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  1. TW for hinted suicide / suicide The Death of Anika Denodado 3rd of the Sun's Smile, year 168 of the Second Age. The wind whispered through the trees of Hyspia, as the sun descended beneath the ocean's horizon once more. A serene night unfolded, punctuated only by the rhythmic wash of waves on the shore. A pallid woman delicately removed the starry cloak draping her shoulders, folding it into a neat pile. With gentle hands, she took the dried cornflower from her hair, placing it on the cloak. Laughter echoed from the Minitz tavern on that fateful night in Almaris. A beautiful young woman with skin as fair as snow and another with one grey and one green eye greeted a black-haired woman adorned with twigs and sticks in her hair. With a soft click, the door closed behind the pale woman as she embarked on her final journey through Hyspia, accompanied only by the crickets and bugs that claimed the night. By the river's edge, a young, beautiful woman stood, her chin in the grip of a fanged female mali'ker. The 'ker's hand shifted upward, a crimson cut already present. A single drop of red dripped down the young woman's throat. Shadows shifted as the pale woman passed through the first of many gates in Hyspia, her gaze drifting over the nearby training grounds as her feet paused. A sharp breath pierced the air as the forever-young woman's gaze fixed on the cut in the hand of the black-haired woman with twigs and sticks in her hair, blood seeping from it. Fangs forcibly emerged from the woman's jaw, surging forward. Nevertheless, she tore her gaze from the training grounds, determined to reach the second gate. Within the hushed space of the library in Haense, the forever-young woman and a cloaked man stood, his hand extended towards hers. She accepted, though a sickly green fire seeped into her wrist, branding her with a perfect star-shaped scar. A sigh escaped her as moonlight filtered through the leaves of a nearby tree. The quiet pop and crackle of a fire filled the air as the pale woman's gaze turned towards the main gate. A crowned man and the forever-young woman sat on a picnic blanket, casual conversation filling the air as the sun disappeared over the mountain line in the background. A subtle hesitation coursed through the pale woman's frame as her attention shifted toward the tavern. Gradually, her steps carried her forward, choosing a meandering route rather than the straightforward path. A brown-haired man and the forever-young woman sat at a table in a quaint house, the fire popping in the background. The man's arm was idly extended behind his chair, an aurum mace in his grasp, gaze locked on the forever-young woman. Despite that, a coy smile remained on her face. Aviary birds chirped as the pale woman rounded the corner, disturbed by her presence at this late hour. Still, she reached into her pocket, producing a few spare seeds to toss. Crow's calls filled the silence, gloom settling as a faint fog enveloped the air. Graves and tombstones dotted the ground, yet the forever-young woman's gaze fixed on one, beside a black-haired woman with twigs and sticks in her hair and a boy with bright red hair. The grave bore a single name etched into the stone by hand: 'Anika.' With a whoosh, the birds swooped down for the seeds, cawing filling the air as arguments erupted among the murder. Eventually, the pale woman's gaze peeled away, continuing her trek forward. Iron chains clanked against the bars as the forever-young woman lunged forward, sharpened fangs extruding from her top jaw. Crimson ran from her arms, deep cuts making themselves known. Still, she struggled. Finally, the sandstone gates stood tall before the pale woman, though she pressed on, feet dragging over the aurum lines. Hidden away, a brown-eyed man and the pale woman rested together in a tender embrace, empty glass bottles scattered around as the moon's light streamed from above. Nothing, no distractions, no people could stop her now. Just her and the climb to the top. She reached the edge—the world seemed so small and minuscule from up here. Time stretched, elongating each heartbeat as she stood on the precipice of eternity. The moon above alone bore witness to her silent contemplation, casting a silver glow on the landscape below. The crickets' nocturnal chorus was the symphony accompanying her final act. Her weight tipped forwards—the air suddenly rushing through her hair, gushing in her ears. Everything seemed to spin, memories flashing before her eyes. Echoes of laughter from Minitz, the cold chains binding her wrists, and the sombre embrace in the hidden refuge with the brown-eyed man. When suddenly, it all stopped. When suddenly, she was free. [!] Letters were soon sent out, delivered in a pristine yellow envelope, each bearing a white wax seal of a single flower. Konstantin Denodado A'lia Vershar Kervallen Onon Vershar Kervallen The Denodados Sera Denodado Opal and Jasper Leontiy Ulrica The Sutharlainns News spreads, if you feel its reasonable for your character to know / find out, feel free to rp it.
  2. THANK YOU TECH TEAM But, sandstone variants, glass, blackstone (it has gilded blackstone but not normal), glazed terracotta colours, signs, HONEY BLOCKS, aged copper variants, stripped logs !!
  3. Username: RatFromTheTrash RP Name: Arianna Denodado Character Age: 13
  4. ------⋆˖⁺‧₊☽ Future's Gaze Opening ☾₊‧⁺˖⋆------ Are you stuck questioning your unknown fate? Do you have questions you need answered? Well, look no further than Future’s Gaze! Located in Celia’lin, Shop 3, it's a quaint little shop run by The Teller, who possesses a rare ability to read the stars and delve into your fates! ______________________________________________________________ ⋆。°✩ Prices! ✩°。⋆ Basic reading, for simple questions (Love, finance, ect.) - 10 Mina Love reading, between two lovers - 15 Mina Future reading, delve into your past and future - 20 Mina Any added items will only be 5 mina more! ______________________________________________________________ ⋆。°✩ Items! ✩°。⋆ Items can be many different things depending on the situation. Here are a few examples: ------⋆˖⁺‧₊☽ ☾₊‧⁺˖⋆------ ______________________________________________________________ If you wish to arrange a meeting, send a letter to The Teller himself! (RatFromTheTrash)
  5. Edvard Jr. Kervallen Pinemaw, the 'Knife of Rozania' received the letter just as he woke up on his 18th. "Huh.. Knife of Rozania... I think I remember him saying something about that.." He muttered, a hand moving up to push the hair back from his face. Honestly, he wasn't sure how to react or reply, so instead he decided not to.. His dad probably knows hes grateful... right?
  6. Edvard Jr Kervallen Pinemaw, the newly announced heir to House Pinemaw was handed this document by his father at... a bit of a bad time, though eventually when it all calmed down, he found a moment to look it over. "..Why me of all people..?" The teen questioned to himself, daze drifting up and down the document once more, just to check he could in fact read. "Does this mean I have to start paying attention to dad's work?"
  7. Full Name: Alette Malthengolv Age: 18 Gender: Female Race: Human Rank: Recruit User: RatFromTheSky Discord: ratfromthetrash
  8. RatFromTheSky Lili Kutrzeba Sutharlainn 83317
  9. Uhier Va'eylul was drinking a nice glass of water - CHOKING as he reads the missive, almost spitting his drink out next to him! "Zkyrel?! Last time I spoke to Zielle she did not even have friends, let alone a fiancé?!"
  10. A certain ghost 'kitty' makes a point to float by the winery sometime, remembering a friendly chat she had with an elf there!
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