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  1. "If this is how ye 'ave felt all along, Ainmhi, ye were ne kin of mine. Those who side with the Dragonkin are cowards, snakes - there is ne justice or trials te be given te fools." The Bruin states as the missive was read out loud to her. "If we could ne teach ye what it means te 'ave thick skin, values, n' morals then I do ne know who else can. Perhaps one day ye could learn why it is we punish the way we do."
  2. Howdy! We are quickly approaching our fifth month since the dissolution of the World Team. One of the major changes, for a more effective outcome regarding builds, was sending staff builders to the Story Team. While the Build sect is a separate part of Story Team, much like Event and Lore, they work in tandem to ensure world narratives and event-lines are engageable and interactive. Story Builders have the sole responsibility of building for events and lore only. What we look for in our builders is not only their building skills, or abilities to use tools like World Edit, but their collaborative skills, communication, and availability. If you are interested in applying your building skills to the Story Team, to help continue the story on LotC, click here! - WestCarolina
  3. Who? What? Where? When? & How?
  4. Node has been added at South Hub. Feel free to use the resource post for more information!
  5. Sugar cane node added at South Hub across the elephant. Shears! Updated on the resource post as well. (And thanks Soul for the help!)

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      where is the apple node carolina./.........

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      Good question

  6. It isn't that complicated. The communication was there, options were given, and they chose repetitive punishment over working toward something that is permitted. Edit: And yes, staff can do a better job removing folks from the server, but your demeanor is an issue as well.
  7. Miven frowns as she reads over the missive and hands it over to one of the Wild Chiefs. "I'm ne allowin' this te happen 'ere.. shame on the lari."
  8. Fifty years ago, a band of Wood Elves and Father Circle Drui departed from the lands of Elvenesse with a mission to reclaim ruins as their home. The scouts came across what once was Vaelya, a city left abandoned and in rubble, occupied by pirates and bandits. After weeks of camping beyond the walls within the barren forest, the Wood Elves declared their home, and with the help of Druids, sprouted trees and lush green where weathered pillars and remains once stood. *** To celebrate the last year of those trials and accomplishments, tribulations and victories, we welcome the citizens of Nevaehlen and allies of the Vale to partake in the following; Friday June 10th, 8pm EST: The artisans guild, Tree Singers, will host a performance reenacting the founding of Nevaehlen. The play will take place at the Omentahu. Saturday June 11th, 6pm EST: Nevaehlen’s military, the Halerir’elame, will host a PvP tournament with the winner being titled “Champion of the Wilds,” and a prized Ironwood Falchion. The spars will take place at the Bruin’s Outlook. Invitations for both days are sent out to the following; The Grand King of Urguan, Bakir Ireheart and his citizens The King of Haense, Karl III and his citizens The King of Norland, Ragnvald Eiriksson and his citizens Submission for the PvP tournament: RP Name: IGN: Allegiance: Mani: (Animal you will represent) (Or DM @LatzMomo, @ThumperJack, @Nikophos, @SoulReapingWolf)
  9. i need a webin

  10. "Show your teeth, Bear. Show your claws. You are not going to gain respect if you heed to every word." The words rang in Miven's ears. A familiar voice with an unforgettable vigor to it. It played over and over as she set way to acting on her promise made to Avius. It resounded as she watched over her mother, the Lynx, in the final act. Only in the last moments shared with Lioness, would the Bruin feel what she had felt long, long ago.. a comforting, protective aura wisping away.
  11. "I only hope such ire that strangled his heart, and unleashed toward his kin, can find balance in the Eternal Forest," Spoke a Mali'ame after setting flames to the Druid's lifeless body. Yet the irony in this action came two fold. Her brother - he who exemplified the fiery, chaotic side of nature, can now rest alongside the newly spirited Cinder, her best friend. "Let both their fires continue to burn," Miven murmured, now setting off to tend to the wounds of her other.
  12. Two young Mali'ame sat with their backs against walls of rock - Aegrothond. This is where the friendship was formed. Blissful talks of nothing and everything. He listened, and that is what she valued most. Despite eighty years of a blazing contrarian whose words and actions may have annoyed the young Bruin, Miven always found herself seeking his guidance. His friendship. "There is ne hatred in my heart for ye, sword-boy." She reminisced these last words after being told of his valiant efforts. "I knew it was ne goin' te be my blade te end 'em. That was never like Cinder te go down te his own kin." *** Somewhere, sometime later, the golden-eyed Caerme'onn finds herself not idle before any erected memorial, but forging sword after sword in honor of the fallen Father Circle Druid.
  13. Never would have the Bruin thought that the very Haenseni man who had sat so lively across the tavern table from her, just elven days ago, would pass so suddenly. That very night, after the Vale, Dwarves, and Paladins fought for their own lives against those pirates and constructs, would Miven honor the late-King by naming the battle after Sigismund.
  14. A wild Miven decked in pelts and Bear, bounces around waving her staff about. "The cub is born! Bolomormaa, grant 'em strength!" (Art by @Amayonnaise)
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