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  1. Remember the days Dan would bug me to do his math homework and we'd laugh for hours on end. Miss you bud, we all do.
  2. Howdy! I'm seeking active members of the Druid community who wish to read and provide feedback to a Druidism Rewrite we've been working on. If you're interested, please send me a DM on discord, Carol#7747 

    Thanks :D 

  3. On their last and final trip to the northern tundras, a Bear stood amongst those Father Circle Drui and acolytes, proud of the reclamation they had done.
  4. "Better see all three of 'em down 'ere now.. Eirik, the wee whale, n' Matyas!" Miven said to Thordir as he read her the missive.
  5. Relieved, Miven bellows across the tree-fallen bridge, "Wot the fock! Look at ye!" Her lips curl into a smile amidst her clambering and for the Wood Elven man.
  6. Welcome! Super excited to meet and get to know your character :)
  7. A crazed woman donning garbs of fur and pelts chants in circles around a particular Ame'lie tree hoping for the sourest of lemons.
  8. While I agree with a majority of what you said, the point of these photos was to show what blocks we'll have going into 1.18 and what the biomes could look like. We have the ability to make forests look like autumn, or change the the atmosphere to feel thick and foggy. As the images of the north, volcano lands and swamps suggest, we want to *avoid* unusable terrain again next map.
  9. So tell us, what sort of biomes would you be interested in seeing?
  10. It is also important to take into account the fact that if we were to go for a smaller map, as mentioned, we would be making smaller tiles, too. If we look at the current tile sizes, they are considerably large, and much of the claimed landmasses not even used. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. If you could roleplay in any biome, what would you want? Hey everyone! I’m reaching out on the behalf of the Map Development team bringing some insight on what has been discussed in regards to the physical map size, terrain, and biomes. I’ll break up this post accordingly. Similar to other Your View posts, this will be much the same where we wish to hear what your opinions are and discuss how we can develop that. Bigger Map? Smaller Map? Same size? From what we have gathered from both the community, and our own discussions on map sizes, the general consensus is that a smaller map is preferred. With a smaller map, would come smaller and equal in size tiles, easier and faster access from one roleplay hub to the next. What would this look like? Below is our current Almaris map size, a 7.5k by 7.5k area with largely, a lot of unusable space. Overlaid on top of this map, is a rough estimate of what a 4k by 4k map could look like, depicted by the dotted red square. While a smaller map may seem and look daunting, something to keep in mind when looking at this comparison, is how unusable a good majority of our current map land is. In addition, we are heavily considering placing Cloud Temple off of the map. The thought process behind this is to grant more space for players to use, and to prevent a situation like we have on Almaris - a large unusable zone that is inconsistent to roleplay. Instead, we are planning to have 2-3 smaller hubs to land at, spaced methodically upon the landmass. We want to hear from you what your view is. Do you like the concept of a smaller map? Why or why not? What consequences do you think a large map has had on Almaris, good or bad? How do you think a smaller map scale will affect roleplay hubs? Biomes! We all know the true terrors of Almaris. The treacherous… From a game development and aesthetic point of view, these biomes on their own are visibly beautiful to look at, we are not on this map just to look at land, but primarily to engage with it through building and traversing. We have learned from the many mistakes of unusable land from Almaris. Moving forward, we are being very careful and mindful of how this land will and should be used. That being said, in 9.0 we will be able to develop a map that goes beyond the basic biomes we have previously seen. With a combination of Minecraft’s 1.18 block palette and expanded verticality combined with our ability to manipulate and create custom biomes, imagine the possibilities of what terrain can look like!. While our deserts and forests will make a resurgence, we want to hear from the community what biomes they may have in mind. Taking into account practicality to build, and utilizing plugin resources to change shades, fog, weather, and so on, what sounds interesting? What biomes, high or low fantasy, sound interesting? Are there any world-lore pieces that could be utilized better? What about something that’s nice for your culture or player-group? With keeping in mind usability of land, what sort of biomes would you like to see on the next map? A poll is provided here: [Link here] In addition to surface biomes, we’re also planning on utilizing more verticality in our map design. This means we are interested in more interactive caverns and cave systems that could be utilized in a number of ways; players can settle within them, or you may find resources as well. Adding more of a subterranean presence to the map is a goal of ours. Feel free to discuss in the comments as well, we’ll be looking over discussion as we work through Map Design. We’ll be continuing to work through this to design a world both beautiful, practical, and fun to traverse. Thanks! Carolina & The Map Development Team
  12. Hello Lunexuri, Unfortunately after reviewal, your application has been denied. For more information, feel free to contact me on discord Carol#7747
  13. Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.
  14. "If this is how ye 'ave felt all along, Ainmhi, ye were ne kin of mine. Those who side with the Dragonkin are cowards, snakes - there is ne justice or trials te be given te fools." The Bruin states as the missive was read out loud to her. "If we could ne teach ye what it means te 'ave thick skin, values, n' morals then I do ne know who else can. Perhaps one day ye could learn why it is we punish the way we do."
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