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  1. decide to be a good person today 🙂

  2. “““Hope everyone is having a good night! – Ark” – Da_Emperors” – Ark” – Devvy

  3. wow. these are really some bizarre and fun facts about lotc.
  4. peech birthday pe ach day pech birth of happy birthday peech!

  5. No more memes please and thank you! They were hidden at first but anymore will now receive points. This is an announcement post, do better!
  6. ultimate halloween watchlist anime style choose ur fighter

    explicit warning 😳



    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      charles the bald

    2. devvy


      charlie bald

  7. I'm missus egirl celebrity of lotc that no1 can get enough of so instead of being nice I just am extremely nonchalant and pretend to not care about other ppl but in reality what ppl think about me means a lot yknow🙄 Keep giving my ego satisfaction otherwise I might go crazy and find an excuse to get u banned 

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      It’s spam. Don’t do it again, thank you!

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      is this supposed to be like a moment? did you do it to ‘em here?

  8. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1192-moderation/ 

    Don’t be scared to apply we play lots of games and watch lots of anime in voice 😄  

    1. JustGrim


      And if you don't like anime, don't worry, some of us are normal 😀

    2. devvy


      shush grim anime is cool now

    3. Beptofide


      i a-applied also grim is an anime girl

  9. When Lieutenant DeNurem heard of the Emporers death, her being completely out of the loop until now, an abrupt, singular memory hit her. She was taken back to the battle of Boomhill, when the Emporer himself spared her a light and shared a moment of silence over a smoke. Just moments before that they’d been vigilantly charging at a monster who fought down so many of their comrades. And for that, she’d decided – he was a real one. A drink was sloshed, and another Carrington cigarette lit, she’d smile. “Your rest is past due, Peter III. May God save the next.”
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