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  1. The Mortal Chime -=- -=- Penned in 1812 IST by Henry Penton Originally Published 1812 IST. Publicly Published in 1837 IST. FOREWORD I had originally set out, in 1810, to write a Tuvmas tale, seeing Oren lacking a familiar tale of the occasion. Despite my best efforts I was unsuccessful in creating my vision, though it has morphed into its own form of literature. Seeing as I have aged, I have found it necessary to publicly publish much of my early works that were once exclusively for sale at my bookshop. So, please enjoy one of my earliest works, a short story on madness: The Mortal Chime. -=- The door creaked open, a bright light shone across the dark alleyway. Wyatt’s eyes had not yet grown familiar with the mingled shine and darkness of the store when the keep spoke. “You come to me on Tuvmas, of all days. My store is shut up tight as the snow falls this very day and you expect me to do business?” Wyatt refuted the shopkeep, “I only wish to sell my possessions. So that I can -” “I care not for your worries, only your wares.” With that Wyatt was admitted into the blackness that was the cold shop. The two settled on either side of a counter, the candle resting neatly between them. “If I am to do business this day you will need to give full account of how you came into the possession of these fine objects.” “I- I was gifted them by my uncle, sir,” Wyatt muttered. “Quite the collector he is,” said the shopkeep as he was turned and looking for his books of account. This pale, stout, man stood before Wyatt and quickly returned to examine the fine plates Wyatt had distributed before him. He picked one up, peering over his frames. Wyatt spoke as his goods were examined, “I should also need to purchase a gift. You see, I have been invited as a guest to dine with the parents of an eligible woman. Out of respect I thought it necessary to produce a complement.” The silence loomed as the man examined each of the plates. Inside Wyatt’s head there were many thoughts, but most of all there were thoughts of the clocks. Their ticking has swallowed up the silence that once lingered. “I wish not to be an obstacle for a good man like yourself to secure a favorable match.” He would stoop and retrieve a wrapped hand mirror, unwrapping it on the counter. “A mirror,” he would stand in anger, pushing the stool he sat on to the floor with his sudden rise. “For Tuvmas?! You expect me to gift a woman such a thing?” “Of course, it is a lovely quality. Imported!” The merchant tried to reckon with Wyatt’s disillusionment with the object. Wyatt spoke louder, “I shall not curse another to look upon themselves when I have no want to look upon my own complexion.” The pale man somehow seemed paler as he retorted, “your lady, though, may find the action far more pleasing than yourself.” “What do you know of ladies,” shot back Wyatt. “Have you ever been in love?!” “Love - BAH! I had not the time nor the interest to trifle in such affairs,” chuckled the keep. “Now, will you take this glass or not?” Wyatt scowled, “what other wares have you good friend? I should need options.” The merchant frowned, begrudgingly stooping once more to retrieve another curiosity. Wyatt moved around the counter in darkness and silence, save the insesintent ticking of the clocks. “Perhaps this bowl,” he said as he rose. From behind Wyatt bounded upon his helpless victim. A flash struck through the darkness as a dagger fell, lit by the sole candlelight. The man struggled, but two more blows sent him sprawling, his head hitting the corner of the counter on his descent. Small voices joined in a chorus that engulfed the shop. They scored the time, some in a cumbersome manner and others in a hurried fashion. Nonetheless, they told the hour with intricate tickings. Wyatt’s eyes turned to his victim, a pool of blood and a pile of clothes were what he saw. The limbs were scattered and the scene was repugnant to him. In his head the ideas of time struggled to compete with the chimes. For while time had closed for the keep it had remained for him. His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden cacophony, as the clocks struck three in the morn. Deep thunderous swells meshed with the high treble notes of dancing. He staggered, as he realized the clocks were intertwined with the worst fate a man can see - his own face in a mirror. Panic set in - he should have chosen an hour when the streets were busy but not many would enter the shop. Someone may have heard the sounds among the silence of the eve. There remained an incessant tolling which ceased at the sound of rats moving in the attic above, only to have it continue following the soft steps fading away. So Wyatt ran from the sound, up to the attic and shut himself in. The brief respite let him observe the dismantled, uncarpeted, room that lay before him. But it was just as he walked further into the room that he heard it - a step mounting the stairs. Its slow pace, yet steady, ended - and for a moment Wyatt let go of his breath. Then the knob slowly rotated accompanied by a whining creak from the door. Was it the law, coming to bring him to justice? Was it the shopkeep - a dead man walking?! Perhaps a person who had, by mistake, found the body and now sought to consign him to the gallows? “Good evening, Wyatt,” spoke the thing pleasantly as it closed the door. Wyatt knew, a conviction so true, that this thing was not of God. “The marks are in the draw by his bed, left side,” spoke the thing softly. Wyatt was silent. “Well, perhaps you can leave it,” the thing said as it paced before the man. It’s grey aurora clung to the air, darkening darkness a shade more. “Fair warning, Wyatt Gresnick, Mrs. Thumble the maid left her house a few minutes ago, earlier than usual I should say. If you were found here I have no doubt you know the outcome?” Wyatt spoke up, “You know me?” The thing nodded, “You are a personal favorite of mine, dear Wyatt.” “And what are you,” demanded Wyatt in a hushed yell. “Does it matter, truly? What I am does not change what I can do for you.” “Do for me? I had supposed you were intelligent! No man does for another, instead all men are born, live, and die in a land of hulking giants. Those monsters drag you by your bare wrists, from the womb to the grave! The hateful giants of natural circumstance. No sir, you cannot do anything for me, nor can I do anything for myself. Humanity is but an unwilling player in the fates.” “Deep thoughts indeed,” the thing replied, “but I have no interest in your role in the events, only that the events conspired. Alas, time does fly indeed. The servant, with every step, comes closer to you. As if the gallows had been sent to find you themselves! Such a magnificent sight to see death personified walking through our Tuvmas streets!” The things voice got serious, “Now, shall I help you? Shall I tell you a way out?” The ringing started again, “had it been an hour,” thought Wyatt. Sounds of bells ruptured through the floorboards, shaking his skull. “For what cost,” he screamed as he covered his ears in pain. The thing’s fiendish smile protruding from the darkness. “My Tuvmas gift to you, of course.” Wyatt surged forth, falling to his knees. “No! If I had been lost in the woods for thirty days, dying of hunger, and it was your hand which offered me the bread of life, I should find the courage to refuse you.” The thing leaned down, its rot stinking up Wyatt’s nostrils. “I have no objections to a deathbed confession. You are but an evil man, and evil men should confess, no?” Wyatt shrieked, the throbbing noise has engulfed his senses. He closed his eyes and said, “I confess to being a slave to poverty and a indulger of vices! I had hoped to marry, and in that action free myself of my past. I prize not love, I love not an honest woman but a rich one. And I killed the keep not because he was cruel or unfair in our dealings but because he tried to show me the truth in my reflection. Evil.” Then Wyatt opened his eyes, seeing the maid in front of him. The other thing had gone, leaving the sunrise to fill the room with gleams of soft light. The dirty maid clutched her bosom as Wyatt rose, the ringing deafening him to her words of inquiry. He spoke quietly, the chimes parting for his words, “Go and seek out the guards. I confess it, I have killed the shopkeep.” It was four days later that the bells chimed once more, this time for the life of Wyatt Gresnick, his body hung limp. "From life's inception we trudge towards death. The middle of the story is brief glimpses of insanity among many sorrowful stints of sanity." - Henry Penton, 1837
  2. A Birth Day Song -=- -=- Penned in 1835 IST by Henry Penton Performed in 1837 to His Imperial Majesty, Emperor John VIII In 1835 I wrote and composed a piece meant to celebrate His Imperial Majesty's 80th birth day and the upcoming silver jubilee. However, it deeply saddens me to write, with a heavy heart, that our most beloved Emperor never made it to that occasion. Yet, I would not have done my duty as a citizen of Oren if not to have sung this to His Imperial Majesty before his passing. So, as his hours waned from this earth, and with loved ones and loyal denizens surrounding, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor John VIII became the first to hear the newly established Orenian birth day song. Though, I implore all to partake in the affair and sing it to their loved ones, Orenian or not, on their birth day. The lyrics are open-ended and need only for one to fill in a few specific details to accommodate for a new subject. Please find them below: Lyrics Come bring the liquor hither, And men raise up thy voice: [Lord/Dame] [Name] [Age, See below], And therefore we'll rejoice. In [Age, See below] bottles Let all men have a lark; Here's [Age, See below] verses Worth [Age, See below] marks. O all ye loyal citizens Come listen to my tale. Tis of a gallant wigged [Lord/Dame], Forever let [Him/Her] prevail. Numbering For the purposes of adjusting the song for all, and maintaining the syllable count of the song, please see a list of ages below. Insert them into the sections requiring the age of the birth day lad or lass. 1 - One and nothing 2 - Two and nothing 3 - Three and nothing 4 - Four and nothing 5 - Five and nothing 6 - Six and nothing 7 - Seven and nothing 8 - Eight and nothing 9 - Nine and nothing 10 - Nought and tenfold 11 - One and tenfold 12 - Two and tenfold 13 - Three and tenfold 14 - Four and tenfold 15 - Five and tenfold 16 - Six and tenfold 17 - Seven and tenfold 18 - Eight and tenfold 19 - Nine and tenfold 20 - Nought and twenty 21 - One and twenty 22 - Two and twenty 23 - Three and twenty ..... And so on, and so on. After Nine and ninety this author compels all well-wishers to stop singing a birth day song to those specific elders and start offering prayers to GOD for their continued longevity. Brought to you by
  3. A COMMUNAL EFFORT -=- -=- The Reconstruction of the Basilica of the Ascension of Exalted Godfrey, c. 1837 IST On the 13th of Sigismund's End, 1836, the Basilica of the Ascension of Exalted Godfrey in Providence caught fire. In the aftermath, the majority of the structure was damaged, and rubble now fills the sacred halls of Our Lord's House. Seeing this, a group of concerned Canonists has publicly proclaimed a communal effort to sort through the rubble, repair the building with what resources can be gathered or donated, and clear the cathedral's altar so mass can be delivered again. With coordination from the clergy of the city, these devoted servants of the faith call upon all to aid the reconstruction effort during Owyn's Flame of 1837. Scaffolding is being erected to facilitate these efforts, fires are being stoked to provide laborers with warm sustenance, and canvas tents are being provided for workers to rest. Additionally, a mass will be given by Father Otto to conclude the Saint month's work and celebrate the glory of GOD. As the Lord has said, "though the spring flower withers and the fruit of the tree falls to the ground, My Word lasts into the eve of the world, and the fruit of virtue cannot rot." So too shall we deny the flames of Iblees from ravaging His most holy of spaces and rebuild in the jubilance of our faith in our everlasting Lord.
  4. Louis walked alone in the palace gardens that morning. He quietly muttered to himself, "Unbroken are bonds consecrated by oath." As he walked on, his grip tightened around his pommel, his tears were pure messengers sent from his spirit.
  5. Skin Name: Grey and Green Discord: CharmingCavalier#7089 Bid: $5
  6. THE IMPERIAL MINT OF THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE In order to facilitate trade and encourage the usage of domestic currency among the loyal citizenry, His Imperial Majesty has directed the Secretary of State for the Treasury to standardized currency within the Holy Orenian Empire. Reform has been made to the denominations since the Imperial Currency Edict of 1765. Therefore, the following ordinance supersedes all past currency-related laws and establishes, anew, the official Imperial Mark (£). All Imperial officials are instructed to use the term in replacement for mina wherever possible. Decreed this day, the 11th of Horen's Calling, 1836. --- THE HUNDRED - 100£ COLLOQUIALLY REFERRED TO AS THE TON The largest unit of currency shall be the hundred mark note, with a width of six inches and a length of three. It shall be printed upon paper and bear the image of the reigning monarch. On the tail side there shall be a depiction of the Siege of Petrus. Both sides shall display the shield of the reigning monarch and the words "I ordered the estates of the earth and I have set a path before you," from the sixth book and fourth verse of the Scroll of Virtue. Additionally, it shall be bear the signature of the contemporary Secretary of State for the Treasury of the date on which it is printed. It shall be worth one hundred mina. ------- THE FIFTY - 50£ COLLOQUIALLY REFERRED TO AS THE HALF TON The fifty mark note shall have a width of six inches and a length of three. It shall be printed upon paper and bear the image of the reigning monarch. On the tail side it shall bear the image of the heir, apparent or presumptive. Both sides shall display the shield of the reigning monarch and the words "I ordered the estates of the earth and I have set a path before you," from the sixth book and fourth verse of the Scroll of Virtue. Additionally, it shall be bear the signature of the contemporary Secretary of State for the Treasury of the date on which it is printed. It shall be worth fifty mina. ------- THE TWENTY - 20£ COLLOQUIALLY REFERRED TO AS THE CROSS, CHAPEL, OR GOLDIE The twenty mark coin shall have a width one inch and a thickness of one-sixth of a digit. It shall be minted of gold and bear the image of the reigning monarch. On the tail side it shall bear the image of a cross. The specific details of the cross are defined in Treasury Code 67. Additionally, it shall bear the High Imperial words "Pro Deo et Patria," which translates to "For God and Country." It is the only coin to be minted with gold due to the importance and majesty of the Holy Mother Church. It shall be worth twenty mina. ------- THE TEN - 10£ COLLOQUIALLY REFERRED TO AS THE TENNER, TOBIAS, OR COMET The ten mark coin shall have a width of one and one-half digits. It shall also have a thickness of one-sixth of a digit. It shall be minted of silver and bear the image of the reigning monarch. On the tail side it shall bear the image of Saint Tobias' Comet. This silver comet was seen twice after the charitable Tobias' death and granted aid to those who prayed for his intercession. Many merchants believe this coin to represent good fortune. Many have adopted a ten to represent one Saint Day's worth of skilled labor. The specific details of the comet and surrounding decoration are defined in Treasury Code 67. It is the only coin to be minted with silver due to the importance of charity, represented by St. Tobias. It shall be worth ten mina. ------- THE FIVE - 5£ COLLOQUIALLY REFERRED TO AS THE FIVER OR LION The five mark coin shall have a width of one and one-third digits. It shall also have a thickness of one-seventh of a digit. It shall be minted of copper and bear the image of the reigning monarch. On the tail side it shall bear the image of the Lions of Ba'as. Many have adopted a ten to represent one Saint Day's worth of hard labor. The specific details of the lions are defined in Treasury Code 67. It is the only coin to be minted of pure bronze due to the significance of His Imperial Excellency, Archchancellor Simon Basrid. It shall be worth five mina. ------- THE SINGLE - 1£ COLLOQUIALLY REFERRED TO AS THE MARK OR PROVY The single mark shall have a width of one and one-fifth digits. It shall also have a thickness of one-eighth of a digit. It shall be minted of iron, gilded in bronze, and bear the image of the reigning monarch. On the tail side it shall bear the image of the City of Providence. The specific details of the city and surrounding decoration are defined in Treasury Code 67. It shall be worth a single mina. Signed, Henry Penton, Treasury Minister
  7. Louis sat in the gardens and read over the pamphlet in silence. He was not one for gossip or leisurely reading but had found it important to keep informed during these times. After all, a knight who does not know his battlefield has already lost the battle. As he stumbled over the words he saw himself drawn on the dance floor. A faint smile made its way upon his lips, but he was quick to refrain from the full expression in such a public place. After he finished he rolled up the pamphlet and readjusted the scabbard on his hip. “Back to patrol,” he thought to himself, as he went on the prowl for evildoers around the Augustine.
  8. VICTORY'S VISAGE Written 1824 IST, Published 1835 IST Penned by Henry Penton FOREWORD From 1814 to 1824, I wrote several patriotic poems among my many other works. Some turned into celebrated hymns or cherished pieces, such as Oren Aut Mortem. Yet, most I did not deem acceptable for public distribution at the time and held them within my private reserve of writings. However, in my age, I have realized the importance of celebrating our nation, this project we call Oren. So, in honor of that sentiment and the recently passed tenth anniversary of the Tenth Nordling War, I present to you: Victory's Visage. - - - - - - - - - Let the soldiers rejoice with a general voice, and the Crown new honors decree them. Who at His army's head, struck the foul monsters dead, and so boldly, so boldly, did save us. To John let us raise, And our Emperor praise, A trophy of the army's own making With flowers let them strow, The way as they go, Their statues with garlands adorning, Against tyrant's might, drove the mists in sight, And gave us our glorious morning. Brought to you by
  9. ALMARIS' GEM Published 1835 IST Penned by Henry Penton Love of one's country is the sublimest of passions, One which every Orenian should know. Unchanged still by wars and fashion, Against history's ebb and flow. Magnificent Oren, our nation, Our sacred oaths unto thee we have stated. And with profound veneration Have seen our forefather's sacrifices consecrated. Some ask if our praises should be tamed? If we should abandon this hallowed cause? No, for loyalty shall be exclaimed! Until each man's dying breath: obedience to the law. We all see her beauty: Oren, Almaris' gem. A life spent in duty, Earns each citizen a diadem. Brought to you by
  10. Skin Name: Jessica Discord Tag: CharmingCavalier#7089 Bid: 220 minas
  11. FEIGNING OPPRESSION The Irony of Our Noble, Orenian Daughters "Oh the pain to be born into such luxury, security, and opulence! You are the truly oppressed, dear daughters of Oren; all bedecked in your dresses and jewels." It has come to this author’s attention that various aristocratic ladies have published pamphlets and open letters bemoaning the terrible oppression they endure daily from their ivory towers. Oh, the pain to be born into such luxury, security, and opulence! You are the truly oppressed, dear daughters of Oren; all bedecked in your dresses and jewels. And now, after their faux progressive movement has been struck down, they seek to rail against the establishment they openly benefit from, far more I do say than the rest of us. Perhaps the spiked punch at one of your many soirees has diluted wit which once existed. However, Madame Demi d’Kratt shall venture to restore what sensibilities you have lost and remind you of the immense privileges you enjoy while the rest watch you from afar. Although it may surprise those ladies who keep to the palace halls as a fat cook does to a stocked kitchen, there are those of us in Providence who do not have their names, their father’s riches, or their access to powerful elites. Some of us, known as commoners, must endure unspeakable hardships such as meritocracy and hard labour to ensure our ambitions are not failures. In fact, this author would go so far as to say that there is a false aristocracy in Oren based on wealth and names, while a truer elite should be founded on intelligence, talent, and virtue. Let us not forget that the ladies of our court breed the various love affairs that have so often filled these streets. To decry our Heir Presumptive to be without virtue while lacking it themselves is something indefensible, dearest daughters. As commoners see their house in the Imperial Diet stripped of rights and unable to conduct business without the oversight of our noble elite, the privileged daughters of our beloved Empire have seen fit to distract our interests towards debates over birthrights and petty arguments. Women are, in fact, equal to men. To this, we can agree. However, to claim that noblewomen should be extended the right to inherit before common women has the right to choose whom they marry? To say noblewomen are oppressed and unable to progress in our world without a title? To say noblewomen should have their considerations placed before that of the bills the Commons has sent to the House of Lords? Darlings, it is for the common woman to know these pains, not your wigged-selves. As the common woman is looked down upon in your many soirees and social seasons, how is it that those same snobs then can decry inequality? Please, my fellow Orenian women, have some sense! You have access to more than you know and yet appreciate nothing!? Is true equality found in inheritance? Or is it true equality for a noblewoman found there, without any thought given to the rest of us swill who walk the muddy streets beneath your polished coaches? My suggestion is to fight for true equality, not equality for the lord’s daughter and the Duke’s niece. Fight for the right of commoners to have a House in which we can offer some balance to our government and protect the rights of the masses against the will of the nobles. Fight for the repeal of the Edict of Reform of 1799. Secure rights for the common woman before the high society! Attempt not to feign oppression while selecting which of your many silks to wear in the morn. Silks that cost more than many commoners see in their life. For that look does not fit you, my fellow Orenian daughters. It does not fit you one bit. YOURS TRULY, A COMMON WOMAN
  12. AN OFFICIAL PUBLIC NOTICE FROM THE IMPERIAL MINISTRY OF THE TREASURY OF THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE The Ministry of the Treasury seeks a Treasury Aide who will act as the personal assistant to Treasury Secretary Henry Penton. When in this position, you will develop a sophisticated knowledge of accounting and ledgers under the guide of Mister Penton. It is expected that this position maintains proximity to Mister Penton during his profoundly long workdays. Time for other business will be limited, so those with plans of part-time employment need not apply. Additionally, you will be aiding in the restructuring, auditing, and development of the Orenian financial system. Any individual may apply, but applicants who have the following qualities will be more suitable for the position. Proof of these skills will be required before hiring. Experience with ledgers, automatic accounting tools, and rigorous auditing. Available at all hours and willing to be on-call for transactions. The belief that aesthetics are as important as functionality. A strong sense of duty and service to the Holy Orenian Empire above all else. Accountability and discretion when handling sensitive information. A willingness to learn, a dedication to neutrality, and no conflicts of interest. If you believe you possess most, if not all, of the above qualities, please send a detailed letter to the Treasury (CharmingCavalier#7089) including your work history, successes, abilities, and what sets you apart from other applicants. Veterans will receive preferential interviews but are not guaranteed an interview. In accordance with the Orenian Revised Code, section 601.07H, the Ministry of the Treasury reserves the right to accept or deny applicants at their discretion and with no reasoning provided. Signed,
  13. TEMPERING THE FLAMES "Fire is a curious creature, but left unattended, it will quench itself on whatever surrounds it." The Risorgimento's pamphlet, which has passed through Providence over the last few Saint's Days, has presented some astute observations on the state of affairs within our Empire. However, it has also demonstrated a genuine misunderstanding and prioritized fruitless and selfish pursuits over our state's real progress. This pamphlet is meant to refute the latter and suggest a more tempered approach. So that a fire started for warmth does not burn down the house in which we all have found providence. ON THE HARRENITE “CURSE” Our Empire is guaranteed by GOD, and Orenians should strive to profess their devotion to Him and His chosen state. However, our history presents a troubling conundrum when compared to the Harrenite image presented by the resurgence. Adunians and their kind have not been those in open rebellion against our Empire. Halcourts, De Joannes, Halsfieds, and Bishops have raised their flags against His Imperial Majesty and GOD's state. Yet, none have been cursed with the deception and disloyalty attributed to the Adunians by this pamphlet? Perhaps it is not an immutable characteristic that defines an individual but their ability to devote themselves to the project we call Oren? This author beseeches this ideology and those who have read this pamphlet to avoid devolving into the same prejudice we have proliferated in our past. My genuine suggestion is to drop this article from the manifesto entirely and focus on a more valuable contribution to our Imperial success. ON IMPERIAL LIBERTIES AND WELFARE This entire section of the manifesto demonstrates the positive aspect this ideology lends to the existing political fray. A good Orenian is a Canonist, dedicated to serving their state, and convicted to the belief that their rights are guaranteed by the continual protection of our joint project: The Holy Orenian Empire. This is why this author is so deeply confounded by the suggestion that in order to implement these policies, these authors would suggest the suspension of our political system and the introduction of an unelected governing council. May I remind them that tyranny breeds public discontent more so than any "curse." ON THE RIGHTS OF THE COMMON SOLDIERY Imperial State Army (ISA) members are free to express their political thoughts so long as they are not in uniform. This author firmly believes that the ISA should remain wholly apolitical. The perception of having an officer or soldier, in uniform, acclaiming one ideology or another has significant implications to the public and, as a result, that soldier's subordinates. Part of service is sacrifice. Just as a soldier cannot leave drill due to his want to go somewhere else, a soldier must respect the military's apolitical nature when he bears that uniform. Additionally, the soldiers are already entitled to a reduction in their taxes. Many of them actively take advantage of this boon. An increase in this would not aid the army; rather, there is a need for accountability in the ISA over where its budget is appropriated. Our government has no current explanation for it. These two aspects should be reexamined to come in line with reality and support a nation in which our army does not partake in politics or the governance of the people through direct rule. ON THE REFORM OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS The points expressed by this pamphlet, whereby the current regional election system is defunct, are wholly applicable and valid. The total electorate outside of Providence is scarce and, as a result, are disproportionately represented to those in Providence. However, the suggestion that Imperial State Army soldiers should join the ranks of the Commons is not only against the apolitical nature of the military, as discussed above, but dangerous for the stability of future Diets. The suggestion that priests run for the Diet is welcomed, so long as they are not in the bishophood, as per law. Bureaucrats, merchants, and taxpayers already swarm the halls of our Commons. This author questions how the resurgence would deal with a bureaucrats' conflict of interest, how they would define a merchant, or why they believe being a taxpayer entitles an individual to a select amount of seats in the Commons. These points need reexamination as well. However, they are the most competent suggestion to legislative reform and something this author would agree with after some adjustment. ON EDUCATION AND THE CANONIST FAITH The points presented under this section of the manifesto are entirely correct. They need no refinement in the eyes of this author. The resurgence that these men seek can be found in the celebration of our literary and artistic works. If this author may humbly suggest, the manifesto should be expanded to open a school for the youth of Providence, funded by His Imperial Majesty's government, and administered by the clergy or other volunteers for the education of our youth in line with Canonism and the Empire. ON THE DANGERS OF THE PROPOSED METHODS OF RESURGENCE The final section of the manifesto is, by far, the most damning. In this section, the resurgence suggests an unelected council should "be granted legal authority to oversee the swift and timely implementations of these policies." Not only does this seek to undermine one of the very things that separate us from the rest of the absolutists in Almaris, but it also shows weakness beyond comprehension. If you believe in this ideology and want others to do so, do not strive to circumvent the established system and take an easier route. Belief is demonstrated by actions, not words, my dear Canonist brethren. Though legislative processes are intricate, and sometimes detrimental to our visions, they are the oil that tempers the hot blade of reactionary politics. They do just as much to moderate the progressivism you decry. Remove such unbecoming words from your manifesto and seek the well-traveled path of politics: The people's vote, the Diet's opinions, and our Emperor's assent. CONCLUSION In summary, the resurgence suggested by this new ideology is heavily clouded by unnecessary bigotry to a people who have contributed to our Empire. It is a path we have been down before, as an Empire, and one which should be left untouched. Furthermore, the suggestion that Orenians should violate the long-standing apolitical nature of our military is troubling. Electing officers and soldiers is a pathway to tyranny for the unwary. Just as well, soldiers can express their opinions if they are out of uniform. They must understand that soldiers sacrifice liberty just the same as they sacrifice mind and body for this nation. This manifesto's final point, whereby our constitutional order would be usurped, is not only dangerous to the people's liberties they so firmly state as essential but seeks to throw our system into tumultuous times. However, this manifesto is not without its positive aspects. Art and literature are indeed critical factors in our nation's prestige and glory, education should follow the path of Minuvas Melphestaus and include canonist theology, and the Commons do desperately need reform to allow more diversity of backgrounds. These are the aspects of this manifesto that should be promulgated, not the bigoted anti-Adunian thought or the absolutist sentiments. By tempering the flame, which has burned outside of its brazier, we can find value. Left in neglect, a fire will burn all in its way, including the home we have built for ourselves. More importantly, burning our system of government and laws. YOURS TRULY, A CONCERNED CITIZEN OF PROVIDENCE
  14. Henry Penton - CharmingCavalier - Holy Orenian Empire
  15. Penton Napier Publishing Press Release 14th of Harren's Folly, 1826 IST WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE OUR GRAND OPENING AT 3 ROSIUS AVENUE IN PROVIDENCE ON TOBIAS' BOUNTY, 1827 (Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 @1pm EST) This new store front will be our first permanent shop and will offer all of our titles. We have updated our catalogue below and given new examples of our improved colorization and formatting. Please make sure to stop by and support your local writers, poets, and playwrights who are always developing new literature. - Penton-Napier Publishing (PNP) is a publishing company headquartered in Providence but serving all nations. Our goals are to publish all types of written materials, provide an outlet for authors to advertise and have their work formatted for them, and foster an innovative spirit not only in printing and publication but in literature. Established in 1811, our catalogue will slowly grow to allow for the publication and distribution of many different titles, genres, and authors. Please find below our adult and children's titles, expected future publications, order process, examples of work, and information for prospective authors in need of publication and/or formatting. FEATURED TITLES THE SCROLL OF GOSPEL Published in 1824 IST NATURAL WEALTH Published in 1810 IST Read here THE MORTAL CHIME Published in 1812 IST ON THE SUBJECT OF APTENDOTYE REX HELANII OR THE EMPEROR PENGUIN Published in 1813 IST THE LITTLE BOY IN THE MOUNTAIN Published in 1812 IST ADDITIONAL TITLES PROCLAMATION OF NENZING Published in 1817 IST THE LIFE OF DAME YULIYA STYRNE-NAPIER Published in 1814 IST WORDS CANNOT REACH Published in 1819 IST OFFICIAL PAMPHLET OF THE IMPERIAL CORONATION OF JOHN VIII Published in 1815 IST LAMB AND THE WOLF Published in 1805 IST FUTURE PUBLICATIONS The Poor Side of Baker Street Release Date Pending (TBD) Adult Title THE BUMBLING BARD Release Date Pending (TBD) Children's Title THE HOUSE STAFF Release Date Pending (TBD) Adult Title THE LIFE OF MS. CYNTHIA ASHDOWN Release Date Pending (TBD) Adult Title ON FOREIGN RELATIONS Expected in 1814 IST Adult Title FOR PROSPECTIVE AUTHORS Are you interested in publishing your book with Penton-Napier Publishing? We are glad to hear it. We offer a publishing experience like no other. Send a bird or courier, with your manuscript, to Henry Penton (CharmingCavalier#7089). If the book is up to PNP standards of publications and deemed acceptable, we will offer you terms to publish with us. Most terms include free formatting! We will style, print, advertise, and distribute your books! No more hours spent transcribing works from your documents to your final product; leave it to PNP! We are always looking to bring additional authors into our catalogue and welcome texts previously published independently. Do you have a book that is a dull black a white tome? Well, say no more. PNP will format, colorize, and illustrate (if necessary) your works for you as well! Reach out to us today! EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK Please see below for examples of our work
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