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  1. ~-⊰On the 8th of The first seed year 185 of the second age.⊱-~ On a day like most others, Algea had just handed off one of the three gifts she had prepared for her ‘future’ friends. Or well they were her friends, or well more than that. She saw them as family. She was only too scared to call them so. Scared of being judged, laughed or yelled at. So instead she chose to do something good. To make and buy some gifts to cheer everyone up a little. She had finished getting and making them, She only needed to go hand them out now… Algae, Ren, Renae or Elvira, wasn't always this way. She used to go by just one name, before she became Fearful of those things, fearful of even speaking.. No She used to be loud, yelling at whoever she was not agreeing with, yelling trying to be heard. Till one day a woman wandered into her life. One who changed her life, for better or for worse. A woman who became like a mother to her. Like a new family after the one she just had lost. Forced into becoming a vampire her world was turned upside down once again. The bad the good, for better or worse, hurt or laughing it changed her. She started to find basic conversations to be terrifying and worrying. Fearful she once again made people mad, fearful she once again had to lie, or hide. There was a long time where she truly wished to be cured hoping that would have made everything better. But time and time again she found people unlike her, people who were not plagued by this curse she bore to be more scary, more brutal, more heartless. She was starting to accept the few people in her life who did not mind. Yet she always remained fearful they too would stab her in the back. Or worse leave her all alone again. Early in the day she had just given her first gift to a friend. It was a dress Algea had spent her time learning to make. Gladly they accepted the gift, and both went on with their day. Little did Algea know this day would end in her death. The Celia'nor square was filled with people chatting, having conversation and Algea too found herself speaking to someone. Someone who shared a hobby Algea had long not done, Writing. They had a conversation in what Algea shared she has been having writer's block because of all the chaos in her life. But she did wish to write again. When a woman Algea knew walked into the tea house. Anneliese, An old friend. One Algea had hoped to be able to trust, with the secret of her being a vampire. But their last talk ended in bloodshed and pain. Another ‘friend’ that now hated her for what she was. Anneliese and Algea both shared fear in their eyes as last time they met Algea’s curse showed more than she did. Anneliese yelled out what she was, what Algea had done. After that she ran up the stairs of the tea house. Algea jumped over the railing onto the roof trying to run away from the conflict away from someone she hurted in her hunger years ago. Eventually Anneliese catched up to Algea and tackled her on the roof, “please don't kill me” She begged. But her plea was answered with a sword piercing her shoulder to the roof. A pained cry came from the fearful woman. “Please” More and more people started to gather looking up at the roof like it was a stage, Annelise asked if there was a guard to have them deal with Algea. All she could do was beg. “ Please don't kill me.” Tears filled her eyes as she watched up at Annelise with fear. Eventually whispering out “ I am sorry..” which got answered with a harsh answer ‘You are not forgiven.’ As the sword was twisted and then pulled out her shoulder leaving Algea bleeding on the rooftop as Aenerion moved to stand over her. He would pull out salt, and let it fall onto the bleeding shoulder… Blood started to boil as Algea let out a scream at the top of her lungs in pain, tears streaming down her face as she said with a shaky breath “Please don't kill me.” People watching had already decided her fate. “Please don't kill me. '' Her shaky voice sounded again. Before she begged “Please cure me if you can” But the moment she was stabbed they had chosen she was meant to die. Arguing among themselves about that curing her, was not worth saving her from bleeding first. Cruel perhaps, having to hear people find you not worth saving, after you've been attacked. But all people could ever think about was that she was a Vampire. But she just wished to live. “ I never had a choice in becoming a mon-” she didn't even finish her sentence as she was lifted up and pierced through the chest by Aenerion would pull his sword back and aimed to cut off her head and kill her, but instead she fell to ground and let out a final breath “I’m Sorry” Now dead her head was cut off her body, perhaps to be sure she was dead, perhaps simply to show off. Her eyes still wide open, her dead eyes watching on drenched in tears in a fearful expression. The rooftop a bright red form the blood that was spilled. Her body moved from one place to another. Eventually it was placed in a ditch, and burned. Her ashes were bottled up and taken to who knew where. And so everything quieted down again… With one soul less. [OOC]:
  2. THE ALCHEMISTS OFFICE Seeking Students and Teachers La Corte de Girasol 5th of Horen’s calling 104 D.R. With my recent appointment as Court Alchemist to the Girasol Courts of Hyspia, I hope to share what my plans, and duties are. And what kind of people I am looking to attract. The Role of Court Alchemist [!] On the paper was a Painting of an alchemy table of potions and herbs. I hope to fulfill my role as Head medic as well as Court Alchemist and intertwine them by making potions and medical mixes for the sick and hurt. Alongside this is my wish to make potions easily accessible for those who are in need of it. I intend to aid the army with brews to strengthen against attacks. The amount of work this is, is not something one should do alone. Therefore, today, I am looking to hire on a few roles: Students and Teachers I hope to reach out to those who wish to learn about Alchemy, or wish to teach it. I wish to teach what is needed to make the potions people need. Even the smaller ones. I hope they are people who wish to explore the world for herbs and alike for ingredients. Gatherers and Collectors I and who will help me, will need a steady supply of herbs and ingredients to make the potions. Alongside someone who has the time to gather information from everyone on what kind of potions they are in need of. Should you find any interest in these positions, contact Vizcondesa Maria Sophia Denodado [Myrthe17] via aviary! Signed, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Koravia, Sovereign-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pacazu, Baron-Consort of Arenisca, Del’mar and Monterro, Lord of La Dorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, etcetera. LA HONORABLE, Lady Maria Sophia Denodado, Vizcondesa of Viscounty of Banderas.
  3. The woman the whole story was about Maria, was blissfully unaware her past had been dug back up by a journal leak. Thill the man himself Lorcan showed up on her door step once again. To show the masive to her in person. " What in the seven skies is this?!" she asked with a hint of anger, and confusion. A Long talk was going to happen, one in what would likely end in Lorcan being trown out again. Or perhaps worse, much worse...
  4. Name: Elvira Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld: yes Madelyn Noryth (1-5): 3 Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw (1-5): 2 Vauban Daesmon (1-5): 2 Lin (1-5):4
  5. A woman was busy feeding her pets, as her vision blurred she sat down. Passing into the vission what felt endless. She would try to keep calm, even if she was not... Eventually she awoke trembling surrounded by her worried pets. She let out a sigh, trying to continue on even if what she saw was on the back of her mind...
  6. MC Name: myrthe17 Discord: Myrthe1 Image: Description of Image: Persona art of a friend, Painting for on the wall Dimensions: 1 Wide, 2 high. 1x2
  7. Maria would be worriedly trying to bandage her mamej, trying to help. Somehow. Someway. But in the end the young woman wasnt able to save her. A sense of guilt washed over her as she stumbled back, as she stared at her papej begging his wife not to go. Maria wasnt sure what she was feeling anymore, she was oddly num to the pain. To the grief. She did feel it. She cried. But not in public.. Simply in her room, Or behind the Veil that hid her face.
  8. A'lia happy to have got a letter, The woman didn't get letters that often anymore. But she was happy to have one, and went to rush to open it excitedly. At first when she opened it, she got confused seeing the feather, but quickly set the realization in. Her closest friend.. Her Best Friend. The light of her days, had passed. And in a horrible way at that. The half-elf woman let out a wale in agony as she realized what she had been send. She couldn't believe, her nightmares had come true, she wished she had just spend one more day with her, just one more moment.. Anything, she couldn't leave her behind like this.. Tears streamed down her face, she wouldn't have.. Right? This must be lies? A lot of questions and hopes rushes through her mind, only to be met by the truth of the letter and words of others. She really had passed. Her mind would wonder of the thoughts over the weeks to come. "Was she really gone..? just like that? what about me... " "You cant leave yet.. I need you!" Anikas niece meanwhile, with her family went into mourning. The young woman staying silent, about her regrets, and simply tried her best to not think about the passing of her beloved Tia.
  9. . Written on: The 7th of Horen’s Calling En El Año de Nuestro Señor, 90 Despues de Restauración The Ball of colours [!] The image would show bright colors like someone loosely painted something. Things to do at the ball: Get ready to party at the Vibrant Spectrum Ball as we celebrate Maria Denodado's 27th! Join us for a laid-back and lively night with music, dancing, and good vibes. There'll be a game of pumpking’s, and plenty of fun. (Perhaps even prizes will be won!) So throw on your favorite party outfit and come make memories with us. We can't wait to see you at this special celebration! Theme of the night, Colorful Fiesta: Each guest is requested to wear their favorite color to create a vibrant and colorful ray of guests and colors. The person with the best outfit of the night will win a 100 mina prize. Or a special Item made especially for them. To sign up simply tell Maria and there shall be a vote that will happen during the end of the night. The gift of giving: Attendees are encouraged to take a gift with them to hand not to Maria herself, but to someone else. Someone you find special, and deserves to hear so. Make it wild! make it simple. But do make it colorful! As to fit in the theme of the night. Hopefully everyone gets a little, colorful gift to brighten their day. Signed, Maria Sophia Denodado , Lady, heir of Viscounty of Banderas.
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