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  1. Reina DeNurem maniacally signs from the confines of her family's manor, tucking a smuggled Carrington cigarette between curled lips threreafter.
  2. wait until they find out mods have unlimited rep..
  3. [!] A flyer hangs on the bulletin of all major hubs. Credit to Derek-Castro on DeviantArt Do you feel empty? Stagnant? Does your mind yearn for something you cannot quite comprehend? Or perhaps your memory sometimes fails you? Do not sit in yo
  4. Can you reimplement the subform navigation bar that used to be at the top of the forum pages plz?



    1. devvy
    2. devvy


      sorry it wont let me paste the image 

  5. Hey guys!! The 'edit' button on posts got moved in this forum madness apparently. It's now located on the top right of your post when you click the three dots.


    Like this:


    1. Orlesian


      Thank You!

  6. the page function is back albeit a little wonky 

    1. devvy


      only for status updates tho the rest idk

    2. Sorcerio


      are you guys able to add back the subform navigation at the top of the pages again? :3

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Mobile forums still atrocious. I hope it gets worked on next.

  7. girllll gamerrrr

  8. devvy


    hey I got doxxed too now I just doxx myself. it’s not that scary unless you got someone out there that really hates you (meaning since ur not staff ur prob safe)
  9. devvy


    Lorilei shook her head, "Rest well, beloved Empress. I remember making her soup once - I wonder if they changed the locks on the Palace.." The young woman, speaking to noone in particular, scurried off then to frantically dig through her cabinetry.
  10. Merry christmas eve :>

  11. just did a backflip

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    2. Tyrone1


      ur a mod on lord of the craft; world's #1 minecraft roleplaying server. Ur capping bro

    3. CalZium


      rolling down a hill isnt a backflip you need to jump

    4. snoopie12
  12. What would you guys want to see added to the forums? LMK!

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    2. 1_Language_1


      @devvy yeah it's just a pain trying to format **** on mobile y'know, can't select font or easily change colors.. :')

    3. devvy


      @1_Language_1 You should be able to now!

    4. Sorcerio
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