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  1. Sir Henry Penton, age 31 Painted in 1817 in honor of his knighthood for Oren Aut Mortem Thank you ZeeZac for the art work! Friendly Reminder: Please do NOT Meta-Game ANY of the Contents of this Post. THE BASICS Pen Name: Henry Penton Birth Name: Henry Norten Gender: Male Race: Human (Heartlander) Nationality: Orenian Residence: Penton Place, Providence, Holy Orenian Empire Profession: Varies Height: 5'7" Weight: 145 lbs Hair: Reddish brown Eyes: Brown Skintone: Pale PERSONALITY Strengths
  2. THE OREN AUT MORTEM MUSIC PACK The music discs in Minecraft aren't, how do we say it - good. So to fix that, I have released a music pack on Planet Minecraft, available to all, that will import my music and public domain classical music (anything pre-1925) into the game. This will increase your immersion and allow events to have period music that everyone can enjoy with a few simple and easy steps. For now, the pack includes Oren Aut Mortem, which is my most popular piece. I needed to start with the smallest pack possible so the Planet Minecraft staff would green-ligh
  3. She Has Left Me, My Golden Rose Published 1812 IST, Debuted 1818 IST. Penned by Henry Penton Henry Penton spoke to the assembly in the La Fleur Theatre in Providence, saying, "As this social season draws to a close, I feel it appropriate to offer a song in the same thread as this season: The hope of finding your soulmate. For which the confines and tragedies of mortal life cannot extinguish the flame of love." He would pause for a moment, letting it hang in the air. "May you all find your own golden rose." He would then turn, attend to the pia
  4. IGN: Charming Cavalier Category: Creative Writing Piece: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pTv8kQhDCNLouAKnYHmk2Qn3eQf3l6sp47h7Yqw9ANw/edit
  5. THE POOR SIDE OF BAKER STREET Published 1818 IST Penned by Henry Penton Today, Sir Henry Penton releases his newest short story entitled The Poor Side of Baker Street. Keeping with his recent theme of the change of seasons, this book is a saddening tale based in our fair city of Providence, but which themes are universal. It should be examined by the rich and the poor alike. As a result, Sir Penton has deemed it necessary to release this short story for public consumption. Without further adieu: The Story... Brought to yo
  6. IGN: CharmingCavalier Category: Poetry Piece: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eyqkQhcvXa_95Whd0fMxYMxwdJ4_GOs3kc4DufwAguY/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Snow’s True Maiden By Henry Penton As Malin welcomes the heat, our world hath lost Her powdered fields, chill, and frost And what beauty found in snow’s gleam, Now flows throughout watery streams. As the sun doth thaw our cold earth. Love hath found its blessed birth. Swallows wake in greening trees My air is filled with hums and bees. Yet, Much as love flourishes so too doth it bring An end, fading as a youthful spring. Such beautiful colors as it displays, Fall and her Amber Cold is arrayed. Heat and passion wane, my love doth lou
  8. Henry Penton scoffs, "War Time Powers Act? More like a guide to the usurpation of legislative and judicial power by the executive!" He shakes his head at the missive, saying, "Just the other day, His Imperial Majesty said we had brought the rule of law to man. Now this terrible act would see us deprive ourselves of it. 'War powers' are synonymous with nothing but tyranny, and this act shows a complete disregard for the separation of power." "If by fighting we lose our rights and form of government, what do we even fight for?" He would turn and walk away, his head hung
  9. A PARTY AT PENTON PLACE Penton Place is the premier club in Providence. As the Social Season of 1817 begins, Henry Penton wishes to invite all the attending bachelors and their company to Old Penton Place at 8 Pompourelia Street in Providence. This neatly established house offers a fully stocked bar, two stories of room, and proper outdoor seating for a beautiful night. We open our doors for amusement, politics, play, and to leave the matter-of-fact meeting places of general society behind us. Posted throughout the town are various posters, sh
  10. Skin: Local Bar Wench Bid: 160 Discord: CharmingCavalier#7089
  11. Skin: Local Bar Wench Bid: 100 Discord: CharmingCavalier#7089
  12. An Anthem for Oren An engraving is hung on posters throughout Providence for the debut of a patriotic song, 1816 IST In front of the Augustine, a parade of musicians stood in formation. Their marching uniforms were neatly fashioned and shining in the afternoon sun. The crimson clothes paired exquisitely with the golden glint of their buttons, belt buckles, and brass instruments. As the orchestra stood at attention, their fancifully dressed conductor stepped onto a podium before them. It was none other than Henry Penton. With a flick of his
  13. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE 12th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1815 - IN THE JUDICIAL REVIEW OF THE DANGEROUS DRUG ORDINANCE OF 1813 - A BRIEF ON BEHALF OF A PRIVATE CITIZEN AND SOLICITOR, MR. HENRY PENTON, AS AMICUS CURIAE IN SUPPORT OF THE PETITIONER. DANGEROUS PRECEDENT By allowing the Solicitor-General to interpret the same laws he is tasked to enforce sets a dangerous precedent. Coupled with the fact that the Solicitor-General is allowed to "draft laws, both civil and criminal,
  14. Condemnations of an Immoral Execution and Heinous Torture in Providence 12th of Godfrey's Triumph , 1815 A man is depicted with a wig on his head, a nail pounded into his skull. The engraving is signed by Henry Penton. Just so much as the law is based upon papers and precedent, so too is it structured around moral and ethical responsibilities. Last evening Providence played host to the gruesome extrajudicial execution of one Mr. Tiberius John Hartcold on the 12th of Owyn's Flame, 1815. A wig was nailed into his head on orders of our Emperor.
  15. My one, and only, question is why you decided to use that font?
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