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  2. Roleplay Name: Tholus Duskryn Username: Meat_Serious Discord: Tomatoh757#1535 What you want: A small moon-shaped Translocation thingy pwease uwu
  3. I know what Maltamoss did in 1857 the 8th of March.
  4. Tomatoh757


    Tholus Duskryn was born in Stygian Hollow, he lived there with his parents. As a young elf he liked to read books about Ancient History. Educated with high quality education, he learned very quickly as he always tried to seek for more and more knowledge. His parents were very strict with him, which made him become a very perfectionist person. Things changed at the age of 11 he found out about his great abilities to steal and lie, his charisma was able to convince anyone he wanted to convince. Unlike other stuff, friendship wasn't his thing, almost every friend he had abandoned him, leading him to become a lonely person and very self efficient. With that mentioned before, he spent many years trying to understand himself, at the age of 16 his moral sense began to change, he did not hesitate about doing things for his own benefit anymore. Looking forward everything, he felt no attachment to anything or anyone so when he reached the age of 18 he left his home place, as he found no more reasons to stay there. Then he began his journey to look for more knowledge and to live his life. Since that, he was able to understand himself more and his true nature, at the age of 20, knowing more about good and bad, he found himself more in the good, even tho he won't hesitate on changing his moral if it's necessary. Currently at the age of 22 he still seeks for more knowledge and tries to live life taking more opportunities, he has the goal to become a very recognized and important person.
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