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  1. i just want fun and i did it 3 times 



    1. Polysemic


      Just gotta follow the application form and the requirements it has on it when you apply. I'm sure someone on the community team wouldn't mind helping you, if you talk to them on discord or through messages here on the forums. (@sarahbarah @Melpomenne @_mady07)


  2. i just want fun


    1. Nug


      you must click the apply tab and read it fully

    2. Bellegarde


      You poor soul.

    3. Traveller


      you dont even have an accepted app to play on the server yet my friend, click apply and read it carefully

  3. i just want to play what is the problem


  4. wannes


    i am a good person i did lots of good things i helpt a lot but some times i got a bad side
  5. sorry but why do i need to wait 22hours sorry but its  super Irritating

    1. Laeonathan


      It takes a while, sometimes up to 3 days. Just sit back... maybe read the forums or talk to people already playing over discord and get familiar with the different communities. :)

    2. Burnsider


      All our staff members are volunteers, many of whom have real life and family obligations over the weekend. I understand your anxiousness to join the server. I remember what it was like to wait, but you'll just have to be patient.

    3. Unwillingly


      Apps can take 1-3 days to be reviewed, not really long at all. Although it would be ideal if all apps could be accepted within a few hours, that isn't the case as Burnsider said. You should definitely take this time as a chance to talk to people, maybe explore the map, and maybe check out any RP communities you'd be interested in joining. Best of luck :)

  6. ssorry but i am waiting for 4 hours and no one has looked at  my applications


    1. E__V__O


      I'll look into getting a member to look through applications. The apps all currently waiting should be handled within 24hrs. Apologies for the delay.

  7. wannes


    i live in Healun'ur my parents got killed by wolves and i never never liked dogs again
  8. pls do not denied me

    1. wannes


      plssss not denied me


    2. Polysemic


      Hi! You can post a new application correcting the things you were denied for in your original app, and we'll look over it again!

  9. wannes


    i was walking when i was 10 whit my parents and it was night and we saw wolfs i ren away so fast if i can but my parent did not make it now i live whit my white horse he was a baby horse that i found in de woods and now we are never leaveing
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