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  1. u guys r mad about something staff does every day just quit omg y stay if the server so ****

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    2. AGiantPie
    3. EmbryoGod
    4. rotund_man


      no. don't defend your community. that's just spiting the ppl who declared war on you. give in to entropy. leave


      (wtf I can't post two consecutive status replies now)

      Edited by xxx
  2. **** happens WHATS GOOD PARTY PEOPLE!!

  3. Okay if you're going to say they automatically connect with the void then where did that come from? How come "Snow Dwarves" are all assumed to use magic and what kind? What do they use it for? From what I've seen, you can't try to make an entire new subrace and also use it as an excuse to stack all these cool magics under your belt. Also, if you're going to say that these Snow Dwarves will learn magic and runesmithing, that won't add anything new to the overall race whatsoever. Plenty of dwarves practice that already without being this new special snowflake-y subrace. So, once again, this would literally add nothing to dwarves.
  4. and the word of the day for monday is YIKES! 

    1. ThumperJack


      Major YIKES

  5. sometimes i look at the fm team and i just.. shed a tear, look out the window in deep thought, and wonder how different things could’ve been


    (pls dont remove in actual tears rn)

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    2. Imi


      Am I complaining on status though? Nah 

    3. Guest



    4. Raomir


      Creamiest for FM? @Algoda

  6. how does it feel knowing i did the same thing as you but worse and only got a discord ban hahaha punk

  7. imagine getting banned for hurting someone’s feelings 

  8. im just gonna come clean guys. i called an admin stupid in discord. please don’t ban me, please i’m sorry

  9. uhm.................... lol hey tf ?

  10. noobs ??? ???

  11. i like how i get blacklisted for telling someone why they got denied but an admin can ddos our players and walk away without a scratch (,:

  12. sigh.. 

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    2. devvy


      dewper told me not to brag abt it..

    3. Ixli


      b r a g

    4. Raomir


      she dont wanna talk to you man, keep movin

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