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  1. Lieutenant DeNurem just makes this face. Then she goes to pray.
  2. Tegan tries to read the poster. She can’t read. Someone will probably tell her.
  3. h- hi *is drenched in sweat

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    2. Rhodesia




    3. devvy


      tbh dont rememver thinking of this but im still proud

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      hi please wash your hands i dont want corona

  4. “It was like just yesterday she was running up to me announcing her kills.. The simple days, when I was a recruit. Everything is much different now.” The lone Lieutenant sighed longingly, lighting a smoke then as she reflected in the silence of the Bastille.
  5. Lieutenant DeNurem sniffs, eyes watering as she scans over the letter before slamming a fist down. “This.. is so.. ADORABLE.”
  6. Lieutenant DeNurem held a thumb up to her cousin.
  7. A young d’Arkent hears of the celebration from eager siblings, planning to make her debut!
  8. Dev’Azog pounds her chest roughly, holding up a proud fist!
  9. Is this iMattyz?

    1. devvy


      no youve reached his assistant please feel free to leave a message

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      that’s actually imattyz dont listen to him

  10. 🤠

    1. devvy


      who tf is braxis

  11. devvy

    Tax Day

    i’ll have you know i played both the woman and banker. i outsold scarjo.
  12. Heff

    hey just followed u 

    1. devvy


      thanks g 

  13. god can i please get fm back 

  14. where do i apply for fm

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