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  1. Scattered about the Vale laid hundreds of buckets overfilling with water.
  2. The Vale of Nevaehlen -= The Return to HER Forest =- Sneak peak trailer of the reclaimed, abandoned city of Vaelya, taken over by those Father Circle Druii and preservers of the Mali'ame culture! Special BIG thank you @SaviourMeme for his incredible cinematography and video editing skills! We couldn't have had this beautiful video without you! Stay tuned for an incoming cultural video of the Vale, describing what we get up to!
  3. Ji!!! I love how these came out. It'd be kind of amusing to see Miven in one of these
  4. As the missive made its' way to the Vale of Nevaehlen, an antler-marked mali'ame grimaced at the mentions of Ando Alur. "A city tainted by the void and its' users is ne a home for the mali'ame.. any who follow the Wild Faith or are dutiful druii would know that."
  5. Now, amidst the rivers that ran through the Vale, Miven and Laedrad could be seen on an outing for food. "What are fishing rods anyways?" The grinning Caerme'onn called across her perched rock whilst mimicking the actions of a bear, stabbing her spear into the water.
  6. I think the bigger issue is how many tiles are already claimed by nations and continue to be claimed, making there to be limited-to-no good locations for settlements or lairs. Take a look at the current claimed land map :/
  7. ti piacciano i biscotti? voce fala portuegese?
  8. The gut wrenching, heart tugging loss of a fellow Druid hit the dutiful Caerme'onn amidst her scouting mission away from the Vale. It was when she'd return that the missive was hesitantly handed to her by the Ranger. Rather than caving to the blood boiling rage that coursed through her veins, Miven retreated to the southern Nevaehlen seas, finding herself a spot in the sand. What brought a smile to the bears countenance was being able to speak to him. She spoke openly to the water. He is the lapping waves and the tide that kisses the shores. He is the embodiment of the ocean-life itself. Suddenly, Miven decided Tanyl wasn't gone. Her best friend is forever protecting the Vale as he promised on his return. In this time of deep reflection, however, a pesky crab snaps at the Bruin's toe. "You cheeky bastard, Tanyl.." Retorts the elf with a grin. [RIP Brother Leviathan, OG Arcas Father Circle Drood]
  9. A little inky magpie peskily flutters about Hareven bearing a note.
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