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  1. Faye Vershar Kervallen laughed out loud and tapped her forhead few times before turning to Edvard Kervallen "Look, you will have a competition! "
  2. Grzeq


    Hektor was born in Haense lands, although his family was not from these parts. He grew up in a small town near Karosgrad where he lived with his father, mother and brother Igor. His father, and his grandfather, were soldiers of Haense, so naturally, to keep the tradition alive, Hektor was also to become a soldier. Despite how strict his father was, Hektor loved him with all his heart. His mother was very calm, a firm believer of Canonism and what the church said. Hektor's brother, Igor, was very talented in handwork. He trained to become a craftsman and work in one of the workshops in Karosgrad. Unfortunately, one frosty day, Igor left and never returned. This saddened Hektor, who set out to find his beloved brother. The boy did not have to search long, as he found his brother's corpse not far away in a stream, it was all blue from the cold and on its chest was written that the Urguan people collected the debt. Hektor's father was in debt to the dwarves years before, and he never told his family about it. Devastated by the death of his son, he hanged himself. Without money to live on, Hektor had to start stealing so that his mother could survive the harsh winters of the north. One day he was caught and found himself in prison for notorious theft. He served five months of his sentence and was released. During this time, his mother also died, which made Hektor turn to his last friend - God. Praising the Lord every day, he gathered his belongings and set off on a journey to discover new places and make the most of his military skills. Who knows what the future holds for him...
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