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  1. Hello everyone! I'm Sugar/Rosie, also known as TeaWithBebeLoca! I'm trying to be more active on the forums, so here we go! Ask me anything! Though before we start, some ground rules. RULES 1: Do NOT ask about sexual stuff, whether it be implied, or straight-on. 2: Please keep in mind that I am a minor. 3: Please don't use "..." in your comments, it is a trigger for me. 4: I'm going to list my triggers, so please do keep them in mind when you ask me something. 5: Be kind, don't ask rude/triggering questions. 6: Be respectful with what you a
  2. If anyone wants some help with writing something, PM me- I need to write more to get out of my writer's block. DM me on discord, Sugar Bean#8979

  3. Anyone wanna team up and make some stories to publish on LoTC? We can split the profits if they get sold, just PM me on here. If you pm me on discord (Sugar Bean#8979), don't expect me to reply until 4:00-5:00 PM CST

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Publishing stories IRL or in-game?

    2. BlueBubbleTea


      @NotEvilAtAllin-game. But it's also to help with my writer's block. The main thing I need is a prompt or basic plot, and then I can do most, if not the rest, of the writing.

  4. BlueBubbleTea


    Mariah Yunko Mariah grew up in a very selfish family from Judi. Her mother and father only thought of their image, and what people thought of them. So when Mariah was born with two different colored eyes, her mother thought it was a blessing from Tahariae, but her father thought otherwise. Either way, they both thought she should be kept inside. Mariah lived most of her childhood confined within the walls of her house, but had company with the cats and her books. She loved to read, and would spend hours in the family library. She eventually turned 16, and begged her parents to let her out
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