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  1. Pretty neat addition, my only comment is if it’s just a SS thingy, it should be passive, unless used for events, which I’m fine with the 1 dragonsflame point
  2. A Paralyzed Nephilim simply heard the story, not doing anything after someone casted a bear and caused a friendly-fire.
  3. THE BRIDGE FOR KNOWLEDGE SEEKERS -=+=-=+[-]+=-=+=- -=+=-=+[-]+=-=+=- To those of scholarly interest, the bridge of Dragur is open. Take my guide and flame as the torch, and the key to the gates of infinite power. TO THOSE INTERESTED, MORTALS AND CREATURES ALIKE ||=||||=|| This is your chance. ||=||||=|| Do not waste it. ||=||||=|| To introduce myself, I am Ezrul'Azzar, the Master of Knowledge, Dragur's Blessed, and the Wise Drake. In my previous life, I have spent years mastering all kinds of knowledge, the common and the rare. I wish to offer your mortals some of my blessed arts to pass down in exchange for rare metals, which some of you may keep laying around on shelves. I offer all kinds of knowledge, from every single metal smith-able, except Argentum. All kinds of existing potions brewed to all kinds of rare alchemical arts such as Flesh Alchemy, Automata and Tinkering alike. This also includes the art of making life from clay and stone. The rarer the art you seek, the higher the metal rarity I seek. However, the order of metals I prioritize is as follows: - Dracanium - Boomsteel - Carabrum - Thanhium - Azhl - Starsteel Keep in mind, This list is not limited, offer me something worthy and I shall offer you something similar to worth. In order to contact me, send me a bird to Tor'Praeth. Everyone, except Xannites is welcomed and negotiable. To those who seek me, seek power, strength, knowledge, wisdom, or Asioth: I AWAIT THEE. [To seek an interaction, DM exogens (@exogens) on Minecraft or Discord.] [CREDITS TO @PallodiumFOR FORMATTING.]
  4. At a dark, quiet night. The previous owner of these lands landed on one of the peak of Mount Owyn, watching over the land that he left for his descendants being put in good use “hopefully they’ll make me proud. If they should need help, I shall be summoned.” is what he said while pondering, before flying away once again.
  5. This isn’t fair! I made this suggestion before and ppl shat on me :*(
  6. Wings Shroud the Crew The chaotic adventure of the soldiers of the Titan, Azdromoth, and allies. Music: PROLOGUE A quiet, calm evening, where the seagulls of Whitespire flocked out and about. Emir was quietly preparing his ship, HMS Speedster, for a remarkable adventure overseas, under the wishes of the An-Gho to discover the area where other crews raced to check out. He was busy preparing potions and materials and checking up on his remarkable, fast ship, confident enough that it would do the job perfectly. The ship was weaponized and equipped with a huge gear stomach, whose gears would operate as fast as a sail would, despite keeping the sails used for emergencies. He awaited the Heralds, Seekers of Fire, and allies to come aboard the ship. He was first greeted with Hacket Hemoss, a promising seeker, equipped with armor that would be heavy enough to withstand heavy blows. Later on, Iolas, a newbie Herald and Sorcerer, came along with his friend, Averwyn, who supposedly came to drop off his friend, but little did he know, the captain of the ship had pulled him along in order to join the adventure. He hesitantly agreed to come aboard after a few convincing attempts, until Witold Jazlowecki and Robert Haverlock decided to see who was on the ship and decided to join in the adventure. The crew was still far off from the needed number, so Emir contacted his two remarkable students whom he aided in their path of their voidal arts in order to aid him in this adventure, Grimblegoff the Aspirant and Icarus Solacal. Kalador had already come with excitement, while the other sorcerers were on their way. Icarus, Grimblegoff, and an automaton named Triton came just in time. This made Emir follow on with his next motivational speech. The captain of HMS Speedster motivated his fellow sailors before sailing off. The Captain spoke of the rules, regulations, and plans that he had in mind. The sailors were rather inexperienced, but they had potential, which he believed in. He knew that no matter what, they would get the job done, even if there was no single Dragonkin coming aboard due to their other plans. He gave them the potions, which helped them breathe under water, and the golems, which would act as crew mates, who were in charge of reloading cannons, healing, ship repairs, and water-control. All of them went to their ordered positions as Emir started off the engines, which later on sailed to follow a black trail within the waters. The sky was dark and cloudy, and rain started to soak the sailors above the deck. Meanwhile, they took their tasks responsibly, and the rain worsened as they reached the heart of the storm. Triton, the magnificent Automaton, had his metallic body attract the thunder vigorously. Thunder after thunder, a significant amount of damage was done to the ship, where the center was struck, making the rain fill the hull below, while the sharpened piece of the ship in front of the artillery was broken off. Kalador and Hacket were almost struck, moving to other cannons to man while Grimblegoff took the task with the golems to get rid of the water filling the hull. Grimblegoff heroically volunteers to get rid of the water in the exposed hull. Thunder after thunder, the sails were critically struck, sending shrapnel at the captain meanwhile he was focusing on sailing. Upon that, he screamed out loud to Icarus, while the other sailors took shelter in the hull against the strikes: "ICARUS, GET DOWN! YOU’RE ABOUT TO FALL!" The elf settled in the crow’s nest and hurried down, seconds before the sails ended up swimming with the fishes. This made the captain know that he now solely relied on his smogger engine. Icarus, equipped with a focused crystal spyglass, concerningly warned him of something far worse: a wave four times the ship’s size hurriedly approached their direction directly. The captain immediately turned the ship 180 degrees in the opposite direction, turning the engines at full speed. Despite the effort, he did not outrun the wave, but the good news was that the wave did minimal damage compared to what would have happened if they kept on moving against its direction. Everyone, except Kalador and the Captain, were not affected. Kalador was slammed on the levers of the ship, which switched off the engines while the captain was swept off the ship momentarily. Everyone freaked out, thinking the captain was lost, before he emerged from the dark ocean once more, ordering them to throw a rope as they helped him pull himself back up. Slowly but surely did the captain climb, but something at the corner of his eye caught his attention: a huge shark fin submerged under the depths. He hurried up and warned the sailors to stand in position while reloading the cannons, in case danger approached. On the bright side, it turns out it was a friendly creature that was rodeoing a tamed shark approached, offering the sailors a challenge and telling them to follow. The Captain in response, switched back the engines once more as he raced with the shark to their destined location, while the crew mates were busy significantly repairing the ship. HERE COMES TROUBLE Music: The crew arrived at the destined location. Everyone was busy repairing the ship when the announcer suddenly appeared and spoke. He offered a challenge, and while they were surrounded by a populous sea-coliseum that was filled with crowds, they chanted a mixture of cheers and boos. He gave them the choice to choose the difficulty. The captain ordered his crew to split into two groups, with his right-side agreeing to take the hardest difficulty while the left took the easier ones. After a moment of vote, the right side won, resulting in 7-2, the two being Iolas and Averwyn, who were already anxiously regretting the idea of joining the adventure in the first place after the series of trouble they faced mid-way. The rest of the crew felt like the challenge was worth their status; hence, the captain decided to take the hardest challenge. Moments later, the challenge started, and a gigantic crab of infernal origins emerged from the beds of the ocean. The crew prepared, where the captain started to drive the ship in circles while the crew prepared their cannons for exchange fire. As the crab slowly formed an energy of malflame within his maw, the captain stressed the need for everyone to wear masks in order to protect their skin from any exposure. As Witold, Robert, and Kalador prepared their cannons with the aid of the golems, Icarus and Grimblegoff prepared charging their magics, as Averwyn and Iolas were busy giving support to the crewmates. The infernal Crab emerging from the seabed. The first exchange of fire emerged, where Cannons that were operated by Kalador and Witold successfully hit the crustacean, exposing some of its flesh beneath its crusty armor, meanwhile it shot its malflame, in which Kalador, Witold, Robert, Iolas and Grimblegoff were affected by. Robert and Grimblegoff took the least damage since they were already protected with heavy clothing, and of course, thanks to Grimblegoff’s hairy face. Witold, Kalador and Iolas were significantly damaged from the burns; however, they were shortly rescued by the golems, who put out the flames within the ship. Despite Kalador’s damages, he got up, saw everyone stressing out, and, as the hero he was, chanted out quotes and speeches that boosted the crew’s morale when it needed it the most. The captain was surely impressed by his dedication. Hacket and Triton bravely took the risk, mounting on the crab as they used their sheer force to break apart the crab’s natural armor. Despite the amount of damage given, Hacket was launched back to the ship in a moderate state, while Triton sank down the bed of the ocean after being launched in the sky and could not swim back up from his one ton weight. The captain attached a metallic chain to one of the cannonballs and threw it to the bedside, where he attempted to dodge most of the crab’s melee attacks while he bought time for Triton to climb his way back up. The crab soon caught the ship with his abominable claws, destroying one of the ship’s rotating gears as the crew still shot cannons at it. Kalador perfected his shot, shooting the crab directly at its eye as it started to bleed malflame out, which set the ship free once again. The captain decided to use 25% of the ship’s oil reserves in order to set the engines on overdrive to compensate for the damages and the slowness that affected the ship. A series of cheers and boos happened afterwards as the crab readied its second attack by forming an artillery attack of malflame directed at the ship. Lucky enough, the attack was useless, as nobody was harmed yet by it. The crab, fueled by fury, was submerged in the bed of the ocean, as the Captain did not expect what was next to happen. Later on, the ship momentarily flung off the waters as a hole formed within the hull. The captain decided to let go of the ship and go to the hull, as he put Grimblegoff in charge of operating the steering wheel once again. Flashback of Grimblegoff taking charge of the steering wheel earlier when the captain was busy having a ‘fun’ splash after being swept off by the wave. As the Captain was busy using his magic to fix the holes flawlessly, he noticed a shadow form within the hull. He looked above, and lo and behold, the crab landed on top of the ship perfectly as it started to cause chaos as the crew started to deal with it. Meanwhile, he focused on his repairs. An exchange of blows happened, where the crew worked together, both with devastating blows, mainly from Hacket and Triton, while ranged blows emerged, significantly from the Cannons and Icarus’ fire evoking abilities. Grimblegoff was busy casting a huge earthen spike below the crab, serving it as a metallic rod on kebab, while Icarus and the Captain later focused on forming combustive flame spells. Thanks to the voidstalker, the energy of the captain was not affected as much as they both sent devastating blows underneath. The captain's eminent abilities helped him with casting much faster, thanks to the previous spells he cast, mainly to heal the crew and to pause their pain senses. Everyone’s effort drastically improved as the crowd fell silent, knowing a disaster was going to happen. The captain yelled out for everyone to hop off the ship incase of a malflame explosion. So they did, except for his two sorcerer students, Grimblegoff and Icarus, where one was busy dodging every single attack, as if he mastered Ultra Instinct like Goku from Dragonball Super, while Grimblegoff relied on his sturdy dwarven teeth to eat the demonic crab alive. The remainder of the crew was crowded on a tiny rift, and with the help of the kidnapped sailor’s kani, they stared in amazement at these two's efforts. The crew watched Grimblegoff and Icarus take on the crab alone successfully. This scene alone spiked up the crew’s morale on an unbelievable scale, as everyone started to swim back up the ship, except for the Captain and Averwyn. The captain formed his final spell, and along with Grimblegoff’s unsaturated hunger, the final explosion and the munching of the crab’s final leg made it meet its demise. Everyone was silent for a moment, until a loud roar of applause and cheer erupted in the arena as the announcer showed up once again, congratulating the crew, despite being the crew that had the highest chance of failure among the other contestants so far. The crew celebrated and cheered on with Hip-hip hoorays, gleefully taking the hard-earned victory, as rewards were given to the Aaunites as a thank-you. The announcer advised the crew to prepare more next time; meanwhile, the day ended with rum and cooked crab meat. The captain watched his crew socialize, enjoying the victory and how well they worked together. He knew that this crew would be the best he could find, not in terms of performance but in terms of making the adventure memorable. He took in the words the Prophet once told him, that the best of heralds are those who are self-sufficient, and that was what this crew showed today, without the aid of the Dragonkin. The crew finally returned to their homes, while they met once again in order to repair the ship and upgrade it, preparing for the next challenge.
  7. "Hes ******* alive?" A certain reader pondered as he shoved the missive into his face, at the signature part with a loud hum. "HE IS ALIVE! I'm glad these idiotic mongrels still has a SMART Uruk amongst them. I need to visit him once more."
  8. The Treasurer of Aaun felt the need to strangle the new Baron for the debts and to congratulate them too.
  9. Deep inside the halls of Tor'Praeth, an old heart made of stone momentarily weeps for a lost one that was cared for once upon a time.
  10. Looking for a player to play a Homunculus urgently, they will be pro-Azdrazi approved by @Jentoson god with cool powers. 

    1. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      You can’t get away with this

    2. exogens


      One must do what he must do!!

    3. femurlord


      A ferrymen recruitment drive?

  11. Leonard would be prepared to go out with his friends to hunt the 'monster' that was haunting his beloved city. He went with courage as he prepared his trusty wooden sword to march along.
  12. Leonard was excited for a new event with his friends as he spoke to his turtle pet. "You heard that, Powderschmit?! We will go eat some delicious ducks later!" He said as he raised his fits, getting his little bow and arrow that he usually trains with to practice his aim.
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