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  1. a) when will my dad come back b) when will my best friend come back c) when will you help me/look at my lore/mart :( d) favorite dragon child
  2. Hemomancy Skin Commissions PMC FOUND HERE Hello lotc! I realize I’ve never done this, which would be to advertise just commissions on the forums, rather than little skin auctions. So! I have skin commissions open, mostly USD with Mina commissions being a rarity. I have an ongoing list that is constantly updated with the people in line, just to ensure I don’t forget and you can check on your position! My specialty is darker colors and spooky stuff, so keep that in mind. My prices are as follows; and TOS and explanations can be found on my website! Head - 15 USD Outfit/Base - 20 USD Full Skin - 25 USD Armor - 35-40 USD Keep in mind, before you say “Wow, that’s a high price!”, this is essentially my job outside of schoolwork. Need some way to make that little bit of spending money, yk Dm me on discord if interested! (hemomancy.) <3 hemomancy
  3. The official Sillumirian Blacksmith gets to work, some writing here and there fit between sessions.
  4. From the beyond, a mother-daughter pair watches, praying to not come into contact again with the one who tormented them. Whilst the third generation still lingers; A scream of terror leaving Cresence upon finding the dark-plated helmet of the slain man left on her doorstep.
  5. Hey, at least one cool thing abt being a woman is being asked your cup size in calls!!! Kidding obviously, though I personally, as an AFAB and someone with female or genderless characters, stray away from human communities due to their male player bases. No offense to most, just very bad personal experiences OOCly that make me stray away. We workin on it though lmao.
  6. Cresence stares at the paper in absolute shock at what has been written about her and Theveus... "Carallia, petite putain- Je vais te tuer et planifier tes funérailles au milieu de la nuit!" The ginger shouts in Auvergneian within the Maeyr'onn manor towards her roommate, knowing her to be the source of this comment. @Aces__1
  7. i would never be able to be staff my code of ethics too good for this shit

  8. Cresence decides she needs to see out if she can sell... other, substances there.
  9. Cresence gasps, eagerly showing her friend and roommate the news! @Aces__1
  10. If this server can barely get rid of groomers and p-dos I do not think they have the ability to remove racism. But to try and actually contribute, be more creative with the slurs?? Have fun with it, irl is boring enough.
  11. Pavline Montalt pinches the bridge of her nose. "It is always something with him."
  12. A young cousin nervously awaits, with Elaena's skirts in a constant state of being bunched up into her clenched fist.
  13. A thing sat outside the Black Cells. It toys with its new weapons on the ground, and chirps to the prisoner; "Have you found your God yet, friend?"
  14. Pavline is staring, trying to figure out why her name is on here... somebody failed to mention this to her!
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