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  1. A musin that once served briefly alongside this fallen war hero shed a tear "winter knows that butter in the great rat hole in the sky, may they rest in peace" the small musin then continued to walk within capital of Haelun'or
  2. Discord: christman#2353 Skin(s): Leaf Me Alone Bid(s): 75 Skinner: neo
  3. Connor was born in extreme poverty within the Holy Orenian Empire in The Municipality of Dobrov. There he lived a relatively painful life for the first year on their farm. Then it worsened, due to them forcefully losing their farm due to inane debt, at first their life seemed like it may stay the same. That was until their parents became sick. The terrible sickness lasted for years, then they suddenly died He stayed at their home for another 9 years, until he left to find work in The Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska. There, he eventually found work at the dockyards. For once, in his horrendous life, he lived in liveable conditions. He continues to live in Haense, and work for said dockyards.
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