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  1. Username: SaviourMeme Name of the Skin: Cobalt Blue Bid Amount: 25
  2. DISCORD NAME: SaviourMeme#9634 SKIN IM BIDDING ON: Charming Red, Commander Erwin MY BID: 3 USD each (total 6 USD)
  3. @Nug Discord: SaviourMeme#9634 IGN: SaviourMeme Skin/s and bid/s: PeachLova Drape 130
  4. Discord: SaviourMeme#9634 IGN: SaviourMeme Skin/s and bid/s: PeachLova Drape 75
  5. A certain elf wearing a pair of golden goggles would begin to wander the roads of Sutica, covering every free spot with as much propaganda as possible, while simultaneously munching on some of that delicious and nutritious Sutican BreadTM
  6. An elf wearing an iconic pair of goggles waves a wand around "Time to have some fun I guess"
  7. A high elf wearing an iconic pair of goggles, reads over the missive before carefully folding it and putting it into his pocket "Fight fire with fire is what I say" he'd mutter to himself before running out the door with a peculiar glint in his eye
  8. Username: SaviourMeme Discord/ way to contact you: SaviourMeme#9634 Bid amount: $6 Crest If someone bids ahead of you @Treaty
  9. A high elf wearing a dark red coat and golden goggles would be seen at the nearby bank, filling his pockets with as much mina as he could carry "Hopefully new management won't be against selling me all their alcohol" he'd mutter joyfully
  10. That was one of the greatest things that ive ever participated in, thank you for that
  11. :( Brings a tear to my eye Was a good time while it lasted Good luck in whatever you choose to do
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