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  1. FIRST PUBLICATION CITY REBUILDING UNDERWAY Commonwealth of Sutica -- His Serene Majesty announced to the Sutican people today the designs for the new capital were finished. This comes after a period of complications regarding the ownership of the designs and their realism. The build is long anticipated as it has halted a lot of government projects and appointments. Despite these setbacks the Commonwealth of Sutica reported steady growth and managed to revive most departments abandoned prior to the liberation. QUEEN VISITS SARISSA TOURNAMENT
  2. To the esteemed Archduke @Timer, Count @Pan_Porucznik & Baron @rep2k, With all documents collected, we now proceed to vote 'Yes' or 'No'. If any of the items below receives a majority 'Yes' vote, the Committee approves it and announces it to His Serene Majesty. I). THE COAT OF ARMS OF LAUSITZ II). THE COAT OF ARMS OF HYSPIA III). THE COAT OF ARMS OF SARISSA IV). THE COAT OF ARMS OF TRABZON V). THE MOTTO OF THE HOUSE VON LAUSITZ "Reinmarische Ruhm Ewig."
  3. To the esteemed Archduke of Hyspia @Timer and his representative @Nouveau-Chapeau, The Chairman has received your motto and has found no issue with it. The Chairman votes to approve of the motto. It asks that the other members of the Committee,@Pan_Porucznik& @rep2k, to vote on the approval of the motto of House Rivera as well. Once all votes are cast, the verdict will be delivered to His Serene Majesty. The Chairman has received your family registry and has found issues with it. The family registry solely contains a history of former Hyspian monarchs, and not a cl
  4. “Dinlenmemek üzere yola çıkanlar asla yorulmazlar.” - Future Azghari statesman ((Really cool!))
  5. [!] You receive a message in a blue envelope. Dear applicant, Your application to become a citizen of Sutica has been accepted by the Office of the Grand Magistrate. This document serves as an interim passport until the Commonwealth government has finalized its census system. This document grants you all rights provided by the Constitution of Sutica, and declares you a citizen of the Commonwealth of Sutica. His Serene Majesty greets you as a free citizen! Yours truly, Vezimir, Viscount of Lausitz Grand Magistrate
  6. THE COMMITTEE OF PEERS Adelskomitee Comité de Nobles PRIMI CONVENTUS EXTRAORDINARII In accordance with Title III, Article III. of the Sutican Constitution, the Committee of Peers wields various responsibilities within the Commonwealth of Sutica: The peers of Sutica convene in the Committee of Peers to advise His Serene Majesty on matters of state, review legislation from the Congress of Sutica, legislate on matters of noble etiquette and to petition vetoes on Congressional legislation. Book II. of the Serene Laws of Sutica expands upon these tasks entrusted to the Com
  7. Name: Vezimir von Kantzow Race: Human Reinmarian Birth Year: 1801 Peerage (if applicable): Viscounty of Lausitz Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes/No Address of residence (if applicable): the Palace's bedroom, Viscounty of Lausitz
  8. SUTICAN CITIZENSHIP REGISTRY Sütische Bürgerregister Registro Cuidadana Sutica The Office of the Grand Magistrate (pbuh) has the constitutional obligation to administrate a citizenship registry for the Commonwealth of Sutica. The constitution furthermore establishes that citizenship grants one various privileges in the form of rights that the state and His Serene Majesty cannot trample upon. From this instruction and belief, the Office of the Grand Magistrate enables all to register or apply for Citizenship to the Commonwealth of Sutica. Summa
  9. THE SERENE LAWS OF SUTICA Die Heitere Gesetze von Sutica Las Serenas Leyes de Sutica Authored by Vezimir von Kantzow @OsmanEmpire With aid from Obrecht Barclay @Burnsider INDEX Introductory Statutes & Definitions Book I. Criminal law Title I. General Provisions Title II. Further Provisions Section I. Complicitness & Attempted Activity Section II. Convolution of Criminal Provisions Section III. Dueling Title III. Crimes Against the Nation Section IV. Crimes Against the State Section V. Crimes Against Royal Integrity Sectio
  10. THE INAUGURAL ROYAL COURT OF SUTICA SPECIAL MISSIVE FROM THE COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT By the Grand Magistrate Vezimir von Kantzow, First Publication On the First Seed 1822, within the Commonwealth of Sutica -- Their Royal Majesties Georg I & Johanna I are to host an inaugural court assemblage where they shall address their subjects, allies, and fellow figures of state. Their Majesties shall be accepting petitions from Sutican subjects and foreign dignitaries alike. ALL ARE INVITED TO REJOICE WITH THE SUTICAN PEOPLE. The follow
  11. THE COMMONWEALTH OF SUTICA DAS SUTISCHE NATIONENGEMEINSCHAFT LA MANCOMUNIDAD DE SUTICÁ ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION KONFÖDERATIONSARTIKEL ARTÍCULOS DE LA CONFEDERACIÓN Under the benevolence of Their Royal Majesties the King and Queen of Sutica, we proclaim a free state of free people, coming into confederation by lords of yore and empowered citizens anew for the establishment of law and the enshrinement of liberty. Credits to @MadOne, @Axelu& @Timerfor editing, writing & translation tips. PREAMBLE A
  12. WENCESLAS, THE HAWK This story is a literary work of the Reinmarian culture. A fairytale told to children to teach them moral lessons and give them a bigger consciousness on Reinmarian culture. Wenceslas, the Hawk is a modernized version of a former tale spread from mouth to mouth. Chapter II. O’ had the days been short and the nights long. Winter had reached the land at last. Only the parents of Wenceslas sent their weeping into the cold night. The town had already forgotten of the miller boy’s poor fate. Wenceslas the exiled now walked aiml
  13. WENCESLAS, THE HAWK This story is a literary work of the Reinmarian culture. A fairytale told to children to teach them moral lessons and give them a bigger consciousness on Reinmarian culture. Wenceslas, the Hawk is a modernized version of a former tale spread from mouth to mouth. Chapter I. There begins our tale. A people, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been. In the small village of Karnitz along the Rheindahl river, lived a miller’s boy of little relevance. Labouring through the daily grind for survival and ignorin
  14. OsmanEmpire


    Hermann was born in Reinmar to servant parents and was the middle of three brothers. He grew up with the dream to join the Brotherhood of St. Karl. By the time he grew up the Brotherhood disbanded and he got to serve as a private bodyguard for Reinmarian nobles. There he learned how to fight and traveled throughout the land. His life was uneventful until one day he left Helena with a friend and was ambushed. His friend lost his arm and he almost wasn't able to fight them off. After he did he was traumatized and disliked violence despite his job relying on it. It makes his life difficult but he
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