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  1. I was referring to this as the celebratory part, that it was a 'half-dub.' I have reached out to you regarding moderators on your team, as well as members of the community but it has always been pulling teeth to do so. I've started to go to Telanir cause I felt far more comfortable going to him after what I've seen, and we had a history working together on staff in the past; I can have conversations about on-going issues with him that feel like I'm being heard. But even still, with various communities and players I've seen and heard reporting staff or reporting a recent group who has made a vast majority of people uncomfortable and unsafe, we still see them given multiple chances, while player A gets a ban for putting a carpet on a shop-chest without at least communicating with them first and giving a warning. What I wish out of voicing my concerns is to have genuine discussions, yes, but to see how we can start to shift the culture back to instilling trust in moderation & making people feel safe on the server, as well as putting story-telling first.
  2. We aren't doing enough to defend the Roleplay experience, or the communities safety. There are three major points I think have been addressed and reported, and each has felt underwhelmingly responded to through with lack of action. The last couple months alone feedback regarding raid tools and the focus on story building being priority has been ignored. These tools disrupt roleplay without any viable way of combating against it, or any guidelines as to how they should even be used. Please remove them. How we address members of the community who roleplay in bad faith is discouraging; we've seen this with the recent nor'asath report, as well as the countless experiences that many communities have had since map drop, especially with groups who treat the server like a grinding raid-faction server. Lastly, the most recent moderation feedback post. It has felt dismissive, and to be so disillusioned that we celebrate the fact that a small minority of people are content the state of moderation and not focusing on the large statistics that the majority are unhappy, unsatisfied and wish to see change is disappointing. There has been an outcry for what feels like months now, people who don't feel comfortable going to moderation anymore, and those who don't want to log on because of how different the server is at the moment.
  3. When welf? When will Markus come collect the apples and pears? Most memorable experience?
  4. I'll consider the revision. Thank you! And woad bow is an accepted lore piece written by @ClassyBells https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/219047-✓-magic-invention-woadbows/
  5. I said in my response to Evonpire that I'll clarify it! Was a mistake
  6. I don't mind reexplaining things! With current Greensight, what I was referring to both in my comments and in this rewrite is this redline in Greensight, how you cannot see anything natural, ie, flora or fauna that is obstructed by unnatural things like rock or a building for instance. After rereading and reevaluating, I'll make an amendment regarding seeking out the song if the knowledge of it being there in the first place is not known at first - as it is written in the accepted Lore. For your Barkskin concern; If the Druid knows how to do it, as in they are a T5 if this rewrite is accepted, they won't need another Druid to help them create it. Only teaching Druids who do not get the knowledge, will require the creation ritual. Does that help? I'll make a clarification point if so under Barkskin. For your final point, I'm not disagreeing because I do not think this piece was more catered to combat v. healing. If anything, I believe Druids would have more routes of protecting themselves, through Barkskin, Bloomblade as shields and weapons, as they do healing physical wounds with Mending. In addition, as both @Hyperdron& @Werew0lfmade note, in this write, with the implementation of a clear exhaustion system that the last lore piece lacked, Druids can now heal & cast more times in an IRL day then they were previously allowed. If the explanations here, and what others have answered still leave questions please let me know. Feel free to also DM me over the forums if you'd like. If I ever miss a point you've made, it isn't intentional, there is just a lot to address. Thanks! Hey thanks for reaching out and addressing this. When I wrote, "For instance, one may experience an overwhelming sense of anguish if Voidal Magic has affected the natural area, or on the other hand, joy, should there be a balance held," the line "overwhelming anguish if voidal magic has affected the natural area" is referring to what you mention with voidal tears, imbuements, or blight. I'll reword and make that clear. Thank you! And big thank you for both clarifying that Hyper, and for all the help from you and Pixel. You both ripped this piece a part and really challenged me to do some critical thinking. Appreciate you a lot!
  7. I’ll clarify the compatibility with other magics more thoroughly! Thanks for the comment Sorry! I addressed a lot of your concerns in previous comments toward Kit.
  8. The reason I brought up Greensight is because it does not allow you to manipulate the song of nature that is behind a rock or a house, as it states in the current accepted lore and continued on in this piece. With amendments done over.. summer 2022? I can't remember exactly, but Druids can be Seers now. I'll add that! Thanks And for all those who have constructive criticism they don't wish to express over the comments, feel free to send me a DM on the forums.
  9. For guidance, so long as you've seen the tree that is all that matters. If you're in a cave, and haven't seen a tree, then yeah you wouldn't be able to pull roots from the stone (unless you can see the roots mundanely) just like how you wouldn't be able to see natures song past stone or if a house is in the way with Greensight. Ah you are totally right, there was a typo, put two 5's instead of a 15. Thanks for that catch. Barkskin - No, you need 2 Druids to help create it. In order to summon it in a combat scenario, you just need yourself. As I wrote above as well, T5 Druids should the write go in, will have the knowledge from the vision given that they are able to do this. Don't see it being a problem of it being knowledge locked with the amount of T5 Druids there are. Mending - I can gauge with others like I said! As for Grasping, again, I am under the impression and guidance that any buffing of it would not get passed - as when it was originally written, restrictions were given on emote count, movement, and expiration. Perhaps a compromise can be made where it is turned into an enchantment, rather than its own ability, but even then I see it as obsolete given how it was hardly, if ever, used.
  10. I'll address each of your concerns and points formatted below! Also, thank you for your feedback. Guidance - The fifth redline clarifies this. It specifically states that LOS is required, however, for instances like you mentioned with tree canopies or roots, all you would need is to see the tree itself. Druids know the roots and branches are there. Druidic Limbs - I did rework how the creation process is done because of the confusion and redundancy you mentioned with Awakening & Blooming & Infusing. As it reads in the lore piece, you do the mundane crafting or pulling limb out of a tree with guidance, then a separate process now where Druids infuse the limbs with their energies which thus enchants it. I think it is important to look at it different from how it is currently done, or else it'll make things confusing. If this explanation doesn't help though, do let me know! I can try to clarify it more in the piece. Restoration - I think I am a little confused as to where you're getting a nerf from. This piece is consistent with the current one, 15 block radius, not 10. I do want to say that I agree, it should not be lowered! Luonto - Luonto has always been required to be learnt, as far as I have been made aware. My guide taught me IRP. If you think that should be removed, I can garner opinions from the rest of the Druid community and an amendment can be made. Barkskin - Great question! After speaking with some LT and previous LT, the reasoning behind needing two Druids to learn it is because of the ritual process itself. There needed to be a logical explanation for how a Druid is able to, in the middle of no where, pull bark onto their skin without the presence of a tree. This was the method most seemed to agree on, especially for the RP opportunities it presents. T5 Druids don't need others to help once the creation process is done. Two Druids are only needed for the creation process, not the summoning. Mending - I would love to make this applicable to animals but as it currently stands, even beast-purging does not allow healing of natural ailments. The reason I was given for that was because of the Aspects deeming it as an interference of the natural way of the cycle. Like I said in Luonto, I can also gauge opinions on this and see if the logic could pan out. For your note on grasping, see my above comments! And as a conclusion, Druidism on LotC was not meant to be a healing magic, but I did try to make our previous Herblore more functional and practical by adding Mending as an ability we did not have, and included in the main magic spell-set, too! I know on other mediums and platforms Druidism has a large theme of being medicinal but I believe other magics on the server are meant to cover that, ie; Paladinism & Clerics (should that be rewritten). Thanks for the thorough review
  11. Hi! Thanks for your excitement. I do not believe this is entirely up to me, but if I were to suggest anything to LT, would be that if you haven't learnt something IRP yet, you would still need to learn the spell from someone who has the knowledge. Example; Your character holds a TA in current accepted Communion & Control but has not yet learnt Blight Healing abilities. They would need to get lessons on Blight Healing abilities. As for the newly written T5 abilities, Bloomblade, Mending and Barkskin, I would imagine like how previous new abilities that were added to CC, that folks would know it IRP without a lesson. In this case, the vision I wrote should it be accepted, would grant T5 Druids the knowledge to attempt to try and cast those newer abilities. That is a great question, and when I asked for opinions within the Druid community, many largely agreed that the ability went vastly unused, unfortunately. I believe that is because of how it is currently written, you are an idle duck unable to move, and waiting to be attacked once the bubble wears off. I was informed that the only way of making it stronger and more appealing, would not have passed, ie; adding movement to a shield bubble and having it last longer. The ability Mending is an addition for healing, especially while in combat. Can also see my explanation above for the Grasping ability!
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