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  1. Here's the question, batman. Did spoon-feeding turn the heroes incompetent? Did pandering create a dark age?

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    2. MaltaMoss


      The age of heroes died by the hand of staff.

    3. christman


      calm down granpa lets get you to bed 

    4. Benleft
  2. Just make the empire already idiots

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    2. Onnensr


      Empires are not built by the hesitant 

    3. UnusualBrit


      Over my dead body laddeh (ARUU)

    4. Haseroth


      1 hour ago, UnusualBrit said:

      Over my dead body laddeh (ARUU)

      never remind unusual of kaz ulrah

  3. "Kill yourself, Jumoko!" Shrieked Tanaka, a bigoted drunk, who lobbed stones upon any Cursed passerbys. "You will not corrupt Koyo-Kuni!"
  4. i'm taking ghouls, homunculi, sorvians, automatons and imps (I will be ur CA slot machine)

    1. Turbo_Dog


      Can I have lich :))

    2. Sparkpowder


      May I have an imp? :>

  5. The devil itself, Gashadokuro, stood at the head of Hexicanum's furnace-like entrance. With open arms, the red ogre welcomes cursed children that flock in droves, banished to servitude, "You'll work the trenches!"
  6. femurlord

    Qizu Skin Auction

    @Qizuas my consolation prize, can I get Wraith Knight for free? I don't want to spend money
  7. IGN: femurlord MC NAME: Gashadokuro NATION: Hexicanum
  8. ______________________________________________________________________ From a forsaken stronghold, a single ghoul championed a cursed page from those dreaded walls. The deadman braved the elements and any passerby with a singular goal, its stink drifting West to East. The lone shadow of a beast sought one goal and completed it with an unnatural, highly suspicious know-how. That zombie issued a public challenge to a champion of the heavens, the Glovebearer. ______________________________________________________________________ Woe be the Conquered, Feanor, In the time of Arcas, you along with the others were entasked with bringing forth ruin, stopping the wheel as you let hell spill over into the material. You, like me, have sinned deeply and loyally as one of the Seven, but that time is past. The Sign you bear is physical, everlasting. Epleiades is your destiny. You’ve abandoned it, dishonored it. You were chosen to eat the weak, to stop the wheel but instead, you’ve chosen the easy life through Malchadiael. A tea-sipping dog that is nothing without that gauntlet. You will know my name, Vaevictis. Prove to me your might, answer my call in Seven Moons or face the consequences. Lord of the Grave, Gashadokuro. ______________________________________________________________________
  9. I sold my soul to one of six devils, aligned with Minecraft Satan, what do you mean I can't have digital sex? Romance is the only roleplay I engage in
  10. Not only am I a villain narratively, but I am out of character too

    1. Elennanore
    2. TreeSmoothie


      You sent orcish bandits to raze my village and make me an orphan. My name is Treesmoothie and you killed my father. Prepare to die!

    3. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      You bring the emotions out.

  11. "Looks like SOMEONE isn't coming to the siege of Hexicanum!" The Archlich, imbued with devilish powers, cackled upon its throne!
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