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  1. Choppy, icy waves were brought along by a never ending storm, the water far from blue and having taken on a deep grey. The storm brought on sheets of sleet and hail amongst chilling rain. A small, rickety boat sailed across the water, with room enough for just one traveler. The one sailor sat in utter silence while donning leather and pelts, with a watchful eye kept out. Yet this watchful eye could not spot the similarly grey rocks that shot out of the water like arrowheads. With a soundless crash the lone sailor found herself plunged into the coldness of the ocean. As she awoke, the expected coldness was replaced with unexpected warmth, being bundled between cloth and furs. A few unfamiliar faces surrounded her, yet without a weapon next to her side she dared to not bother to reach for it. The faces, all looking alike, were most similar to one another. All women, save for the one young man who lingered among his family. One silver-eyed woman sat next to her, staring down with a watchful eye. Whatever she spoke went unnoticed as the traveler gained her bearings. She looked at the woman, who had asked her name. She simply shook her head. The woman asked yet again, and so she tapped her ear. There was a pause, then a nod of understanding. She signed, ‘Your name?’ and the return was ‘I’ve none.’ - ‘Then we will give you a new name if you’d like to stay with us.’ The traveler took on a light smile and a nod, and the other thought for a moment. ‘We will call you Ciliren.’
  2. TO APPOINT A TILRUIR’MAEHR By the hand of elOkarir’maehr in the year 182 S.A. To the Blessed Citizenry, as the Eternal Library stands with new updates and rules, it is seen fit to appoint one to handle the library's affairs when elOkarir’maehr is found busy or absent. There is but one who has shown unwavering aid and support for the library's endeavors, who bears many thoughts and ideas for the library's future. One Desimir Divadri shall take on the role of Tilruir’maehr, acting as assistant to elOkarir’maehr for all knowledge-based and magical affairs. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya
  3. im sorry but that staff app is funny asf and you cant tell me it isnt (thank u for telling me who to avoid)

  4. FURTHER UPDATES ON THE ETERNAL LIBRARY By the hand of elOkarir’maehr in the year 181 S.A. To the Blessed Citizenry, recent updates were made for the Eternal Library where anyone who requires access may apply for a library card should they have donated a book previously. With break-ins rising due to this, it is decided that a second option shall be offered for those who do not wish to spend their time writing their own piece. For a sum of twenty mina, an access card may be bought for entry into the library. This access card will be changed weekly, therefore continued access will require a weekly fee. Our library card option will still be available for those who would like free entry. Additionally, citizens of Haelun’or beneath the age of fifty; being one of those who reside in one of our houses, may be allowed access to the library with an of-age sponsor who owns a library card accompanying them. Should questions arise pertaining to the newest updates, letters may be directed to elOkarir’maehr, Cresence Sythaerin. ((For any questions, dm me [ hemomancy. ] on discord)) MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  5. "I told him I did ne trust him with the path. But he still sought it out." Mutters a mage, one cousin of the young elf. "What a curse the vie for knowledge is."
  6. i want to be evil and go on evil rants with no thoughts. head empty.
  7. why do human house sigils always got their tongue sticking out

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  8. UPDATES ON THE ETERNAL LIBRARY By the hand of elOkarir’maehr in the year 179 S.A. To the Blessed Citizenry, as well as travelers who seek knowledge, the Eternal Library shall begin an application process for entry. With the recent opening of the gate, it is deemed best to protect the Eternal Library and its knowledge from rogues who seek to steal and vandalize our knowledge. Applications will require an original work to be left as a donation to the library; this may be any written work, from poems to biology and all inbetween. Applications will not be accepted without this. Upon the acceptance of an application, contact will be made to issue an entry card from elOkarir’maehr. Cards will not be valid unless signed by elOkarir’maehr, Cresence Sythaerin. Should questions arise on the nature of the application, letters may be directed to elOkarir’maehr, Cresence Sythaerin. (( https://forms.gle/G1oaWdsgqKupD3L88 )) ((For any questions, dm me [ hemomancy. ] on discord)) MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  9. HAELUN’ORIAN MAGES CENSUS By the hand of elOkarir’maehr in the year 178 S.A. To the Blessed Citizenry, In an effort to unify the magi of Haelun’or, it is humbly asked that all Magi who reside in or seek to reside in Tahn’miar complete the census for the year 178 S.A. Should questions arise on the nature of the census, letters may be directed to elOkarir’maehr, Cresence Sythaerin. (( https://forms.gle/Ab4eP4CVPBot334s8 )) MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  10. A Haelun'orian mage picks up her pen, sending a missive the Archbishops way. "Good evening Archbishop, Should you like to speak on that of the Void, I would be happy to oblige. I will accept your invite to Balian in due time. Signed, Cresence Sythaerin"
  11. Cresence Sythaerin sat in front of sheets of paper- plans, drafts, writing alike, an ice-cold tea in a cup of frost lightly lofted. "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya." The Mage muses.
  12. Cresence slides an advertisement over to her husband. She silently pleads. Just a tad.
  13. Cresence can appreciate some good gossip... 'least she got a compliment from it.
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