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  1. Thank you llir, very cool
  2. **MC Names of all involved** SaviourMeme **Description** Main page of forums says we’re still on 1.14.4 **Date of occurance** Everyday since the update to 1.15.2 **In game specifications** N/A **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Go on main page of forums **Expected Behavior** Should say 1.15.2 **Actual Behavior** Says 1.14.4 **Additional Information** N/A **Error Message** N/A
  3. A BENEVOLENT UNION 12th of Owyns Flame, 1719 The Trade Nation of Sutica have forevermore been a neutral entity basing its principles on trade and providing a safe-haven for all. Though, the men of the Haeseni Empire who boldly title us, their opponents, as tyrants have brought it upon themselves to upheave the neutral balance of the sovereign state by sending forth incursions to their walls, only to be repelled back by the daring Dragon Knights of the Imperium. The Imperium shall not sit idly by while a neutral state is oppressed by the forces of Joey the Pretender. Thus, let this be known as a Benevolent Union of the roots of Renatus & Sutica which have existed since the periods of strife and harmony have coexisted since the dawn of time. Yet, harmony has always prevailed betwixt the two and the Imperium has always strived to protect the citizens of Sutica. Section I: The War. The Trade Nation of Sutica & the Imperium Renatian shall ascend their political standing with one another to a full alliance for the duration of the war to strike down the oppressive Marnans. The Trade Nation of Sutica shall receive constant support throughout the war in defensive means. The Dragon Knights of the Imperium will pledge to protect Sutican lands from destructive forces of banditry and raiders. The Trade Nation of Sutica & the Imperium Renatum shall ease the process of the trade of resources to further war efforts. The Imperium Renatum shall provide The Trade Nation of Sutica with the required equipment to involve themselves comfortably in the war. The Trade Nation of Sutica will not be expected or required to rally for any smaller engagements, help repel any raids, or other small-scale war activities. Section II: Post War. The Trade Nation of Sutica & The Imperium Renatum shall persist after the war with a one-sided defensive pact for an indefinite amount of time. The Imperium of Renatus shall be bound to protect Sutica defensively for raid or war. The Trade Nation of Sutica & the Imperium Renatus shall maintain a non-aggression pact. The Trade Nation of Sutica & the Imperium Renatus shall maintain a trade agreement during periods of peace. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatum, King of Renatus, Marna, Haense, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Kaz’Ulrah, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera HER HIGHNESS, Trade Princess Lily Helenson-Anarion, Governor of Kharajyr, Adherents, and Uialbens, Sovereign Lady of the Whispering Isles HIS EXCELLENCE, Regent Jon Snowell, Minister of Interior of the Federation of Sutica
  4. I didn’t know a banishment list could contain sketches of such detail.

    1. Archbishop
    2. Snelfma


      Lotc’s inability to understand how things actually work is astonishing from time to time. Just because it affects a player doesn’t mean someone has to detract some point to make things “fair”. People make it out like adding color to a picture is a hidden art or something.

  5. Sutica Arcas Banishment List [!] Fliers of the banishment list are pinned on pillars around the city, every once in a while an updated copy is sent out to citizens. “The following people are banished from Sutica. This list is maintained and managed through The Ministry Of The Interior, for the sake of ensuring Stewardy documents and guard reference documents are always kept in sync and up to date. The Minister Of Interior shall be the primary custodian of this list and its accuracy. Those with an interest in being unbanished, or those wishing to suggest a banishment may send a letter to The Minister Of The Interior, currently Jon Snowell, The Eternal.” ((OOC: Discord SaviourMeme#9634 )) “Through this process of synchronization The Ministry Of The Interior hopes to create a safer and more pleasant experience within The Federation of Sutica. I am honored to take on this task. - Minister Jon Snowell, The Eternal” Banishment List Format: (RP) Name: ((OOC name: )) Race: Reason for banishment: Caution: Anything else you’d like to state: (RP) Name: Karyssmov Faroe ((OOC name: Kholidav)) Race: Elf Reason for banishment: Continued threat to descendants, known practicer of Naztherak. Has been a threat to the sutican people in the past. Caution: Anything else you’d like to state: Holds a grudge against everything that is Sutican after his desertion of the Federation. Approach with caution. (RP) Name: Celestia O’Hara ((OOC name: __TigerKitty__)) Race: Human Reason for banishment: Danger to Society, considerable reputation for dangerous mischief. Caution: Wily. Anything else you’d like to state: Approach with caution. (RP) Name: Loras ((OOC name: Original_Potato)) Race: Mutt Reason for banishment: Attempted mass murder of the Sutican people. Numerous attempted assaults, public indecency. Caution: Might be a shaman, might be dangerously stupid. Anything else you’d like to state: Approach with caution. (RP) Name: Melkor ((OOC name: )) Race: High Elf Reason for banishment: Previous crimes against the sutican crown, property fraud. Caution: Extremely violent. Anything else you’d like to state: Approach with caution and heavy armor. (RP) Name: Lenniel ((OOC name: DevBug)) Race: High Elf Reason for banishment: Malicious abuse of overdraft protection, malicious abuse of citizen keys. Caution: Anything else you’d like to state: (RP) Name: Charles Napier ((OOC name: Harren)) Race: Human Reason for banishment: Impersonating city officials, lying to refugees. Caution: Anything else you’d like to state: ((OOC: If there are any issues with the skins used for the screen shots, please do contact SaviourMeme#9634. Skins were taken from NameMc))
  6. Sutican Home Owners Code The Sutican Ministry of the Interior 1. All land within Sutica is owned by the Government of Sutica. Residents and business owners are contract leased the properties that are given to them, as such, Sutica retains the right to issue rulings dealing with what may be thought of as "Private Property" 2. Claiming homes without a steward’s knowledge will be faced with a 1000 mina fine. 3. A sign must be placed by the door of a home noting who lives inside. Failure to mark your home is a 25 Mina fine, and a steward will place a locked sign on your home with your name. 4. Citizens may freely modify the insides of their home to their wishes. 4 A. Basements require steward approval and a fee of 500 mina. Failure to gain approval before construction is a 1000 Mina fine. Cave homes require a land survey before approval. 4 B. The outside of a home may be modified with approval of the head steward and a 350 Mina fee. ((A build must be done before hand and screenshots presented.)) The fee is paid upon approval and the person has one month to construct the build. 4 C. A home may not be modified under any circumstance to bigger than its original footprint. Encroaching on the land of another home is a 1000 Mina fine. 5. After at least 15 days of absence (subject to change) from the city by all members of the household, an eviction notice will be placed upon the home. The members of the household will have three days to contact a steward for the eviction notice to be removed, if no contact is made the home will be evicted. 6. Citizen’s may request up to a 30 day hiatus status for their home, during which their home will not be evicted. Upon the conclusion of 30 days or a citizens return to the city activity checks will begin again. 7. Tunnels to the outside of the walls are against server rules and may result in an immediate ban, during which the city will immediately evict your home and confiscate all goods. 8. Upon death of all members of the household your home will automatically be put up for eviction, and a steward must be contacted by the persona's player if they wish to keep their home/stored items. 9. Eviction notices must be dated to not the current date but to the date when the home can be evicted ((72 hours exactly from when the notice is posted.)). At such time the entire contents of the home’s chests as well as any displayed items will be dumped into the government’s storage. 10. Individuals that fail to comply with any of the previously stated rules more than once will face an immediate eviction. 11. The Trade Prince/Princess of Sutica as well as the Stewards of the ministry of the interior hold the right to evict any individual for any reason at all and without any prior warning spare the three days server rules require.
  7. Thanks for the info, never knew that
  8. **MC Names of all involved** SaviourMeme **Description** If you create a modreq and then do /check the modreq wont appear. **Date of occurance** 15th April 2018 **In game specifications** SaviourMeme - Jon Snowell **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Create a modreq 2. do /check 3. Modreq not there **Expected Behavior** Modreq should appear in the chat **Actual Behavior** Modreq doesnt appear **Additional Information** https://gyazo.com/e0feccc7f0d09a5e86cb14f780554998 **Error Message** N/A
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