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  1. The Second Ferry Agreement, 1856 13th of Malinโ€™s Welcome, 1856 I. The Ferrymen will receive 3,000 minas in payment. II. The Ferrymen will be given land in the Holy Orenian Empire at the conclusion of the war. III. The Ferrymen Quartermasters will be granted command authorization for raids, skirmishes, battles, etc, given pay equivalent to the General of the ISA, and be allowed a place in the Imperial Crownโ€™s council of war. IV. The Ferrymen will agree to provide mercenaries and to assist the Holy Orenian Empire in the next Imperial offensive or defensive operation. AD DEI GLORIAM, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Philip III, Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Adria, and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Anastasia I, Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess of Ves, Duchess of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Adria, and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. His Imperial Excellency, Duke of Azor, Lord Joseph dโ€™Azor His Excellency, Lord Ivan var Ruthern Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Lord of Shipwreck Keep, Occupier of New Providence, 40 Star General, The Greater Lobster Fisherman, Premortem Saint of Epic Ballads, Protector of the Farfolk
  2. A Rivian Revival โ€œThe Viscounty of Rivia circa 1856" In the wake of the barbarian sack of South Petra, Galbraith, after depriving the Dwarven menace of the joy of conquering the previous Rivia Manor, have settled westward. The new location for Rivia is that of fertile and strategic importance in Upper Petra. Comprising a keep and adjacent hovels the House of Galbraith are welcoming citizens to reside within these houses provided the land is maintained. โ€œThe Rivia Manor of Old circa 1854โ€ Signed, Rt Hon. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Viscount of Rivia, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion
  3. [!] In Almaris, a crudely constructed snowman would sit in the middle of the town squares everywhere, with a letter attached to it. Salutamu! I am YaลŸamฤฑn! and I am in search of my father! well, I am pretty sure my actual father is dead! but please help me find this man, he is my new papa! I met him when I snuck out of my family's house, in search of my really Pappa who went to go get cigarettes, it's alright, like I said he's probably dead. but I need to find this one, so please help me! I drew a description of him and his name. His name is Lucian, and he has a funny accent that makes me giggle, mr. pappa if you see this, please leave a letter on one of my mr. snowmanses From: YaลŸamฤฑn [!] a dried splotch stained the paper, as if a child had eaten some snow from her snowmen, and coughed onto the missive by accident. A small Illatian would be seen waddling around Oren, having returned to her snowman, only to see another write a response on her sign, seizing the paper before turning around to shout. "HEY! WHERE'S MY PAPPA?! WHO WROTE THIS?!"
  4. The Denouncement Of The Aggression Between Asterland And Greenland 12th of the Sunโ€™s Smile, 1853 โ€œThe Brothersโ€ by Helen of Susa (1772) To the Countess of Greenland and the Prince of Asterland I hope this public notice finds the both of you in good health. I am quite concerned and frightened by the conflict between the two child nations within Oren. I hope both rulers will be able to peacefully with grace, negotiate terms for peace. Where both sides will admit their faults and then forgive and forget. As in the end, we are all Orenian and try to seek to find comradeship with our fellow Orenians united under our divine monarchs, their Imperial Majesties, Philip III and Anastasya of Kostiz. So I plead for Katerina de Sarkozy and Nikolai Othaman to stop this fighting at once and come to negotiate terms for peace. Where mentioned once more, both rulers will put aside their pen and ink or, their blades to seek peace. The negotiations, if accepted by both sides! The negations will be mediated by yours truly, Hรฉloรฏse Thรฉrรจsa Halcourt de Artois. Alone will we negotiate in a room within my family's house within the capital, where the forces of Greenland and Asterland will await for the negotiation results outside of the manner. GOD WITH US, Hรฉloรฏse Thรฉrรจsa Halcourt de Artois
  5. โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ” Hรฉloรฏse Thรฉrรจse Halcourt de Artois 11th of Tobiasโ€™s Bounty, 1852 โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ” Today I was suggested by my cousin to write a diary! Maybe to pass time! I don't know! He was really vague, but! Suggested it! Anyways! Today was confusing! Well first it started fine after reading this really nice poem! Forgot the name though, think it was about fallen soldiers! Anyways! Then my friends and I, John and Darya! Threw snowballs at the Emperor and Empress-consort. They didnโ€™t like it I bet! But then my friends and I were captured! After that, we would all apologizes then sit into the imperial dining room? I guess? For some reason, this weird imperial princess never seen a sword before- I asked if she had seen a sword before? She had then asked if I asked me to speak? After this I asked why does she need to ask me? I was so confused! After this! The empress said my etiquette was bad and I was mean and bad! I was so confused what I did wrong! After this I just sat in complete silence while the emperor with some important people talked about stuff! Anyways that was all! Today was a bit boring! Besides yeah, all those bullies! I donโ€™t understand! Anyways! Yep! Done! Wait! I also forgot to write how other girls were just giving me death stares! It made me more confused! And why do I need an etiquette tutor? I am perfectly fine! Papa writes to me how I am a good girl and don't need to be all fancy! Then house reputation? What does that mean! I am just so confused about everything. Everything in Oren is so different then what happened at home with my papa! God! I pray that I will understand this all! Now! Yep! Done! Now! Bye bye! Hopefully it gets better from this bad day! โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ” [!] At the bottom of the page, they would be a drawling made by the Halcourt child depicting a confused cat! โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”
  6. The Wedding of Rivia and Auvergne To the most Loyal Subjects of His Majesty Philip III With utmost pride the Baronial Household of Rivia announces the planned nuptials of Baron Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith and Princess Anne Caroline of Oren. The Ceremony will take place at the Cathedral in New Providence where the two will be joined in holy matrimony. Invite List Their Majesties, the Holy Orenian Emperor Philip III and Anastasya of Kositz and their esteemed pedigree His Imperial Highness, The Prince Peter, Prince of Providence and his esteemed pedigree His Imperial Highness The Prince George, Count of Huntshill and his esteemed pedigree His Imperial Excellency, The Archchancellor, Minuvas Melphestaus and his esteemed pedigree His Imperial Excellency, The Vice Chancellor, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, the Duke of Cathalon, Thomas Helvets and his esteemed pedigree His Grace, the Duke of Sunholdt, Peter d'Arkent and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, the Count of Susa, Matyas Basrid and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honourable, The Count of Valles, Erik Othaman and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, the Countess of Halstaig, Theodosia O'Rourke and her esteemed pedigree The Right Honourable, The Count of Mordskov, Drasus DeNurem and his esteemed pedigree His Imperial Highness, the Count of Aldersberg, George Novellen-Aldersberg and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honourable, The Count of Kositz, Erik Var Ruthern and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable, the Count of Azor, Joseph dโ€™Azor and his esteemed pedigree His Imperial Highness, the Count of Temesch, Adrian Novellen and his esteemed pedigree The Right Honorable Count of Dobrov, Fyodor Ostrovich and his esteemed pedigree. The Right Honourable, the Viscountess of Provins, Amadie Pruvia and her esteemed pedigree The Honorable, the Baron Carrington, Wilhelm d'Arkent and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, the Baron Halcourt, Olivier Halcourt de Artois and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, the Baron Darkwood, Quinn Darkwood and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, the Baron Draskovic, Varon Draskovic and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, the Baron Rosius, Otis de Rosius and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable, the Baron of Vuillermoz, Rev Vuiller and his esteemed pedigree The Honorable the Baron of St. Lothar, Arthur Komnenos and his esteemed pedigree Additional Invitations are sent to: The citizens of Providence The loyal soldiers of the Imperial State Army All Allies and Citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire. Signed, Rt Hon. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion Her Grace, Princess Anne Caroline of Oren, Duchess of Auvergne OOC: 4:15pm EST on the 23rd of December at the Providence Cathedral
  7. THE CITY STATE OF OREN AND ITS SURROUNDING MANORS Saint James Bleeds THE BATTLE OF NEW PROVIDENCE BRIDGE Twenty-thousand Tripartite. Seven-thousand dead. Forty-thousand Imperials. Twenty-Thousand dead. Those twenty thousand Tripartite surmounted the steps to New Providence, chins lifted to the skies and with grips of resolve to their weaponry. At the very front stood three - the commanders of the Tripartite. Captain Banjo, Diome Indoren and the Butcher of the East, Brick. Those three shared glances, for this is where their dawn had begun all those years ago - forty some. It was nearing the Saintโ€™s year anniversary of the first bloodshed Orenia had received on Almaris. When they fought with five-thousand against sixteen-thousand, where all sixteen-thousand were slain and tasted their foremost major defeat. But a few of the old guard stood with them, yet the grumbles and chants of war still echoed from the side of the Tripartite. Against such unfavourable odds again, would they triumph once more? Any who witnessed the slaughter on the steps of Providence would answer with a resounding yes. Outnumbered two-to-one, facing a force of forty thousand Orenians, the Tripartite force valiantly charged the front gates of the city, where they exchanged numerous volleys of arrows with its defenders. After being forced to abandon their positions atop the walls by relentless arrow fire, the Orenian force consolidated and sallied out to meet the Tripartite army in battle. The first two of their charges were unsuccessful, being swiftly outmaneuvered and beaten back behind the walls of Providence. It was in the midst of these failed attempts that Diomรฉ Indoren personally led multiple infantry charges against the enemy, ultimately leaving eight-thousand Imperials slain. To the dismay of the Tripartite commanders the third push of the Orenians found success, effectively splitting the already outnumbered force in two and crushing much of the Tripartite cavalry. Rather than capitalize on this, the Imperials saw fit to blindly chase a band of no more than four-thousand Tripartite soldiers all the way to the Urguani borderlands. These Orenians found themselves deftly evaded by the Tripartite men who managed to join the main force at (Providence Bridge) once again. Here, Auguste van Aert rallied his men and drove them against the scattered Imperials who remained, cutting down four-thousand before routing them toward Providence. As the other half of the Orenian army made their way back to the field of battle along the road from Southbridge they were harassed relentlessly by the cavalry of the Ferrymen. Seeing their weakened state the Butcher of the East led a lance charge into the Imperial cavalry, knocking most from atop their steeds and trampling them underfoot. Knowing their situation to be hopeless, the remainder of the Imperial army finally began their retreat. The Tripartite army, emboldened by their victory, gave chase as they ran for the safety of the walls of the capital. Hope was there for the assailants, seeing as the Orenians had turned charges and fought with some crumbs of honour. Yet, minutes turned into more โ€“ the Imperial State Army and those who took up arms with them had retreated into their fortifications a final time. At the climax of the battlefield, the last standing knight โ€“ Sir Mohammad Hassan โ€“ fought with Islamic fervor against Captain Banjo; he was last seen praying to Allah as a longsword impaled his midriff. (SIR MOHAMMAD HASSAN 4 LYFE)
  8. [!] Lo and Canticle, for scattered by the wind 'cross the hills of Almaris fell a missive; and whether it was lodged within crevasses of piled wood or stone, or caught in the vortexes of rubbish that blew within the alleyways of Providence or Karosgrad, or 'gainst the barnacle-ridden planks biding sailors from a watery grave along the strait that split the continent twixt, did it bear this foreboding message: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, The lion sleeps tonight. In the jungle the quiet jungle, The lion sleeps tonight. Near the village, the peaceful village, The lion sleeps tonight. Near the village, the quiet village, The lion sleeps tonight. Hush, my darling, don't fear, my darling, The lion sleeps tonight. I'll hush my darling, don't fear it, darling, The lion sleeps tonight.
  9. The Dukeโ€™s Affirmation of Faith Seeking Penance 1st of Horenโ€™s Calling, 1850 Issued and penned by the Duke of Cathalon from Cheval Hall. To whom it may concern, It is not for us, the laity, to decide upon matters of the clergy, ardent worshippers such as we seek the guidance of the Holy Synod and the Holy Mother Church led by the Vicar of GOD, His Holiness to bring us to moral righteousness and salvation in the Seven Skies. Duke Thomas Andrew Helvets, and the whole of the House of Helvets do affirm our fealty in faith to His Holiness, High Pontiff Everard VI. The tumultuousness of the past year of 1849 is behind us all, so let all come forward in this new year to be of one Empire, one faith, one High Pontiff. Lessons of the War of Two Emperorโ€™s are remembered well within the household of Helvets, and bloody schism shall only lay humanity low as we sit at the precipice of invasion by the dwarves. Thus we denounce the actions of schismatics who would tear the tapestry of our faith apart and anoint themselves as its leaders. It is our fervent wish that their Imperial Majesties be reconciled with His Holiness, and that remedy be found so that the unity of our faith remains whole and the brotherhood of Canonism defended. We are their Imperial Majesties vassals always and the true Vicar of GOD, His Holiness High Pontiff Everard VI, leads the faithful. I, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon, seek penance from our Holy Mother Church so that excommunication and interdiction may be lifted from the souls of our Empire. We appeal to His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Albarosa, @KaiserJacobII, the Archbishop of our local diocese to hear our plea and dispense such penance. Signed, Thomas Andrew Helvets, Duke of Cathalon
  10. A young Li-Renโ€™s depicting of the Savoyard Court [!]A random poster of people screaming about cannons and stomping on each other is drawn[!] Below would be some sloppy words, the person not quite educated in the language. โ€œThey scream loud, CANNON CANNON CANNON MICHAEL!! Who is cannon they speak of? Does someone own cannon? Is cannon big? Where does one get cannon? The church sell cannon?โ€ People died for cannon merchant. Said cannon wasnโ€™t right, legitimate Michael was rightful cannon merchant Lots of shouting in cannon shop Cannon merchant got away, Was told that shortman worked with cannons Dwarves with cannons? Did shortman also Have cannon merchants? A stamped seal lays on bottom of the poster, with a large ? above it.
  11. A Letter Regarding Your Beds To the Vullier household, from a friendly dwarf. Now, while I am no expert on sleep, I do know a few things on a good nights rest. Not too long ago during the War, before your weak Emperor was embarrasingly coup'd, I raided your house, with ease I must say, and I came upon many of your rooms with beds. Now, one of the rooms stood out in particular, which I assume was your sons rooms. An issue I had with their beds, was how stiff they were, me and my partner layed in them, and soon found how uncomfortable they were, and as a warrior, one of many Wig-Wearer slayers, need to rest my back after slaying many an Orenian fool. So, I write you this letter, as a warning. A good nights rest, can lead to many positive things, and a stiff bed, one that of your sons, will only lead to their death on the battlefield. Another benefit of a soft bed is one more grim, but not uncommon for Orenians, it gives a soothing sense, after a long battle lost, watching many friends fall in battle to dwarven battlaxes can be tiring, and a soft bed sooths the blow. So next time I wish to visit, as I will, I hope to see you have a soft bed, and one that does not stain, for when blood will be spilt, I wish not to ruin your mattress. Sincerely, A Friendly Dwarf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1o3koTLWM
  12. An Oath of Fealty On the 21st of the Sunโ€™s Smile 1849 the Barony of Rivia swears fealty towards the rightful Emperor Philip III Novellen. It is with this oath that we, the Lords of Rivia swear to protect the Empire and Emperor with our lives. That we, the Lords of Rivia swear to uphold the laws of the Empire. And it is with this oath that we swear to pledge loyalty towards the Emperor and Empress and take up arms against those that wish to harm them. And shall it be henceforth known that the Barony of Rivia shall uphold this vow until the end of times. Long live the Empire Long live the Emperor Long live the Empress Signed Rt Hon. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion Lord Philip Rupert Archibald Galbraith, Heir to the Barony of Rivia
  13. The Fourth Brigade ~4th Brigadiers Sir Erik Othaman and Ezekiel Moores leading the Swintโ€™s Guard into battle, c. 1844~ The Imperial State Army is vast in its size and its specializations. The First Brigade hosts the main body of the infantry and the Imperial Grenadiers. The Second Brigade fields the new recruits of the Empire and is a playground for new drillmasters and drill sergeants. In addition, the Third Brigade is the mounted section of the First Regiment, performing complex maneuvers and scouting out positions. While all of these brigades have their own importance in the army, there is one brigade that serves perhaps the most important job in this Empire. The Fourth Brigade is responsible for being the Emperorโ€™s scalpel. These specialized soldiers are called upon whenever a high priority job needs to be taken care of with a high degree of success and accuracy. In addition to providing specially trained soldiers for dangerous (and often REDACTED) missions, the Fourth Brigade holds the unique honor of being the only brigade to work in conjunction with the Emperor. Each soldier holds his Imperial Majestyโ€™s life in their hands and they shall protect his life at any cost, oftentimes throwing themselves in the line of danger. Only a handful of soldiers make up the Fourth Brigade, but each soldier accounts for many more through intensive training and years of experience. The Fourth Brigade also employs outside elements to assist in different fields to achieve their goals. The Brigade has three distinct specialties that each brigadier must master during their training. The Swintโ€™s Guard The Swintโ€™s Guard is the primary duty of each Fourth Brigadier. The Guard performs the illustrious duty of protecting the Emperor as well as functioning as the elite Heavy Infantry during battle. They are also charged with holding themselves to the highest standard possible, accompanying other important officials into foreign lands, whether it be for diplomacy or trade. The Swintโ€™s Guardโ€™s day-to-day function is overseen by the Swintโ€™s Guard Commander who holds a Lieutenant billet in the Brigade. The Imperial Commissars The Imperial Commissars serve as the official disciplinarians of the Regiment. Though small in number, they strike fear and awe in the presence of each soldier. Though they may be harsh and demanding, they are about as zealous and brave as a soldier should be, oftentimes making themselves the example by charging first into the frey. The Commissars carry the additional duty of overseeing operations conducted across the regiment and the use of intelligence gathered by the Imperial Eyes. Often, those who are recruited to the Imperial Commissars are sound tacticians, with a knack for rousing soldiers. The Commissars do not always end up in the Fourth Brigade, though the Lord Commissar, a person who holds a Lieutenantโ€™s Commission, is in the Fourth and is charged with maintaining the prestige and effectiveness of all Commissars across the Regiment. The Imperial Eye The Imperial Eye is the investigative branch of both the ISA and the 4th Brigade. Senior officers of the Imperial Eyes are handpicked from the ISAโ€™s most intuitive and brightest minds, usually accompanied by years of investigative experience. They are responsible for overseeing the investigation of high profile crimes within the empire, and the swift apprehension of criminal suspects. Soldiers selected to be Imperial Eyes are subject to even more rigorous training, and upon completion, are expected to be well versed in surveillance, counter-intelligence, espionage, and assassination alongside their detective duties. The maintenance and operation of the Imperial Eyes and their associates falls under the responsibility of the Imperial Inquisitor, who holds a Lieutenant billet within the 4th Brigade. The Recruitment Process Selection There are two selection processes leading into the Imperial 4th brigade; the first being the Squireship Program, and the second being the Candidacy Program. Through the Squireship Program, soldiers of the 4th Brigade may take squires, subject to confirmation by the Captain, General, and Emperor. Squires are not necessarily soldiers from within the ISA - rather, squires can be recruited from the general public, as long as they are Orenian citizens and between the ages of 13-30. Soldiers are expected to personally mentor their squires, giving them a unique and far more rigorous preparation for The Trials compared to the Candidacy Program, which relies on the veterancy of a soldier. Alternatively, soldiers can enter into the 4th Brigade through the Candidacy Program. Soldiers of rank Senior Corporal and above can choose to apply to the Candidacy Program, upon which the Captain of the 4th Brigade decides whether they may progress to training and The Trials. Soldiers applying to the Candidacy Program are expected to be exemplary in their conduct, and to have several years of experience. Candidates produced as a result of the program are overseen in small batches by the Lord Commissar, who teaches them in classes and group sessions akin to the Imperial Combat Academy, as opposed to the more personal mentoring of the Squireship Program. The Trials and Aspirants Soldiers who have completed their training, either under the Squireship Program or the Candidacy Program, are now designated as Aspirants. Aspirants are then given a set of three trials, simply referred to as The Trials within the brigade. The trials differ vastly with each class of recruits, however, one trial remains a staple in every Aspirantโ€™s ordeals - that being the ceremonial hunt of the northern bear. The white pelt of this carnivorous beast is the token of all Aspirants who have passed selection; a token that signifies a soldierโ€™s ascension into the ranks of the Imperial 4th Brigade. The Helming The Helming is the final and one of the most important traditions within the Imperial 4th Brigade. Aspirants who pass selection and their trials are assigned a blacksmith, with whom they forge their own unique helmet and visor. A 4th Brigadierโ€™s helmet represents their core values, personality and life experiences. These iconic helmets are often the basis of the epithets that accompany the most famous of 4th Brigade soldiers, and thus a heavy emphasis is placed on The Helming. Volens et Potens! Ezekiel Moores, Captain of the 4th Brigade
  14. Treaty of Yong Ping, 1849 Agreed on the 4th of Horenโ€™s Calling, 1849 / 4th of Snowโ€™s Maiden, 53 of the Second Age By the Holy Orenian Empire and the Jade State of Yong Ping Renewed early, with additional provisions. Article I - Recognition of Sovereignty The Holy Orenian Empire and the Jade State of Yong Ping (henceforth โ€˜the signatoriesโ€™) recognize each otherโ€™s Realms as independent lands ruled by their respective leaders, and will make no attempt to subvert those authorities governing them. Article II - Territorial Boundaries The territory to the south of Oltremont and the east of Yong Ping will be maintained as per the previous agreement signed in 1820, with the Holy Orenian Empire ruling over the easternmost half and the Jade State over the westernmost ((Tile 66A/66B)). The cost of developing and maintaining the aforementioned territory will continue to be split evenly between the governments of Yong Ping and the Holy Orenian Empire. All other territorial recognitions and agreements made in the previous 1820 treaty are reaffirmed by the signatories. Article III - Defensive The Signatories agree to support and defend one another to the full extent of their military, economic and political capacity, in the case wherein any nation or paramilitary polity attacks, intends to attack, or declares war upon a signatory in an aggressive manner. In the case wherein the Signatories would come into conflict with allies bearing treaties of defense, or military alliance; the signatories shall not be required to offer military, political, or economic aid to their fellow signatory but cannot offer aid to their respective allies for the duration of the conflict. Article IV - Trade Signatories will adhere to the following terms regarding trade: Signatories will trade specialty goods free of tariff, including in cases of purchase, exchange, or bartering Signatories will reserve the option to host a ferry in their docks to the otherโ€™s port. The ferryโ€™s cost will be split between both signatories equally, including the construction and upkeep costs. Article V - Passage The Signatories will allow free passage for civilians or refugees through their respective territories, under the law of both nations. The road to Yong Ping passing through Orenian territory will not be obstructed to such individuals. The Signatories will cooperate militarily to keep the region free of bandits. Article VI - Anti-Azdrazi Provision The Signatories shall cooperate and assist one another in the eradication of the vile race of heretics and Iblees spawn known as Azdrazi. This provision will compel them to share intelligence and assist each other in operations pertaining to the destruction of the Azdrazi, where those actions are not against the Sovereign interests of their respective Signatory. Article VII - Acceptance of a Patron Saint The Signatories shall appoint and accept a Patron Saint, Nafis of Al-Dirahk โ€˜the uncut diamondโ€™, as the patron saint for the Jade State of Yong Ping and the Canonists visiting and living within the boundaries of the Jade State of Yong Ping. A shrine to St. Nafis will be maintained within the Jade State. Article VIII - Violations In the case wherein either signatory is found by the other to be in violation of this pact, all articles shall remain in effect for the next two years, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions according to the articles of this document. Article IX - Duration This treaty shall expire after twenty years. It may be renewed by mutual consent of both signatories. Signed, His Imperial Majesty, Philip II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera Signed, Her Excellency, Anna dโ€™Arkent, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Signed, Tianrui Ryu, Patriarch and Zhu of the Jade State of Yong Ping Signed, Chen Yunya, Minister of Interior of the Jade State of Yong Ping
  15. The Abbey of St. Catherine in all of its destruction. The Abbey of St. Catherine is no more, left to rot and decay upon the busy crossroads of the Orenian Empire. Abandoned only to lay in its own destruction and filth for years, cracking paint revealing rotted planks that time has begun to take its frustrations out on. Woe is what would once be known as the Abbey of St. Catherine, for many untold horrors rest within its very crumbling walls for which the first of many will be revealed today in its ongoing restoration by the Vuiller Household. In but a meagre start, the family gathered before the Abbey, taking in its destruction and wondering what trials may await them inside. As those entered, the front room is revealed. Nothing quite nefarious as sunlight filtered in through stained glass panes, dust motes floating about the often unused area. "It'll need a thorough cleaning." One Rev Vuiller commented which had been met with agreements. A seemingly innocent front room, dust motes floating about. The family continued on in their search of the place, near immediately encountering their first true problem: A sign found within the confines of the Abbey courtyard. The sign had been nailed crudely against the wall, dangling seemingly harmlessly as they'd read the wretched words. Beneath it, a pulley system, revealed by trapdoors and leading down to a damp hole, dug out and clearly able to fit two grown people if wanted. "Well, sisters, get in the hole." A joke is made in the silence, though is met with no laughs as they carefully continued on past the first horror of the Abbey. Just how many had been sentenced to rot within that hole? Did they have hungry, sleepless nights? Feel the chill to their bones? Each question spewed across one Ravn Vuillers mind, clutching her cross as they surveyed the kitchen, her sister then commenting. "This'll need some updating if anyone is even going to cook here." Mink Vuiller would state, glancing around as she dragged a finger over dust caked upon one table, a broken stool resting idly by it. Rations were found, the rotten stench of expired food filtering past the barrel as it'd be opened and promptly closed. Some things were still fine, small bags of tea, dried herbs littering the counter as if it was just any other day in the Abbey and that it hadn't been abandoned for years. It'd beg the question, though. Where exactly did the people go?
  16. Among the creative and intelligent minds of the Odinson Clan comes forth a tailor shop specialized to your needs. Offering to craft anyone any outfit they so desire, the Odinson's guarantee you satisfaction or you get your money back. A small 100 mina per outfit and you can be as sharply dressed as a nobleman without the hassle of politics! Stop by the Odinson Clan house and place a letter in our mailbox indicating you would like a spot in line for one of our expertly made outfits. Ranging from dresses to cloaks to armour, we've got it all! And, while you're stopping by, consider inquiring about joining the clan and earning yourself a place within the ranks of the Clan of Intellect. Sincerely, The Odinson Clan (OOC: Please message me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 if you're interested in an outfit! my rate is 100 mina for a large outfit, 70 for a more minor outfit, and 150 for a full skin! Continually, whats earned will go into the improvement of Elysium, so do consider it! Prices are subject to change if you can't afford it <3)
  17. The Holy Union of A Fearsome Eagle โ€œWith the eagles farsight we reign victorious.โ€ Cum Aquilis longe victores regnamus. โ•ญ โ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ€ข โ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ•ฎ โ•ฐ โ”€โ”‰โ”€ยก! โ€ข !ยกโ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ•ฏ โ•ญ โ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ€ข โ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ•ฎ To our Dearest Family, Friends and those we Love, You are cordially invited to the wedding of: The Right Honourable, Duncan the โ€˜Fearsomeโ€™ And Ravn Vuiller The wedding will take place within the Providence Basilica, followed by a celebration within the Aquila Estate. We hope you can be part of this special day. โ•ฐ โ”€โ”‰โ”€ยก! โ€ข !ยกโ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ•ฏ โ•ญ โ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ€ข โ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ•ฎ Special Invitations are sent to: His Imperial Majesty, Philip II and his Protegee. His Holiness, Everard VI. His Imperial Highness the Heir Apparent, Philip Aurlian. Her Imperial Highness, Josephine Augusta. His Excellency the Archchancellor, Drasus DeNurem. His Excellency the Lord Treasurer, Henry Penton. Cardinal, Johan Vuiller and his Protegee. The Right Honourable Solicitor-General, Rev Vuiller and his Protegee. The Right Honourable General of the Imperial State Army, Erik var Ruthern. The Deputy-Director, Minuvas Melphetaus and his Protegee. Inspector General, Amie Halcourt-Ruthern and Captain Vladrick Var Ruthern. Father Stor Vuiller. Mink Vuiller Victor Vuiller James Vuiller Jonathan Vuiller Zirath Rโ€™Ikarth Grand Veneur of Stygian Hollow. Primrose and Arthur Gendik-Kommenos. Father Tarathiel Daeymar de Melphestaus. Lacazette and Elizabeth Antler. Sir Charles Galbraith Lieutenant Joseph Beckett Garret Darkwood and the Darkwood family Kin and his Protegee Holy Dame Helena Rochefort and her Protegee. โ•ฐ โ”€โ”‰โ”€ยก! โ€ข !ยกโ”€โ”‰โ”€ โ•ฏ
  18. OFFICE OF THE HEAD CLERK OF REDENFORD 11th of Horen's Calling, 1843 AUCTION OF CASSIA HALL, 1842 Approved by the Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus The Office of the Head Clerk of Redenford on behalf of the Head Clerk, The Right Honorable (The Rt Hon.) Thucydides Melphestaus, is proud to announce that an auction for 0wnership of Cassia Hall, the former estate of the Oโ€™Rourke family, shall occur. The auction shall occur on the 7th of Tobiasโ€™ Bounty (10/23 2 PM EST) All are invited to come to try at winning the grand Cassia Hall. Bidding for such an estate shall start at 75 marks. May the best Orenian with the deepest pockets win. The auction shall take place in front of Cassia Hall in Redenford at the specified time. Signed by, The Rt Hon. THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS, On This 11th of Horen's Calling, 1843.
  19. The First Rivia Tournament [!] A depiction of Saint Edmond of Lachsin slaying an Azdrazi Beast It pleases the House Galbraith to announce the first jousting Tournament held in the honour of Saint Edmond and his Imperial Majesty Philip II for his pious rule which has guided us closer towards god. To honour the Patron of House Galbraith, we will hereby host a Jousting Tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive 400 Imperial Marks. To honour God and the Emperor we will not charge a participation nor an entrance fee, furthermore drinks and food will be provided during the tournament. Therefore everyone is invited to participate or watch. Requirements for Participation: 1. Must be an Orenian Citizen or owning a residence in the Imperial Capital or one of the municipalities. 2. Must bring their own horse and lance 3. Must be above the legal age of 14 If you wish to participate and you fulfill the requirements, you must send a letter towards Mister Philip Rupert Galbraith Signed Rt Hon. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion Mister Philip Rupert Archibald Galbraith, Heir to the Barony of Rivia
  20. OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE 10th of Horenโ€™s Calling, 1840 GIFT TO OREN, 1840 Approved by the Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus The Office of the Speaker of the House on behalf of the Speaker of the House, The Right Honorable (The Rt Hon.) Thucydides Melphestaus, announces that in light of the recent forming of the 27th Imperial Diet, the Speaker of the House shall be gifting the Holy Orenian Empire. The Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus shall be giving six silos worth of the grain to the public (6 chests worth of hay bales). Along with this, to thank the 4th Brigade for their service to the Emperor, and guarding him with their lives, the Speaker of the House shall be awarding each member of the 4th Brigade a weapon customly made for each of them. For the Imperial Majesty himself, The Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus offers to have whatever His Imperial Majesty wishes made into that of a Living Doll, to serve as a loyal servant to him, his family, and his successors. Info regarding the distribution of grain shall be supplied at a later date. Signed by, The Rt Hon. THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS, On This 10th of Horenโ€™s Calling, 1840.
  21. THE CROWN v. CARRION 14th of Sigismundโ€™s End, 1839 THE CROWN, Represented by THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; ILYA CARRION ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 204.01A- Where an individual commits acts with the intent to compromise the integrity of the Crown and its constituent institutions by waging insurrection and seeking the destruction of the Imperial State by impugning the character and person of the Crown through subversive means such as collusion with enemy entities and actors against the State, this shall be the crime of treason. 202.02B- Where an individual intentionally commits upon another an unlawful act of violence which brings about lasting but not permanent injury, incapacitates for any length of time, or utilizes a dangerous weapon, this shall be battery of the second degree, a misdemeanor. 202.04B- Where an individual intentionally and with premeditation causes the death of another, this shall be murder in the first degree, a felony. 209.03A- Where an individual actively attempts, but fails to commit, a crime, the individual shall be held liable with a mitigated punishment according to the crime which was attempted. Oren Revised Code, 202 โ€˜Injury Against the Personโ€™ Oren Revised Code, 209 โ€˜On Inchoate Offensesโ€™ Accused lured the Archchancellor to stand in front of the Bastion, to then be fired at by two other accomplices. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: ARCHCHANCELOR DRASUS DeNUREM IMPERIAL GENERAL ERIK VAR RUTHERN ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: 15TH OF SIGISMUNDโ€™S END, 1839 YOURS HUMBLY, THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS on behalf of THE CROWN, MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, BASRID CIRCLE COURTHOUSE, PROVIDENCE Salve#3641
  22. LA MELODIE DE ROSIUS "Un morceau de musique de Philip Hughes de Rosius" From within the tavern of Providence, Philip Hughes de Rosius was playing a rather interesting melody upon the piano; a piece of music made by himself. He called it "La Melodie de Rosius", due to him playing it in an Auvergnian style and due to his pride in his Auvergnian background. Together with this tune, he made copies of chords to spread it in Providence so people may play it anywhere at any time. And with the recent title granted to Duchess Anne Caroline of Auvergne, he also dedicated this piece of music to his fellow Auvergnians and to the Duchy of Auvergne itself.
  23. Evaluation of the 26th Diet Led by the Nationalist Party By: Thucydides Melphestaus 1837 INTRODUCTION: I served as an unaffiliated independent Representative of Providence within the House of Commons who due to actions done by the Nationalist Party was forced more often than not to side with the opposition. Through this recollection and evaluation of the 26th Diet led by the Nationalist Party, I hope to show the overall result and pinpoint events which happened during this Diet to allow the voter to better understand what their votes resulted in this Diet. EVALUATION: Failed Quorums - The Nationalist led House of Commons failed to meet quorum for their meetings twice, with the number of members of the Nationalist Party within the House of Commons, it is confusing to say the least why they were unable to have their members attend these meetings. The Nationalist party interestingly, throughout this Diet was heavily reliant upon the Opposition and independents to attend the meetings in order to reach quorum. Letting Charles Galbraith Go - The Nationalist Party due to either confusion on their part or personal preference towards the former Solicitor-General, allowed Charles Galbraith to dodge getting impeached, delaying their impeachment to the point that Charles Galbraith was able to announce his resignation, thus dodging the impeachment. Lack of Debating - Members of the Nationalist Party time and time again during meetings, seemingly refused to speak up against proposals during designated time of debating, yet then choose to vote against these documents. The only time the Nationalist Party did speak in debates was when they attacked a fellow representative regarding an opinion which did not relate to the document proposed at all. Lack of Proof-reading - Proposals made by the Nationalist Party had crucial flaws in them, upon multiple occasions. The most notable of these proposals being The Marriage Act of 1835, where the proposal would have made it so that commoners within Oren had their rights regarding consent revoked, and if passed would have made it legal to force commoners into marriage. If such a proposal was not spoken against by independents and the Adrianites, commoners would have seen themselves being kidnapped and forced into marriages they did not consent to have. Lack of Work - An overwhelming majority of members of the Nationalist Party within the House of Commons only spoke when told, and the only words they knew were โ€œAyeโ€ and โ€œNayโ€. No proposals were made by any member of the Nationalist Party other than two members, each of these members only proposing one law each to the House of Commons. Single Unanimous Proposal - Only one proposal this Diet was passed unanimously, which is disappointing to say the least, especially when it came from a member of the House of Commons who served as an independent, not as a member of the majority party, this representative being myself. CONCLUSION: In conclusion one can only see this 26th Diet as one which failed. Nothing whatsoever was done by the majority of the members of the House of Commons, especially members which were a part of the Nationalist Party. And without the oversight of the opposing party and independents our glorious nation of Oren would have seen herself taking steps backwards, instead of forward into a brighter future.
  24. Looking for family within Oren for new persona slot.... The character I am looking for preferably to be male. Preferably I'd like this character to start off in the age range of 16-19.
  25. The IBI Director Duncan would issue the following to only the members of the MOJ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ministry of Justice Code of Conduct Rules of conduct: Treat agents and members of the public with respect. Do not use your power as an officer of the law, for personal gain. Make sure people feel comfortable coming to you for help. If you and another agent have an argument, keep it civil, and if need be report it to a higher up. Do not use violence on anyone you have detained unless strictly necessary. Do not give out โ€˜vigilanteโ€™ punishments. Respect the chain of command, if someone who is a higher rank than you gives you a command, you must complete it. You are not immune from the law as an agent of the law. An Agent of the Ministry of Justice is: Trustworthy Loyal Helpful Brave Obeys orders at all times Reverent to GOD and COUNTRY, willing to defend both at all times Selfless A BREACH OF ANY OF THESE WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION
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