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  1. Who do I talk to about making an older elf character? (450+)

    I also just wanna ask some general questions on the idea too c: 
    (Disc: Jaimedabest#8534)

    1. Rayna Star

      Rayna Star

      My elf is somewhere in her late 400s through genuinely being around that long (started her at ~16-18yo ic). Idk if I can help much with elf networking and whatnot, but if you've got general history/old-elf questions, I can try my best to help. :)

  2. Jaimedabest


    Unlike many of the kin that came before him, Len was born to a loving set of parents not only because of the rarity and miracle that was his birth, nor the sheer luck that came with having to deal with a cursed kin, but because he was unlike anything they'd ever seen. Vibrant red hair, possibly some sort of recessive gene, with eyes of sky blue, and skin of light cinnamon. A rare combination to be sure, but a very welcomed one. Unfortunately, Len was ever an only child, but always had a small group of individuals he called friends, even though they were unlike him. The majority were a mix of human and elves given that he had been born and lived within the Kingdom of Elysium. And because he had been born to the xannic kingdom of Elysium, it was inevitable for him not to have picked up his vast knowledge on farming and harvesting crops as a young elf. Len had received the usual amount of education necessary, as well as a number of stories and legends that often revolved around the 'Mali'ame' or Wood Elves and their culture. It hadn't been until his fifth decade that many things started to kickoff; His human friends perishing or growing old in age, rousing interests that resulted in sparking his curious to learn more about his heritage, his parents' sudden disappearance, and potentially romantic moments that often ended in disaster. Upon reaching 50 years of age and finally considering himself 'grown' enough, Len finally decided to take matters into his own hands by gaining the necessary knowledge needed to become the Wood Elf he was always meant to be... But first things first, he needed to know where.
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