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  1. Leufroy d’Amaury feels a sensation in his briches.
  2. Leufroy d’Amaury tears up the missive, tossing it aside.
  3. The logic you’re pushing is that – It’s fine for you to make abrupt, ridiculous fortifications because “We built the foundation a day before!!!”? That should not be how this works ultimately. The fact of the matter remains that if abrupt, new fortifications and changes can appear in our path, then we have the prerogative of changing our path to a more appropriate location. There is no RP sense in us approaching from that side now simply due to the fact that there are five forts within the vicinity of 50 blocks. That statement alone is ridiculous – there were already existing forts in that area, and I can’t fathom how you see defending Fort Loches as being reasonable is appropriate. Plans are dynamic, they change which is what happened here. If you look at Leuven, we could’ve also built a PVP Fort with no structural integrity or RP basis however we opted not to for simply the sake of quality RP and establishing a good precedent. Now, there’s also complaining about “We didn’t have enough time” BUT the fact of the matter is that Renatus decided to not have a field battle but opted for us to directly siege Helena. They were given the option to meet us in the field which would’ve given them two extra weeks from now (Next week is a warclaim anyways) before another engagement. You can’t have it both ways, if we’re coming to fight you and you don’t fight us – then we can establish a siege. It is simply and literally how it works. You can’t in RP terms say to us “Oh we don’t want to fight you, but – can you also not siege us?”. If you’re complaining about timing, speak to your Permabanned leaders who can elaborate as to why they opted not to fight us in the field. We didn’t cry bias when the fort was ruled as appropriate. We didn’t harass GMs and make public posts discrediting everyone and everything that didn’t go in our favor. The reality of the situation is that the nation of Renatus and its players are lead by players who are Permabanned and rule OOCly through various alts that they use simply for PVP. This is irrefutable, and despite this it baffles me that you’re maintaining an argument of there being a bias or a precedent against A) People who are Permabanned and B) Something that is inherently ridiculous. I know it’s been time and the line between a HCF server and an RP server has been made very thin – but that should not be the precedent. Not only that, but after being told that you guys aren’t allowed extensive edits – you literally construct a castle on top of the Helena Palace, eventhough you were told to confirm any large edits? You’re disregarding the guidelines and rules given and then complaining when you’re sanctioned for it. Goodluck tonight.
  4. Arteh


    Arthur cheers and celebrates with the Reivers back at the Marnan camp.
  5. Arthur chuckles hearing the Pertinaxi fear-monegering of a Haensetic Empire. “They even manipulate their own people” scoffs Arthur.
  6. Arthur hums the song.
  7. Arthur chuckles upon hearing the news of the Pertinaxi rabble being brought down.
  8. Arthur is in awe of the overnight construction of this fort.
  9. Arthur scratches his forehead slightly, contemplating the delusion that exists within the Pertinaxi ranks. He remarks; “Minor battles prior to the day of reckoning happen, they are never a reflection on what is meant to happen. Nonetheless, today our losses weight 8 men more than theirs yet they claim this as triumph. This is a testament to their lack of morale and weak will that they use this to delude themselves even further” Arthur mutters a short prayer, praying for the sanity of the Pertinaxi to return.
  10. “These petty ‘victories’ are meaningless, you may have a better time building your morale otherwise.” remarks Arthur
  11. The Battle of Upper Rodenbourg C. 1715, Jakub II Macdonough “Takest hold of this blade, and by it thou shalt cleanse man of sin.” Owyn 7:2 The fields of Leuven swelled with the united Imperial armies, joined by their stalwart allies, encamped as the war council, composed of the Orenian lords Arthur and Conrad, of the Falstaff bloodline, Henry de Guise, the Haeseni lordlings under Marius II, and the Vesnian militia officers commanded by a one Mr Watanabe, the young, valiant King Alfred II of Curon and his council and lastly the Princedom of Fenn lead by Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak and his father, Aelthir Tundrak II. Before them, the blind pontiff entered the scene, carried in a litter manned by deacons. He was assisted up to a center altar, where he first announced prayer to the gather peers. Following after, he spoke from the Holy Canon; “So it was that Joren saw the danger, and commanded Owyn Son of Godwin into the sewer. And the boy protested, but Joren was deaf to his nephew, and threw him into the sewers of the city, and Owyn Son of Godwin could not act whilst his guardian was beaten and shackled, his host of lords slain, and the virtuous Tara clubbed about the head. And deprived of their lord, the people of Edel were conquered by heathens and barbarians, and their land fell at last. So the boy navigated the filth of the city in darkness, and soon the brick gave way to rough stone, and he came into a cavern. And the boy was overcome, and knelt in prayer, and wept for the fate of his kindred. And at once the darkness was cast out by a sword ablaze, and here GOD spake to Owyn. ‘Thou standest before Me in the waters of Gamesh, Owyn, son of Godwin, son of Horen. And thy people cry for justice and for purity. Takest hold of this blade, for it is a symbol of holiness, and by it thou shalt cleanse man of sin. Now, fleest forth from this unholy imitation of My city, and go into the village of Rafal, and fast there for three days, and I shall augment thee on the third. And thou shalt go into the court of Harren in thy fineries, and recite thy ancestry, and serve as his seneschal, and soon purity will come.’ So Owyn took up the sword, and was consumed in its warm fire, and he did as he was bade and went into the village of Rafal. And there he fasted for three days, and on the third he was blessed with immense holiness, and he bore garb of fine make, and the signet of his father.” “The Holy Scroll of the Prophet Owyn.” High Pontiff Everard V rolls up the hefty scroll, the young, red-faced altar boys helping him set it aside. Before him knelt men of all creeds, highlanders, heartlanders, and farfolk alike, united by a common enemy, the Pertenaxi rebels. Royalty and commoner alike, all were equal in the Eyes of GOD, and all were equal in their goals. “My children, today, it is not our nations that are threatened, but our very core values as sons of the Prophets. The Pertenaxi dynasty has sinned against GOD, against what it means to be a human! Nay, my children, this shan’t go unpunished. GOD has called upon each and every one of us to take up the sword against sin, like His Prophet Owyn of yore, who cast out Harren and the diabolical Saraites!” The Pontiff would be raised down from the altar he was on, the youth assisting the blind man continue his sermon while walking, “We are all given a purpose in our lives; it is why we were created by GOD. Consider, therefore, that the Almighty has given you life, perhaps, for this purpose, that through you He may restore humanity from such debasement and heresy. They have killed and captured many, and have devastated the Empire. If you permit them to continue with this impurity, the faithful of GOD will be much more widely attacked by them. “Now, we stand on the eve of battle, facing heretics who would see us to our graves, and destroy our Church. We must liberate these people of sin, not for our sake, but for the sake of those who have strayed from the truth. GOD wills it!” “Deus Magnus!” Type of War & CBs (if applicable) Rivalry, Claimaint, Demands, Attack on Leadership with a Conquest Wargoal Attackers Holy Orenian Empire + Allies/Mercenaries Defenders Pertinaxi Rebellion Wargoals: Installation of Joseph I as Holy Orenian Emperor, removal of the Pertinaxi Rebels and control of Helena. Location & Proposed Time 5pm EST/10pm GMT - Saturday, 18/05/2019 - https://i.gyazo.com/e411c0a8b37698b261f9adeeece04675.png Contact Information PM
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