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  1. Skin Name: Stylish Overcoat Discord: SaviourMeme#9634 Bid: $17 @BobBox
  2. @BobBox Skin Name: Stylish Overcoat Discord: SaviourMeme#9634 Bid: $12
  3. Skin Name: Stylish Overcoat Discord: SaviourMeme#9634 Bid: 5$
  4. Some random High Elf who used to live in Sutica emerges from his dirty hovel with a huge smile plastered on his face. He stretches out his limbs, brushing the grime off his shirt "Maybe they'll bring some life back into this ghost town" he'd mutter to himself, before embarking on the long trek to bring him back to his home.
  5. A Mali'ata pulls his hood off his head as he emerges from the darkness of the night near the front gate of the not so Silver State, tearing the new missive off the nearby wall he'd give it a quick read through, letting out a chuckle under his breath as he did so. Crumpling the missive haphazardly, he'd slowly slide it into one of the many pockets adorning his clothing "Its not like the fire was even that big, so what a couple stupid petitions burnt up, its not like they even got any signatures, there's no one left in this city to sign them" he'd say matter-of-factly to no one in particular, since there was no one around to hear him. With a dry laugh and the dawning of his hood he'd disappear into the darkness of the night once more.
  6. A Mali'ata would read the missive as he passed by the walls of not so Silver State, throwing his head back and laughing into the night sky as he read his ex-wifes name "I knew she had it in her, anyone who marries me has got a little madness in their blood" he mutters to no one in particular, his brown hair and red tattoos clearly visible to all those that happened to pass by. Though strangely enough, the city appeared to be barren, completely devoid of the life that it once had while under the rule of the former Sohaer and his council. "Ill need to ask her to invite me to the festivities next time" he'd say, drawing his hood over his head and walking silently into the darkness of the night.
  7. ((MC Name: SaviourMeme)) ((Discord: SaviourMeme#9634)) ((Timezone: EST)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Jon Snowell Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I wish to expand to my knowledge of voidal arts, as well as partake in the creation of artifacts alongisde other members of The Order Artificum as well as the guild as a whole. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Water Evocation ((Teacher)), Air Evocation ((Mastery)), Earth Evocation ((Almost Mastered)), Life Evocation ((Partially Through My Studies)), Transfiguration ((Partially Through my Studies)) What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Adeptus Majoris When should you be contacted for an interview? Whatever time suits you best
  8. IGN - SaviourMeme Discord - SaviourMeme#9634 -------------------- RP Name - Ralnor Race - Dark Elf Age - 93 Shaman or want to be one? - Always
  9. Name: Jon Snowell Race: High Elf Experience: Master of Water Evocation, Near Master of Air and Earth Evocation, Active Voidal Artificer Do you promise to uphold the Cosmic Balance and all it brings? Yes (McName:) SaviourMeme (Discord:) SaviourMeme#9634
  10. Username: SaviourMeme Name of the Skin: Cobalt Blue Bid Amount: 25
  11. DISCORD NAME: SaviourMeme#9634 SKIN IM BIDDING ON: Charming Red, Commander Erwin MY BID: 3 USD each (total 6 USD)
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