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  1. Hey, this game looks pretty cool. Would you mind sending me the link?
  2. Gashadokuro brooded, deep below the earth whilst this vision caught him through waning fits of mania. Causality gifted inspiration to the Lich; to add another dragon to his untiring legion.
  3. The lush reaches of the lower North cluttered by the down-trodden remains of a bygone Era fostered some ill-presence. The winds howled, woodlands creaked and the shadows moved within the corner of any bypasser’s eye, a particular presence took comfort here. An aged, charred Guillotine positioned in the dilapidated remains cradled a skeleton, bent and misshapen and dressed in rags. Any passerby greeted by unintelligible utterances holding a resemblance to the breeze, oft left to wonder had the dead been roused? [OOC]: We are reaching the second time around that we’re seeking to expand our ranks. We are seeking people willing to main their character, creating narrative and pushing conflict that influences the world we players interact with. Do not expect much, if you intend to play them as a side character As of last time, don’t go into this seeking a cool MA, that is a perk. Instead pproach positively, wanting to expand roleplay and drive narrative. If you find the Guillotine, please forward a message to TheBestDavid#5664 or megavoltar#5496. Thank You.
  4. With a growing number of zoomers from TikTok, should it be time we consider re-visiting a FTB ban?


  5. welcome all new players i will assemble you in my villainous, undead legion

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    2. Greehn


      guys do NOT do this you must fight for humanity!

    3. Benleft


      If anyone offers you "Magic" a "Job" or a "Noble character" DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! THEY ARE SOLDIERS OF THE UNDEAD LEGIONS, AND THEY WANT YOUR SOUL. 

    4. Mannamannaa


      Hate the Nubded
      Hate the Inferi
      Hate Iblees

      Lub Mi Spirits
      Lub mi Krug
      Lub Orcs

  6. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/882856772078026812/1076713852282089652/evil.png

    i LOVE villainy!!!

  7. There is a god, and her name is iblees


  8. Why don't u buy some *******
  9. We must not fall to old ways, the pursuit of Merchant rp is blessed.


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    2. seannie


      bring back freebuild so we can build caravans wherever we decide 

    3. Panashea


      @Jonificus i didnt know you were still around, its divine

    4. Jonificus


      @PanasheaOnly just recently actively returned. Been around since new years haha, had a few smaller stays over the years too since I first left. Glad to be back.

  10. Embrace storks

  11. Roused from the lands east-to-west, graveyards yielded hosts of skeletons, pulled from their slumbee in dank coffins to parade through the realm with a diligent clack, clack, clack - a tireless stride through the highways and byways to reach all of the Four’s kin. The macabre couriers littered boulevards and passageways east through west, supplying the hands of man, woman and no-good. Each scroll, undoubtedly coveted a layer of stench, one of soured eggs and piss. When all settled, skeletons filtered into the recesses of the wild, sinking back from whence they came, earthward. Disposed missives read as follows, etched with abject chicken-scratches: Let this call reach the failed Signholder, Anagenimenos, the Blood of Widkund, let it be known the wheel calls you to its spin again; service and duty. To heed the call of He who titled you, Epleiades. So We, the Faithful might together pursue the Black God’s will - seek to the North-Eastern swamps - a Stonehenge that covets a talking skull will find you our company. Purpose has found our cause again - and duty calls - it be wise to answer. Hail the Black God. HIS VILENESS, Father of the Heir to Feldamfir, Tamer of Cloudbreaker, Arch-Lich Soupbone-icus of the Swamplands, The Bearer of Bones, Daimyo of the Dead, Hexicanum’s Headmaster, Usurper of Adunakhor, Keeper of the Burrows, Gashadokuro.
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