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  1. We must not fall to old ways, the pursuit of Merchant rp is blessed.


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      Sir, redeem the trade caravan rp

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      bring back freebuild so we can build caravans wherever we decide 

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      @Jonificus i didnt know you were still around, its divine

  2. Roused from the lands east-to-west, graveyards yielded hosts of skeletons, pulled from their slumbee in dank coffins to parade through the realm with a diligent clack, clack, clack - a tireless stride through the highways and byways to reach all of the Four’s kin. The macabre couriers littered boulevards and passageways east through west, supplying the hands of man, woman and no-good. Each scroll, undoubtedly coveted a layer of stench, one of soured eggs and piss. When all settled, skeletons filtered into the recesses of the wild, sinking back from whence they came, earthward. Disposed missives read as follows, etched with abject chicken-scratches: Let this call reach the failed Signholder, Anagenimenos, the Blood of Widkund, let it be known the wheel calls you to its spin again; service and duty. To heed the call of He who titled you, Epleiades. So We, the Faithful might together pursue the Black God’s will - seek to the North-Eastern swamps - a Stonehenge that covets a talking skull will find you our company. Purpose has found our cause again - and duty calls - it be wise to answer. Hail the Black God. HIS VILENESS, Father of the Heir to Feldamfir, Tamer of Cloudbreaker, Arch-Lich Soupbone-icus of the Swamplands, The Bearer of Bones, Daimyo of the Dead, Hexicanum’s Headmaster, Usurper of Adunakhor, Keeper of the Burrows, Gashadokuro.
  3. Through the many pathways hewn into the crust of the Earth, a thing drew raspy air; a declaration singular and haughty. "I'm far from done. ."
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ7fil9Ins0
  5. Ripped from the earth, a skeletal limb wade through root and topsoil, clawed digits scoring the crust of the material to rip their lithe and bone-clad figure anew; Gashadokuro rebirthed again after the fact. The thing's emergence sought it in the arid South, overlooking the scene after the fact as rubble smoldered a gnarly black, and the cadaverous remains of the Lich-drake. As sunlight's kiss sought the horizon, it'd return to the bowels of the Realm, hidden away.
  6. A decorated Gravelord spattered and hissed instruction to an ensemble of bone-clad servants animated from hoof-to-head. They totted rocks, rusted tools and innumerable cadavers; Gashadokuro, in the depths of the Petra Turis prepared, knowing what's to come.
  7. I love ibless!!!1!

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      i hecking love iblees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      iblees!!! yeah!!

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      my favorite dark elf!!!!

  8. A Warning to the World Declaration of War Necromancers of Rh’thor To the foul descendants and their mediocre armies, We seek to rebuild a new world, one ruled by the promised child. The resurrection of Cloudbreaker was but the beginning - and our child, who now flies the skies and bears thunderstorm wherever it hails - shall be the first step of ruin. The stupid men who left their graveyards unattended; Vikelan and Balian - your corpses have become a part of our armies. The soldiers who attempted to enter our swamps; your cadavers turned to wraiths. If you seek to find the truth, come before us and kill yourselves; be reborn as a higher scope of undeath. However, if you seek to be our enemy, let your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers become nothing. It is ordained; the bringer of Ruin is upon us. Hail Iblees. Signed by, King Gashadokuro, the Vengeful, Gravelord. King Alkhayin, the One Below All, Gravelord.
  9. Click, click, clack, click. An ensemble rumbled within the crevices unseen of Minitz, whether in tucked corners or vacant alley-ways a chorus of pitter-patters rung throughout, . A macabre entourage of bone, reanimated from heel to head they sought to mindlessly leer from the murk to any passerby, watchful as a dual-tone rumbled from the earth; the slumbering dead quietly spake. "We gather, we gather! The time nears!"
  10. Scent Mask, Lector Alchemy Pack 2 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/210413-✓-alchemy-addition-lector-alchemy-pack-ii/
  11. An assembly of bone-clad servants clattered over eachother to deliver some dozen parcels, their ushering to find a certain Lich tucked away - deep within the earth. The lit hollows of a dilapidated skull burned a putrid green, their ire looming over the details of an inevitable future; it reveled upon a slate of stone, eager.
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