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      i’m talking to dewper. not you. 

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      ohh..... 😞 Sorry I felt left out

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      not like you talk to me any other time except for on my statuses..

  2. devvy

    [Denied][W] dogbew's Game Moderator Application

    if you’re going to include screenshots of when posts weren’t handled the minute they required it, perhaps you should also include screenshots of when i, and other fms, responded to forum requests in a matter of minutes – if that? you’ve seen the size of our team and you’re well aware that the fm team is lacking numbers. you must know this to understand that sometimes posts are looked over and things sit for an hour or two, which is hardly that long, waiting for approval or to be hidden. this doesn’t mean negligence is the case, it simply has to do with time. not every forum moderator can be just waiting to jump onto something taking place on the forums. while you may have some preconceived idea that that’s exactly how it should run, it’s just not possible with how ridiculously small the team is. you can’t hold dogbew accountable for every action his team as done. while it would’ve been nice if he told the team to try and handle matters quicker, he is in no way responsible for his members turning a blind eye to things and leaving posts that someone they don’t like has made to sit. if anything, the problem with favoritism i see is within the members of the team, not purely just in dogbew. you’re attempting to pin all this mess onto one person when in actuality, we’re a team. if someone doesn’t do what they’re supposed to be doing, it reflects back on the team as a whole, not just dogbew. now, i’m done arguing this and i’d prefer you didn’t try and move this onto discord either cause quite frankly i stand by what i say wholeheartedly. if you think your removal was unfair, speak to telanir and figure out why it was exactly. if you think that dogbew acted unfairly as a director, you had every opportunity to report it to admins. it may be against community guidelines to apparently disagree with your uppers, it’s not against it to bring up a genuine concern. anonymous staff reports have existed for awhile now. so, if the issues you saw within the director and team were truly deep enough for you to put these in-depth negative reviews on dogbew’s GM app, then one would think you’d care enough to take some action to fix it beforehand. no excuses, if you wanted something to be fixed that bad, you would’ve found a way to make it work.
  3. devvy

    [Denied][W] dogbew's Game Moderator Application

    dogbew is nothing short of a hard worker. he has the most drive i’ve seen out of anyone, his work can be impactful, and his ears are always open to criticism. while @ChonGojDragonski seems to think otherwise, i’d say dogbew carries zero bias, being that he knew almost none of the community to begin with. i think the two short weeks you served as an fm were full of nothing but toxicity spat both in chats and in-game. perhaps you may have seen this issue within our team yet failed to bring it up. instead, you opted to complain after being demoted and claiming you didn’t care for the team. maybe it’s wrong of me to assume this, but i believe your -1 comment stems from you simply being unhappy about your expected removal.
  4. i like how i get blacklisted for telling someone why they got denied but an admin can ddos our players and walk away without a scratch (,:

  5. devvy

    [Denied]Aerenna's Game Moderator Application

    while i do find you to be ok, i don't think you should rejoin anytime soon. clearly you had your reasons for leaving, and it's normal to regret a decision a little bit after. i think you need some time off the team before realizing how much you miss it. at the very minimum a week or two, not a day.
  6. devvy

    My director made me do this for free PR

    will you come back to fm
  7. devvy

    im having a birthday party

    the doritos are on me
  8. from my experience with violino, being that we’re on the same team, i definitely can say she is very easy to work and get along with. not only that but she is definitely dedicated to what she does and always excels. back in haense she kept the place lively with the occasional little event she did or just the activity she brought to through pleasant rp. +1
  9. devvy

    A Year and an explination. And a AMA.

    okay i like asking people ama stuff so here's some questions: best lotc memory? all-time favorite movie? fav tv show rn? do you pour your milk in before or after putting the cereal in the bowl? (v important)
  10. with how many times he’s been denied, consider yourself lucky he still applies lol. was a great trial gm the first time, would make a better official one this time. +1
  11. devvy

    Forum Moderator Update Log - April 2018

    nobody can top dogbew as director just a heads up btw
  12. devvy

    Linettes Lament

    Aloisia agreed, the words struggling to flow in her head!
  13. devvy

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 3

    Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.
  14. Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.