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  1. A high elf wearing a dark red coat and golden goggles would be seen at the nearby bank, filling his pockets with as much mina as he could carry "Hopefully new management won't be against selling me all their alcohol" he'd mutter joyfully
  2. That was one of the greatest things that ive ever participated in, thank you for that
  3. :( Brings a tear to my eye Was a good time while it lasted Good luck in whatever you choose to do
  4. The Sutican Beautification Project As you walk around the city of Sutica you may spot changes beginning to appear around the city. The Project The Sutican Council under the direct orders of the Trade Prince himself have launched a project to beautify the Capital of the Trade Nation of Sutica. This project aims to increase and improve upon the already present natural beauties within Sutica, as well as provide a more functional location to develop your love for Sutica. These additions will take the form of planting and fostering mature trees in the b
  5. The Sutican Propaganda Initiative The Sutican Department of Propaganda is happy to announce the start of the Sutican Propaganda Initiative, created to bring forth our nation's greatest artists, creatives and most importantly propagandists, and let their passions further progress the goals of our glorious nation. Submissions are to be sent to the Office of the Sutican Department of Propaganda, with a name and residency attached. You will have one weeks time to submit the propaganda before the Sutican Department of Propaganda will hold a three day l
  6. Thank you llir, very cool
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