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  2. Yessss Zadie!! Well written
  3. Year 17, SA [!] Parchment with the following high-spirited letter finds ways around Elvenesse, Floppy eared heads peek out from the thawing ground, a bulbous black nose snuffs the earthy spring air and the crackling of eggs could be heard from branches overhead as we welcome the new season. After a long, quiet, detrimental winter, sprouts of green flourish from the limbs of trees showing signs of new life. Flora bud as fresh running water sounds from the once deep-frosted terrain. As we turn the wheel, with death from Yule comes Ostara’s life, we pray to both Moth
  4. The solemn Caerme'onn sits where it all began, before a hearth in a scene similar to the bustling village where she first met her grandmother. Her opposing hand fiddled with the ironwood ring on her ring finger, slipping it off to clutch tightly in her palm - a ring carved by Abelas Sr., for Awaiti. Miven peered up at the Oracle's sun with her own golden eyes, whispering, "Marmaln Caribou, Marhaelun Awaiti, give me strength."
  5. DRAGON GANG is FIRE. Seed pact when?
  6. Sigil by Twilight “The ink upon my skin, the fire within my spirit, the deeds of my faith, these are which bind me to my ancestors.” Caerme’onn is one of the oldest known seeds of the mali’ame, dating back to the early days of the Princedom of Laureh’lin and is built upon the beliefs and qualities of hunters, protectors, and leaders. Caerme’onn is devoted to defend and uphold the mali’ame culture. Compared to any other seed, the Caerme’onn are vastly skilled and knowledgeable people of the forest with strong connections to nature. M
  7. Miven Caerme'onn enjoys herself a smooth, earthy, blueberry tea! "Ahernan, Minto! This blend is sulian!"
  8. As the 'aheral pens the word failure, a typically boisterous Miven squeezes the mans shoulder with her symbolic ruby-inked digits. Sun-basked eyes of the Caerme'onn trailed over the last of what Celiasil had to say up until he signs his name. That moment of silence was eery, especially the aura of pain and disappointment she could feel radiating from her partner. Yet, in the confines of their home Miven broke the silence, muttering, "They are ne your sillumiran, they are corrupted minds. May the Aspects guide them..."
  9. Among the druii of the woodland realm of Elvenesse, the Bruin straps her speared staff to her back whilst bending to retrieve Bluejay's axe from the ground. Miven Caerme'onn looks to her right toward Andria, then her left to Awaiti giving a knowing, cheeky grin. ((GEG)) @Delmodan@NomadGaia
  10. A Document on the Expectations of Conduct for the Father Circle, Year 12 of the 2nd Age The following are topics and their descriptions of how members of the Father Circle are required and expected to act and defend. All members of the Father Circle must follow the Laws of Elvenesse. The code is subject to change. Druidic trials by the Raitheans may enhance the punishments warranted from those listed below. Topics § 1 - On Classifications of Tenets § 1.01 Shall not harm another druid unwarranted § 1.02 Shall not harm th
  11. The Spring Raithean prepares her rope, dirt, water and egg for the ritual to be held!
  12. Delievered to the Caerme'onn manor is the invitation- a letter decorated nicer than most Miven usually receives. She rips the envelope open, and reads over the notes contents. "Ayla! I love a celebration!" The Bear Druid ponders what sort of gift she shall prepare!
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