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  1. Cresence immediately sends in a letter for Tilruir’tayna.
  2. "Nice." The writers sister comments idly, her head canting up to gaze past the missive and at her own half-written work. "Not so nice."
  3. every time i debate and every time i go through my recent messages and make people talk me out of it....... unless......
  4. One magi, Cresence, stares blankly at the missive she's come across; "I knew I was right to call them Connards Prétentieux. All of them, they're all the same." The gingers head shook, snatching and setting it alight.
  5. is the wiki team still a thing or did they get taken out back too?

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    2. hemomancy


      okay so now that that's answered why is there like 0 creature or magic lore on the wiki that's current

    3. Harfleur


      It's because they refused to hire the greatest MediaWiki Editor to ever exist (me)

    4. Zolla_


      because not alot of people are actually writing there, its usually just people writing lore of their own groups

  6. The Celia'nor Tribune writer scoffs from her home in Haelun'or, "They'll never be like me. What a shame."
  7. A SYTHAERIN WEDDING Cresence and Theveus celebrated their union in a somewhat private ceremony, surrounded by the warmth of their closest friends and family, as well as the invited citizens of Haelun’or. Their wedding beautifully merged the mystique of Cresence's magical prowess with Theveus's leadership, creating a moment of serene connection that echoed their shared commitment and love. It was an intimate gathering that spoke volumes of their bond, promising a future filled with shared adventures and unwavering support for each other's extraordinary paths. In the comfort of Haelun’ors luscious gardens, the sounds of hushed chatter and laughter could be heard amidst the decorated tables for the gathered guests. Soon the sound of footsteps trudging through the grass and onto a wooden platform could be heard, followed soon after with the telltale clink from the tapping of a glass. As all turned their attention, a light and comfortable silence would permeate the air as Carallia Maeyr’onn began a speech… "Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests of this wondrous occasion, Today, we stand witness to a moment that transcends mere union; it encapsulates the convergence of two remarkable souls. In this serene gathering, we celebrate the union of Cresence Tiunviel’vihai, a mage whose magic illuminates our world, and Theveus Sythaerin, the esteemed Okarir’sil of the Sillumir. Their love story is not just one of hearts entwined, but of worlds colliding. Where enchantment meets leadership in a symphony of harmony. Today's celebration is a testament to the beauty of unity, the fusion of extraordinary talents, and the power of love that knows no bounds. Cresence, with her enchanting prowess, has captured our imaginations, weaving spells that have ignited wonder in our lives. Her journey to this day has been marked by a grace that transcends the ordinary, and her union with Theveus symbolizes the merging of brilliance and resilience. Theveus, a leader whose guidance has steered the Sillumir with unwavering strength and wisdom, finds in Cresence a partner whose magical essence complements his command in ways that are nothing short of magical. As we revel in this moment, let us raise our glasses to the harmony they bring, not just to each other's lives but to the worlds they represent. May their bond continue to flourish, a beacon of unity and understanding amidst the complexities of our realms. To Cresence and Theveus, may your journey together be as enchanting as the spells Cresence weaves and as steadfast as the leadership Theveus embodies. Congratulations on this beautiful union that fills, not just mine, but all our hearts with hope and joy. Cheers to the newlyweds!" As her speech came to an end, there would be a moment of silence to allow the ‘thill in attendance to object if at all. Carallia would gaze around, her eyes shooting daggers towards anyone who would have the gall to object to this union. Signed, Theveus Sythaerin, Okarir’sil of Haelun’or Cresence Sythaerin Carallia Maeyr’onn, Speaker
  8. i rly dont know why yall are memeing its something staff should be taking care of
  9. Cresence murmurs, “I should’ve punched the fool when I had the chance. Maybe it’d knock some sense into him.” Then, the magi went off to check on things.
  10. who's your favorite skinner. choose wisely.
  11. as a rabid item editor this seems great
  12. u know its rly easy to not get caught doing spook things. just dont be an idiot

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    2. Onnensr


      no no no I HAVE to let everyone know my dressed-in-all-black-with-bright-red-eyes necro-mystic-pyre-moth is a spook otherwise my intense need to be validated for how unique and scary I am will go unsatiated !!!


      I WILL use dark magic in town squares and I WILL call meta when I am caught!!

    3. Netphreak


      Definitely Meta; must be holy and amazing and destroy all evil no matter the cost!

    4. TeawithFrisket
  13. Cresence wonder what the f*ck her friend has been doing in his spare time.
  14. i legit just want to know what got removed lol

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