Jarad what might be happening. "The war is over, right?" She breathed out nervously as her heart dropped. His answer was a simple one. "Not the internal one." Unsure and terrified, she went and hid. She had no idea what was happening. She warned her cousin Aldrych and escaped to the keep of Vuillermoz, where she then birded her cousin Laurelie to come home, alongside her best friend, Suika. They could wait it out in what she thought was the safety of her home, see what is happening and wait for her Grandfather to awaken from his slumber. And so they would wait. A Musin soon joined them, playing games with the three girls as they heard nary a peep or sigh from anyone. And soon her mother, Rosemary Vuiller came just as their home was sieged. Lady Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller did not understand why they were under attack. She only just found out what was happening as those broke through their windows and accosted the home she very much loved. How she rushed up the stairs to the roof, dragging her cousin along as she burst out from the door, chest heaving in panic. Enemies. They are clearly enemies. Why else would they be here to hurt us? It went through her mind like wildfire and so as the meagre group of children and one adult pushed the cannon atop the roof towards the door, she steeled herself for a fight. Glass shattered and men filed in, a warhammer cracking down on the head of their new Musin friend. A blasting potion, gotten from her Uncle just Saints days prior after she'd been attacked shot forth in an feeble attempt to protect their home and livelihood. And yet, it wasn't enough. They were surrounded. An example made of her mother as she's beaten half to death. Help arrived soon after, the fight went on brutally into the night and as Laurelie and Johanne escaped, they found themselves within the Vuiller nursery. Three babies. Two children. The escape was narrow and yet they managed it. They ran as fast as they could, heading for the family crypts where they came to a kneel with a cry beside the crypt of the late Sir Duncan Vuiller, prayers spilling forth. Laurelie begging for her father to come back. Johanne praying to Godan, Saint Harald Vuiller or anyone who would listen. "Please, please, Godan, Saint Harald-" The babies are coddled within her jacket, body wracked with shivers. "Protect us, please. Please, please." And so the cried pleas continued as did the fight, until eventually, way into the night, the call of her mother came. "Johanne?" Lady Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller did not have a side. Lady Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller did not have a side. But now? She did. "For the Eagles foresight, we reign victorious." Those were the words she whispered that night her entire world was flipped upside down. Those are the words she lives by.
  20. Issued on 12th day of Owyn’s Flame, 1868 To the self-proclaimed “King of Oren”, I find it shameful that you would usurp your own brother from under his own feet. The fact that you would do such a thing shows that you are not fit for leadership in any manner at all. You are a disgrace to your family's honourable name and to the Empire. What makes it even worse is that you would be so bold as to immediately split up the Empire, in what right mind would any leader of the Holy Orenian Empire decide to make any such move, it is vile and disgusting. You are letting your people down and you are showing that you are not a true Orenian by any measure. People have bled and died for the Empire that you so easily dissolve. Everything you have done is inexcusable and cowardly and I refuse to pledge any of my family to you and your so called ‘Kingdom’ and I condemn you and your rule. The Darkwoods have and always will pledge loyalty to the true Emperor. LONG LIVE PETER IV, HOLY ORENIAN EMPEROR. Signed, Drako Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood, Sustainer of the Old Kaedreni
  21. A Dark Knight falls -=Sir Duncan Vuiller lying dead near his own knight tower=- Even from his childhood, it was evident to Duncan that life was going to be something he would have to fight against. His family was a very aggressive Gorundyr one and he was raised as such. However, once upon breaking the lines of combat to save a friend he endangered the victory for his people, which led to a severe beating from his family. This was when he received his large facial burn scars, making him almost instantly recognisable. Knowing that he could not take living in such a condition any longer, he made his way down to Old Providence, with nothing but 20 mina, the clothes on his back and hope that his life may be turned around. And it was, upon his arrival to the city, a High Elf by the name of Minuvas greeted him with a smile, welcoming him to Oren with open arms and kindness unlike anything he had seen before. The Mali’Aheral helped him get set up in a small apartment and taught him about the city and offered him help finding a job should he need it. He soon met a man named Charles Walker, who invited him to join the Ministry of Justice, an offer he took up. Throughout the years Duncan would learn, fight, investigate and prosecute his way through the ranks of the MOJ, leading to him becoming a Supervising Solicitor in almost no time at all. With the help of one Sir James Madron he had fought many battles, surviving and learning true mastery of a blade. At the same time he met an elf called Celeste Valentine, with whom he spent many years in a relationship with, of course they had to hide it but he was very happy with her. Duncan would soon be greeted by two men, a Mali’Ker named Zirath and a human called Toni. They ended up inviting him to a brotherhood known as the Jaeger Brotherhood of Luciensberg. The training was integral in the development of Duncan’s fighting style and he grew to hold a lot of respect for both men as they taught him a wide array of techniques to help him fight. Together the group would work together to fight a variety of enemies, however when the Ratiki sieged Luciensberg, they and the people of Luciensberg found themselves defeated and displaced. On one of the MOJs many fights Duncan witnessed the passing of Ernest Colbert as he was shot with a boomsteel javelin fired from a specialised arbalest. A friend of his and someone he looked up to was gone within seconds, turned in mush. Duncan continued the fight until the retreat was called, but he was mentally scarred with the image of his superior dying. Mere days later he and Celeste were out when bandits approached, both drew their weapons and the fight ensued. Duncan managed to get out of it unscathed, but Celeste had been stabbed, and in his arms Duncan watched as she slowly passed away. Throughout the following years Duncan, while still at work and progressing through the ranks, became more and more saddened as many of his colleagues including Joseph Warwick, and George o’Rourke took their own lives. Mentally, Duncan was deteriorating very quickly, he was unable to surprise a burning rage and hatred at the world he was in. It was on a whim in yet another fit of rage, Duncan put on his armour and made his way to a small village in Norland to go confront his family. In only 1 hour Duncan killed the entire family, showing little to no emotion aside from pure hatred. From there on, despite still working as normal, treating everybody fine, it was evident to anyone that annoying Duncan would only result in him lashing out at them. Something had changed from the old Duncan, a man who was optimistic and hopeful. From there he worked up to the rank of IBI Director, sometimes disappearing to satiate the bloodlust that came with the anger that burned inside of him, but otherwise trying to keep down the hatred he held. As the years passed, it came to fruition that he was soon to be transferred into the Imperial State Army, as part of a shift of power, something that bothered him slightly as he had previously had negative interactions with those who were in the ISA. However, he was pleasantly surprised with the fact that everyone was rather pleasant, he trained and eventually joined the 4th Brigade, an honour he accepted with a smile on his face. An old friend of Duncan’s, Hans Braun spoke to him before Duncan was due to meet his friend Rev Vuiller, and made the decision to comment on his belief surrounding Duncan’s relationship with Celeste. The religious lecturing struck a nerve for him, anger began boiling as an argument would ensue with the both of them screaming before Rev and his sister Ravn approached. Duncan apologised and walked inside the tavern to talk with both Ravn and Rev. However, the entire time Duncan was planning how to deal with Hans. The next saint's day, Hans was found dead on the top of a hill, and his bloodied cross found on the doorstep of the Melphestaus manor. Eventually, Duncan grew to form a very close relationship with Ravn and after several years of courting, Duncan finally proposed with the approval of Cardinal Johan Vuiller, her father and also the closest thing Duncan had to a father figure. They got happily married and had 4 children and adopted another: Johan II, Lucien, Drasus, Laurelie and Nicole. As he would reach the rank of Leftenant, Duncan would finally calm down slightly, although still suffering from breaks in sanity and killing those who stood in his way. Life seemed peaceful and calm until he met Ragrin and Gorlim Ireheart, two men Duncan despised, criminals who had mutilated and killed all over Oren. One fateful day Duncan saw them outside Saint Harald’s Abbey and decided enough was enough and he would finally arrest them. Joined by many Holy Knights and his father in law, a fight took place, with the dwed narrowly escaping. From there began a very long lasting war of which Duncan saw a hell of a lot of bloodshed, himself causing a lot of it. As Duncan lay dying, he would sigh ever so slightly. He knew it was finally the end, however he debated whether him dying was a good thing or a bad thing for the world as a whole. He had done many good things, such as almost single handedly winning the Battle of New Esbec for the MOJ and the variety of criminals he had put away for their actions. He had helped a variety of people and contributed a lot to society. He was a father with 5 amazing children and a great wife, a friend to many and someone who could be trusted with a variety of tasks. However, could this truly make up for every bad thing he had done. He had killed his own friends, innocent people and even once a child. His psychosis was always progressing and it would only take his wife dying for him to completely snap. Maybe it was good that Duncan was dying, it meant several people would be safe, and that they would not be killed to satiate his bloodlust. As he would gently pass, the question remained unanswered, only whoever remained afterlife would be able to pass judgement on his case.
  22. A series of posters would be found posted around Providence...
  23. Orenian Orphnage Opening! 'The Orenian Empire opens its first Orphanage, welcoming those kinder whom wander the streets of Oren or anywhere aimlessly. Food, toys, bed, and education will be provided.' -Avriel Monet Located on Anastasia Avenue 1
  24. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard. A few copies are spread around the lands of the Southern Big-folks (Oren) for good measure. You're Un-Invited! [!] A halfling glares at you as you sneak a peak at the notice. It seems you aren't welcome here with your powdered wig and Orenian accent. Dear thieving bigguns of the south. You know who you are. I don't remember inviting you here to the village, yet you still come and bring with you crime, vandalism, and other evils. My patience has grown thin, so thus I grant thee this ultimatum: You're Un-invited from Honeyhill! Keep your pockets full of your own belongings and not ours, and learn the difference between our cattle and your cattle, and then maybe things will change. Until then, KEEP OUT! Ye will not be allowed back in as guests until the following reparations are paid to us peoples of Honeyhill: -Four Sacks of Iron Bars -Two sacks of Cured Leather -A note of apology Any friends of the south-bigguns may pay the reparations in their stead; I do not mind who pays it exactly, only that it is paid and their crimes undone, however little. Any biggun folks from the south found trespassing on village property (except on the business of paying the reparations) will be asked to leave. Exceptions will be provided on a case-by-case basis. Good natured farming folks from the south need not ask for an exception, as they all shall be provided one by default. A good farmer knows not to steal cattle. -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill.
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