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  1. Chirr Calliban-Sintel takes a swig of whiskey as she scans the document with narrowed eyes. "And so, history repeats itself once again..." The 'ker tosses the missive down on the bar, gazing about the crumbling tavern walls with a sigh.
  2. ^This. The truth is, birds are far too convenient for organizing non-combat rp to consider fully getting rid of them. As much as I love the idea of a courier system in the sense of it promoting rp, I know that it would just make what should be quick rp meetings incredibly difficult to schedule. I'm not online often because of my job, so when I do get online, I need to knock out several conversations as quickly as possible in order to make the most of my free time and still get a good night's sleep. As an example, I recently was on my one character and she needed to speak to her husband, so I sent a bird. I had no clue where he was, but this was an important conversation that needed to happen that night because it had already been put off too long due to our login/irl schedules not lining up. If there were a courier/aviary system in place, he might not have received that message until it was already time for me to log off to go to bed. Several people suggested a notification system for when you have mail in your aviary, but I don't see how this is less immersion-breaking than a torpedo bird. Rather, I can only see it becoming an added headache, especially if you're on the road at the time, because with the size of the map, both parties will still end up having to wait X amount of minutes until the person can get to an aviary. This detracts from time that could've been spent in rp on an rp server, which seems like it would only irritate players. I think the simplest solution to this is to simply make the bird rules more specific. Don't allow birds to be sent/received in combat due to the heat of battle, don't allow them to be received in jails/dungeons/rooms without windows, etc. Perhaps adding a rule about first confirming that a player is in a position to be able to receive a bird would be helpful as well. For instance, emoting "[!] A bird flaps its wings on the morning breeze, seeking a place to land" or some such thing through msg before just launching into your letter. Then the receiving player has a chance to deny the bird, following the rules above. This could still be inconvenient for rp that needs to happen quickly, but it at least makes ic sense while cutting down on some of the headaches of a static bird-receiving area. Or, perhaps, when a bird is denied, this is where a static aviary/courier's office could enter into the picture, giving players a chance to catch up on mail that was unable to be received previously. Don't ask me how that would all work, but it's just a thought. Honestly though, I think just sticking with the addition of a "no birds in combat" rule is going to be the simplest and best bet, because it seems like most of the issue here is related to metarally. Obviously people are still going to find ways to meta around rules like this, but that's just life. Not everyone follows the law, but we still put laws in place to at least try to prevent things. All in all, I just really don't think that fully removing the bird system is going to improve quality of life for anyone, especially for players with limited time on the server. Apologies for the length of the post and if there's any circular logic, but there's a lot to consider with this issue, and I'm not sure if there's going to be one solution that will solve everything.
  3. Started on LotC when I was finishing middle school. Now I'm moving in 10 days to start my first job. 22 years strong baybeeee!
  4. Chirr needs a dress that won't get her arrested in Oren. >_> Or my beautiful boy Dorn ( @Shorsand ) may be needing one shortly. :)
  5. Addiction is a scary thing... Seriously though, because this is where I've found the best roleplay over the years. This is a place where I can get deep into the mind of my character and fully live out their story in a way other roleplaying avenues just can't compare to. It has its ups and downs, but I think my experience has been positive overall. Also, I've made a lot of great friends here along the way. (Ew, look, a boomer.) Best memory is a hard one because I've had loads of awesome moments, but they're all great for vastly different reasons. If I had to pick one, though, I'd say being in voice chat with one of my old guilds (back in the TeamSpeak/Skype era) and just running around Anthos together. For a kid with few friends at the time, that was one of the happiest moments of that time of my life. Looking back on those times always make me feel nostalgic for the early days of my involvement with roleplay and online gaming in general. Worst memory is an easy one, lol. It was one of my first days on the server. I was finishing up some rp and I had to log off, so I asked the person I was with if we could "ftb." My stupid brain thought that ftb just meant that we'd end the scene, like in the movies, and agree to stop the rp there for the night. I will never get over how mortified I felt when I learned what that actually meant... haha. My favorite character (if you were meaning one of my own) is definitely my dark elf, Chirr. She's also my longest running character (I believe she's only four-ish months shy of being eight irl years old herself). Having played her for so long, she's really built up a lot of depth (especially after I made some much-needed changes to her backstory). I find her gruff/sarcastic personality really easy to slip into, despite it being so different from my real personality. I've always loved an antihero, and I guess that's how I see her. Also, I find it easy to rp with literally anyone when I'm on her, which is not an easy feat for someone as shy as me, so there's that. Someone I looked up to would be Darez14. When I was freshly whitelisted, I wandered around the map shouting to ask if anyone had work they would hire me to do (cringe, I know, haha). Darez was the first one to really help me out and roleplay with me. He taught me the basics of how to navigate the server. Our characters eventually ended up getting married in the end, too. Honestly, I find it inspiring how open he was to rping with a noob like me, and I try to help other new players where I can because I know how great it feels when you're on the other end. Teehee <3 (No rly, that made my day. You're the best!)
  6. Today (yes, you heard me right: this very day) marks EIGHT YEARS since I was officially whitelisted on LotC. (wow, I'm old) So I decided to celebrate by having my FeLLoW kIdS pester me with questions. Have at it, ask me anything.
  7. Skin 8: but what did poor people wear? Bid - 10 mina RaynaStar#8944
  8. Keldra Ruthern cheers with gusto at Maric's announcement. "Wha' a happy day! Esn't tha' grea', Aleksei? Maric es a margrave! We mus' have drinks to celebrate!" The Volik woman grabs her husband by his arm in an attempt to haul him off to the tavern.
  9. I'll start. Chirr would play the cymbals because it's low-effort and she could crash them on either side of someone's head if they made her mad.
  10. Big upvote here from me. This is why I value capture/jail roleplay so much more than immediate death for villainous characters. There's still the chance for punishment, but it actually does something towards character development for both parties. You could even insert the chance for certain guards to be more willing to take bribes than others, which is an incredible angle to develop guard characters from imo. There's even other options, like having a hand removed for thievery, which are far better than simply death (even death by CRP, to say nothing of PVP). It couldn't hurt to be at least a bit more creative with our punishments. After all, there's so many interesting ones out there in history! This leads back into the protagonist problem you mentioned, where good always triumphs with a clear immediacy. Yes, it's generally good for good to triumph, but delayed response makes a story better. Darth Vader didn't die in his initial confrontation with Obi-Wan because his story wasn't ripened yet. His story developed through several Episodes of confrontation, chasing, and other interactions with the "good guys". If we could find a reasonable way to translate that sort of manhunt into guard/villain interactions, I think the stories of both sides would be all the more developed for it. And, in the end, if the crimes become piled high, trial and public execution in the square is far more interesting and engaging than lopping someone's head off on the side of the road. These sorts of sentiments are a tale as old as time from me, but I still hold out hope that even small changes could help these sorts of rp interactions go more smoothly and be more rewarding for both sides.
  11. I'm a Ravenclaw. (But I better not be flipping Cho, I swear.)
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