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  1. A half-wit pulls out a chart before handing it to his boss, Louis d’Azor. The middle-aged man swooped away his dark hair before raising a brow and saying, “Odd that someone would say Leopold is the heir to Horen when he is the second cousin to the senior male of the Alstion line. He isn’t even the heir to Alstion,” Louis would snort. “But I suppose nothing more can be expected from a man who sprung forth with no one remembering him as a child.”
  2. Henry Penton sat in his office at night, muttering over a crowded desk of papers. He was alone, in faith and peace. He offered a simple prayer to God on high: "Lord, come what may, I ask for your guidance and wisdom during these trying times. Every great act of Your magnificence can be traced to kneeling men, not those who stand. May You guide me, and help me, O' Lord. Amen." With that the old man, the top of his head shining in the candlelight, closed his books. He stood to leave before an aide rushed in, "another missive, Mister Penton!" The old man snarled, snatching at it. He threw it on his desk, marching off. "What I should have prayed for is one damn night of sleep in this world!"
  3. During his government travels, Henry Penton gathered a merry band of elves from the Ebonwood and began to march towards the shore to enjoy a lovely holiday. As they strode along, he sang out one of his old songs, from happy days long gone from his mind. Yet the future was bright, or was that just the sun? Regardless, the old man sang with a more raspy voice but still with the zeal of his younger days. "O' way out east, there is a place..." And so the jolly crew of elves and humans, in comradery, went off to bask in the Orenian coastal waters new New Provy.
  4. Peter Augustus d'Arkent walked the halls of Sunholdt, contemplating the news. The disillusioned young boy wandered in between the manor's many galleries and stared at the family portraits of those that came before. Rather it was John, Peter Baldwin, Peter Alexander, or John Alexander; they each had a part in the name but very little in his life. He wrote in his journal a simple entry that day. "Though I did not know grandfather well, like my father, I stand in recognition and appreciation for their lives. Without such, I would not be here today. Yet, I wonder if I was ever meant to be here at this very time in my life. To thrust such upon a boy of my age is not only a cruel twist of fate's knife but one which is most unwelcomed. Without a mentor, friends, and experience, I shall have to rely on what I do have: my instincts and my family, what is left of it. May God watch over my family and me. Amen." With that, he signed the lorraine and made his way to his bed, empty and boundless, like his thoughts. Grandfather was gone but not forgotten.
  5. Peter Augustus d’Arkent stood and read the letter before looking around at the room of tutors. “This doesn’t make any sense. First the Fedei Defensor trusts letters written by literal lizard people and now they publish a letter not written by my grandfather but with his signature tacked onto its tail? We are better than this, surely? Civilization becomes uncivilized once more.” He returned to his studies but shook his head.
  6. Henry Penton sipped his tea and chirped at his maid as he read over the morning reports. “Say, have you any idea if our friends here make better food than you?! No - Well, I suppose I’ll have to ask the beardless High King to bake me some fresh rolls in Kal’Darakaan sometime. Say, how did he get his beard to grow back so quick? Bah - and they talk about us not liking consequences - HARUMPH.” The old man ceased and then hacked up a wad of phlegm into a handkerchief.
  7. Henry Penton nodded. He spoke to himself in an empty room, "I think I would look good with a handprint on my face, no?"
  8. AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE IMPERIAL TIMEKEEPER ASSOCIATION CLICK HERE The need for the accurate accounting of time transcends borders. It is a connecting thread that binds all people together, and never ceases. As the Imperial Timekeeper Association, it is our duty to provide functional timekeeping services to the Empire, but also for all who do business with our Empire. Furthermore, at the request of many clocksmiths, merchants, and government officials from the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, we have developed a clock that adequately translated Imperial Standard Time into the Sigmundic Calendar. Therefore, it is with great privilege and humility that we present this timepiece to His Royal Majesty's court, government, and society for seamless coordination of time. May it hang in your bank or halls for many years to come.
  9. THE ALMARIS BUCKETBALL ASSOCIATION GAME RESULTS Finals - Week 6 Season 1 A BATTLE FOR BUCKETBALL! (THIS WEEK'S ANTHEM) Where we left off last week, the season's final game had just ended, but there was no time for celebration by the victors or sorrow for the loser. These two championship teams were swiftly confronted by an undead team, including liches and other abominations. They sought to challenge the Dunes and the Saints for the game of bucketball itself. Our spectators, officials, and commentators were trapped behind towering walls of flames shooting from the either, obscuring their view and any aid they might have given. Without coaches or referees, the so-called Saintly Dunes will have to come together to save us all or risk the championship and its trophy sinking back underground with the spooks of Almaris! (ABA OPENING POST LINKED HERE) Heith-Hedran Hoopsters - Almarisian Saintly Dunes As Hakim approached the tip-off line, he looked to the lady with the pink hair, confused by what was about to happen. He asked, "were you the pink-haired lady everyone has been warning about?" She smirked and, without a notice, chucked the ball high into the air, a lich making a ghastly noise as he levitated off the ground to grasp the ball and shoot the ball straight into the bucket; three points for the undead. For decrypt beings, they moved with such finesse, much to the surprise of the Saintly Dunes. The one lich with a tarnished crown swiftly intercepted pass after pass to Herakles from Zaina Al-Hamad and Istvan. Even when Istvan got close to scoring with a layup, dribbling around the skeleton-lord in a white cloak, the pink-haired lady muttered words that instantly sealed the bucket. As the ball slowly rolled to the side and off the court, the players looked at one another with exhaustion on their faces. What could be done against such blatant rule-breaking?! As half-time came, the score was ten to fifty-nine, in favor of the undead who had told them their name was the Hoopsters. Herakles and Hakim looked to their teams and sighed. It all seemed to be futile against such magically-abusive players. As they walked to the tip-off line, expecting another half as the one they had just played, a woosh could be heard from the side of the court. In a breach of the fire walls stood the Saint's Cheer Captain, Selvia de Orsella, a cannon smoking under her. And from that hole stepped the other teams of the ABA, their colorful uniforms accompanied by weapons of all sorts and sizes. The Lady of Pink hissed at them, "this isn't fair?! What are you doing?! This is our game to win?!" Herakles grabbed the ball from her and said, "no, this is our game!" And with that, the most recognizable ABA players charged forth, using weapons to counter the magical abilities with sheer force. Grigory Grubb was seen using a club to bash the knees of the grotesque skin monster, while Lanqui used his height to crash a gigantic war hammer into the head of the pink-haired lady. Gulmon and Gib passed the ball through the legs of a lich, knocking their skeletal remains to the ground with a boney clatter as they hung to the bucket over top of him. Lulubelle Starbreaker was seen on the back of Rakothurz swinging morning stars and even managing to catch the pink-haired lady in the face. When the dust settled, the liches and undead were seen crawling back into the hole from whence they had emerged. The pink-haired lady shouted back at the victorious ballers, "this won't be the last time you hear from us! We'll be back and claim your idiotic championship next season!!!" The ballers looked between themselves and nodded, the crowd erupting into a deafening screech as the fire cleared the way to an all-star cast of the ABA. From the sidelines ran the coaches of both teams, who shook hands. And finally, a monk delivered the championship trophy into the hands of Hakim 'the Brickwall' of the Dunes. He hoisted it high, surrounded by his fellow ballers. VICTORY OVER THE ANTI-BALLING UNDEAD! VICTORY FOR BUCKETBALL! CONGRATULATION TO THE CHAMPIONS OF THE FIRST SEASON OF THE ALMARIS BUCKETBALL ASSOCIATION NEWS ON SEASON 2 BUCKETBALL HAS BEEN SAVED... UNTIL NEXT SEASON?!?! Also, check out our discord below! You'll need it to prepare yourself and your team for season two! https://discord.gg/UbdSZNrTFT
  10. THE ALMARIS BUCKETBALL ASSOCIATION GAME RESULTS Finals - Week 5 Season 1 THE FINAL GAME! (THIS WEEK'S ANTHEM) Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for picking up another edition of Almaris Bucketball. I am, as always, your dutiful commentator and author Martie Lickman. This week is the final week of the ABA's inaugural season. Really, we have to look back at this year's crazy moments and imagine where this all came from. We've lost some people along the way, but the first season made it in the end. All thirty-plus weeks were systematically detailed for your viewing pleasure. Now, I don't know about you, but I am exhausted. My wife has been begging me to spend time with her, or something like that. I don't know what my wife wants! Anyways, enough about me, let's give a big round of applause for you: the fans. You guys have been here through it all. Through the wins and the losses. The season may be over, but I think we've learned that out of the bad stuff from the Almaris, we can extract a single good thread of pure fun: beating each other up over a ball that we can arbitrarily throw into a bucket. Now, if that isn't pure friendship, I don't know what is! But without further adieu, the final game of the first season of the Almaris Bucketball Association... or is it? (ABA OPENING POST LINKED HERE) Fakhr Dunes - San Luciano Saints The day started with a bit of an irregularity. A pink-haired guard came to the ABA official in San Luciano and informed them that the stadium was undergoing significant repairs from a recent riot following the other week's loss. Having no other option but to dismiss these valid circumstances, the ABA moved the final game outside of San Luciano, somewhere atop the cliffs between the Oasis and Savoy's capital. With that small administrative note out of the way, the stage was set. The stands teemed with vivid excitement. Hakim and Herakles shook hands at the initial tip-off of the last ABA game for this season. And with a gush of wind behind the ball, pushing it skyward, the two leaped. For the next thirty minutes, the two teams dripped with sweat. Azzam stuck to Herakles like a fly on spoiled food, but Amadea Barclay kept Qamar Al-Nabeel in continuous suppression throughout the field's obstacles. By half-time, the score was tied at forty-five. Head Coach Joseph Brandt of the Saints took his players into the locker room, which doubled as the arena's outhouse, and gave them a rousing speech on the importance of winning. He reminded them that they would kill some tribesmen off the court as payback for such a defeat even if they lost. Meanwhile, in the Dune's locker room, Murad Al-Hamad praised his player's undying courage and let them know that win or lose, they were still the Eastern Conference champions! The heat was back on with the post-half-time tip-off going to Istvan and Zaina. Herakles managed to get away from Azzam multiple times, but Zaina made herself known, pulling the Dunes ahead by two for most of the final half. However, with a slip-up by Qamar Al-Nabeel and a quick reaction from Obasi, the score was evened up. With seconds remaining in the game, the ball was in the hands of Hakim 'Brickwall' Al-Hattan. With a concise leap right inside the arch line, the ball flew upwards and towards the bucket. The score was 81 to 81. As the ball approached the bucket, it slowly sank in, and the monks blew the game's whistles. Hakim looked to his coach with a bright smile, but abruptly the earth sundered between them, and walls of stone and searing flame surrounded both teams on the court... IT ISN'T OVER... YET! A litany of repulsive and hideous liches and spooks emerged from the broken ground, their drab garb clinging to what skin they had left. Among them stood a pink-haired woman laughing maniacally. The ball slowly rolled to their feet, and the tallest of the liches, who wore a crown of tarnished gold, picked up the sphere and held it in one hand. "You did not impress us this season. Now let's see if you can really ball!" The unconscious monks laid silent on the floor, and the coaches and fans could be heard gasping and shouting from the other side of the fiery impediments. The pink-haired girl walked to the tip-off line as both teams stood in shock and awe. She turned to them and hissed, "Well, come on then, lads, get to your positions! We may be undying, but that doesn't mean I have all day." Hakim and Herakles looked to one another before nodding, knowing what needed to be done. A battle for bucketball itself commenced....... TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT IF BUCKETBALL CAN BE SAVED?! Also, check out our discord below! You'll need it to prepare yourself for season two! https://discord.gg/UbdSZNrTFT
  11. THE ALMARIS BUCKETBALL ASSOCIATION GAME RESULTS Finals - Week 4 Season 1 GOING TO A FIFTH GAME! (THIS WEEK'S ANTHEM) Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for picking up another edition of Almaris Bucketball. I am, as always, your dutiful commentator and author Martie Lickman. This week was one of the most unique games, as the Saints and the Dunes matched off in the pitch-black and freezing cold desert near the Fakhr Oasis. Despite the conditions that are not necessarily known to the Saints, the glorious gameplay not only astonished this commentator but the entirety of the crowd! With this win the Saints have tied up the series, with two wins for both. Next week, in San Luciano, will decide it all! Will the Saints claim the title or will the Dunes steal it away in the Home that Herakles built? Everyone is on the edge of their seat to see who will claim the championship, but everyone is also wondering how?! (ABA OPENING POST LINKED HERE) Fakhr Dunes - San Luciano Saints Back with a rush, the Saints pulled out a win over the Dunes in the desert this week. In a game that was delayed to start, the noontime pushed deep into the cold nights. Both teams were fully clad in thick face cloths to prevent the freezing temperatures from quickly impairing them. Savoyards, including Istvan and Herakles, wore thick head scarfs, and fourteen fans were found frozen to death after the hour-long exposure to the elements. However, the game was anything but cold. This epically chilled air was filled with corner shots from Herakles and the impressive defensive blocks near the bucket by Obasi. Meanwhile, the cold did not fare well for Azzam Bin Hakim, who was seen slumped over on the sidelines after halftime. If it weren't for Hakim's defensive protection and coverage for Azzam, there would've been a more significant deficit for the Dunes. The game ended cinematically as Herakles went to the corner and faded away from his corner guard to sink a five-pointer perfectly. As the crowd went wild, and most ran to find warmth, the game ended with a dreaded silence as both teams now prepared for the final showdown next week. Also, it appears that the cannons that were planned last week did not fire this week. Was it the cold? Was it the victory? Was it a plan for game five?! Find out next time! Do you want to add your name to the roster of your favorite team? Do you want to be drafted or made a free agent in the ABA? Join our discord and supply us with your player's names so we can include you in our posts! https://discord.gg/UbdSZNrTFT
  12. Louis d’Azor quickly gets back up on the ladder and starts to remove the banner in Providence that read “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” He frowns at the Acting Archchancellors mistake before saying to a fellow citizen who passes, “Those who are swift to words are late to logic.”
  13. Peter d'Arkent looked to his tutors with surprise at the missive, wondering what to say. He simply repeated what he has said all along, "any man who believes we should conspire for war on our own kind is dangerous." His tutors nodded and then swiftly returned to lecturing him on the importance of domestic economic development and foreign imports. The young duke just wished he could be a boy again.
  14. THE ALMARIS BUCKETBALL ASSOCIATION GAME RESULTS Finals - Week 3 Season 1 THE ROLLING DUNES STRIKE BACK! (THIS WEEK'S ANTHEM) Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for picking up another edition of Almaris Bucketball. I am, as always, your dutiful commentator and author Martie Lickman. This week the Dunes managed to roll over the Saints with an eleven point difference, causing the Saints to begin to pull out all of the stops to prevent a loss of the championship. Most impressively, from this commentator's perspective, is the fact that the Dunes have managed to shut down the imposing offensive capabilities the Saints have had all year long. Regardless of how this shakes out in the end, I don't think we could've asked for a better matchup in the finals. Both teams have been through a lot this season and both teams will be better for it next season. Now, on to the game: (ABA OPENING POST LINKED HERE) Fakhr Dunes - San Luciano Saints With the lowest score yet, the Saints dropped the bucketball this week at the oasis against the Dunes. Most of this disappointment comes from the stellar defense of the Dunes, putting a lot of pressure on Herakles Mareno in the corners and Istvan inside the arch. Azzam Bin Hakim has battled back against the wound he sustained in week one to lead not only a defensive overthrow of one of the best offensive teams in the ABA but also his team with the spirit of a roaring lion! Meanwhile, the Saints are considering all options moving into next week, since a loss there would lose them the championship. Even Cheer Captain Selvia de Orsella has brought out all the stops in an effort to not lose any more games. She has packed massive cannons full of little pieces of paper and candy, what the Illations call confetti, and plans to use it somehow next game. Let's see if their tactic works, but either way I get a ton of free candy, so its a win for me! Do you want to add your name to the roster of your favorite team? Do you want to be drafted or made a free agent in the ABA? Join our discord and supply us with your player's names so we can include you in our posts! https://discord.gg/UbdSZNrTFT
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