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  1. SaviourMeme

    Sutican Occupancy Guide

    *Sheets of paper would be found posted in the city of Sutica and the greater land of Arcas, welcoming travellers into its walls* Come down to the Federation of Sutica, we have a total of 70 of the finest houses that can be found upon the Isle of Arcas, the Ministry of the Interior of our great nation is happy to provide a breakdown of a fitting minimal occupancy for each house and the distribution of house sizes between the districts. Thanks to the wonder of efficient design, even small houses can comfortably fit a family of three. It is Suticas goal however to grant the luxury of space to its citizens. Additionally taxes will be implemented soon at a low cost of 100 mina every elven week. These taxes allow for the creation of public programs, a paid guard force, and city events. Our houses come in 4 different sizes. Small: 1-2 People Medium: 2-3 People Large: 3-4 People Estate: 4+ People Each district has a variety of each size of house. Central Ward Small: 9 Medium: 3 Large: 1 Estate: 0 Old Town Small: 6 Medium: 3 Large: 1 Estate: 1 Heart District Small: 0 Medium: 1 Large: 1 Estate: 0 Riva District Small: 3 Medium: 5 Large: 0 Estate: 0 Twilight District Small: 1 Medium: 7 Large: 5 Estate: 2 Water District Small: 0 Medium: 18 Large: 0 Estate: 0 If you are looking for a home feel free to contact a steward in any way possible. Character name :!: Mc Name :!: Discord Tag Utaria Helenson :!: Utaria :!: Sky#5928 Evelyn Uialben :!: Safryie :!: Safryie#7642 Mika Uialben :!: Mika1278 :!: mika1278#0993 Additionally land outside of the city is available for purchase and special housing circumstance may be requested. I.e. a small boat in the river or a ship in the harbor when it is constructed.
  2. SaviourMeme

    Sutican Home Owners Code

    Sutican Home Owners Code The Sutican Ministry of the Interior 1. All land within Sutica is owned by the Government of Sutica. Residents and business owners are contract leased the properties that are given to them, as such, Sutica retains the right to issue rulings dealing with what may be thought of as "Private Property" 2. Claiming homes without a steward’s knowledge will be faced with a 1000 mina fine. 3. A sign must be placed by the door of a home noting who lives inside. Failure to mark your home is a 25 Mina fine, and a steward will place a locked sign on your home with your name. 4. Citizens may freely modify the insides of their home to their wishes. 4 A. Basements require steward approval and a fee of 500 mina. Failure to gain approval before construction is a 1000 Mina fine. Cave homes require a land survey before approval. 4 B. The outside of a home may be modified with approval of the head steward and a 350 Mina fee. ((A build must be done before hand and screenshots presented.)) The fee is paid upon approval and the person has one month to construct the build. 4 C. A home may not be modified under any circumstance to bigger than its original footprint. Encroaching on the land of another home is a 1000 Mina fine. 5. After at least 15 days of absence (subject to change) from the city by all members of the household, an eviction notice will be placed upon the home. The members of the household will have three days to contact a steward for the eviction notice to be removed, if no contact is made the home will be evicted. 6. Citizen’s may request up to a 30 day hiatus status for their home, during which their home will not be evicted. Upon the conclusion of 30 days or a citizens return to the city activity checks will begin again. 7. Tunnels to the outside of the walls are against server rules and may result in an immediate ban, during which the city will immediately evict your home and confiscate all goods. 8. Upon death of all members of the household your home will automatically be put up for eviction, and a steward must be contacted by the persona's player if they wish to keep their home/stored items. 9. Eviction notices must be dated to not the current date but to the date when the home can be evicted ((72 hours exactly from when the notice is posted.)). At such time the entire contents of the home’s chests as well as any displayed items will be dumped into the government’s storage. 10. Individuals that fail to comply with any of the previously stated rules more than once will face an immediate eviction. 11. The Trade Prince/Princess of Sutica as well as the Stewards of the ministry of the interior hold the right to evict any individual for any reason at all and without any prior warning spare the three days server rules require.
  3. SaviourMeme

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    How will you be going around and choosing these new community managers?
  4. SaviourMeme

    Event Team June Thing

    I'm pretty sure the media team no longer exists. Unless they brought back already.
  5. SaviourMeme

    [Denied] Starboy544's Event Team Actor application

    Best application Ive ever seen +1
  6. SaviourMeme

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    My guess Wall = Bad Hope I win
  7. SaviourMeme

    /check doesnt work

    Thanks for the info, never knew that
  8. SaviourMeme

    /check doesnt work

    **MC Names of all involved** SaviourMeme **Description** If you create a modreq and then do /check the modreq wont appear. **Date of occurance** 15th April 2018 **In game specifications** SaviourMeme - Jon Snowell **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Create a modreq 2. do /check 3. Modreq not there **Expected Behavior** Modreq should appear in the chat **Actual Behavior** Modreq doesnt appear **Additional Information** https://gyazo.com/e0feccc7f0d09a5e86cb14f780554998 **Error Message** N/A
  9. SaviourMeme

    [Accepted] put me in coach

    Make The Website Great Again +1
  10. SaviourMeme

    Media Staff - December Update Log





  12. Current Username: SaviourMemeDiscord(‘You got it’ does not suffice):Saviourmeme #9634Timezone(s) you mainly play: Late night EST usuallyWhat group/nation do you consider to be your main? SuticaHave you held a staff position before? NoDo you currently hold a staff position? NoDo you plan on applying for other staff positions? ProbablyHave you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? NoWhat kind of media formats would you like to work on the most? VideoList three factors/tips you feel are important to work in the fields of PR and expand on them. 1. Keeping it interesting This is probably the most important of the three since it will make or break anything that you make. It is the most important factor because it doesn't matter if you create a amazing quality piece. If what you make isn't interesting to the people they will ignore and forget all about it Also you need to be interested in what you are doing, because if you are not you will most likely not make your best work 2. Quality If it is high quality it will peak the interest of the people that will see and keep them interested If it is low quality people who see it will lose interest quickly and it will be forgotten 3. Time management Time management is an important factor because you need to be able to fulfill the above to factors on a timely manner. You want to keep the audience waiting for more, and not having to do it for long. You need to try and not rush things or they will end up sloppy Provide three examples of your previous work (Either three portfolios with different themed screenshots, three different videos or three different news posts): Why do you wish to become an MST-Editor Member? Because I love editing and creating videos and if I get to do it while contributing to a team and the community as the whole that is a bonus What strengths would you bring to the team? Creative Hardworking Willing to try anything What are your weaknesses? Getting on during the day Having to get new Mods, textures, and shaders everytime there is an update Overworking How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? approximately 15-20+ hours a week
  13. SaviourMeme

    Event Team November Update

    Never had a doubt that Squirt would be an amazing ET Director